Mark Levin: Picking Condi Rice for VP is bad politics and a bad idea

Mark Levin tells Romney to stop playing it safe and to “pick a damn conservative”, that Condi Rice for VP is a bad idea because we’d be defending Bush policies and Bain Capital all the way to November. He says we have a great conservative bench the he can pull from and that’s exactly what he should do.

Listen below:

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  • Since Mark Levin thought Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich would be a good idea I am not so sure I should listen to him on this subject.

    • MaroonRepublic

      They are both more conservative than Romney and his first choice was Bachmann. Because they lost doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have been a good idea.

      • Newt is arguably NOT more conservative than Romney since his favorite president is FDR. Rick Santorum is the Republican version of Joe Biden. Doesn’t know when to shut his mouth and says things he shouldn’t making a jackass of himself. If Santorum was the candidate we would have spent the whole month of June talking about condoms and abortion.

        • c4pfan

          The fact is that both are more Conservative than Mitt ‘flip flop’ Romney and if the GOP in FL didn’t cheat, Mitt wouldn’t be the nominee.

        • Wow, false arguments much?

        • Sober_Thinking

          Mitt won – somehow. Can we get past the petty “my candidate is better than yours” crap now?

          • PFFV

            Yep… my thoughts exactly… thanks sober 🙂

        • keyesforpres

          Stop believing the lamestream media. They were the ones talking about that stuff. I saw him in person twice and he never mentioned that stuff. One of the things he talked about was what happened in Honduras a couple of years ago. He was the only candidate to do so. He also said O is doing this on purpose. The only candidate to do so.

        • 3seven77

          So your judgement of who is or is not “conservative” is based on who their favorite President is? Not their conservative record nor their achievements? Such discernment. Wouldn’t asking them who their favorite Beatle is work just as well?

        • CalCoolidge

          Newt is 1,000 times more conservative than Romney. Most Republicans are. Romney is the only Republican to create government-run healthcare, ie socialized medecine.

          There is no reason to think Romney is even right of center.

          • wodiej

            He is and so is Gov. Sarah Palin. These two both have the credentials to get the job done. Even alot of Tea Party voters jumped ship and got on board w Romney. Why-because he looks presidential? Because they believed the ads he bought w his wealth? Or because they just don’t have the guts-take your pick.

        • Thanks for saying so clearly what I have felt esp Santorum. He is like a fly in the ear..wasted best I could do

        • kong1967

          I agree. I didn’t iike either of the two in the end (not that I liked Romney).

          Newt had a ton of big government solutions and I believe he acted as a lobbyist with the GSE he was with (that’s what they do). They didn’t take his advice, my ass. Fannie and Freddie didn’t hire him for advice. They hired him to lobby Republicans. Newt admitted to being for government involvement in bloating the housing market. He was on the wrong side. He sat on the couch with Nancy Pelosi for global warming, claiming that he wanted to inject conservative ideas into a solution. First of all, that acknowleges that man is causing the warming, and second of all the ad linked directly to a flaming lib environmentalist website that doesn’t have a clue what “conservative” means.

          Santorum is a good guy, but (as you said) he doesn’t know when to shut up. The entire focus with him was on social issues. Although he blamed the media it was all his fault because he was so vocal about his personal views and willing to go into detail every single time it was mentioned. He was shark bait.

          I voted for Newt but he got creamed here so my vote didn’t effect anything. In retrospect, between the three I now believe Romney was the best choice of the three candidates that remained. I wanted Bachmann or Perry, mostly Bachmann.

    • JRD1

      Fine then get your squish over the finish line by yourself.

      Personally, I’m not wasting my time with any more McLame campaigns.

      Go back to Team Etch-a-sketch and tell them if he doesn’t set his hair on fire and get flipping real he is T.O.A.S.T.

      We have no time for losers and we are going to show up at the convention and get in his limp face.


      • Mark Levin would beat the tar out of you if he heard you say that. Voting for Barack Obama by not voting for his opposition.

        • CalCoolidge

          You started out by saying Levin is not reliable on this subject. Now you are citing him as an authority.

    • Given that Mark was 100% correct on Santorum being good, I think maybe you should.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Just because they didn’t win, doesn’t mean they’re not as good – really better – than Mitt.

      Mark is one of the few people who’s opinion matters a great deal to me. Mitt was easily the weakest candidate in the field – and don’t jump all over me for saying that… it’s my opinion (though I could back it up with evidence). But we’re stuck with him now and he’s doing alright so far. He has my vote. But America deserves a true conservative with a bolder plan to fix this country. Someone who is a strong leader.

      • Agreed. The good thing is that I rather think that Mitt’s motto will be “do no harm” to the nation and will probably do some good. Have to keep an eye on him, though, and hold his fight to the fire once elected. He can go mighty, mighty soft on social issues in particular.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Yep… I’m with you.

