Mark Levin: I can’t take it anymore, I’ve had it up to here!

A pharmacist calls in to Mark Levin’s radio show and explains how the government forces him to allow his welfare customers to cheat him on co-pays – yes you heard me right – and to top it off the same people are also gaming the system anyway. Mark Levin responds by saying he just can’t take it anymore, that these are the people that Romney was talking about in his infamous 47% statement.


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  • the kicker is….these people are in the drivers’ seat.

    • 12grace

      Yes and they are driving us over a cliff….

      • We are completely and utterly SCREWED…makes ya wanna just go Galt, doesn’t it?

        • That is exactly what we should do. Everyone should just stop completely. And let’s face it there are a lot of rich Buffets that are scamming the system and us. They need to be brought to their knees.

          And as an economist we should do it right now during the 4th quarter. Don’t buy Christmas presents for starters. It isn’t what Christmas is about anyway.

          It is time to break some stuff.

    • Wisewoman2

      This is why I am so alarmed by “conservative” repubs who don’t seem to realize that they have to vote out the dems first before they can “reform” their party toward a more staunch form of conservatism in order to “save” the country. If they are unable to realize this by the time Obama and the dems get finished it will be too late, there will be nothing left to save. This is what romney was trying to warn the country about. While he was beat up for making that statement, it was the truth.

  • JeffWRidge

    Sounds like the system is rigged to not only allow cheating, but to encourage it.

    • 3seven77

      It just kills me that people who are trying to earn an honest living are treated this way by what can only be described as a leech. He can’t even ask her for a single dollar for a co-pay because it might make her “feel bad”? Maybe if a few more of these people had to “feel bad” once in a while they’d try to do something to improve their situation.

      Sad to think we’re going back to the days of the “Welfare Queen”. But there it is.

      • SheerPolitics

        Except that back then there was outrage at the welfare queens. But now they outnumber the workers.

      • bornfreeamerican

        The Takers vs. the Makers….

        • Jazzee

          which results in communism…..obama is the dictator…I hope those that voted for the idiot call me when they realize what he is and what his plans are

    • sDee

      – For every 1.65 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance.
      – For every 1.25 employed persons in the private sector, 1 person receives welfare assistance or works for the government.

      The punchline: 110 million privately employed workers; 88 million welfare recipients and government workers and rising rapidly.

    • sjmom

      It’s the Democrat way and how they get votes.

  • anneinarkansas

    This is turning into a frightful day. Obama and Morsi are acting like each other.
    He plans to be our Dear Leader.
    How can we take it anymore?
    I want to scream at the top of my lungs tonight.
    Susan Rice, Jay Carney, Harry Reid….Yikes!!!!
    Lies, Lies, and More Lies…some of us already feeling over the cliff.

    • pdxlady

      Me too. I feel like my head is going to explode. Can’t an army of us do something…can anyone stop this insanity?

      • Is_Sense_Common

        So secession is illegal. What are we to do when the gov’t has gone rogue???

        • pdxlady

          Maybe we have to go rogue too. March on Washington? How do we do a citizen’s arrest of this entire admin?

          Everyone is talking about doing something; blogging about it, commenting on it; tweeting about it. Do we have a leader in our ranks out there?

          I don’t know what we can do, but how can we stand by and watch what is happening to our country?

          I am sick to death of politicians already talking about the next election, 2014, and 2016 for heaven’s sake. We just went through a very emotional election cycle/and loss of the election; in part because of election fraud. But why is nothing being done about that?

          Sorry, I am just undone tonight. I’m with Mark, “I can’t take it anymore…”

  • America and Americans need to experience socialism first hand. Unfortunately that’s the only way they may wake up. It is sad to see a once great country is being gutted from the inside like this. So tragic!

    • As much as I don’t want to acknowledge that, I have to say that in all honesty you are probably correct.

    • Joengima

      Americans don’t need to experience socialism, they need to be told the truth and maybe witness it.

      We need to get the word out, and Levin’s idea about 40 minute ad buy on major networks is right on the money.

      • You are half right. But Americans have never had a real taste of misery and socialism and so no about of advertising or witnessing work in this respect. I hate to see America go down. However some ignorant fools who voted for obanana must see what it is to live in a semi socialist state. That’ll fix it for 2-3 generations.

      • sDee

        Half of America is literally incapable of understanding the truth about these strains marxism, any more than they can comprehend the principles of Liberty and the Constitution. Many of the remaining are simply afraid to.

        Do you think you could explain that X + 5 = 7 is true when X = 2, to a person who does not know arithmetic?

    • Sadly, it is going to take more than just socialism to wake the nation up. It is going to take a miracle.

  • Breathlizer Obama said.

  • UnCL3

    We are completely and utterly SCREWED…makes ya wanna just go Galt, doesn’t it?

  • toongoon

    Of course I wasn’t there, but it seems to me that during the depression people appreciated anything they got for free.

    • sjmom

      That’s because there used to be something called respect, for others and yourself. It went out the door along with honor. Not taught anymore except by conservative parents.

  • aZjimbo

    This country is so FAR gone it is beyond belief.

