Mark Levin schools MSNBC host Melissa Harris Perry on the founding and slavery

Melissa Harris Perry, MSNBC weekend host, was upset when she heard Romney and Ryan “misusing” the Declaration of Independence, and said this:

“The thing I really have against him is actually how he and Gov. Romney have misused the Declaration of Independence,” she said. “I’m deeply irritated by their notion that the ‘pursuit of happiness’ means money for the richest and that we extricate the capacity of ordinary people to pursue happiness. When they say ‘God and nature give us our rights, not government,’ that is a lovely thing to say as a wealthy white man.”

Harris-Perry said the words didn’t initially mean rights for African-Americans and women.

“When you sit in a body like mine as an African-American woman, you know that God and nature have in fact made us — inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” she continued. “But we could not have them until there was a Civil War that allowed the federal government to impose those nature and God-given rights would actually be respected by our government. And I think that they cannot continue to go down this line on the Declaration of Independence.”

It’s all about race to her. Mark Levin wonders if she knows that Abraham Lincoln also cited the Declaration of Independence continually during the Civil War…

Listen to The Great One school Melissa Harris Perry with a bit of slammage sprinkled on for seasoning:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Mark Levin is not only intelligent he is a patriot, I listened to this and he was excellent in his smack down. Myself so tired of these people and using race, using it as a excuse to dismantle the country we love.

  • PWNed

  • GJPinks

    These libprogs are doing their best to distract and mislead, but their Sith Mind Tricks will not works. Did you know that Obamas U6 unemployment is 15% ?

  • Most MSNBC hosts not including her and Sharpton are white.

    • Lime Lite

      She’s half-white but obviously only funnels her black half when she’s outraged at whites.

      • E. Lee Zimmerman

        She may be only half-white, but she’s all-dumb.

        • maynardb50

          Which makes her a half-ass!

  • jackl92

    The dirt under Mark’s fingernails is smarter then Ms Harris-Parry.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol! Brilliant!

  • This is why he is “The Great One”!!!

  • This is why he is “The Great One”!

  • Levin should have Holder’s job. He’d make the best AG.

  • Hey lady. I have news. You most likely make more money in one day than I do in a year. But you know what? I’m glad for you! You know why? Because in AMERICA where opportunity comes to all because we, since our founding recognize that our rights indeed DO COME FROM GOD! You might want to get over yourself. The race card has been drawn waaaaaay too much, and it don’t play anymore.

    • Rshill7

      Hey, who won the Atlas Shrugged contest? It was supposed to be announced today.

      • I don’t know mybear. I really have no idea. I don’t know if it’s run by Scoop or Kemberlee. I guess they will e mail whomever won.

        • Rshill7

          Just curious. A lot of people made efforts with that and deserve an answer. The winner would probably want to be happy about it, and the others would probably want to congratulate the winners. Here is part of how it was sold:

          “The two best comments will be selected to win fabulous prizes! Who doesn’t love prizes? Winners will be announced Monday, August 13 and have their comments posted on The Right Scoop.”

          It doesn’t seem like any of that happened. No announcement, no winning comment posted. Am I out of line pointing this out? There were a lot of time-consuming heartfelt posts in that thread by lots of people. Please, no offense intended at all, but…what a let-down.

          *Shruggs shoulders, along with Atlas*

          • I really don’t know. Lots of shrugging goin’ on I guess.
            You make good points 🙂

    • Sober_Thinking

      It’s the only card they have, even though they aren’t dealing with a full deck.

    • stacked deck of cards filled with racist

  • Watchman74

    What is she going on about nature?

  • Sober_Thinking

    I love how race is always the great equalizer to these libtards. Melissa hears what she wants to hear… stay deeply irritated you nut.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Mark, we know you read this site… great job! Please keep these nuts in line.

    Scoop – thank you for these excerpts… I so appreciate them and you!

  • Try as hard as you want, you just cannot fix STUPID!

  • white531

    Now you know why they call him, “The Great One.” A student of History. Eloquent in the language of our land, which by the way is English, at least for the time being. A spokesperson for our side, able to defeat our enemies on the left, without even breathing hard.
    I could just sit and listen to him for hours. There isn’t any subject he does not cover and cover well. It is good we have someone like Mark Levin in our camp. I would sure hate to have someone like Mark Levin against us.

