Mark Levin: Newt did more for the conservative movement than virtually all of his critics today

Mark Levin is, by his own admission, no special pleader for Newt Gingrich and he says that we can certainly criticize Gingrich on substance. But he says to count him out among those that are trashing Gingrich. In fact, he opened the show saying that if this trashing of Newt Gingrich is what the conservative movement has come to, then count him out.

This quote from Levin probably sums up his point about Newt more than anything else:

“Newt Gingrich, if he does nothing else, did more for the conservative movement and to stop the liberal Democrats in the House of Representatives than virtually everybody today who is criticizing him!”

He also plays the full audio in context, of the so-called Reagan-bashing that Newt did back in 1988, that absolutely disproves the idea that Newt was bashing Reagan at all.

Listen to the full segment. It is excellent:

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting Scoop. This is why this is my favorite blog!!

    • Mine too.

    • Anonymous

      Amen – this blog is the best on the web !!!

  • Anonymous

    RS, thank you for bringing this monologue to our attention.

  • Anonymous

    Once again Mark Levin sums up my feelings, and hopefully many others, masterfully.

    • Thank you Mark Levin for putting things in there right and correct perspective! As usualy the smearstream media and RINO ROmney attack dogs are taking things out of context…..

      Go Newt Go!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “If we are to reverse course we have to defeat the establishment”

  • Anonymous

    And this is what I appreciate about Mark. Shame on so-called conservatives!

    Mark openly supports Santorum but I’m thrilled that he sets the record straight on Newt. God bless him.

    Great post Scoop!

  • Mark is losing his mind right now on his show.
    Saying just what I have been . This is sick what the right is doing to each other.
    They are clearly trying to clear the way for Mitt (the RINO) to win by collectively torching all opponents

    • Anonymous

      It’s not new. It’s being going on. Mark just decided to finally give a damn.

      • Anonymous

        Finally? No one has done more on talk radio to defend conservatives then Mark!

        I remember when everyone was all over Perry for stumbling in the debate. Mark spent his monologue defending Perry, playing clips of Obama sounding like an idiot to do it.

        • Anonymous

          I am speaking about the 2012 primary, not about conservatives and conservatism. Mark does an excellent job explaining and defending conservatism.

          The charge Mark and others are making is media, campaigns, etc. are misrepresenting statements by Newt in order to prop up their preferred candidate. Mark is rightfully coming to Newt’s defense, but where was he in Iowa? No where. Why? Because attacks on Newt improved chances for his preferred candidates, Bachmann (#1) and Santorum (#2).

          I heard his defense of Perry by playing the Obama clips, but that is a presentation defense which can apply to any candidate, including Palin. (FYI, he has played that montage of Obama before the Perry debate fumbles. It was not prepared to defend Perry.) He never defended or corrected the record on the attacks against Perry, i.e. the content of the issues. Those are very specific to Perry.

          So Mark can complain all he wants, saying there has been enough “mud balling,” but the fact is he had little problem with it before. He committed the same by omission and to a lesser extent by commission.

          • Anonymous

            Complete BS. Levin did defend Newt about the RomneyPac ads. YOu have no idea what you’re talking about.

            What more of a defense do you want from Mark for Perry?

            Sounds like you’re just mad he’s not a Perry shill like you.

            • Anonymous

              Then we should have several Mark Levin monologue recordings on this site where we can hear those defenses.

              • k

                I listen to Mark Levin every night – yes he defended Perry and Gingrich on the multitude of attacks in Iowa he was saying how most of the attack ads in Iowa were all aimed at Gingrich by Romney & Paul – His POD CASTS are FREE – take some time all of his audio files are on his website.

                • Anonymous

                  He has talked a lot about the Romney ads after Iowa, very little before then and certainly not an impassioned defense of Newt.

                • M.

                  You should have heard him sing the praises of Romney in 2008 after it became obvious that McCain was going to win the nomination if people kept voting for Huckabee. I think you’re right on the merits. Levine is fine with mud-balling if it hits the right people.

          • I agree only with your First paragraph.

        • Anonymous

          Lastly, would I ever say it’s possible Mark’s motives for defending Newt is because he knows Newt might be the conservatives’ Alamo against Romney? Yes.

          • Anonymous

            Levin fights for the truth, always has.

            Stop talking out of your backside.

            • Anonymous

              He does selectively. I am not foolish enough to think his biases do not affect what truths he wishes to pursue.

            • NHConservative0221,

              I would not worry much about kamiller…he is a Perrybot who has sour grapes even though it is a fact his candidate had a weak message and (Perry) sees now that Newt is the best of the Conservatives to place against Obama and has endorsed him.

              • Anonymous

                If a Perry defender, then why are 99% of messages in defense of Newt?

                I wrote an article so weighted in the defense of Newt that I had to start it with a disclaimer saying I am a Perry supporter.

                Be informed.

                • kamiller….you guy is OUT OF THE RACE!!!

                  Perry is now a Newt Supporter and you should be as well and so stop bringing up this dead horse!

                  Perry is over, out, done, no longer a candidate, out of the running…..GET IT?!?!?!

                • Anonymous

                  You are confused again. I was talking about Newt. Get over yourself.

      • Mark just decided to finally give a damn.

        When you open your mouth, you let everyone know how much you don’t know. If he just started to give a damn today, why did he defend Newt from the same style attacks back in early December?

        • Anonymous

          Facebook… now there’s a wide audience. Did he read it on his radio show?

          I read. Not really a defense of Newt as much as it is an attack on his critics. Not much content in the FB note, but he made sure to get his Bachmann and Santorum plugs in.

          • but that’s the point. He’s been defending Newt from these attacks for the last couple of months, every since they started happening.

            You’d know that if you followed him at all. But it’s clear you don’t from your comments.

            • Anonymous

              Do you have any of these numerous defenses recorded and posted here? I would like to listen to them.

              I listen to Mark almost every day. He’s human. He has biases. And, they affect what he defends and how he defends.

              • PFFV

                Dude…you don’t know squat! I have learned to ignore imbeciles when they show they are unable to comprehend facts. Why waste my time on the morons that refuse to accept the truth? Buuuu Bye.

                • Anonymous

                  Looking forward to hearing those recordings.

            • Anonymous

              Still looking forward to hearing these numerous defenses of Newt by Mark from Iowa and before.

      • Anonymous

        I was a bit surprised, and quite disappointed that Mark, as many others, did not do more to defend Rick Perry…

        When I consider the breadth and intensity of attacks on conservatives like Rick Perry and Newt, even from supposedly conservative sources, AND the failure of quite a few conservatives to actively engage in their open defense, I am reminded (in a general way) of, “…then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak up for me.”

        Maybe the realization is setting in…

        • Anonymous

          Then you must too consider the breadth of attacks that were flung at Sarah Palin these last 3 years. Nobody got it as bad as her and her family. And yet how many conservatives came to her defense? Some, true, but not many. Especially when she was accused of murder in Tucson last year. Levin, Rush, Hannity came to her defense during that time and other times over the last 3 years, but not many more than that.

          • Anonymous

            You are so right. I think some of the DC establishment joined with the libs with the attacks on Governor Palin.

            • Of course they did … same with Herman Cain, and now Newt.

              They consider outsiders like Ms. Palin and Mr. Cain … and “rogues” in their camp like Newt … as existential threats to their primary concern: the maintenance of DC status quo that richly provides the meal tickets, social status, and access to peddle-able influence they enjoy.

              The political professionals — party professionals, consultants, pollsters — get paid by winning elections. The quality of governance after the election does not affect their paychecks.

              They, along with the elected leaders they serve and are served by, wrap themselves in the mantles of “expert” and “statesman” and sometimes even think they are doing all this for the good of We the People … but liberty and the ability of We the People to pursue happiness have become only secondary concerns to them.

              They refuse to consider that the migration of the political process into one dominated by permanent institutions and career aspirations — a professional/political complex that is far more corrosive to liberty than the military/industrial version — is the primary facilitator of the biggest problem we face: the outsourcing of our personal responsibilities, resources, and decision-making authority to these same few Best and Brightest in DC to solve our problems FOR us.

              All the other dysfunctions — from the debt to the crony capitalism — are symptoms of this fundamental problem, and the DC status quo has every incentive to perpetuate it.

              Until we elect people who will ignore those incentives and focus on OUR liberty … outsiders and rogues like those I list above … our slide into decline will continue.

              • M.

                That’s funny. I always had the idea that ‘conservatives’ should take responsibility for their own statements, actions, and outcomes. Especially when they deep six themselves by pretending to be something they’re not.

      • PFFV

        You are clueless about Mark Levin obviously. Mark cares more about the truth than any other conservative talk show host, maybe even more than Rush, given his extra advertising time in between commercials.

      • Anonymous

        kamiller42 – you are joking right? He has been saying this stuff forever. Did you just suddenly tumble to Marks positions?

      • Four years ago he did was well, I don’t know anyone who was excited about McCain. But Most of us were worried about Clinton, not Obama.

    • bobemakk

      You are so right. I have said it many times, the republicans are ruining any chances of winning the White House by all the criticisms they bring out about each other. Newt I believe is the best man for the job.

