***[UPDATED]*** Mark Levin: Obama admin is in full-fledged cover-up mode over murder of ambassador and staff in Libya


Mark Levin says the Obama administration has lied from day one about the circumstances surrounding the murders of our ambassador and his staff in Libya and are now in full-fledged cover-up mode, hiding behind an investigation by the FBI. All the while he says this president is playing politics instead of doing his job and he says this is very, very serious.

Listen below:

UPDATE: Levin briefly mentioned new intelligence by Fox News in his monologue. Here is the Fox News report he was referencing:

FOX NEWS – Intelligence sources tell Fox News they are convinced the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was directly tied to Al Qaeda — with a former Guantanamo detainee involved.

That revelation comes on the same day a top Obama administration official called last week’s deadly assault a “terrorist attack” — the first time the attack has been described that way by the administration after claims it had been a “spontaneous” act.

“Yes, they were killed in the course of a terrorist attack on our embassy,” Matt Olsen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, said during a Senate hearing Wednesday.

Olsen echoed administration colleagues in saying U.S. officials have no specific intelligence about “significant advanced planning or coordination” for the attack.

However, his statement goes beyond White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, saying the Sept. 11 attack on the consulate was spontaneous. He is the first top administration official to call the strike an act of terrorism.

Sufyan Ben Qumu is thought to have been involved and even may have led the attack, Fox News’ intelligence sources said. Qumu, a Libyan, was released from the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2007 and transferred into Libyan custody on the condition he be kept in jail. His Guantanamo files also show he has ties to the financiers behind the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Olson, repeating Wednesday that the FBI is handling the Benghazi investigation, also acknowledged the attack could lead back to Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

“We are looking at indications that individuals involved in the attack may have had connections to Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda’s affiliates, in particular Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb,” he said at the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing.

Still, Olsen said “the facts that we have now indicate that this was an opportunistic attack on our embassy, the attack began and evolved and escalated over several hours,” Olson said.

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  • So now it is official, our embassy in Libya was attacked by terrorists and the Obama admin wasn’t prepared and didn’t defend it and 4 people died including our ambassador. This is a disgrace and heads should roll starting at the very top–give Obama the boot in November and the other guilty ones will go too.

    • Boris_Badenoff

      quote link below.

      “The two former Navy SEALs killed in last week’s attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi were not part of Ambassador Chris Stevens’ official security detail but took up arms in an effort to protect the facility when it was overrun by insurgents, U.S. officials tell the Washington Guardian.

      The two former SEALS, Tyrone Woods, 41, and Glen Doherty, 42, were not employed by the State Department diplomatic security office and instead were what is known as personal service contractors who had other duties related to security, the officials said.”


      These men are Heros 100% This is what our military is made of. Read the story.

      F this administration. Because of Obama and Hillary these exceptional men are DEAD.

      ““Woods and Doherty weren’t part of the detail, nor were they personally responsible for the ambassador’s security, but they stepped into the breach when the attacks occurred and their actions saved others lives — and they shouldn’t be lumped in with the security detail,” one senior official said, speaking only on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to speak publicly about the State Department.”

      • If the story is believable. I can’t believe anything that has the potential of having El Presidente’s fingerprints on it until the story is verified as being accurate. We hear different stories every day regarding the murders in Libya. If the story has been confirmed as being credible, those men are heroes and RIP to them.

        • Boris_Badenoff

          Well Chris , the way I read the story it seems like the administration was by omission of all the facts attempting to make it appear as former Navy Seals Woods and Doherty were there as part of their Embassy security personnel so as to bolster the appearance of some kind of presence of security personnel.
          In other words they felt it made everything look a little better for the administration if not quiet all the fact were known.

          • Ah, okay. Thanks Boris. Even if they hadn’t been SEALs, it’s sad that they lost their lives in what seems to be looking more like a botched attempt by somebody to stir up anti-American sentiment for political purposes. Knowing El Presidente’s regime, the true facts may never be known, unless more people who know some damning things come forward. Somehow, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

            • They along with Stevens were CIA. Appears to be an arms deal went bad!

  • Nukeman60

    It hasn’t been verified yet, but the reports are that one of the attackers was a recent Gitmo releasee. Sooo, Obama now has the blood directly on his hands and it’s getting tougher and tougher to say that the sky, his sky, is not falling.

    This is what he calls foreign policy?

    • Patriot077

      I hope he loses a lot more points for his foreign policy when this story hits the airwaves. I don’t think this mess is going to be easy for him to talk himself out of and nobody will believe Carney and the State Dept now either … Good.

      I hope this spreads like wildfire.

      • anotherworriedmom

        The LSM won’t say a word about this because it hurts BO. It’s become a non-story, everyone in the alphabet soup media is talking about Gov Romney’s comments about the 47%. Our sovereign territory has been attacked and our Ambassador killed. But it’s a non-story? Unbelievable. This really is a BFD. But since it points out the glaring failures of our foreign policy it isn’t news. I am disgusted with this admin and the LSM.

    • I heard that too. With this current presidential administration, I will wait for the story to be verified as authentic before I believe it.

    • 3seven77

      The guy was released from Gitmo in 2007 so this will be Bush’s fault.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, I made my comment before we knew that. When I heard the news, it was just a released detainee. I stand corrected.

        However, Bush released him with the understanding that he would never be released from prison. We all see how that works.

