Mark Levin: Paul Ryan says to rally around Romney, but why should I? Just because he said so?

Mark Levin is tired of hearing the same old mantras from politicians who have little experience in primaries, and some are saying a lot of really dumb things right now:

It’s very painful sometimes to hear individuals who have almost no experience in the primary process, basically burping out the usual mantra ‘we all have to rally behind this one or that one’. It’s very painful to watch all these politicians – even some who are conservatives, don’t get me wrong, but they’re politicians nonetheless – that we all have to rally around, rally around…

Let me tell you something. We have to rally around the Constitution. We have to rally around our children and grandchildren. We have to rally around principles, tried and true principles based on human experience. This isn’t about rallying around some politician. It’s about fighting for our country, taking our country back. This is the process.

But to hear some of these numbskulls who think they’re so smart tell us “yeah there’ve been some people out there who’ve really divided us“. Well then I guess we shouldn’t have a primary! I guess we shouldn’t look at anybody’s record! I guess we should just say ‘John McCain you’re it, Bob Dole you’re it, another Bush you’re it, eh Romney you’re it, this one’s it‘, why do we go through the process? In other words that’s just about as stupid as you can to get to make comments like that.

He goes on to suggest that just because Paul Ryan says to rally around Romney, doesn’t make him want to change his mind.

But of course we’re going to use our ability to reason and look at records, rationalize and use our logic and have discussions about the candidates that want to be our president on the Republican side.

Let me tell you something. All this talk about ‘alright let’s everybody get behind Romney’ – Paul Ryan’s a friend of mine. I love Paul Ryan. But I don’t really care if he… – ‘OK, I’ve changed my mind. Paul Ryan told me to change my mind.‘ Why should I?

Here’s the audio:

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  • because it will help defeat Obama?

    • It’s like you just read the title and didn’t read anything else.

      • I wish it weren’t the case, but Romney is our nominee, and that’s why you rally around him. To affect a desired outcome, namely the defeat of Obama.

        Not rallying around Romney is effectively supporting Obama’s reelection.

        Or is Levin holding out for a brokered convention?

        • You are so full of bullcrap. You say because I’m supporting Santorum in a Primary process that isn’t half over, that I’m effectively supporting Obama?

          You need to get your head out of Romney’s bum. Seriously.

          • Blame Palin and Gingrizzava for RomneyCare win. Palin should have rallied behind a young, attractive conservative with principles(Santorum). Not behind an old-two faces-boring creepy former speaker.
            Santorum won many primaries and he was the perfect anti Romneycare. But Gingrizava and his delusional supporters killed Santorum’s chances. We will see you in 2016!

            • Idahoser

              so you wish to ignore all the negatives Santorum has? I can’t say he’s any better than Luap Nor.

        • Karl Rogue

          Romney is the nominee? Did I fall asleep and miss something?

          • No, Jose is the mittbot who has been dreaming. And I’m tired of having this argument.

            • orthodoxyordeath

              There is a point here though. I’ll fight till the end, but it is technically futile UNTIL someone drops out.

          • Romney will be suicide for the GOP. Only 45% of Americans have favorable opinions of Mormons. Minorities will come by the millions for their Black president in Florida and Ohio and this rich silver spoon man who hates the military will lose 26 states.

        • M_J_S

          You idiot. Stop reading for the John McCain playbook. The plan didn’t work.

          • Would you call Palin an idiot for running with McCain and then again helping him in his senatorial run-no I doubt that you would-it IS a discussion and it is ok to like and support Romney and still be conservative. Romney knows business and isn’t that what everyone wants someone that knows how to fix things!

            • M_J_S

              You called Palin an idiot, not me.

              Romney is an idiot. Business? Cap and Trade? Enviro wacko laws? RomneyCare? BAD BUSINESS. Stop pretending he’s something he wants.

            • Romney knows politics, and expects the nomination much like Kennedy expected the Presidency even after Mary Jo got abandoned at the Vineyard. It’s Romney’s birthright, right? He wouldn’t know a Conservative if he fell over one!! He’s another not so smooth talker, like the One. Hopefully, people will recall RomneyCare, and it’ll be his Chappaquiddick. We need a Conservative, ObamaLite isn’t warming the cockles of the voters hearts, except maybe the ones who also wear magic undies.

            • JRD1

              We must be winning. The Romneybot trolls are arriving in packs now.

            • McCain was a conservative compared to RomneyCare!

              RomneyCare NEVER!

        • StNikao

          NOBODY wants a ‘compassionate’ conservative.

          We want a kick A$$, throw the #$%^&@*! bums out, enforce the law and constitution, stop the spending, pay off the debt, deal with the powerful insiders and interest groups, the rabid leftists and Islam.

          We don’t want a wimp or a weenie or a wuss – we want a WARRIOR.

          A Warrior who has been tried by fire
          Who is unashamed of the principles on which our nation was founded.
          Who would be untempted by gold, unfazed by criticism and opposition,
          Who would be unswerving in vision and purpose, unyeilding to compromise.

          There are two warriors with the courage, integrity and ideals take on this mess.

          NEWT/SARAH – 2012

          • sDee

            kick azz! – like Sarah did to the bloated corrupt elephants up there in Alaska.