  • Maxsteele

    Don’t worry, there is more to come. Here in Canada we do have social medicine which just causes huge line ups and waiting times to the point where people die waiting for life saving procedures you now get in the USA lickity split but now we are going through the same thing when it comes to dental care. Which is not covered through our social medical coverage, which baffles me. How come a free market insurance and employer coverage system works perfect for us in dental care but somehow cannot work for medical care?
    Anyway, I digress.
    The welfare cheats and baby mommas with 5 kids from 5 different baby daddies all have the system down pat. I drive by the subsidized housing district to work every day and see these beautiful semi-detached homes that they get for $75 a month (which would cost me about $1200 in rent or mortgage payments) they have their 5 kids, collecting child support and govt. child care subsidies, they do not work and they have cars, Jacuzzis, and a menagerie of pets that dr. Doolittle would be proud of. I don’t get it, you are living off my tax dollars because you are supposedly poor and then you are allowed to have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 5 birds and an aquarium that covers a full wall? Of course, our local government, city, has a program to help with the veterinarian costs and they get free dental care plus free child extracurricular activities that they sign up for and never show up because it is too much of a hassle to get their kids there.
    Arrggghhh, don’t get me started!

  • Maxsteele

    Not only that but they also respected and wanted to emulate those that had economic success. Now we just live in a society of envy. Where people do not look up to or admire success they despise it and resent it.

    • warpmine

      Are you going to tell me that the Lord is still willing to provide His blessing upon this country? Both the ancient cities of Sodom and Gommorah received judgment and so shall we. Best move from the clutches of the devil to more hospitable environment.

      • I personally do not believe that we are under God’s blessings anymore. The USA opted for Romans 1 on election day. The nation elected a party which denied God at its convention and condones/glorifies many things which Scripture clearly calls sin. Many still live in denial that Obama is a Socialist/Marxist and when you see the direction our nation is headed it is on a path that is rejecting God and transitioning into a country where the state is ultimately a god. That is how it was with Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot and Castro.

        • stephaniejane81

          I so agree with you. It’s all very surreal. good is being called evil and evil is being called good. It’s absolutely insane to me that the democrats rejected God, Obama has thrown Israel under the bus, he appeases our enemies, he’s the first president to promote gay marraige, he’s the most pro-abortion president ever–including approving of infanticide, he’s racked up the most debt than any other president, and the people worship him and follow him like sheep! wow.

        • Marridge

          Zookeeperkevin and everyone else here who is hurting for America….. God gives a country about four generations to get it together. That’s where we are. At Generation number four. We are done for. Get right with God and do it NOW if you haven’t done so already.

        • mark1955

          Whether we are currently “under God’s blessing anymore” i don’t know. We could be suffering his wrath because of the turn away from God by our government ,in legislation and edicts for at least the last 20 years. But as far as the “USA opted for Romans 1 on election day” i don’t buy it. I am absolutely convinced that Obama’s victory was duie to massive voter fraud and collaboration by Jeb/Rove and the boy’s because they did not want MITTEN’S to get in JEBBIES way. They are all lefties anyway’s,so Jeb/Rove could care less if Obama is in for another four years as long as Jeb and the Bush family owns the repub Presidency for eternity.

          All pre-election indicator’s had MITTEN’S winning by a landslide,yet Obama somehow one every battleground state,except for North Carolina even though Obama had trouble drawing 3,000 people to a gathering and that was with Springsteen fronting him and a stiff like MITTEN’S on the other hand,was getting upwards of 30,000 people at appearances. Obama also had 130% turnout and won 99% of those voters in some precints. How the heck is that mathematically possible? It isn’t! You also had the corrupt european voting Firm “SCYTYL” involved. SCYTYL’s original owner was murdered and George Soros is now knee deep in that organization.There isn’t a single election that SCYTYL has been involved in where a marxist hasn’t won. That’s not a coincidence.

          You also have Rush Limbaugh and other pretend Conservatives pushing the establishment false meme repeatedly that ” The Countryis now more takers than doer’s and there is nothing we can do about it”. They are doing this deliberately to both dispirit us and believe there is no other solution than to get aboard a super RINO like their pal Jeb Bush. That way the Rockefeller/Rotschild elites can finally collapse this Country and get thier dreamed of “New World Order,One World Government”. Don’t fall for this. I believe The Country hasn’t gone this far left and there are still alot more of us than them. They know they lost the election and are trying to pull of the biggest “Poker Bluff” in history,in making us think our enslavement is inevitable. It Ain’t!

          • LIBERTYUSA

            … your perception of the pre election sentiment towards Romney is totally correct as I the election of Obama was TOTALLY FIXED !”

            • mark1955

              It’s extremely important for psycholgical and morale reason’s,to realize the Truth…And that Truth is that we are not alone in this Country like both Parties are trying to make us believe. We are still the vast majority!

          • I see it both ways–voter fraud was a big part of it–but also the electorate has changed somewhat since the 80’s. There are more people that have the entitlement mentality now–and there are now more people than ever on government assistance. But yes, I told people I would be absolutely shocked if Obama won and the only way I saw him winning was by fraud b/c there’s no way the American people are stupid enough to vote for Obama again–well, I think I was correct on the fraud–and I also underestimated the stupidity of the American people. But all signs pointed to Mitt winning…the outcome makes no sense to me.

  • warpmine

    This is primary reason medical cost continue to skyrocket as none of the users of the system are even willing to pay into it in the smallest amount.

    Can’t wait for that heavy slap in the face, govt insolvency, strikes them across the face.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Trust me: having worked in medical billing off and on for over the last ten years, THIS kind of thing is all too common. I could give my own anecdotal evidence as well; it just defies all kinds of logic.

  • The system is not only rigged for low-income “takers” but it’s also rigged for millionaire “takers” too. No one is better than the other. Romney belonged to the latter.

    • badbadlibs

      Ah yes….that dirty rotten millionaire, Romney. Don’t worry, ovomit will see to it that the Romney’s of the world are a unprotected/endangered species, soon to become extinct. Then all will be right with the world.

