Mark Levin: I’d rather fight with Mitt Romney as president than give Obama a 2nd term!

Mark Levin took a call from someone who was trying to make the argument against voting for Romney, but Levin was having none of it and it propelled him into a great rant about why there is no alternative but to vote Obama out of office by putting Romney in his place. He knows who Mitt Romney is and makes clear that he’d rather fight with Romney than give Obama a 2nd term as president.

And I whole heartedly agree. Listen below:

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  • 12grace

    Love, Levin!

  • Shmoof

    Rock on.

  • PVG


  • Stehekin912

    I have two clothespins with Romney’s name on them to use when I vote against O.

    • PVG

      The important thing is that you vote against BO! Let’s roll……..

      • nibblesyble

        let’s roll….love it and very apropos!

      • Stehekin912

        Remember that old revolutionary war era flag that was the snake chopped into pieces (a piece for each of the colonies) that said “unite or die”? Well, maybe the image we need to keep now is a spine…and each of us is a vertebra. I keep this in mind and I’ve started to say it more and more. We have to work together to be Romney’s spine.

    • wodiej

      I wonder if they will let me wear a respirator mask into the voting booth.

  • There would be nothing left worth fighting for if Obama got a second term. ObamaCare would kick in, unless there were many state challenges to Medicaid. But we really would be taxed to death, and with the old Bush tax cuts ending at the start of 2013, we would all be facing the most enormous tax hike in the history of this country. We can’t let this happen to us. I’d rather take out my own spleen with a butter knife than see Obama get a second term. So don’t make me reach for the butter knife. Vote the bum out of office.

  • Freempg

    I would like to ask the Great One this question: Will you continue to support Romney if he persists with gaff after gaff (like the penalty/tax embroglio), will you continue to support Romney even though he is not yet the official nominee and there still remains an avenue by which he can be replaced with a true conservative like Sarah Palin? It’s no secret I would like to see Sarah Palin as President, Allen West as VP, and Mark Levin as Attorney General. Why settle for Romney until the confetti falls in Tampa? Why not fight for our principles until the bitter end, including against the RINO Romney?

    • That wasn’t a gaffe. That was an attempt at ass covering.

    • Constance

      Yes, Levin would still support Romney. So would this conservative. Romney is the nominee. Romney is the nominee. Romney is the nominee. Sarah Palin is not running. There is not going to be a brokered convention. Just live with it, and get on the train or just stay home on election day. We don’t need write ins or foolish games being played this time around. Stay home so you don’t cancel out my vote for Romney. I actually CARE about my country. Thank you.

      • kong1967

        He’s not going to cancel out your vote. He doesn’t like Obama, either.

    • I think you and I are the only ones on this board who really actually get it. We know that Romney IS NOT inevitable until the convention in Tampa.

      Make no mistake there are many things happening on this front and NO ONE should be on this board brow-beating those of us who really know the score.

      I listen to Mark Levin religiously, but he was out of control today and should have told the listeners that we have one option left. If the delegates are behind Mitt on the first ballot, then we know what we have to do. Until then, everyone needs to remain calm and work for the people in your state that’s running and donate to them.

  • nibblesyble

    Sigh, Romney is all we got,(unless a miracle happens at the convention!) we need to hold his feet to the fire and ‘make’ him into a conservative…even if it kills us!

    • Spoken like a woman. Still haven’t learned that you can’t change a man. Romney is a vicious, lying leftist, and he doesn’t even want to change that about himself. If he did, he would’ve, by now. After last election, I’m sick and tired of having ‘bad and bad’ as presidential candidates. I point out and detail his every failing as a politician that is identical to Obama’s, and, as yet, no one’s had the stones to address them. Instead its, ‘we need to support him’, or they just pretend they never read what I asked them to address, and start blathering about something else, altogether. Romney’s a disaster. One of the worst RINOs to come down the pike, since McCain and Huntsman ran. I feel his reign will be a regretful one that will hurt the GOP, and give Conservatives a bad name, as they try hanging him around our necks, as we hang Obama around theirs. Knowing what kind of person he is, and what he really represents, I can’t be enthusiastic. Knowing what he’s done, I really, in good conscience, can’t jump on his bandwagon.