        • 3seven77

          Nuke, I was trying to be sarcastic. This administration looks for any excuse to pin things on someone else.

          “Released in 2007?… Bush’s fault.”

          • Nukeman60

            Heh, yeah. But I still made a mistake. They will blame it on Bush, but I guess he was conned by the Congress to do it (once again controlled by Democrats. Why does it always come down to that?)

  • This is what we should be talking about in the media, not about a comment made in 98 and a comment about the 47%. Damn distractions! http://i48.tinypic.com/15p1tah.jpg

  • Obama first created the conditions to encourage the attack with his apology tour and backing of muslim brotherhood takeover of libya and egypt, then ignored the warnings of the attack, and now scrambles in a cover up. Still, all these Democrats love him. Libtards, explain yourselves!

    • PFFV

      Democrats/Liberals think the USA deserves what it gets. In their warped minds they think the USA and its citizens should be knocked down to size and if that means sacrificing innocent human lives so be it. This is the same thinking that they used on 9-11-01.

      I hate to say it but I believe they didn’t provide security to the American Libyan Embassy on purpose. Maybe even were involved in aiding and abetting the terrorist plot. Call me crazy but I have heard far more loony conspiracy theories about the USA being involved in the 9-11 attacks on the world trade center. This conspiracy is far more believable in my opinion.

      • white531

        All conspiracy theories have some element of believability in them. But, without concrete proof, those who believe in them are easily mocked and made fun of by others.

        This one doesn’t appear to be one of those.
        There are too many credible sources saying that the Obama administration at least knew there was a potential threat, and yet did nothing to prevent it.

    • FreeManWalking

      No one can be this incompetent, unless they are being incompetent on purpose.

      • Bingo! Which would mean El Presidente knows exactly what he is doing.

    • sno_warrior

      The day after this happened I heard Rush say, “When they attacked our embasy in Lyiba they were shouting ‘we are a billion Osamas, Obamma’.” Rush mentioned that the democrats bragged on ‘killing Osama’ 21 times at their convention and this attack was a direct corralation to that, AS WELL AS 911.

      This could get ugly!

  • the cover up is always worse than the crime.

    • Ford Prefect

      I am not a crook.

    • white531

      Steven, everyone who commits a crime, believes they will get away with it in the beginning. It is only when others begin to ask questions, that they panic and the coverup begins.

      And yes, the coverup is always worse than the crime.

  • poljunkie

    With this developement………and everything else…..
    I’m not a big poll watcher because I feel they are manipulated but that said, WHAT HAS TO HAPPEN to make them swing more towards Romney.

    Are those polled really that dense?

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Hi pj – Well, I’m thinking that if home phones are being called – all the unemployed folks (milions of them) that are collecting their unemployment checks and welfare checks are the ones answering the poll calls. The working people, or, as I like to call them, the ones who are supporting the whole shebang, are not getting called because they are at work. It may not be the whole reason, but it might contribute to what some of the poll numbers are showing. Those people know that Romney wants people to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves. Why would they say they want Romney to win when they can sit at home on their keisters and get paid for it.

    • Nukeman60

      You probably have already seen this before, but I will repeat it just in case you haven’t (plus, it can’t be said enough). In 2004 the election was weighted D+0, in Obama’s 2008 election, the weighted average was D+6. The most recent polls have been weighted as much as D+13 (far more liberal than when Obama swept through).

      When we see that the polls are as close as they are even with these skewed weightings, we can only imagine how far ahead Romney really is. These polls should be at least D+0, if not upwards of R+3 or more. Only the election will tell and it will be decided by how big the landslide is.



      The polls are vastly skewed by the OPM (Obama Propaganda Media), and we need to watch the weighted averages every time they come out and readjust them to be accurate, and then pass it on to all we know.


      We are fighting the media just as much as the liberals (one in the same, I guess) and when we take them down in November, and only then, will we see them change to be a more accurate and honest approach to our elections.

      If they won’t, they go broke.

      • poljunkie

        I am praying for a landslide.
        I will be happy for a nailbiter.
        Thanks NM

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Sir, I hope and pray you are right. Every fiber of my being cries for America. This horrendous nightmare must not continue. It CANNOT continue. And, you are so right in stating that we are fighting the media just as much as the liberals – they know they have the power to change the course of America – they are becoming more dangerous every day. They prey on the uninformed, easily influenced and just plain ignorant. Far too many of those types have the right to vote . . . frightening.

    • white531

      poljunkie, I don’t believe in polls any more than I believe in the tooth fairy.

      Just one more tool in the Progressives’ bag of tricks.

      • poljunkie

        Yeah, I try not to watch them either. AND then a “good” one pops up, and I fall for it.

        PS still nothing from Virginia Gentlemans wife.

        • white531

          Thanks for your connection to the Virginia Gentleman.