      Do we really want another 4 years of Obama misery?

    • Anonymous

      You know, there’s no surer incidation that I’m dealing with a dumbass then when they start throwing around the “RINO” label.

      If Ronald Reagan were running today, you whack jobs would be calling him a “RINO” too.

      I really do wish to God that you loons would break away and form your own American Nazi party. That way the Republican Party, finally rid of its radical right wing fringe, could move to the center and become the clear majority party in this country again.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Mark, and I will go further and say that Newt was crucified. I was not there like Mark, but, I was on the planet at the time. Revenge, pure and simple.

  • Trust1TG

    Here’s a RED CHAIR interview of Newt Gingrich on CNN…about his life, goals, etc.

    Don’t forget – DEBATE TONIGHT AT 8 – CNN

    • Anonymous

      Glad I got to witness that video 🙂

  • BTW whats up with Drudge ?
    I just check something. I entered Newt in the *search box and I came up with dozens of stories about Newt in JUST the past few days!!! most of which are negative

    Then I entered Romney and just a few stories and not all negs .

    • Anonymous

      Drudge, Coulter,etc…are all so far in the tank for Romney they may never surface again. They are as ridiculous as the mainstream media with their own bias (granted, a less dangerous one).

      • PFFV

        Perfectly stated, thank you.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I have noticed this as well & have been very disappointed. There’s not even a shred of trying to hide it – Drudge is all-in for Romney, at the cost of his viewership. I really hate to see his site go down like that.

      • Anonymous

        In that case his site deserves to go down.

  • I wish they could put this in that advertisement on Drudge defending Newt, it’s ridiculous counter to Newt attacks, they have to buy an ad to do it.. It really makes Drudge look really bad…

    • Anonymous

      I never went to Drudge’s site before and won’t start now!

      • Is_Sense_Common

        It’s been a great site. It just stinks to see it crash & burn. I’m really kind of surprised, to be honest. But then, why would I be surprised about anything anymore?

  • Thank You Mr. Levin for the truth. I was wondering about the context of that headline on Drudge. It was an eye opening day with the constant attacks on Gingrich from there, seems more clear that SC bombshell with ex wife was Drudge/ABC teamwork. The enemy of my enemy is my friend it seems.

  • That was so good I had to listen to it twice!

    The republican party does not want to reform Washington they want to control it.

  • Anonymous
    • Trust1TG

      At last – I’ll have to read it tomorrow after the debate. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    The Republican establishment, which continues to maneuver itself into second place so that it will never have to do any of the heavy lifting in this country, is the problem.

    The Republican prefers to strut his wealth in public, looking down his nose at the poly-lingual, unwashed, sexually chaotic left, but he likes to sneak out for a little fun in the restroom of an airport.

    If you’re in second place, nobody really expects much from you. Neither Boehner nor McConnell care about Obamacare. Neither is going to raise a fuss and especially if an outsider like Gingrich is elected. The common people are so far below these snobs that it doesn’t make a difference to their well-being.

    Newt needs to find a common ground with Ron Paul and connect with Santorum and together defeat Mitt Obamaney now.

  • I’m going for Santorum, cannot abide Newt’s position on immigration. However, will not support socialist Romney either.

  • Anonymous

    As usual, Mark is correct.
    Newt has his faults for sure but the likes of loser Bob Dole may help him.

  • There is a serious lack of intellectual honesty and integrity in this campaign on all parts.

    • Anonymous

      Your message is a breath of fresh air. Someone sees what’s going on! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Notice the most important thing Levin said in the clip:

    Romney will NOT repeal Obamacare. He’s not a fighter, like Newt.

    Newt has proven it by what he did as Speaker. Mittens has always laid down for the left (like appointing the liberal judges in MA).

    • Anonymous

      Mitt Romneybama knows that socialized medicine is the key to corralling independent thought and action and putting his master into the driver’s seat. Have you notice how Mitt can repeat lies like Newt left office in disgrace without batting an eye?

      That’s because Mitt Obamney is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. If you understand Saul Alinsky’s principles lying is part of the program. The ends justify the means. This man has no ethics and his morals are merely convenient. Ask Huckabee and Giuliani what a liar and a cur Mitt Obamney is.

      The GOD-less left are the first to admonish conservatives to mind the Golden Rule when we insist that people should take responsibility for themselves.

      This Alinsky/commie tack resumes when socialized medicine comes up: “Do you want poor children and old people to die without healthcare?” they wail, when the truth is that the left prefers to kill children before birth and death-counsel old folks who’s cancer treatments have been deemed “too expensive and un-productive.”

      • M.

        Newt did leave his office in disgrace. Do you think getting voted out of a position of authority by your own party is a badge of honor?

        So Mitt is a disciple of Saul Alinsky? Does he sacrifice babies to Baal too?

        Why don’t you ask Mark Levine what his opinion on the relative strengths of Romney and Huckabee were back in 2008. He may not have been on the radio in your town back then, but I remember those broadcasts quite clearly.

        • Anonymous

          That M must be for Moron

          • M.

            Says the man that had to look up “Baal” on Wikipedia.

  • Anonymous

    What I woke up to this morning, when I went to the Drudge report, was what I expected to see this campaign cycle. But I didn’t expect it till the general election. We all know what the 0 is capable of and we all expect that, but what is happening right now from the Republican establishment was a bit surprising.

    Now I, for one, welcome it. It will strengthen not only Newt, but all of us as a group and prepare us well for the long fight. Whoever survives to be our frontrunner will most certainly be strong enough to withstand anything the 0 could ever give.

    It began with the Ex-pose’, then the Debate slap, then the onslaught of history. When this primary stretch is over, the 0 will be crying that there is nothing left for him to use. What ever will he run on after this, his accomplishments? Bring it.

    Thanks Mark and Rush. Always stalwarts of Conservatism.

  • kim

    We are now confirming what we’ve all suspected since 2010 when the tea party swept the GOP in. They are just like the Dems…. in it for themselves, not principles. Furthermore, all the pundits like Coulter are nothing more than Hollywood actors.

    Unfortunately it is a cultural problem. Politics is downstream from culture.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Scoop! I just read that Sarah Palin said they are “crucifying Newt”(the establichment that is) If this doesn’t bring here out to campaign I don’t know what will!

  • Anonymous

    Interestingly, Mr. Breitbart, a former protege’ of Mr. Drudge seems to be steering clear of the bashing of Mr. Gingrich and has a few clips of Mr. Romney.

    There is a triangulation, the products of which I am extremely interested to see. It is Mr. Bannon, the Director Producer of THE UNDEFEATED, Mr. Breitbart and Mrs. Palin.

    I have no direct evidence, just a darn good hunch, and it will be delicious, if I am correct, to see just what the trio has cooked up for the near future political scene in and for this country.

    In the mean time, for those of us who are leaning against Mr. Drudge at this time, I suggest we check out the pages of Mr. Breitbart.


  • K-Bob

    When we had six or seven Republican candidates, we had the luxury of thinking about who we preferred. But even back then the spineless types were losing their spleens over the “electability” issue, and demanding we throw out everyone but Romney. Now that we’re down to three candidates (yes, I do keep omitting certain non-Republicans from this accounting), their desperation has grown worse.

    Strategy based on fear-of-losing is merely the cunning design of failure.

    This gutless fear of losing to Obama has some Republicans behaving like the only possible way to defeat the Worst President In History is by summoning the Most Perfect, White Knight Candidate in History. Zero confidence in your side’s position coupled with soul-crushing fear of the other side’s position is what leads to cowardly moves like abandoning conservative candidates and backing a cypher who offends the least number of people in media.

    The blunder by some prominent conservatives of declaring support for Anyone But Obama contributed to this mess, and we are seeing the result. We should never make such foolish declarations. We can always vote for the nominee if we want, but we should require these feckless, conservatisim-under-the-bus types to explain to us why their candidate deserves our vote.

    Fighting back against this blunder and the smear merchants who want Romney will take everything we have.

    • Anonymous

      That’s correct. My declaration was anybody but Paul and Romney.

      • M.

        In other words anybody but the two candidates who can actually win. Yes Ron Paul. Far more electable than Newt (phony) or Santorem. (A good man, but not exactly committed to rolling back the expansion of government)

        • Anonymous


          • M.

            Romney Bot actually. I’m just voting for Ron in the primary because I think conservatives should vote for fiscal sanity, sound money, and a limited role for government when they are offered the chance to vote for it, because that’s what we call ‘conservatism’.

  • Who knows Newt Gingrich…

    Mark Levin knows Reagan
    Nancy knows Reagan

    Mark Levin knows Gingrich
    Nancy knows Gingrich

    Even though Mark favors Rick Santorum, as I do, Mark’s defense of Gingrich today on the radio is very credible.


    ‘Cause Nancy Reagan said Pres. Reagan “passed the torch” to Gingrich and the Conservatives in the Congress in a speech in the mid-199os, that’s why.


    • Anonymous

      The Republicans won a historic election in 1994 because of gays in the military, tax increases, Hillarycare, etc. I don’t remember anyone saying let’s vote Republican because of Newt Gingrich. Since Newt became the Speaker in Jan 1995, of course, the natural inclination is to say the torch is passed to him. Unfortunately he failed and was thrown out. Sorry, that’s what happened.

