Mark Levin: Congress needs to understand it has power under Article One of the Constitution AND USE IT

Mark Levin wants to know where was Congress last year when these Tea Party groups were getting targeted by the IRS and complaining about it publicly. He said the same people who are outraged now weren’t taking these groups seriously and that if it were up to Congress there would have been NO IG investigation into the IRS and this stuff would still be going on.

It’s time for Congress to take off the mittens and get serious, he says, and it’s long past time for them to understand they have power under Article One of the Constitution.


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  • E Lee Zimmerman

    At this point, methinks Mark is asking the impossible.

    • YoJoe

      E Lee Zimmerman 
      BUT at least it will be fun to try!

    • cabensg

      E Lee Zimmerman  You could be right. It appears to me there’s a snowball effect going on and I think it’s an avalanche long over due.

      • nosilasunny

        The bigger the snowball the more corrupt individuals go down with it. Fine by me!

  • Matt2Matt

    Where is Bob Woodward?  Is he still in the Mark Halperin re-education camp for his honest reporting on the Obama sequester?

    • Orangeone

      Matt2Matt Woodward walked back his comments within days….

      • PhillyCon

        Orangeone Matt2Matt He’s been silent ever since.  Crickets.

  • YoJoe

    I say 
    PILE ON while we can!

    • Orangeone

      YoJoe Wednesday is the deadline for documents, names & titles to House Ways and Means.  It is also the day Eric Cantor says the House will vote on repealing ObamaCare.  I hope Scoop carries so we can hear what, if anything House members say about the IRS controlling health care, etc. with ObamaCare.

  • cabensg

    Excellent Mark!!! Right on target, keep blazing away.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Stop kidding yourself. Obama will double down and double dog dare the Speaker to step out of line. History tells you this.

  • njmom

    Mark is right. The GOP needs to step up and if that means we the people need to put election year pressure on them then so be it.

  • The Sentinel

    I put this right back into the lap of Boehner. If this phony and coward had an ounce of a backbone, then he would act like a man and do his job. He is pathetic.

    • davienne

      The Sentinel  they had a chance to get rid of him and weakened when he turned on the tears… whatta a bunch of woosies

  • Stoptheusurper

    I am a long time fan of Mark Levin and for the life of me I do not understand how a man who loves and respects the U. S. Constitution as he does continues to ignore the scandal of the century, the biggest fraud ever committed against this country.  There has been an on going criminal investigation of Barack Obama for two years running.  Evidence has been piling up and he refuses to even mention the investigation is going on.  It is shameful.  I am anxiously awaiting for that day when the Conservative media is forced to explain their stupidity and incompetence when the scandal does break.  That scandal will make all these other scandals look like a girl scout jamboree.  The Right Scoop is one blog that has been ignoring this huge scandal.

    • DavidZimmerman2

      Who is conducting the investigation. If it is a criminal investigation, wouldn’t this fall under DOJ?

      • SteveBrand1

        DavidZimmerman2 Stoptheusurper Last place it will get anywhere is under the DOJ!! Mainstream press has already reported that the targeting of the Tea Party, other conservative groups and pro Israel groups tax group”witch hunts” had to first get permission from head of DOJ-Eric Holder. 
        Also, how long ago was it that the Fast and Furious scandal was traced back to Eric Holder. The DOJ said Holder is their boss and they can’t investigate or charge him as they answer to him. Our President wasn’t interested in having criminal charges brought against Holder and others for Fast and Furious. So, if Holder had to give his okay before wiretaps and targeting of conservative groups and he is Obama’s head of DOJ then how is a criminal prosecution going to get anywhere!!
            It should come from the House of Reps but as Mark has reminded us where was the House of Reps back when these investigations were going on. Now its politically correct for our Republican congressman to speak out about the travesty.
              Seems like any so called investigations will be “leashed” where just
        will spin around in circles going no where. “All the President’s Men” will see to this spin cycle.
        At best some executives may fired or retired with pensions and praise that as “justice!!” Guess if you want to deal with lawyers playing semantics about vocabulary like “justice” then don’t expect much as usual.

  • KarlRogue

    Mark is rocking it on Hannity (the latter is a boob)

  • wtd

    While Congress would be wise to follow up with Mark Levin’s suggestions, it would also be wise watch what  [all ]the other hand[s] of this administration are doing right now and perhaps, even, review recent obits which might cast a for any recently departed/disappeared AP employees &/or their contacts.

  • Longiron

    Nothing going to happen here because the RINO pubs and Libs all play out of the same playbook . Boehner is spineless and Barry knows it. All BS and the impt stuff will slide through like it always does, immigration, budget approval and this is all by design to divert attention. Levin knows it but he has a show to do. Where is he at on immigration with his good buddyHatch voting for it last week in the Senate. Still has blinders on for Rubio.

  • YoJoe
  • shagstar

    welcome to tyranny folks!  alot of people need too pull their heads outta their asses and focus on reality for the long term
    if they ever want to regain their freedom!
    these libtard,marxist freaks in politics and the media,,schools are nothing but a bad dose of hate and discontent like a rash on your nutsack.  AND THEY HATE US.

  • white531

    Its all there.  In Article one, I mean.  You will never find a
    document that more clearly states it’s intent and purpose, than The
    United States Constitution.  Jefferson and Adams and Madison and
    Franklin were not stupid people.  Nor were all the other Founders who
    signed that most revered Document.

