Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR: “Who the hell does Boehner think he is?”

Mark Levin has had enough, saying that Huelskamp was elected by American citizens in his district who sent him there to vote the way he pledged to them he’d vote, and now Huelskamp is being treated like crap from Speaker Boehner because he’s not falling in line? Levin asks “who the hell does Speaker Boehner think he is?”

Listen below:

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  • I was listening to this and was cheering. Everyone should email and flood House Republicans with phone calls, faxes, and emails.


    • I wrote my representative tonight and let him know this is not acceptable, and we won’t continue to support this anymore. We’re finished.

    • Dapandico

      Defund the RNC.

      • NHMI

        We need a new party to replace the GOP or destroy the party system altogether cuz if we get rid of GOP , all we will have is the progressives masquerading as Democrats and the US will be destroyed in a matter of days if they had full power. Notice they had the house and senate in the last 2yrs of GWB’s presidency and that is when the economy got really bad really quick. Everything the left touches turns to crap…but at the same point the RINO’s are self serving scum who only take care of their buddies and the left does that constantly so we are always stuck with a “lesser of 2 evils” instead of an actual good candidate…we need to flood the House and Senate with Constitutionalists. Look at the damage Murkowski is doing to Alaska…she is going to destroy the last untouched frontier in the US….it is time people get ready for a civil war because that is the only REAL solution….to create new unions and a new Constitution based on the old that has clauses making it so progressives can’t twist it. It will need to have every part clearly explained without question….not that the one we have is complicated but the left still twists it despite having the transcripts of the ratification which explain…

  • DCGere

    Boehner is toast. I’m so sick of these clowns messing around with our money and playing politics. Going to be pitchfork time pretty soon…

    • and i will be in line we have sat back for years and allowed this to happen lets have the courage to take our country back. I wish I was a man and new all the things men know i would be leading the pack

      • You don’t have to be a man. You just have to be a patriot! 🙂

      • All the things men know? Knowledge isn’t bestowed by gender. Educate yourself and men will seem increasingly stupid.

  • jleinf

    Agree 100%

  • Third party. Over time we out poll the GOP 30-20, then they have to join us or become the spoiler handing presidency to dems etc.

    • aZjimbo

      I agree. Its for a Constitutional, small government, Conservative party. I’m done with the GOP.

        • aZjimbo


        • TexasBanker

          I like the idea of a simple 7 principle based platform.

          • Even though I can’t vote yet, I looked at and was “voting” the Constitution party back in 08. I think they’re excellent too. I think the more folks look at some of these parties, they will find more people who believe what they too believe, that we need to get rid of the idea of submitting to the d’s and r’s only. Ours is a Party of the people, for the people. That’s the way our Founders intended.

            • For My Liberty

              The only problem is to get ALL the conservatives TOGETHER for ONE PARTY. The more SPLITS there are, the less effective WE are. JUST as in EVERY election, when votes were split, Dems ALWAYS won. TEA is the biggest group at this point….They SHOULD become a PARTY.

              • I agree to a point For My Liberty. Right now, folks are needing something to do, and while the TEA Party is still a great organziation, and there are others out there too, but some folks even have become disenfranchised with those. Not that any new party will have all the answers, because we won’t- but it gives people another option of what they are looking for. We need to gather regular people from all over, who have tried traditional politics which have failed us, and some who have come from the TEA party groups, and even are still a part of them, to come up with new ideas and ways of educating people. We will, no matter which organization drift towards, be on the same side, that is leaving the GOP and the republican establishment. We’re a new group, regular people, but we’ve got enough excited people joining every day, wanting to do something to change the course of this Nation. We can do it, along side other groups who believe in the same principles that the Founding Fathers had. If you feel better represented, I encourage you to get involved in the TEA party. If you want to check us out, and feel as though you have ideas and want to help, we’d love for you to join us as well. We’re not working against the TEA party by any means, we’re working along the same parallels, just on some different ideas.

                • At the same time, as we do get more people looking beyond the “2 parties”, there will start to be a consensus of what a conservative party will look like. I think that as we start looking towards the constitution and platforms, it will become obvious that there is much agreement between conservatives.

                  However, people like Mark Levin, need to start speaking towards this idea as being THE solution and not an abstract idea.

                • The real Tea Party collective is not just the Tea Party as legally now defined by some who may have specific agenda but is a mass of concerned citizens who trust no leader specific. These Americans are open and receptive to any and all ideas brought forth, they are strong, they have no pigeon hole you or anyone else can put them in, that is the very essence of this movement. It is succeeding and advancing whether you choose to be on board or want to wast your time and effort trying to subvert this cause. If you truly are another interested American trying to bring forth new and creative ideas, please expound upon them and share with others so we may consider and possibly advance your ideas It is not the importance of another group but the cohesiveness of the people that will eventually become the established conservative party from witch we will overcome the bigots, the lame of free thinking citizens, the cronies, the career minded and all other form of guttersnipe !

                • sjmom

                  The problem with the Tea Party is that they have trouble agreeing on candidates and who one group supports another does not. Though they did a great job in 2010 where were they in 2012? Unless there is another recognized political party to challenge the status quo of the Democrats and Republicans who are both sides of the same coin we will fail to make headway with any kind of conservatism.