      • Nukeman60

        There’s no tooth fairy? But I saw the trailer for the movie with Dwayne Johnson! 🙂

  • actionsspeaklouder

    Good grief – what is it going to take for people to open their eyes about this president and his administration? WHAT? We are living a nightmare with this treasoness president and his henchmen/women. I have not once heard Obama take responsibility for ANYTHING. People have DIED because of him and his unAmerican ideology. Doesn’t that MEAN anything to the lying left wing media??? This is wayyy beyond shameful – it is treason and every news organization owner(s) and their so-called “journalists” should be arrested by our military and tried for treason along with Obama, Holder and all the rest of the lying pond scum. Something’s gotta give here – something has just GOT to give. Americans are seathing with hate and anger over what Obama is doing to this country. The lies, the coverups, the payoffs, the corruption – WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE to get it to stop? WHAT? Then I read that “Congressional Leaders” “warn” that aid is not an entitlement. You’re Goddarn tootin’ it’s not an entitlement – why don’t they tell them they’re NOT getting another dime from us. Period. Obama won’t be happy until we are all sitting ducks, defenseless and vulnerable to attack – just like the Arizona was in Pearl Harbor when the Japs attacked her without warning. This country has gone to hell in a handbasket and all we can do is vote and we don’t even know if voting is on the up and up. Our leaders are morally bankrupt and spineless. Ugh . . . ENOUGH.

    • white531

      actionsspeaklouder, I believe you just expressed the sentiments we all feel. We are losing our country. The election of this fake President was the first real, concrete sign of that. The things he has done since assuming the office, have just heaped more evidence on the pile.

      He has basically told the entire world, we are ripe for the picking. Attack us, destroy our Embassies and Consulates. Kill our Ambassadors and Embassy and Consulate Personnel. We will do nothing more than apologize, because you had the right to do that. Because we are just so evil beyond belief.

      As for the problems that face us here at home, almost fifty per cent of our population is now on the government dole. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little tired of working six days a week, so some fat bastard can sit on his/her couch and eat bon-bons.

      You nailed it, action. And you’re right. It is enough. At least it is for me.

      • actionsspeaklouder

        Me too – we’re not alone. BUT, there are so many takers now. Obama panders to them. Everything he has done panders to the takers/losers – by design. They are the weakest, the lowest common denominators, so he targets them for votes by promising to fill their outstretched hands. He’s been doing this since day one. He’s been campaigning since day one to get a second term. He knew he would not complete his destruction of America in one term. I am so angry at people who say Obama is a nice guy – he is not. He is a monster.

        • white531

          Someone called in to the local talk radio station where I live, on the subject of Romney’s 47% statement.

          Seems he was on food stamps and had just received a notification from DES that effective next month, his benefits were to increase by about 10%, which would give him an extra $100 per month in food stamps that he didn’t even ask for.

          Imagine the significance of this right before the election. Didn’t matter in his case, because he was a law student about to graduate, and he had no intention of voting for Obama anyway.

          But, what about all those others?

          • actionsspeaklouder

            This is a complete outrage.

        • Ree

          You guys are so right. I just read an article at WND, about o looking at buying a $35million mansion in Hawaii, and he is looking for donations to buy his retirement home, any bets the taxpayer ends up paying for it one way or another.

    • Hear, hear! Bully, actionsspeaklouder. You spoke volumes.

  • The President should resign for this garbage.

    • white531

      I agree, Mike, but why would he resign, when he has so many idiots who support him?

      While it may be unbelievable to most of us, this impostor stands a good chance of being re-elected for a second term.

  • Joe


    —- The cover-up


    ———————————the cover-up

    ————————————————starts NOW with the MSM PRESS!

    You will hear nothing of this cover-up !

    • white531

      Must be nice to have ninety per cent of the media in your pocket. No wonder the SOB is so arrogant.

  • Jerseygalnny

    This was never about the movie, I think it was an assassination of our Ambassador! The media will cover it up for Obama, just as they helped hide his alliances to Rashid Kahlidi http://fundamentalrefounding.ning.com/forum/topics/obama-plo-khalidi-2003-la-times-release-the-videotape The media never saw fit to report on that either. Go Mark!

    • white531

      Of course it wasn’t about the movie. That was established long ago.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama is a phony president…an empty suit…..a hollow man making false promises and the Dims are sticking by him even though he is ineffective in just about every aspects of leading this country.

    • white531

      Army_Pilot, he is a phony and ineffective in the areas that we consider important for a President.

      But, in the one area that he considers important, he is very effective. He was put in power to destroy the basic principles of this country and its greatness. He has been extremely effective in that regard.

      • Army_Pilot1967

        White531, you’re absolutely correct and he’s got a lot of accomplices too. What a corrupt administration. But he’ll garner tens of millions of votes this November, it’s like people don’t care what is happening to our nation. I just don’t get that.

  • Sandra123456

    If we don’t defeat Obama in November, we will have to impeach in December for a LOT of reasons.

    • white531

      While a wonderful dream to most of us, impeaching Obama and removing him forcefully from office, is almost impossible at this point.

      • Unless there are overwhelming Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, I don’t see it happening. Even then, there are those establishment GOPers and RINOs (who I believe are one in the same) who want to play nice that we have to contend with. We are speaking in hypothetical terms, though. Impeachment of El Presidente hinges on IF he wins reelection.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    => Is this info on any of the alphabet soup networks?
    => How are they gonna hide it?
    => Is the Romney campaign going to scream about this and ensure that it MUST get covered?!?
    => Will they take this opportunity to divert the narrative from Romney’s 47% comment (which they are allowing the media to completely own & manipulate)?
    => Can we please be sure that Barry & Hillary both go down over this?

    These questions shouldn’t be that difficult to answer. Sadly, I think I already know the answers to all. But, I’m always willing to be pleasantly surprised. Let’s see how it plays out. In the meantime, what a sad, sad state our American Strength is in… Lord protect all those who suffer because of a weak America.

