Mark Levin: Obama voted against waiving Stafford Act 10 days before 2007 ‘race speech’

Ten days before Obama went to race bait in his now infamous ‘race speech’ from 2007, he voted against an appropriate that would have waived the Stafford Act and was one of only 14 Senators to do so. The appropriation obviously passed which did waive the Stafford Act – no thanks to Obama. And still he went to that event and falsely used it to race bait.


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  • cheezwhizz

    Nooooo….are you telling me that Obama first manufactured a crisis ,
    then blamed whitey for that same crisis,
    and then he used that crisis to rile up blacks and other idiots against America ?
    Just like he did with Fast and Furious walking guns against 2nd Am,
    and with Kill Kafirs video against 1st Am ?
    He seems to follow a pattern 😀

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Well said cheez!

    • Facts about Fast and Furious mean little I notice… the people responsible were and are being held accountable… difference is when it started it was supported by the POTUS. When it was carried on it was done without approval of the change in guard in office and the EO was to protect life and limb of those still exposed. The shame President Barack Obama used persidential authority to protect americans in the field. THE HORROR…. wait it’s all a conspiracy. I forgot he manipulated and created the situation prior to him being in office to be able to blame it on the previous guy. REALITY check

      • cheezwhizz

        So what’s your point ?
        Bush did it?
        Is that why Obama had to invoke Executive Order ? To protect Bush because Holder and his fellow gunwalkers had gone rogue ?
        Lemme guess,you also believe that the Moooch shops at Target for Lysol , right ?

    • sara holy land

      If it is true what you say then it is a vile and despicable person, just a Son of a bitch .
      I have no words to describe the fucker.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Don’t you just love when Obama’s chickens come home to roost? Thanks Mark. I love it when folks do their research.

  • jaybenson

    Nah-ah. That would make Obama a hypocrite… pffffhhhhhh

    • Hypocrite is a very kind term to use to describe Obama. I think vicious, racist total and complete liar with nothing but contempt for the American people, our country, our Constitution and our way of life. Well at least I for one return the contemptuous, actually hateful feelings for him tenfold. Mark Levin is a genius, American hero.

  • Lie….lie…lie….lie…lie….this man is the LIVING EMBODIMENT of SAUL ALINSKY AND KARL MARX….he uses whatever means he must to achieve deception and manipulation. These speeches today ARE SO IMPORTANT to the taking down of the LIKEABILITY of a man that in his heart lies a dark, dark and dreary soul. There is nothing likeable about this man….he is the epitome of the False Prophet cloaked in Light but covered in Darkness!

  • Philo Beddoe

    What does the truth have to do with these leftist hate America jerks?

    Mark Levin AGAIN proves what a total lying hypocrite two bit con artist oflimflam is.

  • So 20 lies aday (easy),7days aweek,4 weeks amonth,12 months ayear for 3.5 years= The end of American exceptionalism

  • deeme

    He really takes his base for fools..I guess he figured they would never know about his voting record..

    • maynardb50

      His fool base are too stupid to look at his voting record.

      • deeme

        I know he also voted for everything he has been blaming Bush for for the last four years that were really Nancy and Harry and Fannie and Freddie…

        • vetgal1970

          I have always wondered why it is that NO one ever points out that he was a sitting Senator before he was elected. He always says he didn’t know how bad it was, and I always hope someone will say “Why not? Wasn’t that part of your JOB?”

  • denbren52

    This is awesome information! This PROVES that Obama was playing to his audience and lying to them. I would say he’s 2-faced but he has more than 2 faces. Satan has many faces!

  • MominNV

    Mr. Levin IS CALLED, ‘The Great One’, for a reason.

  • Sandra123456

    Growing up I never though a President would lie. That was a sin and Presidents don’t do that. They were grandfathers. (When I was a young kid, Eisenhower was President.) Then reality hit in my 20’s, the Johnson years.

    I wonder if kids fell that way today or it’s just an OK thing for a president to lie because everyone does it.

    • toongoon

      I think that now it’s OK to lie because the president did it.

      Nixon lied and paid for it.

      Clinton lied and was loved for it.

      Obama lies because he is incapable of telling the truth. After Clinton though, Democrats are expected to lie, it gives idiots a warped sense of security.

    • vetgal1970

      There are parents that still teach the value of honesty, honor, and treating your word as a contract. My kids have seen me howl with disapproval and hang my head in shame at the behavior of this man who is supposed to represent us. Just consider how he looks to the world, what is the value of negotiating anything with someone whose word means nothing?

  • If you want to make a difference for America Please help Alex Epstein as he goes up against Bill McKibben. Do it for your country. Oil and Coal industry have let enviros shame them into silence. It’s up to us now. Only citizens can make this happen.

  • Orangeone

    It was all planned. O’Bambi knew he would play the race card when he ran for POS

  • Orangeone

    O’Bambi denied federal relief in parts of MN this year for the massive flooding in Duluth. Yet this is a massive blue state. Is it because the people in Duluth are white and have money???

    • poljunkie

      Or how about when Nashville TN had their flood? They just quietly cleaned up. I dont remember the people complaining- the community came together and the musicans had fund raisers. BUT what is important is that members of the community actually got out and worked and cleaned up, much like those in nearby areas did after Katrina beside LA. Like Mississippi for example.

