Mark Levin pokes holes in Cain accuser’s story

Going through the story that was laid out in the press conference today by Sharon Bialek, Levin has found a few ‘problems’ that necessitate more information. He said earlier in the show that he was unable to get Gloria Allred to book her client on his show, so he’s basically left with just questions that need answers. One such question is why, after Cain had already ‘upgraded’ Bialek’s hotel room and then took her out to eat at an Italian restaurant would Cain then ask Bialek why she was meeting with him. Another question would be why he took her to the NRA to show her around if she had already worked there before? And there’s more.

Levin makes clear he’s not suggesting one way or the other the potential outcome of this story, who is guilty and who isn’t, but that he just believes her story doesn’t quite make sense and thus he would like to ask her a few questions.

Here’s the full audio:

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  • I heard it- it was great. It deserves another listen to- so thank you for putting it up Scoop. I love it when guys like Levin go point by point and nail the coffin shut.

  • Anonymous

    Been listening and his lawyerly background adds a whole different perspective.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like how Cain tried to poke her hole.


    Sorry had to take it.

    Hey, It’s gloria allred. Let’s enjoy the circus folks.

    • B-Funk

      There are clowns a-plenty, but where are the elephants?! ~_^

  • Anonymous

    Yes, he is. That is the special litigating brilliance of one Mr. Levin: Analyze the content and provide a brief. This is so sad…and it makes me as “Mad as hell and I [sic we] are not going to take it anymore.”

  • Steven

    I said it a week ago that this was a smear campaign. And by the end of the week, Cain raised $2 million and nothing new came about the smear campaign from Monday to Friday.

    Now they’ve raised the sleeze factor another notch to get Cain’s other claimant to come forward. This Allred deal is a joke. No one in their right mind can believe this latest woman to come forward. The whole purpose of this episode was spelled out at the news conference: to get the other woman to talk. Without the first woman who had an agreement with the NRA, this story is dead and the Establishment and media knows it. No one is going to take this latest woman seriously if you think about her allegations for two seconds. No, this is meant to try to coax the first woman out to tell her story.

    To the Cain supporters who have been with him up to now, I ask, why not hang on a little bit longer? Why jump off the Cain Train now? Did you all think it would be easy for someone outside of the permanent political Establishment to win the nomination? Did you really think it would be easy for someone like Herman Cain to upset the applecart or that Cain could do this all on his own? We have to stand firm and trust that in the end the truth will prevail and when it does, Cain will go on a romp in 2012! Don’t you want to be a part of that? Don’t you want to be able to say that through it all you stood with Cain?

    Don’t go wobbly conservatives/Tea Party Patriots, because that’s what they are counting on! Keep the faith and continue to support the candidate lifting up the Tea Party banner. We didn’t come this far to lay it down because the Establishment is throwing a fit. It’s We The People of the United States, not WE The SHEEPLE of the Political Establishments! We are sovereign and its about time we act like it, instead of being put over a barrel by the political elites. Let’s stare them down and put the fear of God in their hearts! Cain is able, Cain 2012!

    • Anonymous

      Well said Steven, could not have said it better myself. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  • If, at dinner, he said “Why are you here?” I find that extremely odd. If I’m going to solicit the help of a powerful person in a different city and I call to meet with that person I’m for sure going to let them know the purpose of the visit. Very suspicious.

    • B-Funk

      And, they’re for sure going to want to have a reason to meet with you too. That stuck out to me almost instantly when I first heard the woman. It sounds really concocted. Anyhow, that’s a good point you make. Sadly, this is never going to end until the NRA opens the files up to be viewed. But, on the settlements alone, there’s almost ironclad proof that Cain didn’t do squat to these women.

  • Why are you here…

    Levin nailed it.

    Bialek’s attorney, Gloria Allred, who probably ok’d the innuendo by Bialek, blew it, no pun intended.

    So, Allred and Bialek expect right thinking people to believe that the experienced business man didn’t ask the basic question until

    AFTER upgrading the room
    AFTER drinks
    AFTER going to the Italian restaurant

    Allred, your client blew your innuendo case.


    • B-Funk

      Yep, but the morning shows won’t even question her on those points. Maybe Fox & Friends, if we’re lucky.

    • Anonymous

      And the point has already been made…if Cain isn’t the one that made her hotel reservations, it is doubtful that he could have or would have been able to “upgrade” her room, either.

      This whole thing is just another CBS/Rather disgusting attempt to slander a Republican.

