Mark Levin interviews Ex-CIA chief Jose Rodriguez who says Pelosi lied about waterboarding

This is a great interview because instead of focusing on the EITs (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques) like everyone else, Levin took a different route and focused on other items like the briefing Rodriguez gave Pelosi on waterboarding and what he thought about Holder wanting to investigate the CIA agents, and much more. On the former, since it was indeed Rodriguez who went to Capitol Hill to brief both Porter Goss and Nancy Pelosi, he knew exactly what he told them and he did brief them on the EITs, as well as the fact that they had used waterboarding on Abu Zubaydah. He plainly said that Pelosi lied about it. You can watch her lie here if you want, for good old time’s sake.

Here’s the full interview:

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  • Joe

    I assume EVERY democRAT lies about everything

    It is in their fiber – It is a given

    As I said before Russian Roulette is fine with me

    Even it saves only ONE AMERICAN from a PAPER CUT

    Always remember THEY tried to KILL us AND

    They WANT to die – We should oblige them and have them meet the

    72 Virginians who will kick their butt –

    What the HEY! – I heard the Virginians are waiting for Pelosi and Company too

  • Joe

    Where is everybody anyway? –

    Traffic has been pretty light lately

    • Amy

      I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve run out of words to describe the outrage and idiocy. It’s just never ending… 😉

      • Sober_Thinking

        Amen Amy… I’m so disgusted that I’ve had to take a brief sabbatical for my own mental health. I’m so mad and tired of all the lies and the despots who are deliberately raping this nation. You can only hear so much of this.

        • Amy

          I know. My ONLY comfort is that I know where I stand as this evil shakes down. I know without a shadow of doubt that my God is triumphant in the end. I wouldn’t say I’ve given up, because I’m more resolute now than any time before. Satan is hard at work, and so am I. It’s gotten to a point though, that I don’t find it surprising or even outrageous anymore. It’s expected.

          I know the basis of the lie and I know what the eventual outcome is.

          • Sober_Thinking

            Again, great points. I’m with you on that!

            It’s been hard to see the insanity and corruption. Evil is indeed ugly. But you’re right, we do know the end of the story already. I’ll continue to take comfort in Him. 🙂

            Keep fighting the good fight!

            • Amy

              You too, Sober_Thinking ~

          • Sober_Thinking

            When you have a moment, please read this short article. And share it with others.


  • Nukeman60

    Wow. Pelosi lied? How am I ever going to trust her again? Wait, I never did in the first place.

    These lying politicians think that we will never hear about the things they lie about. When it happens, they disappear back into the woodwork and the darkness – only to come slithering out later to lie about something else.

  • Fine. If pouring some water on his face (something he clearly didn’t care about, considering what he was doing during the process) is playing too rough, we can play nice with him by stripping him naked, blindfolding him, and letting the Delta Lambda Phi guys haze the sh*t out of him. I’m sure he’ll talk. Don’t know what he’ll be saying (or what octave it would be in), but I know they could make KSM talk, no harm done.

    And he’d probably leave the experience with some new friends.

  • PVG

    BO and Pelosi are turning into caricatures of themselves.

  • Maxsteele

    Another true patriot with a great story to tell about where he came from, how he climbed the ladder of success, in the American way that is marginalized and ignored by the MSM. They would rather have some socialist talking head from the university of marxism on the TV for a 10 second talking point then actually have someone with substance on. It sickens me but then I get so much joy to hear this 14 minutes of true journalism from Mark Levin. Thank you Mark and thank you TRS.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for bringing this interview to our attention.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Pelosi is a scab on the butt of congress. Just like Biden, she has lost her flippin mind.

  • Retired_from_SPOnaj

    Funny, I don’t see Rep. Pelosi challenging Jose Rodriguez on this. When this came up before, Pelosi subpeona’d all of the Agency’s contemporaneous records of the briefings to prove what was said. Once her staff had reviewed them, they said, on a Friday evening, “Nothing to see here, move along.”