Mark Levin: Obama defies federal courts and federal law; states should defy Obama’s unconstitutional actions

Mark Levin says that Obama has now created a constitutional crisis:

We have a rogue board call the National Labor Relations Board. … Three people are siting there unconstitutionally issuing opinions involving business and labor unions. The court ruled that they don’t have any power because Obama didn’t have the power to rule the Senate in recess and to make those appointments. Obama doesn’t have the power to change the welfare statute to eliminate work. Obama doesn’t have all kinds of power that he’s exercising. Neither does his bureaucracy over there at the EPA and so forth.

So what I am suggesting is that the states follow suit and the states say look, if the Constitution doesn’t apply to him, then you can assert the Constitution against usOr you can, but catch us if you can, let the law catch up with us. We’ll do the same thing Obama does, but we’ll do it in the name of liberty.

And there’s more. Listen:

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  • sjmom

    The states won’t do that, though I fully agree with Mark. What is needed is for someone to step up and prosecute Obama, either through impeachment or some other manner because this is getting to be ludicrous what he and his administration are getting away with. May God help us and save us.

    • white531

      sjmom, we are a nation of lawyers. We have more lawyers in this country, than real estate agents. Lord knows we have enough real estate agents to establish a colony on Mars.

      I am reminded of that old statement, “why can’t you find a good lawyer when you need one.” Why indeed?

      • JohnCraven

        Remember the old joke:

        “What’s a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the sea?”

        “A good start!”

        John Craven
        New Orleans

        “Ye shall not enter into this our Pilgrimage of Grace for
        the Commonwealth, but only for the love that ye do bear
        unto Almighty God…”
        (From: The Oath of the Honourable Men, composed by Robert Aske, 1536 A.D.)
        [Cited in: The Pilgrimage of Grace by Geoffrey Moorhouse, published by
        Wiedenfeld & Nicolson, London, 2002]

      • Kelly60

        Hey!!! Don’t be hating on the realtors. I’m a realtor and I’m a good person. Of course, I don’t make a lot of money because there’s things I just won’t do but don’t be hatin on me!!
        Now, lawyers….lol, gotta agree with you on that one.

        • bobemakk

          I am a retired Realtor, and I was also honest, that is probably why during the peak years of Real Estate I never really made a great living. Please don’t compare Realtors to lawyers and Obama.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      Look at the states caving on ObamaCare. Darkness falls.

    • crakpot

      I think we’re down to self-preservation. Some red states are starting – dropping taxes to lure industry away from blue states; coining their own money; defending their own borders. What Levin is saying is really a necessary step. Hopefully, the rest of the nation will mend their ways before division becomes inevitable and Obama starts using all those hollow-point bullets he’s stockpiling.

  • Sober_Thinking

    If the states capitulate like Kasich just did recently… then all is lost. We’ll become a series of smaller and smaller “countries”… small pockets if you will (each state will be different)… some will follow the law (like the Constitution) and others won’t. It will be anarchy really… and we’ll just be the “S.A.” because you’ll have to remove the word “United” from all of that mess.

    I’m not trying to be melodramatic or anything… but honestly, we have to all stick together… or as many of us as we can… there is strength in numbers. And especially in this case, where Obama and Holder want to sue states for obeying federal law and trying to secure their borders or deport illegal aliens… it’s the same thing here. Obama wants to bypass law and court rulings and again make states unlawfully follow his dictatorial decrees. Will we be Ohio or will we be Texas?

    Revolution is imminent if this lawlessness doesn’t cease. Pile on all the extra taxes, the government trying to disarm us illegally, ridiculous regulations, governmental over reach, and arrogance and impotence from an ineffective Washington and congress, and people will reach a breaking point. They can only take Obama’s sneering for so long. But states can stand up against this evil and simply say “no”. Civil disobedience can also be effective.

    And where are the Republicans? Where is the House? Why aren’t they stepping up and setting things right? Just saying.

    Pray for this country… God is in control and He will set things right… one way or another.

    • aposematic

      Where are the R’s: Desperate to get the only thing they care about, control over the theft and redistribution of America’s wealth. Just ask Rove’s new PAC.

    • PVG
      • Sober_Thinking

        Good link… thank you! 🙂

  • Pancake3

    Those 535 people in Congress are supposed to represent the American people in their respective states. I have to wonder why they do not. Actions taken by the Chief Executive (President) that are outside the clear dictates of the Constitution simply go unchallenged since 2008. Freaking amazing.

    • 1Badger2U

      “I have to wonder why they do not”

      Because he is black; any action on the part of congress regardless of how well documented and based upon Constitutional principles will be deemed RACIST. Congress is full of cowards and is severely lacking men of principles.

