Mark Levin pulls no punches, gives unvarnished truth about loss and attacks on conservatism

Wow. From beginning to end Mark Levin passionately defends conservatism and hammers those attacking it and pulls no punches all the way through. Just listen, as it needs no commentary:

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  • Rocco11

    Man I wish they would give Levin Hannity’s time slot, more people need to hear this Patriot on a daily basis.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Yup even though Hannity is passionate he doesnt know how to explain conservatism and Mark Levin is the best out off all of them,that includes Rush, and all the bush people at fox news, and for that same reason I now believe that fox hurts more then it helps us because by having so many not conservatives on tv, it amplifies what is really wrong with the republican party “the establishment Rinos”

      • YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT..Fox news have become the Rhinos of them all…thats why they got rid Judge Beck we need a new news outlet..The media is corupt. we can win with Liberty when you have 99% of the media related to the Elites in Wash. 🙁 we have lost our country because WE let it happen….throw the spics out

        • drummergw

          Fox didn’t get rid of Beck. Beck couldn’t operate with Fox’s censoring what he could and couldn’t say. So, he went internet……………

        • KenInMontana

          The racist garbage might fly at the other blogs you haunt, but not here. See ya.

        • Toss your silly ash out,didn’t you know that you are are at a conservative site,not wherever it is that racist progressives go ? And kindly take along with you the yahoos that liked you,wouldn’t want them to get lonely.

          Validate your 2nd Amendment Rights.Carry.

    • Truck_Party

      I can’t understand Hannity’s appeal, he constantly repeats the same talking points & says nothing insightful or funny. I think Levin is next to Rush as the best talk show host.

      Great rant from Levin, just heard this live & thanks for getting it up so quick so i can listen again

    • Sandra123456

      …or at the very least Shep Smith’s 3 and 7 PM slots.

      Hannity is a Rush wannabe. Does a lousy job.

      • Rocco11

        I meant on the radio, on TV I’d give him O’Reilly’s slot…lol

      • tshtsh

        And he gives the liberal drones way to much time. Since I can’t mute in the car, it is on and off, on and off, then finally off! He is no Mark Levin and those two women he has as counterpoint ugh two seconds is about all I can take.

        • Oh the libs on his show DRIVE ME NUTS> i turn it off

      • HuntsvilleAL

        Shep would be fantastic.

    • BarbaCat

      How could Mark have Karl Rove on in Sean’s slot after this rant?

    • sDee

      Fox News’ role in global propganda is not to tell the truth – just to sensationalize the lies. Levin would not fit in any better than Beck or Napalitano.

      Fair and Balanced means standing a lie up against the truth so people can recognize neither.

    • keninil

      Levin would need to learn not to yell. I like his content, but not his yelling rants. Rush manages not to yell when he rants. O’Rielly is the best “ranter”, but his content is not always that good since he is a “fence-sitter”, not a real conservative.

      • NHConservative0221

        I love his rants as it shows his genuine passion.

        I could care less that others don’t like it.

    • funkybarfly

      Television is the problem.Call it a “demographic problem” or a “not conservative enough” problem,or even a “better strategy from the Democrats” problem,but the fact remains:Obama is in the White House because the MSM put him there – they put him there four years ago and they put him there again yesterday.
      The MSM audience is the real “demographic”. This empowers both the Democrat machine and the MSM – very cozy.
      Decades of brainwashing in public schools is bearing fruit for the socialists.The Republicans are sliding out the back door because they are losing in the schools,universities and the media – these are the real “battlegrounds”.
      What the Conservatives are planning to do to combat this must be the first priority.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Proof of that indoctrination was during the campaign Obama used 90% of his rallies in Colleges and therefore using the campaign to brainwash more kids.

      • BVer

        “What Conservatives are planning to do…” I have an idea: Pick a state – Texas would work, lots of land — turn it into a Republic, round up your brethren, and “self-deport” to The Republic of Texas!
        I guess you must be home-schooled, if schooled at all, as you seem to have disdain for public schools. Or, perhaps you are a 1%er who could afford to attend private schools.
        You talk about the “MSM” when it’s the Conservative media conglomerate that feeds you propaganda 24/7. Those “elites” you talk about, who Adelson? Mourdock? Koch bros. You think they give a rats ass about you OR your so-called Conservatism?
        You guys need to wake up and smell the tea leaves!

    • m0r0

      Ditto that my friend. The GENIUS of Levin needs a wider audience. He is THE BEST on the radio.
      (That is said with all due respect to Rush who is brilliant.)
      Mark’s education, knowledge and experience just takes it to a whole new level. He is the professor we ALL wished we had in school.

    • BabsonTask

      0:50 “..that is alien to the legacy we inherited from every single future generation in this country.”

      How does one inherit something from a future generation? Not impressed, I’m afraid.

    • They can listen online, or download the podcasts as I do and I listen every morning as I get ready to go to work!

  • People soon forget GOP landslide in 2010.

    • bongobear

      Engineered by the Tea Party, if I’m not mistaken.

  • johnos2112

    How about sticking to TEA Party principles. We need to throw Reince’s ass out and appoint a true conservative that will not apologize for GOD, capitalism, limited govt, etc.

    • Betsey_Ross

      Or start a party that doesn’t need rennovation. Which one? New or rennovated? It’s a question that needs to be answered soon. Very soon.

      • New.
        I’ve removed the Kick Me button all GOP conservatives wear.

    • SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Orangeone

    Levin has a great point. All of the Obamabots will be taxed for not having health insurance beginning January 1st! Oh wait until they start screaming and crying.

    • kim

      They’ll get waivers and YOU will pay. Reparations.

      • Orangeone

        I will pay the $795 tax.  I cancelled my $26,000/yr medical insurance this morning and closed my business.  My funds are secure outside of the USA

        • Digits are secure nowhere, hope you have real pm.

          • Orangeone

            One thing I’m very experienced in is money.

            • Ah great! I withdraw my comment 😉

              • Orangeone

                Please don’t withdraw your comment.  It is a great info for other readers and posters!

                • NoahsDaughter

                  I personally would like to hear more about how this could be accomplished. I have searched for the solution but have been coming up fairly empty. The cliff is approaching and despite a “position” in PMs, I’d like to secure more of my debased dollars.

        • proudhispanicconservative

          There you go!!!! Well done my friend

        • poljunkie

          Wow- You go girl.

          Did you really shutter your business? When we going to New Zealand?

          • Orangeone

            I just learned from another poster that New Zealand has become radical as well.
            And yes I did.  No more tax milk from this girl’s hard work.

            Did you catch Mark Levin’s other video clip just posted?  I swear he is either reading my posts or we are channeling one another.  Listen and let me know with a reply to my post on that thread!
            BTW, I do have a couple other countries in mind as destinations that appreciate hard work and profitable businesses.  We shall not be the enemy any longer 🙂

            • poljunkie

              no not yet re the other thread.

              oh no- they got to New Zealand. We were there in 2008. The people were like… in a time machine. No one even seemed interested in politics, unlike those in Australia.
              It was funny- the Country in general is behind us by about 10 years – in a good way. Cell phones, tech , etc. People aren’t glued to their phones. Its sooo refreshing.

              • Orangeone

                Believe me, I would love to go.  I have a funny idea on the other Levin thread with a hint of seriousness in it. I just might tweet Levin about it.

        • sybilll

          Posts like this are why I bawled my eyes out last night. God love you Orangeone, but I find this so profoundly sad.

        • OregonC4P

          Who is John Galt? Tyranny is encroaching in our lives at a rapid pace, and it’s going to get worse. Revolt against the Establishment, for many, will mean sacrifice but everyone has to ask – is liberty worth the price? The founders who signed the Declaration knew they would be marked men, but to them, the choice was clear.

    • No. They will blame former President Bush.

      • Orangeone

        I hope they do and I will be one to rub their nose in their own vote.