    • PFFV

      To question Mark Levin in this situation is rather telling of your ideology. We need true Conservatives in office and as many as we can get in there as soon as possible! Condi is Bush baggage plain and simple, she should be near the bottom of the list, if on it at all.

      Our nation is in peril and its no time to be splitting hairs and looking backwards. If we lose the election in November we are through as a Free Society and over as a Beacon of Hope for the world.

      If we just listened to Mark and followed his wisdom we could get out of this mess but no we have people that think they know more than a man (The Great One) that has dedicated his life to The Constitution, The Rule of Law, and American Exceptionalism.

      One thing Democrats/Liberals do much better than Republicans/Conservatives is getting behind one politician and fight like hell to get them elected. They know how to win even if it is with lies, cheating, and generational theft.

      • las1

        I agree with everything you said, but with one caveat… I don’t agree with Levin because he has dedicated his life to the Constitution, Rule of Law and American Exceptionalism. I agree with him because he’s right. His credentials are simply the icing on the cake.

        And the reason liberals are so unified comes from the Gospels. “A house divided cannot stand” (Mark 3:25). Because of popular misuse this byword is incorrectly used to rally the righteous. A unified house is a defining characteristic of evil. And you are exactly right about liberals… lies, cheating and generational theft is how they practice their dark arts. That’s how Satan works… and liberals have learned their lessons well.

    • Rick Santorum would have been the best (besides Palin). Just because people voted for or somehow promoted Lenin, Hitler, Carter, Clinton, and all these European knuckleheads we have in Europe doesn’t mean the other guy wouldn’t have been better. Romney is “the only guy who…” looks almost like Obama. Read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. You guys gotta read more. Early on, everyone was saying that we need to elect a constitutional conservative, and now even Palin is..”anyone but Obama.” We did that here in Hungary, and got a dictator .. and some love him. Doesn’t make my opinion wrong, but it does make all these wackos corrupt and misguided people look like what they are.. unintelligent and unenlightened..and self-centered – losers.

      • falling321

        Palin was the one who BEGAN the “anyone but Obama” slogan in one of the speeches she gave. ABO…is almost a Palin trademark! If Romney had any sense he would let it leak that she was on his short list for VP and let her publically turn it down if she isn’t interested in running that gauntlet again. It would certainly enthuse HER base which is massively larger than Romney’s!

  • JRD1

    Thanks scoop. You are the BEST!!!!!

  • Mark is exactly right. Condi Rice would be a fatal mistake for Mitt.

    As for his comment about Newt and Santorum I don’t think he meant them as Veep. Besides, Newt would not be a Veep, he’s already stated that.

    • falling321

      They all say they aren’t interested in the postion…until the day they announce that they are running! Don’t know if Newt would give up his private sector life in order to be VP, but he would certainly make a good one.

  • I’ve been listening to Levin all evening while reading comments here. I agree completely with the Great One. Condi is NOT the one to pick for VP. The only pick that would be worse for mittens would be to pick GW or Jeb.

    • poljunkie


      • George Walker Bush 🙂 Sorry pol.

        • poljunkie

          Is there another GWBush I dont know about?

          • Not that I know of.

            • poljunkie

              Well then gurlie girl you are totally confusing me.
              Or were you being sarcastic.

              I need a vacation.

              • LOL. While I loved George Bush on most things, and I liked Jeb a lot as our Governor, I think we need to get away from the Bush family in politics. Picking Condi would be too close to the Bush years which dear leader would certainly use as ammo against mittens. So, I said sarcastically, the only thing worse than picking Condi Rice, would be to pick George himself, or Jeb.

                Go have a long bath and relax girlie! 😀

                • poljunkie

                  Thank you.

                  I thought I was missing something. It may take some splain’ but I get it. Duh oh.

                  Its friday so we are making tacos and 7 layer dip and sitting on the patio.
                  Have a great weekend girlfriend.

                • mmmmmm I love 7 layer dip. 😀 You have a great weekend too girlie!

    • Cindy09

      Romney should pick Allen West.

      • I’d love it if he did, but I doubt he will. Allen would out shine him in a huge way and I can’t see mittens giving the limelight to anyone else.

      • falling321

        Yes, he should pick Allen West and that is why the left has been proactive in trashing West and making him a controversial figure. The truth is that Allen West is a strong, conservative American and would make a great VP.

  • Stehekin912

    Mark Levin is a national treasure.

    • aZjimbo

      Hell yea and then some.

  • 911Infidel

    Romney is waging the same sort of tap-dancing campaign that he waged in MA. In the end, the only diff between him and Markey were the R & D by their names.