  • c4pfan

    But, will the states be brave enough to do it? Some caves on the exchanges.

    • aposematic

      Add Virginia to that cave!

  • The first State that comes to mind doing that is Texas..

    • aposematic

      Some have refused the Medicaid money. Texas was one.

    • If I were young, I would move to Texas in a flash even if it is hot as hades.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama keeps grabbing more and more power outside of what’s stated in the Constitution. It seems no one is challenging him, so he just keeps grabbing additional power. He is acting like the King of the United States. Someone needs to challenge him legally and try to put a stop to his power grab. Someone………anyone………..?

    • martha chandler

      If we never push back, then what?

      • Army_Pilot1967

        We’ll lose more than you can imagine! obama will continue to run rough shod over the states and do what he pleases regardless of the limits of the Constitution. We won’t be able to recognize this country if obama isn’t reined-in. He seems to do whatever he wants to do and the Republicans just roll over.

    • aposematic

      Some have challenged him, that’s how the Court ruled against him on the NLRB. Obuma just ignores the Court rulings and continues like nothing happened. So what now…another law suit to force the enforcement of the first one. HHS is being challenged…Obuma ignores…on and on.

  • toongoon

    Obama is the most successful criminal the world has ever known. He does none of what his job requires, spends the people’s money on personal recreation, always blames someone else for his shortcomings and forces the people to pay more and more and all with the blessings of half of the people.
    Even a parasite doesn’t drain it’s host completely. How much worse is he?

    • StrangernFiction

      Soetero is a cartoon villain. He is comically evil. The only bigger fraud I can think of is Mohammed.

      • honestynow

        Have you checked out the articles on
        today (one featuring a DHS “insider” on coming econ. collapse; 2nd on rise of is-

        • sDee

          The insider says we are being baited. Could this story be bait too?

          What makes the info seemingly credible is that it matches the what we see, and is based on the inevitable – the economy has to collapse.

          Much of the sellout behavior and lockstep deceit of our politicians and media could be explained by them being promised physical and financial protection from this.

          If such plans are true, they have greatly and gravely underestimated us. The DHS will not last a day with a gun pointed from every window, every tree, every car. Unless the military is behind them – which is unlikely.

          • Kelly60

            You could very well be right sDee. I try not to put too much into some of the insider stories but at time, i must admit, they give me some hope. Lame Cherry blog (gees it’s so R rated) posted George Washington’s Prophesy for America and it was very interesting. We are too unique…too based on Biblical principles to just fall…I just don’t believe it…

        • blebs

          I can believe every bit of it. I think most people with a working brain can see it. Too bad that we have so many people without working brains!

  • aposematic

    The States are more interested in the Feds. redistribution of their subjects wealth. The States haven’t given a damn about the Constitution of these U.S. in a very long time.

    • notsofastthere

      So, the President doesn’t care, the congress doesn’t care, and the states don’t care. ICE agent was just on Hannity and is saying ICE is mandated to stand down. The peoples option seems pretty clear – if people don’t act soon, practice sieg heil
      Dictators become dictators with the peoples permission.

  • white531

    Basic Freedoms in America are certainly under attack as I write this. But this didn’t happen yesterday. The move toward reducing, or even eliminating basic freedom in America has been going on for some time. We’ve just been ignoring it.

    Ignoring what the Left has been doing for the last twenty years, is coming back to bite us in the butt. By that, I simply mean we are deep into this mess at this time. To use a football analogy, the home team is down by at least 40 points with 4 minutes left on the clock.

    It isn’t you. It isn’t me. It is the population at large. But we are part of that population.

    Let me put it to you in simple terms. The plan they have is on track, and is producing results. Thanks to their efforts, a large majority of Americans hate Republicans, and Conservatives, by extension. We have to change that.

    Here’s the problem. As sick as their message is, they somehow are able to sell it. Because they are good at selling it.

    Our message is better, but the people we have selling it, are worthless.

    I believe you see the problem.

    • StrangernFiction

      The people “selling our message” are on the other team.

    • Conservative ideas are a hard sell to a spoiled people who don’t want to be even slightly uncomfortable. Liberal ideas are an easy sell to those who simply want to feeeeel good about themselves.

      • white531

        Kool-Aid is a powerful thing, Patricia. Because it’s free.

        Being a Liberal doesn’t hurt your brain, because you are not required to use it.

  • lambfound

    I’m wondering why all of us should remit taxes to a lawless government. Aren’t we just feeding the beast? If illegal aliens get a mulligan on breaking the law, as does the president, shouldn’t we all get a mulligan on one law of our choice – like paying taxes? It almost feels immoral to send money to this out of control, lawless government. Just a thought. Can’t we pick and chose which laws we decide to obey, just like our President?