      • Nancy said so…

        Nancy Reagan said, in a speech in the mid-1990s, that Mark Levin played on his radio program today, that Rush Limbaugh played on his radio program today, that Pres. Reagan “passed the torch” to Gingrich and the Conservatives in Congress.

        If Santorum, my choice for POTUS, is eliminated, I’m voting for Gingrich.


        • Anonymous

          That was 95 when Newt was at the top of his acclaim, before he was thrown out. Levin also said that Newt was not doing all these things with Reagan as he had claimed.

          One more thing, somebody’s wife is hardly an expert on politics. Is this the only person you guys can name. Oh yeah, and his son who was never in the administration. Pretty weak.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry to hear your spuse is so lacking in talent.

            • M.

              Wow, this looks like a case for the self-appointed “tone” police to lecture us on getting personal.

              If we want to take cheap shots at people’s wives, then we could always ask Newt which of his wives never lacked for talent.

              But you have a great point. We should probably consult a fortune teller to pick our nominee. After all, if Nancy did it it must be the one sure path to the truth.

      • Anonymous

        I guess he didn’t balance the budget or get Welfare Reform passed, right?

        Don’t tell me your a RINO Romney supporter.

        • Anonymous

          Ron Paul pointed out last night that they balanced the budget with borrowed money from the social security trust fund. You’ve been fooled. We also found out he was Nelson Rockefeller’s state chairman, not a Goldwater supporter as he claimed. I could go on and on.

          • Anonymous

            Ron Paul was strictly correct. The budget has not been balanced since about 1954, given that definition. But that is not how the term is used colloquially.
            What is surprising to me is your ignorance of the matter that Ron Paul’s revelation seems messianic to you.

            • Anonymous

              What is surprising to me is your use of the word messianic.

            • Anonymous

              If you have to borrow money from another member of the family to balance out your payments and revenue, that’s obviously not a balanced budget. It’s still further borrowing.

        • M.

          Another CINO calling someone a RINO for the sin of noticing that their “conservative” is a fraud.

          Dougx was listening when Ron Paul told you about the budget scam. I was listening. Weren’t you, CINO?

          Were you listening when Newt said he supplied witnesses to ABC and then admitted he didn’t? Were you listening when he claimed he was a “historian” for 30K/mo at the 2nd most wealth destroying agency in human history? Were you listening when he talks about shrinking government and then talks about building Jacksonville their own Carrier Battle Group and moonbases for Titusville? Were you listening when he attacked capitalism itself?

          Conservatives don’t see what they believe, the believe what they see, CINO.

          • K-Bob

            You’re new around here, so let me advise you to watch the tone. Scoop runs a friendly place, and needless flames are whisked away.

            I believe you misinterpreted his term. “RINO Romney supporter” is what he wrote, which is quite different from “RINO, Romney supporter”.

            • Anonymous

              Thank you K-Bob, that’s what I meant…I even fixed it to make it easier to read.

              • K-Bob

                NP! We can be patient with this influx of new folks stopping by to defend Romney. After visiting other sites they aren’t used to the vibe Scoop has created.

                Scoops place is a Zen Garden. With knobs on.

            • M.

              I think you should read this thread more closely. I see “RINO”, “Alinsky disciple”, “just as bad as Obama” and even M_J_S passing on the “Dan Quayle was an idiot” myth.

              Olympia Snow is a RINO. Murkowski is a RINO. Lincoln Chafee and Charlie Crist were RINO’s. The people who are trashing Coulter, Drudge, Christie and everyone else that refuses to ignore that Gingrich lies like a rug and holds “interesting” positions for a “conservative” are the ones who should watch their tone.

              • K-Bob

                My reading comprehension is fine, thanks.
                If you keep making things personal, you probably won’t last long, here.

                • M.

                  I raised the issue that people on this site are unjustifiably calling people RINO’s. That’s not getting personal, and is worth addressing if you’re genuinely concerned about people’s tone.

                  I’m not a liberal media personality from CNN/ABC/NBC, So claiming a tough question is offensive when it isn’t is not going to stop me from asking it.

                • K-Bob

                  Where did I say anything about stopping you from asking questions? You can either comply with the rather generous and lenient rules Scoop has laid down, or you don’t need to be here.

                • M.

                  I’m referencing Newt’s favorite debate tactic. Unfortunately for him, it got old about two debates ago.

      • Anonymous

        Reppubs won because it had been 40 years and there is a 40 year cycle. It was also because Bill Clinton wanted to trap hem in the Lewinsky scandal.
        There my analysis is as useful as yours.
        BTW as you might be aware people vote for their congressman and not for the speaker — but I am sure you are aware given the political perspicacity.

  • Maxsteele

    Thank you for posting TRS, especially after you posted that nonsense, out of context, video of Newts statements about what Bush should run on. As Levin showed here, what Newt was saying is that there were new issues on the minds of the American people that should be emphasized and that ethically they should continue in Reagans path fiscally but also look at the war on drugs as a major issue.
    All of this vicious, venemous, attacks on Newt just make me want to support him more. It is obvious that Romney cannot argue with him on facts or the issues so he and the GOP establishment are trying to take him down just as they did everyone else that was a front runner.
    I too, am a Santorum fan and wish he was doing better but, in my humble opinion, Newt is the only one with the spine, perserverance and intellectual capability to take on Obama, his psuedo intellectuals, and his billions of dollars.
    I think it is time to draw the line in the sand and raise your flags. I support Nancy Reagans candidate, I support Micheal Reagans candidate, I support Bakers candidate, I support Palin’s candidate–Newt Gingrich.
    Picking Santorum or Palin as a running mate would be a great double whammy.

  • Anonymous

    where is the link?

  • Anonymous

    Okay I got the link. It must have been my computer:)

  • K-Bob

    Zombie Marty Feldman popped up to say “Romney!”

  • If we nominate Mittens on a fear of losing, that is exactly what will happen. There is a reason what Queen Nancy through a stink bomb at Newt. Why would she bother if she thought he was the weaker canidate?

    • M.

      Yes, just imagine how well we’ll do if we nominate the guy that described Hispanic’s ethic language as “a language of the ghetto”. Even Hispanic Republicans who agree with that sentiment aren’t about to write that off.

      As for ‘Stretch’, it’s because she’s figured out that we distrust everything she says, so she’s hoping you’ll take her anti-endorsement as an endorsement of the candidate that the dems know will lose 40+ states.

      • Anonymous

        He did not. Prove it instead of being a WHINO

        • M.

          Good one with the WHINO. But I don’t need to prove it because Newt admitted it in the last debate.

          That’s what “that was taken out of context” means: He said that non-english languages are “languages of the ghetto”.

          And enough with these lame excuses about how we must ignore incredibly inappropriate or offensive statements because somehow they can be taken out of context. It is not only *possible* to say something so stupid that context doesn’t matter, it’s the lefts favorite damage control mechanism. ACORN employees offering to help traffic in child sex slaves? That was taken out of context. -Oh, Ok.

          I’m not saying that Newt hates Spanish speakers, far from it. Obviously he cares about upward mobility and opportunity for immigrant populations. But it is Joe Biden stupid to talk that way when you are running for the ONLY Federal office that every citizen gets to vote for.

          Should the representative of the Republican party tell the most successful Hispanic caucus in the country that their mother tongue is from the ghetto? Is that how we convince Latino’s to give the Republican Party a chance? Should he show up at a black entrepreneur’s convention and call them a bunch of welfare queens? It is possible to be unsuitable as a nominee simply because you constantly shoot off your mouth and sabotage your prospects.

  • Anonymous

    Ronald Reagan’s eldest son Mike Reagan has issued a statement lambasting Mitt Romney and his supporters for claims that Romney’s Republican presidential rival Newt Gingrich was a strong critic of President Reagan.

    Reagan says such claims are false.

    Even Rush Limbaugh, shocked by the Romney claims, chimed on his Thursday radio broadcast to say “This is obviously a coordinated attack to take Newt out here in Florida.”

    Rush slammed the Romney-backed smear campaign against Newt.

    Read more on Mike Reagan, Rush Limbaugh Blast Romney
    Important: Do You Support Pres. Obama’s Re-Election? Vote Here Now!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This was a great hour of radio. I caught it in the car today. Dispelled all the stuff propagated via Drudge today.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget that this is the same Mark Levin (I think) who trashed Gingrich in 2009 as a phony and a “has been” (see video):

      • Which underlines the importance of his complaint. He’s not a Gingrich guy. But, he still finds the remarks despicable. As do I. The same people who in the last ten years have been saying Newt is the smartest Republican have now said he’s not and he’s crazy. Not what they have been saying for years. Who you gonna believe them now or their own previous words? Better yet, finally understand their incompetence and bias.

      • M.

        Remember when Mark Levin trashed Huckabee in 2008 because he was attacking economic liberty? Hmm, that sounds so familiar. Which candidate(s) is/were making an issue of being successful in the private sector today? (That’s a twofer, because the other one was the other “conservative” darling that these Newtonians liked: Rick Perry)

        • Anonymous

          And ML was righ. Prove it otherwise
          See how easy it is to leave non-analytic infantile comments.