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that she has served her purpose and only Allred will face questioning. I’ll be surprised if Bialek even faces interviews on the MSM let alone conservative talk radio…even though they claimed her as a GOP TeaParty supporter even as no one seems to have ever seen her at such an event. Then also was it just me or was their a strange lack of emotion as the accuser read her statement-almost like she was reading a story about someone else.

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      that would sure make this even more interesting, but that is a different guy you are thinking about.

      • Anonymous

        yes, I think it is a different guy, but it is still sorta weird.

      • But how many David Axelrod’s are lawyers in Illinois?

        • latexas

          I heard today that she and her current fiance either live or lived in the same building as Axelrod…yes…THAT David Axelrod.

  • She also said “You know I have a boyfriend.” How would he know that?

    • Anonymous

      Because the boyfriend was at the NRA conference with her the year before.

      • Anonymous

        My GOD! You think a sleezeball like her would still have the same b/f A YEAR LATER???????


        • Anonymous

          Yes, actually he was the same b/f. If you watch the press conference she states that. Not my opinion…. her words. I watched it twice earlier today to make sure I really got all of the BS they were spreading against Mr. Cain. And BTW it wasn’t a year later, but in the next calendar year because she couldn’t get a job (go figure). I’m glad a lot of info has come out on her today, none of which is pretty.

    • Anonymous

      Why didn’t she jumped off the vehicle right there, after the so-called “groping”? She’s never met him – he is a stranger to her or not a stranger (her speech is confusing) – yet she asked him to take her back to the palatial room he booked for her??!! Any woman with a brain would make a 180 and called the cops or find ANOTHER hotel room fearing he could have a spare key!!

      And like Levin pointed out: “she doesn’t even tell her boyfriend her specifics”??

      • Anonymous

        Hard to ‘jump out of’ a vehicle you were never in.

      • “While driving back from dinner, Cain stopped the car: “He put his hand on my leg, under my skirt and reached for my genitals. He also grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch,” Bialek told the journalists.”

        Puhleeeeze! Any woman who felt sexually violated would have slapped his hand back so quick and JUMPED OUT OF THE DAMN CAR!!!

        This woman is full of BS…how does she and Allred sleep at night?

    • Anonymous

      Cain had met her boyfriend

    • If she hadn’t had a BF, would that have made it ok? Then she would have been ok with it?

    • Anonymous

      She and her boyfriend had met Mr. Cain at an earlier event and had both spent time with Cain. Cain knew she had a boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    In this Intelligence Report: Who is Sharon Bialek? The Chicago-area woman has an extensive corporate and personal history in the area going back to the early 1990s.

    It was her hope for a new job that Bialek says brought her to Herman Cain that day in 1997. Bialek’s resume and a trail of public records indicates that changing jobs has been a regular occurrence for the Chicagoan. She has worked for at least nine different employers over the past 17 years and appears to have struggled financially.

    Related Content

    More: RAW VIDEO: Full News Conference with Cain’s Accuser
    The public record on Bialek begins in 1991 when she filed personal bankruptcy for the first time while living in Des Plaines.

    Between 1993 and 1996 Bialek worked for four different companies in promotion and marketing positions.

    In 1996, and part of 1997, Bialek was at the National Restaurant Association. After being let go from that job in mid-1997, she says that she went to Washington, D.C., to meet with Cain, president of the association, because she needed a job.

    In 1999, Bialek’s son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

    In 2001 came Bialek’s second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizable legal bills. That year she was hired by WGN radio where she worked until 2004 when she took a marketing job and then a job at WCKG radio.

    Along the way, according to her attorney, Bialek also held positions with Revlon and Easter Seals.

    Bialek currently lives in Mundelein with fiance Mark Harwood.

  • reliapundit the astute blogger










    • deo heerai

      Listen you intelectual midget you are fooling no one. you just heard a brilliant takedown of an obvious load of crap and that shoved a bug up your a** me thinks your fear of Cain is killing your last few braincells

      • Anonymous

        “Everything is verifiable.” The hotel AND the meal. Wink.

        If I’m not mistaken, those two things aren’t the problem. It’s the strategically placed, strategically timed, lie that is at issue here. Lady Chatterley’s fable, er fibble.

        Plus a couple of hidden liars in the form of f-a-divits. Why is this man allowed to live? You’re right deo. I’ll add, this all caps sign wearer wields a blunderbuss. Sometimes those dudes explode right in your face.

