Mark Levin praises Romney response to embassy attacks as very Reaganesque, his “finest hour”

Mark Levin says that Romney’s handling of the embassy attacks are perhaps his finest hour of the campaign, saying that he has handled himself in a very Reaganesque manner. He says Romney sounds like a president while Obama sounds like a drone:

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  • WordsFailMe

    That compliment means a lot coming from Mark.

  • Amen…Leadership to have the GONADS to do the right thing. I could care less about Pundits with fat butts that work for Think Tanks that MEAN NOTHING or Washington Insiders that think they are Superior. Mitt proved his Character for Standing UP for America and our Values. He showed up the Marxist and the press is in a twirl…I could care less!! Mitt you made this man proud because to me you showed Conviction and Courage!! This is the type person that leads.

    Obama was too busy to get ready for his trip to Vegas for himself!! Mitt showed just how much of a failure Obama is!

    Mark I SAY RIGHT ON 100 percent….Mitt did fabulous!

    • T4Ut

      Too true!

      Suddenly I am looking forward to seeing Presidential Romney destroy the empty suit Zero in the debates. Nowhere for the teleprompter-in-chief to hide or run to.

    • jan5977

      Ironically, obama told everybody to boycott Las Vegas a couple of years back. What a hypocrite he is!!!!

    • bobemakk

      And Obama/The self proclaimed Messiah is too busy to meet with Netanyahu, the leader of Israel. I am not Jewish, but the Jewish people must wake up…Obama has thrown Israel under the bus numerous times. Obama must go.

  • I agree, Mark… when Romney gets it right, we need to let him know.

    I remember when I first started checking our TRS regularly, and thinking, “wow, why didn’t Hot Air ever have Levin on regularly like this, or ever… wow, fresh air, feels nice…”

  • semby

    Correct; Mitt stood up for our Freedom of Speech; what else do you want.
    He did the right thing; being this country is leaderless!

  • By the way Obama how is that ARAB SPRING…I MEAN ARAB WINTER!!! Like everything this Marxist touches he destroys and takes all life from it…..

  • The Right Scoop is better than HotAir with Allahidiot….that man should be canned!! He is a joke and a disgrace….he belongs at Huff Post or MSNBLOONEYC….Only Ed Morrissey makes HotAir worth salt….Erika and Mary Katharine are okay!! But ALLAH I no longer check HotAir after 400PM when Ed leaves. Allah has the perfect name for Obama!! He is a creep!

    • poljunkie

      Its funny, I waited 3+ years to be able to log on to HA to comment and then by the time I was able to, I didnt like it any more.

      • Yes I use to want to post there…I COULD GIVE A RAT’S BEHIND NOW!! Allah has ruined that site….and the TROLLS are never banned and run rampage! Allah is no conservative…he is a flaming liberal. When you see his analysis vs Ed’s it is like watching a Mature Educated Informed Man(ED)….vs A Second Rate Know Nothing that thinks his CUTE LITTLE EEYORE statements are profound!

        • poljunkie

          Its soooo funny, I used to read things and say, OOOOH I cant wait until they have open registration. AND then they never did. I waited and waited and waited. AND then they finally did. Then like a magic switch things changed, and I no longer was interested in posting there!

      • celestiallady

        Me too

        • poljunkie

          I love it!!!


      • PhillyCon

        LOL. Me, as well. I have yet to comment! 🙂

        • poljunkie

          That is a riot!


    Damn right, Mark! I salute Mitt for his words, his presence, his concern for recent events; and I salute him for standing up to those froth-mouthed ‘journalists’ and ‘reporters’ who shame the profession of which they pretend to practice. I was not a Romney supporter during the primaries but I’m all in for him as the ‘prevaricator in-chief’ must be defeated.

  • Get Obama out of the WH in Nov, America

  • poljunkie

    Thank you Mark.

    And good job Gov Romney.

    • poljunkie

      PS, Hopefully today will be the turning point for the election, by revealing actions of our candidates.

  • Howzah123

    Today is the day Romney became President of the United States

    He needs our support. The Republican Establishment sat silent and waited in fear. They abandoned him when he needed them most. They weighed the political implications first before speaking out. It’s a disgrace. After we get Rommey/Ryan in the WH and we take over the Senate, our next task is to change Republican leadership and create a grass roots Tea Party Campaign to investigate the Alphabet Networks and MSM for bias and corruption.