    • clearcut1

      Don’t worry, they’ll be given special dispensation, especially those he wants to keep on the Democrat plantation. I’d hazard a guess that anyone making less than 30K per year will get a waiver as they’ll be considered too poor to “contribute”.

    • Marridge

      Heck that is just the first year. Second year it will be higher. Throw it in their faces incessantly.

    • poljunkie

      How long before Obama pushs for “Single Pay (Universal) Health care?
      …It’s coming.

      • Orangeone

        If the House of Reps allows this they all need to be sued.  A major challenge to ObamaCare that has not happened is the arbitrary and capricious argument.  There were waivers (arbitrary), Congress exempted themselves (capricious).  Laws are not constitutional when deemed arbitrary and capricious.

        • poljunkie

          Oh, Thank you.

    • No welfares they get it free along with obama foams.

  • Brianne Ray

    I love this guy

  • TJinNJ

    Don’t know how many times I hear people talk about compromise. Once I hear someone speak it, I know they’re an idiot or a progressive because any compromise moves the scale towards tyranny every time. You don’t compromise with terrorists and the same goes for progressives.

    • tshtsh

      Compromise, fair and forward are some of the concepts that put me in orbit. Compromise reminds me of King Solomon and the baby and the modern twist a couple where one wants a child and other does not.

  • listening to all kinds of commentary today, and Mark Levine finally says something that is great and wonderful, and uplifting..thank you mark for making my day

    • Truck_Party

      I agree, first host or pundit I’ve heard that was uplifting & also seemed to match my anger

      • NHConservative0221

        Exactly. That’s why he’s the best host on the radio and there’s no one I’d rather be in a foxhole with.

  • I don’t know, but it may be time for a third party. I think the Republican party has left conservatives and we have no place to go. Maybe it’s time for a real change and a new party.

    • tshtsh

      I had been thinking that for a while–if the next establish loses then the establishment will not get to pick another, well they lost.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    What can say about this great man that hasnt been said?I can not find a word to really describe how awesome and at the same time how conforting his words today are, we are a little bit demorolized today but we like he says lets do what is done in wars when you are outnumbered, sabotage, obstruct, and block.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Wasting no time, Boehner had joined with Pelosi, Reid and McConnell to grant Obama more ‘revenue’ (aka our money) to curb debt.

    • tshtsh

      No surprise there, remember crybaby kept compromising on the Ryan budget that was passed instead of fighting. I guess there is no way Bachmann can become Speaker instead of crybaby boehner.

  • bongobear

    I agree with Levin completely. The GOP establishment is destroying the party from within because they’re incompetent. People like Rove need to get the hell out of the way and let a new generation take over…while there’s still something left of the GOP

  • Cindy09


    Did you know that Romney/Ryan got 2.3 million votes less than McCain/Palin?

    Did you know that Obama won his second term by a mere 1.5 million more than Romney/Ryan?

    • Truck_Party

      saw this today, don’t know if this explains that or not..

    • KenInMontana

      Did you know that Obama won his second term by a mere 1.5 million more than Romney/Ryan?

      Actually, it was closer to 3 million in the popular vote; 50% / 60,503,25 to 48% / 57,697,071

      • Cindy09

        Apologies! I must have look at an earlier post.

        Looks like either the 2.3 million voters from 2008 stayed home or voted for Obama. With that said, Ken, we would have had a 700,000 difference.

      • If you were to accurately account for the fraud, it was probably a Romney win anyway.

  • Truck_Party

    I’m listening to his show, think i could listen to him talk about Karl Rove all day..

    • poljunkie

      Well it was good that Karl Rove challenged FOX’s call for WI last night. I thought that was good. What was the hurry?

      The guy (Rove) may be a turd, but he spent a lot of money (that he raised) it seemed to attempt to defeat Obama. I know people were saying he was hoping he would lose so Jeb Bush could run- is there proof to that rumor?

      • Truck_Party

        It made for good TV, but I think Rove was more in the mode of “Crap, all my donors are going to be calling me tomorrow wondering wtf I got them with all their money”

        I think Levin’s point about Rove isn’t the ads or the help he’s given, it’s with Rove’s influence that he’s used to set the GOP down a certain trajectory that isn’t exactly conservative.

  • I was hoping Mark Levin would be our next attorney general! Thanks Mark for posting your Ameritopia Epilogue on FB today. I’ve shared it with my FB and email list and you’re probably going to see book sales increase 🙂

    Thank you for your service.

  • BarbaCat

    Hannity is starting to affect me like someone scratching in the same spot, over and over again. I know his spiel by heart! AARRGGHH!! Enough, already!

    • Rocco11

      and his impression of Bill Clinton SUCKS!

    • Truck_Party

      The only thing I can figure is that his show is built around people commuting from work for 20 mins or so during his show & don’t notice how repetitive & unoriginal he is. Either that or he was there at the right time when political talk radio blew up or the Fox show gave him popularity.. or something, I don’t know. I’m a talk radio junkie but I can’t listen to it. Occasionally he has a good interview on, but I’d rather give the slot to Newt & let him talk about lunar colonies or whatever his bugaboo of the day is than him.

      • Rocco11

        Chris Plante on wmal in dc is phenomenal too, better than Rush IMO.

        • Truck_Party

          Thanks, I’ll give him a listen. I love Rush & Prager, Levin & Hewitt (when it wasn’t primary season & the Mitt Romney Power Hour) & would really like to have something in a different time slot.

    • I got a kick out of Frank Luntz today. Just got in on the last bit, but I think Frank was trying to tell him how the GOP could be more effective in getting their mssg out. Said to LISTEN more and use better wording/phrasing. Anyway, what I heard (and the way Luntz said it) sounded like he was trying to address Hannity. Of course it went right over his head as Sean was trying to restate his idea. 😉

    • trangbang68

      That’s where he was at 10 years ago. He’s a second rate thinker at best.

  • Mark Levin is the problem…..lets just move around the neoconservative big govt control freaks. That should confuse the people for the next election.

    • NHConservative0221

      Hey look another RuPaul crackpot!!

  • His ideas on how to deal with the immigration issue is outstanding.

  • ryanomaniac

    Folks, we lost because of the media. Period. Its that simple. With a record like Obama’s and he still wins? The people of America weren’t told the truth. Period. If they hear the truth this would’ve been a landslide for Romney. Thank the media for this. Thank minorities for being suckers. Thank women who are now so easily maneuvered. Thanks Ohio and Iowa and Pennsylvania. These states don’t realize that when the economy tanks they will be hit fastest and hardest. I say good. This is the positive that comes out of this. They will suffer for their ignorance. So will minorities. Not all minorities. Just the 96% of blacks and the 71% Hispanics and the majority of women.

    • SoLongSong

      THANK you. I agree 100%. The media is just as or more evil than Obama and his ilk.

      While I agree with a lot of what Levine says, Romney would have been a GREAT president.

      If I could tea party all OVER the media’s hide, I would. THEY’RE the ones that need to go first. And then the teacher’s unions, and the EPA, and….

      • poljunkie

        I agree that Romney wasnt a conservative candidate. But he would have been good at this moment in time, because he could have come in- and truly helped to fix our flailing and failing economy. His business savvy could have gone a long way to repairing our jobs market, and everything else associated with the financial mess we are in. Including the housing mess. Getting the country back on track in the money sense, attempting to tackle the debt/deficit, modifiying SSecurity, Medicare, waiving /repealing Obamacare are all huge steps in the right direction- which are not going to be addressed now, and are going to evaporate.

        • We did not win the senate. How could we repeal Obamacare ? Talk about Romney,
          look at the senators that lost. In my mind, they were horrible choices.

    • bongobear

      And when they start complaining let them eat cake.

    • Truck_Party

      I agree, but in defense of Ohio.. I’m in sales & this is one of the slow points of the year so I was at my counties HQ every day & we had more volunteers than we knew what to do with. 20 phones putting out tens of thousands of calls, people filling literature & walking all around, I’ve seen people getting paid who haven’t worked half as hard as any of the dozens of volunteers. That said, we were always out of yard signs for any of the major campaigns for weeks at a time, I can’t imagine their campaigns were run any better than that in the other areas either. But yeah, I didn’t think we’d be stupid enough to elect Obama again even with that..

