Mark Levin eviscerates Obama on his position on babies that actually survive late-term abortions

Last night Mark Levin not only spent a few minutes exposing (again) Obama’s position on late-term abortions, but even the language he used to describe a child that is born alive from a botched abortion. In short, Levin is stunned at the fact that Akin’s comments on abortion are so controversial yet Obama’s comments from 2002 are not.

Listen below:

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  • Best part of yesterday’s show. I’m glad he played Obama stuttering slowly through his answer a couple times. It shows just how cold-blooded and inhuman this guy is. I have no doubt that if he were a Dr. he would butcher the unborn and the already born. Abortion is the doorway to eugenics and the necessary population control for limiting the resource consumption of America.

  • yhxqqsn

    As we all should know by now because the MSM has told us this for decades, Marxists are NEVER extreme but only moderate, mainstream in everything they say and do. It’s only conservatives who are at their core extreme and so ANYTHING they say or do is extreme.

  • M_J_S

    Obama was never in a womb. He fell from grace during the angelic rebellion.

  • “Can we at least agree that life begins outside of the womb? Yes? or No?” Wow! What a way to end that segment. It would be interesting to watch Obama’s reaction if a debate moderator asked that question.

    • Did you ever see Rick Santorum debate Barbara Boxer on this issue? If it weren’t so serious and evil, it’d be fun to watch.

      • PhillyCon

        Thanks for linking that one. Things haven’t changed much have they since 1999.

        No wonder the Left was out to get Santorum … look how he goes after their sacred cows.

        • Reckoner_3

          That video is the polar opposite of Obama’s speech, with the line

          “That is not an appendix, Ladies and gentleman. THAT IS NOT A BLOB OF TISSUE, THAT — is a living human being ! ”

          Things haven’t changed much have they since 1999.

          Yes except, the Senate had a Santorum speaking truth there. Now the GOP party is embarrassed by its pro-life platform.

          • PhillyCon


            Yes except, the Senate had a Santorum speaking truth there. Now the GOP party is embarrassed by its pro-life platform.

            Reck, you obviously missed the memo of Santorum being a pro-life statist/porker/Bushie who voted for NCLB!!!! Eleventy!!!!

      • WOW!

      • conwis

        I hope this speech at the convention addresses this. And damn those offended by it.

        • Reckoner_3

          They won’t. It’s the economic party.

        • I’d love that, but they won’t. We’re not allowed to talk about “social issues”.

  • Cindy09

    This is a very very disturbing audio. Every time I hear Obama’s offense on the victims of a botched abortion, it hurts me so bad! The whole abortion thing is bad to begin with. These babies were denied personhoood while they were in their mother’s womb and while they did not die in the womb following the awful procedure, Obama still believes that they owe the baby no emergency care when living and fighting for life outside the womb!!! He even implies that the abortion “butcher” should have done a better job! What kind of abomination is that? So they have to pursue the killing even outside the womb?

    Somehow, this guy’s kill list goes way back!! God have mercy on us!!

  • brendawatkins

    He did his best to AVOID calling “IT” human! What kind of heart beats inside a man that he could sit by and watch a baby suffer such a cruel fate? NOT a God fearing one for sure!

    • stevenbiot

      I couldn’t sit by and watch. That would be the day I lost my job.

    • “What kind of heart beats inside a man that he could sit by and watch a baby suffer such a cruel fate?”
      A shrivelled evil stone.

      • What kind of heart? A dead one!

        • brendawatkins

          The same kind that beats inside of Hitler.

    • brendawatkins

      The same kind of heart that could call for the extermination of millions of jews.

  • Can we expect God to bless a land in which a person who is for life is considered extreme, yet a person who defends the killing of babies already born is elected president?

    • denbren52

      What about a land in which, supposedly, 45% of the voters still support a president who defends the killing of the unborn and newly born children of God. And they knowingly elected him the first time.

      • Yes denbren52. It all goes hand in hand. The leader’s hearts are evil, because much of those who vote for them are ignorant or evil. They know the exisistance of God, but they deny knowing Him.

        • Cindy09

          There is a verse in the Bible that says that because the people turned and did evil against God:
          “God gave them to the Phillistines for 40 years”. It is a terrible line but it was the consequence of their sins.

          • Cindy, we may not get philliestnes, but with the islamic loving government we have, there’s only one group now that I could see us being given up to.

            • Cindy09

              Yeah, same spirit.

  • canscrap

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I cried immediately while watching this and couldn’t get it out of my mind and heart for days. If you choose to watch it, think hard and long BEFORE clicking on this link.

    WARNING! Extremely graphic material, visibly and emotionally. Viewer discretion is strongly advised!

  • stevenbiot

    We don’t need Obama’s college transcripts to show what he made in biology. He failed.