    As a Free and Civil Society we CANNOT allow a corrupt media to exist.

    • Naw, the establishment was waiting on seeing what Romney would say. He is the nominee and “leader” of the party as of right now. The Establishment has their candidate’s back no matter what he says or does. He could have laid an egg today and they would have cheered!

      Good thing that he did not though; I do hope he spoke from his heart. You are optimistic that we can change the Rep leadership when the Cubbies have an easier chance to win the World Series this year and next, thanks to their rules change throwing conservatives under the bus.

      We don’t need to investigate the media, we should just let the free market continue to shut them down one newspaper, one journalist, one news organization at a time.

  • marketcomp

    I was so proud to see that Mitt Romney stood up to the RINOs and Obama. I just heard SE Cupp version of what she thought Romney meant and she was DEAD WRONG! This is the one time where I have seen Romney be emphatic and decisive and that was refreshing!

    • Yes, he came out strong on national security. I am more concern about what his plans are for the country internally. I can see us being snookered into a 3rd Bushie term.

      • marketcomp

        Yep, that’s a concern a number of us!

  • ernst1776

    Mitt Romney has finally earn my financial support. Will be sending my 1st contribution to the “Romney/Ryan 2012” campaign.

    • Orangeone

      You might put a note in the envelope if mailing it thanking him for his Presidential response to the murders.

  • I cant wait for Romney to win in November. He sounded like President Romney today.


    Thanks Mark. This is truly what I wanted to hear. I knew this day was coming. Romney is no wimp, his strength is in his ability to operate in his own skin. He is not perfect, but by God he is real. Thanks Mark, now lets get this job done on November 6th.

  • chatterbox365

    I am glad Romney cut the Karl Rove “umbilical cord.” He stuck up for America and called this POS president out to the carpet.

  • Deb

    I think it would be very helpful for us to call our Republican reps and/or senators and tell them WE stand with Romney and ask them why aren’t THEY? We want statements of support released to the media.

    • Well Cantor, McConnell and Boehner are all hiding under their desks like COWARDS…How should we reach them STOOL PIGEON!! They are absolute embarrassments!!

      • Deb

        These guys really ARE cowards. I can see them just waiting to see which way the wind blows before deciding what they think.

      • Orangeone

        What more needs to happen for impeachment? Do we need another 3,000 killed in buildings? Do we need 100,000 murdered? What is the magic event Boehner? Remove O’Bambi right now and throw him into prison.

      • PhillyCon

        They are useless. I’m sure the Dems laugh at how inept and easy to manipulate they are.

        • StrangernFiction

          That’s just about a given.

    • Orangeone

      The Minnesota Muslim castigated America for the murders. He is another that needs to go back to the Middle East and leave our free nation.

  • blynnd

    Appreciate Romney’s words. Reminded me of what I like in a leader-a realization that we are a good country, with good people, who will always stand up for our values and will never bend to terrorist horrors.
    Thought it was pretty pathetic that Romney was grilled, not about the content of his words but rather the very fact that he spoke out….where the President of our country also spoke out, sort of, by way of couched apology (for being Americans, I guess) and then TOOK NO QUESTIONS.
    But later, on 60 minutes, said Romeny shoots from the hip. My response-somebody needed to Obama. Never found the cowardly approach very patriotic and certainly not very good for our nations future dealings with terrorists. Radical Muslims are never going to love us Obama. Never.
    I don’t know if obama, who did not attend intelligence briefings last week, would have been informed of the embassies concerns or not, don’t know if he might have cautioned or removed our personnel from Egypt and or Libya had he attended briefings, but DO KNOW that he is in Vegas today, grubbing, yet again for money, and probably on our dime.
    BTW—-Great to hear you mentioned several times on Rush Limbaugh today, CONGRATULATIONS RIGHT SCOOP!
    Lynn DeCloedt

  • Sober_Thinking

    Romney was considerably more Presidential then the poser on the throne at the White House.

  • I called my husband and said, “listen to Romney, the next president of the USA”. He did us proud.

