Mark Levin says Eric Holder to blame for bombing terrorist being mirandized before FBI finished questioning him

As you’ve probably read today, terrorist #2 of the Boston marathon bombing was read his rights in the hospital by a magistrate in the presence of his defense attorney and the US Attorney, at which point he stopped talking. The FBI was surprised by this because they hadn’t finished questioning him.

Mark Levin asks the question, who sent the magistrate in there to read terrorist #2 his rights and cut off FBI questioning?

The answer to me is really quite simple. And I don’t really have to surmise about this.

Having been Chief of Staff to an Attorney General of the United States, I can tell you without equivocation that a case like this is monitored very carefully by the Attorney General’s office and by the criminal division of the Justice Department. And I feel fairly certain in telling you that it was Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, who either initiated this or approved it, but one or the other.

Because a case like this is not going to be handled out of the US Attorney’s office with the US Attorney calling the shots. It’s the Attorney General of the United States at main Justice in Washington, where I used to work, he is going to make the final determination if not the initial determination.

He continues more on the clip:

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  • BetseyRoss

    Well that was a bet I won.  Of course it was Eric Holder and he never even had to consult with Obama because Holder knows Obama’s mind.  He also knows where the bodies are buried in Washington.  Now Obama has deniable plausibility.  He can step back and pretend that he doesn’t have anything to do with this.

  • Laurel A

    I was thinking this earlier today.
    People need to realize the impact of this. That means Holder is operating independent of FBI not in conjunction with the FBI. Holder is running independent of law enforcement that he is supposed to coordinate with. Gives a true meaning to rogue.

    Who else did that? Think about your history….

    • Orangeone

      Laurel A Think Benghazi Laurel. The FBI went 3 weeks after the murders to “investigate”.  Haven’t heard a thing.  Barky Boy + Holder = Fast and Furious gun walking.  Benghazi as the rinse + repeat.  FBI reports to Barky Boy, told to stand down?

      • YoJoe

        YOU are wise well beyond your years!

        • Orangeone

          YoJoe Orangeone Giggles Joe!

      • Laurel A

        Orangeone Laurel A It’s beyond that. Obama is letting Holder do whatever he wants because they are simpatico. Holder is less law enforcement and more of using law enforcement to stonewall and cover up.

  • YoJoe

    Proof again that these bastards are anti-American
    I really just don’t get it

    • Orangeone

      YoJoe Yes you do get it.  You are wise well beyond your years Joe.

      • YoJoe

        I like you – I think !

        • YoJoe Orangeone 
          You think?  What’s not to like about our Ornageone? 🙂

        • Orangeone

          WolfieUSA YoJoe Orangeone Hold it Wolfie, let me change my handle 🙂

        • Orangeone

          YoJoe Orangeone What can I say that Wolfie hasn’t already said?????

        • YoJoe Orangeone LOL. She’s right.

  • YoJoe

    This gives new meaning to the term “Untouchables” (I just dated myself again) OR “Despicables”

  • njmom

    I think it has to do with Obama wanting Tsarnaev to shut his mouth and this was the easiest way to do it. Fri night I watched the press conference after he was taken into custody and the US Attorney said they were going to use the public exception and he would not be miranadized so it had to be Holder/Obama. There’s more to this story.

    • 57thunderbird

      njmom Another cover up?

  • njmom

    I think it has to do with Obama wanting Tsarnaev to shut his mouth and this was the easiest way to do it. Fri night I watched the press conference after he was taken into custody and the US Attorney said they were going to use the public exception and he would not be miranadized so it had to be Holder/Obama. There’s more to this story.

  • The NObama regime doesn’t want him to talk…  Might reveal too much… 

    I could not believe they actually shut down the questioning!  I believe Holder and NObama decided to shut him down when they found out he was willing to talk.  Why?  Well… We all know why.  3 words “Religion of Pieces”

    • Orangeone

      WolfieUSA 3 words “Transformation of America”

      • Orangeone WolfieUSA 
        Bingo!  You just nailed it!