            I am so sick of these panty waist pretty boy politicians like Romney, Ryan and Rubio. Let’s get a real man in DC – Sarah can show them how its done

          • You are singing my song.

          • Newt huh? You might want to look up NY23rd district and see what role he played in that. (which is why I cant understand Palin backing him) I cant get past that…or the whole buddy buddy thing with Pelosi on global warming…gag!

        • What if Levin is holding out for a brokered convention. There is nothing wrong with that happening.

          Maybe the Romney folks don’t want that because they might lose maybe?

          • sDee

            wrong? Nope, its RIGHT!

        • Palin will never run for president. Put that in your heads. She just wants money and fame at conservatives expense. Howcome she dragged us untill October to make her lame “decision”? She had the nomination and the presidency in the palm of her hands and she decided to be just a TV DIVA for money.
          We will find a young, conservative woman that will be our first female president soon. Leave Palin alone with her millions.

        • Linky1

          Just because Hot Air, Ace of Spades support Romney, that does not mean I have to, you have to or anyone else has to. Do you not have a mind? Can’t you think for yourself? I know I can, and I’m still waiting for the fat lady to sing when it comes to a nominee.

          It took Reagan till June to wrap things up and as I recall, Obama and Shrillary were duking it out around that time of year.

          We don’t know what Levin’s mindset is, only that he can think for himself and not go the way of the defeatists and Romney-bots. BTW, I’m with Levin on this.

        • Idahoser

          I don’t want to defeat Zero, I want to defeat socialism. Choosing your own socialist is not defeating it.

          That’s where Hannity is so wrong with his chain of “STOP HILLARY EXPRESS” etc. Look where that got us.

    • BSScoop

      Defeating Obama and saving the country are NOT the same thing. Romney will lead us to ruin by be only better than Obama. What is that? Can you name someone worse?

      Don’t Tread On Me

    • JRD1

      Bull-schmidt! Go preach to Nicole Wallace and Steve Schmidt, Romney’s henchmen who torpedoed the last Republican presidential ticket and voted for Obama in 2008.

      Romney’s drones and the Bush family gave us Obama.

      One good turn deserves another.

    • Idahoser

      why? it didn’t happen that way in ’08

  • Stehekin912

    Thank you Mark Levin. Thank you thank you thank you.

    Santorum 2012

    • StNikao

      NEWT – 2012

  • R

    Or lack of Leadership!!!

  • Bush 41 endorsement, McCain Endorsement = Kiss of Electoral Death!
    Romney cannot inspire because he generates no conservative passion.
    Romney’s record doesn’t inspire, but perspires liberalism.
    Obama or Obama-lite, not much of a choice is it?

    • Don’t forget Bob Dole endorsement.

      That’s a point Santorum or Gingrich should have hammered home during the debates. “Romney is endorsed by Bush Sr., Bob Dole, and John McCain – loser, loser, and loser. We know who the losers pick for their establishment nominee. The great thing about primaries is that you get to pick a winner for a change.” Something like that would have been great to hear at one of the debates. They can still say it now on the stump.

  • Nukeman60

    I saw the interview with Romney and Ryan together last night on Greta. Ryan seemed like the adult in the room, giving all the logical and realistic answers, while Romney just sat there and smiled pretty.

    It reminded me of the 2008 election cycle, when McCain and Palin would show up together. McCain just stood there, looking dumb, and waiting for Palin to take over and win the crowd, which she always did. It actually made him look bad and therefore they couldn’t really be seen at the same rallies after that.

    I’m sure Romney’s handlers will say the same thing to Romney – ‘Ryan looks too good. Distance yourself from him, but use him all you can’.

  • Karl Rogue

    The GOPe plays its base for fools–and regrettably, it often works.

  • Jaynie59

    I don’t want to rally around Romney either but he’s going to be the nominee and I’ll vote for him. I’m not going to be going to any rallies for him, I’m not going to be singing his praises, I’m going to show up and vote for him and hope my one vote cancels out one for Obama.

    All of you who are going to stay home because your conscience tells you to can all go to hell.

    • Karl Rogue

      All you fake conservative bots who are going to vote for Romneycare because you’ve been told to can go to hell. I will enjoy your bitter tears of disappointment. Hows that grab you, nitwit?

      • Jaynie59

        Are you actually following the primary?

        • Karl Rogue

          Romney sends one or two just like you to every blog, with the same result each time. No sale, bot. Buzz off

          • Jaynie59

            You’re a fool. Unfortunately there are enough of you out there to effect the election. That’s what I’m afraid of.

            If You don’t vote for the Republican nominee, no matter who it is, you’re voting for Obama. You have every right to do that. Just don’t call yourself a conservative while you do it.

            • MrMicawber

              I imagine most anyone here on this thread is a serious enough person to know that they must vote for whomever is the eventual nominee.

              However, many of us – myself included – are not yet resigned to that nominee being “Mr. Inevitable.”

              And we resent his being thrust upon us by a Party that 1. hasn’t performed very well since Reagan, 2. hasn’t countered BO particularly well, and 3. is completely corrupted by progressive ideology.