  • JohnBarry2012

    Andrew Breitbart is right: “Get on offense and stay there”. In a battle to win back the nation, there is no time to play nice, taking the high road of potitical discourse civility when the other side is playing by a different set of rules, the Alinskyite tactic of to trench political warfare: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize and polarize it,” by demonizing it, according to the Alinskyite approach to trench political warfare.”

    McCain and Mitt’s campaign team unfortunately had been given too much leeway to the democrat and the liberal media cohorts to defined them and paint them into a defensive corner. As Mr. Levin said, it’s time to take off the boxing gloves and put on his brass knuckle, sound the clarion call. Only mighty warrior spirit, not Mr. political congeniality, can prevail at the end to win back the nation to its founding principles.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    romney is for America and Americans. what barry, and hillary have done over all has been bad for America and Americans, anyone else be fired, impeached. vote them out.

  • KateNE

    “a gaggle of Obama supporters dressed up as reporters” – Mark Levin

    great line

    • poljunkie

      I know, love it.

  • muzzyskat

    Many of us who supported Romney early on didn’t all do so because we thought he was perfect. BUT, his success in his business and personal life along with his obvious intellect gave promise to a gifted man. I’m proud to have stood by him because today proved that there is potential for him to rise to any challenge when the pressure is on. Mitt will make the stuttering prevaricator w/o the teleprompter in the debates look like the hollow toxic empty chair he is.
    Won’t Israel be better off too.

    • sDee

      I am sick of all the nicey talky talky. What good is out-debating a slick , subversive, anti-American marxist when Mitt cannot even call the man out for his cowardly, lawless, treasonous acts against the Nation?

      Romney may not have been judged on his progressive record but will be judged on what he does in just the first few days in the White House.

      As Allen West said – “call a spade a spade” ……… time to take this SOB out – and HARD!

      • muzzyskat

        Although I’m a proud right winger your fringe in your face hard right polemic approach to campaigning reminds me of the few drunk shut ins who call sports talk radio and know fer sure how to win better than the pros who play it. Romney has gotten this far without you hasn’t he? Romney has amassed wealth, saved the Olympics, won the primaries and outflanked Obama today during a crisis I’m sure his team thought would have marginalized him without you, didn’t he? He did this on his own and managed it with his team sans the establishment. Sometime you sound like a nut….sometimes you do…..Mitt is wise to not bother with anonymous blog posters locked in their basement with a case of Reingold.
        The man knows what he’s doing. Mistakes notwithstanding….he’s extremely underrated….just like Reagan…who quoted Democrats all the time in ’80.

        • sDee

          nice little bit of insulting there – you learn that technique from the obots or is it all your own?

          • white531

            I like both of you and I don’t like to see you arguing.

            I agree with muzzy, that Romney has got to where he is, on his own merits. He is a remarkable man.

            I agree with Sdee, that it really makes me feel good to see him take the gloves off, and I hope he does it more often.

            You guys need to find some middle ground. In case you forgot, we’re trying to get rid of a nightmare.

            • sDee

              Your observation is well taken white531. 🙂

              I know what Romney could do and my opinion is more than adamant – needs tell America the truth. I trust he knows the ugly reality of this evil far better I. American has never faced a more dangerous enemy within – let alone in the Oval Office. That is on clear display today.

              Politcal mush, double talk and nuance is what got us here.

              However, personal insults and ridicule to quash opinion are not worth spending time on.

            • Conservative_Hippie

              I agree with with white531.

        • StrangernFiction

          Yeah, you’re a real right winger. LMFAO!

    • white531


  • sDee

    Snuffleupagus sounds presidential next to Obama

    This is how Reagan sidelined the Libyans. Listen to Reagan. He dropped an air to surface missile in Qudaffi’s swimming pool.

    • white531

      Watching Reagan only makes me realize what we have become, as a nation, under Obama’s leadership. His Presidency is a dark shadow on the History of America.

    • I agree with you Sdee. Wasn’t just a couple of days ago that people were wondering if Mitt was going to take brass knuckles into the fight with Obama. Here was a great opportunity to take it to the elected official he is trying to replace.

      I told my wife what Reagan did when I heard about the Libya thing. I will not hold my breathe that this president will do anything to defend our country.

