Mark Levin: Obama sounds just like Hugo Chavez

Mark Levin says that with all Obama’s Marxism and class warfare, touting how he has saved the auto industry when he’s only dealt with GM and Chrysler and they still owe the taxpayers billions of dollars, he sounds just like Hugo Chavez:

This guy, he makes no sense to me. No sense whatsoever. We’re sabotaging productive companies, we’re weighing them down, we’re holding them back, we’re obstructing them, and then he’s running around the country talking about what a wonderful job HE has done with GM and Chrysler.

You know Hugo Chavez is running for president in Venezuela, I think he’s also running for president in the United States of America. Obama sounds just like the guy with the Marxist class warfare claptrap, about how he’s saving this auto industry. About how he wants to do more in this regard to other industries. He shouldn’t have to if he were instituting the right policies.

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  • Sandra123456

    Obama has always wanted to be a Hugo Chavez, and he is making his dream come true.

    I’ve been convinced of that for some time.

    • “Dreams from my Hugo”?

    • cheryl spiegel

      The “ONLY” difference between BHO and Hugo Chavez is about 100 pounds.

  • “Obama sounds just like the guy with the Marxist class warfare claptrap…” THATS because he is just like the guy with the Marxist class warefare claptrap. Only difference between the two is one’s name is dear leader and the other is Chavez.


    …Right On,Great One, Right On once again you have hit the nail on the proverbial head .”

  • Just heard on FOX, not that I listen or pay any mind to polls, but dear leader is leading according to FOX with his biggest lead since mittens was proclaimed the rin.. er.. republican nominee. Looks like the lies that dear leader spreads through drive by headlines in twitter and the net are working.

    • Rshill7

      Hi Pally!

      Scott Rasmussen was on Fox today and said that Romney is up nationally by 4 points.

      He also said he has been up fairly consistently by at least two points lately. In other words, he’s rising 🙂

      Don’t get discouraged. Our side is motivated out of their hairdos! So motivated they can hardly breathe…me included. What is the left motivated about? Zzzzzzzzz.

      I think the motivated ones who came out last time will not feel anywhere near that same pizzazz to repeat that. Why would they? To cheer consistent failure? High budget deficits? Continued unemployment? I smell a landslide Missy!

      …in spite of massive voter fraud.

      • Your enthusiasm makes me smile mybear 😀

        • Rshill7

          Thufferin’ thucotash!


      • tish59

        rshill7 – Well-said! I don’t go ANYWHERE where I’m not encouraging people to make sure they’re REGISTERED and if not, go here:

        It’s EASY and FAST. If you find you’re not registered, you can do so here. AND suggest to EVERYONE that if they do nothing else this year, they MUST vote. This is not an ordinary election. Our Republic will not survive without our booting the garbage out of the White House.

        Much love to my fellow Brothers & Sisters

    • Watchman74

      I don’t know how much faith I would put in polls, but if it’s true I find it incomprehensible. how anyone in good conscious could vote for this man again knowing what we know about him. It’s just unfathomable. Honestly if he is elected a second time then America gets the leader it deserves. Welcome to Amerika!

      • I don’t pay much attention to polls at all. I just happened to hear it on the top of the hour when I was listening to Levin. I can almost believe it though, because as Rush said- dear leader’s campaigners are using the headlines such as their “Romney kills steel worker’s wife” “Romney’s a felon” “Romney’s a rich tax cheat” etc, to go viral on twitter and facebook, the masses see just the headlines and being lazy, believe it. It’s all been the race/class conditioning.

        • Nukeman60

          …the masses see just the headlines and being lazy, believe it.‘ – ABiC

          Exactly. That’s what the Dems count on. That’s why it’s the same with the polls. I, too, don’t believe them, but I follow them closely, as I try to analyze the demographics and break them down to how the media skews them.

          Most people just see the headlines and go, “oh, wow, I didn’t know that”.

    • Nukeman60

      The recent Quinnipiac polls of Ohio, Penn, and Florida had Obama up big, but they had raised the democrat polling numbers by 9%. Tends to skew any poll. Fox did the same thing, but not by as large a number.

