Mark Levin: I can barely contain my fury at what is going on in this country

I really wanted to chop this segment down to a 3 or 4 minute clip but the entire segment is so dang good that I just had to leave it intact. Levin starts out sharing with his audience that he is so frustrated by the tyranny that’s happening to this country right now that he can barely contain his fury behind the microphone. He said it’s just so “damn infuriating” to see the greatest country on the planet attacked from within by the lilliputians that run it.

He then transitions for the rest of the clip to the proposed ban on high capacity cartridges and this erroneous idea that we don’t need more than 10 bullets at a time to defend ourselves. And the longer the clip goes the more epic it becomes as Levin makes a solid case for why we absolutely need high capacity cartridges.

Just fantastic. Listen:

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    … God Bless you GREAT ONE we are with you come HELL or HIGH WATER for what you say is the GODS HONEST TRUTH.” (period)

  • You and me both Mark!!

  • Conservative_Utopia

    I can only hope that attempted confiscation of guns will rattle the cage of dis-engaged Americans.

  • JeffWRidge

    I’m angry too, Mr. Levin. We have to stand up to these people or we’re going to lose everything, starting with our rights.

    • brightfeather

      WE already lost most of our rights – we have to fight now to get them back.
      for Military and Police – they now must choose which side they are on – they took an oath to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION – will they ? Will they stand with the people against the tyranny in DC, as did the police and military in Iceland? Ask them. Send info to any police and military you know. Ask them if they are Americans or Communists. DC is a Foreign entity – not American and NOT a “govt”. DC also has No power or Constitutional permission to have any authority outside of their own DC borders ! Not many realize this and they do not want you to know this. DC has NO jurisdiction or authority to interfere in any state affairs or laws, or on the people ! It’s Treason if they do and it’s time we call it what it is ! People need sot learn Founders Law – the law we are suppose to be following !

  • stage9

    “Hey those two guys that broke into the 7-Eleven, are THEY ON YOUR NATIONAL DATABASE YOU IDIOT?!”


  • MeanGreenBeret

    Levin is a genius.Damn this guy has a brilliant mind.
    A masterful assessment of the situation.

    The lawful are being punished for the acts of the lawbreakers.

    • Levin has been hoodwinked and dupped, he supported obromney Duo-Poly party, and they support NDAA, back door gun confiscation. Levin lied about Ron Paul daily the bear of truth, Now it has come to pass everything Ron Paul said that would happen is Happening….. Levin tool of the NWO

  • KurtUSA

    It is the same reasoning used against Isreal when they try and defend their citizens. Proportional response. We want war and crime perpretrators to have a fighting chance against their victims. The funny thing is the arguments against gun control do not even make any common sense. Yet, they get away with the claim they are just protecting us against ourselves or just protecting the kids.

  • Watcherinla

    Blaming the guns is like blaming the fork and spoon for obesity. In all this political gabbing, no one is talking about mental illness. This is the common denominater in Newtown, Aurora, etc. All these shooters were total nutbars. If it wasn’t a gun, it would be a knife, a bat, a fist or a truck filled with fertilizer and diesel fuel or even planes piling into buildings. Address the root cause and its between the ears not in the hands.

    • Sandra123456

      Exactly right. Nothing the politicians have proposed regarding guns would have prevented the murders in Newtown. The only thing that might possibly have done some good is mental health intervention.

      80,000 Americans die every 2 years from car accidents. So every 2 years now more Americans die on our roads than died in Viet Nam fighting a war with GUNS. More people die from car accidents than from being shot by a people with guns every year.

      So where are the politicians outraged over car slaughter?

      • aposematic

        Assult cars…

    • aZjimbo

      Great points.

    • imsteph

      don’t worry that is coming–we will all be eating out of troughs to make us more aware of what pigs we are…

  • It’s about more than guns

    The Agenda

    We are not witnessing incompetence, but the fulfillment of an agenda generations in the making.



    • clockwindingdown

      Right on target!


      Solid hit center mass!

    • sDee

      Precisely. This is the shadowy, shifting, but quite real plan for our economic enslavement.

      Leaders or not, the media will portray We the People, as insurgents.

      It is inevitable. It is the fate we, as free men, have allow ourselves to be cast.

    • rlrm777

      Generals will never rise up, modern day generals are all political hacks who wouldn’t BE generals if they couldn’t be counted on to tow the party line.

      Look lower down the chain of command for freedom lovers.

      • white531

        When I read your comment, I immediately thought of General Schwarzkopf, who recently passed. He was a true American patriot, and a great example of what it takes to be a leader.

        A much decorated combat veteran of Vietnam, he earned the nickname, “Stormin’ Norman,” because of his explosive temper.

        After the Gulf War, he retired from active duty. There was speculation at the time, that he retired because he was disgusted at not being able to go after Hussein and eliminate the problem once and for all. As it turned out, he was right, and Bush senior was wrong.

        Great man.

      • skrewdisqus

        you’re right, rlrm. They are just perfumed princes holding out for that house on the golf course. They don’t realize that with this mob of loonies in charge there’s no guaranty that they’ll get it. He might just order them hanged with piano wire the day that they retire to save that retirement $$$$ for his muzzie buddies.

    • 1G25

      Generals. Like the non-combat politicians such as Petraeus and McChrystal ? They’re all hand-picked by obongo by now.

      • skrewdisqus

        I don’t know that McChrystal qualifies as a non-combat general. 82nd Airborne and Special Forces is no place for sissies.
        And Petraeus was airborne as well. It isn’t that they didn’t go the right way to become names on a wall. It is just that they went in in that lull between wars.

        • 1G25

          I didn’t say they were sissies. I said non-combat, and by that I meant neither had ever led a unit in real combat. As in platoon or company level, down in the mud and the blood and the beer. Other than a lull between the first Gulf way and 2000, there were opportunities to get down and dirty. Many others did, but didn’t make general, like Bull Simon and Hackworth in former years, who were kickass leaders but who licked nobody’s boots.

    • skrewdisqus

      I’ve been telling the ones I know. But it isn’t just generals. ALL military officers have taken an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. blackbarry is both. They’re all cowards: every one but Col. Lakin, and they’ve all violated their oath, every one of them, active duty, reserve and retired.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is very long… but frankly, it’s the most comprehensive discussion on gun control and gun ownership rights. Honestly, it’s WELL worth reading.

    Please take the time to educate yourself… and then educte the morons who are unable or unwilling to see things clearly. This guy lays it all out here and it’s the BEST single source of answers on how to combat these stupid, sick liberals and their limp-wristed thinking.

    Please… read this. Seriously.

    • Nukeman60

      I read that a couple of weeks ago and I agree. It is indeed long, but your time is definitely not wasted. There is a lot of solid in your face sense there, from a guy who knows the ins and outs of guns and gun laws.

