Mark Levin endorses Greg Brannon for US Senate

With just a few days left before the NC primary, The Great One has now endorsed Greg Brannon for US Senate in North Carolina:

I am endorsing Greg Brannon for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in North Carolina. He is unquestionably the conservative in that race.

If Brannon wins he goes on to face Hagan in the General, a fight that he should win. Hagan is horrible.

His main opponent, Thom Thillis, is not a conservative. All you really need to know about him is that he had Mitch McConnell’s backing from the get go as the ‘anointed’ establishment candidate. He’d end up being another McConnell yes man and that’s not what we need.

Watch this short segment on Brannon:

And you can learn more about him here.

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  • spin43

    I’m certainly glad, but what took you so long Mark?

    • Conservator1

      I’m sure other Brannon supporters will agree with you. That said, a late endorsement can still have an important impact. It may help him in this crowded field in the last week of campaigning and grant Brannon the upset win over Tillis.

      • sDee

        I would love to see the win – we may see a runoff between Brannon and Tillis.

        • Carmen P

          PPP (left leaning, I know) shows Tillis winning the primary.

          I am PRAYING for a runoff.

          • sDee

            What is not factored in there is voter turnout. Those who know Brannon also know the primary is about essential freedom. Passion in a primary is a powerful thing.

        • Conservator1

          Voter turnout will be very important in this primary. No one has a clear path IMO to win with enough votes to avoid a runoff. The polls are very close and thus, even at this late date, Levin’s endorsement can have an impact.

  • Conservator1

    All I can say is sDee will be one happy camper after reading Levin’s endorsement, especially here at the Scoop. Dee has been all over this primary affording us a unique insight to this race. Much thanks to sDee and Levin – now go win this battle Brannon and whip the RINO backed by the establishment Republicans, Tillis.

    • sDee

      You are so right about that.

      • Conservator1

        And I thank you for keeping me apprised of this important race. I relied on you for information because the media nationally has ignored this primary.

        • sDee

          you’re most welcome! We will not give up and so many eyes have been opened to the true agenda of the GOP establishment.

  • sDee

    I am one happy camper! thanks TRS!

    Greg Brannon is a bright light for Liberty. A warrior. I know why the GOP has come all out to destroy him in the primary.

    The dirtiest trick of all…..the RNC put out the word that they will not fund Brannon if he ends up running against Hagan in the November..


    • Sentinel

      Spot on! THEY are enemy number 1 in my book. Defeat McConnell, Boehner, McLame, etc. and replace them with pure, undiluted, unpolluted blood and the GOP may have a chance in the long run.

    • marketcomp

      To be honest Dr. Brannon is one of the most impressive candidates, only second to Sen. Cruz, that I have seen. Dr. Brannon destroys Karl Rove so perhaps that’s where the immaturity of Rove’s comments originates. Dr. Brannon will destroy Hagan in North Carolina.

  • Sentinel

    Very glad to hear this! My prayers are with him!

  • Carmen P

    Local TV here has ads backing Tillis sponsored by American Crossroads (Rove) and the Chamber of Crony Capitalism – just THAT tells me all I need to know. Tillis will be bought and paid for by the amnesty lobby and will vote with the RINOs.

    At that point, what’s the difference if Hagan wins?

    I’m voting for Brannon in the primary. Should Tillis win, I honestly don’t know if I can support him in the general, much as I can’t stand that commie hag Hagan.

    • sDee

      At that point, what’s the difference if Hagan wins?I’m voting for Brannon in the primary. Should Tillis win, I honestly don’t know if I can support him in the general

      This is a strong and growing sentiment in our local GOP meetings and conservative groups. People have had it and are figuring out that the Progressive Republicans too are grinding down America – just at a different feed and speed than the Progressive Democrats.

      At the meeting last week where a local GOP conservative insider passed along the news that the RNC would not supply campaign funds to Brannon should he win the primary, there was outrage and disgust at our party. It had the opposite of the intended effect to scare us with Hagan.

      I for one would rather deal with the wolf than the one in sheep’s clothing.

  • JimCohen

    Brannon will get 3 votes from my home. I have his sign at my home and in front of my business.
    Tillis would just be a toad for McConnell.