            • Karl Rogue

              What are you worried about? Your guy Rove says Rombot will get more Dems and Indies than he will lose conservatives. Shouldn’t you be over at DU or some other Dem site selling your guy? You’re going to need quite a few Dems to make up for all of the conservatives you’ve run off, genius.

            • I’m a conservative and I’ll stand on that every day of the week. If Romney was a conservative none of us would have a problem with him.

              But we don’t have to rally around him now. Until he’s the nominee, leave us be.

          • Ok dude, chill.

        • Yes, I’m following, but I don’t have a closed mind either.

          If Romney earns his delegates, fine, he’s the nominee. But until such time, there are still primaries left and people want a chance to vote.

    • M_J_S

      You can go to hell douchebag.

      80% of Romney’s loss will be his record and candidacy, the remaining 20% will be Conservatives staying home.

      Sorry, I vote my conscience and I’m not voting for another RINO. Obama wins, we should stop pushing shitty candidates and having atrocious Congressional leadership.

      Go vote for Romney, you’re wasting your gas money, because he won’t win.

      • Jaynie59

        Anyone who stays home this time is no conservative.

        • Amen Jaynie…I’m pulling for Rick in the primary but will vote for an orange juice can over O in the general!

          • Jaynie59

            Me too. Mark has always said that, too. What does Rush say? Elmer Fudd?

          • M_J_S

            The can has a better shot of winning than Romney.

          • Nukeman60

            Unlike Romney, at least the orange juice can knows how to concentrate.

            • MaxineCA

              Good one! It was getting a bit heated here in the debate. Thanks for the chuckle to lighten things up a bit.

              • Nukeman60

                Yeah, it was starting to sound a bit intense. I hate to see my brothers and sisters getting as mad at each other as we should be toward Obama. That’s energy we could harness.

          • Siobhan7

            Ditto!! Obama MUST be defeated!

        • Karl Rogue

          Who said anything about staying home? I’ll be voting for a small government candidate, which necessarily excludes both Obamney and Robama.

          • Jaynie59

            Then you’re no conservative.

            • Karl Rogue

              As if you would know, leftie

              • M_J_S

                I love this a-hole Karl, he supports Romney (a liberal Republican just like McCain) who will lose and goes around calling other Conservatives who refuse to support a liberal Republican non Conservatives….lol…what a joke.

        • M_J_S

          Anyone who perpetuates the Establishment is no Conservative.

          Anyone who votes for a known loser on the expressed implication they will magically win is a fool. Romney WILL LOSE, get it through your head.

          • Stop……we have a right to support who we want until such time someone has EARNED all the delegates to be the nominee.

            Then we support that person.

      • KenInMontana

        Let’s dial back the language, if you cannot make your point without it, then you really have no point.

    • Constance

      Geez. First you blame us for this mess, now you tell us to go to hell?

      People can decide who they support, and they can decide whether or not to exercise their right to vote. Personally, I think we should vote for whoever the candidate is, because Obama is just plain rotten. I’ve begged people to reconsider staying home, and I’ve given them reasons to hold their noses one more time and vote. However, I understand their anger, and I understand them feeling like what difference does it make. Telling people to go to hell won’t get them to the ballot box. It will dig them in to defy you.

    • ApplePie101

      What makes you think we’re going to stay home?

    • Hey, telling us to go to hell is pretty mean and certainly doesn’t make your case.

    • I’m going to show up and vote for him and hope my one vote cancels out one for Obama.

      That’s a better way to look at it-

  • MrMicawber

    I hereby predict that the Convention shall be one for the history books.

  • BSScoop

    The Constitution is our rallying point. Mitt Romney MAY have different views than Obama, though I’m not convinced of it, but he is incapable of leading this country back to its founding. He panders. He fakes the smiles. He’s a northeastern liberal when we need Thomas Jefferson. Sorry, Mr. Franklin. We couldn’t keep the republic.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • MrMicawber

      Exactly – conservatives aren’t fanboys for the party; they rally around the Constitution.

    • M_J_S

      HERE, HERE! Tell that to Jaynie59

  • StrangernFiction
    • MrMicawber


  • TANGO40

    I have a “gut feeling” that the GOP Establishment is going to ruin our chance at defeating Obama, because they insist on shoving Romney down our throats… just like they ruined it the last time by shoving McCain down our throats…

    • You are quite correct and we can’t let that happen.

  • MrMicawber

    The “GOP-Rovian Complex” seem to have forgotten that they were sitting on their defeated *sses, embarrassed by the Tea Party, who did the work that galvanized the nation in 2010 and beyond.

    • StNikao

      We’ve been watching the Republicans act like ninnies since 2010 – letting Obama stamp all over our laws, constitution, rights – and spend like a fool….while they sit around like worse fools.

      Forget any help from us – unless – you give us a conservative ticket.

      Sorry – but Newt is the only man for the job.

      • Amen, Newt’s the man. I just gave another donation today.

        • MaxineCA

          Me too. Unfortunately it was only 10 gals. of Newt gas, since I actually have to keep paying for real gas!

  • StrangernFiction

    It’s one thing to endorse Mitt Romney, but Ryan, DeMint, et al have done more than that. They have tried to convince us that he is a solid conservative, that he is a man of integrity. Either they are flat out lying to us or they are fools. Either way it doesn’t say much for them.

