Mark Levin on county judge decision to strike down WI collective bargaining law: “This is STUPID!”

Mark Levin says the judiciary is completely out of control and points to a judge’s decision on Friday to strike down the Wisconsin collective bargaining law. After reading the judge’s decision, Levin said “this is stupid!” and goes on to explain that the judge is basically saying that it’s a constitutional right for public sector unions to exist or something.

Listen below:

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  • Joe


    The Judge is obviously corrupt !

    • You’re right on target there Joe.. the judge (Colas) is a political appointee of the previous dem Governor and he’s a Dane County judge. Dane County includes Madison, the home of all the govt employee unions. Remember the first judge to strike down the law which was overturned by the Wisconsin Supreme Court… Another Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi? Well, Colas nominated his fellow judge Maryann Sumi for Judge of the Year for her handling of that case. (unanimous vote by all the Dane County judges… go figure)

      • p m

        Sounds like Wisconsin needs to do a clean up of their judges, like Iowa did to their former supremes. Do the county judges get elected or just appointed by their own ilk?

    • He was appointed by the former Democratic Gov Doyle who is personal friend.

      The notion that you have a right to bargain your wages or employment term with local state or federal governments because of free asssociation or freedom of speech is idiotic
      The government not letting you bargain you employment terms does not itself stop you from being in a union nor does it prevent you for speaking for or about unions.

      The ruling is idiotic and it will be overturned

      • MLCBLOG

        OMG. Then they flat do not care about the law, only the power where they can make it the way they wan to. Yuk.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    What we get when judges decide to become political activist.

    The old rules of engagement between the parties are out the window.
    The sooner the right understands this the better.

  • Boris_Badenoff

    The sooner everyone realizes the old rules of engagement between the parties is dead the better.

    The left is employing a scorched earth policy 24/7.

    Truth and fact have no place in their agenda.
    Propaganda is the weapon of choice. Obama has convinced them of this.

    Wake up, we are at war within our own borders..

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on. Evil and corruption are rampant and MUST be stopped!!!

  • 911Infidel

    Dictum is the order of the day in our judicial oligarchy…the Constitution be damned. Truth and justice are the enemies of dictators, oligarchs and tyrants.

    • Vote BO and all his cronies out. Let’s all make a decision to clean out that toilet in Washington, DC.

      • 911Infidel

        When those toilets are cleaned…we should make a year of it, and use some political Ajax on the cesspool that is the US school system.

  • This pisses me off. Can I say that word here? This is crazy.
    This vindicates Newt Gingrich when he said the judiciary gets away with too much and needs more accountability.

  • Patriot077

    I think this county “judge” just lit a fire under the voters in Wisconsin. All he did was tell the voters that their votes don’t count and their voices won’t be heard.

    Just hide and watch, Mr. Activist Judge, you twerp.

  • ebola131

    Tar and feathers, anyone?

  • In the article I read about this last night, a leading member of the Wisconson Assembly made an interesting, Jacksonian comment on the ruling:

    Republican Rep. Robin Vos, a staunch supporter of the law and the presumptive next speaker of the Assembly, called the ruling an example of the “arrogance of the judiciary.”

    “I‘m confident it’s a single judge out of step with the mainstream,” Vos said. He said the law is working “and we’ll continue to implement it.”

    • sDee

      Anyone with spine and principle like that who would stand as the “next speaker of the House”?

  • deeme

    Thank you Mark for telling the truth as usual…This is in a nutshell what’s wrong with our country, everything that has ever been made into law that wasn’t voted on by We the People happened this way..Activist judges now have taken the place of the Constitution, and the branches of government..Lawyers should never be in charge of the country , because they find a way to use a judge to change anything they want..Sharia Law, Roe V Wade, voter i.d. laws, pedophiles, you name it. activist judges are calling the shots..and I don’t see how..the only job the Supreme Court has is to uphold the Constitution and Constitutional Law experts said the healthcare bill was unconstitutional what did they do call it a tax..we are in big trouble when the Supreme Court doesn’t like the Constitution..This can not be possible..We are not talking about free speech we are talking about our taxpayer money being used, in a way that is bleeding this country dry…Mark I think the Supreme Court is gone..