    • white531

      These people could cover up a plate of dog poop on the dining room table and pretend it wasn’t there.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        And they’ll just keep saying, “Oh that new fragrance is just so amazing! It smells good, don’t you think? Well of course you think it smells good!”

        • Yeah, they’ll even say the smell gives them thrills up their legs.

    • Beck’s new channel is covering this stuff. All day long!

      Beck drives me crazy, but he’s clearly got this covered. And from some of the statements he’s made, they are already making money at it.

      Fox will have to compete with Beck head-to-head. So far, no Alan Colmes or Bob Beckel types on the channel, either.

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Thanks Kbob. I just discovered that I get Beck’s channel & watched it for a good part of this evening.

        • I hope Dish Network keeps it available on the basic package. (I’d never pay extra for political content and news on the TeeVee, since it’s free on the internet!)

  • MaxineCA

    Catherine Herridge at FOX has been doing excellent reporting for quite sometime. She broke this story earlier today regarding the recent demands to release the Blind Sheikh and the notice that we had that. The call to take the US Embassy in Cairo and even burn it down was stunning. Yeah sure….. it was the lame movie trailer…. wrong!


    • white531

      You are right, Maxine. I like her. In the light of all that is happening, the anchors at Fox, seem to be gaining new energy, becoming more bold. They seem to enjoy being honest for a change, and not worried about being so politically correct. Its refreshing.

      • MaxineCA

        I wish folks wouldn’t lump Fox into the msm, because they are not. Jennifer Griffin has also done great reporting for several years, as have many others. People just have to understand which show is on and if it is “news” vs. opinion. (Shep claims to be news, but he offers too much personal opinion intertwined for me, so I don’t watch him, or Geraldo, etc.).

        When Daily Caller broke the story about Media Matters and the DOJ, Fox covered it by having Tucker on the morning the story broke. They give Michelle Malkin time each week and many others.

        They seem to be the only ones (other than new media, but cover those stories as well) to be reporting the news and have some dynamite investigative reporters with great inside contacts.

        • Fox News would be a better organization without the likes of Buttho…I mean, Beckel and Williams. They seem more like token objects to me anyway.

  • Cindy09
    • sDee

      It never made sense his fatal attraction to that place. But this does.

      His bio read like Lawrence of Arabia. Maybe he was living that a bit too closely?

      • Cindy09

        For the divided allegiance between his country of origin and his new found land? I’d say yes! But what an awful way to die!

        • white531

          Cindy and sDee, this is the worst use of the internet. Speculation without any supporting facts.

          The man just died a horrible death at the hands of our enemies. Why no wait awhile, before speculating on the kind of life he lived.

          I don’t care if he was a Martian. He died at the hands of Muslims. The cockroaches of the world.

          • Cindy09

            I understand your point but while we are keeping things lighthearted, there are the rules of engagement, the ruling out of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” that make it difficult to be an American fighting for your country abroad. At the end of the day, the man did not get the protection he should have been afforded. The link I posted might be a moot point, but who knows??? Bearing our flank to the enemy is a point that in a hundred years, I would have never thought we’d reached. This is a sad time for America. Not only for our Ambassadors but especially for our military. November 4th cannot come soon enough!

  • KenInMontana

    From NPR and PBS’ Frontline (of all places);

    Ghaith says he sees the recent protests and violence in Egypt and Libya as manufactured events by Salafists [ultra-conservative Muslims] looking to drive religion into daily political life.

    Much more here; http://www.npr.org/2012/09/18/161345903/journalist-examines-chaotic-fighting-in-syria

    • p m

      Had a look at this article. Overlooking, with difficulty, that Ghaith is a Guardian reporter in turn being interviewed on NPR (!!) he says the Syrian rebels promised the Syrian people an islamic revolution and then all of a sudden starting spouting democracy, whatever that may mean to a Syrian. He also says “There are so many grievances against the West, but [they’re] not necessarily the reason for these demonstrations. We are not entering a new era of anti-American feelings,” he says.

      I take that to mean the old, standard era of anti-American feelings are just fine thank you, no need for a new set of grievances. As for America ‘talking the wrong approach’ by not going full-on with supporting the rebels (again, as in Libya, whoever they might be – we don’t know) I don’t see why America comes into play at all.

      His premise is that we should help them because they aren’t as bad as the Saudis and Qataris and just want an islamic state. Well, just what we need, eh? Another islamist state. Looks like they want America to under-write the next oppressive dictatorship. I say let them have at each other and let them live with the result, rather than getting the West to provide them yet another islamic stick with which to beat us.

      • KenInMontana

        Yes, I am familiar with the political leanings of the Guardian (considered left leaning even by British socialists) I posted it because it confirms what many had asserted from the beginning only to be dismissed by the mainstream media and the political left here. That the attacks in Libya were indeed the work of Islamist terror groups and that the Syrian rebels are much more infiltrated by Islamist fundamentalists than the left wants to admit, even though their own leftist media outlets put out reports to the contrary of the popular view that these rebels are all freedom seeking, democracy craving heroes.

        • p m

          Yes, indeed, Ken. The excuse for going into Libya was that the British and French wanted to protect their oil supply. After decades of rampant socialism enabled by a strong America that obviated any need for their own defense forces, they couldn’t do it on their own. I suppose zero saw a way to further the ambitions of the MB by arbitrarily getting the US involved. With what glorious results.
          I trust my remarks didn’t come across as critical of you in any way – they weren’t intended that way, I know your posts, and would not presume.