    • Jaynie59

      They want to win. Can you understand that?

      • StrangernFiction

        Yes, they want to win with one of theirs. Very few of us are arguing that the GOP doesn’t want to win. They just don’t want to win with a conservative.

        • Jaynie59

          Jim DeMint? You don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about. Jim DeMint should have run himself.

          If Romney loses it won’t be the GOP Establishments fault. It will be the fault of all the people who claim they will stay home rather than vote for Mitt Romney. It will be the conservatives who stay homes fault for allowing another four years of Barack Obama.

          • Karl Rogue

            No, it will be the fault of big government loving, socialist healthcare inventing, gun grabbing lefty GOPers–like you, fool.

          • Constance

            Oh no you don’t. I’m not going to let anyone tell the conservatives that because Romney loses, it’s somehow OUR fault. The hell it is. It’s the fault of the candidate. If he can’t rally people behind him, then that is his problem. Don’t you dare blame conservatives for this mess. Blame those who push forward a lemon as a candidate, dress him up in conservative clothing, and try to lie to us about who he is.

            • StrangernFiction


          • M_J_S

            No wait, Romney’s a Conservative remember? Why wouldn’t Conservatives support…OH WAIT! Romney’s a liberal douchebag, I forgot…my bad.

          • I agree that Jim Demint should have run, but he didn’t.

            The GOPe keeps throwing out moderates and they lose. The past is proof of that.

            It won’t be our fault if Romney loses, its all on the GOPe.

          • TJ

            If Romney loses, he will have himself to blame. He may have fared better running as a democrat- his record and his campaigning style are a much better fit for that ticket.

      • M_J_S

        Hey, Corky from Life Goes On, liberal Republicans cannot win against incumbent liberal Democrats –there is no contrast.

        Maybe the party should have thought of that before than ran McLame.

      • TJ

        But how can they win with a democrat in republican clothing? Why not endorse Santorum instead so they can get more conservative things done?

    • Karl Rogue

      They are lying to you. Its what they do.

    • Constance

      That’s the problem I am having. It’s one thing for people to endorse a candidate, but when they lie to my face about who he is, then I start having a problem with the people doing the endorsing as well. I’m not stupid. I know who is and who isn’t a conservative. I don’t like being treated like I’m too stupid to pick my candidate. Rubio, Ryan and DeMint have ticked me off over this one.

  • wodiej

    “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775

    George Washington led his troops across an icy river in the middle of the night during a blizzard w many of his soldiers having nothing but burlap sacks tied around their bloody feet. They surprised the British and won at Vally Forge. The establishment can get such a surprise if we force this to convention and enough people will fight for it. Enough is enough.

    • Stehekin912

      Great quote and insight! When people tell me that Democrats will not vote for a conservative, so they are supporting mittens in order to bring in the left-leaning centrists, I remind them of this, spoken by a Democrat –

      “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” John F. Kennedy

    • Constance

      Great post. I heartily agree.

    • Let them RINOs consolidate now. Makes it easier for Sarah to take aim, even from Alaska.

  • poljunkie

    I don’t vote on endorsements.

    • StrangernFiction

      It would appear that Ryan is a smart numbers guy. Not so much when it comes to judging character.

  • 12grace

    Many Americas are ABO advocates but in the interim Romney hasn’t won this bid yet.

  • MaxineCA

    I’m with Mark on this. Last I knew only 1/2 of the country has had their voice heard. I’m certainly not going to take marching orders from the RNC.

    Can’t wait to see the Texas debate. Wonder why Mittens hasn’t agreed to participate? Oh never mind….. we know why. If we’re stuck with another McCain, I’m going to cry.

    • Jaynie59

      Romney wiped the floor with Santorum during the last two debates so I doubt Romney is worried about him. Newt’s usually the one who makes out the best in debates but even he did so so the last two times.

      Let’s hope they let the audience participate. That silent debate was painful.

      • MaxineCA

        I actually prefer a forum rather that 2 minute sound bite responses to “gotcha” questions.

      • M_J_S

        Was that the debate where Romney was caught in a lie on live tv? Or was it the other debates where fact checkers showed he distorted his record and the record of others?

      • thanks for reminding me one of the reasons I support Newt….an alarmingly large number of voters rely more heavily than they should on debates when making their decision who to vote for, knowing that is just a fact of the matter and that Newt would rip Obama and his teleprompter to shreds is why I know he’s the only one that can win this and romney is afraid of newt…that’s why he’s not doing the debate….texas is a lot of delegates and he took the time to show up at some forum in wisconsin today so why not this?

    • Karl Rogue

      he’s scared. Every time Mittens opens his yap his unfavorables go up.

    • Constance

      My guess is that if Romney hasn’t yet agreed, it is because he is assuming he doesn’t have to do another debate. He believes he has this sewn up – why participate? Honestly, I’m sure that’s the thinking in his campaign.

      • MaxineCA

        I have this gut feeling that there is more going on behind the scenes that us “little people” don’t know. I haven’t been able to figure out those who many voted for as Tea Party” candidates are endorsing Romney. You throw in the Bush crowd…… let’s just say it seems like an odd mix.

