Mark Levin disproves the myth of record deportations from Obama administration

It came out yesterday that Obama had deported a record number of illegal immigrants and therefore he must be strong on illegal immigration. Except that’s not the case and as Levin pointed out last night, the Obama administration has once again been cooking the books:

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  • Anonymous

    O.K. So the truth is out about another scam. This is the kind of crap that most americans will just brush off.

    I just hope there are enough people awake, in this country, to make a big change in 2012.

    If not, say goodbye to the Republic as we have known it.


  • Anonymous

    This administration and chef in charge are the best book cookers ever. Gone way beyond spin with this group- 2012 will cook their goose.
    Thanks Mark.

  • What a pile of hooey! If dear leader’s deported anyone, they’re probably legal residents who love America and who have shown that hard work still acheive the American dream.
    Dear leader or any big government would never deport their votes!
    Thank you Mr. Levin for talking about this.

  • Anonymous

    Did I miss something?……

    Hussein being tough on illegals is a grand achievement, as heralded by the state media.

    Republican candidates being tough on illegals is racist, as heralded by the state media.

    • Nope. You’ve identified what passes as linear thought on the left.

  • Anonymous

    Tough gal Big Sis authorizing illegal aliens to Work in U.S.

  • Anonymous

    Tough guy Chucky Schumer offers US Resident visas to illegals who buy homes

    I particularly like this one.

    1 – Come to US illegally
    2 – Go to nearest ER for treatment
    3 – Sue the ER for not providing a translator
    4 – Use the half mil to buy a house
    5 – Get US Resident visa

    or this will be a popular one
    1 – Bring illegal drugs into US.
    2 – Save up half a mil tax free and buy a house
    3 – Get US Resident visa

    or how about…
    1 – Jack the price of oil a few dollars a barrel
    2 – Have CAIR use the money to set up bank accounts with half a mil in them
    2 – Send a few hundred isalmists a month to the US who use the accounts to buy houses
    4 – Get them US Resident visas to carry out stealth jihad

    Never let a good crisis go to waste. Manipulation of the US mortgage industry by Statist politicians results in bargain housing and incentives for further colonization of the US. All funded by the US taxpayer. The globalists’ plans are all falling in place nicely, aren’t they now?

    • Anonymous

      Great post, sD.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! You’re not supposed to encourage this though 😉

        • Anonymous

          I’m so proud of you sD for posting the truth about chucky….America needs to know who and what he is…

  • It’s gotten to the point where, if someone from this administration says, “Good morning,” I check my watch to be sure they aren’t lying about the time of day. They are virtuosos of prevarication.

  • Anonymous

    i wish the libs would deport themselves as well…

  • Anonymous

    democrats > liberals > progressives > socialists > communists (watch them morph) LIE. It’s what they do. Parrots squawk, donkeys bray, geese… never mind.

    You know that two-part praise-echo thing some Christians do? It goes like this:
    1st Christian on meeting another: “God is good all the time!”
    2nd Christian’s response: “All the time, God is good!”

    Yes, I know. It’s not my most favorite thing either. But the point is:
    “democrats lie all the time!”
    “All the time democrats lie!”

    If we could just teach kids that, we’d solve a lot of problems.

    • Anonymous

      Amen, W. You get it.

  • Anonymous

    Love Levin!

    Say What? Obama Administration won’t enforce immigration laws because Hispanics vote for Democrats