        • Orangeone

          WolfieUSA Orangeone Missing pieces….armoured vehicles retrofitted for use on our streets conveniently in the vicinity of Boston suburbs…..

        • Orangeone WolfieUSA 
          That bothers me a lot too…  Will the rest of America ever wake up or are they in a COMA!!!

  • white531

    Each of you have your beliefs, and I have mine.  In most instances they coincide.  
    They are both Muslim.  Again, my belief.   To use a football analogy, Obama and Holder are like the partnership sometimes formed between a  quarterback and a wide receiver. Obama throws a pass, Holder catches the pass and runs for a touchdown.
    With all he had planned for America, Obama knew he needed a lap-dog Attorney General.  He found that person in Eric Holder.  Here’s the thing.  Every lawyer in this country knows Holder is an absolute idiot.  I guess my main question about this whole thing is this.  Why haven’t any of the more prestigious law firms in this country come out with any criticism of Eric Holder being the leader of Law in this country?  He is obviously not qualified for the position.  Any first year law student could tell you that.  Why have they remained quiet on this rather important issue?  Its one of those things I call, “a wonderment.”

  • stage9

    This whole thing is starting to stink to high heaven.

  • 57thunderbird

    Holder should have been thrown out of office by now,for dereliction of duty!

    • nosilasunny

      Treason for Fast and Furious alone. People are dead and the blood is on his hands. For the “top lawyer” , he has no respect for the top law of the land and goes out of his way to undermine it and the American people at every turn. I didn’t know you could get much lower than he already is, but somehow he did.

  • temi227

    This isn’t at all surprising. Obama, and Holder are both enemies of the state.  I don’t mind being controversial.. the TRUTH is the TRUTH!

  • 57thunderbird

    This is very troubling to me. 🙁

  • crosshr

    At the very beginning of Obama second term, and the ending of his first term, we as American should learn straight up this admin can never protect and secure the country the way Bush 2 protected America after 2001 ,9/11 attack. Benghasi is not just a failure, confusion took place when all of a sudden it all rained down at once, the terrorists attack of the Embassy, the Gun Run to Syria, the so called Hunting down Algaida in Libya, then end up with bunch of falsified info and cover up to the public. Here we have these Boston Marathon Moslem attacker terrorist, how do this admin handle it, at least they rock them to a good night sleep, protecting them from cruel mean Americans that pay their welfare support and more. OK I gotta go jump in the cold pool to chill off. We have to raise our voices TODAY against these gypsies in the White House of their unconstitutional doings, TODAY !

    • Orangeone

      crosshr I don’t give Bush credit for securing the country, I give him credit for selecting LEADERS that, along with their troops and Americans, better secured the country. Bush did not secure the border with Mexico either.

  • Holder like the rest of dear leader’s administration is a traitor, who should have been removed from office in handcuffs after fast and furious.  He should have been fired when he did nothing about black panthers threatening people outside of polling places.  He’s a punk. An evil twisted cowardly punk who is using his office for everything but justice.

    • Orangeone

      AmericanborninCanada Not only did he do nothing about the NBPP he DISMISSED a won case and set his bros free!

      • Orangeone AmericanborninCanada yeah.

        • AmericanborninCanada Orangeone  
          He looks after his Peeps! Ugh!

        • WolfieUSA AmericanborninCanada Orangeone  oh great now I’m gonna have to get rid of the peeps I have left over from Easter. lol.

        • AmericanborninCanada WolfieUSA Orangeone  
          LOL!!! No!  They’re not  his peeps your safe! 🙂

        • WolfieUSA AmericanborninCanada Orangeone  phew. that was close.  Thanks Wolfie!  😉

        • AmericanborninCanada WolfieUSA Orangeone  
          Let the peeps run free.. Unitl you eat them! 🙂

    • BetseyRoss

      And yet, he is still there.  Evil wins again.