      • nibblesyble

        er-thanks Virus. I was being kinda facetious because I know he won’t ever truly be a conservative. But he reminds me of Clinton in that he will do whatever is politically expedient and change with the wind. So even if he doesn’t have a heart of a conservative, if he implements conservative policy because he sees that it will re-elect him like Clinton figured out…. then so be it.

        • Stehekin912

          If he shifts with the wind, make sure we’re the wind.

          • nibblesyble


          • Good. I’ll fart in his general direction.

            • Stehekin912

              I hear ya, VirusX. No one said it had to be a sweet smelling wind. 🙂

            • kong1967


        • Even then, Clinton still remained Clinton, and listening to him, today, he’s still Clinton. He’s as unrepentant as Romney. Romney’s shown himself to be a man completely out of place in the GOP, much better suited to the party of racism, death and slavery, the DNC. The Right is not a natural place in which he can exist, and I just don’t think he’s the type that would listen to someone like LTC West, when he idolized Ted Kennedy, and probably wished he could’ve had him as his lieutenant governor. The guy isn’t the type to govern Conservative; he had his chance in Massachusetts, but instead chose to cry about having a leftist legislature, and to spit on Reagan, Bush and Conservatism on TV. He’s gotten no better, and he’s still every bit the liar he ever was.

          • Constance

            Any constructive words we can expect from you? Or, are you just going to continue down this bitch fest trail until election day, and then do what? Live with reality, not what you wish it would be. Romney is going to the GOP nominee. There are no do-overs, and we can’t stomp our feet and get our way. Deal with it, please. Stop complaining endlessly.

            • If you want sunshine and BS, talk to someone else. I’m a realist. I look at things the way they are, and don’t deviate from reality with wishful thinking. I’ll leave that to pollyannas, like you. If anyone’s bitching, its you. I say exactly what Romney’s done, and ask what the difference is, between his record and Obama’s, and never get an answer. You can cry about foot stomping, all you want, you can cover your eyes, you can ask people to blow sunshine up your ass, if that is your political fetish. I couldn’t care less, what you do, really. I’m going to speak truthfully, and back words with substantiation. If you don’t like the fact that I am critical of the record of someone like Romney, then you can do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and stop reading my posts.

          • wodiej

            And the point IS….a conservative congress kept Clinton to the right. Another one can keep Romney to the right as well.

            • We didn’t have a Conservative Congress. Not by a long shot. Having a few Conservatives in a Congress doesn’t make it a Conservative organization. That’s like how liberals (democrats) say if you’ve one drop of ‘black blood’ in you, that makes you black. That, and there’s no guarantee Romney will listen to anybody but Romney, or another RINO. We’ve got to start asserting the option of pulling the trigger on any and all politicians. Recall sitting members of Congress, and don’t be afraid to replace them with people that really are Conservative, and have no compunctions about impeaching a leftist president (including Romney), or calling for Congressional and criminal investigations into rogue agencies, such as Nappin’ Janet’s DHS, the EPA, etc.

        • kong1967

          He’s making a lot of conservative promises, and it would be political suicide for him to govern on a different platform. He knows that.

      • johnos2112

        Then stay home and don’t vote!

        • Fine! You can vote for the abortion mongering, Conservative hating, gay loving, tax hawking, Reagan slandering, Palin despising, socialism pushing, gun grabbing, 1st Amendment attacking, serial lying pagan! Do it in good health, and as a reflection of your own character!

      • carolt2

        I live in Massachusetts ; Romney was our governor. He is a RINO, he fathered Romneycare here. Do I trust him? No, we have to keep him in check & fight with him. He is the better of the two, Romney will not act as a tyrannical president to borrow a term fromMark Levin.

        • I see things like this, and I can’t believe he’d be any less poisonous to the Republic as Obama is.

          • I look at his choices for judges in Mass, and I shudder who he’d pick for SCOTUS.

            • kong1967

              Would you rather he picked or Obama? 🙂

              • Unfortunately, I’m thinking they pick from the same pool.

