Mark Levin: Conservatives saved the Republican Party from itself

Mark Levin thanks conservatives everywhere for saving the Republican Party from itself, and explains why he believes Boehner’s hand is now stronger than it was before:

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  • PVG

    Ain’t it the truth, ain’t it the truth!

    • JRD1


      Happy Christmas, PVG!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Maybe not ‘saved’ but we put it on life support until it comes to its senses.

    That had better be soon, REALLY SOON.

    Tea Party patience is wearing thin, very thin.

    We’d better see some honor, duty, country, common sense, courage, and soon.

    OR ELSE.

    • Don’t see it happening. I am already at “or else”.

  • Happy Merry-Hanu-Quanza-Christmas!

    • After reading some of your tweets Tony, I believe you were using satire! 🙂 Happy Christmas! 🙂

      Now following you on twitter: Follow me at @whitewolf2011 if you feel so inclined! 🙂

  • We ARE a divided party, and thank GOD for it! The conservatives in the Republican party are the only people stopping this country from falling into total socialism, and that will not stand. We did not work so hard in local elections just to have everything thrown away at the Federal level. Forget that. Either the Republicans stand as conservatives, or we go the way of the Whig party. No, we are not going to give in and future generations will be grateful for what we did and how hard we fought. Embrace that. Savor that, because one day we will win the White House again. If Ronald Reagan could do it, we can do it again.

  • How in the world is Boehner stronger than before? This is idiocy…

    • clockwindingdown

      His position of opposition to the left agenda is stronger. By not supporting the tax increase it has been demonstrated the subject is not supported by the people. Boehner now has more of a leg to stand on, less reason to compromise.

      Boehner biggest problem is failing to stand his ground. Force the issue through Government shut downs if needed. O and the left does this (standing their ground) all the time. By doing so he/they win because they always get something. Then they just comes back for more, never satisfied! Each little concession adds up, untill they got everything and more then they originally wanted. It is like watching a child pester an adult for something, to shut the child up the adult gives something. That only reinforces the behavior and gets more of the same.

      If the Right can get their message together they can now come out and push the message the dems are going to raise taxes on everyone. They should hammer this message at every press conference, bring it up themselves. They should follow it up that more jobs will be lost and the economy will get worse due to O’s leadership. They also need to go after harry reid with the messaging of his failing to bring bills up for vote, failing to produce a budget, and that reid too did not support O’s proposed budget.

      The Right needs to work on cohesive messaging with conviction!

      • I agree for the most part. But there are so many RINO’s it is hard to have a clear message. More and more real Tea Party/Liberty Movement people are being elected each year in the House. Progress is slow but steady.

        • clockwindingdown

          You are correct Joe. Progress will snow ball, or appear that way. With a few more true conservatives elected and they banned together, then they (conservatives) will begin to have sway and power. Then we will see change, but it will be slow, like how we got to the place we find ourselves now.

          The more and more I watch our system of government work the more I see the genius of our founders. The slow movement they designed into our system is a blessing that keeps things from changing quickly, therefore keeping us rooted. It gives time for change to take place, also time for that change to be corrected if it is needed!


    …no, thank you Great One you sir are the one who should be THANKED for your LEADERSHIP in pontificating the TRUTH . For the TRUTH shall set us FREE we need a THIRD WAVE of true Conservatives with commentators such as LEVIN , LIMBAUGH , BECK , HANNITY and all the rest of the LIBERTY LOVING commentators LEADING THE WAY with their knowledge and skill in getting the TRUTH out the Obama low information drones .”

  • Dr_TJL

    Reason conquers when we speak clearly.

  • ApplePie101

    This was about saving the country, not saving the republican party. Let’s get our priorities straight.

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Boy does that resonate with me. I love when someone can use few words and say so much. Thank you!

  • Sober_Thinking

    It’s crystal clear… Mark is completely right. What an opportunity – wasted once again by the GOP. Who cares what the media says… they’re the enemy. You’ll “lose” no matter what in their eyes. However, it’s not they’re eyes who you must shine in… it’s we the people’s eyes. By doing the right thing, you are never wrong. And had you put someone with some brains and a spine in charge of the House… Obama would finally be exposed for the selfish idiot that he is. But you keep giving him an out.

    Kick Boehner out, not the conservatives who are trying to save the GOP in spite of yourselves.

  • deTocqueville1

    Indeed they did!

  • marketcomp

    Karl Rove and his posittioning b***s*** has been diasterous for the republican party and republicans will do themselves good to stop listening to his throwback ideas that do not reflex Conservatism nor a plan to defend this country against this marxist agenda that threatens our very existence.

  • Nukeman60

    Yep, the Conservatives and Tea Party saved the House in 2010 and now we are saving the GOP once again (from themselves). But, of course, we will be chastised and berated once Boehner thinks he has another foothold.

  • Actually, we should get the names of all those who derailed this train wreck and let them know that they ought to be either voting Boehner out or help initiate a true second party that will challenge the social/lib party.

  • GoodBusiness

    Here is the best way for WE THE PEOPLE TO GET OUR LIBERTY AND RIGHTS BACK from the usurping three branches of the Federal Central government. #ArticleV and

  • It does seem to be plus that the conservative members did not roll over even after Boehner poked them In their collective eye.

  • We’re not trying to save the Republican Party… We are trying to SAVE the COUNTRY! It just so happens that the Repubs platform more appeals to us then the Commie one does! But they are FOOLS to take us for granted! We support them, they work for us and they need to LISTEN to US and do OUR BIDDING as that is why we elected them!

    Conservatives are not just saving the Republican Party, we are Saving the NATION!!! Boehner and the RINOs don’t get it… But boy will they get it in 2014!!!

    Arise TEA PARTY Your NATION is CALLING again!

  • bobemakk

    Mark, we can always count on you for honest opinions. God bless you and Happy Holidays, Bob M.

  • Akabosan

    Mr. Obama has reawakened the American Spirit.