          • M.

            I’m not saying he isn’t right to criticize Huckabee. What is far more mysterious is why he’s not saying it about Newt.

  • Anonymous

    I heard Mark tonight. again defend Newt. This is as bad aa the RNO editorial by “the editors” with the column “winnowing the field”. I wanted Rick Perry and do not want Mitt, his surrogates are doing this. I cancelled my NRO subscription over that editorial and now I will vote for Newt in the primary.
    Rush Limbaugh called it today, he said that people are probably missing Rick Perry about now, that is true. It’s pitiful that a man who is so relgious, Mitt, has done such dishonest things to try to win a primary and an election that he has no chance of winning. No one is going to vote for Mitt over Obama. I live in MA and have suffered extra days of work due to requirements for reporting because of Romneycare. Romney will not repeal Obamacare, he’ll try to make it better. Romneycare has also increased our premiums in MA more than the average over the country. MItt is a liar.
    I will vote for Newt and send another email to Mitt about his dirty politics, I sent one a few months ago when he thought his biggest threat was Rick Perry, he has a website to launch attacks at Rick Perry, It is still up but Mittens has not updated it lately.

    • Anonymous

      Rush is right. I was with Rick Perry from the start and only switched to Gingrich on Perry’s glowing endorsement of Gingrich. I will hold my nose on Gingrichs personal baggage and vote for him. I will not, under any circumstance give my vote to a slimey, dirty crook like Willard.

      He destroyed Rick Perry’s chances for the nomination in more ways than one and I will never forgive him for that.

      The Romney-media has been keeping critical information away from the Primary voters. You never hear Clearchannel talkers (Bain-controlled), Fox-radio talkers (filtered through a Bain-controlled company), Drudge, Glenn Beck (his network if Bain-owned and he is employed by Bain), and Fox (Ailes/Crossroads and Rove) sharing the facts about the candidates opposing Willard.

      Take Perry for instance. After the third debate he did consistently well – but the Romney-media blocked the flow of anything positive and ramped-up the ridicule to obscene levels to be sure he could not recover. (They were assisted by the MSM, under instructions from the Obama/Soros machine, as they feared Perry the most.)

      Jennifer Rubin, WAPO quote: “Anonymous Republican attacks on Perry, for instance, may or may not come from Romney aides”, she said during the Cain lynching by WAPO.

      Backing Gingrich

      • Anonymous

        I looked up everything I could on Perry and liked what I saw. It started with Rove attacking Perry becuase of what he said about Bernanke. Rove hates Perry.
        Could you send me a link to what Bain controls? Perry had back surgery in July and should have delayed his announcement a month. He needed more time to recover.

        I live in MA, I wasted 4 1/2 hours yesterday filing what we have to at work to comply with Romneycare regulations.
        I was never a fan of Newt but now I will vote for him only to vote against Mitt. I was hoping this year would be the year I could vote FOR someone rather than against one, again!
        I know Rubin is in the tank for Romney, she said that?

      • M.

        Isn’t Cain responsible for Cain’s “lynching”? You should be pissed at him for sucking all the Tea Party air out of the room, because he’s why you are left with Newt and Santorem as the supposed “champions”of fiscal conservatism when it is clear they are anything but. And that’s why the Tea Party is left with no recourse beside supporting a fiscally responsible moderate.

        As for Perry, didn’t you happen to notice when Perry claimed “we had no heart” if we didn’t use O.P.M. (Other People’s Money) to pay for illegals to get in-state tuition rates?

        Did you happen to catch when he described basic mechanisms of real, free market capitalism as “vulture capitalism”?

        Did you happen to notice when Santorem hit him upside the head with a proverbial 2×4 for claiming the state should be able to forcibly innoculate pre-teen girls against a disease that can’t possibly be caught in from fellow students unless the school is utterly negligent in it’s duties?

        Did you happen to notice when he had that 4 second BSOD on live national television?

        Perry has only himself to blame for his collapse. Beyond that, I was not surprised to learn what sort of “conservative” he is: He’s a “conservative” because it’s easy to be conservative when you’re surrounded by them. But in reality, Perry, like Newt, only plays a conservative on TV. (aka, at election time.)

  • Anonymous

    Matty Drudge and his and his drones and the Romney Morman Mafia along with NRO ,Ann (horseface) Coulter have had a panic ridden 48 hours of non-stop Gingrich bashing. This should prove that the Establishment RINOs are trying to pick and choose our candidate for us again like in 2008. In that 2008 election the only good thing to rise from that diaster was Sarah Palin who should be running now, but oh yeah, Romney already sent his goons on her to kneecap her with Romneys politics of destruction. This getting uglyier every day. Mark Levin is right.

    • M.

      You know it’s really funny you say that, because you know who Mark Levine was in favor of in the closing weeks of the primary in 2008? His name was Mitt Romney.

      Prepare yourself, because Levine also ran several shows where he explained why it was worth voting for McCain rather than staying home precisely because it really does matter which party wins the whitehouse.

      • Anonymous

        Sara is not shilling and Newt is not on the History department of Freddie or Fannie. Get your facts correct. Perhaps it is difficult when you are infatuated with Ann’s golden locks and Chisties flabby middle.

        ML is correct that Obama is the worst of all possibilites so one can hold ones nose and vote. Is that like E=Mc2 for you.

        • M.

          I know that Levine is correct about that, which is I have padded nose clips for voting since I’m not a child who takes my marbles home when my golden candidate on horseback fails to show up.

          I’m just trying to prepare blueniner for when he first hears Mark Levine telling him to vote for Romney in a few months.

          Regarding Palin, it sounds like shilling to me when it got beyond “keep Newt in it”, I say that because I think it should be obvious that Newt is the antithesis of the Tea Party movement: He’s the ultimate insider: He helps himself to taxpayer funds, claims he wants to spend all sorts of money for extravagant projects we can’t afford, attacks the financial mechanisms of capitalism and WORKED FOR FREDDIE MAC.

          I didn’t know that Freddie had a History Department either, but then Newt told me he was just helping Freddie satisfy it’s previously undisclosed interest in the US History for $30K a month. That’s really funny, because I would say that a former speaker who was hired by the chief lobbyist of Freddie for that sort of money might have been hired for who he knows, as opposed to scraping gum off the underside of the desks or providing ad hoc lectures on the causes of the Civil War.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone considered that Newt is being eviscerated not because the media wants Romney but because the media is trying to protect themselves from Newt.

    Newt has told the entire media, both liberal and pseudo-conservative, that all their power, all their punditry, all their “electability” influence is inconsequential compared to the voting power of “We the People”.

    We must however stand firm against the constant media barrage of falsehood upon falsehood no matter how often it is repeated.

    • Anonymous

      IMO it is because BHO and his extension MSM want Romney because it neutralizes Obamacare. After that it is BHO will ask do you want to hand the economy to Gordon Gekko? And Mitt will be toast.

  • Anonymous

    LOL.. The establishment is Levin, Rush ect.. Remember it took them so long four years ago to get behind Romney, we got Juan Mccain. Thus we got BHO! Newt’s been hitting Romney all the time, some of his adds are straight out lies. Rubio even got on to Newt about it! Politics is hard ball. Was it a Romney superpact, don’t know, but you can’t deny what Newt said. It seems you guys who are the true establishment, are willing to give Newt a pass on his cheating. Guess you don’t care about morals and values. Guess it’s ok for him to trash Reagan. Yes he did trash Reagan, if this would’ve came from a Democrat we would’ve been all over this person! It’s obvious, Levin, Rush ect don’t wantRomeny to win! Well we don’t want Newt to win, cause he can’t beat BHO! Now the TRUE ESTABLISHMENT CANDIDATE. Is Newt.. Mr Washington, sat on the couch with Nazi Pelosi, took money from Freddie and Fannie. Ripped Paul Ryan’s economic plan. Newt is immoral, we already had one cheating President. Tonight Levin cried and cried, why cause someone pointed out what Newt had said. Also Dole, Mccain, Talent, and Santorum all are Newt’s co workers. They have pretty much said Newt is unpredictable!!

    • K-Bob

      And you have evidence that Levin “cried and cried?”

    • Anonymous

      You obviously have no education in politics and policy-I do.

      When an opposition candidate cannot do more than say “I’m not Obama” they lose.

      When an opposition candidate cannot get their base behind (as Romney as avoided the base), they lose.

      When an opposition candidate’s record is similar to the candidate they are challenging, the incumbent wins.

      So, to wrap up, Romney is a losing candidate. At the same time because of his campaign against Conservatives, he is pushing those Conservatives out the door of the GOP and into the formation of a viable 3rd Party in the next election cycle.

      • Anonymous

        I would only add the Gordon Gekko angle — IMO the Occupy movement was just a predicate being laid out for Romney’s win. Wait till that becomes an issue. And with Obamacare gone — EEW I just imagined Mitt de-garbed.

      • Yup. As he did with the Massachusetts Republican party, he will do with the National party; decimate it.

        It’s all about Mitt. Always.