  • So romney is running from an open debate before Republicans in Texas! How does he expect to take on obama?

    • M_J_S

      In the fatal, er, fetal position

  • Karl Rogue

    The Rombots couldn’t sell bottled water in the Sahara. Like their guy, every time they open their yaps, they run off more conservative voters.

    • sDee

      I have said it before. The Romeny drones are exactly the same pattern as the obots leading up to 2008 election. Exactly.

      Romney is ObamaLite.

  • MaxineCA

    I’ve been following this election cycle from the beginning and continue to read and watch everything attempting to be an informed voter. I’ve tried to keep an open mind as the vetting is “in process”.

    Before I knew much about Mitt, I watched a UK interview with George Soros. When asked about the election (paraphrasing here) he indicated Romney would most likely be the candidate which was fine with him since Romney wouldn’t be much different than Obama. That was prior to the first vote being cast. HUGE red flag to me.

    • sDee

      Obama woke us up to the reality of creeping marxism. Le’s’ not let Romney lull us back to sleep.

  • DRW1960

    Dear Mark Levin, You are entitled to vote for whoever you want to in the primary. I personally do not expect you to change your mind. If you have a candidate you like by all means vote for him.

    However, we do pray that in the General Election you will support that candidate no matter who that candidate is, even if it is Romney.

    • sDee

      Romney is a big government Progressive, the father of Obamacare and the big government “shove this up your azz” mandate. He is further to the left of every president in my lifetime sole one, including Carter and LBJ.

      HIs warm up act was Massachusetts. Why should I support the exact same statist politician who will escort our great nation into a centrally controlled autocracy?

      My family saw the results of socialism in WWII and came to America to escape smiling socialists like Romney. Hell no I will not support Romeny. Ever.

      • Ann Romney has said they didn’t know any Republicans in Massachusetts. So their life has been surrounded by Democrats.

        • sDee

          Makes sense. Donkeys smell a “Fellow Traveler” a mile away even with an (R) after his name. The elephants have no freaking clue.

    • 36Free

      He has said many times that he will. But, until that time arrives, he carries the same hesitations that many do and should be able to voice concerns that the establishment would rather us not talk about.

    • Hey, Mark Levin lives in Virginia. It’s not like he had any choice with that one.

      Only Romney and Paul were on the ballot. He wasn’t too happy about that.

      • M_J_S

        Neither was I, that’s why I chose, “none of the above”

    • TJ

      Actually, the Romney endorsing governor of VA did not make provision for a write in ballot in Virginia. Glad you think Mark was entitled to vote for Santorum, who last I knew, was the one he wanted to vote for in the primary.

      And I’m fairly sure you did not mean what you said when you said this “However, we do pray that in the General Election you will support THAT candidate no matter who that candidate is”…. I sure hope you would be on board with who ‘that candidate’ is, because I hope Levin is able to support ‘that candidate’ too- the one he’s indicated he likes- because that would mean Santorum was the nominee (I can assure you that candidate that you don’t expect Levin to change his mind about is not Romney)!

  • Asian_chic

    Both Rush and Levin had expressed their frustration and disgust on the same day. I know they want to say it out loud but if Romney does win the primary, they will have to defend him. People who support Santorum or Newt realize that they are standing for principles and a vision for America. We would have to sell our soul to everything we believe in if we were to get behind Romney. No thanks! I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

  • Mark Levin has replaced Rush in being my favorite talk show host. I just wish he would knock some sense into his friend Hannity.

    The primary process is not over yet and there are still people that want to participate in the process. I hope there will be a debate in Texas. The people have a right to ask for one and it should be allowed.

    I will support the nominee, when the elections are over. If it’s Romney, I will vote for him.
    But he needs to EARN the rest of his delegates. If he falls short, all bets are off.

    • TJ

      With his record and not running on a democrat ticket, how can he earn them?

    • Hannity’s radio show anymore is about converting listeners to Hannity viewers on Fox. Half of his callers are gushing fans that Sean is happy to let yammer on how great he is. Of course, he says his humble bits “You’re the reason for my success. blah blah”, but they still get to waste 2-5 minutes of airtime each. Such a shame. He really did have a great radio program for a while.

  • demsaresatanic

    Mark Levin: Shut Up You Big Dope! See, I’m old enough to remember the old Bob Grant programs.
    Mark, suck it up baby! Romney is the one.
    End of communication.

    • 36Free

      Romney’s the one for what? To lose? I agree.

    • sDee

      RoBots remind me so much of Obots, I am beginning to wonder if they are indeed one in the same.

      Who would benefit most form Romney winning the primary? hmmmmm

      • KenInMontana

        Bots are bots, regardless of the candidate they support. I’m nearly certain that somewhere, there is a “Bot U” online campus, offering PHDs in cut and paste, advanced meme, etcetera ad nauseum.

        • Nukeman60

          I would guess that they get grants, bailouts and subsidies from the gubermint. Certainly, Obama must consider them some form of alternate energy (algae comes to mind).

  • Rob_Bryant

    I love how people say, “rally around *such-and-such*” because “it’s time,” or whatever. Anyone who says that doesn’t give a damn about the votes of other people in the states that are left.