    • NoahsDaughter

      One word: Benghazi!

    • M_J_S

      We also lost because the message of liberty is not going to minority groups effectively blocked by the establishment types.


      • poljunkie

        Hey M_J_S.

        I’m Still here . :-/ Hope you are feeling better than me.

    • TOLD the truth?! Aren’t we LIVING the truth? If they can’t see it by now, there is no showing them ever.

  • NHConservative0221

    This is why Levin is without a doubt the best host on radio.

    Do not fall for needing to compromise our principles. We need more conservatives like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Raul, and Michele Bachmann who can properly articulate conservative principles and actually run as conservatives unlike Romney.

    The left never compromises. They are just more vicious and agreesive. We need to never give up and get alot more agressive in promoting our principles and fighting for conservative candidates.

  • newsygirl2

    I don’t mind at all being in the “sore loser mode”….

  • NHConservative0221

    Notice how Hannity and Rush don’t really put it all together like the Great One does.

    Especially on calling out those trying to blame conservatives.

    ANyone here Coulter on Hannity today? She was saying exactly the opposite, blaming SHarron Angle and Mourdock, etc.

    • Constance

      I heard Coulter today. She is crazy. She shoved Romney down our throats as the only candidate who could beat Obama. She’s also a huge Christie lover. We did all we could as conservatives to drag Romney over the finish line. He lost. Now, Coulter is blaming us. Really? To hell with her. And that Christie? I can’t write my honest words… I would be banned.

      • poljunkie

        I would love to ask her what she thought of Christies butt kissing episode with Obama was all about. Then his gush-o-rama, and tear jerker meet and greet with Bruce look at me, i’m a union guy Springstein.
        I still cant get over that. What a nimrod.

        • Christie’s boot licking for Obama should end his prospects. But this is the GOP we’re talking about.
          Stan Coulter? Conservatives wrote him off long ago.

          • poljunkie

            Ya, I hope so.

            See my comment about the local radio guys here in town being ga ga over him today.

        • NHConservative0221

          Hannity asked her and she just brushed it off as a non – factor.

          Coulter is a non-factor!!

          The two worst possible nominees for 2016 would be Krispy Kreme or Jeb Bush!

          • poljunkie

            Non factor? I know Romney made some mistakes, but Sandy, Christie and Obama’s love fest were enough to give Obama ooomph. Photo op’s , hugs, speech, The Springstein thing. That was all stuff that Christie could have easily avoided. Bloomberg did. That little BS stuff might have been the game changer % that ruined the election.

            • NHConservative0221

              What I said was that coulter is becoming a non -factor. She’s someone we should not listen to.

              The hurricane definitely hurt us and I’ll never forgive Krispy Kreme for what he did…. maybe he can get a job in the maobama regime stuffing his fat face!

              • poljunkie

                Yep, I knew what you meant. 🙂

      • NHConservative0221

        Coulter has become an absolute disgrace. Levin made her look foolish tonight.

        On Hannity she said a big reason she supported Romney was that he was more conservative and much stronger on illegal immigration than the rest of the GOP field.

        Levin said you woudn’t have known it as romney neve mentioned a thing about it during the General election campaign!

        More conservative?? What a joke!

        And if Coulter says she cares about illegal immigration then how can she support Krispy Kreme Kristy??

        • Romney’s immigration plan was on his web-site and I did hear him talking
          about it before he picked a V.P.. I also read many of you freaking out over it.
          Say what you want about him. I think he would have been a great President.
          He was smart, kind, and he was excellent regarding the private sector, and
          free market solutions, and he understood how to grow the economy.

          • sweetandsalty1

            To me any Republican but Obama would do. I really liked Bachman,but Romney would have made a good president. I like Ann Coulter don’t see what she sees in Christy but we don’t need to rip our side to pieces.

  • AbdulBX

    He is definitely right about George Bush. He was a disaster.

  • poljunkie

    I heard the opening when I was in the car. It was impressive. It followed the ending of a local talk show that is one liberal and one conservative. I nearly had to pull over and call 9-1-1 for the heart attack I was having when the liberal said- HOW IMPRESSED he was with CHRIS CHRISTIE for being so incredibly gracious and friendly with Obama. Then the conservative chimed in that he felt he set the stage for true bi-partisian ship. AND that we all need to learn something. They both agreed Christie should be the guy in 2016. OH.MY. GOD. First of all. Give it a rest. Its one day past the election. Stop this 2016 stuff.

    Now, back to Mark Levin….He rocks….I loved his talk about the media …being corrupt b*stards. I loathe them with my every being. I have contempt for all of television. Even FOX, Megyn Kelly was nearly giddy last night. On the whole, I cannot believe how outrageous they behave.

    Sometimes Mark says things that sink in later and hurt. But they still resonate with me, and I learn something.

    I wish Mark Levin could host a 90 min show on television— to help inform the run of the mill viewers with no real political experience.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Gosh poljunkie, you are on a roll today. You are so eloquently putting into words EXACTLY EVERY SINGLE THOUGHT I’ve had today, right down to Megyn Kelly. Were you listening to me on the phone when I was talking with my sister tonight telling her practically the same thing verbatim? No more FOX. Chris Christie (my governor!) has greatly disappointed me. I told my husband tonight, Obama may have benefited greatly from his slobbering, but Christie’s career is over, unless he defects to the Democrat party.

      I listened to most of Levin tonight and agreed with pretty much everything he said. What struck me was when he said we only need to get 10% back to our side. 60% would be a landslide next time. How do we get there? By doing what I was saying today — Let them live with the consequences of their vote! And the republicans should get out of the way so we don’t get blamed for being obstructionists. Mark thought we could easily get 10% to come to their senses when they suddenly realize their doctor has retired early, granny has no medicare and the Obamacare doctors think she’s too old to save, hubby was reduced to a part time job so that his employer could avoid paying the fine for not insuring him, and son/daughter at age 27 is still living at home because he/she can’t find a job, after dishing out $200,000 for their degree in South American Women Studies. I think Mark’s right. We can fight for our principles while letting the left self-destruct, can’t we?

      • poljunkie

        Thats awesome. Im glad we agree. I couldnt believe the way Megyn was prancing around. When she went back to the desk where they were crunching numbers. After they made the call…. Oh I was fuming. When FOX called it for Obama, She was really acting excited, which seemed odd.

        Sooo many things bug me about last night, todays coverage, and this election. EEEW
        Too bad we dont live closer we could go out to lunch and talk up a storm! The restaurant would probably 86 us at closing time, before we’d be talked out!!!

        There are a bunch of us that could chit chat for quite a long time..what fun…Telling hubby, I’m going to lunch see you when it gets dark.

        I hope we can fight for our principles, while the left self destructs. Im willing to try. The problem is we’re honest, and they are low down dirty scoundrels.

        • RosiesSeeingRed

          We’ll have to have some kind of TRS weekend somewhere. I really need to get away (especially from my ultra-liberal business partner, who I cannot even look at right now) and what could be more fun than meeting in person! Maybe a TRS Convention somewhere? It would be a hoot for the regulars here to get together, wouldn’t it?

          Crap, I just realized I’m watching The Voice live playoffs while I’m sitting here, to try to avoid politics on TV, and I happened to look up and Celo Green is wearing a ridiculous red/white/blue outfit with stars and stripes. BARF. So now I have to turn that off too.

          • poljunkie

            TRS convention!!! I love it.

            Oh I know what you mean about not being able to look at people. WE are sooo much the same way. I mentioned the other day about my hubby having to restrain himself at Walgreens when the woman near us was wearing the Obama T. This was before the election. He said, i’d be nice, but I wanted to ask her why? why do you support him? What has he done to improve your life?
            Today- this morning, after staying up nearly all night, my husband had eye surgery. I just dropped him off, and then picked him up- but he went in- and he said the “nurse” was thrilled because Obama won. He said he couldnt even look at her, and didnt want to say much because she was assisting with the surgery. :-/

            • RosiesSeeingRed

              Oh man, your poor husband, today of all days, to have a nurse gloating over the election at your own surgery. BARF (hope your hubby is doing OK!)