        • B-Funk

          Methinks he should rejoin his friends down at ows… Yah, we have to look between the ‘verifiable’ and scrutinize what happens there because he is innocent until proven guilty. No one here is truly carrying water for him. This is what the nomination process is for. If he did it, he should withdraw, but there are so many holes in her logic- and story- that her testimony isn’t truly credible. Besides, having Allred as council really puts her testimony on shaky ground. What a hack!

          • Anonymous

            There were false witnesses brought forth against Jesus himself too. They are a dime a dozen, especially in an age where there “are no absolutes”. This is the oldest, most evil trick in the cauldron.

            • Anonymous

              So right you are. I’ll bet there are more women (and men) who are willing to lie for money than there are women (and men) who are willing to sell their bodies for money. Let’s face it, lying is more socially acceptable than prostitution (see Clinton, Bill and Madoff, Bernie) This woman is one of them.

              At least a whore is honest about what she is.

              • B-Funk

                Amen to you both! A friend just commented to me that the comparison between BHO and Cain could be seen as a good being substituted for a bad. Meaning BHO was supposed to be a sign that Black Americans are taking their rightful place with all others and that we truly are in a new era. Instead, he’s a fraud and a fake of something very good. Then you have the man that God offers up. A humble, entrepreneurial man who’s made his own way in life and is an inspiration to others. I thought I’d share his words. We both accept that Cain could be at fault in these cases, but we’re not going to accuse him until there’s proof- of any kind.

    • please don’t use all caps. it only annoys people and takes away from your point.

    • Anonymous

      Your basic premise is one of weakness and fear. Is that how you live your life? If you are falsely accused, do you simply whimper and run away? Is that the premise on which you would have our country move forward? Integrity – true integrity – comes from strength in the face of incredible odds. I can’t speak to Mr. Cain’s guilt or innocence, but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. I also believe that the enemy will do whatever it takes to remove a threat, even lie. Mr. Cain and what he stands for is a threat. Think about it.

    • Anonymous

      We heard your buddy the cockroach, aka, allred, you don’t have to come here and shout it. Now go crawl back under your rock with fellow cockroaches.

    • Dan

      lets see now….your looking for a job….you call said interviewer Herman and not Mr.Cain…no respect…why are you reading a statement…you lived it…Right???? so who wrote this for you….you didn’t even read it will…..

    • Anonymous

      LOL…sad Perry-bot it seems. Its OK, Perry can still be Governor when this whole becoming President thing doesnt work out

    • Anonymous

      Why must he withdraw? Voters will get a chance to speak on this issue. If he falls flat in Iowa, then he will bow out. This is what elections are for. Once Cain finds out the people are not on his side, then he will understand that this is not his year. Calls for him to withdraw are baseless and any Republican that calls for it needs to be called out for it.

    • @reliapundit the astute blogger – All I can say it …consider the source. Her ties to Gloria Allred are suspicious. Thank you…you made me laugh out loud!

    • Anonymous

      So far, all I’ve seen are unsubstantiated allegations and a ‘he said/she said’ scenario. What are the exact dates of said offenses? None have been given thus far. Why not?

      Nice try, but we’re gonna have to have a bit more than what’s been provided. We’re talking about a man’s reputation, his career AND his prestige.

      • And after reading some court case papers from a Chicago court, David J Axelrod & Associates were attempting to have her pay a debt up until 2 months ago. Is this her repayment??

        • gosh can you put that info on Facebook..i’dLOVE TO READ AND SHARE this..

    • Anonymous

      I’m soliciting applicants tomorrow morning at Starbucks.

      Extra pay if they actually were in the same place/same time.

      DOUBLE pay if they actually met the guy.

      Mystery bonus if the have an autographed photo of him. Photoshop work will be provided at no charge to the applicant. All such photos become the sole property of Michael Moore, Inc.

    • Her affidavit just says that someone is saying, yes, she told me these things. That’s hearsay in a court of law and doesn’t prove or disprove anything. I can tell my friend I robbed a store. They could give a legal deposition/affidavit that says yes, she told me she robbed a store. But that is not proof of anything. If you were really astute you would think about what you are typing and the actual meaning. When you figure out how Mr. Cain can prove he didn’t do anything, let us all know ’cause that’s a problem for the ages.

