Mark Levin: It’s not about trickle down, its about an iron-fisted authoritarian govt imposing its will on a free people

Responding to Pelosi attacking the Democrat straw man “trickle down economics” that she likes to pin on Republicans, Levin blasted the idea and said that this isn’t about trickle down economics, but rather it’s about an iron-fisted authoritarian centralized government imposing it’s will on a free people. And that pretty much sums up the Democrat party in one line.

And there’s a lot more. Listen below:

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  • 911Infidel

    The woman is the absolute dumbest old broad that ever sat in the Congress.

    • mediaaccess1

      No, the populace that helped create her is even dumber – and that means a very blue California. It’s bad. This virus is so systemic I don’t know how it’s gonna be resolved, but we keep trying.

      • 911Infidel

        She’s an old hippie pothead. She matches up well with Moonbeam Jerry and the rest of her left coast loons. Ain’t a one of them got a single brain between them. Well not one that hasn’t been fried in too many LSD trips anyways.

  • We are in an age of interesting ideological times. The left has moved to far left and the right has had to move too right to counteract this.

    Not sure if this is caused by the expansion of the Internet and continual flooding of news into people’s minds. Reminds me of the French Revolution. Won’t be surprised to see a major war as a result.

  • PovrlaChasse

    Nancy Pelosi is mentally ill. This is not to be insulting to her. She needs medical attention, as has been noted publically by several respected politicians. The things she has been saying lately are by any definition paranoid and delusional even by Leftist standards. I can’t take anything she says seriously. She needs help.

    • donmoffet

      I believe you’re absolutely correct. In my opinion she appears to exhibit signs of early onset dementia.

  • sjmom

    One of the Left’s tools is distraction; to get people focused on the right hand while their left hand tries to pick pocket your wallet.

    • Nukeman60

      Never works on me. When I hear Obama speak, and I mean every time, my right hand goes on my holster and my left hand covers my wallet. It’s a natural instinct, I guess. 🙂

      • sjmom

        That’s the problem the Left has right now. More and more are reacting like you are instead of like the mind numbed robots who voted for Obama in 2008. I was talking to my sister in law today and we were discussing how there are some people who are still willing to vote for Obama. Neither of us could figure out why. Masochism????????? Ignorance???????????? Stupidity???????????????

        • Nukeman60

          The very good news is that many more people are asking that question of why. That’s why I don’t trust or believe the media’s polls. November 7th is going to be a very telling day.

          Dare I say the skies will clear, the oceans will recede, and all people over this great nation will sigh that collective sigh of relief? I don’t know, but I do know we will at least have a chance.

          Then the work begins.

          • sjmom

            Count me in on the “sigh of relief”.

          • BS61

            I hope that you are right! I’m taking the day after the election off so I can either celebrate or cry!

      • unseen1

        i haven’t listened to the man since 2008.

  • opinionatedhermit

    The real problem with Trickle Down Economics – is that for way too many, it has become an economic system where they wait around for Pelosi to trickle a little their way…..

    Let’s get it straight:

    Being on “the Dole” = Trickle Down Economics

  • odin147

    This election will be a referendum on the ability of the folks to tune out the msm. It is amazing how Odumbo and his prop team come up with words to fool the folks, bargain, bottom up, middle out, contract, 95% tax cuts, now it is 98% tax cuts. Trickle down economics has already been tried and it failed. Mr. President there is no such thing as trickle down economics, conservatism has always believed in tax cuts for all Americans, because money was never government’s in the first place. Here is a primer on econ 101, think of money not as money but as a resource, when we cut taxes for everybody we are releasing resources into the economy so that the folks can better utilize that resource. Folks who own businesses can best utilize that resource, an employer can do more with that resource than the employee. A producer can do more with that resource than the consumer. Here is a lesson for the environmentalists, in nature there is something called balance, I know you guys hate to disturb that balance. The economy is the same, it is just like nature, there is an inherent balance to it when you raise taxes you are disturbing that balance. That is why you want to keep low and preferably permanent. There is even a constitutional and moral argument to keep taxes low but that is beyond your realm of understanding.

  • NoToTyrants

    Revenues to the government actually increased after both the Reagan and Bush tax cuts. It is based on a principle called the Laffer Curve.

  • Mark Levin. Keep on keepin on.
    You’re awesome.

  • freenca

    The dynamic that the left espouse is that of an upside down pyramid and they see themselves as the BASE at the TOP and the rest of us under them!! Hint: FDR was Pelosi’s GOD! The new new deal is her mantra, that the brain trust should be in charge. The BIG TENT DEMOCRATS really believe that our only successes should be as they dictate to the LITTLE PEOPLE as they see fit. Mark says it straight out yet again! Thanks for that Right scoop.

  • FreeManWalking

    The DemoComs don’t like Trickle Down because it lifts people from Government Dependency.

    DemoComs like Controlled Flow because they confiscate by taxation and GRANT Billions to FAILED Corporations so it can be Funneled back into their pockets, coffers, and off shore bank accounts.

  • Nukeman60

    We need our country back. We need to reestablish the Constitution.‘ – Levin

    When have you ever heard Pelosi say that? When have you ever heard Reid say we need to respect the Constitution? When have any of these people ever said anything that wasn’t politically motivated?

    Obama wouldn’t even wear a flag lapel pin until he found out the polls told him it was wise for him to do so. He’s worn it ever since. Is that honesty? Michelle wasn’t proud of her country until it elected her husband as President. Is she proud of it today? Will she be proud of it on November 7th? I doubt it.

    Good riddance to all of them, I say. Pelosi, Reid, Obama are all from the same stock – politically motivated, morally corrupt, and intellectually bankrupt. I say let the door hit them in the a$$ on the way out. The sooner, the better.

  • unseen1

    And that pretty much sums up the Democrat party (and the DC gop party) in one line.

  • carolt2

    I just love Mark Levin, I listen to him live online at six from his website and again starting at nine pm at the local radio station’s website. I rarely hear everything he has had to say because I am working at the time, but I do feel as if we have more power now over the government. I am probably wrong, but Mark makes me feel like we have to go fight!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Amen Mark… great points.

    Pelosi and those twisted crooks can set an example by paying 50% (or more) in taxes. The grand twit and her cronies would be more inpressive if they gave generously to charities (charities that actually benefitted real Americans). Imagine how much credibility they’d gain if they took a massive pay cut or voted to remove all the special perks of their office. Precious would have a little more clout if she dropped her Cadillac healthcare and enjoyed the fruit of her labor… she could march happily to the doctor’s office with a gavel in her hands…

    I’m tired of suffering the ignorance and arrogance of this witch, the demon Harry Reid and all the many other clowns who all want to impose their will on America and beat down success and Americans in the process. This is intolerable.

    Pray for these animals…

  • Levin is spot on. The “trickle-down” effect that Pelosi dismisses is actually how a free market operates. As has been noted, no poor person ever offered anyone a job.

    I still can’t quite understand how, as The Great One points out, millionaire politicians can criticize other millionaires in the private sector. This just doesn’t make sense, and never has. If “the evil rich” are so evil, and money is the reason, then (by their logic) aren’t all rich people evil? But Pelosi, Reid, Obama and the many other politicians who are quite well off due to their careers in politics are somehow OK? They’re not evil and we can trust them?

    It seems there is no such thing as logic to lefty politicians.

  • DavidScottMasiwchuk

    Pelosi doesn’t understand anything….