                • kong1967

                  G-d I hope not. Obama will pick avowed communists without blinking an eye and the media will ignore it. I’m hoping that Romney knows his entire survival depends on the platform he is running on, and he strays he will find himself in the unemployment line faster than Obama says “America is unfair”.

              • I agree with Virus on this one Kong. I really don’t think there would be much difference. If we can get some good quality Conservatives into Congress and the Senate, which ever guy picks, Congress can block. And hopefully they won’t roll over and allow the pick like they’ve done in the past.

                • kong1967

                  Well, considering that we have Boehner as the Speaker…..we might be in trouble.

                • Hopefully that will change.

          • kong1967

            “My opponent is multiple choice”. LMAO!

            That was almost 20 years ago. He was a rookie and everyone’s views change as they get older. Expose a lib to the realities of business, Islam, economics, and other issues and many of them grow away from liberal ignorance.

          • Then you are a simpleton.

            • And you’re a typical bedwetter that can’t stand the fact that people don’t bow down to you, and think the way you demand they do.

              • A “typical bedwetter?” That’s awesome! I’m going to use that the next time I don’t have an argument.

                I don’t want you to bow down to anyone. I just want others who read your comments to understand the suicide pact you want us to sign by voting for anyone but Romney. Luckily, most people on this blog have a brain so they understand we ONLY HAVE TWO REAL CHOICES. They also understand that those who claim Romeny is “no different” than Obama are simply simpletons who are blinded by some other reason (ie: Mormonism).

                • Playing the mormon card is no better than playing the race card.

                • I agree with you AmericanborninCanada. I should have been more clear. That last remark was a semi-criptic response to an earlier post VirusX wrote where he made his case why we shouldn’t vote for Romeny. His FIRST argument against Romney was an anti-mormon website! I asked him if he would ever vote for a Mormon and he refused to answer.

                  If we are fighting for a chance to reclaim this country from the grasp of leftists and statists we have to know our enemy! I’m not saying VirusX and people don’t have the right to make the case against Romeny, (although, like Mark Levin – I believe the primary battle is OVER, Romney won. Let’s not lose the war over it!), but let’s get clear over why one is making the argument.

                  Many may say, “but Mike, you’re such a hypocrite! You would DESTROY Obama over his so-called religion, isn’t Romney’s religion fair game?”

                  I would disagree wholeheartedly. Rev. Wright has a clear anti-America agenda and Obama SHOULD be questioned whether he believes that drivel. Romney’s religion (one I, obviously, am intimately familiar with) is PRO-AMERICA! There is nothing to question him on. You can disagree with doctrine, but you can’t say Mormonism is anti-American or pro-communist or anti-freedom (again unlike Rev. Wright).

                  (Here’s a short blog post I wrote that you might enjoy: ).

                  Again – I don’t care if you hate Romney’s politics, think he’s a RINO, not conservative enough (my take), etc.., the truth is, THIS November there are only two choices, let’s be clear why we are choosing one over the other and then live to fight to bring more people into the conservative/tea-party camp.

                  I hope this clarifies things for you, a person I deeply respect.

                • JRD1

                  Qh yes. The Etch-a-sketch camp is running the complete Axelrod 2008 playbook. The new Raaaaacist is to claim you won’t vote for the loser because he is a Mormon. Take your propaganda somewhere else!

                • Give me a break JRD1! I point out that VirusX’s FIRST reason Romney shouldn’t be President is he is a Mormon and I’M he bad guy?!

                  I didn’t vote for Romney in the Primary but I’ll be damned if some bigot is going to use his Mormonism as a reason NOT to vote for him. THAT sounds like Axelrod and the Obama campaign.

                  By the way, who are you voting for and why? (who wants to bet I won’t get an answer.)

        • kong1967

          But one must consider that your state’s legislature is 80% liberal. There was no way Romney could govern as a strong conservative because he was badly outnumbered and outgunned. Imagine how hard it would be to get a stacked legislature like that to even work with you on anything at all.

      • kong1967

        I feel your anger but Romney’s all we’ve got. There’s no way in hell I’m going to sit by and let the most corrupt President in history get another stab at bringing this country down to it’s knees.