  • Ford Prefect

    Date line December 14 1941. Breaking news it was the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbour.

    yet 47 % support these dim bulbs.

  • stinkprogress

    Not to be sexist but why are the highest levels of our national security, homeland security and state department filled with women?
    Panneta (not sure if he’s a women)but this former lawyer hack bounces from head of the CIA to head of the Military

    What experience do these people have? What are their interests?
    we have a bunch of elitist lawyer bulldikes running the country and the world is on fire
    If we do not throw these pacifists out and November and replace them with the likes of Allen West and John Bolton and any of Hero veterans coming back from 11 years of war

    • sDee

      The marxists and progressives in America must appear compassionate and principled but have to keep their designs hidden with deceit and lies, fueled by the complicit press. Dangerous passive-aggressives bubble to the top of such a cesspool. When given the power we have offered them, death follows.

      I would not call them pacifists. Far from it. They have blood on their hands – especially Clinton.

    • Cindy09

      Don’t forget Huma Abedin. Key person.

    • white531

      It is true what you say. The female mindset does offer a calming influence over the testosterone dominated decisions often made by the males among us. I don’t have a problem with that, so long as a reasonable balance between the two is maintained.

      But when the enemy is breaching the walls, I want to see all the testosterone we can muster.


    Yes, Mark, we hear ya !

    Did anyone just see Dennis Miller on the FACTOR ?????


    What an embarrissment this man OBOZO is and his going on LETTERMAN was
    truly as stupid as it can get.

    HE does not know how much the deficit is???? SURE


    WE believe you O-BLAME-O …..

    IF this man is re-elected, no telling how bad security gets HERE IN THE US!!!!

    • p m

      Was it not Clinton who started this late-show crap? Trust the libtards to find new ways to demean the office of the President.
      Hope MR will not succumb.

      • white531

        Yeah, him and his saxophone.

    • white531

      Actually, security might improve. People will take guns down off their walls that they haven’t used in years.

  • What? This is not good! Jimmy Carter IV wasn’t able to successfully assist El Presidente by smearing Mitt Romney with a video from back in May that he found by “Googling” for it? He didn’t help El Presidente’s campaign horde distract and deflect from the Middle East issue? Romney doesn’t care about the “little people”. He is a rich, evil Republican who thinks that all people on the government dole don’t pay taxes and are sponging the system. He thinks they are Obama voters. Stay on topic, O you uninformed Americans! That’s more important than Obama’s diplomatic blunders and the planned murders of four people by Islamist extremists. El Presidente and his merry band of useless idiots are not incompetent morons who can’t negotiate their way out of a paper bag! They are capable diplomats! They didn’t know that the consulate in Libya would be attacked, even after they were told that Ambassador Stevens and his staff were in imminent danger. Oh crap, more damage control and covering up will need to be done. Why can’t we catch a break and fool the American public or at least those who don’t know whether they will vote for Dear Leader or not?

  • Again….let is focus on that Video people…come on…we know that video caused this!!! I mean we buy that BS do we not???????? This will become more and more embarrassing as more reports come out about the warnings this Marxist Adm was given. They ignored all that to serve the PC STEAK on a platter so that MUSLIMS would not be offended…YOU KNOW WHAT SCREW THEM!! They are the most backward, disgusting and self righteous people on the planet. Islam is not peaceful…never was….it kills, destroys, enslaves and like a cancer engulfs any host until death. The Adm knew the risks but set up those people like lambs for slaughter….while Obama parties like its 1999 by Prince.

    I would say how can you live with yourself but when you have no soul or heart the people that died were nothing more than pawns in the Marxist’s chess game.

  • p m

    So, the reported leader was released from Gitmo in 2007.
    Intelligence now does a 180 turnaround and now says it was what we already knew it was, despite zero and company’s denials.

    Who was President in 2007? GWB. Who they gonna spin this against?

    Hope we learn this guy was released at the behest of Holder, betraying his country by shilling for terrorists before he came to Justice Dept. head.

  • Mark Levin may be the smartest man next to Milton Friedman. Both great Americans.

  • Mobile phone users can give $10 to Romney’s presidential campaign by texting the word GIVE to 37377.

    • p m

      Not unless that number is verified as being for Romney, and not zero, pal. Second time I’ve seen this from you, and still no verification link, and no disqus history…

      • white531

        What, p m? Twenty-eight is not a big number? 🙂

        • p m

          It wouldn’t show anything for me, white. He may be genuine, but with scum like the zero messing about, ain’t taking no chances!

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Seems a little suspicious to me.

  • Maxsteele

    So where are the elected officials on both sides of the aisle rallying against the president? Only the Fox and conservative talk radio, blogs are talking about this. Otherwise it is complete silence from both sides of the political spectrum with the exception of Congressman West. Is Beiner out golfing with Obama???

    • Crickets. Only crickets. They are afraid they will say something that is not PC. The only exceptions I see and hear are Peter King, Allen West, and Michelle Bachmann. IF there are others, I’d like to know who they are.

      • Maxsteele

        Thanks Chris, you are right. I complete forgot King and Bachmann. What is even more disturbing is that it sounds like Bachmann may lose in your district. Can you imagine, one of the few who are willing to tell the truth will be out while all these sniviling, snakes, are sitting pretty.
        What is this world of ours coming to?