    • keninil

      Hope you are wrong, Markey is an idiot !!

      • 911Infidel

        Romney in MA ran as a RHINO. Markey ran as a Leftist toadie…which is what he was/is. The differences between the two of them in the debates that I saw were negligible. Romney does not give me warm fuzzies.

  • sjmom

    Condi is a very bad choice and I would like to know whose idea it was to even consider her. You would think Romney would pick a conservative, if for no other reason than to get the base vote to the polls. It is as if he is doing everything he can to lose.

    • wodiej

      Well I was dismissive of a brokered covention at first but now I am not so sure it’s a bad idea.

      • sjmom

        I think it is a good idea; it would tell the GOP the base is not happy and if they want to win they will have to make a change, but how many other than you and me would be for it? Would the delegates do it? I don’t know.

  • CTsOpinion

    That loud hissing noise you hear is Romney’s campaign rapidly deflating. If this is true I won’t be voting this November, but I don’t believe it’s true.

  • CaseyGeorge

    I agree….she is being talked about only because of her gender and race, lets be honest. We don’t know her stances on abortion, the tax code, anything…To pick her would be seen as nothing but pandering, because it is

    • JRD1

      She admits that she is pro-choice.

      • PFFV

        She is also a back stabber if you read her new book. She trashes the administration she worked for, classless if you ask me. I have no use for her at all.

    • c4pfan

      Maybe, it’s due to getting people to click on the article. Portman must have been a bust news wise.

    • jollyjellybean

      She’s a pro choicer.

  • c4pfan

    Can we ever get away from the Bush people? DC needs to be changed from top to bottom!

  • c4pfan

    What has Condi done for the Tea Party movement or Conservative movement…nothing!

  • Sandra123456

    No RINOs.

  • KM

    It’s only a “trial” balloon for crying out loud…

    The VP choice will not be Condi Rice, book it!

    • keyesforpres

      I hope you are right and I hope us squealing like stuck pigs is helping!

  • Terrenceor

    Stay out of the Bushes. One more Bush like Presidency and the Republican Party will be done for.

    • PFFV

      One more Obama Dictatorship and The USA is done for!

      • sjmom


  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Mark Levin is 100% right on, imo.
    She would be a awful choice.
    Since soros/pelosi so intent on getting rid of West , romney if he won’t chose sarah should go with West, west is being re-districted anyway, to me he be the one to chose.

    • sjmom

      I’m with you.

  • Jindal or West.

  • aZjimbo

    No one says it like Mark “the great one” Levin.

  • BTW…CONDI supports abortion rights & AMNESTY.

  • He may as well just go whole hog and nominate Jeb Bush..

    Hell, just divorce Ann and marry him too!

    There you go Mitt..

  • Sober_Thinking

    Mark is spot on. With a solid conservative VP, Romney will draw many more conservatives, Tea Party people, Evangelicals, and independents than he might otherwise draw.

    I choose Allen West.

    • PFFV

      BINGO! 🙂

      • Sober_Thinking


    • sjmom

      So do I.

    • Linky1

      Me, too.

    • wodiej

      West, Palin or Gingrich

  • M_J_S

    Jindal, Rubio, West

    • nancywyatt75

      Neither Jindal or Rubio are natural born citizens. We need West.

  • StrangernFiction

    “Nothing in this president’s methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America’s interests.” – Condi Rice, October 2010

    • PFFV

      Well there you go… sounds a lot like that POS Colon (blow) Powell.

  • Why should WILLARD pick a Conservative, when he isn’t one, himself, and has professed his utter contempt for them, for years? And, no, Rubio isn’t a Conservative, either.

    • No, he’s not.. The establishment is eager to re-brand and update the party. They want to pander too. They want their slice of the black and hispanic vote.

      Now, it’s true that Republicanism can survive this strategy.. But Conservatism can’t.

      Trying to out pander the Democrats is a non-starter.. And they’re going to push for Amnesty again. This is a mistake. The demographics are terrible for Conservatives. It’s entirely possible that we’ll see Texas in play during our lifetimes..

      Conservatism is poised to go over a cliff, and the elites are stepping on the gas.. Romney’s driving and apparently Condi is now riding shotgun.

      Heaven save us from our “friends” in the GOP.

      • NoToTyrants


        Just as African-Americans are on the Democrat plantation, I contend Conservatives are on the GOPe plantation. The Democrats take the black vote for granted. In kind, the GOPe takes the conservative vote for granted.

        • Yeah.. That’s true.

          I have to say that I’m a little jealous of the democrats.. At least their leadership attempts to move the ball for their base every now and then.

          The GOP really just seems to hate Conservatives, the Constitution, Limits on Federalism and just about every other thing Conservatives stand for.