  • I wish Mark Levin could give a speech at the Republican convention. He would certainly be able to articulate what’s at stake this November. But I do think that Ryan will be able to do the job as well. Count me in as one of the people who stands with the Declaration of Independence, Ryan, and Levin, and that’s some pretty fine company to be with if I do say so myself.

    • white531

      Liberty, I share your dream. These prominent talk show hosts like Levin and Rush and Hannity and Michele Malkin, are the leading voices of Conservative thought. That they are not part of the makeup of the Republican party, is an absolute travesty. It’s unforgivable that they dis Sarah, but to dis all the rest, who support them? Unbelievable!

  • It’s quite the leap to get from “rights come from nature and God” to screaming “RAAAAAACIST!!” but somehow, libtards do it and it honestly makes sense to them. If it wasn’t so destructive to our country, I would be impressed.

  • I’ve met Perry on one occasion, when she was promoting her latest book, in fact the very week prior to her beginning her own show on MSNBC. A lovely woman, really. Personable, intelligent, congenial, and with a sense of humor to boot (and not bad looking, either). We had a nice conversation about her husband, her career; she signed my book, I had my picture taken with her. But, indeed, she’s obsessed with race. She sees US Foreign Policy as one based on “the conjuring of imagined racial enemies.” She views critiques of the President as racially charged, no matter who they come from. Her belief is that African Americans still are in a society determined to keep them from achieving; that the Tea PArty is trying to bring the US back to Pre-Civil War days. Case in point, she signed my book “The Struggle Continues.”

    But, you almost can’t blame her. She spent years sitting in a pew at the Trinity Church being brainwashed by Black Liberationist Jeremiah Wright. I guess she could have gotten up and left, but its not always that easy. Its almost a form of abuse, to watch those sermons, where these people are basically being conditioned to believe that – no matter how successful they become and no matter how respected they become – they will always be “held back by the rich white folks.” I actually feel quite sorry for her. She has everything a Middle class citizen could possibly wish for, but she still is under the illusion that America is “holding her back.”

    • So excellently said!! Bravo.

    • white531

      “But, you almost can’t blame her.” Yes, I can blame her, James. She had every opportunity the rest of us had. She made a conscious decision to go to that church and sit in that pew and listen to that poison. Don’t make apologies for these people. The more you apologize for their behavior, or try to give a reason for it, the more they will engage in that behavior. Call it for what it is, Stupid! The more you try to make apologies for stupid people and their stupid behavior, the more they will continue to exhibit stupid behavior. I live a normal life. I don’t spend my time apologizing for the fact that I live a normal life. If you think even for a moment, that I am going to waste time apologizing for Ms. Perry’s life, you are sadly mistaken. I blame Ms. Perry for even existing, so long as she is willing to shoot off her mouth about it and expect the rest of us to give a damn. Personally, I don’t and I never will.

      • Incidentally, she and Michelle Obama are like this *crosses fingers*.

        Prof. Perry had been promoting Michelle’s husband at least a decade before he was a household name. Since then, Prof. Perry has been one of Michelle’s most ardent defenders.They’re fairly similar women from similar backgrounds; both from mid-lower class backgrounds, both members of the Trinity Church in Chicago, both Ivy League educated, etc.

        Because Michelle Obama so carefully guards her true colors for the world to see, I’m generally willing to allow women like Valerie Jarrett, Susan Sher, and Melissa Harris Perry to articulate what I suspect our First Lady really believes; in terms of fiscal and monetary policy, foreign policy, and social issues. And between these lovely women, its not pretty what I’m finding, lol.

        • white531

          Thanks, James. I didn’t know that. Makes perfect sense, though.

  • white531

    This thing about race. It has been a problem for this country ever since the first slaves were brought here to work on the plantations. I have often said, the worst thing our Founders did to this country was to bring slaves to our shores. Not only was it wrong to begin with, but it placed a burden on future generations of such magnitude, that it has almost destroyed this country. Even with all the reparations that have been put in place and all the apologies, the large majority of Black Americans still hate or mistrust White Americans. Please follow me through this pattern of thought until I am finished, then you can begin with your criticisms.