              Last night at choir one of the younger members, who just turned 18, carried on about how he voted for Obama “because he didn’t want to go back to Bush’s policies.” I know his mother — die hard liberal. One of my very conservative friends overheard his remark and wanted to punch his lights out. If I had overhead it, I would have point-blank asked him which Bush policies are you speaking of? I mean, the kid was 14 when Obama took office, which means he ranged in age from 6 to 13 when Bush was president. What does he possibly know about Bush’s policies? He is repeating the liberal rhetoric. They just hear “we can’t go back to Bush’s policies” and they don’t even know what it means. But they repeat it, like good little sheeple. Sickening. And if he didn’t hear it from his mother, he most certainly was indoctrinated in school.

              Then I would have enlightened him about Dodd-Frank and the ensuing housing bubble which led to the financial meltdown. I bet he doesn’t even know who they are, or that they are democrats, or that the democrats controlled the house and senate during the last 2 years of Bush’s presidency… the ones that coincidentally were the worst 2 years for our economy. I wonder if knows Clinton worked with a republican house and senate, which coincidentally aligned with years of prosperity.

              Idiots. All of them.

              • poljunkie

                I can’t stand the constant Bush bashing. It’s been years. Move on!!!! But the 18 year old sheesh….
                I can’t tell tou how many times I’ve said the same thing about Dodd Frank and the senate. I swear the people just look at me like I’m crazy.
                I want to know when. WHEN does Obama accept responsibility for the economy? He was given such a pass.

                • colliemum

                  Good morning –

                  I loved reading your exchange with RSR, and the idea of a TRS convention sounds great – would even get me to visit the USA, after soo many years.

                  People don’t know about what led to the credit crunch, the banking crisis, because they have never been told. Yes, blame the MSM, the propaganda arm of the left. After all, keeping people fed on pop culture and reality TV means dumbing them down even further than they’ve already been in school. So they just believe what the teevee tells them, and it’s got to be right because it was on teevee. No further questions. And wow, the President on talk shows, wow, innit like!

                  This is what needs to be fought.
                  I was staggered when I read yesterday that on Nov 6th, the question most googled was – who is standing for President!
                  That’s what conservatives are up against.

                • poljunkie

                  Wow!!!!Colliemum wouldn’t that be something?We’d be international!!! What a gab fest….
                  I am so with you re Obama and wifey appearing on ALL the shows. doesn’t he ever work? Thankfully we don’t watch those type of shows but it still irks me that they feel they are celebrities rather than “leaders”. 4 more years. Oh no!

                  I guess the left will be blaming Pres Bush for everything. Such tools they are.
                  GOOGLE is the most convenient but so liberal with their slant.

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  With this new term, he inherits his own economy, right? But we already know he’s not going to own it, because he was making apologies during his campaign, saying things like “it was so bad, it could take many more years to fix the mess Bush got us into…” So he’s already set it up that it would be impossible to recover from this in 8 short years; hence, it will be Bush’s fault no matter what.

                  Of course we know he’s missing 2 words in that sentence: “It is impossible FOR ME to recover from this in 8 short years….”

                  But it’ll still be Bush’s fault anyway. And believe me, I was not happy with Bush’s spending and big government programs. He disappointed me greatly in his 2nd term and caved to the liberals way too often. All the same, we could’ve recovered from it by now.

                  I’m going to write Scott Garrett today and suggest that the majority stand aside and let the liberals run wild with their policies. They need to allow them to fail. I know it will be hard, and there will be conservatives screaming that our guys in the House are not doing anything, but I don’t see how it will help us if they stand in the way and things continue to stagnate. The government-controlled propaganda machine will make sure the only message is that the republicans are making it impossible for the democrats to fix our country. They should stand aside so that the record shows that ONLY democrats passed every single policy, so when the inevitable demise happens, it cannot be blamed on the republicans.(I’m sure they’ll try anyway, but at least we have a chance if the voting record shows they abstained).

                • poljunkie

                  What you said about President Bush “I was not happy with Bush’s spending and big government programs”…His 2nd term disappointed us very much as well. I know others dislike the man- but I dont. I cant help it. AND it irks me that he is so disrespected. We also feel he should have gone in and gotten out quick of both wars. Sure we dont know what was going on – on the ground and we agree to defer to the Generals on on the ground- BUT STOP the nation building. We are never going to re-define their cultures.

                  Your plan sounds interesting…I like it. But The Republicans will always be blamed for everything or the memo will be passed around that they were unvilling to come to the table at all.

                  Well today is day two, and I still feel just as lousy.

                  I dont know if I mentioned to you yesterday but a small mini prop didnt pass in our town. BY 50 votes. It was for the local school district. (our son- is a teacher -hired in 2010).. Anyway, because it didnt pass- the district will have to let go 18 teachers per year for 3 years. (There are 3 schools).
                  He absolutely loves his job! (Its the same school- he attended, and we were so thrilled when they offered him a job straight out of college!)

                  Like your daughter he mostly has the same views as us- and we didnt even tell him to!!!! HA

                • RosiesSeeingRed

                  My sister is a teacher and I was telling her about Bill Whittle’s latest stratosphere, which he recorded hours after Obama won. It’s long, but worth a listen. He mentioned education and some other interesting ideas. I know he was fired up, so his thoughts aren’t entirely coherent, but he’s a brilliant man, and we should keep an eye on his thoughts as he formulates his plan. He says it’s feasible. I don’t know, but I know at least half this country is desperate to do SOMETHING. The atmosphere is ripe for change brought about legally by the citizens. We shall see, but have a listen to it.

        • sweetandsalty1

          I’m a fox junkie and was very upset to see Megyn and some of the others act so happy, thought for awhile I was watching MSNBC.

  • newsygirl2

    I don’t mind being in the “sore loser” mode right now at all…Actually, I am in “mourning mode” because what happened last night feels like a GREAT loss to me, my values, (which I’ll never lose or apologize for) and all I can say is RIP USA! I do agree with Truck_party…Sean is repetitive, and quite frankly, not grown up enough for this job. Those guests he has on the “other side” half the time can’t get a sentence finished before he jumps in. Heck, he does it to republican guests, too. He just lets them talk a little longer. That kind of anchoring is NOT fair and balanced! Bill O’Reilly is as bad or worse!
    Mark Levin ROCKS!!!

    • poljunkie

      Yep, Im a sore loser, and I will be a sore loser for the entire four years. Pretty much every thing about this election stinks.

      Romney lost.

      A local “mini prop” for our town didnt pass by 50 votes!!
      A state prop didnt pass that we needed.
      Allen West is having problems.
      Mia Love didnt win.
      Michelle Bachman- Did she win?

      Even Fortuno lost in Puerto Rico. He was conservative and had done soo much good.

      • MaxineCA

        Yes, Bachmann won, no thanks to the RNC. I sure hope Allen West wins with the recount. We can’t afford to lose him in the House.

        • poljunkie

          Thats great news.

          Im not getting the RNC. What was the logic behind not helping her? Was it because of her support of the tea party? Or her relentless attack of Obamacare?

          I sure hope Allen West wins the recount!

          What’s up with the income tax prop in CA? That passed, right?

          • MaxineCA

            Why didn’t the RNC help her? Gosh, where to begin. First she doesn’t take any crap from the RINO’s, she’s been outspoken about the Muslim Brotherhood invasion into the admin., she was one of the first to be outspoken against Obamacare, and she has been fighting for tax reform and against ANY tax increases.

            Gosh, isn’t that what we want in a representative????