    • Karl Rogue

      Many of us haven’t voted yet. Not that there was ever a chance I was going to vote for Romneycare.

    • sDee

      That’d be the good ole boys of marx. The politcal establishment. The autocrats and the politcal elites.

      Rally ’round the maypole folks.

  • I agree with him. It’s a primary and there are two states with tons of delegates that have yet to vote: Texas and California. I won’t “rally around” anyone until the general election.

  • I don’t believe Mark Levin wants a brokered convention. He has made it clear what kind of candidate he wants for President. Mark Levin is an independent thinker. We could all learn something from him.

  • ApplePie101

    It’s clear that Mark Levin has a hard time accepting that Paul Ryan and Marc Rubio have turned out to be ‘conservatives of convenience’, as another RS poster aptly put it.

    • sDee

      Not me. My list is short. DC is a cesspool.

  • I think Mark Levin is really against politicians making voters feel disfranchised from the process when technically Romney hasn’t won the nomination yet.

  • sjmom

    Since when is Romney’s nomination a fait accompli? The establishment wants us to think it is over now but there are 5 months left until the convention so I will not give up on getting another nominee.

  • Asian_chic

    I know this doesn’t belong on this thread but I’m REALLY curious. I read this article several times but I don’t understand??? Somebody help! Title says Gingrich team up with Santorum.

    • KenInMontana

      Speculation from across the pond, is all that is. I wouldn’t give it a second thought until you hear it from either Rick, Newt or both.

      • Asian_chic

        You are probably right. Saw another article on NY Post with the same headline.

      • TJ
        • Interesting article. I wonder how it holds with the news of the Gingrich-Romney meeting?

          It would seem more likely if it is true that it would be Santorum-Gingrich ticket. That would be an excellent one, geographically. Also, Gingrich is more apt at being the pit bull attacking the Obama-Biden ticket so hard and fast, that it would make heads’ spin especially the MSM.

          One can dream…that’s for sure.

          • TJ

            Santorum at the top of the ticket with sharper contrasts with Obama on certain issues and Gingrich debating VP Joe Biden. Imagine that. I hope Santorum will be the nominee at the convention and whomever he chooses will be a wise choice for a running mate.

  • Amen Mark Levin!

    • TJ

      Glad to see another poster on Right Scoop that has picked Rick!

  • blueniner

    Tell it like it is Mark! im tired of these sell out so called Conservatives trying to tell us what to do, and Ann Coulter is the biggest offender with her big mouth! Im sick of the old hacks the senior Bushes, Barbara should just stay home in Houston, just like she told Sarah Palin to go back to Alaska, if Palin ran we wouldnt be in this perdicament right now.

  • NJK

    Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio can’t call themselves Conservatives and vote for a liberal from MA. Do they know what Conservatism means? Apparently not.

    I’ll stick with my choice thank you. There’s a debate coming up in May. Everyone’s accepted except Romney so far. If he thinks he’s above debating at this point, that will be a huge mistake for him. I’m so sick of sell outs. It’s so unbecoming.

    Very good article. Please pass it on. People need to know their rights in the states if the Supreme Court doesn’t rule properly. They aren’t the final say, the states are. They need to nullify this health care seizure bill in their states.

    If the Constitution is no longer valid, there is no glue holding the country together. We should just secede and let them to die painful economic deaths in their own states.

    Will It Take Revolution?

  • I am sure Levin would be making this argument if his pick (Newt) were the one way out in front and the leaders of the republican party were saying we should all rally around Gingrich… NOT !!! Face it: Levin is a sore loser, he picked the wrong guy and his horse is coming in “last”. Besides that Gingrich is far from perfect… nobody is but Romney has a ton that is good about him and is totally superior to BHO. Its time for Levin to grow a pair and stop whining. We’re all damn lucky we got a man like Romney on our side and we don’t need to worry for a fraction of a second that no matter what the situation is Romney will make the best possible decision; He’s brilliant and he loves this country as much as anyone of us if not more and I know his mind and heart are set on helping America get back on her feet and he is not going to let anyone down. He’d die before he would fail his country… that’s just who he is.

    • ApplePie101

      For the record, Mark Levin has said that his first choice is Santorum.

      • GretaN

        And he has said he WILL support Romney, IF he ends up being the G.O.P. nominee.

    • wpmwindsong

      FTR – Levin announced some time ago, his two choices were Bachmann and Santorum. Newt was never his choice. And before that, his choice until Pctober 5 when she announced she was not running was Palin.

      And he would not have been calling to rally around his choice if he/she was in the lead. No need to. That’s what being in the lead means. The only reason that people are calling to rally around Romney is precisely because he is still at risk.

      As an example, if, and/or when, ObamaCare is deemed constitutional (It is 50/50 that it might be), Romney is toast. Obama would thank Romney for providing the template (RomneyCare) for ObamaCare, which was been approved by the SCOTUS.

      That throws Romney’s campaign to repeal ObamaCare on the basis that it was not constitutional, and RomneyCare was fine because of states rights, right out the window. That’s the linch pin of Romney’s defense of his mandate legislation, even though he had campaigned 4 years ago that he knew how to solve healthcare and had tweaked Obama to check out what he had done in Mass. In fact, the case can be made that ObamaCare would not have made it except that RomneyCare was Ted Kennedy’s baby. He blew it with RomneyCare.

