Mark Levin: Clyburn is a certifiable moron for suggesting Romney’s Swiss bank accounts are like those of despots

The other day Clyburn compared Romney having his own money in a Swiss bank account to despots who hide their country’s wealth in Swiss bank accounts after they overthrow them. And then Clyburn went on the Ed Schultz’s radio show (who absolutely loved the comparison) and doubled down on it (via Breitbart):

Levin responded to this a couple of days ago, calling Clyburn a certifiable moron for even making such an absurd comparison:

Stealing a country’s wealth is an entirely different thing than putting your own money in a bank account, whether it be in Switzerland or America. But, it doesn’t surprise me that both Clyburn and Ed Schultz could be so stupid to make this comparison as Democrats aren’t known for their intellectual skills.

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  • MiketheMarine

    Ah, but Mark, the democrats own ALL of the money.

    “I will tell you how much of your paycheck you need.” B.H.Maobama

  • poljunkie

    Its getting to the point where when an elected person from the Democrat party speaks all I hear is the sound Charlie Browns teacher made. ( muffled nothing’s)

  • welltempered2

    Has the public school system dumbed down enough Americans to re-elect Obama? If the answer is yes, big pay raises and bonuses are in order.

    • kong1967

      I’d say the answer is yes ten times over. Half the country is voting on their next welfare check and future redistribution in their favor.

  • Sandra123456

    This is what you get with Racial Gerrymandering.

    • Joe

      Is Gerry Mandering in the Senate or the House?(sarc)

  • Joe

    Is there a fee for MORON CERTIFICATION ?

    I’ll pay it gladly!

    • kong1967

      Hey! How did you get those? You got connections to the Obama administration? Lol, you should get some with Biden on them, too..

  • Sober_Thinking

    How to be a leftist moron in 4 easy steps:

    1. Have a frontal labotomy.
    2. Do excessive psychedelic drugs.
    3. Grow old and senile.
    4. Brainwash liberally.

    Jackwagons like this need to be voted out – consider the idiots who vote for imbeciles like this clown (or Reid, Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Al Franken, Barney Frank, Jesse Jr., little Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer… I could go on…). Incompetent boobs.

    • in his district it is next to impossible to beat him the SC GOP has tried running every conceivable type against him and they all get beat, in 10 a former resident who moved back after serving in the military for 20+ years who happened to be black was ran and he was beaten, Clyburn comes back and glad hands, promises the moon, and because his district is overwhelmingly black the vote him back in.

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, the R’s friends across the aisle are pure scum.

  • 2besusie

    Mark said to a lib caller the other day that they wouldn’t even be happy if we rounded up all the wealthy people, confiscated their wealth, and put them in a Gulag. Then they wouldn’t have anyone to envy, vilify or hate. Folks, I give you Exhibit A: Senator Clyburn. (Actually he’s more like Exhibit Z, but it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.)

    • thank God he is a rep. and the only democrate elected to any high office from SC

  • toongoon

    What countries has Romney overthrown? I think he is projecting Obama and rest of the CBC.

    • kong1967

      I hope he overthrows Obama in November.

  • Nukeman60

    The only way liberals like Clyburn can think is via their own actions.

    Clyburn: ‘What would I do if I had any money? I know. I’d hide it in a Swiss bank account, that’s what I’d do’.

    ‘Wait, does Romney have a Swiss bank account? He must be hiding it there, then’.

  • W.

    Romney’s tactics in business and politics are the same.

    Ruthless, greedy, unethical, dishonest, unconscionable, indefensible…and many times bolstered and cushioned by vast amounts of taxpayer public dollars.

    The media and the GOP are covering up as much on Romney as they have on Obama.

    • WestGAFlash

      Like Solyndra and GM, right?

  • Clyburn, the Clown who admitted most of what he does in Congress has nothing to do with the Constitution.

  • KenInMontana

    Clyburn is just jealous because a Swiss account earns higher “nefarious points” than a Cayman account does. What’s next? Suggesting Mittens has his vacation home built inside an extinct volcano?

  • WordsFailMe

    How stupid do you have to be to vote for this moron?

    Would you have to be galactically stupid or would being only colossally stupid qualify you? This man is a joke. These people are fools and clowns. Don’t like American a*****s? Move to Sweden.

  • Yazz55

    Of course these lib democrats know all about those foreign despots and their Swiss bank accounts. They’re the ones who provided all the funding for it all…with your taxpayer $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.

  • i live in clyburns district, clyburn is a traitor, and a liar, his oath of office means nothing to this black racist dirt bag.
    he is the American despot.

    Tea Party Patriot
    vote these pig dog eating scum bags out 2012