            CA – argh, so frustrating. I was looking into all of the props today. My county voted correctly on all of them, but at the state level…… the stupidity kicked in. We will now have the highest sales tax rate in the country. Too bad the useful idiots don’t understand it will hit them as well. Geez, it’s CA, what can I say. I’d give anything to be able to move back to AZ, but can’t, at least for now. At least people in my county are conservatively sane.

            • poljunkie

              I thought so. Thats actually going to impact us. Although we live in Arizona we have a partnership in California so we pay Ca, AZ and Fed income tax. Youve heard me mention that my dad had a 5 and 10 when I was growing up – well my family kept the property, and it was divided into a handful of smaller stores. After he retired we turned it into the small real estate venture with a number of family members- We collect rent, (which is then split between 8 of us, after all expense) – I think it will impact us. The main problem we have been facing the past couple of years is the retail strores have had a tough run of it. Its horrible. AND the individual stores know that California has such a tenant friend policy- you cannot have them leave- even when they dont pay their rent. Its so funny- you start out on great terms. Friendly. Happy. Then, even after 5 or 6 years of a great relationship, when problems arise, the friendship disolves. Nearly every time we’ve had to go thru an attorney, and beg, plead …ask them to leave. The last took a year- with no rent. The economy is really bad. I hate the confrontational part of it. It stinks.

              I think I mentioned the PROPS in Arizona I was looking up. The one we were really interested in- It didnt pass. We are bummed about that.

              The other one- local to just our town didnt pass either. By just 50 votes. Another bummer. That may have a huge impact on our son. His school district is going to have to lay off 18 teachers every year for 3 years. (He was just hired in 2010)

              One good piece of news though – our town which has consistently voted liberal for about 15 years flipped Republican this election. We liked that ALOT.

              I cannot believe how they mistreated Bachman. I am glad she has been a firebrand. More power to her!!

            • chatterbox365

              I hear ya. I can’t believe Prop 30 passed. In my local area, the knuckleheads voted for another stupid bond.

              The real bad news is finding out the Democrats gained a supermajority in the CA Senate and are inching closer to gaining control in the Assembly. The 2/3 vote requirement has been our firewall.

              I will never understand the people in our state. They complain about how bad things are, but they vote for stupid crap and reelect idiots.

              I am seriously thinking about moving.

              • MaxineCA

                I was very depressed last night, and woke up depressed after a sporadic sleepless night, but it was double today after reviewing the props. It’s so saddens me to see the once “Golden State” decline into a third world country equivalent. I understand we are losing about 2,000 companies a month, moving either off shore or to other more business friendly states.

                I didn’t buy into the huge housing bubble nonsense, so I’m not upside down and didn’t take out a huge HELOC to remodel. My neighbors that did, have lost their homes. I’m just a few short years away from paying off my mortgage, but not sure if I could sell it right now with the economy in the tank. Geez….. I doubt we will ever take back the once great state of CA.

                Today was truly “mourning in America” especially for us.

          • Amjean

            I believe it was the question she asked in relation to the influence of extreme muslims in the federal government.

  • keninil

    Excellent solution by Levin, simply up the immigration limits from the desired countries.

  • bkiser8255

    I have got to begin listening to this man more often.

    • MaxineCA

      If you miss it during the day, you can pick it up on his website That’s how I listen every night. (Kind of cool, because the website version excludes all of the local station commercials, so you can listen to his 3 hr. show in about 2.)

      • CDS in Manitoba

        Speaking of the podcasts, where can I find the older ones, specifically the ones from the days after the previous U.S. elections (2010, 2008, etc.) I know that they probably can’t keep every single episode on the website due to storage restrictions, but I would like to have access to the election-related ones because of history. (I just sent an e-mail to his site about this.)


    • Chris Edwards

      Not too late. Need to regroup and take up the cause for conservative values – liberty.

  • DocBarry1

    Remember Ailes has said and it is clear that it is happening – Fox News is moving to the Center and even Center Left – so I don’t see Ailes ever giving Levin a TV spot

    I just wish that Levin would talk to Gov Palin – with the intent to motivate her to start running now for 2016 and if this means a 3rd party so be it

    • poetopoet

      I roger that, she is America’s Joan of Arc.

      • DocBarry1

        Interesting response

    • mikefas

      Ailes is a very smart man. He realizes that you can’t continue to alienate independent voters. You’ll continue to loose elections if you do. I know you’re all angry and scared and want to fight back. But you’ve got to at least make it look like you’re trying to better the country. Tuck you’re wackos, racism, xenophobia and homophobia back in the closet and make at least a half hearted attempt to get more than 17 of the hispanic vote and you might win something.

  • Spartan4Palin

    I woke up at around 1-2a this morning to finally see who had prevailed. For a week I had a calmness that I couldn’t explain to the friends around me. Some of that has been enhanced over the years that many things are out of my control. And when I awoke to find out we had lost, I wasn’t anxious or depressed. I actually am ready to get started back into the fight. I refuse to be a quitter. My country deserves more than that. And those that wear the uniform expect more than that! For the trials and horrors they face in harms way, they deserve to have a nation they fight for fight for them! I’m ready for a fight! I embrace Conservatism with all my heart and soul! And if I live long into the winding sunset, everyone around me will know and understand what TRUE Conservatism means! I’m pissed y’all! And I’m looking for a fight. We have taken a lot of shots to the gut and chin as this nation has battled through generations of freedom fighters. My generation will not be known as the ones who let it all slip away! #*@& NO. Not on my watch!

    I’m sick and tired of the sucker punches from those that hate us and from those within ‘friendly’ circles taken cheap shots. I’ve turned the other cheek for the last time. Now I’m punching back! Screw the niceties! I’m slapping back the hand reaching out to me while the other has its fingers crossed! You wanna play hard ball?

    LET’S DO THIS! Our Forefather’s are crying out; ‘ avenge me. AVENGE ME!!!!!’

    • poetopoet

      No more movie tickets, no more news paper subscriptions and no more RINO’s!

      • mikefas

        Not even a Clint flick? That’s crazy talk. How about hiring a lawyer if you need one? What about sending your kids to school with those bottom-feeding union teachers? Or, c’mon not even going to a jewish doctor?! where does it end?

        • I have NEVER hired a lawyer in my 65 years… and I never intend to. They are lower than cars salesmen to me, and doctors are right there, too.

  • I invite everyone to join me in a insurance boycott. After careful thought today between waves of nausea, I concluded with conviction to cancel my health insurance. I have carried private health insurance for nearly 20 years. Tomorrow I will cancel it. I invite all of us to stand together and go on a health insurance strike.

    Under sh!t-care I will lose my high-deductible very low cost policy which has served me well these past two decades. I am 49, my wife 47, and one 21 year-old student. I pay less than $280 monthly. According to this calculator I will be forced to pay over $16,858 annually under f-er-care given my income.

    I declare I will NOT SUBMIT!!!!!!! I will stand against this tyranny. I will refuse to pay a fine a fee or anything else. Who else will stand against the tyranny of the majority??

    • poljunkie

      I ask you how you have the luxury of such an inexpensive policy?
      Our policy is for two, Im 52, hubby is 62. No health problem of consequence. Had the same policy for about 20. Only change was taking son off- they took a whopping 60.00 off for that. We pay now almost 1250.00 a month.
      (our deductible is 10,000.)

    • AbdulBX

      I would agree, but then you will put a lot of hardworking people, (LIKE ME) out of a job.

    • mikefas

      please be careful. it’s your health you’re talking about. i can understand a protest, but don’t gamble with your health. oh and how were you paying less on your insurance as i pay for cable?

  • Janet Inifares

    Mark is the best conservative talk show host in America. Period.

  • flavius_maximus


    The only taxes and revenue the FEDS will get out of me will be road taxes for gasoline; I am going John Galt and I am ON STRIKE…

  • Louparte

    Mr. Levin, two mandates were thrown out in Roberts’ decision on Obamacare.

    The individual mandate, tied to the Commerce Clause was over-turned by a vote of 5 to 4. The Medicaid mandate on states was thrown out by a vote of 7 to 2. Only the tax penalty was upheld.