    • colliemum

      I second that request: please read it!

      As someone who for obvious reasons (UK citizen) has no knowledge of guns, I found this post by Larry Correia extremely informative and helpful.

  • Watcherinla

    Another database. Fits in perfectly with Obama’s big(ger) government agenda. We had a federal gun registry here in Canada that cost taxpayers billions of dollars and did squat other than make life miserable for law abiding citizens. That folly was dismantled last year.

    I see some states are preparing legislation to protect them from federal gun control. Texas is going to have to get a lot bigger.

    • las1

      Good point. I’ve not heard Americans looking north to our National Gun Registry as exhibit A in demonizing law abiding citizens. Good sense prevailed here and dismantled that billion dollar Liberal inspired fanaticized and hysteria driven scheme.

      Canada’s own “Newtown” was the shooting in Montreal at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal in 1989 where twenty eight women were shot of whom fourteen were killed.

      Canada’s leftist feminists pushed for a registry which was implemented by our Liberal government. To this day, the crazed feminists still rally in “memory” of the victims… oh yeah… men were forbidden from attending some of them.

      Of course, what is little known is that the shooter was indoctrinated to hate women by his Algerian “non-practicing-Muslim” father. The shooter’s Muslim name of Ghamil Garbi was changed to the nicer sounding Franco-Canadian name of Marc Lepin and the media never reported the Muslim connection. Sound familiar?

      But for the feminist left, of course, no need to fuss over Muslim misogyny… when they can blame everything on men. And in Canada, this hate fest against men is the hallmark of the feminist movement in Canada in the aftermath of the Montreal massacre.

      And the shooters father was a “Non-practicing Muslim” eh! Yeah right! You can take the man out of Islam, but you can’t take Islam out of the man.

      Oh the ironies of men hating feminists, women hating Muslims, gun control fanatics and liberal elites incapable of connecting dots.

      But Joe Biden will have his gun registry.

      Will America still exist in four years time; exist, that is, in any iteration we can still recognize. I agree with Levin.. I’m sick from what I see presently, and our dear Canada won’t be far behind come our next election, I fear.

      • 1endtimes2020

        A great letter. The feminists say nothing in defense of muslim women who are abused by their cowardly husbands. They are also attacking Christianity, including Holydays of Easter and Christmas, in unison with homosexual activists. People should pay no attention to them, except to write letters to the editors and complain about them. Your letters will not be printed, but when enough people write, the editors will take notice. Great fights are lost by good people who do nothing.

      • Watcherinla

        I’m as upset as you are at what is going on in the U.S. and what awaits Canada if we are not vigilent. The gun registry was a farce, albeit, an expensive one and Quebec was the only province demanding that the federal government not delete the data.

      • TexasPGRRider

        Great post las….Thanks for the info…PLEASE keep us in your prayers sister !

        • las1

          Thanks there TexasPGR but it’s “las” not lass. But yes my wife and I are constantly praying for Canada and our good friends in the US.

          And our main prayer is this:

          May his days be few; may another take his (and Joe’s) office! PS 109:8

          But of late I must admit that my prayers are more like Jeremiah’s lamentations.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        Your comment was much appreciated, las1. The insane goose step toward destruction by the leftists in this country moves at a steady pace. If nobody stops them, we will have totalitarianism in the U.S. I’m sure the leftists in Canada are applauding leftist country destroyers here in the U.S. I believe the goal of the leftist global authoritarians is to “unite the world” under one flag and under one government. It will never work because there are evil people in this world who will stop at nothing to dominate and destroy. Yet, even when faced with pure logic, leftists don’t see the forest for the trees. They continue headlong into the buzz saw that is their ideology. They don’t see that evil needs to be confronted and conquered. The only way we can do that is by using the tools to eliminate evil. Yes, some of those tools are guns. In the hands of the right people, evil can be dealt with. Unfortunately, it appears the evil we will have to confront at present exists in government, from the White House and Congress on down to the local level. God give us the strength to confront and defend ourselves from evil.

  • M_J_S

    Hey Biden, you big dummy, if you band or restrict our guns, we’ll just buy them ILLEGALLY.

    • NYGino

      But…but you can’t do that, you can’t buy them illegally.
      …Why not?
      Because that’s against the law, that would make you a criminal!
      …So what you’re telling me is that criminals get guns illegally?
      Why yes. Criminals get guns illegally you idiot!! That’s why we have gun laws!!
      …Well would a criminal obey these laws?
      Of course not, they’re criminals and criminals don’t obey laws.
      … But then who would obey these laws?
      Man oh man you’re dumb..Law abiding people would obey the laws, that’s why they are called law abiding citizens.
      …so, who is armed?
      Criminals would be armed… I can’t believe you don’t see the logic of what I’m saying!!
      ..So who would be unarmed?
      Are you dense? Haven’t you been following this? Criminals would be armed because they are criminals and don’t obey laws…THAT’S WHY THEY ARE CRIMINALS!!! ARE YOU AS DUMB AS YOU SOUND??? DON”T YOU UNDERSTAND THE LOGIC OF WHAT I”M SAYING?!?!?
      … Then how would a law abiding citizen be armed, you know, to protect themselves from the armed criminals??
      Man, you’re dumber than a box of rocks. This conversation is going nowhere!

    • 1endtimes2020

      And it just might have to come to that. E-Bay ???

  • The question they ask is why do you need more than 10 rounds to defend yourself.
    Then why do the cops (who practically never even draw their guns)
    need more than 10 rounds?

    • PatrickHenrysBody


  • PVG

    Brilliant! Thanks Scoop.

  • Joe

    He is SAYING

    what I am THINKING!

  • Why does the President NEED that big fancy air plane, big fancy house and a private helicopter? Why? I demand to know! If our society has become about only what everybody needs, I think there are a lot of people in government who have a whole heck of a lot more than they NEED.

  • poljunkie

    Pretty much the way we feel here at my house.

  • white531

    This is like going to a party, where everyone is naked. It is quite obvious, that everyone is naked, because they are not wearing any clothes. Quite simply, they are naked.

    But we, as a country, ignore the fact that they are naked. Because if we actually admitted they were naked, we would somehow, have to deal with the fact that they are naked.

    So, if we ignore the fact that they are naked, then we don’t have to deal with it.

    This is what Liberals do. They somehow ignore what is right in front of them.

    Guns do not kill people. People kill people. They don’t need a gun to kill someone. You can kill someone with a screwdriver.

    This maniacal fury, over gun control in this country, is just one more way to limit your freedom to exist in freedom.

    All of this, and I really mean all of this, is to eliminate the Second Amendment. Erase it from the Constitution, once and for all.