                  Another issue is too many are too attached to the GOP and fear to step out. Imagine if the Founders had done that? We’d all be speaking with a British accent and singing God Save the Queen. It’s time to come together in one cohesive group and before you pooh pooh someone’s else’s idea let us see and hear yours.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  Spot on.

                • StandingGround

                  I don’t think there is anything hidden or subversive with this new party effort. I have checked them out and they seem to have everything in a public forum, like you questioned.

                  Before you get too critical, you should see what they are about.


                • Ken,

                  Pigeon hole? Exactly what are you talking about. No one is pigeon holing any person or group. You will need to reread the thread here. There are concerned people all over this country trying to figure out what is the best way from a political standpoint to respond to the failures of the GOP. Desiring to subvert such a movement is not what is being discussed nor was it inferred by ABiC comment(s).

                  Though I am excited to hear that the TP is bigger than the “legally defined” term, how exactly is it succeeding and advancing? These are interesting platitudes and I hope that they are more true than false, but unsure as to how one can rightly paint such broad strokes, when getting down to brass tacks several states voted in “gay marriage”, California voted in raising taxes on their wealthy citizens, approval of state funded abortion, etc. Yes, we do have some good victories like a super-majority in the state house of Indiana, Senator Cruz from TX, rejection of the UN treaty, etc.

                  The broader picture in not pigeoning anyone, but efforting in harnessing the power to advance the conservative, constitutional cause that will right the ship. The GOP is not the answer, but something else is and if we can collective join those dissatisfactions with the turncoat GOP into a positive, great!

                  This is what some of us are doing, you should check out the website and see what others are trying to do. If it is not your style, fine but there is no arm twisting.

                • Sober_Thinking

                  Well said…

                • Nukeman60

                  The ‘Tea Party collective’ is a splintered lot, with many varying factions, some good and some not so good. That goes for the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party and many, many others.

                  The Tea Party groups started a trend that is good. We need to take back or create anew a Party that is truly for the people and by the people. New ideas are sprouting all over the place and we should welcome any newcomers that want to make a difference.

                  ABiC is one of those people (btw, she has expounded on those beliefs and ideals. You, as a new contributor should read some of them before claiming that she has not). Perhaps you just misunderstood her point of view. Perhaps you just misread her statement. Or, perhaps you are just tired and frustrated after the last election.

                  Doesn’t matter. Whether a new party is formed, grows, and becomes a force to reckon with is immaterial. What I would like to see is all these factions we have floating out there come together to make a difference that the people want. The Tea Party and Constitution Party have headstarts (as far as being established nationwide, having various organizations for backing, having grassroots contacts already made, etc) that will be very helpful down the road.

                  But the important thing is that we all come together as one, not bicker and fight amongst ourselves, like the GOPe is doing right now. The GOPe is finished. They dug their own grave and deserve to lie in it. Let’s find a way to overcome that.

                  If you have ideas, by all means put them forth. This site is a grand place to exchange ideas. If you just want to tear others down without ever considering what they have to offer, then your point of view isn’t any different than the GOPe. Make a decision as to where you want to go. We are all individuals and as you well know, the Tea Party was formed as a large group of individuals with common goals in mind.

                  Let’s bring those goals to a positive gathering of people and win this great nation back.

              • toongoon

                You are exactly right. So we must start immediately and get all conservatives on board. We would love you come and share, improve and help initiate ideas. We will get this up off the ground the conservatives hear and lend themselves to it.

                See you there!

        • Sober_Thinking

          I love the idea and read the preamble and agree 100%… so… where do we start? How? When?

          The website is a nice place to begin… but there doesn’t seem to be much to it other than the links at the bottom. It needs some meat on the bones… I’m rarin to go… but I’m not sure where to start.

          What’s next? How do we organize and start getting traction and getting registered in states so this party will be on the ballot? I’m sold on the idea… now I’m ready to get busy!

          “Help me Obowan Kanobe, you’re my only hope!”

          • LOL I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but Obowan is NOT one of them 😉 Are you on facebook at all Sober? if not, I can contact you through email. I know we don’t have a whole lot up yet, I’m workin’ like crazy and so are a few others right now. We’re working on a website, hopefully it will be up within a week or two. Not all are on facebook, so we’re keeping in contact through other ways too, and I think some are focusing on one or two specific things that they’ve been working on. We need to educate people first off. But some folks here are working on digging into the fraud, and how ballots can be changed, others are working on the media bias. So far if we can get the word out just that we exist, that helps too. I’d love it if you could be on face book though for now! Let me know, and if not, I’ll get my e mail to you some how! Thanks Sober_ I’m glad, I love your enthusiasm, and I know you can bring some much needed support and ideas. God Bless!

            • Sober_Thinking

              Sadly, I cancelled my FaceBook account. I don’t like where they’re heading and frankly, I don’t trust them.

              If we can’t find a better way to communicate or work together, I’ll open up my account again.

              The Force is strong with you… 🙂

              • lol. Do you get e mail alerts when someone responds to your comments?

                • Sober_Thinking

                  I did when my account was open. Not anymore.

                  Let me know… if there’s no other way, then I’ll re-open it.