    I am a conservative. And Justice Roberts’ decision – although I don’t agree 100% with it – preserved the limits on Congressional power to regulate our lives under the Commerce Clause.

    That’s the unvarnished truth.

    By the way, thank you for saying what Republicans need to hear about immigration.
    Your idea is brilliant and perfect. That too, is the unvarnished truth. Say it very day!

  • alanaforsyth

    Both Obama and Biden should be impeached. Then we’ll have a decent human being who’s not committed treason as president, the speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner.

    • tshtsh

      He still fails to uphold the Constitution.

      • mindtrapper

        He’d be 1000% better than Obama!

    • mindtrapper

      Obama has done enough to impeach. Benghazi attack was the tip of the iceberg.
      Amb Stevens was in Benghazi to set up a
      gunrunning operation. His job was to provide Libyan weapons via Turkey to AlQaeda terrorists fighting in Syria to topple the Assad regime…

      If that’s true, then Stevens’s orders had to come directly from the oval

      Al Qaeda is, of course, the terrorist’s arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, the
      largest group of radical Islamists in the world. They want to destroy the
      “devil” United States and kill all infidel Americans, and eliminate
      Israel from the map.

      The Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to take over the Middle East region and implement Sharia law. Al Qaeda is siding with the Syrian rebels to help them oust the Assad regime… a good thing.

      But, then the Muslim Brotherhood will seize control of the government and implement Sharia law, a bad thing. (Just like they did in Yemen, Egypt, soon Libya, and other “Arab Spring” countries.

      And POTUS has been, and still is, aiding and abetting the MB to achieve their goal.

      Truth be known, we may discover that POTUS and Mohammed Morsi, MB leader, secretly planned the Arab Spring, which involved civil unrest and violent protests of over 20 Middle East and North African countries.

      You might remember that POTUS and the media touted the Arab Spring as an expression of oppressed people’s desire for freedom and democracy.

      That’s was a lie. The real objective was, and continues to be, to
      systematically destabilize these governments with massive protests and riots, topple their leaders, install Muslim Brotherhood control, and implement the barbaric Sharia law…

      These are the same guys that boarded a school bus full of kids and shot a 14 yr old girl in the head at point blank range for daring to want an education for herself and other girls.

      POTUS has supported the overthrow of Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and other
      countries… with our tax dollars, our influence, and in some cases, our

      Egypt was the keystone to POTUS’s MB assistance plan… and was diabolically brilliant.

      You see, by installing Mohammed Morsi, as the new Egyptian president, POTUS could “legally” authorize billions of American dollars of aid to the
      president of Egypt, Morsi… Which he did almost immediately.

      But since Mohammed Morsi also moonlights as the leader of the Muslim
      Brotherhood, POTUS is funneling billions of our hard-earned
      American tax dollars to the largest radical Islamic terrorist group in the
      world, that are sworn to destroy America and literally blow Israel off of the map.

      And incidentally, nothing oppresses the rights of women more than Sharia law.

      By funding the Muslim Brotherhood, POTUS is supporting the oppression of
      women’s rights.

      One last thing…up to $250 can be donated to the POTUS campaign via credit card on his website… Just like any other CC purchase except that POTUS’s site doesn’t require entry of the security code (on the back of most cards, front of AMEX)… so donations can’t be tracked to the individual.

      POTUS has received over $270M of these unsecured credit card donations. Many of these funds have been traced to the Middle East area.

      You know how POTUS’s “Green Energy” donation scam indirectly funds his campaign with millions of taxpayer dollars? (POTUS receives big dollar donations from investors of Solyndra and other failed green companies to which POTUS authorized the DOE to loan $90B.)

      Well, Mohammed Morsi probably donates millions to the POTUS election
      campaign as soon as his multi-billion dollar, U.S. aid check clears the bank.

      I would shave off my mustache if he doesn’t.

      POTUS may not be involved in any of this… it’s just a theory. It could all be a combination of coincidence and incompetence.

      But I’d like to find out…

      Maybe Ambassador Stevens was murdered by the Al Qaeda because he knew too much, or another reason, or he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… along with the other three Americans that died.

      From all reports, the ambassador was a pretty sharp guy, maybe he left a file with a trusted colleague that will surface in the future.

  • Indiana

    Bernie Goldberg just said what I said long ago. The GOP has to get rid of the bible based gay bashing and need to stop making abortion an issue.

  • Romney said we should work across the isle without giving into our principals. Is that
    not what Reagan did? I happened to like Romney. The war on women worked for
    Obama, so please do not try and use this excuse. The young generation of people are
    pro choice. They are tolerant to gays. There are may pro choice Republicans that
    left the party and voted for Obama. I read the blogs. Many christians did not want to
    vote for a Mormon. It did not matter to me one bit, but it was a factor.

    Bachman and Palin are nice people, but they could never win an election. I think we
    need Ted Cruz and not so sure Rubio would win either as much as I love him. He
    campaigned hard for Mitt, that did not seem to help.

    I can not worry about this for four more years. Time will tell. I am tired and I am
    sad, but life goes on.

    • There is a lot intelligence in your post.

      Maybe you need to take over a party headquarters in your area.

  • NHConservative0221

    I think Levin is better than Rush as The Great One does a better job seeing the big position. He has more passion and does a much better job attacking the establishmen.

    • BMinPA

      How is he better? He too fell inline behind Romney promising us of the great enthusiasm that never happened. Of course, after the fact the likes of Luntz with his ridiculous groups of “undecided” voters who misled us all along.

  • PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!! I’d donate to that venture…it’s time to start importing some voters! HOORAH!!!!!! Time to start populating America with people that actually want to be here FOR THE OPPORTUNITY, not the handout!

  • The whole truth and nothing but the truth, Mr. Levin.

  • Fight back, pull your money out of the economy lets see who sinks then. More proof that we need to take a stand against the entertainment industry. The behavior we see from the left shows the quality of the people we turned our country over to yet again, It is time for conservatives to start acting like liberals. Take your money out of the market before capital gains go up, stop supporting the media, stop watching their movies, stop funding their ability to buy the destruction of morals and family values, don’t let them in your homes, and take your kids away from them in the schools so they can’t be brainwashed to vote for abortion and birth control pills. R’s need to stop fighting the abortion issue, we don’t need to stand in judgement for their behavior, we just need to protect our own from it.

    • mikefas

      that’s un-American and angry. we’re supposed to work together to fix our problems. you’re a rotten person inside. very un-christian of you to want to harm your fellow americans because you’re so angry. this is what happens when you’re fed a stream of hateful rhetoric by your leaders. I hope you’re reading this Levin. You, Limbaugh, Brietbart, and the rest have produced these bitter angry Americans. When one of them grabs a gun or a few tons of fertilizer and seeks retribution, it’s on your conscious. Sandra, know this. Levin doesn’t care about you. He seeks ratings, money and power only.

      • CG patriot

        reading your comment’s are comical, ~we’re supposed to work together to fix our problem’s~ O.K. preach-it and tell scoop how a very divided country in “c/o Obama” can come together in peace and harmony. You seemed to have all the answer’s, along with your sarcasm and snarky name calling, let’s hear it concerned troll?

      • No compromise with your kind. You need to be defeated.

  • Levin has gone full retard. And as we know, you never go full retard.

    And who is that skinny blonde guy on Fox News talking about Romney running a better campaign than Reagan. What’s his name? Coulter? That’s one ugly dude.

    • KenInMontana

      Later, troll.

      • mikefas

        at least he’s a funny troll. you’ve got to admit Romney ran a terrible campaign. He’s a titan of business and couldn’t sell his credentials in this economy? 47% comments? London? He blew it on Benghazi in debate. Just terrible.

  • Recount! We need recount! Let true vote out!

  • Levin is a stupid redneck.

    • KenInMontana

      I guess that makes you an illiterate moron.

    • poetopoet

      Funny how a Red calls some else a redneck, your rubber Ducky is cooked, and it is un-eatable.