    “To protect our children.” You believe that, you are a lunatic.

    The only things standing between us, and a government based on a European Socialist model, are the guns in your gun cabinet, or in the drawer of your night side table.

    And don’t they know it.

    Exactly why they fear it.

    Exactly why they want to get rid of it.

    Mark my words folks, The Second Amendment was given to us by our Founders, as a fail safe gift. They wrote it, in case everything else in our government failed, and people who believed in tyranny, instead of Freedom, prevailed.

    I believe that is where we find ourselves right now.

    Obama and his cronies have taken away almost everything we believed was right and good, about this country. They have eliminated all of the good reasons for living here.

    He did indeed, fundamentally, transform America. But he is not quite through.

    Now that the transformation is almost complete, I guess Michelle Obama is finally proud of the mess her Husband has made, of the once great dream, of America.

    The ugliest woman in America, is now happy, knowing that her communist husband finally stuck it to Whitey.

    Forgive me, but I believe that was the whole point of this exercise.

    The election of this madman, not once, but twice, was all about getting even with Whitey.

    This was the man who was going to bring us all together. To unite us as a nation. To once and for all, get rid of racial hatred and intolerance of other cultures.

    Pardon me while I puke.

    In spite of what the liberal media might tell you, this man was sent here to destroy this nation. George Soros signs his paycheck.

    In case you haven’t noticed, he is doing an excellent job.

    You and I, you and me, have a better understanding of what is happening in Washington, than the Representatives we sent there.

    Isn’t that sad? I mean really, isn’t that sad? That ordinary Americans, like you and me, understand our Federal Government, better than the people who we sent there to represent us?

    I don’t know what will finally come of this nation we call home.

    I am sure of this. We have made an absolute mess of what our Founders left us.

    You can’t blame the Founding Fathers. They knew they were not going to be here, when things really got dicey. Well, things are pretty dicey right now.

    They wrote the boy scout handbook on Freedom. The Constitution.

    They had no idea of a Communist born in Kenya, who would seek to destroy it.

    They had no idea, that so many Americans would follow him in that endeavor.

    • Nukeman60

      Well said, White.

      They had no idea how it would turn, but they had a pretty good clue on how to stop the transformation. It’s up to us, with the grace of God and the writings of the Constitution, to do what’s right. The time is coming for a final showdown.

      I find it interesting that the word ‘tyranny’ has now entered into the realm of ‘conspiracy talk’. The founding fathers knew about the threat of a tyrannical government and we better know about it too before we are living in the reeducation camps, the likes of the North Koreans.

      • white531

        True words, Nuke.

    • “This is like going to a party, where everyone is naked”

      Ahh, that takes me back.

      • white531


  • 1endtimes2020

    The leftwing communists are trying to set up a disarmament of all citizens. There is a reason for it. The new world order is to be under communist domination, not capitalism. This has been in the planning stages for many decades, and ever since Russia pretended it lost the Cold War. As long as 200 million Americans are armed, countries that want to invade North America will think many times. Once we are disarmed, we will be dominated first by a cashless economy, a single I.D. number in a single data base, electronic voting that will be fraudulent and not backed by paper, and a new rule book that will be imposed on us. Those who don’t comply will have their I.D. numbers pulled out of the computer data base, and there will be no capability to buy, sell or earn through employnent. You will be eliminated until you re-apply to comply. The mark of the beast is just around the corner. Mark Levin is frustrated at the incomprehensible decisions being proposed, to be imposed on us. Well, you may not want to believe it, but its the SINS of the country that has invited the devils’ power upon us, and the terrible leadership we have voted for,
    Individually, we just have to turn back and become the God-loving people of the past. We are losing our long-term, historical protection of God, and too many people are looking to the right party to save us. Sorry, but those are also in need to stop giving credibility to abominable sins that are passed into law. We have come to a fork in the road, and we’re trying to take both of them at the same time.
    By the way, the Liberals in Canada passed a gun registry law and it cost 2 billion dollars, instead of the 100 million it was supposed to cost. The Conservatives, with the help of their majority and a majority Senate as well, got rid of it. The left wing communists are going nuts.

    • Tom

      If that passes I will take my chances living in Central America.
      If the meek will inherit the earth, I want to be in the midst of them.

  • c4pfan

    I love Mark Levin!

  • 1endtimes2020

    We might as well call the left wing parties by their real names—-‘communists’

  • sjmom

    Have you noticed the only people who make good sense are on the Right side of things?

    Go Mark!

  • Ariadnea

    I’m Canadian, yet every time I wake up and listen to American news, makes me so depressed. You are getting deeper and deeper in a direction, where a u-turn is getting harder. I just can’t imagine how it must feel to be an American depending on those who are mentally impotent to stand up with courage and principles for your country.

    • 1endtimes2020

      Pierre Trudeau. an admitted socialist who became ‘liberal’ to be voted Prime Minister, decriminalized homosexual practice (sodomy), and changed the Constitution transfering powers of elected members of Parliament to the Supreme Court judges. Next in line, Jean Chretien,a liberal, legalized homosexuality,abortions, and took prayer out of the military, citing that as his highest accomplishment. Paul Martin, a liberal legalized same sex ‘marriage. All three were supposed to have been brought up as Catholics, but acted like heathens and devils’ disciples. Their foreign political chums were socialists and communists. Trudeau and Chretien (a French name meaning Christian), didn’t like U.S. Presidents. Finally, a Conservative Prime Minister. with his focus on the economy, votes against re-opening the abortion issue.
      For all intents and purposes, North America is being run by people who don’t care about sin, or God, and give lip service to Easter and Christmas, while bring in Muslims in droves. Then billions are spent to keep an eye on them. Nuts, nuts, nuts.
      If prayers were ever needed from citizens, it surely is now.

    • sDee

      I just can’t imagine how it must feel to be an American depending on those who are mentally impotent to stand up with courage and principles for your country.

      At first confusion, then frustration, then anger, then, resolve knowing our Founders saw this coming and gave us the wisdom and tools to act.

  • I believe you speak for the majority of all law abiding citizens, Thank You

  • so glad you are there

  • So glad to hear you tell the truth. No where in our 2nd amendment does it say anything about our right to protect ourselves against deer. What a lame way to try and protect our 2nd Amendment by using the deer or any other game hunting tactics as why we don’t need multipal bullet magazines. Two thumbs up for Mark levin!

  • So glad to hear you tell the truth. No where in our 2nd amendment does it say anything about our right to protect ourselves against deer. What a lame way to try and protect our 2nd Amendment by using the deer or any other game hunting tactics as why we don’t need multipal bullet magazines. Two thumbs up for Mark levin!