    • NJK

      Romney didn’t take anyones money. He worked for his money. The takers are the government. They produce nothing, they steal.

    • medicinewomantwo

      Never took a finance or Economics course, did you.

    • stage9

      I don’t like Romney, but I would never fault him for being successful. And when did this self-denigration of success begin anyway? I mean there used to be a phrase that said: “shoot for the stars”; now the phrase is “you didn’t build that”.

      I mean what is wrong with us? Since when is achievement a negative quality? There are many millionaires who were born into poverty and earned every penny because opportunity was available to them to do so. No one gave them anything. They worked hard, they achieved. Good for them.

      Unfortunately that route never worked out for me….but, maybe it’s not meant to, and I’m ok with that. Why in God’s name can’t other people be?

      What you do with your opportunities is entirely up to you.

      • Excellently said as usual Stage9!

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Evidently Warren Buffett is the only gazillionaire who’s not screwing people. Go figure that one out…


      • Conniption Fitz

        Many of Romney’s ‘successes’ in business and the Olympics were completely at taxpayer expense. He is just as guilty of looting, dependency and gaming the system as the local welfare queen.

        So is Obama. We paid for his education whatever his Pakistani and Saudi sponsors didn’t. Obama went to school as an Indonesian national.

    • sjmom

      Not true; the millionaires usually have their own health insurance and can afford their co pay.Who knows; if you work one might even pay you. However, if Obama raises their taxes they might have to let you go to make up for it.

      • Wisewoman2

        Right on!!

        • sjmom

          Thank you friend 🙂

    • stephaniejane81

      how so? he wanted to get rid of stupid loopholes that big businesses get so that companies like stinking GE don’t get out of paying taxes like they did last year. he wanted a fairer tax system…lowering tax rates for all but making it more fair for smaller businesses. we need to make America the most attractive place to do business–but make it fair for ALL businesses–and that’s what Romney proposed we do.

    • Marridge

      Oh, you mean some of the richest people in this country are Democrap senators. Yes? Or is it only Republicans you’re after?

  • sybilll

    I am going to respond, then quietly back out of this thread before my head explodes. You see, I don’t have dental insurance, and my daughter needed braces (yes, she REALLY needed them); x-rays showed her wisdom teeth would grow in while her braces were on, so they had to be extracted after the braces came off to keep from undoing the work the braces had done. Translation = $6100. My solution = refinance my house to access the money. Fair enough, it had to be done. So, I got to watch the children of Medicaid patients get their braces applied, adjusted, and removed for free. Then when we went to have her wisdom teeth extracted, we not only had to sit in the waiting room with a teen on Medicaid, wearing the latest Nike’s, talking on his cell phone, getting his extracted for free; he was picked up from home and driven to the appointment at taxpayer expense, and was picked up and driven home afterward at taxpayer expense as well. And no, I am not racist. All but one of the Medicaid recipients I observed……….were white.
    By definition, and I am 1 level above the “working poor”. And with that, I make my exit.

    • Holy crap sybilll that just depressed the heck out of me. I mean, my family is in the same boat- but dang this depresses me. (((())))s

    • sDee

      Your daughter is far better off than those kids.

      I’ve relayed my story here about marching down to the high school with my daughter after they “discovered’ she was “hispanic” and sent her home with a stack of applications for grants, special classes, free tutoring, clubs, etc. I told them to shove it all.

      She was upset and embarrassed but I told her she had to make it on her own, that otherwise she would always have the self doubt that whatever she achieved was really her own. She paid her way, graduated with honors, has degrees in physics, engineering and is now in medical school.

      • Maryellensargent

        sDee, you are awesome!!!

    • J S

      My college aged son developed a cyst under a tooth that became infected and they had to remove the tooth. $5,000 later he received a fake tooth. When making the final payment the financial gal said “oh wow, I have never seen anyone pay full price”. What? Ok, give me the discounted rate then? WTH? Thanks for rubbing it in.

      My son works at a place where he sees the totals on many welfare cards and he has seen one that had over $5,000 on it, he asked how does that happen? The guy said he kept getting credit to his account while in jail, and was bragging about it.

      If they were going to reform healthcare why isn’t dental care part of it? I mean dental surgery is healthcare, no? The dental plans available are pretty much worthless when it comes to the high dollar treatments.

      • People use pliers to pull their own teeth in Great Britain. Love to see all the things we can look forward to here. sigh.

        • No,our welfare claimants get totally free dental treatment whereas everyone who works has to pay the standardised NHS charges,that are actually not much off the charges in many private dental practices. This includes those who are low earners.The media kind of got it a little wrong, technically anyone can get an NHS dentist, but problem is because there is such strain on the system thanks to the last governments open door immigration policy and this so called consevative liberal coalitions decision to not really do much about it, you could end up going to another town or even another county in some cases to see an nhs dentist.

          With the rise of petrol going up, parking prices through the roof and travel costs on public transport rising, dental treatment can be such an expense and hassle,too many people put it off and end up in serious trouble. The welfare claimants who get the free treatment and any prescriptions they might need, don’t just include british born but also foreigners from inside and outside the EU. You can see why the NHS is going to be unsustainable in the long term. You see I actually think the NHS as set up was an imperfect but decent solution which improved public health ,what has happened is the liberal left got their claws in to it, expanded it and perverted it. You see the NHS,is one of the largest public service employers on the planet with an extremely powerful union , second or third to the chinese red army, and guess who many of those workers vote for ,? the labour party who are at best socialists.