                • Check your alerts for here Sober_Brother. I left my e mail address on another thread. If you don’t have an alert, check my activity and you’ll see where I left the comment 🙂

          • ST,

            I am in agreement with you. Our work is cut out for us to move, educate, and pray. I am trying to figure out how do we put a voice to this. How do we get the men and women who have the microphone, the mailing lists, the deep pockets to recognize that this is the best solution to their problems. I hear Mark and he is raven mad willing to do what he can for his kids, but at the same time, he refuses to do what is necessary and throw the GOP under the bus and wash his hands of it.

            Being in the Reagan Admin., one would think that he would remember that it was Reagan who stated that he did not leave the Dem party but the Dem party left him. Likewise, it would be Reagan today in saying the same thing about the GOP.

            • Sober_Thinking


              Time to roll up our sleaves and get down to business!

          • sjmom

            Know you’re a praying man and so seek the Lord as to how we accomplish this. With God’s help and by His grace we can and will do this. 🙂

            • Sober_Thinking

              Agreed. Good words.

  • jleinf

    Boehner’s favorite animal is the rino but he’s quite fond of donkeys too

    • nibblesyble


    • keyesforpres

      Personally, I think Boehner’s a jacka$$ myself.

  • NJK

    Mark was brilliant. John Boehner is bullying fellow Congressional members, those who represent the people, and he’s an abused spouse of the left. He is single handedly destroying the Republican party. How dare he treat people this way? He’s acting like an Obama thug. I can’t vote for this anymore. I wrote my representative tonight and let him know this is not acceptable, and we won’t continue to support this anymore. We’re finished.

    • Jim Botts

      Yes, Boehner is single handedly destroying the GOP.

      Latest generic congressional ballot has generic DEM beating generic Republican 47-36.

      Its as if 2010 never happened.

      • unseen1

        that’s what they want the GOPe was more scared of the tea party than Obama.

  • menschmeyer

    It’s amazing how many of these unstable, emotionally needy Republican “leaders” have been seduced and neutered by Barack Obama. How, oh how does he do it??

    • Hires goons to hoke up a nice blackmail file. It’s the ChiCAgo way.

    • Jim Botts

      It’s easy for O to get away with it when the media whom the founders placed no restrictions on, get into bed with him.

  • Awesome! Thank you TRScoop!

  • BikerHoop

    My letter to Boehner:

    Mr. Speaker,

    I’m writing to let you know that I’m appalled at your recent action of dismissing conservatives from their committees. How dare you!

    It’s the conservatives in this country that gave you the majority you enjoy today. It’s the conservatives in this country that you promised to represent. Now it’s the conservatives in this country you’re choosing to denigrate by your latest reprehensible action and alienate from the Republican Party.

    We all know you would prefer to walk lockstep with Obama, giving in to his every whim. You have proven that repeatedly. However, that is NOT what you were elected for. You were elected to represent US, not your personal interests. We had great hopes for you. You have now soured that taste in our mouths.

    I luckily do not live in your district, but you, Sir, are the Speaker of the House. The House that DOES represent me and every other American. What you have done is not in our best interests, but only in those of Obama.

    And you wonder why Congress has a 16% approval rating. Your actions are the reason. Since you took the gavel you have done nothing to advance conservative principles. You flat out lied to Americans with your “contract”. You continue to lie virtually every time you open your mouth.

    You, Sir, are unworthy of the position you hold.

    • YAY!! Clapping over here BikerHoopfriend!!!

    • nibblesyble


    • proudhispanicconservative

      Awesome letter, I hope you don’t mind if I copy it and spread it around?

      • BikerHoop

        Feel free.

    • I hope you actually sent this and didn’t just post it here! Well stated!

      • BikerHoop

        Yup, I sent it. I wouldn’t have written it otherwise. I’m one that’s in almost weekly contact with my elected reps, Boehner included. Somebody has to let them know when they screw up.

  • aZjimbo

    Screw john boehner and the entire gop and rino’s. More enemies within.

  • PVG

    Bravo Mark!

  • I think conservatives should now begin to work hard and embarrass Boehner. We should not rest until this man leaves office in disgrace. I wonder if he, Boehner, has the same bare knuckle approach to the President. Idiot.

  • DocBarry1

    I agree 100% with Mark Levin and Gov Palin

  • Who the he!! does he think he is? Dear leader JR. A sycophant to the progressives in both parties. There’s no difference, except that he cries.

  • TexasBanker

    Boehner screwed the pooch on this one. There is no way he will be able to salvage a political career after this. Perfect time to expose the Republican party for what it is and promote a new party. I hope this is the tip of the iceberg.

  • sjmom

    Time for a third party and rid ourselves of the establishment.

    • StrangernFiction

      Way past time.

    • TexasBanker

      A better opportunity won’t present itself. It may take one more election loss to the socialist, but it’ll be worth it to cleanse our country of the Republican party.

    • Nukeman60

      It won’t get any better the way it’s going. We have nothing to lose in trying to change the way things have been for too long now. If we fail to get anyone elected, what difference will the outcome be from where it’s going.

      BUT, if we make a difference, we can turn this thing around.There are many good candidates out there to run for office (plus the ones we already have in Congress).

      Looks like the battle is about to commence. It certainly will come to us if we don’t take it to them.

      • I have been thinking NM60, would it be a good idea to try to get a private meeting with our elected congressmen and see where they are at with the idea of a Conservative party.