      I also find it interesting that pollsters are coming out and saying that 95% of voters have already made up their minds. If this is true, why is Obama trying so hard with the smear jobs when the polls show him ahead of Romney? Certainly it’s not for that 5%.

      That’s something to think about. Obama is doing far worse than anyone would believe from the polls. The White House Insider seems to know what he’s talking about:

      • I love reading that Nuke-I’ve been trying to keep up to date with our insider friend. I can’t help it though- I get afraid when these people get angry. I do like that story, but all I could think of was how Jarrett was handling things, and sure enough the insider describes her tirades. Only thing is, thugs… these evil thugs will get more dangerous as the time gets closer and there’s no telling what they’re going to do and how they will do it.

        • Nukeman60

          That’s true, but there are very few things more worthwhile than protecting our Constitution for our children and grandchildren. These thugs, as they get more desperate, will try anything, but their power stems from others ignorance. That ignorance is dissipating and with it comes the light.

          My belief is they will be hapless when the time comes, as they won’t have the complicity of the media nor the complacency of the masses by then. That’s thanks to the New Guardians, who have been diligent throughout Obama’s ‘acid reign’ and continue to fight the good fight.

          It’s going to be a grand party on the 7th, the day after the great landslide of 2012. It won’t be known as Romney’s landslide, it will be called ‘The People’s landslide’.

          • Like I told ourbear earlier, I like your enthusiasm Nukefriend 😀

          • tish59

            Nukeman60 – I enjoy your perspective – I must admit, it comforts me. Like so many others, because of the nature of libs, and this fraudulent, corrupt administration, I fear that all the hard work we do may be met with far more evil…if that’s possible. Actually, I wouldn’t put ANYTHING past them.

            So, your optimism pulls me up. Thank you, friend

      • Sorry Nuke…but you are incorrect. The Fox Poll released today did indeed do a PLUS 9 Dem sample…so it was just as bad as Q-Poll. They did PLUS 9 up from PLUS 4 from the previous month. So sorry Fox was just as skewed. The media polls are clearly creating a narrative. Plain and simple. What is sad is that anyone from our side that believes them:

        Example….in July Fox had Dem Plus 4…survey result…45/41 Obama over Romney
        in Aug poll released today Fox had Dem Plus 9….survery result 49/40 Obama/Romney….now one does not need a calculator to see how Obama went up 4 when the Dem sample went up 5…in fact did he not lose 1 percent. Yet headline…Obama leads grow…right on Fox News web…IT IS PATHETIC. But all they want is the headline. Not only that they use Registered Voters which skews Dems anyway.

        Example…Does anyone notice how Rasmussen and Gallup stay pretty consistent….why is that…well quite simply they do not skew results. If you look at Ras you will see right now…Repubs are ahead in Registration 35.4/34 percent….now one thinks hmmmm….okay in 2010 the breakdown was evenly split….in 2008 plsu 6.7 Dem…okay for play sake lets break to Plus 3 Dems…no do your polls…and the picture changes greatly. Now in Florida….Q-poll (which is now linked with NYT…which eliminates them from being impartial) skewed FLORIDA by plus 9. Okay in 2008 Obama won by plus 3….where in God’s name did the other 6 percent come from?? In 2010 Florida went Red Big Time…See Rubio and on State Level and Governor!! Now where did that 6 percent Q-poll added come from?? Simply…it does not exist. Gallup found Obama’s approval here at 46 percent!! He will not get more than that in general election. In fact, Gallup has him under 50 percent in 37 states…including 44 percent in Ohio, 43 percent in Colorado and 46 percent in Virginia, Penn and Iowa. Now they polled these people over 7 months….Which I would say is pretty accurate!!

        Now forward to CNN, FOX and Q-Poll….okay now about 10 days ago remember the narrative…LOOK AT ALL THE MONEY OBAMA IS SPENDING AND THE HE IS TIED WITH ROMNEY….Bain not working….oh boy trouble….Okay go back 7 days and what happens….Q-Poll first how Obama is improving…ahead in Ohio, Florida and Penn….approval numbers are up…BAM MAGICALLY until look breakdown the sample and see how Q-Poll skewed so badly to get there in conjunction with NYT…Plus 9 Dem in Florida….Immediate bias poll….Okay then we have Reuters, Fox, CNN and others…ALL WITHIN LAST WEEK…coming out now showing Magically Obama is up and Romney down….Bain attacks working….but when you look at the polling samples….to get there they are all oversampling Dems left and right to get to the narrative. Like Dick Morris says to deflate Repubs and make people think Obama is winning!!