      • sDee

        I am with you. It took me hours after I saw the news to even slightly quash my rage – this is not deja vu – we have been here before. When the Embassy, Clinton, Hussein and their phalanx of sycophants all then apologized!!!! I went ballistic.

        On parade today is the rotting decayed fruit that we have tried to get the elephants to explain to the American people about this dangerous regime.

        It was a bases loaded, out of the park, home run pitch, lobed over the plate like a schoolkid’s softball. I just listened to Michell Malkin connect hard – where the hell is Romeny’s staff.

  • This is what a candidate must sound like. An attack on an embassy is an attack on America since is an extension of the Country. At this time you have to wonder how right was Clinton (Hillary) when she mentioned the call on the red phone at 2:00 in the morning.

    • Reckoner_3

      Too bad her husband kept hanging up on the calls offering Bin Laden to him on a platter because he was too busy putting the moves on fat chicks in the oval office.

      • sDee

        That is because Hillary was to busy putting the moves on muslim chicks in the Lincoln bedroom.

    • sDee

      Clinton just spent 3 years undermining the power structure in the middle east and turning entire nations and their military forces over to a transnational islamic supremacist organization dedicated to the destruction of the United States.

      Obama was ready for the 3am call alright – they engineered and executed it!

  • This was Romney finest hour and I pray that we all do whatever it takes to get R & R elected! What can we do about the Sorry Press? Go on massive strike or something!! Help with suggestions

    • sDee

      The most important place to start is to recognize that this is not simply “baised” media. It is pure, sophisticated and well coordinated propaganda. Read these techniques and then use your knowledge to identify which techniques are being used in stories like you will find here at TRS and other sites.

      Stop watching broadcast or cable shows including their propaganda based morning, talk and local news shows. Never buy a newspaper, local or national. This includes Fox.

      Support websites like TRS and their advertisers.

      Force your congressman to defund NPR, VOA and public broadcasting.

      That is a start.

    • white531

      Jaz, we truly are a divided nation at this point. Not between black and white, or rich and poor. No, we are divided into two groups that could not be more different if they tried.

      One has been trained just like pigeons, that if they show up and behave themselves, the government will feed them.

      The second still believes in Freedom and the right of every American to determine his or her own destiny. By getting an education, by working hard, by being frugal, and by planning for their future and the future of their children.

      That so many among us, belong in the first category, may well signal the end of this great experiment called, America. We are at the tipping point. All it takes is 51 per cent. Right now, we are at 48, closing on 49. This election will tell us.

      Talk to your family. Talk to your friends. This is as real as it gets.

      • sDee

        You are soberingly accurate.

  • MaxineCA

    Yesterday was another sad day for America. Today was a proud day to be an American thanks to Gov. Romney. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My spirits are lifted and I can feel optimistic that we CAN take our country back!

  • Lets face it the majority of the American people are idiots, I look at Romney having an honest non pandering convention and zero bounce. Then the abortionpalooza convention and huge bounce for Obama .
    If we think these our idiot countrymen aren’t going to eat up everything the MSM has been selling them today and side with Obama we’re dreaming.
    If this country needs 4 more years of economic ruin to find its brains so be it .
    Conservatives will survive we always do

    • The idiots in the MSM who coordinated their pre-designed attack on Romney while ignoring Obama’s major FAIL in foreign policy are the same ones telling us about “huge bounces” for Obama & that Obama “is winning.” Realizing that gives me comfort.

  • white531

    What have we become, as a nation? That’s not a trick question.

    • sDee

      Our Nation remains, but a number of citizens and occupiers dangerously approaching 51% are ignorant and selfish – natural slaves.

      Ignorance leads them look to the government to take care of them and solve their problems not knowing that they are trading their individual liberty and freedom for trinkets.
      “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free…it expects what never was and never will be” Thomas Jefferson

      Then selfish greed and foolish power leads them to vote for politicians who will take from those who earn, and give it to them.
      “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic. Sell not liberty to purchase power” Benjamin Franklin

      • white531

        “Sell not liberty to purchase power” Benjamin Franklin

        I like that.

        • sDee

          I have fallen into excessive quoting of the Founders lately because the more I learn, the simpler this all becomes. Their brilliance was to distill thousands of years of history of governments into three fundamental yet simple documents.