          I’m sure they see updating the party as a big plus.. and leaving us on the side of the road as no big deal. Kind of a “LOL! Where are they gonna go?” type of thing.

          One more GOP Presidency like the last one and the answer may range from “Third Party” to “Fishing” But I seriously doubt it’s going to be “To the polls, to vote for more of the same.”

          • NoToTyrants

            You are so right friend, the GOPe loves the fact that the Tea Party movement restored their control of the House of Representative, but have done little to nothing to repay all our hard work. As a matter of fact, IMHO, they act as if the Tea Party never existed, like they are ashamed of it.

            • The tea party is the only thing that saved the GOP from a complete implosion following George the Younger’s two terms.. It saved them from their failure to toss Dubya under the political bus. They even had a warning in the form of the 06 election.. Did they change course? NOPE! They went all the way down and took us all with them.. The Tea Party saved their political hide.

              Are they grateful?

              As you say, not at all..

              “Oh well, hey.. We’re back in the drivers seat, so you Tbaggers can stfu now!”

              It’s insulting in the extreme.. You’re 100% right. They wanted the control, the committee seats.. The access.. The Tea Party got them that back and they act like they don’t even care.

              Frankly, if Obama wasn’t such a disaster, they wouldn’t have a shot at the Presidency this time around either.. That’s how bad they are.

              If Obama was half as smooth and pool driven as Clinton was? They’d be locked out of EVERYTHING for 8 long years.. At least.

              • nancywyatt75

                Another reason why we need LTC Allen West.

    • keyesforpres


    • Linky1

      Moderates and moderation will NOT win an election, especially this one. While they may be nice people and all, in politics, it ain’t gonna fly.

      Willard has the ghost of Romneycare, Condi has GW Bush’s government to contend with. We all know that the left will carpetbomb them over this.

      Willard really has to grow a pair, think outside of the box and pick someone like….dare I say it…..Allen West, throw a lot of fear into the left and the RINO-types who want to play it safe.

  • Sometimes, Mark Levin can be such a buzz kill (figuratively speaking). Condi would be a fantastic and smart choice, with her ties to Colorado (which is a swing state) and foregin policy experience she would blow everyone else out of the water who is being considered for vp. I think we are all tired of hearing Obama blaming Bush for every mistake that Obama has made. We are ready to vote him out. Regardless of his VP choice I think we can all agree that Condi would be 1,000,000 times better than the VP we have now.

    • TheresaAK

      Would you still want her if you knew she voted for obama?

    • sjmom

      Condi will keep people at home on Election day. There are so many better to choose.

    • keyesforpres

      She helped installed Raila Odinga in Kenya. She is clueless about islam.

    • She’ll be a disaster.. Levin is right about this.

      It’ll be all Bush, all the time. Bush’s third term. Recycled Bushies.. You name it. It looks desperate. It looks like pandering. It looks weak. It’s implicitly insulting.

      She refused to even say she was voting for McCain, for crying out loud..

      It’s just bad from front to back.

    • I truly believe If the Republican Party would just knock off the political chess match, and lay out a strategy based on common sense solutions, Mitt and Condoleeza Rice are intelligent enough to articulate this message to the American public, which in turn will respond positively in November.
      Everyone is sick of the political posturing, we need a leader, we need a leader now, our country is in serious trouble, and the people know it.

  • RH

    NO! NO! NO!
    Condi is from the Bush era…NO MORE BUSH! She may be a nice lady, but she is NOT a conservative. Not to mention, Hussein Obama will jump on the “Romney is putting Bush people in his administration…I just spent the last four years trying to dig us out of the Bush era”. Condi will put Romney on DEFENSE all the time.

  • If you want to win then select Condi and split the black vote. I want to win. Pick Condi.

    • Yes. Take no chances. Run a destructive campain through Obama territory that is like when Sherman went to the sea. If Truman wanted purity he never would have fire bombed Tokyo or Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If Condaleeza Rice means we get Democrat votes then that is what we need in order to make sure Godzilla is defeated and never comes back.

      P.S Palin just said Rice would be a good V.P. I am not so sure but I will not automatically count her out.

    • Randall Current

      Are you serious?

      Quit following the Libs procedures and putting people in categories as a voting bloc (based on race, religion, sex, wealth, nationality, etc).

      This election is about defeating Statism and restoring some Liberty.

      This election is about Leftists vs Conservatives.

      This is no time for games.

    • bnotestine


      • Wisewoman2

        No. In my opinion too much baggage although he can hold his own with anyone.

        • bnotestine

          Baggage? Col West may have a duffel, in the context of his honored service; Obama has cargo planes full, leaking and wreaking into our Constitutional Republic. Let Obama attack West. We wanna watch!