  • Is it just me or did Allred’s little comment about a whole new meaning to stimulous package seem totally inappropriate. I know Mark brought it up as well, but I had been wondering what kind of woman (well- after all it is Allred) would say such an immature comment at a press conference when you are representing someone who supposedly had a sexual harrassment incident? Good grief she reminded me of a silly teenage boy (no offense to all the silly boy’s here!!)

    • Anonymous

      She kinda’ harassed all of us with that one.

    • Did you see the Allred press conference where she simulated sex with a baseball bat?

      • Good grief NO- glad I missed it! She’s pathetic.

      • Anonymous


        • Oh man that was embarrassing. So, the dad didn’t like his kids seeing this done the first time, so lets have the lawyer and dad do it in front of the kids a second time. I’ve been going to baseball games since I was 12, and could write a book about all the stupid things I’ve seen people do- but this takes the cake.

    • Anonymous

      Nothin’ as disgusting as Mr. Levin’s best friend Limpbigasahouse though, with his slurpy comment. Pig.

  • Anonymous

    Golddiggers seem to have an “Open Season” on Mr. Cain. This latest one,one who finally showed her face,is more unbelieveable then all the others bunched together. She is reading from the script of some dumb,liberal,socialistic piece of shit She sees nothing but $ for her part in this perverted,simple simon,type of mindset Let’s remember this: The truth always prevails And that is why we will prevail. Because we are the good,the Godfearing,the truth. Remember,nothing good ever comes easy.

  • How did she hook up with alred?
    Would she take a polygraph?

  • Mr. EMT

    The issue for people on the Right should not be so much whether he actually did it or not, but how he handles this crises.
    I said that when the first story came out and he was making a bigger mess of it than it had to be im saying it now too.

    • Anonymous

      Ahhh… know who isn’t benefiting from this? Rick Perry….

      Know who is benefiting? Herman Cain….


      • Mr. EMT

        No one on the right is befitting from this, moron.
        That is the point I made weeks ago.
        Everyone should have jumped off the cain train when he was gaffing on abortion.
        Instead a bunch of people tried to make cain into something he isnt, a conservative and a leader, and missed all the warning signs that he is an amateur and an incompetent left leaning moderate no better than romney.

      • Axelrod and Obama may not be as innocent as they seem. But Perry has some recent hires that look suspicious or incredibly coincidental.

    • Anonymous

      Go back under your rock, if you had any you would have stuck around and not showed up again after this latest volly against Cain, but like all leftists you don’t have any.

      • Anonymous

        He is but one reason Perry is so far down. He’s actually, supposedly, on the conservative side. Doesn’t that give you a warm fuzzy?

  • Anonymous

    but didnt BJClinton get an ACTUAL lewinsky???

  • Anonymous

    What I am reading is that no one in the Chicago Tea Party knows who she is.

    • I guess if she were it would change your opinion of her.

  • I believe this woman is going to be used as the face that many other “victims” will be stapled to to try to add weight & try to sink his candidacy. I believe its all a farce from a very scared lib wing organization because racism didnt stick. Im trying to think what they try after this because in the end I dont think these allegations are anymore than pure fabrication & they will have to try a different tactic.

  • TeaParty = Predominantly white, significantly racist, militaristic, narcissistically selfish, vicious in its hostility to the poor, deeply undemocratic, profoundly ignorant and deluded, heavily paranoid, wooden-headed, and over reliant on right-wing news…” Any questions?

    • Try saying that with your head out of your @ss… & good luck with that.

    • Anonymous

      I have a question…why do you bother??

    • Anonymous

      Don’t the mobsters down at ows miss you? Better scurry along….

    • Anonymous

      Christopher Callihan = profoundly stupid, uneducated about politics, ignorant about the Real America, deluded by leftist talking points, not bright enough to think for himself, and overly reliant on Soros troll money.

      Did I forget Lawrence O’Donnell butt kisser?

    • Anonymous

      Trolls On Parade.

      How quaint!

  • Anonymous

    This woman needs to be investigated. Why was she fired in the first place? Did she really book a room at the Capital Hilton in July 1997? If so, who upgraded her room? Can she prove that Herman Cain really met her?

    Herman Cain is being “Palined,” & it stinks to high Heaven!

  • Who Is Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Accuser Sharon Bialek?

    “Bialek’s resume and a trail of public records indicates that changing jobs has been a regular occurrence for the Chicagoan. She has worked for at least nine different employers over the past 17 years and appears to have struggled financially.

    The public record on Bialek begins in 1991 when she filed personal bankruptcy for the first time while living in Des Plaines.