  • JohnBarry2012

    Can a district circuit court judge strick down or overrule state supreme court decision? unheard of.

    • sDee

      They can and will do what ever the hell they want unless someone stands to stop them.

      That someone will have to be us.

  • iaintlyin

    we ain’t seen nothin’ yet. If 0 wins….. Holder next Supreme Court nominee

  • johnos2112

    What next! A judge will say it is okay to raise taxes even though the people have spoken?

  • sjmom

    This will be overturned. How many times have we seen the judiciary gone awry in the last number of years? We need to take our country back NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s been proven in Wisconsin, where I live, and in California in particular that liberal judges could care less how the legislatures vote or even the people themselves vote. Liberal judges will overturn any law that is not in accordance with their liberal agenda and/or they will make their own law to support their goals.

  • sDee

    If these progressive and marxist judges are getting to you, just wait. My son said his law school class was about 20% muslims (most on “scholarships” btw).

    Imagine the coming day where Muslims judges, of the ilk Chris Christe is so proud of appointing, will stand in judgement of us and our Constitution.

    Romney better plug the leak in our “diversity” immigration and fast!

  • Ok…so what’s the point of voting then if a judge is going to overturn the decision???

  • white531

    The unions got to this guy with some big time money.

  • Is a judge in Wisconsin ripping a page out of the 9th Circus Court of Banana Peels? I’m speaking about the Prop 8 issue in the People’s Republic of California. I believe a district court in the PRC ruled against the vote of the people the first time Prop 8 was voted on. I know the 9th Circus declared Prop 8 in California unconstitutional the second time, once again nullifying the vote of the people in California. Now Wisconsin with the collective bargaining law. It would appear left-wing activist judges are nothing but power-hungry opportunists to me. I hope Judge Colon…er Colas enjoys his union-funded kickback. These activist judges know the rule of law so well, that is why they are able to circumvent it on any occasion that suits them. No matter, just hand the issue over to the SCOTUS. That will go over well.

  • It only takes 1 stinking judge to strike down a law and spit in the face of the will of the people. This has to change!

    A single activist judge should NOT have the power to strike down a law like that! What he should have to do is suggest that it be re-examined by the Supreme Court. That takes time, in the meantime the law stands. And unless the Supreme Court finds it Unconstitutional, it remains until the law itself is changed by the proper methods, not by a single drunk on his own power liberal activist judge who doesn’t give a rats behind about the Constitution.

    • NCHokie02

      But if he’s just a county judge can’t it be brought up to the State judges and the federal cirucuit court and then finally the Supreme Court?? If it’s the will of the people I dont’ understand how he can just trump it if it’s not unconstitutional.

      • I don’t know the answer, but I agree 100% with the question.

      • Nukeman60

        The answer is yes, it can. And it will. And we will win in the end. In the meantime, these idiots have wasted a lot of time and excessive amounts of money of the taxpayers.

        The solution is for the eventual loser in this endless battle to have to pay for all the costs from day one to the final Supreme Court decision. Perhaps, that would stop them from performing these insane and insidious court battles that eventually go nowhere, but hurt everybody.

  • WI4Walker

    I’m so damn sick of this shit.

    • white531

      Me too, Walker.

    • Amy

      Me too. We’re moving in the right direction here in WISC. Revenue is up, taxes are down, schools are solvent, townships/cities are solvent and the freaking unions are just determined to screw us taxpayers.

  • Sober_Thinking

    I heard this and went off. Yeah, it has indeed been a tough week (cough).

    The things I want to spew are so full of anger and vitriol…

    How much longer is this nonsense going to go on? They pass the law. The corrupt and ignorant crybabies rebel. It’s taken to court and upheld. Now some other stinking liberal judge decides to throw it out? For God’s sake, where does this end? You’d think the state of Wisconsin can clearly see how much better things are going with this law in place – even if the crybaby, corrupt unions lost their power. And they tried to throw out good Govenor Walker? And lost? So this is their end-around?

    It’s a shame that the Justice Department is corrupt and complicit… this would end right away otherwise… or some intervention would likely occur.


  • white531

    The liberal judges we are beginning to see emerge across the nation in our legal system are simply the product of our liberal school system. It is all by design.

    Why do you think they wanted to control the education of our children? Why, indeed.