    • Wisewoman2

      I’m black and I can tell you that you are wrong wrong wrong. I did not vote for Obama but I can tell you with 99% accuracy that blacks will not vote for a black vp when they already have a black president and they will protect him.

  • Well, Mark Levin might be right, but I think Sec of State Condi Rice would be a great Conservative asset, although yes, Obama would love to attack Romney as part of the Bush Policy Administration because of Condi Rice.

    But with that being said, Sec of State Condoleezza Rice would give Romney an aire of conservative credibility, not to mention passion and energy, just like Gov Palin did with that Progressive Republicrat RINO McCain..

    But I foresee Romney never picking Ms. Condeleezza Rice for the VP slot, for she is more intelligent, articulate, experienced, and conservative than Romney will ever be, and as such, Romney’s progressive self ego will never allow someone to overshadow him. He is not that smart, humble, enlightened, and intelligent..

    I foresee Romney probably picking someone like Christie, a sidekick to do his bidding, and not someone who would over shadow him in the important area’s that matter, which he lacks, like Sec of State Rice does.

  • heypiasano

    Ronmey needs an attack dog to do the heavy lifting. Can anyone imagine Condaleza Rice critising Obama? She doesn’t have those kind of cajones to do that.

    The two Bush administrations have done everything in their power to undermine everything that was done during the Reagan area with their can’t we all just get along attitude.

    Mark Levin is right in giving Romney an altimatum in picking a true consewrvative that will bring out the base and give the Washington elites the middle finger.

    • nancywyatt75

      “Ronmey needs an attack dog to do the heavy lifting.”

      That’s exactly why Romney needs Allen West.

  • Re: “pick a damn conservative”…

    Mitt “Reagan who?” Romney can not pick a conservative.

    Romney is a Massachusetts progressive.

    The progressive Democrats have simply traded elections with the progressive Republicans.

    It’s Romney’s turn, after moving aside to help McCain in the previous election.

    Mitt “it’s my turn” Romney is a progressive team player.

    Sec. of State Rice is a progressive “team player” also.

    The book “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn is being played out in real time, and Mitt Romney is simply a bit player in the larger drama… and he does not know it.


  • Robb Nunya

    I’ll never forgive Levin for his slanderous attacks on Ron Paul. “He believes in the Articles of Confederation, not the Constitution.”

    Yeah… Whatever you gasbag. You showed your disdain for the Constitution when you attacked the only Constitutionalist in the bunch. Good job by the way, your RNC masters were likely very pleased with your performance. Now go roll over and show them your belly and they’ll give you a rub and a treat.

    • I never understood all the hate for Paul either.. Romney’s no conservative, but you’re supposed to bite your tongue.. not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

      But they just rip Paul to shreds. It’s really terrible some of the stuff they say about him. I’ve never heard them rip the opposition as bad, or as fast, as they’ll hammer Paul.

      I guess the Hamiltonian types just can’t stand the thought of all that big government power laying around, collecting dust.

  • Wow the Great one really beat up Condi and I liked it!

  • Condi is a bad choice

  • Brian Carter

    Whatever else, Levin is 100% right about this.

    I really like and admire Condi Rice, although I don’t think she is perfect. She is a poor political choice because of how she is tied to Bush.

    Sarah Palin is the strongest conservative with executive experience out there. I wish she had run for president, I would have supported her 110%. For VP though, she is not well suited to being somebody else’s lapdog…she needs to lead.

    He should not choose ANYBODY From DC. They are all toxic as insiders, too young or too old, and we can’t afford to loose any of the good ones (e.g. Marco Rubio, Allen West, etc.).

    They should have executive experience, but not be milquetoast like Pawlenty. I like Jindal a lot, but again, VP is wasted on him…he is a leader.

    We need somebody like Cheney was for Bush: somebody they can villify as being like Darth Vader for their base, but not lampoon to the masses (however unfair). An elder, respected statesman who will not run for president in 2020 and who is to the right of Attila the Hun.

    …of course they won’t do that…they’ll make an uninspired ‘safe’ choice of a bland DC insider with no real core philosophy who sees himself as next in line to run for president in 2020 ( ugh!!!) …and probably sacrifice a critical at-risk seat in the senate in the process.

    • NCHokie02

      I agree with you, however what person did you have in mind?

      Personally I would love to see Rand Paul as the VP, but in an effort to not lose any seats in the Senate (or Congress) I would say Jindal. Thats great that he’s a leader and he needs to be. I don’t know anyone else that I would like to see though thats not in the Senate or Congress currently.

      • wodiej

        Gov. Sarah Palin. I don’t know much about Jindal but I’ve not heard him out heralding Tea Party principles. Is he a reformer? Cut spending in his state? Called out the media and GOP establishment? Nope, because if he had we would have all heard about it. I don’t know why people keep bringing his name up-someone enlighten me on some facts and details about what he has done that gives him the credentials.