      • WinMissouri

        And the flooding in Iowa last year, that was not news worthy either. He also denied federal relief to parts of Missouri and Illinois last year after the tornadoes.

      • Orangeone

        We did in Duluth as well. Each year when the Red River floods in ND, many, many, many MN travel to sand bag to prevent and help clean up.
        What I didn’t see with Katrina was a certain race helping to clean up and rebuild.  No, they sat around and waited for the gov’t handouts for houses they didn’t even own.
        I haven’t seen the latest fraud figures from Katrina but last time I did, we could have fed and entire state with the loss.

        • poljunkie

          What really irks us is that they had fair warning that the Hurricane was coming, and didnt get out of their own way. Naigin could have helped those who didnt have resources but he didnt do anything either. Then they wonder why they dont have food/water/power.
          I mean some like the eldery, I can understand how they weren’t able to move around easily- but where were their family members? Others what was their excuse?
          Take some personal responsibility.

          • Orangeone

            Excellent response!  It is so unlike tornados and earthquakes that come without warning and devastate vast areas and leave a breadth of destruction.

          • Banda31

            And in the end who gets the blame? President Bush, even though he was on TV 3 days before warning the people that a Category 4/5 hurricane was coming and that they should get out. Some did but the majority didn’t.

            • poljunkie

              Im with you. They act like Pres Bush has an in with Mother Nature and said, lets have a hurricane hit the New Orleans area. They wont be prepared.

  • poljunkie

    Pie in the face to everyone who was sitting in that room nodding their heads blaming President Bush.

    But then, they really dont care about the facts. Until they wake up and start thinking for themselves, sadly nothing will change.

  • sjmom

    I don’t think I have ever known anyone who lies this much about so many things. It’s disgusting to think he’s the president.

  • williamm
  • Wisewoman2

    Thanks Mark I heard the same thing on Bret Baier this evening concerning his vote. This type you call a bald-faced lie. The one that takes the cake for me was early in the primary process following Hillary’s speech, he stood in the pulpit of a black church in AL and said his mother and father was part of the Selma march and “little Barack was born”. The man was born 4 years earlier. I know this is on tape because I saw it contemporaneously as well as on the Chris Matthew show. Chris pointed out that Obama was born 4 years earlier. After that everyone got quiet and the incident was never mentioned again. This man is a pathological liar and i say that as an AA. I did not nor would i ever vote for him.

    • EDIT: this is not the video you mean, these were from 2002.
      I know the one you are talking about and think I have it here somewheres.

      think you are talking about this one

      the excerpt about rich people is first one and full 30 min speech (which has bad audio) below it is where he mentions selma stuff iirc.

      • Wisewoman2

        Sorry so late getting back to you. According to the caption this speech was given by him in 2002. The speech I am referring to was given in either late 2007 or early 2008 when he was running against Hillary for the Dem nomination. The speech I refer to was given in a black church in AL near or on the anniversity of the Selma march . He was trying to one up Hillary since at that point in time blacks were not on board. He talked about how his mother and father met at and were part of the Selma civil rights march and “little Barack was born”. Obama was born 4 years after the march occurred. I saw the speech on real time I believe on CSpan and again on Chris Matthew show later that night. Chris was actually the one to point out what year Obama was born and what year the march occurred. To this day that is why I despise the “thrill running down my leg Chris” because he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that Obama was a liar that could not be trusted with the truth.

  • sick, evil man.

  • Ariadnea

    Dirty-Duplicitous-Thuggish-Race Baiter Obama! He should be a good replacement for Farakhan, Wright, or Sharpton!

  • aZjimbo

    Nothing surprises me with this fraud. NOTHING.

  • Interesting…. seems no one paid attention to the bulk of the bill… it was an appropriation more so for Iraq and the Katrina part was like support my WAR in Iraq and we will support locals as well. There is no doubt he would vote NAY because he voted NAY on the invasion of Iraq. Nice one…


    I can’t watch the debates because 0 is despicable. I agree with Mark that 0 has more contempt for the minorities that vote for him than anyone. He’s not part of that group, the sob went to the most elite private school in Hawaii (a green school). I’m not buying that homeboy act. But he’s a master at the different dialects;)

  • Howzah123
  • playsalieri

    I bet this why President Obama did not bring up the 47% video tonight. Romney would have strapped him on top of his station wagon & take him to the cleaners!

  • John_Frank

    For those who are interested, here is the actual voting record, showing that Obama lied:

  • Not to minimize the significance of this, but how much more meaningful might it have been if it had been brought to light 5 years ago, or at least before the 2008 election. Now, the left can spin it as “yet another desperate attempt from the sinking Romney campaign to pull another meaningless old skeleton from the closet,”

  • olesmithy
  • looseshoes

    This is a lie. The Senate Conference vote on HR 1591 which contained the Stafford Act waiver took place on April 26, 2007 and Obama voted YEA. Bush vetoed it on May 1. The bill that was voted on on May 24 was a revision of the Supplemental Appropriation bill, HR 2206, which DID NOT contain the Stafford Act waiver. It also lowered the appropriation for Katrina relief. Obama voted against this revision. Bush signed this version of the bill.

  • Freedom rocker

    @looseshoes that’s a lie looseshoes.  Obama voted against HR 2206 and he voted against giving them money to rebuild a major bridge there.  Bush passed it anyways.  Get your facts straight.