        • Yeah, I know, but this does not portend well for the Republic, or the Constitution. Really, as you point it out, the only difference I can see between the two is that Obama, apparently, has a much higher degree of political and characterized corruption, than WILLARD. However, they’re both anti American, politically, and have too many identical political philosophies. In any event, you’ve been the FIRST to actually show a small positive in Romney, whereas others that are probably too stupid to even spell WILLARD (johnos2112, Constance) are only capable of kneejerk BS and personality culting, and deftly avoid really answering a single question about Romney’s past politics.

          • kong1967

            Believe me, I’m still vomiting over the fact that we wound up with Romney as our candidate. I never thought it was even possible.

          • “identical political philosophies?”

            Obamacare vs repeal Obamacare
            Spend our country to death vs. fiscal responsibility
            Friend to enemies vs. friend to allies
            high taxes vs. low taxes
            no pipeline vs. pipeline

            Name ONE major issue they are “identical” on?

      • wodiej

        Well if you are not going to help the rest of us get rid of obama, why come on posting boards with the cynical, negative,defeatist posts? Why not find something productive to do like support a congressperson in your state.

        • Leave it to someone that really doesn’t know much, and doesn’t address any issue I have to make the arrogant, if not outright ignorant, assumption that I don’t support political candidates in my state. I regularly correspond with members of my state legislature, as well as national legislators from outside my state, such as LTC West. As for my ‘cynicism’, maybe instead of BS’ing, you could answer some of those points I’ve made that are issues for my support for Romney. I doubt you will, but I’ll be honest enough to suggest you do.

  • carolt2

    Mark is right. We have to get rid of Obama and his edicts, he acts like he’s king now.

    • Freempg

      Carol, this goes without saying — Obama must be defeated. Can Romney defeat Obama? I don’t think he can. He has no instinct to fight the left. He doesn’t know how. He often agrees with them.

      Rush’s said this (which to me applies to conseratives rolling over for Romney even before he is the official nominee):

      “We [conservatives] are so used to defeat that we try to find a morsel somewhere in the defeat that will make us feel somewhat comfortable and secure, in the midst of huge defeat.”

      • carolt2

        Unfortunately Romney is our only hope. I listen to Rush & Mark Levin everyday while at work, some days I will replay the same show because I cannot work & & hear everything.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          My opinion is waiting to see what happens at the convention. we have plenty of time, we do not know what will happen between now and then.

          • kong1967

            I’ll bet you $100 that Romney is still the nominee after the convention.

      • kong1967

        This election is less about Romney and having a perfect candidate than it is about getting rid of Obama. I would vote for a dart throwing monkey wearing a blind-fold before I stayed home and essentially gifted Obama a vote.

        Romney can beat Obama. When the news gets around about all of the taxes on every American in Obamacare, the anger is going to be high even among Democrats. They may not vote for Romney but they may not vote for Obama, either.

        Romney pulled up to 53% in the latest CNN poll, and it’s just getting started.

        • wodiej

          the economy and job numbers alone will give Romney the advantage. I don’t know why people keep saying Romney has no chance-no one knows but God.

          • They say it, because:

            1: He’s black. Politicians have been too cowardly to turn both barrels on Obama, and really let him have it. The coward role now includes WILLARD, just as it has already inducted McCain into it’s Hall of Fame.

            2: He has brought electronic voting apparatus into the factor that can be easily tampered with, and is provided by foreign, 3rd parties, reducing accountability and transparency that much more.

            3: He has the racist vote. Stupid blacks are, and will remain, in lock step with him, no matter what, and this is now expanding to include stupid Latinos, and looking to include stupid homosexuals.

            4: He controls the media. The media will never truly turn on Obama, and is more than willing to lie, distort or even cover up for him, in order to protect their own interest (Obama). If they say the economy is getting better, idiots will vote for him (see #3).

            5: He has the white guilt vote. White liberals are among the lowest form of life on the planet, and they constantly seek validation for their pathetic, miserable existences. Obama, a black politician, provides them with all they need.

            Romney has none of these advantages. Its shocking that you don’t have the wherewithal enough to not require these few points spelled out for you to realize what people are talking about, when they speculate that Romney has no chance. Plenty of people say they won’t vote for Obama, again, but when they’re really in the booth, only you would actually take them at their word. The word of a liberal is worthless, to me.