  • Libertyworld

    These are the moments that reveal this administrations’ true loyalties. Holder has shown himself to be a toxic mix of rank dishonesty, racism, contempt for what we pay him to do & contempt for the rule of law & when it comes to our enemies… I dare say, I don’t think we have ever had an AG so allied with evil.
    Contempt for the rule of law breeds contempt for all laws, which is arguably the most serious transgression an AG can make, but the way these subversive lefties coddle evil may be even worse. And I better stop right there. Thank-you.

    • Orangeone

      Libertyworld And Holder and his Dept of Injustice just got slapped down by Congress.  I guess this was his revenge!

      • Orangeone Libertyworld Probably.. These people tend to be pretty vindictive, as if most every move is intended to inflict as much RETRIBUTION as they can afford, without inciting more backlash than the situation has been ‘budgeted’. If it were up to me, this entire administration would be relieved of duty, and of honor, immediately, because whatever in the world they are, it ain’t honorable. Thanks for engaging.

        • Orangeone

          Libertyworld Orangeone Great insight!  Thank you for a great set of posts!

        • Libertyworld  Welcome to The Right Scoop!  Well said!

        • AmericanborninCanada Thank-you! Very happy to be here.

        • Libertyworld AmericanborninCanada  
          Welcome to Scoop…  Pull a chair up. 🙂

        • WolfieUSA Thanks, Wolfie. Looks like some quality people y’ got here.

    • Orangeone

      Libertyworld I only see a couple of posts in your profile, welcome to Scoop!

      • Orangeone Libertyworld Thank-you so much! I just signed up a few minutes ago.

        • Orangeone

          Libertyworld Orangeone You will enjoy this site, fantastic patriots, Scoop is ALWAYS posting current events and the discussions and strategy conversations are fantastic.

        • Orangeone Libertyworld Aye. Can see that, sure. Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t the case. Libertyworld doesn’t grace just any old place with his presence, oh no!

        • Orangeone

          Libertyworld Orangeone Looking forward to more of your great posts.

        • Libertyworld Orangeone 
          WELCOME!!! 🙂

  • Orangeone

    For those on Twitter, I’m getting a lot of RT tweeting Scoop’s tweet!!!! Please tweet and help get the word out!

  • Orangeone

    Levin is on a roll! Keep it up Mark. From his FB link that he tweeted.

  • DCGere

    No doubt Holder knew of this. If he wasn’t ordered to do this, he ordered it.

  • volgeek

    You can bet that his attorney would have informed him of his Miranda Rights. Otherwise, any conviction would have been overturned on grounds of incompetent representation.

    • E Lee Zimmerman

      volgeek Erm … well, no, that’s not how the statute is written, but you make a point.

  • applepie101

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the issue here that Tsarnaev was an American citizen, and therefore had to be read Miranda according to US law? The real outrage is that our promiscuous immigration law allowed two terrorists to become American citizens in the first place.

    • E Lee Zimmerman

      applepie101 Well, no, not exactly.  The real issue is that once the Miranda Rights are read, the suspect by nature is going to clam up; that’s what any legitimate lawyer is going to demand.  There’s a statute that allows for the Miranda Rights to be delayed for up to 48 hours provided that the operating authorities on-the-scene can establish that there’s an immediate, probable threat to public safety … which kinda/sorta goes without saying when you’re dealing with acts of terror.  From what I understand, the FBI — the legal authority on the scene — established that there was a clear & present threat to public safety because Tsarnaev admitted that the brothers were, in fact, trying to get to New York so that they could set off more bombs in Times Square; they did this within 16 hours of the suspect’s apprehension … and that’s when the magistrate showed up and interrupted their question 32 hours early by dismissing them so that he could read the suspect his Miranda Rights.

      Methinks you’re right, though, that the question hasn’t been asked as to how these two were given VISAs in the first place.