          So now we in the UK are in the ludicrous situation ,where accident and emergency units up and down the country are being shut, the dying and elderly are being put on a ‘care pathway’ to hasten their deaths (sarah palin wasn’t all that wrong really despite how the media reacted to her death panel post, it is just it isn’t bureaucrats making the decision but doctors) yet we are taking in more and more immigrants many in poor health who take from the NHS, and we have obese people getting gastric bands , gym classes etc etc from the NHS, some of them will be on welfare.

          • colliemum

            All true, sadly – except for the point about doctors making decisions on whom of their elderly to put on the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’.
            It has been reported in the papers here recently that the Dept of Health, which runs the NHS, has given ‘incentives’ – that is, money – to several hospitals when they reached a ‘target’ of so-and-son many patients having been put on that death pathway. So the managers twisted the doctors’ arms, to get these incentives, to the tune of half a million £££.

            The greatest enemy everywhere are not the takers, not even the gamers and welfare queens.
            It’s the bureaucrats who make the rules and enforce them.

            • The plot thickens. I think I read the government has launched some kind of enquiry into it… So they are basically investigating themselves then? I agree on your last point, who enables the welfare bums,who creates the situation where those immigrating here get better treatment than those who have lived here generations? You can’t blame those coming to this country from poorer places who hear about our ‘free healthcare’ and the handouts ,as it’s human nature to want to live somewhere better .

              But what the liberal left fail to realise is, there is limited money and there isn’t unlimited space. You also have enough homegrown bums,not all immigrants are bums but the problem is politicians are discriminating enough about who they let in,so they are importing other countries bums and other miscreants.

    • ApplePie101

      The difference is that you are independent. The government hates that sort of thing.


    We are all staying mad at the wrong people. We need to hold the GOP responsible for not standing up and exposing the truth. If they won’t do it, we need to form a party that will and/or elect all new blood in 2014. It’s time to get to work people.

    • syvyn11

      If we form a third party, do you know who will be happy beyond words? DEMOCRATS!

      They’ll win every election for 50 years.

      It’s time to change the GOP from within. Throw out the RINOs and have the Tea Party step up to the plate.

      • sDee

        The Republicans stopped just shy of destroying Sarah Palin and Allen West. Nearly managed the same with Michele Bachmann. Strong leaders. All of them. All threats will be destroyed.

        The Republicans stood in silence and watched massive voter fraud.

        After the Tea Party movement and the Libertarians gave The Party a strong House in 2010 we were demonized, mocked and marginalized. All were excluded from the Convention, the platform and the ticket.

        It is damn clear to me the Republican Party is committed to the end of our Constitution, the Republic, and now negotiating their minority power stake in Central Government and globalization.

      • Third parties never work. Until they do. See Lincoln, Abraham.

    • Check it out. Check out all the links at the bottom. If you like what you see, join us. We’re growing every day. We’re ordinary people frustrated at both parties and we’re doing something about it.

    • Wisewoman2

      This is the point I have been trying to make. It would be much easier to hold Romney’s feet to the fire than Obama’s. This is why Repubs must stick together. Please, please don’t make the mistake of nominating Jeb Bush. In my opinion he is not a conservative nor a true blue republican. He is a BUSH who belongs to the party but does not believe or fight for conservative principles. In my humble opinion romney did. He needed more help than he received from conservative spokes people.

      • BOPOS

        I really like Romney too. Thought he would be a great leader. I am not a fan of Jeb Bush at all.

  • NJK

    Are we becoming Argentina? It looks like it.

    HALF-FULL REPORT 11/23/12
    Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Friday, 23 November 2012

    It’s Un-American not be woozy today, recovering from too much turkey, the fixins, and adult beverages at yesterday’s Thanksgiving dinner. So let’s relax and enjoy the troubles the leaders of other countries are having this week. Hopefully, they may portend those of ours.

    Who does this describe? “A false, cold-hearted, calculating spirit who commits evil without passion and slowly orchestrates despotism with all the intelligence of a Machiavelli.”

    It fits Zero like a glove because it’s the quintessential description of a Banana Republic Caudillo – the charismatic corrupt dictator or “strongman” whom “the masses” love for his professed love of them while he strangles their freedom and any chance for prosperity.

    The description above is of Argentina’s original Caudillo, Juan Manuel de Rosas (1793-1877), written by his successor to the presidency, Domingo Sarmiento, who aspired to achieve an actual democracy in Argentina.

    The country’s caudillo tradition was revived after World War II with the election of Juan Peron (1895-1974) in 1946, who, together with his wife Eva until she died of cancer at age 33 in 1952, proceeded to obliterate the economy through suffocating regulatory control, high taxes, wealth redistribution, forced unionization, industrial nationalization, and protectionism.

    Peron was overthrown by a military coup in 1955, yet the economy never recovered and Peronism remains revered to this day. In 2003, Peronist Nestor Kirchner was elected, promptly becoming a wildly popular Caudillo while bankrupting the country. With his health failing, he got his wife Cristina elected in 2007. When he died in 2010, hundreds of thousands mourned at his funeral service.

    Yesterday (11/22) in Buenos Aires, a hagiography began showing in theatres to packed audiences, Nestor – The Movie.

    Cristina Kirchner was ranked by Forbes as the world’s 13th Most Powerful Woman in 2008, and 11th in 2009. By 2010, with her fascist attempts to become a Caudilla, she had fallen to 68th. But the sympathy vote over Nestor’s death, and constantly comparing herself to Eva Peron, got her reelected in 2011 by a landslide.

    This, despite that in October of 2008, her government was out of all the money she spent on dependency programs for her supporters – so her solution was to seize all private pensions. That amounted to $30 billion – which went for more dependency programs. Her popularity soared even more when she ramped up jingoistic fever with ostentatious threats to seize the Falklands from Britain.