    • Anonymous

      To save myself some time, I will just say that you should do some research first to get the facts, and not just spew headlines. Normally I would address each and every one of your drive-bys, but it’s all been done before. Do some reading. Or get someone to read it to you.

      • Anonymous

        The un-edumacation of these Willard trolls is unbelievable. The only thing they know is to ‘say and or do anything to get this guy in the WH’. Losers. Factcheck yourselves before you open mouth and insert both feet.

        Backing Gingrich

    • M.

      Exactly right on. I tried not to blame Mark Levine, Rush, Hannity and Laura Ingraham for waiting till the last minute to push for Romney in 2008, but that is how John McCain won the nomination. (That and a major assistance from all the dolts voting for the Huckster.) People “acted stupidly” and we got a loser like John McCain as a result.

      We got the candidate we deserved, but it’s fair to point out that talk radio was no help in 2008 when talk show hosts like Mark Levine pretended to be “impartial” as McCain and Gomer Pyle racked up primary after primary.

      • Anonymous

        No he has not. Lay out the freaking case about Newt doing that. One can be for capitalism in general and still be able to explore the morality of ones actions in that regime. There is a distinction to be mad between venture capitalism and vulture capitalism — other might disagree with that distinction but it can be made without being tarred and feathers as an anti-capitalist.

        • M.

          You sound like you’re from OWS when you reuse the words “vulture capitalism”. Good word choice though because Perry was also someone who obviously didn’t understand capitalism and only played a conservative on TV.

          Do you remember when Newt criticized Mitt’s big house and wealth a few months ago? That’s called the politics of envy. Do you remember when his defense to having the same investments in mutual funds as Mitt [which Newt distorted as “shares of Fannie and Freddie” when in fact a) it is not, b) is in a blind trust and c) isn’t immoral.] was that “one was a mouse and the other was an elephant”? [Well, if it’s so bad to invest in Fannie than you should keep it at the mouse level then?] That just shows that Newt doesn’t know when he’s making an ass of himself. Remember when he tried to claim that Bain capital was bad because it shut down a failing factory? That’s attacking capitalism at it’s core. Go watch Gordon Gecko’s speech in Wall Street. It’s really about accountability, and it’s 100% correct.

  • I heard this live and I almost pulled over to listen to the whole thing, but I had to stay on schedule.

    Mark has nailed this. It is such a shame that Beck and CO are so blinded by anger and hate for Gingrich that they even pushed this crap. I used to get upset at Mark for going after Beck, but Beck really is a back bencher.

    S.E. Cupp is dead to me.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt Romney is the sleaziest creature to ever run in the Republican party. The establishment can go to hell. I am disgusted with so many fellow ‘conservatives’ that I am wondering what the hell it means to be conservative. Whatever Glenn Beck, Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter are, I am definately NOT. I will say, if Willard Mitt Romney is the GOP candidate , he will never get my vote, I’d prefer Barack Obama to Romney. I heard Glenn Beck say if Newt was the GOP candidate, he would vote Ron Paul in a 3rd party. So that’s that.
    And to those still supporting Santorum, your only helping Romney now, the battle is NOW, lose now and Romney wins, you all see the incredible machine money he has on his side. Newt is the ONLY hope of taking Romney down and having a Conservative in the W.H. Vote Santorum and Newt probably loses. If Santorum get’s out of the way, Newt wins a landslide. I really have no more patience.
    Even Rush and Levin, grow some balls, this fight is won or lost NOW. Talk up Santorum and you cost Newt votes and help Romney. Santorum will NEVER beat Romney, 1000% guaranteed. People think Santorum is a paragon of small Government Conservatism, BS. Wait till Mittens chews him up and spits him out. Wait for Santorum’s dirt to come out, it will if Newt loses Florida.
    I’ve never been more sick and disgusted at what I’ve seen from ‘conservatives’. I dislike Romney as much as I do obama, so I really don’t care.

  • FWH

    The Bottom Line: If Newt Gingrich were as good looking as Romney, this primary would have been over long ago. & Newt would win The White House by a landslide. Sorry to disappoint everyone but since JFK hit the TV is 1960, elections are never about leadership, policies, experience etc. They are 99% based on looks, ‘gift of gab’ and & charisma. Does the name Barack Obama come to mind??
    Just one example: Check out the stats on single women for Clinton, Obama and Romney vs their older (not sexy) opponents. Duh….
    Wake Up America – If we don’t qualify the electorate, we are doomed.
    Let’s pray Newt becomes that 1% exception to the rule.

  • GO Newt/Palin or Newt/Santorum 2012

  • Anonymous

    Mark can always express my thoughts better than I can.

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing better than to “speak the truth”.

  • Anonymous

    Romney is simply a disgrace to the conservative movement. He’s petty, petulant, and arrogant. He’s got the same attitude as Kerry the flipper and the Kennedy’s -entitled to their positions. All’s right with the world for these snobs.

    His only interest in the Constitutional Conservatives of this country is to use these good people to flatter himself and advance his family farther into the elite class. I never liked his politics and now I find him even more personally repulsive then I ever believed possible.

    He doesn’t deserve to speak on the same stage with Santorum, Gingrich and Paul, real people who live in a real world where things matter. Far as I am concerned, Santorum made Romneybama look like a monkey last night after Romeny made himself look like an ass.

    This guy thinks he the Teflon candidate. All he’s got to do is brush the other guy off and he’s Mr. Clean. Don’t you just get this kind of slimy feeling when he talks, that Howdy Doody smile whittled into his mahogany cheeks? Can people in Florida really have developed any respect for this latest pretender? It’s a joke, right?

    • M.

      No it’s not a joke. We’re picking someone who can win who will actually cut expenses and move the needle in the right direction as opposed to a candidate that proposes ridiculous moonbases, extra carrier battle groups and had the gall to collect $30K/mo advancing the cause of Barney Frank’s democratic favor factory that kicked in the teeth of the middle class 2 years ago.

      Please, tell us again how his “only” interest is the Constitution when he was a “historian” for freddie. Or which clause of the Constitution authorizes Cap & Trade. Newt’s a fraud. Deal with it.

      • Anonymous

        You could turn the “M,” for “moan,” upside down to a “W,” for “whine.” Or maybe add a “P” to the “M” for “P&M.”

    • Anonymous

      He’s definitely trying to pull a Kennedy Dynasty and we haven’t heard the last of the ‘Romneys’. Starting with his father who failed to get elected, Willard is now carrying the torch and believe me, he will pass it down to his sons even if he doesn’t get the nomination. It’s a power thing with them. Problem is, they’re in the wrong Party. I will never vote for Willard especially after watching all his lies, opposition research dumped on any candidate surging past him, and the entrenched GOP and media behind him. It’s beyond disgusting and repulsive. He will not get my vote. A vote for Willard is a vote for obumba, so who cares…..only the GOP entrenched.

      Backing Gingrich

      • M.

        Don’t you need to win at least once before you can start calling it a “Dynasty”? You seem to have a loose grasp on basic facts and to be quite excitable. By any chance did you just write a story for Newsweek decrying that Obama’s critics as stupid?

    • SeahorseKB

      I could not agree with you more. I hope and truly believe that the people in Florida will not allow such a fraud as Mr. Romney to aid in the fall of our country as he certainly will do. Newt Gingrich’s main problem is he sometimes speaks before he thinks. That does not make him a nonconservative. We all have faults and he has no more baggage than probably 90% of every human being on this planet. I have been married three times, finally to a wonderful person. Perhaps I should have stayed with an alcoholic and a womanizer to prevent having baggage in my life. For heaven’s sake people, we are talking about trying to elect the person who truly loves this country and wants to reverse the damage of thirty years of political correctness and liberal destruction of our nation. If anybody takes the time to research all of Mr. Romney’s past campaign ads and speeches going back for the last several years, he is, and one writer calls him, a well-oiled weather vane. Surely I am not the only person who can see through him. He reminds me of my former senator Al Gore. Both were raised and preened from birth to be the president, and Romney will be as ruthless and deceitful as necessary as Gore washope to attain that goal. We in Tennessee knew exactly what a fraud Al Gore was, he didn’t even carry his home state for God’s sake. I hope and pray that Romney doesn’t win. As the Marxist George Soros said on radio yesterday, “There will be very little difference between an Obama presidency and a Romney presidency.” That should scare us all.

    • Romney, like Nixon, Clinton & Obama before him, makes my skin crawl.

      I always listen to my skin.

  • Anonymous

    I am appalled at how the so called conservatives are acting, completely appalled. If you concentrate on Newt and Mitt alone, just the two, there is absolutely no comparison.

    I am 55+ years of age, I remember Reagan quite well. Newt may have his issues, but at that time I listened intently to everything Reagan said, everything people said about Reagan. I could not get enough. I can tell you with absolute certainty that Newt Gingrich defended Reagan all day every day. I will vote for Gingrich in the MI primary. I do not know at this time if I can pull the lever for Mitt in a general election. I will have to do quite a bit of praying on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Of course Newt did more, he’s been there more. While that does garner consideration, it is not the holy grail of conservative politics; it notes a career politician.