  • fishmonster

    I agree with Mark. Lookit folks, my great, great grandfather came to America before the revolutionary war and fought in ‘the’ war against England (who the hell knows where obama came from?). I was in the army, Viet Nam, and I will fight, as is my duty, against the tyrranical government which is emerging in Washington under the socialist obama. I can promise my fellow patriots that american troops will never fire upon fellow americans. That doesn’t mean they won’t fire on Washington. There are far too many of us.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Thank you for your SERVICE and my FREEDOM fish…Welcome Home Brother!!!

    • cabensg

      In my heart this has been my belief if worse comes to worse.

  • TexasPGRRider

    We still have Hope America !!! Go to everyone and click on “Call to Action” on top middle of homepage. Learn about the Writ of Quo Warranto effort taking place as we pray….KEEP the FAITH and SPREAD the WORD….we have until 20 January!!!!

  • I’m stunned at how few pro-gun people mention the hundreds of ways a motivated maniac could kill, even if this dream of a gun-free America were achievable. Hundreds! A hardware store is full of them. You can make a gun with a drill, some steel, and a hammer.

  • That’s not the point anyway. The second amendment is to protect the citizens from a government out of control. And when they want to take away our protection from THAT, it is time to worry.

  • In America, we can all dance around on who we agree with on the radio, t.v. newspaper, magazine or some other source like blogs. Truth is you didn’t show that you agreed with them by the way you voted. Congress nominates who runs for president. Then we vote on the nominations and then we vote between the top two which have always been Republican or Democratic. To me this country is broken. Radio hosts like you are like our conscience saying to wake up. But until we are attacked on our soil again and can prove to others that having guns is what kept us safe then they will not listen. Statistically no government has ever lasted. Every government plan in the world has crumbled at one point or another. Ben Franklin quotes, “I gave you a Republic if you can hold on to it.” Truth is the original method of government is one of the best the World has ever seen. But we have not held onto it. We are allowing people not born of this country a political office. We are allowing people to attack the constitution because it offends them. We are allowing people who whine to get their way. Parents when kids whine tell them to cry to their pillows because their ears have had enough. Or they say if you keep crying I will give you something to cry about. When are we going to say that to American Politicians? I say every registered gun owner should march to the white house with their fully loaded guns. Then tell the government we said, “Of the People, By the People FOR THE PEOPLE.” Now listen to the people or we remove you from office. Of course you have people who will read that and say good Idea, but I have no funds. Have you ever wondered that this is the very reason why you can’t afford it? Because if they control your wages, they control your strength.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Thanks for your input John Wood. As I read your post and came across the phrase “if you keep crying I will give you something to cry about”‘, I couldn`t help but flash on my father and growing up in the 50`s. We must remain Strong in Faith, Hope, and Charity in facing the times ahead …

      • Coldsteel1983

        🙂 I grew up in the mid 60’s and early 70’s and heard the exact same statement. Off the gun control/Second Amendment issue, but how would that same statement be received in a checkout line at a grocery or discount store today?

        We must remain steadfastly opposed and firm in our resolve to the intent of the left/progressives. The passing of governments into history is a fact. Some passed slowly, declining gradually with brief periods of renewal (Reagan?) but otherwise maintained a steady decline. Others vanished almost overnight in a complete implosion. Which are we? Will this (anti-gun) effort be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and turns a third of the population against the government, making them sullen, un-cooperative even antagonistic subjects who like to inflict thousands of pinpricks on “the government” every day? Not shootouts, but things like tax avoidance, income concealment, participation in an underground economy, refusal to register or turn in firearms, magazines and or ammunition, and the like.

        This (former) nation has been devolving since the 60’s. At first, the dichotomy was left and right, but it’s migrated to something more, something that even more likely to end the nation as we knew it. We’re really seeing a conflict between the “Progressives” who see the Constitution and its tenets as flexible and something to be interpreted and molded to the “feelings” of the day, on the other side, we’ve got a collection of folks that believe in the Freedoms expounded in the Constitution, who see those freedoms as something that’s as part of us as the consciousness that we emerge into at birth and cling to those rights as we would life itself. Pretty obviously, these two philosophies are incompatible and in competition. That competition may just be getting ready to burst into conflict.

  • mediaaccess1

    In Hungary they just made it law that your pets get GPS chip implants because of the stray dog problem. I may see one stray dog a month or less, and I live in the capital – the most populated area. It’s not about stray dogs, it’s about the people. The last video says it all. Although I knew most of the info was correct, I was skeptical about some of the “conspiratorial nature”. However, after reading several books, and going over with it piece by piece with a student, there isn’t anything I can truly find fault with:

    • sDee

      This videobelow sets the context for those banking videos.

      This is what the Hussein regime and all of the political class in America is doing. The media’s job is to keep us from seeing the cages they are building.

      The Story of Your Enslavement

      We can only be kept in the cages we do not see

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Mr. Levin, my sentiments exactly!

  • Sad to say serious solutions are not in sight.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bad guys don’t follow the same rules that law abiding people do…..”gun-free zones” such as schools and some people’s homes attract them.

    Mark, I can think of one scenario where I need more than 10 bullets……when the government comes to try to confiscate my weapons.

  • aposematic

    Our Federal Government was formed by the Constitution of these United States plus the Bill of Rights, the first ten Amendments. If the Bill of Rights had not been added, these United States would not have been formed to begin with, there would be no Federal Government. Fast forward to today: The Constitution is being ignored at will; the Bill of Rights is under attack. If our Federal Government has decided that its founding documents restrictions are no longer valid, are they not declaring the Constitution and Bill of Rights invalid and hence everything they do illegal and themselves as a group no longer having any legal standing right to exist. I believe the above to be said much better in the second amendment which is now under desperate attack in the efforts of an illegal Government to not only sustain but impose itself.

    • The truly sad part of what you said above, is that if someone were to compare Obama’s actions to Hitler’s, Mao’s or Stalin’s then they are a racist. I ask, what exactly is it when you compare current actions of one person to the historical actions of others? How can that be considered racist?
      Hitler, Mao & Stalin took away the guns from their people and look how it turned out for their people. HUNDREDS of millions killed by tyrannical regimes. Are people so blind to think that Obama wouldn’t do that if were in his power to do so?
      How about Obama’s statements of having a “civilian defense force”? We already have that, but he wants to arm certain civilians to “defend” the common people.
      If Obama was white and doing the same things he is doing now, would it be racist to compare it then? How about if he were a woman? Would it be sexist?
      The simple fact of the matter is that you have a man who wants to be king.

      • sDee

        The people are blind.

        The problem, we should keep in mind, is not just Hussein Obama. He could not be doing this if not for a complicit Congress, state-run education, and the total propaganda press. At the root of all that lies a citizenry of lazy apathetic voters, natural slaves, and useful idiots.