          They knew the nature of man, and his fatal attraction to being ruled. They knew we would be where we are today.

          • white531

            If we could all just go back and read how this country was founded. I am a student of History, Sdee. I like to read. Each and every one of the Founders were unique. That so many great men came together at this one point in History, to found this nation, is a miracle. That they were able to achieve their goal, against the might of England, is an even greater miracle.

            Some call it Destiny. Some call it the Hand of God. Whatever your own personal beliefs, it did, in fact, happen.

            Quote all you want from our Founding Fathers. Music to my ears.

            • sDee

              Here in NC the strings Obama attached to let our leftist Governor claim the Race for the Top money, was to remove Early American History from High Schools.

              • white531

                That is because our early History exposes the Progressive movement for what it is. Our legitimate History and what our Founders believed in, cannot exist side by side with what the Progressives are trying to teach our children. They have to get rid of our History. Without doing that, what they try to teach, is laughable.

      • JohnBarry2012

        The changing culture of entitlement and demographic could be a deciding factor in this election is what I’m afraid.

  • Trying to wrap my mind around this….yesterday people were moaning and complaining about the Romney’s campaign’s inability to attack Obama. He comes out strong on national defense as any good R does, and he is “President”?

    Did he take our leader to task on this issue? I am glad he was strong on the attack on our soil, but if he does not turn that into putting pressure on Obama to do the right thing in this situation, he loses all momentum that he may have possibly gained today. Knowing the Establishment and Mitt, we will be moaning and complaining in about a week or less as to why Romney cannot take it to the jugular.

    I pray I am wrong, but history has an ugly way of repeating itself.

  • Mike Lee

    Absolutely true. Especially the last part. Obama gets furious and passionate when attacking the right – but not when speaking about our muslim enemies. Pathetic.

  • jan5977

    We are nothing without national defense and security. And Romney has proven himself a capable defender of this Republic. He didn’t back down. He knows what he believes and he says it. Our economy can come back after we make a hard turn right, but if we are lost to islam and sharia – that will be tougher.

  • As an old policy wonk from Stanford , I have noticed for a long time that Romney is very good with his grasp of foreign policy. And if he wins, we are going to need it. Obama is pure proof that a devil exists because for as long as he has been in the White House, no matter having the stupidest PLO opinion, it never got tested – as much as we are lucky it didn’t! But I have watched Romney have a sort of world justice sense of things. If he were to take that and go hard against Obama on foreign policy, he might knock him down for a couple of TKOs in those upcoming debates!

  • wodiej

    I thought Romney’s statement was well said and defined. It was firm and resolved. Successful CEO’s are high achievers and goal oriented. No president is going to have experience in every aspect of the government. The question is do they have the judgment to select the best and to be a team player.

  • donmoffet

    I agree…Obama is pathetic and so is Hillary. What a sorry excuse for foreign policy.

  • Couldn’t agree more with him calling out the people that are supposed to be on our side criticizing Romney. The guy shows leadership & you want him to be quiet? Yet they whine about McCain never going on the offensive in 2008? Those guys aren’t Republicans/Conservatives. They’re just empty suits driving a narrative for their shows/blogs.

  • Levin really is right. Romney really did look and sound presidential during his press conference. And Obama took NO questions, but Romney did, like a real president. I was actually proud of Romney because he had the guts to say what he did, rather than always having a guy like Obama apologize for all acts of terror that are directed AGAINST US! Somebody has to stand up for this country, especially when we’re attacked. At least Romney did. Obama sounded like he was reading an obituary in the newspaper. Pathetic.

  • bobemakk

    I always value Mark Levins opinions. This time he is right as usual. I want the US to vote out the Obama regime, the ruination of this country.

  • rich wojcik

    Romney, Ryan, ………>>>>>>>>>>> REPUBLICANS! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Do "Algor" to our MSM – whatever they ask you, you speak your agenda ONLY.
    Press is conspiring against you (there is a proof of it on the Blaze)- no matter what you say, they will do everything to put you down…

  • Mark Levin’s comments are right on target. We need a president not a block organizing pretender. Obama pretends to be president when it suits him otherwise he hides like the coward he is.