    • marketcomp

      When you here Tillis speak you can tell that he would be a RINO for Rove and McConnell.

      • sDee

        NC has a republican supermajority congress and governor.

        Tillis as house Speaker could have stopped Common Core and Obamacare exchanges. He did neither.

        Governor McCrory (“R”) who endorses Tillis could have vetoed Common Core and Obamacare exchanges. He did neither.

      • WT

        Jeb Bush has just endorsed Tillis. The battle lines have been drawn.

        • sDee

          battle lines indeed. the fissure in the party grows as the GOP establishment drives the wedge.

        • marketcomp

          I cannot believe that they actually think that’s helpful. A clear line of philosophy for sure.

  • marketcomp

    Dr. Greg Brannon is so awesome and fantastic. I listen to all the debates and in my opinion no one can communicate and articulate the Constitution and make it relevant for modern times like Dr. Brannon. He will be on Glenn Beck’s program today at 10:00am. He is impressive.

  • WT

    To that point, everyone’s anointing Monica Wehby to win the OR Senate primary, but did you know that Mitch McConnell has endorsed her campaign? She’d therefore be an airtight lock for for McConnell to become Majority Leader; a move we can’t afford..on so many levels.

    There’s a candidate no one is talking about in the OR Senate primary: Jo Rae Perkins, who HAS pledged to me that she’d vote NO for McConnell to become Majority Leader should she win the primary, which is a long shot, but front-runners Wehby and Jason Conger have not said who’d they vote for Majority Leader. Their first major vote in the 2015 Senate is for Majority Leader, and if anyone running is serious (…and I do mean SERIOUS) on repealing ObamaCare is elected, they ought not to vote for a Majority Leader who has continually voted to fund
    ObamaCare and has said in so many words that he’s given up the ghost on full and total repeal of the law. A vote for McConnell would make their pledge WORTHLESS, in my opinion.

    Jo Rae is one of several Constitutional Conservatives running in 2014 midterms listed below. Like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

    • Laurel

      So what McConnell is doing is the same old dirty politics that has been done for ages…he is endorsing those that are a sure thing for him. It isn’t about ideology. He is poll checking then making deals.

  • sDee
  • Gtrjag

    I wish I could vote for him. Here he is on Glen Beck’s show on April 10.

    • sDee

      he is mounting a final ad-blitz money bomb and even a small donation could help drive a vote 😉

      Go GATORS!

      • Gtrjag

        Just donated and he is the first candidate I have ever given money.

      • MontyRay

        sDee, what’s the story on Tillis?

    • clockwindingdown

      Great video, THX for posting! I really enjoyed listening to Greg speak. We as a nation need him and more people like him, which cannot happen soon enough!

      I was under the impression Colonel Sanders had passed away, but I would swear I saw him hiding behind a huge microphone! 😉

  • Honest Conservative

    I’d have endorsed him too, if he had returned my calls. ;/

  • Stehekin912

    Does he have any friends in Washington State? We need some representation like this.

    • clockwindingdown

      If voting wasn’t so corrupt in king county it could happen!

  • Marilyn

    Hey Mark, how about endorsing Monica Wehby for U. S. Senate from Oregon!!! She’s INCREDIBLE !!!!! We NEED this woman in WASHINGTON!!!! If she wins,,,,and I hope she does,,,,I can’t WAIT!!!

  • Ryan H.

    Here’s Brannon on some key issues:

    “We can start by eliminating the IRS once and for all, and instituting a flat or fair tax system that puts everyone on a level playing field and lowers taxes for all”

    -A flat tax is just shuffling the tax burden on another line of the tax form. What we need is lower taxes, not taxes on different lines of tax forms. The only flat income tax that someone should support, is a tax of %0 for everybody.

    “I will promote efforts to return education funding back to the states, where state legislatures can work hand in hand with educational experts to develop state-based programs that work for them.”

    So he doesn’t want to eliminate a government education that’s responsible for indoctrination, poor educational outcomes and unaffordable private schools (among many other things). He just wants students and parents to report to a different leader.

    While Brannon may seem better than most, one really should be skeptical. It’s possible he just wants Govt to be better managed by reorganizing it’s responsibilities, rather than eliminating its function entirely.