        • NCHokie02

          I don’t have all Jindal’s information in front of me or know everything he has done in his state. I did read his book though which I throughly enjoyed. I read it right after the oil spill and have liked him ever since. He is a principled guy who believes in the success of this country and what it stands for. His parents are immigrants so he’s seen it first hand. He does believe in small government and that the government should operate within it’s bounds. I do believe he is a lot better than Christie or some of the others that have been talked about. Sorry I didn’t produce too many facts for you though. But you should read his book. It is very good.

          I like Sarah Palin too, but not as VP and she won’t get picked. I agree with Brian on that one that if she is running then it needs to be for the POTUS and not as the VP. My top pick is Rand Paul but he’s not going to get picked, plus we would lose a seat in the senate so my next choice is Jindal.

          Who else do you realistically like besides Palin?

          • wodiej

            Those are all good attributes but that does not make him qualified to be a VP. After Palin, my personal choices would be Gingrich or West. Gingrich has government and private sector experience. West has a lot of military experience but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being able to run a government. Apples and oranges. Besides those three, no one that I have heard of so far.

  • EL_Chamberlain

    You can’t choose VP based on what Obama says about it, that’s caving in right off the bat. You pick the best VP based on running this country and Rice is very experienced and worth a good look. Saying it can’t be her because Obama will attack is weak and lacking initiative. If we care about what Obama says then why don’t we just ask him to pick for us. See? Levin is on the right side but he’s too angry and screwy for his own good sometimes. He yells too much, which is not a sign of somebody who can win debates purely on merit.

    • wodiej

      A person from the Bush administration is a death wish.

      • Wisewoman2

        I agree wholeheartedly. Was Portman Bush’s budget man?

  • I really don’t care who Mittens decides to select for VP, he’s not getting my vote. Epic GOP Fail.

    • Brian Carter

      Right…that will teach the GOP a lesson…just like they learned with Bob Dole, right?

      You can’t be serious…a yellow dog would be a critical improvement over Obama…he has to go.

  • TaimeAgair

    Exactly, Mark, exactly.

  • Jay

    I like Rice but as a cabinet member, not VP. I wish those who are still arguing about which candidate is best would get behind Romney and shut the f up about which one would have been best. The important thing now is to get Obama out before he totally destroys the economy and installs a socialist dictatorship. Romney wasn’t my first pick but I’m behind him 100% now. His performance at the NAACCCP was pretty damn good IMO and I think he’s got a good chance of turning the country around. We are a a tipping point right now and it wouldn’t take much to bring us down. It’s time to be Americans first and take care of the USA!

    • wodiej

      First of all, don’t tell anyone to shut the eff up. We know how bad obama is and YES, YES, romney would be better. But with his wimpy approach to obama, it makes people wonder if he can beat him. If he doesn’t take the gloves off as Gov. Sarah Palin so aptly put it last night on Greta, obama will make mincemeat out of him. Why doesn’t he do to obama what he did to Gingrich who would have been a far better adversary to obama? Gingrich would rip him to shreds in a debate. We are all trying to get romney to do what he needs to do to beat obama-THAT’S ALL.

      • n4cerinc

        “Why doesn’t he do to obama what he did to Gingrich”
        Exactly right, wodiej. Romney like most liberal Whites, knows how to go medeaval on White conservatives, but not against liberal Blacks.

  • NCHokie02

    Levin is dead on here. Especially in talking about the NAACP, everyone will have forgotten and moved on by this weekend. How many people that don’t follow the NAACP or Fox News actually saw it or really cared. I mean I’m following the race and I really didn’t care about his visit to the NAACP. I thought it was a bold move but I didn’t really listen to it and heard he got booed twice and then a standing o at the end. Other than that all I’ve heard is what talk radio has said about it and don’t really care.

    Mitt does need to pick a strong conservative as VP though. Someone new too. I don’t want any old Bush cabinet members or anything like that. A strong Tea Party candidate and/or conservative governor would be a good choice for me.

    • wodiej

      conservative is subjective. We need a Tea Party reformer.

      • NCHokie02

        I guess I mean conservative in the true sense of the word and not the general broad brush stroke that they use to paint the right with, since not everyone on the right is a conservative.

  • I guess John Roberts wasn’t available, huh Mitt?

  • My hopes run high that Mitt ignores the GOP establishment because they are the ones with no back bone and plenty of lip. They destroyed the last election. Mitt will be able to make the tough decisions necessary to get the job done. Ignoring the lefts ranting is wonderful, similar to the rant of a teenager.