    Today she is the most hated politician in Argentina. Two weeks ago (11/09), 700,000 (yes, seven hundred thousand) Argentines poured into Buenos Aires’ Plaza de Mayo adjoining the Casa Rosada (The Pink House – presidential residence where Cristina lives) to protest the crime, corruption, inflation, and misery of the Caudilla’s rule.

    This week (11/20), a massive strike of labor unions, truck drivers, farmers, bankers, shopkeepers and others shut the entire country down. Even schools and hospitals closed.

    The Weekly Standard on Monday (11/19) summed up the whole Caudilla Cristina story in a thrilling headline: Radical Leftism Fails in Argentina. And look at this report on Argentina’s social explosion. 40% or more of the country’s workforce is off-the-books in the shadow economy as taxes are so criminally high folks won’t pay them. As Cristina issues ever more government controls, the economy is disintegrating.

    Yet she remains supremely arrogant, refusing to budge an inch. She is going to be swept away into the dustbin of history. Her fate will be an inspiration to millions of Americans wishing to do the same to America’s Caudillo.


    Now let’s look at Egypt. The word for Caudillo in Ancient Egyptian is Pharaoh. For Egyptians today, it is not an honorific, it’s a despised pejorative.

    Mohammed Morsi was a kid from a small village who rode the family donkey to school. But he was a bright kid who got a degree from Cairo U in engineering, then so bright he got a Ph.D. in materials engineering at the University of Southern California (1982) and became an Ass’t Professor of Engineering at Cal State Northridge (1982-1985). He then became the chairman of the engineering department at the prominent Zagazig University outside of Cairo (1985-2010).

    Along the way he became a Radical Moslem and a leader of the Moslem Brotherhood (Iqwan Muslimi). As the only well-organized political outfit in opposition to Mubarak and deeply entrenched throughout all of village Egypt, the Iqwan was in a prime position to gain power in the aftermath of Mubarak’s popular “Arab Spring” overthrow last year. This past June (2012) as Iqwan’s candidate, Morsi became the first freely and democratically elected leader of Egypt in its entire 5,000-year history.

    In his inaugural speech to a huge throng of wildly enthusiastic supporters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on June 29, he promised to somehow persuade the US to free the imprisoned “blind sheiikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman, the Egyptian Moslem terrorist who planned the 1993 World Trade Center bombings. Morsi forgot to mention Abdel-Rahman’s planning of the Luxor Massacre.

    On November 17, 1997, Abdel-Rahman’s terrorists trapped 58 European and Japanese tourists inside Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple near Luxor and slaughtered them all, mutilating the women with machetes, and placing a note praising Allah inside the disemboweled body of a five year-old child.

    This is the man praised and idolized by the current president of Egypt. The massive crowd in Tahrir Square cheered Morsi’s praise, and his pledge to institute Sharia (translation from Arabic: Islamic Fascist) law in Egypt.

    Today, however – Friday 11/23 – another massive crowd assembled in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, but not to praise Morsi, but to condemn him. Yesterday (11/22), Morsi issued a Decree (in the US it’s called an Executive Order) granting him the power to do whatever he wants without any judicial oversight of Egypt’s courts.

    Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians demonstrated in Tahrir Square, and burned down the offices of the Moslem Brotherhood in Cairo, Port Said, Ismalia, and Alexandria – today (11/23). Morsi is being denounced as Egypt’s “New Pharaoh.” Here’s how large the Tahrir Square protest was today:


    TTPers – Argentina’s Cristina has gone from worshipped to hated in less than a year, Egypt’s Morsi is less than five months. The HFR glass may look drained-dry empty after Nov. 6. But there is little doubt that Zero is going to drive the American economy straight off a cliff. Thus with every passing day now, the odds may grow that he will soon follow in Cristina’s and Morsi’s footsteps.

    I want to take this moment to express my appreciation for all the TTPers responding to yesterday’s Remembering Freedom. Your determination to persevere in the face of tyranny is so inspiring it brought me to tears.

    Now that determination need not be abstract. The examples this week of Argentina’s Caudilla and Egypt’s Pharaoh facing resignation can give us realistic hope that we can end the Nightmare of Zero by America’s Caudillo, America’s Pharaoh, following in their footsteps.

  • I think the pharmacist was mistaken. The rules are that he can’t deny the product but can bill her. And it doesn’t say anything about not being able to ask her the next time she comes in. Regardless, the woman is clearly gaming the system.

  • sDee

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years.”

    “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • “A nation of well-informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is the region of ignorance that tyranny begins.”
      Benjamin Franklin.

      • cathmom

        The region of ignorance is where Obama got re-elected.

  • sjmom

    Same model and color car as the business owner and she gets meds for free. The freebies need to stop. What is a crime is I know people who really need help and they have difficulty in getting it for one reason or another. Too many gaming the system and nobody does nothing about it.

  • stage9

    And can you believe that Obama’s job approval rating is at 51% right now???

    It’s staggering! It’s like I’ve died and gone to idiot’s heaven!

    • And now you’ve met Jamie Foxx’s messiah. UGH!!

    • historybelle

      Have you ever seen the movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson?

      I feel like I am living in that world.

  • iHeartLife

    I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it. I just cannot believe it! This has all the makings of a horrendous joke – if it weren’t for the fact it’s reality.

    Come on, conservatives. You’re the hope of America.

    p.s. wow, drive-through pharmacies? Never heard of that before 🙂

    • Under Obamacare, you’ll be required to have drive-through colonoscopies.