    • StrangernFiction

      It certainly wouldn’t be immoral to withhold payment to Leviathan.

  • StrangernFiction

    It is the only way.

  • Joe

    If he is defying the LAW

    Why is he not being tried for TREASON ?

    I am serious – What the heck is going on???



    Mark — You know the truth

    The States are on the Federal Dole – they cannot revolt

  • Mark has been hinting at something he’s been working on in this area. I suggest folks read this weaky-pedia article about interposition.

    • sDee

      Madison knew this day was coming.

      • white531

        Yes, sDee, he did.

      • Amazed we lasted so long, really.

  • Hmmm… Perhaps it is a good time to separate the LOSERship GOP govs from those who have Leadership abilities.

    Could get interesting if Ohio does the global warming flip flop…

  • c4pfan

    I missed the part where Mark was telling a caller that he’s working on something? What was the question about?

  • c4pfan

    OT Today is Ronald Reagan’s birthday. You can watch a celebration with Rudy here

  • semihardrock

    Levin should know better….Just ask Government STEALS money from citizens through “Laws and Regulation”…..The Federal Government Laws (which trumps State Laws) are ALSO stealing money……directly from the States once “hooked” on Obamacare.

    The States will soon “feel” like the rest of the Middle Class….POOR!

    Communism in the making!

  • froggy19510

    Right on the money as usual. Maybe we’re headed for a constitutional showdown.
    Buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • white531

    All of you are missing the point. I don’t presume to talk down to you, because you are all more than my equal. It’s just this. Obama right now, is just like a bully in a schoolyard. He even has other bullies to back him up. That is all this is. A bully in a schoolyard. Except the schoolyard in question, happens to be our country.

    These people really think they can obliterate two hundred years of Freedom, and turn our Founders’ dream into a Communist nation. Only half of us drink the Kool-Aid. The other half, who don’t drink the Kool-Aid, are still out there. Scary thing is, they have guns.

    You see, the fifty per cent of us who don’t drink the Obama Kool-Aid, own guns. That is what you might call, “an enigma.”

    “a puzzling or inexplicable occurrence or situation.”

    What that means, in simple terms, is that you can’t predict what people with guns will do.

    Especially those who don’t trust the Federal Damned Government.

    That is not my problem, nor yours. That is Obama’s problem.

    • DebbyX

      No, the kool-aid drinkers have guns too. They’re just too hypocritical to show ’em. Besides, they have body guards or they live in the “hood” where you look stupid if you have a permit to conceal carry.

      • white531

        True enough.

  • JohnCraven

    I think it will take further legal action by people such as Mark Levin’s Landmark Legal Foundation to have the courts formally declare that any and all decisions made by these rogue appointments of Obama’s are null and void.

    Even if some governors were willing to do just as Mark Levin says you would have other governors who conveniently lose their backbones when it serves their political futures, such as John Kasich of Ohio, who would undermine the other governors who stand up to Obama’s bullying.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    Fortune favors the bold! – Alexander the Great

    Mark 9:27-28 “Why could we not cast him out?”
    asked his disciples as to why they couldn’t cast out an evil spirit,
    and Jesus said to them, “This kind can go out by nothing,
    but prayer and fasting.”

    Pray, hope and don’t worry! — Saint Padre Pio

  • JohnMartin Mull

    A face for radio.

    • bjohnson55

      There is that JohnMartin Mull again still trying to live with his head up his ass. Your out look on life depends on where you point your eyes, we can all see where your eyes are buddy.

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Obama doesn’t have the power to do what he’s doing, yet he is being ALLOWED to do it! He has many, many enablers who will do nothing to curb his thirst for absolute power. He||, they are FUELING it!

  • We have a president who things he is above the law and when it is something he doesn’t want he makes sure the courts side with him. If we have judges to changes what the laws mean because of Obama then our government is not right. The biggest problem is we have someone who was never vetted in the white house.We have a muslim in the white house. Our whole system had been taken over by muslim brotherhood. Look up on you tube “The project” and you will see how it happened.Mark Levin is right.

  • blebs

    I hate to break it to you, but your looking at the New World Order. No one is going to do anything about this run amok schmuck because they live in fear for their lives. The ones that have struck a cord have been eliminated. It has a cause/effect on the rest that are in the know. They’ve planned for this for years and they are already implementing a lot of it right in front of your eyes, yet we have so many brain dead people, that they believe whatever the MSM tells them or whatever the run amok schmuck says. Short of divine intervention, we are all screwed.

  • “where is the R party?”- Gone Hispandeering….

  • Conniption Fitz

    Obama’s presidency IS unconstitutional – not just his actions – but his qualification for the office of President.

