Mark Levin: Obama’s new tax plan is to raise taxes on EVERYONE by 2014, regardless of income

Mark Levin, citing CNS News, says that just six months ago Obama was proposing to make the tax cuts for the so-called ‘middle class’ permanent, that is everyone making below $250k per year. But Obama’s new plan he announced yesterday doesn’t make them permanent, but rather it allows those tax cuts to expire in 2014. So basically taxes go up on everyone making over $250k at the end of THIS YEAR, and for everyone else (aka middle class) taxes will go up at the end of NEXT YEAR.

So in short, Obama is going to raise taxes on everyone in the next 2 years regardless of how much money you make.

Mark Levin explains this shell game below and how it relates to Steny Hoyer’s comments yesterday:

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  • Nukeman60

    When Obama speaks, Obama lies‘ – Levin

    It doesn’t get any clearer than that. There is nothing coming out of his mouth these days that isn’t a deception and it’s getting harder and harder for him to keep track of where he stands and what he said. People have got to start seeing that sooner or later and, when they do, the landslide will be enormous.

    • M_J_S

      Damn straight. Of course the Left-coast will be for ‘Bama and so will largely the northeast. It will be interesting to see how MI, WI, MN go. The rest of the country will go for Romney.

      Then what? Will ‘Bama cry racism at his loss? Will he and that beast from the Evil Dead Movie, aka Michelle ‘Bama, steal the dishes like the Clintons? We need to make sure there are rows and rows and rows of people overheard cheering his departure.

      We need to ensure any stature, any street sign, any future presidential library are defaced incessantly.

      Jail for the “Chief”!

      • “We need to make sure there are rows and rows and rows of people overheard cheering his departure.”

        I remember when watching Bush leave the white house you could hear the people booing in the background, which I though was pretty disrespectful. BUT I will be so happy to hear any jeers or boos coming out of our mouths when this bozo leaves. It will be music to my ears! Libs may be the scum of the earth, but you got to admit, it will be so great to treat them the way they treated us when November comes around. I’ll just make sure to head to church the following Sunday 😉

  • Joe

    Insidious – Sinister – Hypocritical – BSer – Bla – Bla – Bla ……..


  • If, GOD FORBID, Obama gets another term, taxes will explode in this country. We really will fall back into a depression, just like the late 1930s. The fool is walking into a gunpowder factory with a flamethrower and he doesn’t realize what economic harm his policies are doing to the country. But we CAN stop him in November. It really is going to be the most important election of our lives. Make it count.

    • MaroonRepublic

      Obama realizes exactly what his policies are doing. Fundamentally transforming America. Either way you are correct, we have to stop him in November.

    • keninil

      Obama will have 100 vehicles in his SS entourage by then, just in case some little protest arises when he stops buy for a Big Mac.

  • M_J_S

    Listen as Dan Rather analyzes Reagan’s 1980 win…sound familiar?

  • detectivedick

    Mark, I look in my rearview mirror and remember the “Lameduck” session of 2010. The RINO’s fell for LIAR Obama’s trap about the Bush Tax rates and extended them for two yeas into this election cycle. In return he got Don’t ask Don’t tell and the START Treaty. The RINO’S and the new Congress did not have to compromise and we now see the LIAR’s new game of class warfare. Soon we may have a debt ceiling issue again, gee that will be fun.
    Finally, I have heard a lot recently about “outsourcing” and sometimes we also hear about good old Warren Buffett. Well he is Mr. Outsource, ever look at Berkshire Hathoway…..Warren sends manufacturing jobs overseas; example: ever find a pair a Fruit of the Loom made in the USA. Well the LIAR’s dear friend Warren owns this and many Manufacturing Co’s that use cheap non union, no sick leave, no definded pension plan, etc jobs. He even owns the RR that picks the containers at the Port. So why doesn’y Romney attack the LIAR’s best friend?
    Just a thought and rant. Thanks

    • keninil

      You forgot Warren owns the railroad that is carrying oil from ND to TX because there is no pipeline.

      The debt ceiling may hit in Oct if Obama is really unlucky. Let’s hope the lame ducks don’t raise it for him.

  • Yazz55

    Of course the liberals want to raise everyone’s taxes.
    They’re just working out the details on how to find a way to label it as a tax cut.

  • Of course all taxes will go up,it’s the Dummycrat way,anything else is a sacrilege. It’s just another Oboy prank to garner votes from suckers who’ll believe him like they did in 2008. He has the media on his side to promote this farce. Take California (I live in Nevada), 16 bil in the hole and to solve the problem the Re-Run Guv wants to raise taxes. The legislature is too busy enacting gun laws to bother and the environmentalists have ruled the roost to destroy the state. As a result businesses have pulled out,people are leaving for Texas,and the gun laws have torpedoed firearm revenue from sales taxes. The agriculture industry once the world’s greatest, is D.O.A. thanks to envirofreaks,a single judge, and a stupid fish.Maybe the state is better off not having a booming economy after all because if off shore drilling were resumed,gun laws repealed,and the central valley got water again,plus junk the excessive taxes and regulations including the state income tax,the resulting boom would have so much revenue pouring in the Dummycrat legislature would go so spend crazy that CA would be right back in the hole again. Liberalism then is just like a dog chasing it’s tail isn’t it. Oboy and the Dummycrat/RINO boys have been Californicated so the country sinks the same way and the whole thing goes atilt and slides into the Pacific. Consolation is the left coast of CA goes first dragging Pelosi/Feinstein/Boxer with it.