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Mark Levin noted a few months ago after the RNC had completed that one conspicuous thing was missing during the convention when we had the country’s attention. Of all the things that were communicated that week, the urgency of our fiscal situation was not one of them. And now we find ourselves in the same predicament. With a country hanging by a thread, so much so that the founders wouldn’t even recognize it, Levin says Republicans act like their backs are against the wall and they can do nothing:

And then I’ve got to hear Republicans today go on and on that their backs are against the wall, there’s nothing they can do. They run for office, they beg you for their vote and then when they’re there, they act like there’s nothing they can do. At least talk coherently! At least communicate coherently! Explain the dire situation. NOT THE FISCAL CLIFF, the COLLAPSE of our society in a few years if we don’t wake the hell up and deal with this.

We’ve got to fight this to the end! Come hell or high water, win lose or draw, we’ve got to fight this to the end.

We do not surrender our liberty to a bunch of union thugs and left wing groups!

We do not surrender our liberty to a bunch of incompetent Republican Party holders.

We FIGHT for our liberty!

It belongs to us and that’s exactly what the founding fathers would want.

That was just the ending. There’s so much more to Levin’s monologue and you can hear it below:


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