        All this, long predates Hussein.

  • Levin is great. Liberals always make the case of what we don’t need, but never look at what we may need. And they can dance around this argument all they want, but what would have changed if there was an armed security guard at that school in Connecticut? The police didn’t get to that school for about 15 minutes, plenty of time for the gunman to kill all those people. If you really want to kill a gunman, you have to be armed at that time of the attack, not wait about 15 or 20 minutes and hope the cops will arrive in time before you are shot dead. The gun control people will never look at, let alone consider, that. Which is why a lot of Americans have already stopped listening to them.

  • sDee

    It deeply troubles me that Mark does not first, set the real Constitutional basis for the argument on magazine capacity. It is not there to counter a convenience store robber or a home break in, although those are crucial.

    The Founders knew the most essential inalienable right to current, modern weapons was to prevent our enslavement by government. They wrote the second amendment not to establish that right, but to prohibit the government from taking it away.

    The right to arms is therefore, useless if we do not have the types and quantity of arms and ammunition that our oppressors would. This includes the magazines needed to make those weapons effective.

    Bob Owens lays the case out clearly below. I truly hope Mark, our Constitutionalist, reads it!

    That the AR-15 is the single most protected firearm under the clear intention of the Founding Fathers for citizens to be armed with weapons of military utility is not up for debate or discussion. By function and role, it is the firearm of the American Patriot and militiaman.

    Any attempt to strip the American citizen of the AR-15 or similar firearms is an attack on the very fabric of our Republic, an affront to the clear intent of the Founders, an assault on the plain meaning of the Constitution, and an attempted rape of Liberty.

    • What happens when governments turn on its own citizens who protest:

      China (PRC) (1949 – 1987) — 76,700,000 people killed.
      USSR (1917 – 1987 ) — 62,000,000 people killed.
      Pol Pot’s Cambodia (1975 – 1979) — over 2,000,000 people killed. Pol Pot was funded by U.S. government.
      BTW –
      body guards guarding our elected officials do not carry single shot pistols.

      • sDee

        “body guards guarding our elected officials do not carry single shot pistols.

        Nor will the men coming to take ours away.

    • DebbyX

      Mark did lay the basis for the 2nd Amendment right after Newtown. Now he’s trying to explain it to the Left. They’re a thick bunch of idiots!

  • azza007

    I’m as infuriated as anyone else — but who do you complain too ??? can congress put these people under house arrest till they come to their senses ??? do Americans march
    with their guns and attack the White house –I’d like to take my rolling pin and beat Obama up side his N’—- head — but will it change anything — can we just pick this guy up by the seat of his pants and toss him out — they did that in Honduras 4yrs ago — their idiot did not follow the constitution and Obama would not stand with the Hondurans– because he does not believe in our constitution —

    who has a solution — no one is talking —

    • sDee

      What Clinton and Hussein did as their first act in Honduras (with a complicit Congress and press), absolutely confirmed their intention for the United States.

      Honduras was modeled after our Constitution and the first thing Hussein did as President was to bring the full weight of our nation behind a Marxist usurper, and against the lawful Honduran judges, legislators and people fighting to defend their Constitution.

      Did anyone expect he’d do anything different here?

      • cabensg

        And it’s been non-stop from there. David Limbaugh had a book out probably a year ago naming all the things Obama had done. Hannity interviewed him and said there were so many things he’s forgotten. The list now would fill two books. It’s a daily onslaught. I wish I’d kept my own records. This is what the left does very well they overwhelm because they never let up. Whether they win an argument or lose one they keep right on. Conservatives lose and just move on to the next thing, usually the next thing prescribed by the left as important.

  • God’s children are fearless COWARDS are not allowed in heaven GOD says, he who would preserve his like will lose it, and he who gives his life gains it. If you are scared, pray God strengthen your faith . AND FIGHT with EVER fiber of your being. RIGHT now, we are fighting in the courts. BE SURE to support the hearings on FEB 15 TH at the supreme court- If the truth is presented correctly, we can win it ALL right there.

  • Mark, Is there anything in your knowledge that would give us a reason to impeach. I have a hunch that Bengahzi would be one if we could ever get anyone to tell the truth. What say you?

    • sDee

      By now there are hundreds of solid reasons for impeachment – even arrest for treason.

      The problem is that there is no one in the press to expose it and no one in Congress or the judicial to bring charges.

      We are now living under a lawless Federal government and political class which act against and in violation of the Constitution. The people and the States are all that remain.

      • Michael Brennan

        The Federal Government is established in The Constitution. When the three branches of government destroyed it, they committed political suicide, as the Federal Government ceases to exist. We now have fifty sovereign states, and NO Federal Government.

        • 1G25

          “We now have fifty sovereign states, and NO Federal Government.”

          True, but only if we have enough state governors with the guts to stand up for their state and people.

    • wadnnit

      Listen to the corporal who called into Rush.

      He made clear there is no way:

      1) Obama didn’t know
      2) any military would have elected to not respond because of standing protocol to “protect life,” without being specifically ordered to “stand down.”
      3) such order can only be given by the president

      • wadnnit

        Obama has said his favorite job is “Commander on Chief,” and this after Benghazi.

  • Michael Brennan
  • We have a willfully ignorant America. “There are none so blind as they who WILL NOT see.”

  • You are right. I hope if the general public will wake up to this mess before its too late. Also its all about the Money!! The Government needs MONEY. the government is constantly looking for a new way to tax Americans Once they get a Data base then they can Tax you on your Guns! Wait and see!

    • wadnnit

      already have a data base thru health care.

      why wait and see–

      when will the public wake up and do,,,

  • Molon Labe

    Very well stated, Mr. Levin.
    My line in the sand has been drawn, I will not register and I will not relinquish any of my firearms (or God given rights) to this marxist pack of fools.
    This is all about shredding The Constitution and control, and The 2nd Amendment is our last line of defense against a tyrannical government such as this current administration.
    UnConstitutional laws should not be viewed as legitimate and mass civil disobedience is in order.
    If we give up our guns, we are doomed to repeat the past, I will not give up my guns, period.
    If they try to confiscate firearms, there will be a civil war, and they know it.

  • wadnnit

    Does this sound like grounds Kimberly?

    The corporal who called into Rush Limbaugh with inside information about absolutes in military protocol made clear there is no way:

    1) Obama didn’t know
    2) any military would have elected to not respond because of standing protocol to “protect life,” without being specifically ordered to “stand down.”
    3) such order can only be given by the president.

    Why has this been overlooked?

  • Just what is a “high capacity cartridge”?
    That’s a new one on me, I’ve heard of standard capacity magazines (mis-named as high capacity clips or now cartridges I guess) and restricted capacity magazines. 8 round Enbloc Clips go in a M1 Garand and stripper clips load magazines.

