Mark Levin disgusted with Speaker Boehner over calling anti-TARP Republicans “knuckle draggers”

Mark Levin says he is disgusted with Speaker Boehner for characterizing those who didn’t support TARP in 2008 as “knuckle draggers”, saying that Boehner is part of the problem and getting this nation back on course involves removing him as speaker.

Listen below:

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  • Joe

    Spineless Boehner is “old school” and must go!

    • GreenBeretWay

      This is hilarious Joe.

      Almost as good as the Bob Hope Democrats are Zombies video.

      • Joe

        Hilarious – Thanks

        BUT TRUE!

    • Orangeone

      Agreed. Allen West needs to be the next Speaker of the House!

    • capelady

      John Boehner has been a part of the problem ever since they forced Newt out of office. Newt left them with a balanced budget and massive welfare reform… since then, the good ol’ boys who go along to get along are just as responsible as the Democrats for the mess we are in. We need to vote out all the RINOs and take the party of Lincoln back!

  • Boehner is a “knuckle dragger.” We got Priebus instead of Steele and that worked out great! Now we need to move Boehner on as well.

    • MiketheMarine

      Nope, knuckle dragger is a term I relate to. I call myself a knuckle dragger and much prefer knuckle draggers to most others. Your sentence works if you make Priebus and Steele the knuckle draggers and Boehner the blubberer.

      • If you say so! – g-dang knuckle dragger you! 🙂

  • sDee

    Job number one if we are ever going to take back the people’s House.

    Considering Boehner left Ryan hang on the limb more than once, maybe, just maybe there will be some payback.

  • Listening to Mark makes me question my own sexuality. Ahhhh…. He truly is The Great One.

  • tvlgds

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Boehner needs a spine donor! If we keep the House, he has GOT to replaced with someone with a backbone.

    • Arizona_Vet

      And, like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz, a brain. And while we’re at it, a whole lot of testosterone as well. This guy is absolutely useless. Why is he allowing the funding of Obamacare when Roberts ruled it to be a tax??????? Roberts gave Bonehead a gift on a silver plater. Alan West for Speaker – assuming the Republicans can hold the House. And take Eric Cantor with him. Sure hope they didn’t undo 2010.

  • I’m getting a Michael Steele vibe with Boehner.

    The Tea Party is paying attention before elections, with the primaries, and after elections, with leadership fights and committee assignments.

    Nobody, n o b o d y, is safe…

    Don’t tread on me !

    • MiketheMarine

      I dub you an honorary knuckle dragger, too. Welcome to the club. I see that as high honor.

  • Spartan4Palin


  • B-Funk

    The minute they announced him as Speaker, I knew we were gonna regret it. He may be better than Pelosi, but that’s really not saying much. This guy is a problem and needs to be replaced asap.

    • MiketheMarine

      Na, he just needs some counseling to get over the blubbering.

      • sDee

        When I saw him weeping what went through my mind is his relief he’d be able to pay back 20years worth of chits and not worry about finding a couple of GoldmanSachs “kneecappers” waiting in his office.

  • Nukeman60

    I have to admit, when I heard Boehner speaking on becoming Speaker of the House and watching him break down in tears, I had to shed a tear myself, but not for the same reasons. I cried for our country.

    • GreenBeretWay

      I nominate Trey Gowdy from South Carolina.

      • Joe

        That would like a TORANADO through the halls!

      • MiketheMarine

        I second that motion, Knuckle Dragger !

        • GreenBeretWay

          Military slang referring to infantry or Special Forces personnel, or paramilitary components of the US Intelligence Community.

          The term stems from the common belief among the rear echelon and support personnel that Infantry soldiers are of generally lesser intelligence than support personnel.
          The Liberty chow hall was full of knuckle draggers today, they smelled like B.O. and gun powder.

          I had to catch a ride to the Green Zone with a platoon of knuckle draggers, and they made fun of my M16 A2 the entire time.

          Is this what you are referring to?

          • MiketheMarine

            Exactly correct. Anyone who puts rounds down range against the enemy. I are one o’ them. LOL

            • GreenBeretWay

              Just so long as your not referring to this we are good:

              Another racial slur used towards a black person relating them to gorillas who walk around dragging their knuckles
              Oh man, did you see that knuckle dragger steal that ladie’s purse then run away?

              • MiketheMarine

                Personally, I am one of those too. My arms hang lower than my crotch and are thick like a gorilla which comes in handy when you fight like a guerilla.

                • GreenBeretWay

                  Here’s another one and then I’m gonna quit so I don’t get the boot.

                  Knuckle dragger

                  A narrow minded person often dressed in Burberry who eats curry and complains about Paki’s. They travel in packs and have large shiny foreheads and slopping posture. A person whose views and opinions have been passed down through the family without changing in 100 years. The female of the species can be found with greasy hair pushing a pram and screaming at any one of its five kids.They are most likely found in a small town called Bedworth (or beduff as it is know round here), famous for producing Pete Doherty

      • Orangeone

        Yes! Or Allen West! Either/both would cause a field of panic in the demorats.