    That the Kenyan Immigrant,
    and even so many members of Congress and the not- so- Supreme Court, who
    swore an oath to not only protect this nation and it’s founding
    principles, but to abide by The Constitution, can so cavalierly dismiss
    it’s importance, when it gets in the way of their own agenda and
    personal gain, makes me puke.
    I’ve been going to therapy, to keep me from making long speeches on Scoop.  Worked pretty well, until just recently.
    really showed you what this President and his administration are
    capable of.  What they value.  What they hold dear.  What they think
    they can get away with.  How incredibly stupid they think you are.  It
    was far more instructive than any of the millions of speeches Obama ever
    So what do they value?  Well, they value a never-ending
    expansion of the Federal Government and the taxes on you and me that
    would be required to support that expansion.
    They value the destruction of traditional Education, most especially the teaching of America’s History as it actually happened.
    They value the destruction of traditional Judeo-Christian ethics and morals and beliefs.  In fact, they value the destruction of all religion, except for Islam.
    They value the destruction of basic American Freedoms guaranteed by The Constitution, including The Second Amendment.  More recently, Article one of The Constitution.  The Kenyan Immigrant who wasn’t born here and hates America, along with his fat wife and his sidekicks, (his recent appointments to the Not-So-Supreme Court), hope you go along with his agenda.  Actually, they’re counting on it.  Are you in?
    They value taking our once great Military to the level of a third-world country, while at the same time supplying our enemies with our best tanks and most state-of-the-art aircraft.  They share the blueprints for these magnificent machines that only America can produce, with China and Russia.  Ostensibly so they will like us.  Because we all  play in the same sandbox.
    Switch from Benghazi to Fast and Furious.  I know, Fast and Furious happened first.  Doesn’t matter.  Part of the same mentality.  If I have ever witnessed a more stupid person than Eric Holder, I can’t remember when.  I wouldn’t trust Eric Holder with my car keys to go to the local Circle K for a slurpy.  What an incredibly stupid person to hold such an office.  An office that used to be an office of respect.  No more.  The Village Idiot could be our Attorney General.  What am I saying?  The Village Idiot IS our Attorney General.
    And now this.  Not only the IRS being used by this illegal President against the Tea Party and other Conservative organizations, but it is combined with snooping emails of journalists of the Associated Press.
    All of a sudden, Watergate becomes NOTHING!  Do you hear me?  No one was killed in Watergate!!!  No one!
    Obama killed four Americans and watched it on streaming video in the situation room.  So he could get elected for a second term.
    After four, going on five years of this Idiot’s Presidency, I have trouble even speaking rationally.  If he  is not forcefully removed from office, then this country really has no future.

  • strangernfiction

    It’s long past time for a second party.

  • colliemum

    He’s right, as always.
    So what is needed? A list of the relevant committees and who is on them, and then everybody needs to get at them, e-mail, but even better by twitter because that’s out in the open. Harass them. Tell them their seats are on the line, especially since they were so uncommitted when it was TEA Party grous being harassed by the IRS.
    They must not be allowed to weasel out (no time,no money, blah blah).
    Don’t let them get away with this, and oh: start really lighting fires under Boehner!

  • applepie101

    Mark, it’s time to accept that congress chooses to be inactive, and suspect that they are in agreement with the actions of this administration. No matter how loudly you say it, John Boehner does not hear you because he is not listening.

  • sDee

    Really investigating Benghazi……
    the start of this, when questioning the military has come up, I remain
    convinced that if Congress really wants answers – it needs to focus on
    where they are going to get answers.  They need to start interviews at
    the LtCol/CDR to BG/RADM juicy center. If they must interview 4-stars,
    then they need to interview the Commander of AFRICOM, Commander of
    EUCOM, and the Commander of US 6th Fleet. You will not get the answers
    you seek from beltway 4-stars.

    they get to those folks, Congressional investigators need to interview
    the people who were running the watch floors at AFRICOM, EUCOM, and
    C6F. They need to interview the Commanding Officers of every
    operational command in Sigonella, Souda Bay, and Aviano (and the ships
    between those bases and the Libyan coast). Add the senior American
    uniformed officer and his deputy at those bases as well.

    also need to interview the N/J/CJ-2 at every US and NATO Command at the
    time of the attack. They need to get the log of each watch floor at
    those commands.””

  • gsmith_62

    Heads need to roll at the IRS.  From the “auditors” to Lerner, sorry an apology isn’t enough.  If Boehner won’t investigate while he’s the speaker, does he really believe Pelosi will?

  • Wiggy111

    The RINOs in House leadership despise the TEA Party and only support it when it helps them increase their own power.  They take their orders from the big donors like the Kochs and Sheldon Adelson.  This is where the amnesty push is coming from.  Good piece on this right here.
    “Now, many of these donors are yet again squandering their money on stupid intra-party fights like immigration, giving their money to the same people who ripped them off before, or they are sitting on the sidelines.”

  • tencole

    “DO YOUR JOBS, DAMN IT!!”   Starting with you Issa.

  • mikeinidaho

    We have no true representation in DC anymore. Boehner is a pussy and will “go along to get along” so he can hold on to his position of power. He could care less about We the People. We have no one to look out for our welfare and therefore we will have to do it alone. The Republican party, for the most part, is an ineffective, lapdog organization looking to get along with the opposition and maintain the staus quo in DC. It’s all about power and money with BOTH partys, period. A pox on just about EVERYBODY in DC.

  • RetCMS

    GOP leaders are too worried about the 2014/16 repercussions from the media who understand the shortness of low information voters’ memories.