        Reading history, the Whig party was started by one elected official, I think Calhoun (off top of head here). It would be interesting if we can get one or even a few to start thinking outside the box.


        • ApplePie101

          You’re on to something there. A delegation of citizens meeting with some of the few proven patriots in the house and stating the case for their breaking with the republican mafia.

        • Nukeman60

          There’s no question the vast number of splintered Conservative groups are going to have to come together (it seems like the Tea Party groups and the Constitution Party have a head start in being established. One group alone cannot accomplish our goal. There are many present incumbants who are Conservative. It’s a good idea to start pooling them all to see where they stand.

          We could make a list with a thumbs up or down next to their names and start x-ing off the bad ones and checking the good ones.

          I’ll start – John Boehner —> xxxxxxxx.

  • Bob Belvedere has more on this, including some other names that were axed. Read every bit of it, because it’s a great followup to Levin’s comments.

    • freenca

      That makes me feel even more stabbed in the back!

      • Another reason to tell the Republican party to take a hike. Too bad, really.

    • Thanks K-Bob!!

    • Thanks for the kind words and the link.

      • That was excellent Bob! Thank you!

      • Yessir!. I couldn’t figure out how to make my username work on WordPress. Yet. (no dashes, dots or spaces allowed. Dang!)I may have to change it, and I’m resistant to change. So I didn’t leave a note at TCOTS. Glad you saw it!

        • how about KBob or KdashBob? 🙂

          • Yeah, I guess. There really is no reason for WordPress to limit usernames like that. In fact, other WP installs don’t. Just Oh well. At least they allow ascii.

    • BikerHoop

      “One of the true conservatives in the House must challenge Boehner in January. Paging Mrs. Bachmann.”


    • colliemum

      Thanks for that link – lots more info, fuelling my anger. Anger at the betrayal of the good, conservative people of America who are having their votes nullified because their Representatives are being ‘punished’ for not caving in to the games the permanent political class is playing in Washington.

  • nibblesyble

    Levin says it all, he perfectly summed up how I am feeling, and so I can only cheer him on!

  • drphibes

    And again I ask, is the GOP still our home?

    • NOPE!!

    • BikerHoop

      Absolutely not! They have proven, especially with this last reprehensible act, that they have no desire to represent true conservatives. They want to be just like their idols, the Democrats, when they grow up.

  • It isn’t amazing how no one talks of a balance budget anymore. Both sides use a “balanced approach” which has no real or definite meaning or calculations. The phrase is used because it sounds fair and can be interrupted however one wants to interpret it. To the free loader life is unfair and therefore should be balanced and everyone is entitled to social justice. These words and phrases used are carefully orchestrated to misguide those who are are politically and constitutionally illiterate. The next big test for the Conservatives will be the raising of the Debt limit. Boehner who crumbled the last time will undoubtedly cave again by saying he is only 1/3 of the branches. If I had to pick a branch to have 1/3 it would be the House. Money and legislation has the power. So where is the Balanced Budget. Its a simple request. But the conservatives are being silenced. Undoubtedly if Boehner sells out this time, the republican party is done. The RNC will receive little support and it will be time to start construction of a Conservative Party. The Conservative Party kind of has nice ring to it.

    • Landscaper

      “The Conservative Party” sounds good to me. Replace the GOP and the Tea Party.

      • StandingGround

        I like what’s going on with this new party. There seems to be great discussions and good conservatives principles. It looks like a good foundation to build on. You may want to check it out when you have time.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I am so fired up, I called his office 202-225-0600 and left a couple of real nice things to him, I know its not a lot but if a lot of us do this he will finally have to listen. Lets make noise people, please hit like if you called, thanks.

    • TexasBanker


      • proudhispanicconservative

        Its better to call him now that the office is closed so you can get inspired and leave him a message to tell him how you feel, I know that if we keep doing it he is going to feel the pressure.

    • StandProudNow

      Called and left message. (Was unable to get a live person)

      • proudhispanicconservative

        That is what I did, my goal is to leave as many messages on his answering machine that whoever listens to them is going to have to report it to him and who knows he might actually listen to one of more of them, and get the message that we do not like him and want nothing more then removing him from office.

        • Landscaper

          Are you from Ohio by chance?

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I am from florida.

        • Call him first, e mail him, and if he doesn’t like it, he can expect pink slips to arrive soon! We’re needing a pink slip brigade! Send them to his Washington Office: Office of the Speaker
          H-232 The Capitol
          Washington, DC 20515

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I think this is going to backfire on Boner because now conservatives are not going to owe him anything and are going to be freer to fight.

            • Amen on that myproudhispanicconservativefriend!! (HEY! it didn’t tire out my fingers this time!) When we have nothing more to lose, we can afford to be fierce!

    • BikerHoop


  • What I dont understand is why these guys voted for Boehner as speaker of the house again. Why dont they stand up to him move his ASS down the road

    • StrangernFiction

      Because the GOP is not what you think it is.

  • RedDaveR

    Great rant by Levin. There may be no choice but to form a third party, between the budget cave-in and this committee fiasco. Boehner is telling conservatives they are not welcome in the GOP.

    • dontdrinkthecoolaid

      Could not agree with you more. Boehner has, and I hate to use this reference, gone to the dark side. He really has lost his ‘mask’ and we now see, he is a fully fledged progressive. Ohio, wake up and vote this guy out! A third party might be necessary to up root the REP progressives – Cantor, Graham and McConnell included.