    Between 1993 and 1996 Bialek worked for four different companies in promotion and marketing positions.

    In 1996, and part of 1997, Bialek was at the National Restaurant Association. After being let go from that job in mid-1997, she says that she went to Washington, D.C., to meet with Cain, president of the association, because she needed a job.

    In 1999, Bialek’s son Nicholas was born and a paternity lawsuit was filed by the father, a media executive.

    In 2001 came Bialek’s second personal bankruptcy, filed after sizable legal bills. That year she was hired by WGN radio where she worked until 2004 when she took a marketing job and then a job at WCKG radio.”

    They left out that just a couple of months ago, she had a summary judgement against her with an order to seize her assets for unpaid debts…

    • I read the documents provided by your links. Did you notice that the law firm in Chicago that was trying to collect the debt from her starting in 2009 is Axelrod David J & Associates? Is she making this allegation to get out from under a debt? I felt there were too many coincidences in the Perry campaign to be explained but now I wonder if it is Obama. Or is the Obama camp just jumping off some anonymous allegations and suggesting to this woman that this might be a way for her to have a debt forgiven and make a little money on the side??? Gloria helped the Dems in California last year.

      • Ralphie85

        gloria also tried her tricks against Arnaold S. but it didn’t work that time!!!

      • Anonymous

        not the same axlerod.

        • Any relation? Not a very common last name is it? And you are not spelling it correctly.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know, M. Malkin had caught this and mentioned it so when I notice it I mention it too.

  • It amazing the gall of some of these republican operatives who are saying cain needs to get in front of it. How many different ways can one say no, no and hell no. I hope these same people don’t get asked one day, “can you prove you didn’t hit your wife?”

  • She lies well!

    • Anonymous

      Not really

  • Anonymous

    My guess is that before Politico dropped the original story they called Gloria Allred to let her know what was coming. Allred then spent the next 10 days or so trolling the gutters to find a “face” to go with the story. That’s why this “victim” didn’t show up weeks ago. They needed to find a stooge.

    The problem as I see it is that when Cain admitted that there had been an *allegation* of harassment against him the opportunity the left had been looking for opened up. If there was “one” there “must be others” – real or not didn’t matter. Unfortunately it appears that the left is willing to march out “victim” after “victim” – as many as it takes – to destroy Herman Cain.

  • Anonymous

    None of this woman’s story makes sense. If she’s looking for a job, why not call Cain up and say, ‘remember me, we met at ……. I’m out of work right now looking for a job and I was hoping you could help me. If you don’t mind I’ll send you my resume and references and if you happen to run across an opening, I hope you’ll give me a call.’

    Why go to a hotel for overnight? Why go to dinner? Why was she fired from her job? Why was she fired from so many jobs? Why is she up to her neck in civil suits and an IRS Lien. And isn’t it conveniently coincidental that her last suit ended with a default judgment on 9/17/11.

    An old adage about lying: If the story contains a lot of extraneous information then there’s a very high probability that it’s a lie. How is it that she remembers the clothes they were both wearing and yet doesn’t remember the exact date. Her reference to somewhere in the middle of July gives her a lot of wiggle room. And how did Cain manage to upgrade her reservation, when hotel’s privacy rules won’t even allow them to tell you who is staying there?

    No, this sounds like an opportunistic hatchet job to me. The other women’s complaints, of which there are records, all claim “that he made me feel uncomfortable”, not exactly sexual harassment of any kind. But, suddenly, along comes a women whose statement has never been recorded, and she claims Cain dangled a job in front of her for sexual favors, which he made very clear.

    Very convenient. And since this Sharon Bialek is up to her butt in debt, who is paying for Ms. ‘I’ll do anything for money’ Alred.

    • Anonymous

      BINGO! I think you’ve got the prize for the summary. I’ve been thinking and posting along the same line today.

      And one last thing, if he did these things she claims in the car, why didn’t she open her door and get out of the car and take a cab back to her hotel?

      • I agree. DC is lousy with cabs or if it is still light out you could walk back or go back to the subway and ride back to a stop closer to where you are staying. Plus if she lost her job, I would just assume that money is a problem. Why fly from Chicago to DC and pay for food, hotel etc when you could just as easily take care of this over the phone? And I’ve never had a boyfriend or husband that would encourage me to fly out of town to meet a man I really do not know for dinner and drinks to further my job search. Plus when she was actually talking during the statement, she made no eye contact with anyone. Yet the rest of the time she was looking all around at everyone. Funny that she had to read her “truth” word for word and could not meet any one’s eyes unless she was just listening to her attorney. Where is the info at about her past lawsuit involvement and money troubles? I’d love to look at it.