        • Boris_Badenoff

          Bachmann is on Piglosi’s hit list. It’s a female thing.. Piglosi hates any woman that challenges her power..

        • Patriot077

          We can’t let that happen. She is one that all of us should support with our $$$ Be they few or many, they add up when thousands contribute.

        • I am not in Minnesota, so she is not in my district. That doesn’t mean I can’t contribute to her campaign. Others need to contribute to her campaign as well. It doesn’t matter if people live in another state, they can still contribute. I am sad that I can’t contribute as much money as others to any campaign, since I have lost my business, sold my house, and I am about to move to another state to live with relatives. Anyway, I don’t see Romney asking Bachmann to fill a post any time soon because she is a conservative. However, she will not be diminished and I look for her to serve in some political capacity elsewhere. That is, if she loses her reelection bid.

          • p m

            Oh Chris – I am so very sorry your business has been lost. What a devastating thing for you and your clients. I do hope your new state is one that will encourage you to start a new enterprise, and that you and it will thrive. You are among the very best company – many great men and women have the same experience (small comfort, I know) and come back stronger than ever. Thoughts and prayers to you. Please let me know how you’re doing in future comments, if possible. All the very best to you.

            • Thank you very much p m. I hope to get back on my feet quickly. I know I’m not alone. I’ve heard from more than one person (including a couple of relatives) who moved to Wyoming that they got jobs right away, compared to the states they lived in previously. I don’t know about jobs in the energy sector there. El Presidente seems hell bent on destroying the oil and coal industries, which are a couple of big job creators in Wyoming. I’m in the technology field, so I’ll just stick to that, unless it happens to be a tech job in the energy sector. Utah wasn’t a bad place for me to live in, but since I have a support system in Wyoming, that’s why I’m moving there.

              • p m

                Thanks for your reply, Chris. Very glad you will have family in-state and plenty of support.
                It looks good for energy if R&R win because they’ll have to act on their resource development promises, not just because of their platform but because it’s also a security priority. Thank God it’s a red state with a republican governor who’s leading the energy development charge. Fingers crossed for a good position with strong prospects for you, whether in your own business or a good company. Hope you won’t be working too hard and we’ll still see you here. Good luck and a following wind!

      • SirWilhelm

        I’m not making excuses for their cowardice, but, I do believe their lives are on the line, if they don’t go along with the tryant. I believe that is why even the Tea Party members, are relatively silent. They are all trying to make things seem as normal as they can, while living under our new totalitarian regime, or they will be killed. The media is in the same boat, and there are taboo subjects even for Fox News.

    • white531

      I believe the room is empty, Max.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      Bonehead Boehner is spineless, as is McConnell. We cannot count on them to stand up for America AND conservative values – they cave to the liberals because they are either complicit, or they are so pus-sy-whip–ped by Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer and Schumer that they only want to go along to get along. They are truly the weakest links. Their constituents should be outraged and appalled with their silence, their stupidity and their complete disregard for what America stands for. Boehner and McConnell ARE NOT conservative and not Republicans. They are RINOS.

      Hello Kentucky?????? Hello Ohio???????? Are you awake yet? How do you feel about your “native” sons now???? They are a disgrace to America and YOU helped them propagate the liberal/communist agenda. WAKE UP. Your “boys” are part of the problem. VOTE THEM OUT. I read that McConnell has hired some “Tea Party” campaign managers. He know he’s in trouble. What I can’t figure out is why the “Tea Party” people would help him get reelected?????? What’s up with that?????? Boehner just skated by in 2010 and has been a complete disgrace ever since. He deserves to be booted out of the Speaker of the House position. He is a total disappointment.

      • SirWilhelm

        I’m not making excuses for their cowardice, but, I do believe their lives are on the line, if they don’t go along with the tryant. I believe that is why even the Tea Party members, are relatively silent. They are all trying to make things seem as normal as they can, while living under our new totalitarian regime, or they will be killed. The media is in the same boat, and there are taboo subjects even for Fox News.

      • Maxsteele

        I could not agree with you more, on every count.

  • p m

    From the Daily Mail, UK:
    “Despite his lengthy association with extremists, including the 9-11 mastermind and al-Qaeda leader himself, the military recommended in a 2005 report sending him back to his home country of Libya.
    In 2007, Qumu was released from Gitmo and turned over to Gaddafi on the condition that he be kept in prison. But, in 2010 Qaddafi freed him from the notorious Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, along with 37 other prisoners, to celebrate the dictator’s 41st year in power.
    During the uprising, Qumu emerged as a leader of the rebels. ”

    A known OBL cohort (his driver, they say) and we still went to war for this hellhole?


  • las1

    How’s that dead Osama bin Laden workin’ out for you there eh Barack?

    • PAWatcher

      He’s not goin back to Cairo anytime soon, I bet, after all the bragging he’s fearing having a shoe thrown at him or something!

  • PAWatcher

    Let’s get Issa’s commitee onto this cover up, it’ll go the way of fast and furious- years of hub bub with no charges coming to fruition over lives lost. obama and his minions have their scapegoats already in place for this mass murder escapade.
    We have to vote them out!

    • actionsspeaklouder

      It is CRIMINAL what they are doing. We cannot stand for it. There must be a revolt.