    • Karl Rogue


      what else you got?

  • Bravo Mark!!

  • I have said this before, voting for Romney is a very short-sighted proposition. If he presides as he has as governor of MA, and nothing says he won’t, he and the GOP are going to make the 2008 elections look like child’s play.

    A Romney presidency will make GWB second term look like Reagan that brought us the disastrous years we are currently living in. To tell people that they are not conservatives if they don’t vote for Romney like Jaynie is doing, is a joke.

    A conservative is not a conservative because they always vote for the person with an (R) behind their name. What makes a person a conservative is the desire and willingness to vote their principles.

    Yes, I voted McCain, not because of who he is; but because Palin was the VP. If McCain did not choose a staunch conservative as VP, I was voting third party. It will not be so if the GOP has Romney as their nominee.

    What makes conservatives think that if we vote against our principles this time, that the “Establishment” will listen to us next time? They will trod out another moderate candidate with the same expectations because they believe we will always ‘hold our nose’ and toe the line.

    I asked a person who was deep into the local politics of the state if it was Obama vs. Romney. Their response: “I vote Reagan!” They did remind me that as important as the presidency may be, nothing is as important to have Conservative candidates win our local elections.

    All politics are local.

    • Karl Rogue

      According to Xman above, voting your conservative convictions actually shows “lack of conviction.” I kid you not, this is what the GOP flacks are now arguing. Twist the language, conservative = left, black = white, etc. Desperate for power.

  • Just a thought (and a bit of levity), but are there ANY Conservative actors out there we can get to throw their hat into the ring?? Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot. The LAST Conservative actor was some guy named Reagan.

    • KenInMontana

      Jon Voight

  • narniagirl55

    well, let’s see..Newt has some good ideas but he doesn’t have the majority support…Ron Paul has some good ideas too, but also some that I adamantly disagree with and a few that I think are downright dangerous for our country (state’s rights is great but if it’s not backed up by a federal law then their are loopholes…particularly in issues of controversial abortion) Romney doesn’t know how to relate to REAL people like you and me (vacation house with a “soon to be” 4 car garage with a car elevator in California and money from all those big companies he will reward when he is elected and all those endorsement he’s “begging” for so people think he’s “electable”) Check out this website and get back with me..very well researched…in the meantime, the ONLY Candidate that can beat Obama is Rick Santorum..the obvious “freedom revolution, people-loving” choice to go against the man who is sneaky on appointment and decisions on Friday prez who uses tryranny and lack of respect for the Constitution Obama to scare us all into agreeing with him!

  • Xman97

    Wow this is scary.. The “conservatives” on here are so “conservative” that their “convictions” will not allow them to vote for Romney if (God forbid) he gets the nomination.

    The race IS NOT over and many of us still have yet to vote. I too despise the MSM and that includes FOX News who are in the tank for Romney. But you folks must not have been paying attention for the last 3-years if you think Romney will be anything like Obama. Yeah he’s a limp-wrist.. like McCain, like Dole, like the Bush duo. Yeah the latter two didn’t stand completely on conviction, neither did Reagan, but no-one is calling him Obama-ultra-lite. Clinton who was a moderate Obama, gave us many things that are still hurting us today, to include a weakened military, no guts to get Bin Laden and gun regulations. But the fool Obama has taken it to new and scary heights and in a second term will add no-fear to his already no-conscience. And some of you really think Romney will do the same?? Might we be some worse off after Romney? yeah probably so… Will we have a country at all after Obama, NO!!!

    We already have enough idiots out there who were fooled into voting for that Silver Tongued Snake Obama.. Staying home or pulling the lever for some sort of “write in” guy is akin to throwing a tantrum because you didn’t get what you wanted.. that kind of passive aggresive bullshite really shows a lack of conviction.

    • Karl Rogue

      Hey Xman, no one here is going to stay home or vote for Obama. Those who won’t vote for your socialist healthcare guy are going to vote for a small government candidate, be it the Libertarian, the Constitutional Party guy, or a write in. The two parties are offering two flavors of big government. Even your guy is going to make the country worse, not better, as you have admitted.

      Its a shame guys like you who can see that don’t have the guts to leave the plantation.

      • Xman97

        You’ve repeatedly shown you’re inability to read or follow an argument. Maybe you’re a Ron Paul guy, fine. If you had read my post you would see that I’m pulling for Santorum. A guy with principles, convictions. Christian ones at that. Perhaps that’s not your bent in life. But as you demonstrated with your ignorant responses during this thread, you seem to think there is some Nebulous person out there whose gonna save the day.. Who would that be? Who’s this Libertarian/Constitutional Party guy you seem to think is going to ride in and save the day?

    • ApplePie101

      Tip to Rombots: I always read the end of your comment first, because that’s where you pull off the mask. Name calling won’t make us support your guy.

      • Xman97

        See reply to Karl Rove wannabee.. You obviously didn’t read the post either.. I really thought there were some intelligent folks on here..

