Mark Levin defends Ted Cruz over false attack ad by David Dewhurst

Mark Levin said on the radio tonight that a desperate David Dewhurst has released a radio ad falsely attacking Ted Cruz for supporting amnesty, but that “Ted Cruz has never supported amnesty and will never support amnesty”. Levin says that it’s Dewhurst who supported instate tuition for illegal aliens, defended sanctuary cities, opposed e-verify and has waffled on building a border fence.

Listen below:

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  • Barry Goldwater

    Just a generally observation here; nothing specific:

    “The media I’ve had a lot to do with is lazy. We fed them and they ate it every day.”

    – Michael Deaver (Former top aide to President Reagan)

  • Nukeman60

    Levin makes a very good point about everybody needs to get involved with the election of our US Senators. Murkowski, in Alaska, tried to tell people to stay out of the Alaskan elections, because it was a local concern and meant only for her constituents. The truth is everything any Congressperson does in the House or Senate affects us all, so we should be concerned and involved. It is never just between them and their constituents.

    • Barry Goldwater

      Nukeman60, Levin counterdicts himself here. You fell right into the “We fed them and they ate it every day.” If you listened to Levin & his discussion of the US Constitution, you likely know Senators were originally intended to be representatives of the individual states being elected by State Legislatures, not a popular election as we now have do to certain folks tampering with the Constitution. And those folks are…. you fill in the blank.

      So, the populace that doesn’t live in Texas or Utah, is now supposed to become involved in the affairs of the electorate in Texas or Utah. I don’t think so. How do you propose to become involved? Send wheelbarrows of money to your favorite candidate? Buy media outlets & commentators to propose certain viewpoints that agree with your viewpoint? Run dedicated blogs that favor your candidate & oppose the other? Buy media Tee Vee time to run negative adds? Ad infinitum….

      How about thinking about this long & hard before jumping on this bandwagon oxymoron. If you do, you’ll see it doesn’t make any sense & it just adds to the current problems in the USA. Mr. Levin doesn’t live in Texas or Utah, nor do I. His opinion is no better or worse than yours or mine. Of more import is what is his agenda here?

      • Nukeman60

        I don’t buy into your hogwash. I didn’t fall into anything. Yes, I know what the House and Senate were set up to do. But in today’s world I’m affected by every bill that rolls out of Washington. Being aware and concerned and involved with the vetting of all politicians that go to Washington is my right.

        I didn’t jump on this, I always believed it. State and local governments are the business of the states, but when it comes to my money, I’d like to have a say as to what’s done with it. Once the Senators were being elected by the people, the people decided to get earmarks for their districts. It’s become a kickback moneypit that everybody tries to dip into. If we all are concerned, perhaps the goings-on in Washington won’t be so corrupt.

        It makes perfect sense to me. I don’t see any problem being involved. Does it have to be corrupt? What’s wrong with vetting the Senators and Reps? The state people vote for them anyway, I don’t. But maybe, just maybe they won’t be mislead when tons of truth is put out there.

        Of more import, what’s your agenda for not wanting all the Washington politicians vetted? Are you like Murkowski, afraid she wouldn’t win if the race was up and up?

        • Sandra123456

          I could not agree more with you. You are correct: “The truth is everything any Congressperson does in the House or Senate affects us all, so we should be concerned and involved. It is never just between them and their constituents.”
          So true.

          I almost think we should have national elections of Senators. …Almost…, but at the very least we should have term limits on senators and representatives to prevent Senators from being in office 20+, 30+ years.

          Ideally it would be great if, like the National Guard does (did?), one would get leave of their civilian job to work for the people for a few years in Congress, and then return to their home and work.

          It just angers me that I can’t vote against some of these electeds, that I can’t vote for or against who certainly impact my life and the lives of all of us.

        • Barry Goldwater

          Nukeman60, hogwash is it? Really? You forget one other important thing. We live in a Constitutional REPUBLIC not a democracy. Individuals express their preferences for representatives for them or pre 17th Amendment, State legislatures picked Senators to represent the State’s interests. Your reasoning compounds the problem of conflating popular votes (democracy) with electing representatives (republic).

          So, once again we have an example of someone thinking they know more than others or the founding Fathers, thus they have a “right” to interject their preferences into areas that are not theirs to do so. Some might label that as campaign hogwash; I won’t.

          I’m all for vetting candidates, exposing their voting records, campaign contributors, lobbying & political allegences, educational & spiritual backgrounds, and having defined term limits on their service. Mr. Levin’s endorsement of Orrin Hatch is a case in point.

          We all are becoming more aware of the political process in the US. Perhaps all of us should try to bring it back to a less money, media & lobbying centric system as citizens live up to their responsibilities of citizenship. These are the points I’m raising; my agenda is simple: Truth, Responsibility, Accountability. It is not to advance any candidate or party. The current duoply party system is a dismal failure on both sides.