      • TexasBanker

        He’s been on the dark side ever since he first stepped foot inside the tanning booth in 1969.

        • nibblesyble


  • Nukeman60

    Levin sounds like me talking (yelling) to my TV about these things. I don’t feel so alone in my rants anymore. Thanks, Mark. Never surrender. Never.

  • For My Liberty

    I called, and e-mailed Boehner’s office two times today…..Left Boehner a message that he can raise taxes at the risk of his own reelection..that Americans are NOT STUPID and we are TIRED of the DC Game playing and BULLSHIT!
    John Boehner’s DC # (202) 225-6205. Eric Cantor: (202) 225-2815

  • Majority rules! LOL! I love it.

  • Joe

    Is there any way to email ALL the Republicans with one email?

    I have searched to no avail .

    BOEHNER IS the problem

    Zero must have some blackmail items on him – I am serious!

    He is turning out to be a traitor!

    • Landscaper

      His “offical web site” will not let you write to him unless you are a resident of Ohio. It gives phone numbers and snail-mail.
      I am writing the two local papers @ and again to the Indianapolis paper in readers opinions. It’s worth a try.

      • BikerHoop

        If you go to there is an email form you can fill out. Works great… I use it often.

        • Landscaper

          BH, you have a great way with words. Ever thought of a political career? Hint, hint……

          • BikerHoop

            I typed a response, but apparently it’s being moderated for some reason.

        • cabensg

          I’ve been emailing him for years. Sending articles to. Who knows who reads these or if they get passed on or not. Phone calls might be more effective. I don’t go to his website anymore even though I live in Ohio. He ran unopposed last time, isn’t that a downer. Here’s some other email addresses you can just put in your address book instead of going to websites. I’m only assuming they’re valid because I don’t get returns saying otherwise. The only returns I get is if their box is full. I suppose I should also go to the website and send to. You can see not all of them are just to Boehner.

          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]
          [email protected]

          • BikerHoop

            Thanks! The more angles of attack we can find the better the chances of getting noticed.

  • By the way…just in case you didn’t know…Boehner and the rest of the crew were elected by the citizens to govern…not obstruct everything that doesn’t go exactly the way you want it. That’s not what governing is about. The GOP seems to have got their panties in a wad and want to leave this great country because things aren’t going 100% their way. My advice…hit the road if you think you can have it better on your own. Otherwise, let’s find a way to co-exist. And, oh yeah…stop letting Fox News brainwash you into thinking the world is coming to an end because President Obama was re-elected. God bless…and good night.

    • Nukeman60

      Elected to govern according to the people. You remember the people, right? Those little peons that Obama doesn’t care too much about. The House is controlled by Republicans and Obama talks ‘his way or the highway’. Boehner agrees with him so he can stay in power. That is not governing according to the people.

      BTW, you wouldn’t want us to ‘hit the road’. We pay the taxes for your freebies. If they can’t tax us, they will take away from you. If you want to find a way to co-exist, teach Obama the difference between the words compromise and capitulation.

      If the fiscal cliff destroys this country economically, many here are prepared to survive. Are you?

      • I think the majority of “the people” have spoken, with the exception of those that express disapproval here. And, by the way, I don’t get freebies, I work hard for my money and probably make more than you could ever dream of.

        • Nukeman60

          Excellent. Then you’ll really understand when hyperinflation hits you. Gotta love it. You’ll at least learn the hard way, since you couldn’t learn the easy way.

          Btw, I usually find that if someone feels they have to tell me they have a lot more money than me, it usually means they don’t. But either way, it should be interesting.

          • By the way, I find it insulting that you made that assumption about me. Regarding hyperinflation, I seriously doubt that hyperinflation will occur. There have been rumors of hyperinflation for years on end. The facts don’t support that happening anytime soon. We still have a functioning economy. More than 80% of the labor force is working.

            • snowshooze

              hyperinflation is guaranteed by the reality of what is going on.
              Deny if you wish, but we are talking pure math here.

              • And what reality is that? I see no evidence of hyperinflation on the horizon with the exception of the fears being stocked by Fox News and crew.

                • When our government is spending more than it’s taking in, when it’s taking more from those who produce, and giving it to those who consume, something is going to give. And when it does, it’s not going to be pretty.
                  Our government is spending more trillions than ever before, trillions it does not have, even if every billionaire and millionaire in this country paid every dime towards the deficit that they owned, it would not pay the whole debt, and then next year when trillions more is added, what then? Print more money? Been done already. Borrow more? From whom? China? We already owe them. No one else can afford our debt.
                  Our government is spending over 60 percent of what it takes in in taxes on entitlements and welfare. There are more people on welfare now in this country than at any other time in our history. How do you expect less than 30 percent of the people who earn money to carry the load for the 60 percent who don’t? You do realize the middle class is going to be squeezed just as hard, even if they tax 50 percent of what the top 2 percent earn right?
                  And by the way- I don’t watch fox. I don’t have cable. Dont even watch tv.
                  Enjoy the view when you get to that cliff.

                • snowshooze

                  You see no evidence, and yet the presses roar on.
                  There is no way the truth could ever be seen by the eyes of those who choose to be blind.