    • wodiej

      I agree but he is going to need to pick an anti-establisment candidate. The first person who comes to mind is Gov. Sarah Palin. They’ve been trying to take her out for 4 years and she’s still standing, still fighting and doing it with class and a smile on her face. She’s got the experience and accomplishments to warrant the job. I honestly don’t know who else is up to the challenge. She’s already been through the obama/liberal meat grinder so she knows how they work. But whether he will have the guts to do it, I won’t hold my breath.

      • cathmom

        That’s it exactly, they will NEVER have the guts to do it, period. And we need GUTS to get this country back on track again, nothing less will do.

  • wodiej

    Great rant by Levin. Especially liked the end when he said “pick Mr. or Mrs Conservative”.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Isn’t there ANYONE that can be brought into the national stage and lead the country?

    Every election cycle it’s the same people, up for nation office, positions in cabinets that have been involved in past administrations that have gotten the US to where it is now.

    Romney seemed to be going right along, making solid comments then Condie Rice’s name is brought up.

    If she’s brought on the ticket, I might as well get fitted for my Mao suit now.

    • stage9

      Haven’t you figured it out yet? It’s Obamney’s “turn” to be president. Why do you think the Conservative nominees were all conveniently brushed aside? The Republican machine wouldn’t allow a Conservative voice! They want someone they can keep in their pocket and control. Obamney is the quintessential Republican stooge. He will say what you want him to say and do what you want him to do. He has no principles of his own and he has the spine of a jellyfish.

      When the Tea Party was elected to Congress, the Republicans just about had a heart attack because these were regular folks who didn’t play the political games of Washington — they weren’t controllable.

      Do you really think Republicans will allow that to happen again in a presidential election year? They would rather DIE than allow a Conservative lead this nation. A Conservative is a free thinker, and free thinking isn’t allowed in the Republican Party.

      Obamney is a RINO just like the rest of them, and he will do JACK SQUAT to change the direction of this nation. Many Conserve-a-rinos will defend him to the death — he will do no wrong in their eyes once he’s in office — but he will be just another RINO hack like Bush was — someone who will do the bidding of the machine. Everything will continue on, and our voice as the American people will be diminished more and more as government tyranny continues its course.

      Stupid people voted to nominate Obamney, and as always, stupid people will get what they paid for.

      • FutureOnePercent

        I’d rather have Bush pulling the strings on the puppet than Soros.

        West 2016

  • Mark Levin is 1000% right on this. Michael Savage also said this.

  • EchoMike

    UHHH Didn’t she already say about a month or two ago that she didn’t want the VP job?
    While I like Condi as a person how about we pick someone that actually wants it.
    Pick a REAL conservative so that when (fingers crossed) Romeny gets elected, and re-elected we can already have a conservative in the chamber, ready to go!
    User he in the campaign if you like, but not for VP

  • Coming Apart

    Re;Condi Rice for VP…. What Levin is saying is true….The following is a man with great wisdom and would make a great VP, Dr Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson!
    Really startes at 6min…..

  • anneinarkansas

    I have mixed feelings about Condi. I really like her as a person but fear her connections to Bush.
    She is a brilliant stateswoman who brings much to the table.
    I would like to know more about her stance on abortion.
    She really did give a fiery speech at that meeting last week…all of it was great.

  • 100% agree with you again.

  • I couldn’t agree more with Levin. He’s spot on. I mentioned yesterday my concerns about Rice being a hold over from the Bush admin. – very, very, bad idea. The blame Bush meme still persuades far too many people.

    Secondly, Levin is absolutely correct: Offense! Keeping defense on the field is simply wearing them out and is resulting in no TDs. This is not rocket science.

    Perhaps if more real conservatives were in key positions, the conservative message would be getting out there in a much more cohesive fashion. Sadly, few are actually out there doing that. Yo, Mitt – I’m talking to YOU. Get your butt in gear and score some points, even if you aren’t the best QB or wide receiver on the field, you’ve got the damn ball.

    • julielin123

      Then why did Obamer keep most of Bush’s policies all these years! I think it would be divine intervention if she was picked.

  • steprock

    I hear a lot of people saying “I wish Romney would…” but he won’t! I must be one of the few people who see that he’s a plastic politician, not even my 3rd choice, don’t expect any more from him than to hold the line, and I’m willing to vote for him anyway!

    Why? Because he’s not a Communist! That’s what we’ve come to, my friends. I voted YES on Condi on the other poll because I think she’s a great match for him. Plus, he’d pick her because she’s black.

    What else do you expect from this guy? A strong conservative message? A powerful attack on the worst president ever? Not gonna happen! America should have gone with Perry, or Bachmann, or Gingrich if they wanted that.