  • suzy000

    Obama voted in Illinois to ban all guns and manufacturing of guns. Holder told SCOTUS in a brief that the Second Amendment did NOT apply to citizens of the United States. If we do not open our eyes and write our Senators and Congressmen…we will lose the battle to defend ourselves with against crime and tyranny. I joined the NRA yesterday and this is only the beginning for me. I applied for my concealed weapons permit and am joining a range. I will never give up my Second Amendment right…never. Thank you, Mark!

  • Louisvillejim

    I can’t wait for Obama to be impeached or leave office. He has surrounded himself with Marxists. We are at war with Islam, too. Obama just can’t say it for whatever reason.

    • TexasPGRRider

      DON`T WAIT LOU !!! Go to, click on “News Alert: Call to Action” on top middle of homepage, and learn about Writ of Quo Warranto action being moved forward by Patriots who have not given in to the fraud in Washington, and how you can help. BO IS a marxist muslim {“If it comes to it, I will side with Islam”}…from his own book. WND has an article I read last night about Holder and 4 other “armed” buddies taking over the NROTC office at Columbia in 1970. History is FASCINATING. God in Heaven please help us all do THY will.

  • Have decided to go low tech.. Am saving my ammo for now.. Have my crossbow near my bed and several razor sharp broad heads with it.. Any perpetrators of a home evasion are going to feel their asses tighten up when an arrow blows thru their buddies chest and they have no idea where in the house it came from.. They only know they are next.. 😉

    • Louisvillejim

      If it happens and you are able, render first aid (or say you did, a little blood on your shirt wouldn’t hurt), and at the first opportunity, CALL A LAWYER. The police won’t like it (unless they are the REAL police) but do it anyway. Tell them you are afraid and need your lawyer.

  • Have decided to go low tech.. Am saving my ammo for now.. Have my crossbow near my bed and several razor sharp broad heads with it.. Any perpetrators of a home evasion are going to feel their asses tighten up when an arrow blows thru their buddies chest and they have no idea where in the house it came from.. They only know they are next.. 😉

  • I wish to God that Mark would run for a national office-his passion is unmatched

  • cabensg

    Contain it Levin.

    When you come down out of your Ivory tower and lead a mass march on Washington I’ll believe your as concerned as you say you are. Luckily for us the founding Fathers and the patriots who fought for our liberty from the British to establish this country knew when it was time to act. We have a dictators foot on our neck and a cringing Congress unwilling to protect us along with a Pravda style press we need leaders.

  • Tina Fiedler

    So well put. I have gone thru a mental change, trying to toughen myself for what’s to come.

    It makes it so much easier, knowing that people like you and other great Patriots are standing tall, and together, we are going to whip this thing.

  • Tina Fiedler

    Forgot to mention something; as it’s been said, they’re not going to bust your door down to get your guns, they’re going to send you a nice letter, saying PLEASE turn them in. Then a 2nd letter. And then they will fine you, garnishee your wages, put a lien against your house- THAT’S how they’ll do it.

  • GFCinthatorder

    First and foremost I am a Christian. I believe in undeniable God given rights! Second, I believe in the natural order of things the way God made them to be even though we are (btw through our God given in “free choice”) of fallen nature. In short, I believe in FAMILY. Third, the first two is what made this country so great in the first place. Without those two we get what we have now. A tyrinical country on it’s way to complete destruction. Although these issues are extremely important, we must not forget what evil there is and what it’s agenda is! Call a spade a spade! Any person who wants to change our constitution is an enemy of this country and should be treated as such! The enemy!

  • dicksi

    The war on poverty has caused poverty to explode. The war on drugs has seen an exponential increase in the use of drugs. Then why do liberal politicians think that a war on firearms is going to cause violence to decrease?

  • aZjimbo

    I have the same fury Mark and then some.

  • Tom Wolff

    First off, I love the fact that Americans are FINALLY waking up!

    A major complaint, though:

    They are STANDARD capacity MAGAZINES! All of these weapons come out of the factory with the intent of having 30,19,17,15 round mags in them.

    They are NOT “high-capacity cartridges”! That is incorrect! A high capacity cartridge is a large round, perhaps a Magnum load. The capacity of the cartridge determines how much powder you can put in it, silly!

    That being said, I’m all in favor of high capacity cartridges in standard capacity mags! 😀

    See how easy it is to get that right? Fix that and you will sound like you know WTF you’re talking about. PLEASE?

  • Tom Wolff

    One other thing:
    I hope these Marxists back off, or there will be such a mess that we may never see this country recover from it.

  • Are we sure this government isn’t already tyrannical?

  • deignan

    I’d like to solicit the views of the right side of the aisle on a couple thoughts I had:

    So, I do tend to intellectualize these matters. For me, politics is just another complex system. First, I looked at the 2d Amendment for what it is and the purpose it serves:

    This post is a bit original compared to the discussion I have seen so I would like you opinion in this comment thread as it also relates to Mark’s points.

    The next is an immediate solution to this issue at hand. I do not believe these random massacres are tolerable, but they seem to have a common thread and there is (I believe) and “shoot this up a bit” if you think not:

    I’ve been shoping these ideas amont the center and left, but frankly, I don’t think I’ve attracted any serious consideration (and I am afraid that this matter is all just more bread and circuses to many).

    Again, Mark is a smart guy, but I haven’t heard a solution proposed yet and I am wondering if it is just a matter of perspective. I don’t like getting mad. As an engineer, I see problems to be solved. So with that hope…please analyze these ideas in the context of Mark’s thread and lend me the benefit of your thoughts.

  • deignan

    Oh BTW, I see this with many people like Mark. He is frustrated because he does not understand what the left is doing.

    The problem is that they do not think like he does–it is not a matter of competing ideologies as he write–at least not at its core anymore.

    What you have instead is a phenomena that comes from a two-player game where the one party games assymetrically against the other. The reason for the assymetry is that one “feel” (and has a unfocused, short range of concern). The other thinks.

    So what you actually see are rationalizations among a large group of cellular automata that then breaks down structures as the group congeals at a high rate. I write about this as well, but the interesting thing that you really need to understand are the global consequences of a “feeling” group become politically coherent. It is like a wrecking ball of the id.

    And, studies do show that this is the actual distinction. Once you understand this you can predict exactly the dynamics of the game and understand why the parties do the things they do.Yes, it also explains why the various professions tend to be of the different political persuasions.