    Levin’s statements attacking the younger generations who weren’t ‘old enough to wipe themselves’ are below him… as if young people are not allowed to be intelligent or conservative. All due respect to Levin, which he deserves, but I think this is a horrible mistake. This exact kind of attack/defense/rationale is the kind that pushes the younger generations away from the republican party: “Your opinion doesn’t matter unless you’ve been with us for 30 years… oh wait, your 30? younger? Sorry, I don’t care what you say and don’t have time for you; make sure you donate and vote for us, but remember, children are to be seen, not heard.” It is insulting, incredibly insulting.

    Sure, trash anyone who is simply making personal attacks. I agree. But you can’t call for ad hominem attacks to stop while making an ad hominem attack.

    Levin’s comparisons between Mitt and Gingrich are worthwhile and totally valid, but make sure you apply the same test to each of them… which I haven’t seen. I have kept my criticisms of Newt to facts and questions, and I try to be fair across the board.

    “Maybe there are other ways… maybe he confused them… SO WHAT?!”

    …Right, Levin. He misspoke. Let’s be consistent, if you call someone out for lying, you have to call them all out for lying… and if you excuse one, you have to excuse others.

    Lastly: If this primary is to continue, we MUST have a surge for Santorum.

  • Anonymous

    So right, Thank you Mark

  • Augustus

    Levin’s not saying Gingrich is a great candidate, much less that he’s the best candidate, or even that he should be the eventual GOP nominee. He’s simply saying that the flak about supposedly not being a Reagan supporter is undeserved. As usual, he’s right.

  • Anonymous

    Mitt was proved a liar by wolf last night remember it’s not one of my ads

    • M.

      Evidently you don’t know what a lie is. Let me educate you. Romney asked if that WAS one of his ads. When they confirmed it was his ad, he then asked “Did you say it?”
      What did your man say? Newt: “It’s taken out of context.”
      Romney: “So you said it.”.

      BOOM. Case Closed. Not a liar, unlike someone who claims he taught “history” for 30K a month at Freddie Mac University.

      Face it, what you love about Newt is that he gets in people’s face. Well, he shot off his mouth again, and this time the Cuban American community and other Hispanic Republicans got to hear him get in their face and say something that they probably didn’t appreciate very much even if they agree with the underlying sentiment.

      This is why he’d be a disaster in the general. He plays to the cheap seats and you may fall for that, but most of the voters won’t.

  • Anonymous

    If we get mitt I will set out this time for the first time no way I will vote for another left wing republican

    • And by so doing, you’ll implicitly vote for Obama.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the point. What’s the difference between obama and willard….none. So why bother to vote and prop up the GOP entrenched. Not doing a repeat of 2008.

        Back Gingrich

        • M.

          Hey, you might want to change your handle then…

          I’d suggest “ObamaAintAsBadAsMitt” so that people can see you coming from a mile away.

  • Anonymous

    The great thing about Mark Levin or should I say one of the great things about him is that he is so clear. He does not take bullcrap lying down. He is clear he can debate some of the things with Newt on substance but he is calling out this malicious and completed made up take-down” of Newt.

    Thanks Mark ! You are the MAN !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what I’ve been saying for a few months. You don’t have to vote for him, but show him some freaking respect.

  • Sure, Mark. Cheating twice on his wives did a lot to help conservatism.

    Letting his arrogance and ego get the best of him, which enabled Clinton to successfully paint Newt as the jerk he surely is, was helpful to conservatism.

    Getting paid to promote Freddie Mac was a huge triumph for conservatism.

    Working on K street to the highest bidder, was the pinnacle of conservatism.

    Your conclusions are clearly spoken, Mark. But your evidence doesn’t fit.

    • Anonymous

      This from a guy named Quayle

      • M.

        Dan Quayle was an honorable VP who spoke out for social conservative issues, you moron. He didn’t misspell potato either, (the teacher did) but he instructed his staff not to correct the press when it turned into a feeding frenzy.

        Even Candice Bergman of Murphy Brown eventually admitted that Dan Quayle was right about single motherhood.

        Don’t you feel like an idiot now? You should CINO.

        • Anonymous

          Fly Quayle- fly, fly

          You know you don’t really come off as very intelligent.

          • M.

            What this thread needs is another lecture from the “tone” police. Clearly the “unintentional irony” and “hypocrisy” police have long since abandoned this place.

  • M.

    It doesn’t matter what he did 15 years ago if today he denounces realistic budget cuts, supported AGW and socialist redistribution schemes like cap & trade, thought a federal mandate was a great idea, panders shamelessly to every crowd that wants a few hundred billion from the treasury, and extracts 30K a month at taxpayer expense serving as resident “historian” at one of the agencies that cost the middle class a majority share of the $6 Trillion dollars in real estate value. And then on top of all that, he attacked economic freedom and capitalism as soon as the chips were down, which is to say as soon as someone told the truth about his activities at Freddie Mac. That’s unforgivable, and you should be ashamed to support such a candidate.

    Face it, Newt was conservative when he was surrounded by conservatives that kept him straight. Now that those influences are gone, it’s all about him. If you want to vote for a conservative than nominate someone who actually is conservative or decide to run yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your show and your character, even when Beck seems to have lost his….
    Plz listen to the 12 + minute video and their is a link in one of the blogs to Nancy Regan’s speech in ’95 (Sheree43 thanks)…
    My HEAD is for Herman Cain, my HEART is for Rick Santorum, but my GUT is for Newt Gingrich 🙂
    Stop the NEGATIVE Talk, if you have something constructive to say (I want to listen), but if you have something DEstructive to say please keep it to yourself <3

  • M.

    What a bunch of whiners you all are. What part of Freddie Mac Historian do you not understand? Newt’s a fraud and he lied to your face, then he tried to claim he didn’t say “ghetto languages” when he did. Then he claimed he made “witnesses available to ABC”… before he didn’t.

    Wow, what an outstanding “conservative”! So Matt Drudge, S.E. Cupp, Coulter, and Christie are all RINO’s now? RINO meant something when it was leveled at somebody like John McCain, Richard Lugar, Olympia Snow or that harpie Markowski. -Now it’s whoever disagrees with your fraud of a candidate. I guess I’d rather be a RINO than CINO, because that’s how you kool-aid drinkers are coming off. And if you’d rather let Obama win than vote for the eventual GOP nominee than you sure as hell are no conservative.

    How about Mark finds that tape from 2008 when he begged his listeners (at the last minute, -thanks for that, btw) to vote for Romney to stop McCain and Huckabee? How about that show where he went on and on how there really is a difference between the parties even if your nominee is John McCain. I know they exist, I used to listen to him on WABC every night.

  • Just understand, if he’s the nominee, it’s 100% sure we get four more years of Obama. Personally, as a committed conservative who does NOT identify with the GOP, because it too often seems only a shade different from the Democrats, I despair at what GOP voters and GOP pundits and web pages are doing. The circular firing squad antics, plus pushing a loathsome creep like Gingrich? What, are you on the Axelrod payroll?

  • Astro Mathman

    Would someone please cram a copy of this down Ann Coulter’s throat?
    What’s up with her?
    Did Newt turn her down?

  • I have been saying what Levin says here for months. Hear! Hear!

    Criticize Gingrich all you like for things he’s said. But don’t sling garbage about his not being conservative. Gingrich did more to achieve the conservative agenda at the national level, in practice, in his first 100 days as Speaker of the House, than has any other living human being in all the ensuing years since then.

    • M.

      Make the case how a conservative can attack Paul Ryan’s budget or attack capitalism when the chips are down. I’ll give you a pass on him working as a lobbyist for Freddie as just horribly bad judgement, but not for him insulting everybody’s intelligence by claiming that Freddie needs highly paid historians more than they need lawyers.

      I’m pretty sure Matt Drudge has done far more for conservationism by becoming the defacto news source for pretty much anybody that doesn’t get their news from ultra left hacks. Even the ultraleft hacks admit they use him to follow what’s going on.

      • Regarding the few comments you mention, I’ll say only that Gingrich’s record when he had power to act (as opposed to talking) was very clear. He has a 90% positive rating with the American Conservative Union (Romney’s ACU rating as governor was 55%) and was responsible for the only balanced budgets in my lifetime. Those famous “Clinton surpluses” the Democrats are so fond of waving at us? Those are actually Newt’s doing; Clinton was dragged into them kicking and screaming. They shut down the government TWICE to get sane budgets. Newt Gingrich did that.

        Gingrich spent much of the last 10 years running American Solutions, an organization whose stated goal was to float ideas that would garner at least 70% support from the American public. That’s a sound strategy for achieving legislative success, and for beating back Progressivism, the radical minority that the Democratic party has come to represent. Yes, sometimes when you work toward a legislative majority in that fashion, you end up making the bed with some odd partners; but that’s how legislation gets passed in a republic. The fact that his strategy succeeded in form partnerships with some who would normally be on the other side speaks about his EFFECTIVENESS. His own convictions remain conservative.

        Please go read this excellent summation of the achievements of Speaker Gingrich and Governor Romney, and then come back here and tell me which of the two you think would reliably support the conservative cause from the White House.