        • GreenBeretWay

          WEST!!!!!He would be AWESOME. Now why didn’t I think of that? Glad you did.

          I feel like a Knucklehead.LOL

          • Orangeone

            But I love Trey Gowdy, why didn’t I think of that?  Perhaps we could redo the position a little and have them tag-team!

            • GreenBeretWay

              Great idea.They would run off the floor with their tails between their legs.Co-speakers.Trey has the Federal Prosecutor experience and West has the military to back him up.

      • HarrietHT2

        Trey Gowdy, absolutely, or Gohmert, or Bachmann. We need a conservative Speaker with some titanium stones!

        • GreenBeretWay

          I’d settle for any one of them Miss Harriet.

          Titanium stones. I love that phrase. I might have to use that one.

          • HarrietHT2

            Thanks, GBW; and the phrase has an alliterative ring to it as well, don’t you think? Please feel free to employ it as you see fit.

      • las1

        Damn.. bang… you hit out of the park.

        But Gowdy for Attorney General. Nothing less.

        • GreenBeretWay

          Gowdy showed what a superstar he was during the Fast & Furious hearings.I love the guy.

    • Patriot077

      I didn’t know much about him at that time but had high hopes for him being on our side just because of his humble beginnings. I recall getting teary myself.

      I’ve since wondered if his tears were of regret for the role he has played in the savaging of our country and the knowledge that he didn’t have the you know whats to reverse course.

  • Cindy09

    Let’s throw the bums out!!! 🙂

  • MiketheMarine

    Did someone call me? OH, Levin, got news for you, man. I was and am against tarp and stimulus and I am a knuckle dragger.

    Thanks for the compliment. 😉

    • Patriot077

      A knuckle dragging hobbit?

      • NoToTyrants


        I used the Hobbit Name Generator with the following result:

        Fastolph Dragknuckle from Hardbottle

  • Philo Beddoe

    Give Boehner AND McConnell wide brimmed hats with a ribbon hanging the back and large lollipops. Let them skip away.

    It’s time for some non p/c leadership.

  • Howard Ochs

    I like Boehner’s personal story and upbringing. I really wanted to like him as Speaker but he’s been such a disappointment.

    • HarrietHT2

      Boehner is part of the problem not part of the solution. He has to go.

      Meanwhile, Mark Levin is a prince among patriots; we don’t deserve him, but I thank God for him, for his boldness, his intelligence, and his tenacity.

  • Thank the Lord for Mark Levin. Heartfelt.

  • Orangeone

    I absolutely love Levin! He tells it like it is, hopefully fence-sitters are listening.

  • OldmanRick

    Definitely the orange, crybaby, cigarette smoking rino of the old boys club of the repugnut, go along to get along party needs be sent to the unemployment lines in Nov.

  • JRD1

    Thank the Lord this man is on our side!

  • yhxqqsn

    Repub. “leadership” so concerned with appearing respectable, reasonable, and moderate to the LSM.

  • DocBarry1


  • GreenBeretWay

    This is the smartest move Boehner ever made;

    This one is soooooo funny. Joe you are gonna love this one man.

    • Joe


      I wish !

  • Don

    Boehner and McConnell are both butt-kissing RINOs that have contributed as much to our failure as anyone by refusing to lead in the face of the disaster being forced on us by the socialists who have taken over the democratic party. The only difference between Boehner and Obama is Crybaby is a better putter.

  • MadMadJack

    Cry Baby Boner needs to go. The sorry SOB should have long ago brought up Obama and Holder both on IMPEACHMENT charges! But no he is a damn effing coward and just one more reason I changed my party affiliation after many, many years from Republican to Independent.

  • Agree with you completely, Mark. This sputtering, sobbing, poor excuse of a so-called ‘leader’ is pathetic. Let’s hope Ohio wakes up and sends him back to the bar permanently.

    • RobertMahoney

      I think this video clearly sums up about how effective Boehner has been since he took the position.

  • JRD1

    Thank you Speaker Crybaby. I wear Knuckledragger as a badge of honor right beside my Hobbit badge from McLame.


  • publius1969

    I ask everyone to call the congressional switchboard 202 224 3121, ask for boehner’s office and have it. I suggest the caller initially ask the staff person’s name and slowly segue into telling the staffer how you feel about boehner. Also fax and email the bum. Then keep an eye on this jerk’s re-election bid…then support the real conservative

  • onetwopunch

    I have money burning a hole in my pocket to donate to a tea party conservative that runs against this disgrace.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Allen West for Speaker of the House. ‘Nuff said.

  • dabbobean

    I was watching that interview and said to my wife… that’s how Boehner talks about real conservatives when he thinks nobody is listening.

    Screw him….he needs to go.

  • xiaoxiaobin746