      • iHeartLife

        LOLOLOL!! That should not be funny but it just is!! 😛 Let’s hope not, teehehehehe.

  • 1tootall

    I had a client who was a very high ranking bank official back in the 90s. He said there was no way to recapture the losses of loans made to these same losers because Politicians forced them to make the loans. They simply raised a loss accrued fund to offset the losses. That means the shareholder was subsidizing the bad loans in those days. Now we see the same mentality with the Pharms. Sweet.

  • the system is going to break, but I do wonder at how long. Cali should be off the cliff by now and so should half of Europe. What in the world is keeping them afloat and is it based on reality or some sort of ponzi scheme ready to fold like a house of cards?

    • George soros?

      Sorry- I’m tired and my eyes can’t barely see. Your questions are good ones Puritan. It’ll be interesting to find out what the answer is.

    • sDee

      Low interest rates (zero, effectively), printing money, redistribution, and a propaganda media.

      The IMF for example just managed to strong arm Merkel into another bailout for Greece. Now, how could they force this? Merkel knows it will sap the strongest economy in the EU and probably ensure her defeat.

      Up is down. Left is right. Black is white.

      ……”reality may intrude at any moment and puncture the illusion EU officials are trying to maintain that they have mastered the euro crisis. Even if the Greek bond buyback attains its goals, Athens may be unable to meet its commitments on cutting spending.

      Or even as Cyprus is begging for bailout funds, Spain or Italy could encounter new crises that require immediate aid as well.

      Or if the U.S. fails to resolve its fiscal cliff — subject of another urgent warning from the OECD — a new recession in this country could finish off all economic projections in Europe and make all the austerity targets moot.

      A year is a long time to maintain an illusion and it’s likely that the EU wizards will have to do some more conjuring in the very near future — or finally face up to reality.

      • I think that is where I am struggling. I see this, read it, shake my head and still it does not make any sense.

        EU has no money, we have no money, China’s economy is on the brink. There is something very troubling and why can’t anyone cut spending when that is the only sane direction away from the cliff.

        It is all very frustrating to watch, that is for sure.

        • Nukeman60

          Why indeed do the lemmings run for the cliff? But run they do. We seem to have no choice but to step aside and let them run till there are no more lemmings.

      • colliemum

        The EU ‘wizards’ have been kicking the can that is Greek insolvency down the road for nearly four years now.
        The Greek people suffer, the Spanish people suffer, other nationalities are getting very cross indeed … but the politicians are doing fine, and the MSM are not reporting all the facts – like, Greek shipowners not having to pay any tax, by law, since forever. Like the rich from all those countries taking their money out and buying properties at exorbitant prices in London. Like the Italians, famous for their black economy and tax evasion, sitting on more private wealth than the Germans who are made to pay for all these countries. Like people in Greece, Spain, France, Italy being able to get their old-age pension at 55/60 years of age, whereas the Germans now have to work until they’re 67.

        Honesty and hard work don’t pay in the EU, but tax evasion, lies, black markets and general dishonesty is fine.
        It will come crashing down, and then the whole world, China included, will be in the merde.

    • Nukeman60

      Qualitative Easing is like a pile of bricks slowly building up at the bottom of a soap bubble. Not to worry, it will never break. 🙁

      • This is so true and yet, they also know that they cannot just keep printing this stuff. Then again, if all other currency is worthless, it will keep the facade that much longer.

        I would rather they just erase all the debt off the books instead. It accomplishes the same thing but does get us back to reality that much faster.

    • Conniption Fitz

      Printed money with no real value.

  • stephaniejane81

    but didn’t you all hear? Obama is our LORD and SAVIOR according to Jamie Foxx—and the rest on the left! unfortunately people are still so duped in this country it is absolutely tragic. What an absolute waste of an opportunity we gave up with Romney. But this country is not in enough pain to realize what they have just done be re-electing Obama. I talk to so many people about going over the cliff and they laugh at me and say “no Steph, we’ll be fine, we’ll be fine.” They are in DENIAL and can’t possibly comprehend becoming like Greece b/c they don’t think the debt is a big deal and they think the economy is doing great at 8% unemployment and they think raising taxes is the answer. and they think all these people mooching off of our tax dollars actually can’t help themselves…I have also had it up to here! I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall with some of these people!

    • It will take more than pain for any of these people to change. If one wants to look at history or even at upcoming future events, the blame will be placed on the Christian and/or Jew for the problems while they shake their fist at the Creator. Instead of coming to their senses and repent, they will just get more angry and turn on those who hold to values that actually do work but requires personal responsibility.

  • NJK

    What a beautiful piece of art, Glen Beck made today.

    Glenn Beck Dunks Obama Bobblehead in Pi$$… Calls It Art
    Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 9:09 PM

  • Marridge

    Don’t want to offend any atheists here but everybody else get right with God and do it NOW.

  • Yazz55

    This will drive medical service providers like this pharmacy out of business. So, where ya gonna get your Obamacare?

  • abitreckless

    It’s unbelievable how stupid American voters are. Even with the massive voter fraud, Romney should have whooped Obama.

    • BOPOS

      He did. “They” just covered it up….for now.

  • spin43

    The responsible will have to pay more until they are also poor.

    • cathmom

      That’s the plan.

    • actionsspeaklouder



    …this country is lost .”

  • Rocco11

    Have no fear folks, John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell have our backs! ( I hope they use K-Y)

  • JimNEPA2_0

    Bottom rail on top now…for now, that is.