      • Alpaca_Dean

        NO, actually what is “criminal” is the “charges” they (the Dims) think they will level against the “criminals” who perpetrated “the crimes” against our Ambassador and the Consulate staff there in Benghazi.. According to the O’BlahBlah spokes-hole I saw talking about it on Fox this morning.. made me sick to my stomach to see this a-hole talking about this terrorist act of WAR being treated like a crime.. so awesome how they’ve carted in the FBI to do the investigating for this heinous act now, huh?

      • PAWatcher

        Action your name tells it all, our votes will be so loud in November it will render obama and pals powerless, speechless, deaf and packing for their journey out of DC.
        The criminality of these thugs can be dealt with after the election.

  • What brothers me is obama was warned by Libya and Isreal two day before any of this happened. Add to that hillary`s not let the marines to have bullets.
    All this adds up to four Americans dead and obama and hillary lying about what they knew before hand.
    They have blood on their hands now, and they are trying to spinn out of it.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      We must not let them. These politicians and the very people we elected to protect us have been lying, obfuscating and covering up to save their hides. Their nefarious deeds need to be exposed and We The People need to hold them accountable and prosecute them for crimes against America. This is war. Obama and Holder have declared war on our own states re: immigration. They are trying to prevent citizens from protecting themselves against foreign invaders. THIS IS TREASON. Why won’t someone come forward and call it what it is? The seriousness of what is going on is being ignored by the lying, left-wing media – they are cohorts in the crimes and as guilty as all the lying scum in our government. They MUST be held accountable as well.

      If Boehner and especially McConnell in Kentucky, who is up for reelection, aren’t thrown out by their constituents – then this American nightmare will continue.

  • carolt2

    They finally admitted what we all knew to be the truth. I sent an email tonight, I wonder if I’ll have an answer. We should demand that Hilary Clinton, Rice, Powers, etc, submit their resignations. They pushed O into Libya, he went along. I don’t know why he did but I have my suspicions.

  • MarianaLiu

    So Romney causes death of a woman with cancer. Screams from liberal imbeciles for his head. False story. Woman died years later. Romney out of the picture by then.

    He who is an Obamanation, party’s it up in Vegas while the embassy in Libya is attacked and 4 are murdered. Under his administration. While he is still president. Happened only last week.

    No biggie.

    Blood. On. His. Hands.

  • Who is going to do anything about it? Everyday we read where Obama or someone in his administration has pushed or went over the line, we hear a lot of rhetoric and nothing more is done. Why aren’t these issues paraded on advertisements for Romney’s election?
    Hillary Clinton, it has been reported, signed off on rules of engagement that did not allow Marines as guards and severely restricted of when loaded firearms could be used. We haven’t heard much about that, have we? Who was supposed to be protecting the Ambassador and where were they? Were they private contractors? Where is the FBI. Do you honestly think the FBI can go into that city the way they do here and just walk around asking questions? The FBI isn’t even there yet folks.
    We can’t have all this coming out before the election, right? But again, nobody brings him to account. It’s fine for the conservative press to say and report everything but, who is listening to the conservative press? Conservatives. Put this stuff out in the liberal market.

    • actionsspeaklouder

      The liberal market won’t allow it. That’s the whole problem. They won’t report what is really going on and they won’t let Obama’s hands get “dirty”.

    • So far, Dear Leader has gone on with his evil plans virtually unchecked. What are the Republicans scared of? What dirt does El Presidente have on them? The only other thing I can think of is that they are in collusion with El Presidente. If that’s the case, what do they hope to gain from the destruction of the country? What kickbacks will they receive on top of the ones they are already getting? This goes on while politicians with actual spines of steel (West, King, and Bachmann) are getting lambasted from the leftist Dems on one side and the leftist Repubs on the other. All I can see happening in the future is the emergence of a viable third party. That is, if there is anything of this country left.

    • SirWilhelm

      Marines, with loaded guns, and guards, with loaded guns, could have hurt the attackers, and Obama and Hilly couldn’t let their real friends get hurt, could they?

  • * SEALS killed in Afghanistan due to crappy ROE.

    * Lose a full transport of men, including 23 SEALS, in a still-unexplained-mishap of war.

    * Take credit from SEALS for killing Obama.

    * Lose two SEALS who stepped in to defend Sovereign US Territory.

    I’m seeing a pattern here that shows contempt for the best and brightest in our military. The article at the link is a very good exposition of this.

  • Aikalo80

    Obama will respond “but but but I killed Osama Bin Laden”……….Mr. President its time to take some RESPONSIBILITY!!!

  • Rocco11

    The Obama Regime had advance warning of the 9/11 attacks, but they couldn’t let a “crisis go to waste,” so they tried to make inroads attacking the 1st amendment.

  • The Obama administration also STILL has not told us what the American ambassador was doing in Benghazi in the first place. The abmassador was in a super dangerous part of Libya with literally no security to speak of (and two ex-Navy SEALS is not nearly enough when confronted by al Qaeda-led assault groups). Also, why was the ambassador there on 9/11, of all days, when everybody knew that al Qaeda could try something on the anniversary of 9/11? These are serious questions that NOBODY is either asking or getting answers to. Sure, the FBI will launch an investigation and, hopefully, we’ll get an answer to these questions by 9/11 of 2013. That would be a big “help.” We are now back to the pre-9/11 mindset here, folks, where terrorist attacks are treated like crimes and NOT acts of war. Sleep soundly tonight, my friends, knowing that you have a president that just turned the clock back over 11 years and expects different results.