            • kong1967

              Yeah, it’s going to be a huge mountain to climb, but I really think it can be done (although I wish we had a better candidate). The fact that Romney is up by over 5 points on a CNN poll this early says a lot because the polls tilt liberal. Yeah, I know, polls don’t mean crap…but it gives me hope.

        • poljunkie

          Dart throwing monkey wearing a blindfold. HA ha! Love it.

      • I think we all know that Obama has to be defeated, but the very big issue of this is if we let the RNC “choose” our candidates and then tell us we have to support him, that’s horrible! The election was rigged right from the start and the people didn’t fight back.

        Now a lot of people are realizing that Willard doesn’t have it in him to beat Obama. He will never make it in a debate. Romney and Obama have supported much of the same things and if Romney tries to wiggle out of it, it won’t look good on his part.

        It won’t be conservatives fault if Willard loses, it will all be on the RNC for how they treated “the people.” Democrats came out in the open primaries and voted for Mitt because that’s who they wanted to go up against Obama because they knew he would lose. We have been set up. Can’t people see this?

        Mitt won’t fire his staff as Rupert Murdoch suggested he do. Those people have been with him for years. You can’t make someone a conservative and a leader just because you think we can control him after the election. It never works that way

        I said this previously, people have no idea what is coming down the pike in the way at attacks from the media. There is TONS of stuff to work with that I’m certain the media will use and most of it will be true. I have a friend that works at one of the big networks and he said they are salivating just waiting to unload what they have on Mitt. it won’t be pretty at all. Thanks to the RNC who want to keep their cushy jobs they gave us the worst candidate possible.

  • JApost

    ABR. I don’t vote for nancy-boys that spend millions slandering blue star military moms.

  • Right on Mark !

    America is returning in November
    And boy, is she pissed !!!

    • kong1967

      Yeah, she better put some makeup on because I’m starting to not recognize her any more. 🙂

  • GodsavethePeasants

    You just have to love Mark Levin! Unlike Rush, who made a not so subtle hint that he, as I did, supported the same two candidates, Mark came out strongly for them. Rush will be passionate and articulate when saying what I (we) think, but Mark often comes out guns blazing and gives no quarter. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am right there vicariously kicking butt with him!

    • kong1967

      Have you ever listened to Neal Boortz? I love the guy. He is brutal to liberal callers.

  • johnos2112

    For those that do not want Romney fine then stay home! This bastard in the WH is far worse than Romney! If you are okay with complete tyranny then stay home. If the election is razor thin close you can look in the mirror and thank yourself. I would much prefer a true conservative like Jindal or Rubio as President. This is what we have. Obama is evil and needs to be removed!

  • On Nov 6, 2012 we vote out Obama. On Nov 7 we start vetting candidates for the next election. In Nov. 2014 we primary Senators McConnell (KY), Alexander(TN), Graham (SC). In Jan. 2015, we start uniting behind ONE conservative canidate to primary Romney for 2016.

    • kong1967

      Not going to happen. No one will run against Romney in 2016, unless maybe he’s doing a terrible job. I hope he doesn’t do a terrible job.

      • Guest1776rcp

        Mark my words, Romney is going to deliver Hillary in 2016 as he trashes the Republican brand like Bush did.

        • kong1967

          I’m not going to judge Romney on a job he hasn’t started yet. But your prediction is noted. 🙂

        • Okay, now you’re scaring me. Stop.

        • Don

          Obama is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Hillary wrote her senior paper at Wellesley on Saul Alinsky. They are both cut from the same mold. Getting rid of Obama and electing Hillary 4 years later would be like taking poison twice.

      • wodiej

        how do you know what’s going to happen? You don’t.

        • kong1967

          How do you go from agreeing with me when I say it the first time and turn around and say I don’t know what I’m talking about?

          You’re right, I don’t know, but I’d be willing to bet my truck on it. Ok, maybe not, lol.