    Those of us who are white and those of us who are black, have endured this rift between two sets of human beings for well over two hundred years now. Many attempts have been made in that time to set things right. But, in the end, it has never been enough. Enough to satisfy the hatred. Enough to make amends. This man we call, Barack Hussein Obama, masqueraded as a Healer. Someone who promised he could finally bring us together as a nation. Heal the wounds. Water down the hatred. He has done none of this. Instead, he has become the leader and the focal point for the radicals in the black community to get even. To achieve some kind of black justice upon the rest of us. Eric Holder is the poster child for what Obama hoped to achieve against the hated white man. This is no longer opinion. Go back and read his books. Unlike the Candidate, his books don’t try to hide any of his hatred and anger.

    On the political landscape, the Liberals were quick to seize the advantage in this. Disgruntled minorities, whether they be black or brown, are a bonanza in the voting booth. The Democrats have tried to become the symbol of Freedom for disadvantaged minorities, after all the injustices those evil Republicans have heaped upon them. Guess what? It worked. It worked beyond their wildest dreams. Only a very few of them realize that the Democrats never did anything for them at all, except to continue slavery, this time of the economic variety.

    You want to know what a real minority is? A real minority in our society are those minorities who realize that the Democratic Party has just been treating them like Idiots in order to maintain control over them and the rest of us. Most of them are so poorly educated that the whole idea the Progressives present to them, just plays like a great movie on the big screen. That and the welfare check they get each month in their mailbox. Folks, most of them never left the Plantation. There is a sadness in that, no question. But if we don’t accept the reality, the problem will never be solved. One thing is for sure, absolutely. It will never be solved by Obama or his fat wife who hates America. All except for Air Force One. Almost forgot that one. They do love Air Force One. So much so, they have almost worn it out. And expensive hotels. Don’t forget expensive hotels. And lavish vacations. But they hate rich people. Curiously enough though, they don’t seem to hate the way rich people live. Just like the Bolsheviks.

    • I might be so naive, but I never EVER understood before (until I started paying attention to how the democrat party brainwashes their masses) the race thing. I mean, really. Yes, slavery was, and still is a horrible part of history, a history that is shared pretty much on every continent by many people. But heck, African slaves were sold by their own people too. BUT that was over 200 years ago!!!! I haven’t got a clue what my ancestors were doing back then, but whatever good or bad they did, I don’t know how that can relate to how I behave now.
      I didn’t know the great granddaddy slave owner or the great granddaddy slave. I, and the rest of America have NOTHING to do with what happened back then.
      I like Martin Luther King. I like what he had to say about the content of the character. Too bad so many blacks who live on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Who go to Martin Luther King Jr. Public School, who celebrate Martin Luther King day and Black History month don’t pay any attention to the words he spoke!!
      Or are they the real racists, because it applies to how they look at us, but we can’t look the same way?
      Dang this is frustrating, and pathetic… and sad. And pretty dispicable. So many of these folks have been used for generations PAST the slave days, yet keep on voting for their masters and hating those who want to finally set them free.

      • white531

        Yep, that’s pretty much it, bornincanada. If you and I think it’s frustrating and pathetic, what do you think Allen West thinks of it?

    • Watchman74

      These biases are passed down from generation to generation. Yup lots of injustices were done to blacks, native Americans, Asians, etc. Heck even certain white ethnic groups were treated poorly by other whites. But if we want to move forward we really need to put the past behind. None of us were alive back then when these things happeneded, we are not responsible for there actions. The dems need to stop harping on the past, they keep racism alive and well.

      • white531

        Actually, Watchman, I think the Dems need to keep doing what they are doing, while minorities wake up to what they are doing and see them for what they really are.

  • detectivedick

    Well Mark, I do not listen to MicrosoftNBC so as I listened to your comments tonight I looked up this two last name women. I provided a link:
    Now some facts about this two last name women:
    -Harris-Perry is a full-time political science professor at Tulane University in Gender, Race and Politics in the South.
    -she says, she couldn’t pass up “the opportunity to have a public forum the year in which we either will — or will not — re-elect America’s first black president”
    -The legacy of President Obama is personal for Harris-Perry, whose father is black. She self-identifies as black, too.
    – Harris-Perry offered viewers this essay on the nature of how freedom was won for — and in — the United States. “Our founding is an unlikely narrative of young men, so inspired by an age of ideas that they threw off the yoke of colonialism and founded a free nation — men who were embarrassingly imperfect,” she said. “The land on which they formed this union was stolen. The hands with which they built this nation were enslaved. The women who birthed the citizens of the nation are second class.
    So Mark the Progressive USA haters are out there in positions of power and the media.
    This women is toxic and a climber using hate to keep her going.