    As the alleged biological and adoptive son of foreign nationals, Obama is the first constitutionally unqualified POTUS.

    Obama is a dangerous case of affirmative action.

    No wonder he does not respect our Constitution and Bill of Rights…nor our laws.

    He is a ‘lawless one’ – one who does not respect the laws of God or man.

    • TexasPGRRider

      That`s the essence of my point Conniption. B.O. doesn`t need to be impeached, he should simply be arrested for FRAUD, tried for the deceptions upon the American people, and removed from office. I believe the fears of creating a race war would subside as the TRUTH became evident…Happy Day….

  • grebneva

    The Constitution PROVIDES us with all necessary tools! Starting with the concept of WHAT IS the federal government? Is it the ruler over the states and people?

    No, it is other way around. It is the result of a compact between the States (Constitution) which this federal government to provide for the “protection of the States” in the world affairs and for the “Welfare (benefit) of the STATES (not of the people).

    Thomas Jefferson provided us with solution –“whensoever the general government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force…. where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.”

    States have all the power to nullify the actions of the federal government not delegated to them by Article 1 Section 8, or those which are contradict the State law. And our “fight” is to help, and possibly pressure, our state government to make the gutsy move of enforcing the Constitution.

    Here is the text of the possible nullification resolution for any state to carry:

    The president DOES NOT have authority to make any executive order outside of HIS very limited authorities described in the Article 2 Section 2 (look at the 3rd Resolution at

    There is no reference to executive orders in the Constitution, no amendment authorizing them, and Congress does not have the power to allow them. Executive orders are unconstitutional and should be ignored.

  • AtlEsquire1973

    So brilliant. Genius lawyer. I think I am a good lawyer, but I feel dumb next to him.

  • 12grace

    Gerald Celente | To The Evil Of Monarchy | 2013


    Gerald Celente – USA

    Gerald Celente: Trends Outlook for 2013

  • ali3nation

    The Great One ( Mark Levin ) once again has spoken and it is the truth as always. How can we not agree with his proposal ? Bravo Mr. Levin, may you inspire us for the next 100 years. ( More if medical research is allowed to progress ).

  • ali3nation

    I now need to vent a bit, so bear with me I may get too verbose. If any of you were listening to the hearings on Benghazi, we have Hillary taking full responsibility for it, and then immediately ending her tour of duty and effectively washing her hands of it all. We have Panetta telling us that Hillary and Obama were AWOL during the attack. We also come to find out that Petraeus and Panetta as well as Hillary and Dempsey were all in line with arming the Syrian rebels to overthrow Assad but Obama refused to go along. It has also been suggested that the reason Ambassador ( and agent ) Stevens went to Benghazi was to meet with a Turkish agent arranging arms shipments from Libya via Turkey to the rebels in Syria ( most of which comprised of al- Quaida and Muslim Brotherhood fighters.) Assad is a puppet of the Russians. They will do everything possible to keep Assad in power as they do not want Islamists in power in Syria. Obamas leanings tend to be towards the Islamists but if he really did oppose arming the rebels, in direct conflict with the plans made by his own Secretary of State, CIA director, and Joint Chief of Staff as well as his Secretary of Defense, what would put them at such odds ? Harkening back to what seemed like Obama being on a first name basis with Vladimir and considering his gesture suggesting he will be more compliant in his second term, could it just be that his real loyalties lie with Vlad and secondarily with the J ih ad? This would imply that Obama felt pressure to protect Assad, at least to the extent that that would be possible. The chaos and coverup in the aftermath of Benghazi, with Clinton knowing nothing and Panetta telling us that Obama and Clinton were essentially AWOL during and after the event is very telling and should be analyzed in depth. I was quite shocked at Panetta’s answer when Graham asked him if he knew about arms shipments to Syria. Panetta, obviously knew the question was coming and answered without reserve, YES. And by the way, Graham did not ask that question on a fishing expedition. Well, see how I have blathered on, so sorry. But if it can make others see the many dots that need to be connected to flush out the infiltrators among us, maybe it would be worth it. In the mean time keep tuning in to Mark.

  • ali3nation

    Just one more thing, please. I know many of you have read my exhortation to google Tom Fife. I realize that once you read his essay on his dinner meeting with some high ranking Russian scientists in the early 1990’s will seem totally implausible but PLEASE, if you have not yet done so, GOOGLE TOM FIFE, and read his essay. If you don’t get at least get one goose bump, then you may need reeducation. Once you read the essay try to put the works of the current US president in its perspective.

  • ali3nation

    And lastly, here is a link to a radio interview that I just found, of Fife in 2012 recounting his story.

  • DaveJ

    Hussein Obama should be put in chains and deported immediately after his public hanging on the Capital lawn, I’ll buy the rope.