  • ryanomaniac

    This can’t be fixed overnight. I’ve said that till I’m blue in the face. For some reason there are some idiots out there who do. They think their strong or some hero or something. The people who wont vote for Romney cause he ain’t perfect and want things changed in a blink of an eye have the thought process of liberals. They can’t see two feet ahead of them. They do something and don’t realize what they did hurt things in the future. Get Romney in. Obama out. Take control of the Senate. Take more control of the House of Representatives. Move from there.

    • kong1967

      Agreed. There are some who want the budget to be fixed immediately, certain entitlements killed immediately, certain agencies killed immediately, and not allow any more debt ceiling increases.

      It has to be a trending curve to turn things around. If you turn a car 90 degrees on a dime while it’s driving 100 m.p.h. there’s going to be a serious wreck. The economy, the system, the people, the job markets, and etc. all have to adjust to changes over time and won’t do well with instantaneous massive changes.

      I’m sure people will disagree with me. 🙂

      • Guest1776rcp

        None of that happened under Bush’s four years with the RINO lead GOPe controlling both Houses and appeasing their party’s President and it ain’t going to happen this time either as there are not enough ACTUAL conservatives in office yet.

        • kong1967

          “Yet” is the key word. We have a chance to get more of them in again, and the Senate should be able to be improved on much more than the last election.

          We have to get enough that we don’t have to worry about them supporting any RINO initiatives that Romney might ask them to pursue. Romney can’t do a damn thing (legislative) without Congress and can’t sign any bills he doesn’t get.

        • wodiej

          how do you know what is going to happen? You don’t.

    • Guest1776rcp

      And some people don’t understand that Romney is going to hurt the conservative cause long term with the setbacks.

      Did the GOPe cut entitlements last time they held power?
      Nope, they added to them.

      Did the GOP reduce the debt last time they had power?
      Nope they nearly doubled it.

      Did the GOP reduce the size and scope of government last time they had power?
      Nope they expanded the size and scope of government more than any since LBJ.

      Stop acting like an idiot and encourage people to vote conservative for House, Senate and locals and write in whomever if they can’t support Romney.

      • wodiej

        Obama has increased entitlements.
        Obama has increased debt.
        Obama has increased gov’t.

        What exactly is your point besides insulting people to make a point? Romney may not overhaul them all but I am certain he will not be spending the people’s money taking frequent expensive, overseas leisure vacations and increasing the dole.

        • Guest1776rcp

          My point exactly is: Don’t encourage people to stay home just because they can’t pull the lever for a progressive with an (R) next to his name.

          And you’ll notice you’re the one who started throwing out insults first by calling people “idiots” behaving like liberals.

    • I’m not so much against Romney because I don’t think he can clear up the problems, instantaneously, as I am against him because of his political past, and the belief that he really isn’t interested in clearing up something that he might not even view as problematic, in the first place. Past performance is a predictor of future behavior, and looking at his past performance as a debater and politician does not fill me with confidence. At this point, I’d be happy to see a Constitutional Conservative majority take Congress, and impeach a few judges out of the Supreme Court. With a super-majority, even a sitting, first term president can be marginalized. And we can start by demanding a recall of the members of Congress that are unelected, and were given their seats by fellow liberals.

      • … and don’t forget you’re against him because he’s a Mormon. That’s number one on your list. You said yourself that if Ronald Reagan was a Mormon you wouldn’t have voted for him.

    • nibblesyble

      Hey Ryan, what did you end up naming your baby girl? Glad to see ya here.

  • poljunkie

    Im voting against Obama in November.

    As someone said earlier, even if we use Romney as a stop gap for 4 years while “someone” else prepares for a run in 2016, at least it gives us time to save our Republic from sliding into the sea.

    • kong1967

      I agree, but if Romney wins the election it is customary for no one to run against him in 2016. That would be a rare occurrence.

      • poljunkie

        Very true Kong. He’d have to be doing a horrible job.

      • wodiej

        it has been rare in the past. But we never had the Tea Party and conservatives who finally was really willing to take a stand. I’m betting it is not a done deal.

    • wodiej


  • kong1967

    Fantastic! He could just as well be talking to a few people here who believe the same thing. Romney = Obama. No, he doesn’t. We must defeat Obama even if we put in a monkey that throws darts.