  • white531

    That’s curious, isn’t it? That most products of interracial marriages see themselves as black. They are half white. Why don’t they see themselves as white? They could easily take on the heritage of the white side of their family and celebrate that white heritage. But, they don’t. Folks, that’s what we call, “a wonderment.”

    • WordsFailMe

      Whites continue to have racial guilt and having a culture which is color sensitive, yeild to the black parent’s culture which is basically supportive and inclusive.

      I guess there’s good and bad in all of us

  • Mark Levin should go debate the MSNBC dunderhead he’s schooling here. It would a great show watching The Great One ripping her apart

  • p m

    This is in my ‘Favourite Levin’ file (it grows daily!) and seems to be a good fit here, dealing as it does with the Constitution and the fight against slavery, as well as the Madison Papers. It also is a reminder to us that the subversive press, in this case Farid Zakaria, gets its comeuppance in the end. Zakaria just got found out palgiarizing at the NYT and is supended now.

    A little pelosi bashing for a chaser?

  • Wow…amazing monologue…Levin is a one man think tank…

  • When all else fails liberals will always play the race card.

  • Nukeman60

    Being half-black/half-white, how does this Mellisa Harris-Perry come to terms with herself, as her ancestors committed these terrible crimes on her ancestors. I’m sure that is why there is so much hatred in her life, as she can’t sleep at night with all the self-loathing and self-hatred that she must endure.

    Or is she just a hypocrite? (Sorry, MSNBC host and hypocrite are redundant. My bad.)

    • WordsFailMe

      One more reason to offer applications to the “human race”—lol

  • 99Dual99Citizan99

    Thanks for posting, Right Scoop. One of the great rants by Mark Levin. ” There, I said it.”

  • Night Thrasher

    Well, it NEVER about race for wingnuts, is it? Afterall, the last thing yall ever want to do is acknowlege the struggles of “blah” people, right? But, hey, what do I know? I see tea-baggers on television complaining about undocumented workers taking from “good, honest Americans” and Muslims taking from “good, honest Americans” and blacks taking from “good, honest Americans” and gays taking from “good, honest Americans” and atheists taking from “good, honest Americans” and Asians taking from “good, honest Americans” and I start to wonder through this zero-sum, confirmationally-biased xenophobe fest exactly who is left out your fear factor that you’re claiming as those “good, honest Americans”… maybe its those folks you guys been pandering to since Nixon decided 5-10% of the black vote was all you wingnuts cared to bother with.

    Your entire dismissal of MHP hinges on her being a racist (makes you feel better to say “I know you are but what am I?” don’t it?) without even a momentary consideration of the point she made quite clearly, i.e. its easy to claim rights are God-given and not from the government as a white man because white men never ever had to fear not having those rights honored in your little majority group tyranny you’ve held onto since Day One – and certainly youi’ll never find white men listed in our grand Constitution as merely 3/5ths a person (even as the text of our three-fifths compromise still haunts the noble work of slave owners longing to be free).

    Worse, it always white men, who have never had to ever endure any real lapses in liberty since this country’s inception, who complain about having their rights stolen when women and minorites have never really got the same deal you guys just take for granted while you dress up as Thomas Paine, Lipton Tea Salesman (and yall wingnuts do realize as you play patriot in your little Tea Party your emulating vandals who dressed up as dread Native American savages to proudly proclaim your independence from corporate influence (the East India Company) by serving the financial interests of rich plutocrat Sam Adams, right?) and play Minuteman. Didn’t your mother teach you kids to keep your toys in the yard?

    But you’re right, dude. It always race with us blacks, because whites like yourself are so blithely ignorant of your own privilege in this country and world you got the balls to complain about liberties you never lost and are never going to lose so long as the notion a a white man’s burden still fresh in some zero-summer’s mind somewhere to people who are waiting their full meassure. Yeah Welfare sure was great when it made the white middle class, but sure needed to go once “those people” got to use, nevermind how much of my great granddads taxes went to make sure you can be a dick and call it hard work and perservernce.