                • 1tootall

                  Okay, I’ll bite. What WOULD that evidence look like to you? I’m guessing it would be full force before you would acknowledge it. Now that is really insightful, eh?

            • Nukeman60

              1) Good, I’m glad it had an effect.

              2) I don’t doubt that you seriously doubt it.

              3) Have you checked the ‘functioning economy’ lately?

              4) Have you looked at the Labor Force Participation Rate lately, or don’t they give that in the White House morning talking points?

            • toongoon

              Interesting. You came to insult and found yourself insulted. Funny!

            • 1tootall

              “the right to be insulted”…non-constitutional right given to us by the left. Too bad. I’m guessing you don’t understand physics, either? You know, the law of gravity? You can ignore that one too! Our Fed has at LEAST 7-8 times as much debt as any other bond holder in the world, (Japan or China) and continues to print money. If you HAVE ever studied history, you may have come across something call the Weimar Republic. It happened in the 1920’s and was the last example we have of true Hyperinflation in Western Civilization cultures. It did not end well for them, and it’s not going to end well for us. We will have relatively stable currency valuation for 18-24 months. But when it hits the fan, you will not be able to stop it and it will take another Volker and LOTS and LOTS of pain to stop it….in spite of those like you who keep their heads subterranean, (aka stuck in the ground!!).

            • It is obvious you do not purchase milk by the gallon.

            • 1tootall

              From our esteemed president when he was an equally unqualified senator….

              The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless fiscal policies.

              Over the past 5 years, our federal debt has increased by $3.5 trillion to $8.6 trillion.That is “trillion” with a “T.” That is money that we have borrowed from the Social Security trust fund, borrowed from China and Japan, borrowed from American taxpayers. And over the next 5 years, between now and 2011, the President’s budget will increase the debt by almost another $3.5 trillion.

              Numbers that large are sometimes hard to understand. Some people may wonder why they matter. Here is why: This year, the Federal Government will spend $220 billion on interest. That is more money to pay interest on our national debt than we’ll spend on Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. That is more money to pay interest on our debt this year than we will spend on education, homeland security, transportation, and veterans benefits combined. It is more money in one year than we are likely to spend to rebuild the devastated gulf coast in a way that honors the best of America.

              And the cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the Federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and States of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform; robbing our seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on.

              Every dollar we pay in interest is a dollar that is not going to investment in America’s priorities.

        • Good luck holding on to your money once Dear leader gets his way. You’ll be heading over the cliff with the rest of the nation.

        • toongoon

          They were under the influence of hopeless chains.

          I have no doubt you make more money, between welfare, rent, medical bills being paid for free cell phones, student loan about to be forgiven, your abortions on demand and free contraceptives. Of course you do.

        • Yes they have spoken. They barely managed to re-elect the regime. The Tea Party had great success in primarying a few RINO’s but lost a few hotly contested seats. But only a few. That means Tea Party folks will still be dogging Boehner and Co., as well as the Marxist in Chief for two more years.

          The economy can’t possibly get much better thanks to President downgrade deciding to double down on the very things that killed the recovery, plus Obamacare has already started it’s damage to the wallets of taxpayers.

          Romney lost. Tough beans. We’re still here, and we’re still the half of the country that doesn’t believe in magic, fairy dust math. When the cliff hits, that math will clobber the Obama voters, big time.

          • 1tootall

            Just think of the mischief that Boehner & boys will be able to pull off with any opposition gone from the policy making groups!! He and Barry and Harry will have a great time.

            • I’m beginning to see how the good people of Germany slowly became willing to do what they did in the 30’s. As soon as they the “leaders” think they can get away with it, everything becomes a matter of expediency covered by some excuse. Then the next thing you know, Jews are told to wear big gold stars.

        • nibblesyble

          Then go use up your time spending your glorious amounts of money instead of annoying us with your dreck.

    • Look a a map. 90% of you leftists live in just a few big cities. You’re barely “here” already, let alone in some position to shove the rest of us out. If we all quit working and sending you supplies, you’d all starve in three days.

    • StrangernFiction

      My advice…hit the road

      My advice as well.

      Apparently we CAN agree on something.

  • jgilman1

    To House Speaker Boehner,


    The American People!

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    They are all comrades….the rest apparatchiks

  • snowshooze

    Welcome to the new Soviet Union.

    • StrangernFiction

      “We will bury you without firing a shot.”

  • snowshooze

    95% is not enough.
    You must assimilate.

  • snowshooze

    What we need here is an American Spring.
    Eat that, Obama.

    • StrangernFiction

      Unfortunately, what we have is an American fall.

  • snowshooze

    Eat $hit or go blind?
    I’ll go blind, every time.
    I hope the audience is all adults, and apologize for being crass..
    But dang it, what better could I possibly say?
    I am just what I am…

  • deTocqueville1

    As I have said, the battle has been joined. The constitutional conservatives are front and center. Palin, Levin, De Mint, Cruz, et al. will prevail. This day has been coming for going on thirty years with the Bush/Rove/Rockefeller, wusses will lose. And it will be a glorious day for the Republic.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    Face the facts, the republican powers to be have sold America down the river.. All to hold onto a bunch of leftovers, crumbs…

    They stand for Nothing. Their time is up!