    • thanks for your 1 cent worth

  • funny, Im a brazilian conservative and I would vote republican, while one of my relatives live in USA, and sadly, never made any effort to learn to speak english, instead learned spanish in school… and of course, loves obama and will receive a green card soon.. some people is very lucky… I learn english by myself, no kidding! besides basics in school that everyone took, I never had anything else to back me up, and today I can watch movies, read books with ease.. I’m more informed than most people of my country because of that..

    This said, I find my relative very ungrateful, if people like them lived in their respective countries they would been maids who never could afford a iPhone, a car of the year and so much else… hell I can’t…

    Some love USA, but their mind still socialist, you know what they complain in Brazil? Profits are too high in comparison to USA market, they really don’t know that most of USA richness come from.. profit! It is competition we need, not profit caps… people here are just out of their mind, BBC made a chart, 90% here would vote Obama… this is the environment I have to live in! You are living in a breeze.. lol

    • If you can learn English on your own (considering it is a more difficult language to learn as an adult because of the structural differences) then you have a lot more ambition and potential than many Americans do- that don’t appreciate their country.

      I wish you luck.

    • mikefas

      good post. just want to point out that we are no where near a socialist nation. that’s a conservative talking point. it’s capitalism all the way. obamacare is not universal, it actually benefits the insurance companies the most. our big banks are already finding ways around Dodd Frank as they always will. We’re still too big to fail. Our tax code is filled with loop holes that benefit businesses. Even if they close them with new laws, the billions in special interests will have them rewritten and tacked on some other bill when no one is looking. There’s just way to much money in politics to call us socialist. Our politicians are bought and sold.

  • Tea Party are a bunch of Pussies and let Occupy shut them down..

    • Yeah what happened to them. Rep should have voted look what we have now obamacare is not law of the land.

  • We will stand for Biblical Values, American Values, and the Independent Pursuit of Happiness. GO Mark Levin!

  • Could not wait for LEVIN!!!lab rats love it.
    people still should have voted for romney look what we have massive tax increases.

  • 4 yrs of obama i want to jump off a cliff.

    • trangbang68

      I’d rather push a couple hundred of his supporters off but that’s just me

  • m0r0

    Mark killed it tonight. He was exactly what I needed today. Pulled no punches and fed my soul. I love him and there is NO substitute for Levin.

  • I agree. I find myself turning Hannity off both on radio and TV. It gets so distracting when he keeps repeating his opinion, never letting the guest speak. He doesn’t listen to the, either, when guest is trying to answer him – he’s too busy trying to repeat the point he had just made, repeatedly. YIKES!

  • Mark Levin got his start on radio in large part due to Sean Hannity- I think they all bring something to the party (no pun intended). I have listened and watched Rush for years-and have listened to Sean, as well as Mark- I love them all! I am a talk radio junkie.

  • Another thing that makes Levin so good is his respect for his audience. He really puts himself in their shoes. It really seems as if he IS one of us. I think broadcasting from his bunker instead of a studio in NY or DC keeps him grounded. I think that’s why he does it, aside from the fact he’s more comfortable there ( and that he can). ;-D

  • colliemum

    He really is The Great One. It is great that he doesn’t mince his words.
    I am glad that he is pointing the finger at other republican party membera who didin’t help a candidate to get elected.
    And I am glad that he is taking on the RINOs – from Romney on.
    I really needed to hear this.

  • odin147

    In the battleground states, how did the blue get out the vote effort beat the red get out the vote effort ?, next time we need to get out and vote in larger numbers, we need to beat the youth and minority voter turnout. It is amazing that the danger of the one’s reelection did not motivate us as much as the fear of conservatism motivated them. I am not sure why this happened ?. We made a mistake not taking those msm polls seriously, they predicted D+7 turnout that should have motivated us even more.

  • BS61

    Yes! I’m not going to cowtow to the IRS!

  • PFFV

    I have been begging anyone that will listen to common sense to listen to Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glenn Beck. All of them and especially Mark is the conservative beacon of truth for true constitutional patriots that lost this election. Mark nails it here! This is a perfect rebuttal to all parties and the corrupt Obama Mania National Media! God Bless Mark Levin and all true conservatives that tried to save our crippled nation!

    We will not fail to protect our Freedom, Liberty, and our Constitutional Rights! These Rights Were Given By God Not Government!

    Don’t Tread On Me or You Will Be Met With Unstoppable Resistance!

    I Have No Problem Giving My Life To Protect My Children’s and Future American’s Freedoms!

  • The Sarge

    Instead of everyone here discussing the perceived differences between Hannity and Levin… How about focusing on the fact that the Supreme Court has turned its’ back on the Constitution….? How about talking about how tyranny is foisted on the individual citizen and the fact that our Constitution is under direct assault…!

    Reagan Conservatives are being attacked – TEA Party attacked – Conservative Principles attacked – no one wants to talk about about how when moderates are run for office – the Republicans get their heads kicked in… Happened with McCain… and now Romney… WTF…???!!!

    The biggest point made here was about George Bush and his non-Conservative actions taken that ultimately led to the election of Barack Obama… TARP, Bailouts, huge deficits, etc…

    Pull your heads out and pay attention…!!!

    • Samwise Gamgee the 3rd

      >>> Instead of everyone here discussing the perceived differences between Hannity and Levin… How about focusing on the fact that the Supreme Court has turned its’ back on the Constitution….?

      And this vs. that will make some difference in the real world how?

  • poetopoet

    This past so called election, was to well scripted in every phase and in every way, it was a plan well laid out and written by whom? The money traders that’s who, and We the People took the bait offered hook, line and sinker.

  • Diaf Gop

    I hope you’re all euthanized. You’re undeserving of life, liberty or any human rights, because you’re subhuman.

    “You conservatives” should be brought into the streets, have bags put over your heads, and be shot point blank by the death squads you think Obama has.

    Your children should be deported to Montana, a fence built around Montana, and then removed from this country.

    I really hope this comes to pass. Eugenics, euthanasia… they need to be used on you people. It’s time to die folks, time to die horribly. Hell, considering how skewed a view of “god” you have, let’s hope he has your women and children raped, because that’s his will, and then smites you for being so goddamned STUPID.

    So, please go die… Die for your country and get the hell out of our gene pool. Please, do it. Kill yourselves. Go take your guns and shoot yourselves. Just go die.

    • PatrickDownUnder

      That’s magnificent! A liberal rant laced with overt erotic Nazi fantasies. Thank you for showing the truth of leftist supremacist thinking. I want to frame this!

  • wodiej

    Conservatives have been nominating big spending conservatives for years. We could have had Gov. Palin but some thought she wasn’t capable despite her stellar record in 20 years of public service. My guess is it had more to do with her being a woman. Then we had Newt Gingrich who apparently was not pure enough for some with his personal mistakes despite engineering one of the greatest times in our economy. Although I believe obama used corruption to win, conservatives lack of vision in nominating strong conservatives deserves much of the blame.

    • mikefas

      There aren’t any strong conservatives. They’ve been run out of town by the tea party. The strategy of whipping your base into a frenzy only alienates independents and delivers elections to Dems. Don’t believe me, just read some of the posts on this site, Brietbart or any other right-wing website. You scare people. Reagan would be drummed out for his liberal views. Imagine Mitt calling for full nuclear disarmament?!

  • I have said from the beginning that Romney is a RINO. The ONLY reason I supported and voted for Romney was because he was our only alternative to Obama. Romney said so himself that he is not a Conservative, that he is a moderate with progressive ideas. Looking at his record as Governor for Massachusetts his claim is proven. Still, Obama is way worse and now it’s full steam ahead over the cliff we go. Obama’s Administration has already backed the U.N. Arms Treaty. Bye, Bye guns hello tyranny. Are you ready for the war that is coming?

    • mikefas

      No one wants your guns. Nor do we want to live in your red states. There will be no war, nor a fiscal cliff catastrophe. The end of the world isn’t coming. Everything will be fine. Relax.