        Problem for Obama…people in the economy know better….Notice how Rasmussen has Romney up by 4 in Likely Voters and Gallup has Obama up by 1 or 2 in Registered Voters…remember Registered Voters skews Dems by 3-4 points….

        So the two most reliable and accurate polls stay consistent…why??? Because they do not skew their samples….why? Because Ras and Gallup know in the Month of June you cannot put plus 4 Dems then July plus 9… does not work that way. Sorry an additional 5 percent more Dems did not register. It is a fallacy!! The Media polls including Fox manipulate for a reason. And remember Fox does not poll…they hire an outfit to do it.

        Simply put…you look at Consumer Confidence, Unemployment, Energy Prices, the Mood, the Enthusiasm Among Republicans….recent elections like Scott Walker do you believe that Obama will have more support in 2012 than in his banner year 2008??? Well there you go!! Because those pollsters are going to the RIGHT of 2008 to get Obama to where he is!! It is called BS!!

        • Nukeman60

          They did PLUS 9 up from PLUS 4 from the previous month‘ – m

          That’s a plus 5, and that’s why I said not quite as bad, with all due respect. Other than that, nice post. I tell people if they are going to listen to any polls, there are 5 questions that have to be answered. 1) How many people were polled and from what source, 2) How are they weighted (Ind, Dem, Rep), 3) How are they voting (likey voters, registered voters, or all adults), 4) What is the margin of error, and 5) How are the questions worded. Answer these 5 points and it helps in determining how far they skewed the poll.

          I, too, think Rasmussen is the most accurate, but the only poll I truly accept is the one the voters give on election day. I say vote your heart and vote your conscience, the polls be [email protected]

          Here is an interesting interview, btw, with a pollster from the Quinnipiac polls of those three swing states the other day:

  • I’m listening to Levin go on Ann Coulter right now. It’s great!

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      i am also, he is making a good point, about who romney is, what to expect. it does put it in perspective. imo i like mark levin so i am biased lol

  • Birds of a feather……

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      curious does sean penn support barry as publicly as he does chavez? the three of them belong on a island far far away from us.

  • 911Infidel

    The only thing stopping Bararkus Obamus from becomming another Chavez or Putin is the thing that he hates the most: our Constitution. It just keeps getting in his way.

    • Rshill7

      I think Putin knows exactly who Obama is and where his allegiances “lie”. I also think during that last meeting where Obama was looking away and Putin wouldn’t even look at him, that Putin had just finished reading him the commie riot act right before the picture was taken.

      Ya’ reckon Putin knows who Frank Marshall Davis was? How about who paid for Obama’s education? How about everything that we are not allowed to know due to all of those sealed records? Yeah, I think Putin knows where the bodies are buried and the skeletons rest.

      • 911Infidel

        Oh no doubt they are sympatico.

    • nd he’s doing his very best to work around that pesky piece of Law.

      • 911Infidel

        And still the Founders great document stands in defiance of his quset for more power.

    • StrangernFiction

      “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order achieve the national security objectives that we set, we’ve gotta have a civilian national security force………”

      There will/would be a whole lot of bloodshed on the way to meeting those national security objectives. A whole lot of bloodshed.

  • StrangernFiction

    Evil exists, and Obama represents quite well.

  • Sober_Thinking

    We are Venezuela. The Government controls the media… and by keeping the American public ignorant, they stay in power. Dictator-and-Chief… lovely.

  • If Obama doesn’t have a serious disfunctional mental problem, none has ever existed.

    • badbadlibs

      So true. In part it might be due to his heavy drug use. Stupid bo voters.

  • publius1969

    the crickets are chirping at the romney campaign…pathetic

  • JoeMontana16

    Obama loves the NCAA. He loves the NBA. He loves the NFL. He really loves the NWO the most. The New World Order.