  • JohnCraven

    Rep. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, had a brilliant and short speech on the floor of the House today and you all should take a look at it because he slams the Nero Obama administration over terrorism.
    You can see it at 
    Sadly, we won’t see this kind of ripping of Obama coming out of Boner’s mouth or any of the Big Whigs in the GOP who just want to be so liked by the state-run media.
    I’m grateful to Mark Levin’s insights into what dipstick in the Nero Obama regime short circuited the FBI’s interrogation of the surviving Boston bomber.  Holder AND Nero Obama had to approve of this nonsense to stop us from learning who all was involved because it would look bad for Nero Obama.
    My question is why does it take a freshman congressman from the GOP to read Nero Obama the riot act?  The answer is because the leaders of the GOP are in bed with the Democrats.  Which begs why we are any of us still in the GOP?
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • JohnCraven

    The following isn’t related to the Boston Bombings but touches on a terrible event nearly 8 years ago which I and many others experienced first hand, Katrina and then Rita. 
    On CNN, Donna Brazile, also from New Orleans and a Democrat Party big whig, finally admitted the truth that Bush had done all that he could to help the people of the Gulf Coast in the wake of Katrina and Rita.  Of course, you would never have thought so listening to the likes of CNN, PMS-NBC-LSD 8 years ago but Donna Brazile’s brief foray into the truth is a good first confession.
    I have always thought that Pres. Bush did the right thing by not landing Air Force One at New Orleans International Airport or even in Baton Rouge because this would have been an unnecessary burden on already strained manpower and resources for a totally unnecessary photo op.  Of course, that would not stop Nero Obama who makes up photo ops.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  • nibblesyble

    Is anyone surprised? I am shocked that Holder didn’t fly to Boston and give the murderous kid some soup and hold his hand. UGH!

    • crosshr

      we never can tell sometime nibble. Since mrs. first lady visit the strange middle east victim  guy in the hospital and with all the cover up from this admin, we may never know, as I said a while ago, Holder may rock this terrorist #2 in the hospital for a sweet sweet sleep, tuck him into bed with warm milk. yeah ,I am lost here

      • WordsFailMe

        crosshr nibblesyble The traitorous American communists and Progressives, who play the tune Obama tap dances to, benefit from the horror created by the insane acts of a  religion of depravity and perversion– fertilizer plants blowing up, barges on fire–anything that disrupts society, increases worry, weakens any capitalist institution is corn on the cob for Prezidint Race Bait.
        I’m not saying a communist , democrat of progressive set a fire or sabotaged an outsized storage area of explosive chemicals. but I’m saying the commies aren’t complaining. Every penny a commie can get you to waste, every fire, every industrial accident, every $5 gallon of gas, every nickel invested in a US company which is failing, green or not, is another curly hair on the thumb sucker’s butt and one more nail in our coffin.

  • NCHokie02

    My issue is this.  Was the suspect in  custody a U.S. citizen?  Yes.  Do our rights exist once they are read to us or do we always have those rights and the mirandizing is just a technicality so people can’t claim that they “didn’t know their rights and it’s not fair”?  I would say the former.  Now this guy is definately a dirtbag.  But he still has the rights of an American citizen.  If we constantly make excuses for him to not be read his rights what stops them from denying anyone else their rights until they feel like it?  The suspect could have stopped talking at any time, he could have remained silent and asked for a lawyer from the beginning and he would be within his rights.  I don’t know what the FBI was asking him and what he was saying but I doubt he has detailed knowledge of the terrorist network.
    Now any decent criminal / terrorist network will have cutouts and not allow these guys to know the entire network.  It will be compartmentalized.  These guys perhaps know who their handler was however that shouldn’t be a real name for him and why would you tell them of other plots?? You have to assume they will be caught or killed.  So why would you inform them of other things you have going on.  That’s just retarded.