      • Regarding the few comments you mention, I’ll say only that Gingrich’s record when he had power to act (as opposed to talking) was very clear. He has a 90% positive rating with the American Conservative Union (Romney’s ACU rating as governor was 55%) and was responsible for the only balanced budgets in my lifetime. Those famous “Clinton surpluses” the Democrats are so fond of waving at us? Those are actually Newt’s doing; Clinton was dragged into them kicking and screaming. They shut down the government TWICE to get sane budgets. Newt Gingrich did that.

        Gingrich spent much of the last 10 years running American Solutions, an organization whose stated goal was to float ideas that would garner at least 70% support from the American public. That’s a sound strategy for achieving legislative success, and for beating back Progressivism, the radical minority that the Democratic party has come to represent. Yes, sometimes when you work toward a legislative majority in that fashion, you end up making the bed with some odd partners; but that’s how legislation gets passed in a republic. The fact that his strategy succeeded in form partnerships with some who would normally be on the other side speaks about his EFFECTIVENESS. His own convictions remain conservative.

        Please go read, which contains an excellent summation of the achievements of Speaker Gingrich and Governor Romney, and then come back here and tell me which of the two you think would reliably support the conservative cause from the White House.

      • Regarding Drudge, he created a gathering point for headlines. This serves only the cause of news junkies, not the cause of conservatism. An objective survey of news sources actually classified the Drudge Report as slightly to the left of center, because the content of the headlines he posts tend to slide in the direction favored by the headline-writers. Drudge, himself, is conservative, but his accomplishments do not serve to achieve the conservative agenda.

        • M.

          Have you used the Drudge Report? Drudge writes the links himself, which is why much of the fun is finding the facts he’s referencing in the article he links to (usually buried). Drudge uses the power of headlines to highlight the bias of news sources.

          Here’s a perfect example:
          Drudge’s link (from my recollection):
          “FED gave secret loans of $7.7 Trillion”

          Now compare that with the articles actual headline, and where the part about 7.7 Trillion is buried:

          Drudge is performing a public service for conservatism which is difficult to understate.

    • Anonymous

      Great characterization of Wall Street Willard. But he governed like a Bush, not a Democrat (unless they are synonymous). It’s called “compassionate conservatism,” which means the crumbs are a bit tastier (its the sugar and MSG) than those throw by the uncompassionate ones.

      • Skep41

        Now you’re cutting and pasting your left-wing foolishness.

  • Anonymous

    The GOP establishment decided they weren’t going to have Newt whatever the base of the party may have wanted. Period. And since they have deep pockets and most of the conservative opinionators in the media on the payroll one way or another they were able to deploy this machine to trash Gingrich. I’m no particular fan of Gingrich but it’s very obvious what’s happened. So as Erick Erickson said the fix is in and the Republican party is going to nominate a Wall Street asset stripper with swiss bank accounts who governed like a Democrat when actually in office.

    • Anonymous

      Great characterization of Wall Street Willard. But he governed like a Bush, not a Democrat (unless they are synonymous). It’s called “compassionate conservatism,” which means the crumbs are a bit tastier (its the sugar and MSG) than those throw by the uncompassionate ones.

      • Anonymous

        No he governed to the left of Bush. It was MA for godsake. And with Romney as the nominee how can the Republicans use Obamacare as a club? So that’s neutralised and you’re left with some Gordon Gekko type character whose paying less tax than a nurse in pocomoke city.

  • Excuse me? A man who has led a repulsive personal life, been thrown out office by his peers for malfeasance and fined a record amount for ethics violations, a man who casually knives conservatives in the back be it their name is Reagan or Doug Hoffman or Paul Ryan, we’re supposed to be extra sensitive in dealing with him? You’re joking.

    • Skep41

      Did you not listen to the clip we are supposedly commenting on? It gives the lie to every word you have written.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. One uber right-wing loon coming to the defense of another one.

    What a surprise.

    Next to Michael Savage, Mark Levin is the most completely unhinged retard on the radio today.

    • Anonymous

      No “moderate conservative” would call patriotic Americans who want a restoration of constitutional limits on federal power and a return to fiscal sanity by the epithet of the uberleft.

      Either Gingrich or Romney would be far better than Obama. But our country is in deep trouble, and the technocratic tinkering that Romney favors falls far short of what will be needed to get the US back on track. Sort of like sending in Clark Kent to do the job of Superman.

      We have been rope-a-doped before. Liberals hailed McCain as a “maverick” and a “reasonable” Republican, until he got the nomination and then they attacked him mercilessly. Let us hope that if Romney is nominated, you will be as passionate in your support of him, as you have been in joining with the uberleft in gratuitously smearing the tea party–whom Romney will need in November.

      • Romney would be far worse than Obama because of one thing – term limits.
        Obama can’t win again in 2016. Romney could extend this spending spree all the way till 2020.

        You can’t ignore the fact that Romney wants to increase military spending, and wants to debate the merits of Romneycare vs. Obama care.

        When you increase military spend, increase social spending – you balloon deficits.
        We passed 100% of GDP – our debt is larger than our GDP now.

        It can’t hit 200% – we’ll default before then.

        Romney’s one chance to do something about deficits will take the form of unprecedented new taxing authority – he supports VAT taxes.

        VAT taxes are hidden – but ultimately paid for by the consumers of products and services – they are a regressive tax.

        But that isn’t the main thing – don’t hope for any solution to the real problem – spending, from Romney – he’s believes, as Obama does – that government spending boosts the economy. He’s been for stimulus all along, he’s been ‘more liberal on social issues’ all along and he’s been for growing the military all along.

        Don’t kid yourself – most Republicans like most Democrats are Keynesian – but you know what even countries like Germany are rejecting that – and they control their budget much better – and their economy is doing well on top of that.

        You don’t have to be Keynesian – there is another choice. Romney will be the end of Republicanism – I sure hope he doesn’t win. At least Obama, if he wins again will be blamed for the mess he’s making – and maybe in 2016 we can run a real conservative – meaning a real fiscally strong – non-Keynesian for office.

        • M.

          I totally disagree, but at least you make actual arguments. No republican will be increasing spending. Obama will.

    • M.

      “Tea baggers” aren’t for a candidate that wants a moonbase or cap & trade.. At least half of the Tea Party are behind Romney. The other half haven’t figured out that Newt is big government status quo guy, which is quite disappointing I think.

      Our “bite” ran half these establishment types back to the unemployment office last time. We couldn’t help it that not enough “moderates” who want to “compromise” with Socialists (aka, stupid sheep that get their news from ABC?NBC/CBS and the Daily Show) couldn’t catch the clue train because they hit every branch on the stupid tree on the way to the party.

      And despite all of this, Mitt Romney, moderate squish, is the closest thing we’ve got to a candidate that will cut the spending and has the good fortune to not have the last name of Obama or otherwise be inclined to appoint real live socialists and marxists, which is why Tea Partiers are supporting him (just as they supported Scott Brown) and he will be the next president if we can convince fools who voted for Obama to vote against him this time. From the way you talk I wouldn’t be surprised if you were one of those people. If so welcome back to reality.

    • Skep41

      Deal with it you foul-mouthed Stalinist; your Party Of Compassion has brought us The Worst President In American History and policies that have caused an economic depression, corrupted our education system, turned our country from an industrial power into a land of rusting, empty factories, destroyed our country’s position in the world and eroded our Constitutional rights. You lying lefties are good at calling other people names, some of them obscene all of them vulgar, but when it comes to running any kind of government the result is always the same…total failure. I dont believe you support Romney. Use of the Tea Bagger insult is restricted to the most foul, doctrinaire leftist, of which you are one.

  • Anonymous

    Levin is (for public consumption on his show) a loud mouthed nitwit whose idea of intelligent debate is telling his carefully screened callers to “shut up,” and “get outta here.” Now this is funny and gets him a good following, and all is fair in the entertainment business, but he has a serious point here. The Bushes and their retainers will successfully ram Milquetoast Mitt up the behind of the Tea Party, a “movement” they created for their benefit, and they will never allow its members to hijack it for there own benefit.

    What really will be interesting is to see how aggressively and passionately guys like Levin, Rush, Savage, etc. promote Romney this summer and fall. Will they do so lukewarmly, or with false enthusiasm? Will they cope out with logic borrowed from Hindenburg’s 1932 German Presidential election, of “vote for Mitt, whether you like him or not, or you will get Obama.”

    I am betting on Hindenburg, and like the zeppelin named for him, I am betting this strategy will blow up on them. The Right likes to talk about Reagan, but for the last twenty four years the Republican Party has been the Party of Bush, not Reagan. The only presidents it has elected have been from that family, and it has been is a party run by elites of the speculator class and enabled to power by the votes of duped “angry” elements from the hinterlands lured to the polls with reactionary cultural wedge bait. The Tea Party movement, which I am sure Rove and the House of Bush considered the latest mechanism they could use to turn this trick again may undo them, and finally unmask them as the frauds they are. The rise of the Tea Party and this election exposes an inflection point for the Bush political paradigm, and the future of the GOP.

    The Bush family has done, arguably, more damage to the fiscal, military, and industrial health of the United States over the last two decades than any similar political clique in US history.