  • brightfeather

    Newtown Conn NEVER HAPPENED – IT WAS ALL FAKE = FALSE FLAG in order to turn the public against the 2nd Amendment and guns ! Crisis Actors did it all- NO ONE DIED ! there was NO massacre. And they are planning more – do not give them your emotions that they are after ! Adam Lanza was most likely played by an actor and he did not shoot anyone ! the Two pistols he had were full – none fired ! DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES OF DC – NONE OF THIS HAPPENED SO DO NOT PROMOTE IT AS IF IT DID. Someone tell Mr. Levin. NO ONE DIED ! But a couple were “disappeared”. Look up Crisis Actors. The Same actors who played the Medical Examiner and parents were the same actors they used for the last few “shootings” false flags.

    As for permits for carry – ti’s UN-Constitutional – the 2nd Amendment is all the permit you need. To have a permit is Treason against the Constitution.
    Permit = “govt permission”

    “The ultimate authority … resides in the people alone.” — James Madison

    “When injustice becomes law….Resistance becomes DUTY !” – – Thomas Jefferson

    “Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act ! Action will delineate and define you.” – – Thomas Jefferson

    “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.” — Thomas Jefferson

    “In a free nation Firearms are not licensed, regulated, registered or taxed.” – James Madison, Founder, Author of Constitution

    “A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” ~~~George Washington

  • Mr Levin, we hear you loud and clear.

  • AL

    The Fourth Turning is upon us. You must realize this and prepare accordingly. What will happen now is the government will try to create an enemy class within the United States as no exterior enemy has come to create a unifying front (as in Revolution and WWII and what they HOPED for with Al Qaida). This 4th Turning is the natural progression of history. A very small but critical part of this particular Fourth Turning is the creation of a “National Firearms Database” which, if it is passed, you must avoid being registered in if your family’s security and your security is important to you. From there the Government will take us into a Civil War and the existence of America will be at stake. It will be unlike anyone can imagine and will be the proverbial whirlwind. This is why you are here, this is why Mark Levin’s subconscious is disquieted, and this is why the gun shops in the US are empty.

    • farmrdave

      Obama will call a national emergency at next election and suspend the election. If left to his agenda he will be our last president.

  • So few in the media speak logically these days but Mark uses good logic here, showing the disconnect between The President and the problem.

    This country was not founded on knee jerk reactions but it can be destroyed by them, so pay attention when The President and his minions step up to the podiums and tell you we need this because of that.

    I won’t support gun restrictions, but I will support greater penalties for crimes perpetrated with a gun.

  • yahrlly

    Most NRA members support across the board background checks. Most Americans support reduced magazine capacity. Most support an assault weapons ban. You can argue about how much sense any of these make, but just like the 2012 election, you guys shouldnt ignore the polls. These are measures supported by and advocated for by all of the country’s law enforcement and mayor and governor’s organizations. The Supreme Court has upheld ‘assault’ weapons bans in the past, and as far as the Constitution goes, they could ban everything other than muskets and you would still have your Constitutional right to bear arms. There are limits to each right afforded in the Constitution, none are absolute. Have all the hissy fits that you want, but nobody is taking your rights away. The Constitution doesnt say you have a right to whatever type of gun you want, or drums. That won’t happen until the gun .cult.ure of rural America dies out. And even if they did repeal the 2nd amendment, none of the guns you have now would be very effective against drones or the US military anyway. This is not a Constitutional issue. Every time this issue has come up in the past, the NRA has been effective at stifling the conversation. Now it’s time for the rest of us to have our voices heard. High capacity magazines and military style semiautos are a privilege, not a right. This is a distinction you guys must understand. Its not tyranny just because your views are represented by the minority in power. Proposals supported by the majority of democratically elected legislators != tyranny. You guys lost the election. Grow up.

    • deignan

      Look, when you are not factually correct, the only thing we have to wonder about your argument is why people rationalize how you do.

      Read first the 2d amendment and think about it (you may need to read the federalist papers if your education is poor). Then read the Heller decision.

      So here is what I psycholanayze about you: First, your thinking is “tribal” i.e. you don’t argue against concepts, you fight against identifyable groups (at least identifyable in your mind).

      Second, facts don’t matter to you. You like the appearance of argument but not the actual logic of it. (anyone with a computer can quickly find the information I mentioned–and much more–without being called out on it). Yet, you posted nonsense for all to see without even a casual search. You are not a person to be taken seriously although you “feel” like you must. (This is not an ad hominen, just an analysis to show that people come to politics differently).

      Unlike math, politics is often somehting that strikes people as something that “is about them”. With 300 million, the analysis of politics is not about you (and I would caution Mark Levin on that as well). You should be able to thisk of it analytically. If you can’t, get away from it.

      Go take a personality test. Its likely on the Myers Briggs scale you will come out more “feeling” than average (rather than thinking). Then take that knowledge and develop some discipline and introspection.

    • Genoasage

      Go climb back in your hole, troll.

    • aliswell

      That’s a lie, yahrily. Most Americans do NOT support reduced magazine capacity. You pointing out some law enforcement agencies or mayors or governors being pro-gun control does not support your argument that most Americans feel that way. Most Americans are opposed to these measures as well as many others.

      You also fail to speak the truth when you claim there are limits to each right afforded in the Constitution. First, our rights aren’t “afforded” in the Constitution. God affords us our rights, and the Constitution RECOGNIZES those God-given rights. The Constitution is there to PROHIBIT the government from INFRINGING on our God-given rights. There is NO limit to what guns we may own or the ammunitions we use. The government has USURPED the Constitution by writing laws that do indeed infringe on our rights by placing limits on how we own a gun, the type of gun we own, the type of ammo used, ect. Those laws in and of themselves are infringements!

      You are a good little slave drone to the government. This government, like all tyrannical ones, LOVES subjects like yourself. You acknowledge this government as your god and obey it, then crow how enlightened and educated you are. You’re both a fool and a tool; a mindless bot digging your own grave and killing any future for your children.

  • yahrlly

    If the constitution were really the issue, where have you guys been on torture, warrantless wiretapping, Iraq, and CIA drone strikes outside of warzones. The issue here is you guys just want to keep your toys. Nothing more.

    • For My Liberty

      No, it is that we have HAD ENOUGH. WE were there yelling about NDAA, SCREAMING over the Patriot Act…and about the Drones…but they did NOT LISTEN…so guess what?? THIS IS THE LAST STAND, and if you CANNOT understand that….go back to your basement.

  • yahrlly

    Keep talking about ‘2nd amendment solutions’ or how ‘1776 will commence’ or how you will ‘start killing people’ if the democratically elected legislature acts within its Constitutional authority, and you wont find very many conservatives left fighting for you in Washington. You guys sure know how to lose an argument and alienate people who would otherwise support your cause.