  • unseen1

    Hey speaker instead of playing politicvs and protecting the status quo maybe you should pass a freaking budget. Its only been 5 years with no budget.

    God do we need a leader. I pray every day that one will emerge.

  • Hold on to your popcorn folks, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

  • toongoon

    Check it out folks. Here is your new party. Lets get started.


  • emaleroland

    Boner needs to go – damn RINO

  • WhiteGuy2

    If this isn’t enough reason to stop supporting the Republican party, then I don’t know what is. I suggest a mass revolt is in order. Change your voter registration to Independent or Libertarian. Anything but Republican. If they are going to kick people of committees for not towing the line then that’s exactly what we should do to them.

    • StrangernFiction

      And if Rush was as wise and patriotic as some believe him to be he’d be calling for just this. But he won’t, and the sheep will continue to follow.

      • 1tootall

        Why is that? Would that make him “wise and Patriotic” because he agrees with you? BTW 20 million sheep arent all bahhhhhd. At least 100% of them are not part of the 47%…LOL

        • JRD1

          El Rushbo educated us all about true conservatism. We need him to man up. We don’t have the drive by media on our side and we don’t need to be fighting the enemy within. Rush can give us the voice we need. We have been there for him and had his back when the left went to war against him. We need Rush to support us and have our back now. There is no more time to waste with a corrupt gopE!

          • Amen! Totally agree, while working on Rush we should also get Mark and Sarah and Sean and etc….


    Paul Ryan for new Speaker of the House.

    • Michele Bachmann! 😀

    • colliemum

      He didn’t stand up to Boehner when the threw out the conservative representatives like Rep Huelsman and Rep Schweikart . He’ll not stand up to Obama either.

  • Go Mark!!! Mr. Boehner, YOU are what’s wrong with the GOP! While democrats circle the wagons and protect their own, you help our enemies take direct aim at Conservatives!

    What exactly did Obama promise you in exchange for your servitude?

    • BikerHoop

      Another round of golf in the presence of his Highness.

  • kong1967

    Name one thing that Boehner has done to stop Obama? Ummm, sorry, I can’t think of anything. He keeps compromising away good policies…..and that’s giving him more credit than he deserves.

    When it came to raising the debt ceiling, he let Obama have his money with only a promise to make cuts in the future. Then, when it went to the super committee, Dems turned the tables on Boehner and ignored the agreement altogether, leaving us with nothing.

    Boehner is an idiot. He knew that was going to happen, and he will keep making deals like that. He can go home to his constituents and say “I got the spending cut”. No, you didn’t….ice brain.

  • I’m a little slow. I just realized the horrible irony in my comment to Angel Lee:

    Since 90% of the leftists live in a few cities and counties in this country, one successful terror strike would put their entire political aspirations in peril. And yet they keep acting like the jihadists aren’t really a problem. It’s like a death wish with these folks.

    At least the right is more spread out. You lefties really need to re-think your position on security.

  • spin43

    Hey Ohio, wake up! Vote this dangerous clown out of office in 2014. Stop listening to his lying political ads. Turn off the TV and start doing some thinking.

    • 1tootall

      I’ve been touch with several groups. Word is: no one is around to primary this guy. It’s not like groups aren’t looking for one!!!

  • Damn straight, Mark.

  • colliemum

    It is war – not just against the dem socialists who call themselves ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ so as not to scare unthinking people, but against the entrenched ‘elite’ of the GOP in Washington, who are fighting conservatives but not the dems.

    There are too many who’ve been swinging on the coattails of the true TEA Party, and abandoned conservatism as soon as they got into the clutches of the permanent political class in that swamp in Washington.

    We’ve seen what they did to Gov Palin, we’ve seen what they did to Allen West, we’ve seen that they didn’t support Ms Bachman at all – and now they’re kicking out conservatives, elected Representatives at that, from committees.

    I hope you all are sending these three Mark Levin clips to everybody you know, because the fight starts now, there’s no time to wait until 2014.

    It is war!

  • ryanomaniac

    The only answer is to show these clowns that the Tea Party is alive and well and they’ll be gonelike a wild goose in winter. If Boehner has a change of heart? Screw him and make an example of this Obama pool boy.

  • SPELL9

    The Chicago Team must have SOME dirt on Boehner. That’s all that makes Sense.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Boehner is the only thing between us and tyranny!!!!

  • FreeManWalking

    BawnYer is a bigger threat than 0b0. Most of us are wrestling with staying with the GOP or thinking 3rd party, and it is Republicans like Bawnyer that is causing the divide.

    We can write and call but I don’t hold out much hope with a power move like he is making the gopE could care less what the constituents think.

    With NO ONE opposing him for speaker and Gohmert nominating Newt and no one had the gonads to second… I wonder if some of the members loosing their committee seats are re-thinking that one.

    I wonder if he has pictures of the majority of the Reps at a petting zoo being a little too friendly with the animals.

    At this time I would rather IMPEACH BawnYer than 0b0.

    • StrangernFiction

      With NO ONE opposing him for speaker and Gohmert nominating Newt and no one had the gonads to second

      Reminds one of a crime family. You WILL support the leadership.