  • stevenbiot

    Yes Mark. To any rational individual, a baby is the things you described. Although, to many, the “fetus” or “baby” is a burden to their Friday and Saturday night life.

    • PhillyCon

      The Leftist response is that since conservatives don’t support “welfare” or “social programs” we are the ones who are anti-life. Technically, we are for life inside the womb but against it outside the womb.

      Isn’t it interesting how that gets turned around?

  • williamm

    Audio: Obama argues against Born Alive legislation in IL state senate

    • blackbird

      Thanks for the link williamm, I emailed it out and have downloaded it. I have some folks that have to hear this. Thanks again for the link.

  • Democrats are sick, sick, sick. I was a democrat and all this push me away from them

    • Wicked, evil, depraved, I think, are better terms than just “sick.” If they were just “sick” we could have them put away!

  • p m

    Heard this yesterday and was hoping it would be here today. The most impressive and impassioned defence of life I’ve ever heard, a must listen. Who else could say it this well while showing up Zero for the stone cold non-human that he is?

  • Yet we won’t hear this from the GOP because dear leader’s a nice guy.

    • True. Romney is not the pro-life champion I would like to see, but at least he’s no Obama!

      • badbadlibs

        Sums up my feelings exactly.

    • p m

      What an outrageous lie – and to have it as the convention theme?
      How dare they? Right there they’re dissing the people who elected them.

  • PhillyCon

    But wait … I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about social issues.

    • Reckoner_3

      There are many on our side who agree with Obama quietly , Obama just puts a face on it…..

      I saw a lot of borrowed lefty rhetoric , terms , in light of the Akin flap….

      The only reason why the GOP likes to placate the Christian blocs with their “pro -life platforms” is because they take advantage of hope springing eternal about Roe v Wade etc.

      For instance, take the debate on Roe v Wade. Many of the establishment types have as much stake in keeping that the law of the land because they can’t hold the voter blocs hostage anymore, if there were actually grounds made in doing away with unjust laws.

  • I share Dr. Levin’s passion on this issue. Furthermore, I believe human life begins at conception, and whether through rape, incest or just plain stupidity, a child is conceived, that child has the right to live! Why? Because only God creates life and only He has the right to determine who lives and who dies!

  • Obama is an evil man.

  • NJK

    He claims to care about women, but aren’t baby girls who are murdered women? This is a sick man. Pro choice doesn’t give you the right to wait until this is a full term human being and then think because it wasn’t allowed to make it into the world, that you can at that point kill it, that is not pro choice, that is murder.

    P.S. I am a woman, and do believe that in cases of rape or other personal circumstances abortion is a very personal decision, but I know the difference. As a woman, I’m tired if Democrats thinking all I care about is birth control. We don’t need the governments intrusion into any health issues. How is destroying my daughter and sons freedom and asking them to give up their money to fund a fantasy of a perfect world caring?

    • DebbyX

      Very honest comment on your opinion of the matter. I respect you for saying it. I’m wondering why you didn’t receive any “likes”. Or for that matter, opposite opinions comments. It seems most here are pure pro-life, no exceptions. I’m really torn.

  • “He’s God, he thinks he’s God” – is what Beck said about Soros, and I say about Obama.

  • a life is a life.
    obama is the most effed up president bar none. his upbringing created his amoral lack of character. no father. marxist mommy. male role models who were card carrying commies. but the problem is not obama. it is half of america who sees this evil empty suit as their savior.

    thank you for this thread.

  • ovomit likes to murder babies. It’s a s simple as that.

  • MerlePearl

    It is shocking to hear the President of the United States defending a barbaric act like this. I so hope that we can defeat him in November and fight against killing our little ones in the future. We also need to broadcast this message of death from the mouth of our sitting president from now until the election. People must be faced with the reality of who this reprehensible Barack Obama character is; a man who has defended this indefensible action against the least of these.

  • Martin2717

    Obama has two daughters and he has this view? That’s frightening and he’s the “President” of the United States………

  • Maxsteele

    Quite honestly it made me sick to my stomach having to keep listening to the clips of Obama try to put killing a living child in some cold, theoretical, spin.

  • I always found it quite weird and rather disgusting how a typical tree hugging, bleeding heart leftist will literally attack and kill someone for attempting to harm a pregnant dog or cat but callously speak about human infants as “fetuses” and put beautiful babies in the same category as a cancerous growth that must be prevented and ‘treated’.

  • aZjimbo

    The Great one marches on.

  • Mark Gliddon

    I’m so glad he is not my leader. What has become of the United States of America that such a monster is elected to the highest office of the land. Not that we in Australia have done much better with a self proclaimed Atheistic Socialist pro Same Sex Marriage, pro abortion disgrace of a Prime Minister who fawns over Obama like a sad pathetic lap dog.