    Why were our History books not good enough? Why did they have to rewrite them and leave out certain key facts.

    Why do Conservative school teachers have a hard time finding a job? Why do those who already have a good job, get asked to leave suddenly, with budget cuts given as the most often reason?

    Why does a Conservative have a hard time getting elected to a school board? Why do I find myself constantly arguing with my son’s teachers?
    Why, indeed.

    When you attempt to take over something as big and as successful as the United States of America, and change it fundamentally, you had better have a good plan.

    You think Obama was the plan. No, he was just a latecomer, who is only important in the role that he currently plays in this drama. He has a big mouth, he can read a teleprompter, and he seems charismatic to young people and minorities.

    Young people and minorities are both vulnerable to the words of someone like Obama, for the same reason. Unlike the older generation of Americans, they don’t yet have any wealth to protect. That only comes from age and hard work and careful planning.

    The young people are just starting out. If they just graduated from college, they graduated with debt. The promises their Liberal Instructors gave them, regarding the marketplace, are not exactly true. In this Obama Economy, (and make no mistake about it, after almost four years, this is the Obama Economy), they graduate and cannot find a job.

    For those who graduated from high school and opted not to attend college, they are fairing somewhat better. Go figure. They don’t have high paying jobs, but at least they have jobs, and they don’t have student loans to pay off. They’re living in a nice apartment and driving a new car that’s costing them six hundred dollars a month, but hey, they look good driving down the streets of their old neighborhood. Its all an illusion. A sad one, at that. Because they have no money. Even worse, they are not saving any money. They are two weeks away from being homeless.

    Finally, the minorities. If any group has a chance of surviving, it is the minorities. There are several reasons. The simplest reason is, they adapt. They are used to it. They have had to adapt their whole lives. If three families have to live in a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom, they will do it. I’m not making this stuff up, folks. When I lived in Los Angeles, it was commonplace. I have seen it. And don’t forget, they are all on welfare and use the local Emergency Room as their healthcare alternative.

    Point of all this, if I can ever get to it, is Obama can get these idiots to vote for him. They are not living the Dream of America. They don’t own anything. Their apartment is rented, their car is leased. They are living paycheck to paycheck. To them, Obama is the Dream of America. Their dream, our nightmare.

    I started to write this about Unions. Guess I might save that idea for another time.

    • Great post! Wow there are a lot of great posts tonight – as usual! This is a great website and the contributors are top notch! My favorite Conservative website by far!

  • MarianaLiu

    Someone, please get this man his own show!

  • Jay

    Thank God I live in IL where the politicians are so liberal the judges don’t need to overturn any laws!

    Hey- How many CTU members does it take to change a lightbulb?

    • I give up, how many?

      • Nukeman60

        15. One to screw it in, 2 to hold the ladder, 5 to analyze the instruction manuel, and 7 lawyers to litigate the case of needing 7 more.

  • Botzilla

    Dane county is entirely comprised of Liberal Activist judges, this is what they do, tie up everything in court and hope the other side gives up. Hopefully this gets pushed up to the supreme court and ruled on quickly or else all the millions that were saved through ACT 10 have to be given back to the Unions. If that happens Wisconsin tax payers get ready for your property taxes to go up.

  • Nukeman60

    So the majority of the people vote Walker into office. Unions don’t like it and scheme to get him out. Then the legislature (voted in by the majority of the people) legally pass a law, even after the Democrat legislators flee the state to hide from their responsibility. Once again, the Unions don’t like it and scheme to get Walker out.

    Walker is forced into a recall election, using recall petitions filled by Mickey Mouse and Adolf Hitler (which apparently was okay in the eyes of an activist judge). Walker wins this reelection with a larger margin of the voters than he originally had. Meanwhile, an activist judge throws out the law, but is overturned in appeal.

    Now, another activist judge decides to rule again, claiming idiotic reasons for his decision. It will go to appeal to the State Supreme Court once again. The people will win in the end, but the process costs everyone dearly. When are we going to confront any activist judge and eliminate them from the judiciary any time they go against the majority vote simply because a small minority (the Unions) think they can buy a dupe.

  • a treasonous sell out! What’s in the judges pocket? this judge should be vetted, then impeached.

  • That Judge would strike down the whole Constitution if he could.