    • farmrdave

      You are not aware that these pretenders are under oath to support the constitution and bill of rights? What do you call it when they lye and speak in half truths while calling for a quiet overthrow of constitutional law which they are required to support? When taking the oath of office to uphold our constitution, to defend Americans freedoms it is OK to later change their mind and take actions contrary to their oath? Americans weapons in the hands of Americans are defensive weapons. Ownership, possession, the right to bear arms is a god given right protected from infringement by any government under the enumerated list of restrictions in the constitution and bill of rights. That list is ahead of any government pretender wishing to disarm Americans. The constitution is merely a scrap of paper. The armed populous is a different subject. Americans from all walks of society in the late 60’s displayed bumperstickers stating you can have my gun when you pry my cold dead fingers from around it. The sentiment is still true today. But today we have better weapons.

  • Historyitm

    Do not ever let a good crisis go waste. That comment from Rahm Immanuel sums up our current government attitude when it comes to changing America. We could lose the 235 year old 2nd amendment in a day because of a “crisis”. What else, citizens, could we also lose in a heartbeat unless we get real serious about what is going on in Washington.

  • Dennis Smith

    Mark Levin is speaking for me.He is a man I would want on my side when it hits the fan. I’m sick of this clown, would-be-dictator and his joke of a vice president along with his court jesters,Pelosi and Reid. I’m even sicker of do-nothing, weak-kneed republicans who sit around with their panties in a wad scared to death of this administration. If Obama tries to usurp the Constitution that’s grounds for impeachment. You don’t have to be an expert on the Constitution to know that. I see no hope for this country other than a full-scale 1776-type revolution. I’m a 71-year-old disabled veteran and I’ll fight for my country.

    • TexasPGRRider

      THANK YOU for my FREEDOM Sir !!! Please take the time to check out “News Alert:Call to Action” and help fellow Patriots get this word out: we have until 20 January. God please bless and protect our Troops….

  • newtiffen

    Now I know why the military steps in when needed in other countries.

  • farmrdave

    They are not Lilliputians, they are pretenders occupying positions they are not entitled to making illegal demands of We the People. They need to be fired, voted out, replaced then tried and prosecuted. As proof all that is needed is to compare their actions to their oath of office. By their oaths of office they are Domestic Enemies of our Constitution.

    • TexasPGRRider

      Farmr, common sense goes a long way brother. Go to, click on top middle of homepage, “News Alert: Call to Action” and you will learn about Writ of Quo Warranto action fellow Patriots are working on as we pray. We have until 20 January ! May the Good Lord Bless our Troops and America!!!


    This jungle king is a damn incompetent piece of shit!!—obummer is a lying murdering bastard!

  • JordanCreek1

    Let us be without electricity for 30 days. Somewhere. Everywhere. There won’t be enough police to protect everyone from the roving bad guys. Hope you got a neighbor that has some guns. With a clip that let’s ’em stop a few.

  • For My Liberty

    OH, yeah Mark..we DO have an IDEA! Time to GO GALT!

  • You nailed it as Always .Thank you Mark. You are the Voice of Reason. Nothing about This administration Makes Any Sense At All! God Bless and continue the fight!

  • You nailed it as Always .Thank you Mark. You are the Voice of Reason. Nothing about This administration Makes Any Sense At All! God Bless and continue the fight!

  • skrewdisqus

    the 2nd amendment has never been about hunting or even protecting our homes. It is about protecting our nation from the likes of blackbarry and his merry band of muzzies. If you can’t stand on an equal footing with those who’d oppress you the chances of defeating a tyrant is greatly diminished. Ask the people in post WWI Russia, 1930’s Germany, Late 70’s Cambodia, etc.

  • I feel the same way, Mark. As a fellow gun rights activist, I woke up on the morning of the Sandy Hook shooting to have no less than 60 e-mails and over a dozen messages on my answering machine demanding information, explanations and on and on. But, having made myself the go-to guy for gun information, I’ve got nobody to blame. Instead, I patiently, doggedly and truthfully answer any and all questions with facts, logic and reason. I somehow manage to contain my anger — it only leads to unclear thinking and nobody learns anything — and I soldier on. That’s what we must do. We’ll never win the fight alone. We’re hard-pressed to counter the power of emotion, which the antis are using to full advantage. We must simply remain steadfast and constantly repeat the facts as they are, the logic of the 2nd Amendment and the reasoning that results. Truth may not always win, but we’ve got to give our best effort!

  • aliswell

    I feel your rage, Mark. I’d venture further to say nearly half this country does. We’re seething, in fact.

    Waiting to see just how far off Obama’s grasp is of the powder keg he’s created.

  • Huss Family

    I am so with you Mr. Levin.

  • Levin, Lied about Ron Paul over and over, Only Ron Paul speaks the truth,Only Ron Paul stood by the constitution alone in washington, You Levin have helped bring tyranny to the Republic. Everything Ron Paul has said will happen is coming true, You should be at Ron Paul’s Knee’s

  • bilejones

    Yeah the Billions of dolars pissed down the Israel rathole and the endless wars are real disgraces, you tell em, Squeaky.
    Oh right, you didn’t did you?

  • rangers53

    Don’t you just love data bases? Let’s take the IRS one. Do you suppose the politicinas and agency heads who fail to pay their taxes are included on any of those data bases? I doubt it!

  • this was awesome….Kelly, Foxes (not fox’s ) Progressive “conservative”…dared not utter a word….a penny for her thoughts…I’ll be waiting on change…

  • Connecting the Dots, ….”Got your Perv on?”

    Gun Free Zones? Outed by Media, by Default……Doing it to themselves!

    If a felon, after caught proclaims he used the newspaper article to demographically define who DID NOT have weapons….

    Could the Newspaper be Sued? Would they Win?

    718-527-0832 is the phone number- link is his house…maybe we should MAIL post cards

    And those who posted the info about the gun owners….are cowards runnin scared & runnin for cover:

    A reader provides her work info: Editor & Vice President/News: CynDee Royle, 914-694-5001,


    Cynthia R Lambert
    17 Mcbride Ave
    White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

    Work: 914-694-5001

    [email protected]

  • durabo

    To the person who wrote the intro to Mark’s video: please learn the proper nomenclature of gunnery! A cartridge, or round, is composed of a casing, a primer, the propellant (gunpowder) and the projectile, or bullet. This is loaded, with others of its kind, in a magazine (not “clip”) and it is fired among most civilians in semi-auto (or self-loading) firearms, not “assault-style” rifles, shotguns or pistols. The thingy that comes out of the pointy end of the barrel, aka “muzzle,” is the bullet, or projectile; the rest of the cartridge, except for the expelled propellant, is extracted and ejected so another round can be placed in battery.

    Mark is very articulate and convincing, but you detract from the message by using terms such as “high capacity cartridges.”

    Having said that, BUCK OFAMA!