      • irina1946

        Your hopes and philosophy are delusional. It will take longer for America to become Greece, but we sure are on our way to that point…Our grandchildren will live in the Greece-type society and will tell stories to their children about ‘once-upon-a-time-America’… If the Conservatism will not restore this country to its original values, America will follow the Roman Empire fate – print wooden coins….

  • PLEASE! Some one explain to me WHY Levin chose to diss birthers instead of supporting them with his Constitutional knowledge? The fraud usurper could’ve been gone years ago!! Why has’nt Levin acted via the Constitution? AGENDA: Grinding America Down

    • mikefas

      You’ve got to get off this birther non-sense. You’re loosing creditability with main stream america – you know, the majority of voters, and the independents. Levin is one of the few right-wing personalities that recognizes this. Do you really think that the rich and powerful GOP and others haven’t completely vetted him. If he wasn’t eligible to be President, it would have been proven by now. You’re falling victim to the strategy to delegitimize him. Whether it’s nationality or his alleged Muslim religion, or simply labeling him a failure, it’s all just political strategy. And it hasn’t worked. Americans didn’t buy it. Time to move on. He’s an American.

  • barnz78

    Levin needs to understand his bashing Ron Paul puts him in line with the neocon “moderates” and this is where the true conservative convictions exists (among Ron Paul minded supporters who seek to LIMIT government).

    The GOP ignored, cheated, and ridiculed Ron Paul and the result is evident. Levin talks of liberty, yet he subscribes to the scared of your shadow police state and UNConstitutional Patriot Act and NDAA here at home.

    I also believe a spiritual component is at play here. America has steadily been on the road to rejecting God and accepting evil polished as “new” and “progressive” ideas that will benefit the country and society. I am not saying everyone must be a Christian or must believe in God, but the moral principles once held dear to America have been traded for the Satanic mantra of “do as thou wilt”. Now if government doesn’t institutionalize this matra, it may be less of a concern, but government has grown so big and powerful. As BIG GOVERNMENT institutionalizes things, the whole nation suffers.

    BIG GOVERNMENT also breeds BIG CORRUPTION and that is what the liberals seem to miss. The idea that government can be compassionate and helping the little guy is naive to say the least. As government grows, power-hungry psychopaths who crave power gravitate. These people are self-serving ego-maniacs and have little concern for “others” no matter what they say on the campaign trail. If DC was a charity, its leaders would all be behind bars for money laundering and embezzlement. The money might as well go straight to the people instead of going through all the palm-greasing channels of DC sewers.

    America is stuck under mind control that we only have two choices for leadership. Democrat or Republican. Both parties are bought and paid for at the very top and the agendas serve the most elite on the planet. Break free of your mind control and hold your tongue and talk with your co-workers, friends, etc…especially those who differ in opinion from you. Think about LIBERTY and avoid the “talking points” spewed to you from media and talking heads.

    What makes a people free? Is it more laws? More government? Unite on liberty and let us have civil discussions and objective reflections on historical scorecards on what works and what does not. LIBERTY FIRST, or all else fails. AMERICA IS ABOUT LIBERTY (at least it used to be).

    • mikefas

      Why are all atheists or agnostics automatically deemed “evil” in your world? You’re way too rigid in your beliefs. Way too fundamental. It scares people… independent voters away.

      • barnz78

        People can have their PERSONAL views, I just don’t think government should INSTITUTIONALIZE them. Does that clarify my PERSONAL LIBERTY view of things? That is why I advocate SMALL GOVERNMENT. Less power, less danger to the people’s freedom.

  • Disappointed to hear Levin suggest more immigration, even as a point of argument. We don’t have jobs for 23 million Americans.

  • HuandaRulz

    We might have lost the election, but never the will to keep this Country free, we will keep fighting for conservative values.

  • angryinwis

    On Monday I had so much hope that common sense and sanity would return to my country. And now…. I am so sad for the future.
    It does seem kind of fishy, though, what with the reports of Blk Panthers at, and GOP being thrown out in Philly, the big mural of the big 0 at the polling place, “union” people at the polls, attacks on conservatives, non citizens being “registered and forced to vote by the union” in Nevada, and other incidents we haven’t heard about, yet. ……………I’m just saying……

  • refreshing but true!

  • Mark- I know what you’re saying, but I still love Mitt Romney! Had he got in- we would
    have been able to turn our economics around. For me, I don’t think that I could ever get
    so passionate about ANYONE as I did for Romney. Sob!!!

  • retiredvetwife

    Once again the democratic party has succeeded in their intimidation policy. If they can’t cheat, lie, rob, or intimidate us then they are not happy. We conservatives must try to “grow a pair” if we are to have a chance to save our country during the 2014 elections. I’m just a little old lady but I’m willing to do what is necessary for my grandchildren.

  • Fred

    Dump O’Reilly & put Levin on. Bill is a middle of the road “Me-tooer”.

  • Levin needs to be heard every day like the rest of the Fox News contributors!!! Please Mr Levin, our country needs you!

  • ziggrl

    He sounds like Peter from the Family Guy.

  • Wow!

    The GOP can’t figure out why all of the people that they hate won’t vote for them.

    Go figure.


    The purist Mark Levin…in loud and shrilling voice cries and cries and cries…I am a sore loser.

    • James Morris

      I don’t know many happy losers, do you?

      • Whoi was it that said “show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser?”

  • opinionatedhermit

    That was excellent, Mark. I seriously appreciated the analysis about the Bush/McCain influence on the party. They have lead us into disaster for the last 10 years. More really.

    In fact, the only election they haven’t screwed up is the one they were least involved in. That would be the 2010 mid terms.

    These clowns have so damaged this party that no one has a clue as to what the hell it stands for anymore. It all just seems a weak kneed plea telling the other side we “really, really, really are not as bad as people say we are. Honest injun we aren’t.” It is pathetic. A pathetic message from the very party who lead the country out of Slavery and brought true Constitutional protections to millions of Americans. And, now …. we have excuses dressed up as dogma. Again, pathetic…..

    As a 35 year member of the Republican party, I want to vomit. If I ever see Karl Rove and his stupid ass, two bit white board I will blow my television to smithereens and turn off Fox News once and for all.

    I have had it with Rhinos. If they want to keep kicking their base to the curb, over and over, I say we let them……..

    It is seriously time to rethink the stratagem of founding a real Tea Party.

    My 2 cents.

  • You are one of my conservative heroes! Wish you were on radio or TV in Boston area earlier in the day.

  • Mark, you’re a conservative hero! Hope to find you on radio or TV earlier in the day. Listen to you off and on on WRKO in Boston during the evening.

  • irina1946

    It’s a great idea about bringing people to US from the Eastern Europe and register them as Republicans. I came from Kiev in 1990. I was one of those refusnicks, who could not leave USSR for 10 long years… When we finally came to US and started building our lives, we did not know anything about Democrats and Republicans. But when, finally, we started understand the system, we found ourselves on Republican side, because we believe in independence, building our wealth by working hard, never had or expect a check from the government, etc…..There are a lot of immigrants here from that part of the world. We can tell Americans about the values of free society, because they do not appreciate what we have in this country – FREEDOM….And now, after this election, we are very upset and think exactly like you, Mark….Please talk to us, maybe we can do something to help Conservatism, to save real America from political and financial trouble….
    Irina, Sterling Heights, MI.

    • Terry

      Irina, I lived in Moscow for 12 years. I wish all Americans could know what you are talking about. If they want free health care let them sit in the poliklinik and see how they like it.

  • Kellyirishtoafault

    Although I think Sean means well I agree with you.
    He also always interrupts his callers with let me ask you a question.
    He should answer theirs first and then follow up.
    We have a local talk radio guy that is name Jason Lewis like him 100 times
    More then Sean.

  • Thomas Leo

    We are at war here, but not a physical war. We are in a ideological, theological, religious, economic, and overall, in a social culture war. Traditionalism/Conservatism must prevail for the future. Do not give up hope.


  • Why? You’d rather win with Darwin than with God?