    There’s an old story attributed to Vlad the Impaler (a/k/a the real Dracula). He invited all the poor of his land to a feast. When they got to the hall, he had the doors locked, then he set the building on fire. Voila! He ended poverty in the land.

  • And now that these people are in the majority, it’s going to be very, very, hard to defeat them, at least on a national level. You also see the country as a whole breaking up into traditionally blue and red states. This is how civil wars start. Obama and his minions have done such a good job at polarizing this nation and creating even bigger divisions in this society, that I wouldn’t be surprised if there was massive social unrest by 2016, just like there was in 1968, especially if the economy tanks again. You really will have something along the lines of the French Revolution and it will not end well. I hope Obama is happy with the results and that using class warfare to win this election was worth it, espcially when people start dying in riots.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Obama has already shown he doesn’t care about people dying. From Border Patrol Agents to Ambassadors to Navy Seals – they are just bumps in the road to his Marxist agenda.

  • Conniption Fitz

    The visual image that perfectly illustrates the ‘entitlement’ mindset is Black Friday, especially this year and last.

    Last year, they were literally killing for Air Jordans, this year, they were fist fighting over Victoria Secret underwear and tearing up the store so that it had to close.

    In between the two Black Fridays, we have seen a another women killing other women for their cell phones.

    This is the face of the Entitlement Culture.

    These are the people getting a free ride.

    And, when Newt Gingrich mentioned the word, WORK, he was treated as though he was a terrorist. In fact, the TEA Party have been called terrorists by these people.

    Liberals minds are weird – they live in an upside down, opposites world, where good is bad and vice versa.

    • cathmom

      I still believe that’s the main reason Romney lost, because he kept promising 12 million new jobs. Who the heck wants a job? Oh no Romney’s gonna make us work!!

  • ryanomaniac

    This is what happens when government gets control. Fraud doesn’t hurt them like it would a company but companies can’t just go out and take people’s money to make up for it. Obama is Santa Claus. According to Jaime Foxx Obama is our lord and Savior so nothing wrong here.

    Its sad about Jaime Foxx, real name is Eric Bishop. I went to high school with him and he was one of the funniest people I had ever met and wouldn’t have thought he would go this far down the rabbit hole. I knew he was destined to be something big….but Obama wasn’t around and now he’s just a big jerk.

  • bornfreeamerican

    Just like the Russians said….Obama was elected by the Illiterate!! People that don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it!!

  • bornfreeamerican

    I heard people were worrying about losing their food benefits! Rush was right again….they voted for Santa Claus!

  • stevenbiot

    This is true! Technically, if medicaid patients don’t have money, you have to give them their medications for free. You should see the arrogant patients that come into the clinic. They live like kings while wearing pajamas to medical appointments.

  • stevenbiot

    No matter what anyone thinks, we are going to be forced to exercise the 2nd amendment on our fellow citizens in the near future. 47% of the country are Mao stooges that will turn on us producers at the drop of a hat. Once the government calls on its loyal parasites to do their bidding, there are going to be dead drones littering many streets in America. Sad, but a necessary blood letting, I think.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Moocher class… alive and well and thriving.

    Producer class… hung out to dry and bleeding out.

    When people get free stuff just for voting Democrat… how do you fight that? They have no morals or honor… they have no conscience. They feel they are entitled to it… that they deserve it… that it’s fair.

    America has already gone over more than the “fiscal” cliff. We’re in a free fall now. Be prepared because it’s gonna get ugly before the Lord’s return.

    • Someone, either Rush’s show or Levin’s show yesterday said we had already gone over the cultural cliff, and that’s exactly what this is about. The concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, be responsible and accountable, etc. have already been destroyed in America. Used to be people (including politicians) would have been run out of town on a rail for corruption and dishonesty. It was called stealing. Now, the government enables people to steal and actually promotes corruption.

  • SirSullivan

    It could be a terrible thing but I wonder what would happen if all the businesses in this country would just shut down for a week in protest of the government rules and regulations? This would include all the restaurants, stores, trucking companies, banks, etc. What would happen if all the doctor offices in this country would just take a week off as a protest for all the regulations? What would happen if all the working people in this great country would take a week off an not spend ANY money for a week? You know, it’s time that all the working people in this country made a revolt by saying we’re done! We’re tired of doing the work and everyone else getting the benefits. We’re tired of the government thinking that they control how much we keep and how much we give. We need to send a message that it’s our money not theirs. The time is coming that we need to make a stand and send a strong message to the people in Washington.

    • sickofit5

      You know, get someone of note behind that idea and it might have legs. People are pissed.

  • wallwatchman

    A dollar?! Really?! She can’t pay that, and it’s “demeaning” to ask her to?! I’m with mark. I’ve had it with people thinking we owe them free stuff, and they live it up while people like this pharmacist works his butt off! For what?! So she can demean him and his hard work?! Ahhhhhh!!

  • historybelle

    My husband is a pharmacist, and he sees this crap daily. One girl had an iPhone, a Coach bag, and acrylic nails and cussed him out over a $2 co-pay!!!!! TWO DOLLARS!!!!!

    He has been cussed out because they think they should get everything for free. When will this entitlement society end??

    Plus, let’s not even count how much we have to pay in taxes to keep this scum going with all their free crap.

    • rich wojcik

      can he say: “I, as a taxpayer, am paying the other 5, 10, 15 (whatever the number is) dollars for your medicine and $2 is your part”…. I think he may say that.
      However, this would be my answer, with a pointing finger: “the door is there….”