  • styxman65

    PEOPLE MAKE FUN OF BLOOMBERG TO WHAT HE IS DOING TO NEW YORK, THAT IS CHILD’S PLAY TO WHAT OBAMA WILL DO THIS NATION IF REELECTED. Obama will dismantle this country one piece at a time and then one day we will be ruled by the UN in this “ONE WORLD ORDER”.

  • I think you and I are the only ones on this board who really actually get it. We know that Romney IS NOT inevitable until the convention in Tampa.

    Make no mistake there are many things happening on this front and NO ONE should be on this board brow-beating those of us who really know the score.

    I listen to Mark Levin religiously, but he was out of control today and should have told the listeners that we have one option left. If the delegates are behind Mitt on the first ballot, then we know what we have to do. Until then, everyone needs to remain calm and work for the people in your state that’s running and donate to them.

  • wodiej

    thanks RS. This is the best argument I’ve seen in voting for Romney. Levin points out he’s not our first pick and it doesn’t mean we are doing cartwheels over voting for him. It just means we are committed to getting obama out of power. Remember this is the 1st presidential election with the Tea Party/grassroots. If Romney does not lead as a constitutional conservative, he will not get re-elected.

    Many are upset because another establishment person has all but won the nomination and I am one of them. But the winds of change have been blowing and Gov. Sarah Palin has been a big factor in that for the last 4 years. She’s been ridiculed, been the butt of vulgar, insulting jokes, had death threats against her and her family, forced out of office, been accused in being an accomplice in the Giffords shooting spree, had her church burnt down and yet she still is fighting to get obama out of office. Like Levin, why does she do it? For no other reason because she wants to help save this country. Palin is not running for any political office yet she endures all this BS every day, travels the country making speeches at private conservative events and has a PAC to help raise money for constitutional conservatives for congress. So if her and Levin can do it, so can we. Romney will just be a tool to get rid of Obama. The next election will be our Pièce de résistance.

  • I cannot argue with Mark’s point here.

  • Pyrran

    Guys like that caller are exactly the reason we have Obama right now.
    “Oh I can’t vote for McLame, he’s not conservative enough”
    Here we are four years later and some of these people just don’t learn their lesson.
    Hold your nose with one hand and pull the lever for Romney with the other.

  • Pyrran

    Oh, and another thing. I personally have had enough of short term thinking by the conservatives. If they can’t get it fixed quick, they give up. How long did it take the libs to infiltrate the news media, the universities, the unions, and the other institutions they now hold power over? Long term planning is what we need.

    • PhillyCon

      Not to mention, the libs have been after socialized medicine for 50 years. As Rush said, the legislation had been written for years collecting dust in Pelosi’s desk, waiting for the perfect opportunity.

      Only if our side would use as much determination getting rid of that POS bill, as the Left was in “pushing” it.

      But like you said, we give up too soon and then turn into a circular firing squad.

      • Amy

        Actually, socialized medicine has been a century in the making. Way, way back in the turn of the century (1900) the AMA started talking about it. They progressives are rotten but they are patient & persistent in their goals.

  • PhillyCon

    In some circles, Levin would be called a sell out. Pathetic.

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I’ve been reflecting all week on the SCOTUS decision and reading everyone’s opinions on the motive, but at the end of the day, I know this: It is a fact that Romney’s campaign and GOP campaigns around the country were infused with money and energized, the Tea Party is energized, and for some people, the fact that Romney has now been handed an urgent mission is the only reason why they’re voting for him now. It doesn’t matter to me now if it would’ve been better if Roberts ruled with the dissenting judges — of course it would’ve been! But we can’t change that now, so I choose to look forward with what we do have — a very motivated silent majority.

    I am off to prepare for my July 4th party today (say a prayer for me — of my 17 guests, 8 are flaming liberals!), but I will leave everyone with this story which I copy and pasted from a comment from retire05 at Legal Insurrection. It leaves me with a lot of hope that we can kick the fascist president out of office in November, and I hope it does the same for you:

    “I don’t know if my own personal experience is any indication of how the nation is reacting to the disastrous Roberts ruling but here is what happened:

    I live in a town that is basically the county headquarters for the Democrat Party in a county that has, in all other areas, turned deep red. 2010 brought some real firsts: first Republican sheriff since Reconstruction; first Republican county commissioners; first Republican district judge; first Republicans on all school boards except the one in my town.