    • WordsFailMe

      NCHokie02 Well, for me there’s a difference between an American citizen and an American citizen who is a diirtbag. This country, as it is now, will not put this dirt-bag to death. My only pleasure is knowing that this pervert will spend the next 60 years, banging his head on the floor of a prison cell, thrusting his Muslim butt in the air, 5 times a day. 
      “Welcome to America, sweetie.”Choker Czarev’s curly hair ought to make him pretty dam popular on the block.
      I think the best part of Eric “Black Biden” Holder’s action is that he made the FBI look weak and stupid, The FBI just walked out of the bathroom and into a gunfight with only their ***** in their hands, like the rest of the weak, cowardly federal employees holding their breath long enough to get a pension.

  • Matt2Matt

    Obama is a Muslim, Holder’s law firm defends terrorists, Brennan at CIA is extremely sympathetic if not a Muslim himself, and Mueller at FBI is clearly a sellout, a doormat, and a fellow traveler.  What do you expect?

    • firegeorge

      Matt2Matt I expect I’ll never see Holder in an orange jumpsuit.

      • WordsFailMe

        firegeorge Matt2Matt Not unless Obama climbed in it first.

  • TracyMitchell

    I know many of you will probably be pretty ticked about my next comment, however for now, we still have free speech in this country. As much as I hate what this guy did to this country, he is an American citizen. If they didn’t do this and treat this guy like another citizen, then that just opens the door for the Messiah-In-Chief to be able to do that to ANY ONE OF US that continue to speak out. He’ll do what he can to justify his actions by saying “Look how we handled that terrorist….”. 
    I know, I know, he already does crap like that, but this would only give that dirtbag yet another tool to take down patriots like us. If we lynch that terrorist, then we can expect the rest of us to get the same treatment from his “Civil Defense Force” that he is training and arming as we speak.

  • This is what happens when you let ideology get in the way of practicality. Great, now the bomber will clam up and not say a word just so Eric Holder can make his point about civilian courts. I hope no more Americans are killed because we couldn’t get more information out of the surviving bomber. The Holder can explain to the American people how his ideology cost more American lives. Not that people like Holder care about that. There is a liberal point to be made here, regardless of how many innocent lives are lost in the process.

  • WordsFailMe

    Some days you wake up knowing it’s going to be a great day, a GREAT day, when you read:
    Chicago–Suffering One Shooting Every 6.3 Hours as 2013 Homicide Count Hits 100
    Can a “Chicago” suffer? Sufferagettes suffer. Little children suffer. People in Bangladesh suffer. Every April 15th, taxpayers suffer. Seems like if you have the ability to suffer, you likewise should have the ability to suck substances through a straw. I could be wrong here, but not about America’s town….
    You Chigcageranians go about your business every day,pick up your check, cop, cruise the Mile, totally unconcerned that your black citizens are being exterminated by….nobody even needs to  look at the videos anymore–it’s CHICAGO! That toddlin’ town, that todllin’ town.

  • mikeinidaho

    No shiite, Sherlock! Of course Holder was responsible! And he did it at the request of Obama who can’t afford to have that islamic terrorist talking about his terrorist plans and where he got the knowledge and money to pull all this off. After all, Obama, the biggest traitor this country has seen since it’s founding, will never admit that terrorists are among us and that he won’t do a thing about it. His plan to overwhelm and collapse the system must be carried out soon and these punks are a part of his Cloward and Piven inspired plan to overthrow the Constitution and enslave the populace. (If it werent’ for those dam citizens refusing to give up their guns!) A pox on him and most of the “representatives” in DC.
    Lock and load and stay alert.


    Somehow I think this group understood something about Government that we have all been revisiting during the past 4 years, now I know what mama meant when she use too say watch humbly your peas & ques boy. I think of fast & Furious=ie Officere Terry,  & Bengazi, those four(4) beautiful Americans murdered, Amb.Mr Stevens, Seal team memeber Woods, seal team memeber Smith and seal team memeber Doherty  I’m thankful in a sense it wasn’t my brother or sisters killed in either one cause i wouldn’t be happy, and neither should we Amwericans be any less disgusted with the crap from obama and his drownes.