  • Me

    TRUE!!! I worked as a Pharmacy Tech for 8 1/2 years in Wisconsin. SAME THING! People would come in for their inhalation meds (inhalers, nebulizer meds) sometimes smoking cigarettes as they walked in the door, and refuse to pay their $1 co-pay! Many good people DID pay, but their was almost an equal number that didn’t. They knew they didn’t have to! It is a very serious problem!

  • mikeinidaho

    Those are Obama’s “peeps”! Don’t be hatin’ them folk!
    Just shows you are RACIST, dontcha’ know!

  • poljunkie

    Romney may not have been eloquent in his statement- in that he wasn’t clear about who he was referring to.
    He needed to better define the percentage, and underscore that he wasn’t including our military and seniors.
    But those of us who take responsibility for ourselves pretty much knew what who he was talking about.
    Its pretty sad that most of us play by the rules and a large percentage are out to get what they can.

  • Immigrant_from_Socialism7

    Do your best to vote a Republican majority in 2 years in both the Senate and the House.
    With the threat of impeachment,or maintaining some semblance of the Republic.
    Paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

  • Marco

    I hear everyone talking… except no real plans for civil unrest and protest against the corrupt Government of USA.

  • These leaches are the only people that can be bothered to vote. This is what we get when half of the people who are eligible vote sit on their butts and the rest are to gutless to think about any other solution.

  • get ridge of obama now

  • in-hell-a-tor ????? Words fail me.

  • DebbyX

    I’m thinking that we will not see a change in the system anytime soon. Not even in our life time. These people think that the world owns them something, and their time has come for us to pay up. The Repubs are a deplorable bunch of turn coats and I’m pretty fed up with the whole scene right now!

  • Dierardo

    Where the hell is Paul Ryan on this, the largest cultural/$$$ Debate in our contemporary history ??????????.

    “The Mumbling Mitt, Nothing Burger”, debacle ought to teach America that Ryan is the only mouth/brain/confidence/talent we have to challenge the dis-ingenuous, endemic product of the imported Neo-Marxist faculties into US the education product since the Sixties: K thru PHD.

    Romney, was right on target in his diagnosis of of the 47% slackers; but, since he was also aware, as are many of my octogenarian ilk of the,”Pravda” conclusion,(Thanks, Drudge) that Obama was elected by an ignorant electorate: Mitt chose to bail rather than confront…that same tendency in the current lo-smarts GOP leadership is exactly the reason they’re headed further into loser territory. and as Pravda recently reported

    Obama’s, “Alinskian”, “Critical Theory”, ethical framework relies on a use of language and debate where conscious lies as instruments of policy are an accepted common-place in the moral swamps of academic debate: since the,”Boomer Flood”,

    Note that along with his generational elder brother and sister pair, the Clintons, this strategy and behavior has survived an impeachment trial, a penchant for being,”Out of Town” when the heat’s on, (Benghazi):
    WE seem to have arrived to the point where a, “Br’er Rabbit” of the golden mouth”, has converted the presidency and government into an itinerant process where an unending series of mega-T-Group revival sessions, replete with cheers and friendly crowds, the younger the better (see Pravda above), replace the White House and the halls of congress as the substitute venues for the national debate.

    Neither House nor senate GOP leadership have the requisite grit/skills and credibility to carry the day against this political incubus: who, knows his fan-worshipers consider him their matinee idol and 99% champion.

    Let’s get Ryan up to the front-lines ASAP

  • Dierardo

    Where the hell is Paul Ryan on this, the largest cultural/$$$ Debate in our history??????????.
    “The Mumbling Mitt Nothing Burger”, debacle ought to teach America that Ryan is the only mouth/brain/confidence/talent we have to challenge the disingenuousness of a Neo-Marxist subversive.

    Obama’s “Critical Theory”, ethical framework admits to a use of language and debate where conscious lies as an instrument of policy has become a common-place in the moral swamps of academia since the “Boomer Flood”.

  • I am an RN. When I worked Home Care in Las Vegas I had a real eye opener. One of my medicare/champus patients lived alone and was legally blind and needed help with insulin administration and blood testing once a day. The company I worked for gave me such a hard time because they wanted her off services. Another patient was an illegal alien with family in her home, I provided the same services twice a day and no one ever questioned this person getting services under medicaid. It was an insult to the patient that had worked all her life and was the widow of a career military officer. Our tax dollars foster this type of system

    • Dierardo

      Maxine …. I bet the corruption in Medicare/Medicaid would gag a maggot.
      This is generally known in congress which does nothing about it.

      I believe the MD congressman(Name?) from Okla.’s recent book deals with the whole field of medical service corruption via govt.

  • persecutor

    Who is John Galt?

  • hadit_upto_here

    After this past “election” farce, I fear that we have turned a corner. In my 57 years on this planet I have never been so depressed about my country. This is not the land I grew up in. And, quite frankly, I have stopped listening to the “conservatives” as much as the socialists. The entire political landscape is rotten, filled with liars, pontificaters and con artists. Hopefully I will be dead before we just completely go red.

  • BaconHotline

    The Founders weep over our paralysis.

    When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

  • I love Levin but man does he get me going-I wish to God above he would run for president because there’s no one on our side that is a better spokesman for our Founding and the principles that made this country great. There not a REgressive out there that wouldn’t be reduced to a quivering pile of skin in a debate with him.

    He himself has said many times that he feels as though he was born in the wrong time and that he would have fit right in at our Founding. Well Mark, step up dude, we need a REFounding now if there was ever a time for that. I will stop my life and work my ass off for you.

    He’s suggested conservatives buy 15 or 30 minutes on national TV to lay out why our ideology works and why it made our country the greatest in history-well Mark, I’m with you baby.