    • hydrangea1

      Part of the problem is that the “guards” of the embassy were not armed. They sometimes were not allowed to have guns on the grounds. Guess it was kinda like Barney’s one bullet in Mayberry at our embassy. We have fools in this administration.

  • Yazz55

    Can a certain seal team perform a militiary coup? They could go into the whitehouse & assiasinate all the marxists there. They should have no problem with enemy identification.

  • Annie041

    Obama makes Carter look like the Man of Steel

  • SirWilhelm

    The fox is investigating the henhouse….again. And yes, they’re covering up…again. This is the professional cover up administration. It’s been a cover up from the begining, hiding for the entire term, that Obama is an illegal alien occupying the White House. Everything this administration has done, is illegal, because it is illegal. If you don’t believe that, shouldn’t you find out for sure? I’ve recommended looking at the evidence every chance I could. Sadly, I’ve found that doesn’t matter, to some people. They dismiss the evidence out of hand, with prejudice. Well. look at the death of this ambassador, and how the administration is covering up what really happened. Are these the actions of honest people? If you answer that with a “no”, then reconsider the evidence concerning Obama’s citizenship once more. The fate of the country, is on the line.

  • The most frustrating thing about this is that it is NOT being reported on by the msm. Will Romney be able to succeed when he has to run against the Chicago Thug Obama team and the msm? They are both running scared and are in full attack mode to discredit Romney. The media is terrified because if Obama loses they lose. Obama and the msm are joined at the hip. I worry about the debates because I KNOW that the left wing mediators will do everything in their power to help Obama….without a doubt Obama will input the subject matter and format to them ahead of time. Good luck Mitt Romney you MUST win in November if America is to survive.

  • Spartan1975

    with all the proof we have that the Obama administration is working with our enemies putting our country at great risk, one has to wonder if the Lamestream Media and the Senate Democrats under Hairy Reed are in fact covert foreign operatives working to accomplish the destruction of the US. What is going on in this administration is criminal on every level and the enemy is clearly within, nevertheless the PRAVDA proudly defends everything for him while most dems will cover him against impeachment…

  • ratrap

    “If you will not fight for whats right when you can easily win without bloodshed; If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; You may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of Victory. There may even be a worse case: You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Winston Churchill

  • this is what happens to a country when you put unGodly people in charge of a Christian nation. President on down. Thank God that he is in charge and uses evil to wake up the Good. God forgive us we have sin. God first Country second family 3rd

  • citizensane2

    Notice how Mark Levin and Curly of the Three Stooges have the exact same voice.

    • seattle61

      No.. but then again I don’t waste my time watching kiddie shows.

      • citizensane2

        By “kiddie show” you were obviously referring to the Mark Levin show.

      • woodsman1st

        Too late for your lame reply doofus; you gave away your lack on intellect with your own words. Now be a good little boy and scurry back to your cartoons.

        This comment was clearly aimed at citizeninsane; sorry I clicked the wrong button.

  • bdaniel230

    This is quite possibly the most incompetent administration in history. The worst part is they are completely unwilling to take any responsibility for any error or misstep. Obfuscation and legal word parsing is their speciality yet the masses are more than willing to take them at their word.
    This bodes ill for America

    • woodsman1st

      Those “masses” will not read anything, or watch anything, other than the mainstream liberal media; and those renagades refuse to report on anything that may make obummer look bad. Many will never change their minds regardless of any shocking revalations….BUT THOUSANDS WILL CHANGE AND CHANGE THEIR VOTE; THOUSANDS OF OTHERS MAY JUST NOT VOTE DUE TO FEELINGS OF BETRAYAL.

      Somehow we must get the real news out to the liberals instead of the daily pablum they are now forcefed on a daily basis!

  • woodsman1st

    As we get closer to the elections on November 6th, more and more of Obummers past history is coming to light….NONE OF THIS HISTORY PAINTS OBUMMER AS A GOOD GUY!

    In fact with every new revalation of obummers past history it becomes ever more clear why obummer was forced to spend TWO MILLION DOLLARS TO HIDE HIS PAST FROM AMERICAN VOTERS.
    The most freightening thing is, we are barely scratching the surface of obummers hidden history; and obummer in his complete arrogance just laughs at the American voters and still refuses to reveal any of his past.

    I believe if we are to defeat obummer and in turn we are to save America, the Republican National Commitee had better post a huge reward for verifiable information on obummers past history that he paid a fortune to hide from us.
    This reward must be at least ONE MILLION DOLLARS; with all of the unsavory characters in obummer’s past, surely there will be many who will come forward with obummers history. But, the reward had better be huge; because any who would reveal obummers history would fear for their lives, and rightfully so.

    So c’mon RNC and loosen up those purse strings and lets put a reward out there big enough to tempt anyone; If we are to save our country from the future obummer is taking us, now is not the time to be stingy with the reward money.

    Everyone knows the information on obummrs shady, if not outright illegal, history is out there.
    For God’s sake pay the price and save America; if oubmmer wins in November, it will be far too late to do anything after November 6th.
    Ask Americans to chip in on the reward, and American Patriots will rush to help save our country!

  • cover up but the media does not cover the cover up only Nixson payed for his cover up but no one was Killed in that one.The president partys’ while middle east burns would have been any Republican’s headline where are you protectors of the truth ???????