    • Ralphie85

      Here attorney for her lawsuit was none other than…david axelrod???

      • Anonymous

        The David Axelrod story is just that-a story.

        • Ralphie85

          Sharon lied and said she has not had any personal contact with axel rod…he just lives in the building…actually was her attorney on a lawsuit which just got settled on 9/22/11???

  • Anonymous

    Also she said her BOYFRIEND made the original reservation and then CAIN changed it to an upgrade ( unknown to her ). You can’t change a reservation without the confirmation number of the original reservation and the credit card number with which the original reservation was made.Cain would have needed that info in order to change her reservation, which obviously he wouldn’t have access. Just shows her story is bogus

    • Anonymous

      It wouldn’t be the first time that CBS came up with a “fake but accurate” story to destroy a Republican.

      And probably not the last, either.

    • NIce points.

    • Anonymous

      You can in the imaginary world of Michael Moore, et al.

  • It smells of the same logic of her attorney.

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the latest CBS reality show: “Desperate Sluts of Chicago”

  • Anonymous

    This supposedly happened in July of 97 at about 6:30 PM in Washington. I find it hard to believe that Herman Cain would use one hand to reach up her dress and the other to grab her head while parked on the street near the national restaurant association in the daylight hours as it stays light till way after 6:30 in July. Something smells a little fishy I might say.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait till judment day folks! Seriously…

  • “If something doesn’t make sense, that’s probably because it’s not true.” Judge Judy

    • What doesn’t make sense is that Cain would go out of his way to tell a campaign consultant about an allegation that was settled years before–that had no merit.

      What also doesn’t make sense is that the Dems would attack Cain when its obvious to most people that he’s a weak candidate. Perry, Bachmann, maybe Santorum–perhaps even Romney but the Dems? They would have waited until Oct 2012.

  • A low level employee, fired from the NRA decides on the advice of her boyfriend to meet Cain and ask about employment? The boyfriend didn’t CALL Cain and inquire first? She didn’t call first and throw out feelers? She assumes the CEO of the company will just meet her, without knowing why they were meeting, upgrade her room, without knowing why they were meeting, and make plans to take her to dinner, without knowing the reason for the meeting?

  • Virgil Starkwell

    Where there is smoke, there is fire. Thus far, FOUR women have alleged that the creepy pizza guy uses his power to grope women.

    All of you apologists are a disgrace, especially the women and the men who have daughters.

    How would you like it if your daughter worked with this creep?

    • when it rains, it pours

      two wrongs don’t make a right

      a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush

      beware greeks bearing gifts

      let sleeping dogs lie

      dead men tell no tales

      … gee this is fun!

      • Virgil Starkwell

        He grabbed her vagina, and when she rejected him, he replied, “you want a job, right”?

        That’s a creep.

        Carry on rightwing apologists.

  • Anonymous

    I’m just wondering.. while she’s talking about his character… was she living with the then boyfriend… the baby that the paternity suit was about, was he born out of wedlock….the fiancee (finance if you ask me) that she is currently living with, fianacee means not married, right?? She was seen hugging him at a tea party meeting, she went up to him and placed her arm in his,.. Sounds like 1. she was the agressor and 2. since she seems to have the morals of an alley cat and he comes across as very creditable ummmm let me see who would you believe?

  • This woman’s story is Horse Puckey. Thank you for poking a few holes in this. This story is swiss cheese. He didn’t even mention that she went out of her way to find him at a tea party rally, but no one at the rally remembers seeing here there .!!!

    Democrats for Herman Cain 2012

  • BS, Levin.

  • when did it become acceptable to not even give the alleged victim of sexual assault the benefit of the doubt while the allegations are investigated? the tone of politics has transcended to vitriol, blind hatred, and disrespect for victims, who Christians, including HC, are pledged to care for as the least among us?

    • if 5 women accused POTUS Obama of sexual harassment, through a GOP affiliated lawyer even, would the charges be dismissed as rapidly as baseless smears?

    • Virgil Starkwell

      What christians would you be referring to? Certainly not these charlatans and frauds who pose today as christians.

  • What I don’t understand is why this chick needs a lawyer. Is she suing someone? Is SHE being sued? Who’s paying Allred? What is she being paid for doing?