          To E. Lee Zimmerman, sorry sir, I don’t do soundbytes. Many on the Tee Vee & radio do however.

          • Nukeman60

            You are talking apples and oranges. The only thing out-of-staters can do is bring their opinions and hope to get the truth out. If you have your way, only big money wins elections, as it swamps the truth into submission. The biggest problem with Washington today is that we let them do what they want without voicing our displeasure.

            To argue that I have no right to publicly tell the truth is quite telling in and of itself. Much like you anonymizing your name after posting. Most telling.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        “His opinion is no better or worse than yours or mine.”

        You took 3 paragraphs to say THAT?

      • FreeManWalking

        Until the 17th amendment is repealed and the senators defend states rights again, instead of it being a party club in WDC, everyone needs to be concerned about every senator and representative.

        • badbadlibs

          So true!

  • keninil

    Texas has a run-off primary for the top 2 under 50%. From the polls, it doesn’t look like Dewhurst or Cruz (46 vs 29 in latest PPP) will get to 50% given all the other candidates, but they are the leaders. So the big race for these two is the run-off primary July 31.

  • EchoMike

    I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I can’t turn on the TV without seeing some Dewhurst commercial. They even got Huckabee in one ad trying to tell me how “conservative” Dewhurst is.
    It’s pretty comical that Ted is doing as well as he is given all the money being put against him.
    My vote will be for Cruz!!!

  • When you have a candidate like Dewhurst who has a lot of money (much like Romney) you can afford to throw the kitchen sink at your opponent. Telling the truth usually gets in the way when you’re on the losing side.

  • LdyDesign

    I too live in Texas and am disgusted with the false adds put out by Dewhurst. What does it say about a candidate when they feel they must lie about another to win an election? What are they then capable of doing as a United States Senator.

  • CPAguy

    Cruz is not very Conservative. However, Dewhurst is Conservative in the Rick Perry way (i.e. not at all….he is a Dem, silly).

    • LdyDesign

      CPAguy, Ted Cruz is a staunch Constitutional Conservative. I rank him with Col Allen West. Ted has never lied about David Dewhurst in adds. Why else would Mark Levin and Sarah Palin endorse him?

      • CPAguy

        That is not at all true. Eyes wide open, my friend.

        • LdyDesign

          I don’t know where you get your info but I have direct knowledge…try convincing someone else…have a good day.

  • c4pfan

    It’s Mitt Romney all over again!

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Romney-Bushie clan has the liberal playbook in their back pocket. Spend, destroy, and lie because the American people are stupid. Like George Soros said, there is little difference between them.

  • Coming Apart

    Speaking of Amnesty:

    Are “We The People” responsible for the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants?

    If by the grace of God, you and I were not born where we were born in the US, but were born in a small rural community in Mexico and struggled greatly, but were fortunately able to live long enough to be married, and have a small family. In our community in Mexico there were a few individuals who were living comfortably because the bread winner left this small familiar community and illegally crossed the US border to get work, and send money back to their family. Would YOU leave your small community and family in Mexico to illegally cross the US border in order to obtain work, so you could better feed and take care of your family? Again, would YOU illegally cross the US border to take care of family?

    Now, who turned a blind eye to all those immigrants illegally crossing the border to get work? We have laws! Through the 90’s and the early part of the 21st century, Congress, “The 435,” did not go after companies who hired illegals, and they did this by the lack of funding, and not putting emphasis on going after businesses who hired illegals. Congress turned a blind eye to illegals crossing the border during that period. Congress if they had the balls could have created visas (“giving away American jobs”) and gone after the businesses who hired illegals. If Congress had gone after businesses who hired illegals, we would not have 11 to 12 million illegals today. So it is Congress, “The 435’s” fault, that we have all these illegals.

    Hmm… Who elected almost the same people to Congress, “The 435,” every 2 years during this period of great illegal immigration? “We the People” are responsible for reelecting these House members! And they continued to turn a blind eye to all those immigrants illegally crossing the US border in the 90’s and the early part of the 21’st century. So are not “We The People” responsible for the illegal immigrants?

    If you do not believe me, research how many businesses were charged and “punished” for hiring illegals during this period. You will be shocked!

    Are “We The People” responsible for the 11 to 12 million illegal immigrants?

    Do we need to take responsibility for our past mistakes?


  • Sober_Thinking

    Repeat after me: Progressives and Democrats are incapable of telling the truth.

  • Mr Mark Levin one of the greatest defenders of liberty and freedom in the western world today, so to hear his striaght forward facts facing us as Americans is alarming but at the same time very refreshing.
    Obama is quite the stinker isn’t he? really? isn’t he?.
    We The People are much better plumbers than this, so Americans let’s flush the toilet 2012, we’ll not squeeze the charmin, but as far as democrats and leftist we just are.

    thanks Mark
    Tea Party Patriot
    Vote 2012

  • Ted Cruse in TEXAS and Orley Taitz in CA!!! Can you imagine Orley on the Senate Judiciary?