Mark Levin goes nuclear on Marxist caller

Mark Levin had a Marxist caller tonight who compared the words of Karl Marx, saying that people shouldn’t have to worry about where they eat and sleep, to the words of Jesus Christ in His ‘Sermon on the Mount’. The caller even suggested that Obama is a Christ-like political figure in that he is trying to implement these Marxist principles.

Levin interrupted him with the question:

Have you looked at North Korea my friend? Are those people eating in North Korea?

YOU DAMN FOOL, look at the Marxist dream! It’s right there in North Korea! You know what they’re doing as you speak, as you fill your face with all kinds of organic vegetables?! You know what they’re doing in North Korea?! They’re crawling around on their hands and knees looking for bugs and roots and something to eat as they starve to death!

You get it you big dummy?! Now get the hell off the phone!

And then he goes into a great rant that is just awesome!

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  • Anonymous

    Ya gotta love Levin! And I’m glad he yelled at that chicken menuchi! Keep tellin’ it like it is Mark.

    • Anonymous

      I cannot stop laughing. What a total putz!! Please don’t yell at meeee… but I think Jesus and Karl Marx were twins…. and Obama is the messyiah…. and he’s going to give everybody jobs and houses and unicorns that shit skittles…. please don’t yell at meeee……

      I’ve got to listen to that again!

      • Anonymous

        And his name was Gaylen no less.

      • Anonymous

        I just finished listening to Levin’s podcast & I enjoyed his rant at Galen the Gutless Wonder even more when I heard him do it the second time! What a fool – but more of these dingbats need to hear what marxism truly means. Since they don’t appreciate history, maybe they can learn from North Korea. It’s happening in the here and now.

  • This is what I want to hear in the debates.

    • Yea, and since we aren’t hearing that, I may not vote. Cain just said his two most respected candidates are Romney and Newt. Well, Romney – he’s just another democrat in disguise, so I’m very disturbed about that. I don’t know, we’re just gonna be replacing a Marxist heavy with a Marxist light.

  • Anonymous

    Uhhh, not to nitpick, but the “Sermon on the Mount” given by Jesus is covered in the Gospel of Matthew, Chapters 5, 6, & 7. Not 8.

  • Anonymous

    spot on………..

  • Anonymous

    This is why I love this guy. If we had leadership like this in the House and the Senate, obama would spend less time sleeping so well at night.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus also said the poor you will always have with you. -Mat 26:11

  • Anonymous

    Bunker Brilliance!!! I L.O.V.E. THIS MAN!

  • CDS in Manitoba

    I know that it will probably never happen, but wouldn’t it be awesome if Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham were the voice actors of a cartoon show? Just imagine the hilarious possibilities!

    You gotta love Mark’s angry voice. Hahaha.

    • What is it with Canadians and cartoons?

    • Anonymous

      Well Rush did actually guest star on the ‘Family guy’. Thats close, right?

  • Not to mention that I already suggested sending the “occupiers” to North Korea and see if they can make difference there, first. Mark is coming from the right place here.

    • Maxsteele

      North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba. All the great communist nations where they are lucking if they have toothpaste in a store once a month. Where they line up to get a loaf of bread. Where they are lucky if they can eat 3 square meals a day. Yes, that is the utopian dream that these fools have. It has never worked in any of its manifestations. Stalinism, Maoism, etc..etc..

  • Anonymous

    That’s my boy!

  • Mary Beth House

    I… LOVE this man. I love him.

    • Anonymous

      He is the very best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I blame the education system for not teaching the truth about Marxism. The leftest leaning social engineers must be purged from the system.

  • Dan

    Open letter to all America.
    From the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Kim Jong-il

    It have been rumor that you Americans want to send those who Occupy Wal-Mart to My great country to show what a Great Country under Communists look like.
    Are you out of your mind, you keep those dead things in your country. They would contaminate our drinking water; they stink of piss and are as lazy as my second born child. They would be bad influence on my people who are very hard worker. If you try to send them to here I will reverse the charge and sent back to you. We do not want any losers here; I have been informed it is Wall Street not Wal-Mart???What is difference?
    Therefore, I Kim Jong-il say our Great Country will not take your loser children from you.
    Some say this is a plot to destroy my Country by sending your waste here like my friend Fidel Castro did in the 1970s …do I look that Dumb. So do not sent them to My Great Country. You keep them there…AND I MEAN IT….I HAVE NUKES ….


  • Anonymous

    Thanks Mark for saying what I feel about these idiots all the time.

  • This fool will be one of those who makes fun of those of us who believe in the Antichrist, yet vote for him. While I get so angry at this kind of stupid ignorance, I can’t help but pity these fools. Good one Great one.

  • I just love Levin. He can articulate a point better than juat about anyone. Can you imagine Mark in a debate with BHO

    • Anonymous

      I think Levin would have him stammering after the introductions … and shrinking into himself by first break. And Mark would just be playing with him.

  • MARK LEVIN 2012…..This man should run.

  • Anonymous

    God I like Mark Levin, we need more men like him to give these filthy [email protected] a boot in the ass.

  • UpChuck.Liberals NoBO12

    Oh dear Lord, please help these fools. There must be something in the clean air, water and organic food that is retarding the mental capacity of these citizens. Or perhaps it’s genetics, they keep breeding idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Levin doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

  • Come to Hungary and learn your system first hand bozo! Watch “The Soviet Story” dimwit, as Mark would say.

  • Anonymous

    Levin is one of the lone voices in the wilderness…God bless him!

  • It’s like the moderate Muslims who love Western culture and spout the fantasy that global terrorism isn’t caused by true Islam but rather by people who have been disenfranchised somehow or who have misinterpreted the scriptures.

    Don’t you know that the problem with North Korea isn’t the communism but rather the corruption. If only they had good, decent government officials. Things would be different.

    Get it, folks? It will never be a problem with the ideology itself but rather with it’s implementation. These people do not live in reality.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin… His Awesomeness.

    Man that was good!

  • Josh

    Got chills with that one. Get ’em Mark!!

  • Marxists lack brain cells

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin, you sir are the very very best. Keep exposing them brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    President Mark Levin 2013-2016, 2016-2019. WE ARE READY FOR THE GREAT ONE!

  • Anybody who does not make a point of listening to Mark every day needs to start. He’s the BEST!

  • Anonymous

    Levin is simply the best. More and more I listen to him he takes no bs and lays it on the line.

  • Anonymous


  • All Marxists have a chip on their shoulder preventing them to see clearly. Mark Levin is very good at straightening these lunatics out. I also think that in his book “The True Believer” Eric Hoffer offers one of the most coherent and right on the money explanation of what is going on on the streets these days.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously. I can’t believe with all of the history behind us that proves that marxism/communism/socialism does not work, that somebody would actually believe it would. Savage talks about it often. Pol Pot. Mao. Hitler, Stalin. Kruchev. Breshnev. Whats it lead to. Production is run by the government and produces garbage. Peoples lives are meaningless. If the population doesnt drink themselves to death like in Communist russia, they disappear mysteriously. Whats it lead to? A mountain of skulls. Anyone that still supports the Bamster after three years is bad enough. But to support Marxism?? I seriously doubt that Jesus would approve of: Obama omitting references to G-d, or giving $400 mil to the palestinians whose goal is to destroy Israel, or approve of the Bamsters buddy Billy that liked to blow up police stations, or Bamsters buddies Jeremiah Wright and Farrakhan. Just going out on a limb, here.