    They don’t! They chose the middle of the road Etch-a-Sketch guy and that’s all we’re gonna get. I, for one, am voting against Obama

  • falling321

    Folks, Condi as VP may be real or it may just be another rumor put out by the left as a distraction to keep the anyone from talking about Obama’s failures. Why bother to speculate…it won’t be long until we all know for sure. We all have our personal choice and we are all going to vote for Romney no matter who his VP is…or Obama is going to win re-election and we are all going to go down with this sinking ship we call America.

    ABO 2012

    • steprock

      You and I will vote ABO, but I would not go so far as to say “we are all going to”. A bunch of folks keep saying they won’t and I think it’s just stupid. The man was mentored by a Communist, preached at by a hateful bigot, raised overseas, throws Israel under the bus regularly, is pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, and pro-Socialism.

      BUT Conservative voters manage to convince themselves that Romney is just as bad and say they’ll stay home. Brilliant!

  • I believe that Romney should choose LTC Allen West as VP. Mark says we need offense in this fight, West is the fighter Romney needs. West brings tears to my eyes and my heart swells with pride to be an American when I hear him speak. From the moment I first saw a video of him speaking in 2009 at the Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. I knew that he was Presidential material.
    Here is the link if you haven’t seen this speech:

    He is inspiring,exciting, exudes character, patriotism and never backs down from speaking the truth. West’s love for his country is undeniable. I believe that he is our modern day George Washington.

    I trust him completely(a very rare thing to trust a politician!) and think he would help put Romney over the top to stay if he added him to the ticket.

    He is also very good at fielding attacks from the left and turns attacks around on them to expose who they really are. I would venture to say that he almost welcomes the fight. They despise him and fear him because of this. This is but one of many reasons he is the right person to pick for VP, and eventually I hope that he will run for President himself. The American people are hungering for a true leader and West personifies leadership.

    I will quit gushing now.

    • nancywyatt75

      Please don’t stop gushing kinikia, America needs West! No one else can even come close.

  • I think it would be an exceptional choice. Rice is forceful, articulate, thoughtful and brilliant. I would love to see the Obama campaign and the Liberal media attack this woman of color, who has been so successful and such an excellent role model for the Black community. It would only backfire on them. Come on, Mark. We are going to be defending ourselves against attacks no matter what we do. The Dems have no other strategy (or choice). Might as well be defending against attacks we can so easily win!

  • She will NEVER be the VP. The fact that even her name was leaked to the media says it all. Romney is using Rice as a distraction, which is very smart. I can say I am 95% sure that Rubio is his choice from Day 1.

  • Wisewoman2

    Put Marco Rubio on the ticket to assure an increase in Hispanic votes for the ticket. Do not be fooled by the democratic rhetoric. They are scared out of their wits that Romney may have the nerve to do it. If he does they can’t criticize him for fear of upsetting the Hispanic community. Just as blacks voted for their own kind so will Hispanics even if they are not promised the moon. As examples look at the race for Charlie Rangel’s seat in New York where he almost lost to a Hispanic and at the Texas senate seat where Cruz the Hispanic candidate is leading due to the overwhelmingly support among Hispanic voters. With Rubio on the ticket Romney will get at least 45% of the Hispanic vote. That will almost assure victory in CO, FL, NV, AR, & NC. Without those states Obama can not win. Democrats will have a hard time winning this or future presidential elections without over 65% of this vote. Republicans will have their first tenuous hold on this voting bloc. I am AA and I believe this is the path to victory. I am no longer a democrat but we must win this election otherwise we won’t recognize the country after 4 more years of Obama. You have to win first!!!

  • julielin123

    I am excited as hell if he picks Condi Rice. She knows the middle east like Romney knows sincereity. That is what America should really be watching and knowing, is how Europe works! As Rush would, “RIGHT ON< RIGHT ON< RIGHT ON!!"

  • julielin123

    I am very excited if he picks Condi Rice. She knows the Middle East and Europe like Romney knows sincererity. As Rush would say, “RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON!!”

  • Mark is often wrong. Plus if Conservs don’t Rhino they hand Obum 5 more.

  • kong1967

    She’s not interested, anyway. I would be shocked if she accepted.

  • Dean Daniels

    I STRONGLY disagree – Romney should pick an ineffective Republican wuss for the wussy invisible VP spot and LEAVE all of our effective conservative power pieces “in active play” ON THE BOARD. We cannot afford to have REAL CONSERVATIVES “on the bench” when they are needed on the field.

  • Dean Daniels

    I STRONGLY disagree – Romney should pick an ineffective Republican wuss for the wussy invisible VP spot and LEAVE all of our effective conservative power pieces “in active play” ON THE BOARD. We cannot afford to have REAL CONSERVATIVES “on the bench” when they are needed on the field.