    • Your telling us how important it is for us to play along with the corrupt process that is likely to have left the GOP with a Liberal/Statist nominee in the first place. Essentially, you are saying, “become part of the problem.”

    • You are a very short-sighted individual

      • Xman97

        Oh do please elaborate.

  • Thanks for speaking for me!

  • Man, it’s almost as if Levin has seen through the entire concept of product endorsement.

  • *****

  • TJinNJ

    The Answer is Hell No. Same with “Conservative” Rubio jumping on RINO bandwagon…I will remember the capitulation, Marco, et al…

  • Noz

    Thanks, RS, for posting Levin’s comment. Some of us are still stunned that Romney getting the nod from liberal states he’ll lose in the general and the smear campaign of 5-1 negative ads somehow makes him the clear choice as the conservative standard bearer.

    We need a brokered convention. It’s nuts that the unrepentant godfather of obamacare, appointed liberal judges, anti-gun, supported planned parenthood, renounced Contract with America and Reagan…in fact, happens to to be the ultimate RINO is somehow the guy to rally around.

    Thanks, again, RS.

    Oh, almost forgot, go Newt! The guy who challenged a sitting republican president over taxes, balanced the budget, paid off 400B of our debt, reformed welfare, insisted on a contract with the citizens who put his party in office…

  • I can only imagine the arm twisting and peer pressure behind the scenes…especially the political leverage applied to the more powerful conservative members of the House and Senate to endorse Mitt. I can just hear it now….”give your endorsement, and you will hold your position of power”…. Far too many have sold their souls, integrity, and our nation’s future for nothing more than a pre-written paragraph of words, uttered in monotone.

    What I wouldn’t give to see one of the people being pressured holding a news conference to announce an endorsement only to say “I Pick Rick and damn you establishment (name names) for threatening my political future because I didn’t endorse Mitt!”

  • anneinarkansas

    Not because Ryan said so.
    Because we must defeat Obama.
    Seldom disagree with Mark but do in this case.

    • Noz

      The assumption is that Americans cannot be swayed after the convention.

      Do you believe that it will take 6 months to contrast rather than 2? Who do you believe is best capable of articulating the difference between that ideology that exists today with what we could have under another President?

      The godfather of obamacare is capable of arguing a stark contrast?


      Mark has always said he’ll vote for an oj can over Obama……he’s probably said it hundreds of times. He’s just expressing his anger and disappointment that we all feel with the gope’s nominee selection.

  • sgorgo

    Why not let the primary continue?

    Seven months of Team Obama and the media focused on destroying Romney will just about do the trick.

  • Paul Ryan is not a conservative. He is a poser. Newt Gingrizava, with the help of some delusional Palin supporters, killed Rick Santorum’s momentum in Michigan and Ohio. Conservatives in Name Only put aside Social Conservative principles, respect for Life and God for the “States Rights” , “English Only”, “Rubio is not a Natural Born Citizen” crap.

    Conservatives in Name Only prefer RomneyCare than a proven man of faith, a devout Catholic, a Christian, a strong pro life and pro family like Santorum. Spreading lies about this man and following the Media and the GOPeE No conservetive should say good things of RomneyCare NEVER!.

    For a real conservative Removing Obama is not all we need. It is to replace him with a true CONSERVATVE not a socialist-pro abortion and gay marriage Obama in white skin like Romney is!!!!

    Romney can go to hell in November We conservatives are staying HOME!

  • mkp03

    The cold hard reality is this: the guy with a car elevator in his mansion will not be able to beat Obama because he can’t connect with the blue-collar voters in swing states. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Rubio need to face that fact.

    For anyone to say that the primaries must be over in order to rally around a loser are being paternalistic, arrogant and WRONG.

    • Trust1TG

      Ryan, Rubio and the RNC (the three Rs) need to face facts.

      No real conservative appreciates being railroaded into accepting a liberal liar who would have a very poor record in business and government if it had not been for heaping truckloads of US bailouts (aka taxpayer hard-earned dollars). NO real conservative will be impressed with Romney’s flip/flopping for votes, outright lies, Alinsky tactics, etc..

      Everyone will resent Romney’s riches because of the way he got his money. 20 million dollars from investments alone and the car elevator…plus all the documented stories of the business schemes and scandals, etc.. Then, there is Romneycare…which has left Massachusetts in a mess.

  • You would think the Republicans would learn by their past mistakes. It’s not as if 2008 was that long ago. Are their memories REALLY that bad? This just makes me more eneregized to help Rick MORE!

    Visit to volunteer, or contribute.

  • crussell5758

    I wish others would start thinking of who we are going to elect and stop thinking about what they think they have to do.

  • MiketheMarine

    Boy, his rant sounds very familiar to me. Is it familiar to anyone else?

  • pmb88

    Why do we have to rally behind someone now? I think that the establishment is afraid because they are afraid of gaffes that Mitt or someone from his campaign might say and that is why they want the primaries over with. If you look at it, without this long primary process we would not have these gaffes from Mitt. Besides, we have time to rally behind a candidate once they are nominated. Right now the official nominee has not been chosen yet.

  • 566 (and that is a loose #) does NOT equal 1144. I have NOT voted yet! Romney supporters need to BACK OFF!