    The county GOP party held its meeting the night of the SCOTUS decision. Usually there are 10-15 people there, just the few of us who are active in the party and attend every meeting held, no matter what town it is in. That night instead of the usual 10-15 attendees, there were 60. People who I have known for years, and did not know their political leanings, were there. They were angry, and wanted to know what they had to do to give Obama the boot. One even came with pocket copies of the Constitution that he was handing out to anyone who wanted one.

    If the anger shown at my own little local meeting, it is an undercurrent of the temperature of the nation that leans conservative.”

    • toongoon

      Thank you Rosie, that is very encouraging.

    • GodsavethePeasants

      You make a very salient point that PC types pf all stripes are afraid to point out. When the O is described as a Socialist or leaning to socialism, the left and msm squeal. However, he is indeed a fascist in ruling style by definition. He does not actually take over industries, but uses them for his purposes and favors both corporations and individuals the help him implement his control through crony capitalism. Fascism thus enables him to excoriate huge corporations, Wall Street and venture capitalists, while taking money from them and handing out our money and special treatment to them. A few examples: Solyndra, a host of other ‘green’ companies, GE, Buffet, GM and Chrysler along with the UAW, many banks and anyone else supporting him and his fascist regime. NO, citing this FACT dos not mean we are calling him a Nazi, you lily-livered cowards like Bill O’Reilley

  • GodsavethePeasants

    Having Mark Levin and, you can be sure, Rush pushing Romney to the right and excoriating any weak-kneed compromises by him will help. What will help even more is all of US raising hell every day both in groups, as tea parties and through our senators and representatives. Supporting the latter as well as Michelle Malkin and any other right wing media or bloggers who try to stir up mass resistance, as well as Michele Bachman, Jim Demint, etc., is crucial. First we MUST elect Romney and all the senators we can as Mark states in his lovely bulldog style. My wife and I would find it so pleasant to hear much less, at least in political discussions, about Queen Michelle and more from the aforementioned Michel(l)es.

  • B-Funk

    The big take away for me is “the nay-sayers will destroy us”. I couldn’t agree more. They’re the people that get left behind on the dung heap of history because they were too scared to stick their necks out. All I can say is, they better not get in our way because we’re playing for keeps now!

  • My neighbor is a Barry kind of guy. So i asked him if had $10,000 who would he trust more to invest it? He actually had to think about it. So, i told him he was to far gone for any kind of help.

  • CG patriot

    Sorry, a little late to this party, but, Mr. Levin is 100% correct, and as I’ve said previously on a different post– “if we have to drag Romney’s sorry @$$ across the finish line and to tell him how to do his job as POTUS”………… WE MUST!

    Like many of you, Romney was not my first choice, but as it stands now, like Mark has mentioned– we have “no other choice” but to tolerate our grievances with Romney and to put pin to the ballot form and mark the box ~Conservative~ “RINO”…….. to stop “King Obama” and to take back the Senate and hold the House.

    Yeah– it stinks, again the establishment GOP served us up another crap sandwich. Well, we’ll just have to make sure the “GOPe” eats the same crap they’ve served us– but ours will be “a boot to back of their neck’s” to make sure they do the job’s we’ve elected them to do period, with no exception’s!!!

    Signed: in C/O the TEA PARTY………”

  • banzi641

  • Steven Urcinoli

    Mark Levin is a status creep. Period.

    Ron Paul is the only one, who fits the bill as a TRUE Patriot.
    A status liar like Levin, who under close inspection, only differs with Paul on foreign policy.
    In other words, if Paul dont kiss Israels ass, or go fight their wars in the guise of bullshit global security, nothing he does is any good or helpful.
    Levin, the ding dong, should know, our DEPT is our hugest threat. Not a dirt patch in the middle east.
    When we go bust, no more money to fight wars.
    then what?
    Clean out your ears and open your eyes people.