    Romney, the corporate raider and Bush proxy whose predatory business history perfectly illustrates the Bush family values that have impoverished the American middle class with two household wage earner jobs, no money down sub-prime houses filled with cheap Chinese junk, and multi-generational debt, will be the Republican nominee in the end. He is supposed to lose in November, that is the point. Lose narrowly and gracefully, and not tarnish the GOP brand too much for the Restoration of Princeps John Ellis in 2016.

    This is the game plan, and they are sticking to it. But calculated defeat is very risky business. Romney will lose because enough of the folk that Atwater, Rove and other Bush operatives have deceived over the years have started using their brains a bit, and will simply stay home. The real test will come in 2016, if Jeb cannot turn the old trick with them, and loses to Hillary. Only under that scenario can the rot be cleared away, and the Republican Party be remade into a legitimate alternative to social democracy.

    • Skep41

      “…a loud mouthed nitwit…” who has written several cogent and very well-thought out books that simply and eloquently make the case for the fundamental ideas of conservatism while you apparently find it impossible to compose a coherent sentence. ‘The Bush Family’ which you, as a good Obamunist, blame for all our country’s ills did not do in twelve years of stable, scandal-free governance, too liberal in my mind but still competent, didnt do one trillionth of the damage that The Worst President In American History and the vile Party Of Compassion have done in three years of misrule. The housing crisis arising from BJ Clinton and the Democrats’ urge to make a personal profit from forcing banks to abandon lending standards is a good example of how you dimwit liberals blame your stupid Utopian policies on others after the damage has been done. The complete and total failure of every single Obamunist policy, obvious to all but the completely stupid, cant be blamed on even liberal Republicans who were completely shut out of the process for two years. Go peddle your illiterate, ignorant left-wing tripe at Huffpo.

  • I’m here as a visitor, never been a very political person, until Obama was elected and started ramming bailouts, healthcare, birthcontrol mandates, etc. down our throats. And I am absolutley stunned by how this Republican election season is being carried out. And beginning to believe that if Romney gets the nomination, I will for the first time in my life vote third party, or not vote at all, as a protest against the stupid Republican establishment. Obama’s re-election will give them what they deserve.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Levin is quite right. Say what you will about New Gingrich, but he was the genius behind the 1994 Republican takeover of the House of Representatives — ending 40 years of Democrat control and corruption. Gingrich’s “Contract With America” was largely enacted and fundamentally improved American policy. Yes, Newt made enemies. Shaker-uppers usually do. But he has solid and big achievements that he can point to.

  • How about someone pressing someone on Romney’s defrauding of Medicare? He made millions and thousands lost their jobs after Bain capital sold Damon to Corning. When first confronted with the accusation in 1994, Romney claimed he knew nothing of it. Later, when it was revealed that he most definitely knew, he said he investigated and stopped the fraud in mid 1992. Later the truth came out. Romney did know and allowed the fraud to continue right up until the day they sold Damon to Corning in mid 1993. Corning found the fraud and stopped it but were fined 119 million since by buying the company, they took over any and al debts. They were forced to close Damon and lay off every one of it’s thousands of employees. Bain made 12 million (7.4 million profit) and Mitt made 473,000. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

  • Skep41

    If Romney gets the nomination I’ll vote for him but it will be with a sour taste in my mouth. It will be with the realization that we wont be cutting the extra trillion dollars that the Obamunists tacked onto our budget in 2009 and have refused to cut one penny from. It will be with the knowledge that Obamacare, national health care, will now be a permanent fact of life in this benighted country. The catastrophe of national bankruptcy will not be turned aside and as the social welfare states of Europe collapse we will join them on the trash heap of history. There will be no supply side tax cuts. The EPA wont be cut back and will even be expanded. Unions will still be able to force people to join and then extract their dues to use for leftist candidates. It will be business as usual all the way. Conservatives will have lost everything forever with all hope gone of changing direction. The vile, idealess campaign run by the dishonorable Mutt-man, wholly consumed by personal ambition and surrounded by the corrupt Republiclown cronies that made the eight years of The Feeble Bush such a disgrace to our party, contains not a ray of hope that the leftist course of this nation can be reversed and the iron grip of an elite which has an unbroken record of failure can be undone. The saddest part of this travesty is that there are millions of Republicans, fellow conservatives, who can believe the lies of this claque of self-aggrandizing bureaucrats and vote for a man who has demonstrated such a complete lack of scruple. Shame on us if Romney wins after this sickening, dishonest performance. Shame on every voter he has fooled with his lies.


  • Mark is right. He who must be destroyed: The Palinization of Gingrich is an ugly thing…

  • Anonymous

    After those “powerhouses” John McCain and Bob Dole came out swinging for Mittens, I had a fleeting thought that I might reconsider my unwavering support of Newt. But then I remembered how weak Dole and McCain were as candidates and how I supported those losers anyway because I believed the Republican elite must have known something I didn’t. Well, they didn’t, and see where it has led us. This time I’m not drinking the Kool-aid. I’m with Newt.

  • Drew Campbell

    Newt, who wants to build an American colony on the moon by the end of his second term is running as a “conservative.” Newt, who’s committed adultery in 2 marriages and divorced his ex-wives when they were ill, is conservative. Newt, the erratic, verbal bomb thrower, calling Ryan’s plan “right wing social engineering,” and sitting on the couch with Pelosi, is a conservative. Newt the conservative “outsider” who spent his life in Washington, profiting and peddling interest. Do you understand how backwards and hypocritical that is? If you’re going to vote for Newt, don’t lie to yourself and say he’s running as a conservative outsider.

    Let’s get real Americans. We are a center-right country, not a far right country. We don’t need an ideologically pure conservative. We need a fiscally responsible conservative who knows how to get this economy going, cut cap and balance the budget, who has the experience in both business and government.

    Romney/Rubio 2012

  • Clare Dinnocenti

    Love Mark, and love conservatism. Just wish they would stop acting like Liberals and remember the Buckley Mantra: “find the most conservative person who can win”. And just how conservative does one have to be than to be more conservative than BO. Get with it guys, there is not perfection, but lets look for improvement.

  • Well said, Great One!

    Whatever the hell is going on in the GOP, I want no part of it! And I WILL NOT accept Mitt Romney as my candidate!

  • Anonymous


    In the April 24, 2007 interview with Gingrich, the former House Speaker had the following praise for Freddie Mac and the whole GSE (Government-Sponsored Enterprise) concept:

    “I think a GSE for space exploration ought to be seriously considered — I’m convinced that if NASA were a GSE, we probably would be on Mars today.
    Certainly there is a lot of debate today about the housing GSEs, but I think it is telling that there is strong bipartisan support for maintaining the GSE model in housing. There is not much support for the idea of removing the GSE charters from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. And I think it’s clear why. The housing GSEs have made an important contribution to homeownership and the housing finance system. We have a much more liquid and stable housing finance system than we would have without the GSEs. And making homeownership more accessible and affordable is a policy goal I believe conservatives should embrace. Millions of people have entered the middle class through building wealth in their homes, and there is a lot of evidence that homeownership contributes to stable families and communities. These are results I think conservatives should embrace and want to extend as widely as possible.”

    Back in 2007, the Freddie Mac moderator noted of Gingrich’s pro-Freddie Mac and pro-GSE views that “this is not a point of view one normally associates with conservatives.” Gingrich replied:

    “Well, it’s not a point of view libertarians would embrace. But I am more in the Alexander Hamilton-Teddy Roosevelt tradition of conservatism. I recognize that there are times when you need government to help spur private enterprise and economic development. Look at our own history. The government provided railroad land grants to encourage widespread adoption of what was then the most modern form of transportation to help develop our country.”

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mr. West When I consider the past and current positions on the issues of the current slate of RINO candidates vying for President of the United States … it would appear that those with a right wing liberal ideology have taken over the Republican Party … a right wing liberal ideology that does not have a place within the now Marxist Democrat Party. Why you or Sarah Palin … captial C Conservatives … would align yourselves with any of these candidates prior to the Presidential race against Barack Obama is beyond my understanding. Mr. West … why you have not entered the race is also beyond my understanding. I am becoming very frustrated with someone … who I perceive as a great Stateman … for standing on the beach while possessing all the skills to save a drowing America.

  • Anonymous

    How much is the Military Industrial complex paying journalist now to spread war propaganda like its a hard news story with facts? Iranians in the U.S. trying to assassinate Saudi Americans. Which of your buddies got paid from which military contractor to spread that laughable lie, yet your buddy Sean Hannity spreads it endlessly. The American people see right through your Neocon RINO Corporatism Fascist minded babble.

  • Then why doesn’t Levin endorse Gingrich? I still maintain that while Romney has claimed to have created thousands of state jobs, Gingrich was responsible for creating millions of jobs throughout the country. Santorum? I suppose he can be credited for creating all those jobs to the bridge from nowhere.

    Gingrich is the one who has the national experience and proven record at a time when our American has been molested by the policies and czars of Obama. It will take a big thinker and doer like Gingrich to return America to its greatness.

  • BRAVO!!!!!!

  • Great Job Mark. I wish you could explain these exclent facts to Sean Hannity and O’Relly. They don’t seem to coprehend any of what the facts are about. GOOD WORK!