  • I meant to come back here and add this:

    Mark also had Jim DeMint on the same show, and Mark said something that amazed me, really. He actually said,

    Do you agree with me–know I know it’s far ahead–but for 2016 we conservatives (had) better get behind one conservative, or they’re gonna pick us apart and slip somebody through.

    Mr. DeMint answered,

    I think you’re exactly right… [some stuff about his upcoming work, also he thinks conservative principles still work to win elections] …but most of all we need to organize, and get behind the right candidate for 2016.


    I’m going to call that an unreserved endorsement for Vote West.

    (coz it’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission)

  • NHMI

    Boehner is a RINO in every sense of the term…as is MCCain, and quite a few others. They have forgotten what the Tea Party did 2 elections ago and have stonewalled the TP members making it impossible for them to do anything. All the speaker cares about is his stupid highway bills and acceptance by the elite in the House and Senate….and ironically, 7 out of 10 of the richest are Democrats…(who inherited it or married into it, anyone who had earned success would NEVER support the left knowing it would destroy so much. Funny they say $250k a year makes you a $Millionaire$ and $Billionaire$. At the rate the rich are leaving the US there wont be any soon enough….not to mention the tax increase Obama wants will only fund the Govt for 8 days, is the damage it will cause really worth it?

  • The problem is that the conservatives with plans are on the radio. The few in Congress aren’t being heard. The TEA Party is blamed for all ills, and stupid citizens – who forgot what freedom and liberty are – fell for it.

  • mikeinidaho

    Boehner is just typical of those running the Rerpublican Party. They are arrogant, ignorant and Democrat Lite who only want to go-along-to-get-along so they can share what little power and money the Dems allow them to have and they can be invited to all the “right'” parties in DC. This diatribe from a FORMER Republican. Never again, EVER.

  • Idahoser

    you can’t just blame Beener. He was elected speaker.

  • Mackie

    Boehner has an ace up his sleeve and apparently doesn’t know it.

    Don’t let Obama push the propaganda that it will be the Republicans fault if the Bush Tax Cuts expire.

    Boehner can turn this on Obama by sending an extension of the Bush tax cuts to Harry Reid, and dare Reid to ignore it.

    If Reid tables it and does not let it go to Obama’s Desk –Boehner must go on the offensive and hit every talk show and TV news program he can, saying that the Dems let the Bush tax cuts expire.

    If he Fails to do this, then he is a weak house leader and should be voted out in favor of someone like Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan.

  • And with articles like this we will never move forward.

    The conservatives in congress should form a voting block and tell Boehner that they refuse to vote for him. He may just come to his senses but then again, Michelle Bauchman for SpoH would be awesome. May even watch Pres. addresses just to watch her reactions.

  • bobemakk

    These RINO’s are all caving into Obama. We need a new party and/or new blood. The true conservatives are disappearing quickly. Mark is right 100%

  • Thanks so much Mark for getting it said, some of us have changed our reference from RINO to Collaborators when speaking of these sorry vermin. I guess one outcome (hopefully positive) will be the outright exposure of these guttersnipe so that all voters will be exposed to the mindless actions of those currently representing us !

  • I wish Mark Levin was in charge!!!!!

  • I wish that Mark Levin was in charge!!

  • The House of Representatives need to represent We the People. They must vote against Boehner. He is doing more damage to the RNC than all the Dems combined.

  • To all of you people who are talking about your disgust with the Republicans: bullshit! You had a great candidate in Ron Paul and Gary Johnson and you rejected them. You nominated Mitt Romney, who is John Boehner in spirit and form. You had the opportunity to change things and you blew it. You are getting what you deserve and what you voted for. Brothers, you asked for it!

  • dave kenny

    And just who will move against him
    West is on the point of departure but you do not have to be a member to be elected speaker
    Few people in public life has b…. big enough to take these commies on by telling the people the truth
    It will always set you free

  • I’m not sure about the rest of them, but Rep. Amash found out about this decision from the media. Boehner’s people didn’t even have the decency to tell him.

  • let the cliff happen…let obama go off the cliff as president, lets destroy whats left of this country…i hope no deal is made let everyone pay their share…the democraps want socialism lets give it to them…through America off the cliff thats what they want…

  • Love the passion and committ to the conservative agenda. This is truly the end of the GOP as we knew it,

  • One of the primary reasons for demanding the Judicial Rulings on the eligibility requirements of the Office of the President be upheld by the Judicial Branch, such as I have undertaken in Judy v. Obama 12-5276 now in the U.S. Supreme Court and set for a Jan 4th Conference which is before the January 6th Electoral College Vote is indeed to necessitate action in the Legislative Branch when it comes to the Electoral College vote. Understanding the connection really helps and the following is a concentrated example of this:

    Grounds for Rejecting Electoral Votes Submitted by an Elector Who Has Section 2 Status – B- Post Appointment Grounds – 1. The elector cast his or her vote in violation of constitutional and federal statutory requirements; for example, the elector did not vote d. for candidates who are constitutionally qualified to hold the President’s and Vice-President’s office.

  • We’re in the mess we have now because there are no term limits for those on Capital Hill. They get intrenched and protect each other regardless of Party. It’s like a game to them in Washington at the expense of the American citizens. Proof positive of this is their exemption from Obummer Care. It is clearly stated in the U.S.Constitution that they shall pass no laws that exempt themselves from the bills they pass.

  • #FireBoehner