    Cheers, your gigglestickery made me smile knowing how convoluted your worldview had to get for you to be so willfully ignorant of the plights of the other folks living here. It really is breathtaking.

    • WordsFailMe

      You’re fighting with ghosts, my friend. The civil war was fought and now it’s done. We all live on the same planet, we breathe the same air, we love our children. Where is it that we differ?

      We are trying to save a nation here for all men and women. These racists attitudes and distrust of successful people, whether they originate in a white mind or a black one, are destructive and simply outdated. Move on up, out of the darkness. Attend a tea party rally and see.

      • kong1967

        “Attend a tea party rally and see.”

        There’s the problem. The criticism we get comes from people who know nothing about the facts of what the Tea Party is. They listen to Rachel Madcow and they just know that we Tea Party racists and Rush Limbaugh want to hang blacks in the trees in our back yards. I’m pretty fed up with it.

        • WordsFailMe

          I know.

          But we all live on the same planet, we breathe the same air, we love our children. Where is it that we really differ?

          Kong we are going to take back our country and try, for ourselves and our posterity, to put these stupid socialist and communist ideas, dreamed up by romantic, drug using womanizers, homosexual activists and pederasts of the mid 1800’s to bed once and for all.

          This Night Thrasher guy lives in the 60’s where, if you failed at work or school, you could still get laid by being a “Revolutionary.” You didn’t have to carry a big stick if you could just sound like you had one in you pocket. Probably this type will never completely disappear form the planet but rather, as in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s simply go out of fashion.

          Eldrige Cleaver was a Black Bad Dude with a big mouth, feared in the white communities and campuses in the 60’s. When the “Black Revolutionary, Little Red Books, Kill Whitey, Hammer and Sickle” fad died off with the humiliating death of the arch dispshit Sin Q, the indifference toward Bill Ayers and when Patti Hearst married and had kids, Eldridge came out of the closet and went into women’s fashion design. Ho-Hum.

          There will come a time where young women will move on from unemployed, loud-mouthed revolutionaries and NT will have to change his style to get laid. With any luck, he’ll have skills beyond rhetoric and will find work under Romney Ryan and pay for his own health care.

          • kong1967

            Hopefully he changes his style because he realizes the liberals’ utopia is a lie, not because he wants to get laid, lol.

            • WordsFailMe

              On the other hand, how many people have you met that quote James “Tie-bury-us” Kirk to win an argument about socialism and racial hatred- Quite creative. LOL

              • kong1967

                How many? Uh….it just went up to one.

    • kong1967

      That was a completely ridiculous rant. I am Tea Party, and the only group in the ones you listed that I have ever heard anyone say “takes from good, honest Americans” are the illegals. We are for legal immigration at responsible levels. It’s not a racial thing and you know it.

      You don’t think the Democrat party’s failure to look past the color of a person’s skin is racist? Whether you are black, white, red, or brown the color of your skin shouldn’t be catered to in the political arena. Every man is equal, but not in your world. You demand to have special privileges because you are a victim. You have the same opportunities I have, so stop claiming to be a victim of slavery. YOU ARE NOT!! Stop using that as an excuse. Jewish people were slaughtered by the millions and you don’t hear them claiming to be victims, do you? The only way this country moves on as every man being equal is if you quit clinging to being a victim and if the Democrat party quits treating you like one.

      Next time, say something halfway intelligent instead of coming in with your bullcrap slander that has no basis or fact to it.

    • onetwopunch

      In reply to your third question, after reading your predictable post, nothing. Prepare to be tea-bagged Nov.6.

    • Looks like you’re blithely ignorant of your privilege, living in the best possible country for people of color. The one country that proved to the planet, by way of war where 800,000 men died, that skin color would not be tolerated as a reason to enslave others.

      But don’t worry, while you are “breathtaking” over your bizarre assumptions (how does that work, exactly? I mean, do you sit there breathing really hard or something?), we’ll be restoring the Liberty that the Democrats took from you. The liberty they stole while they destroyed the black family unit, let the inner cities fall to ruin, helped Margaret Sanger’s policies of aborting black babies spread like the plague, and gave young black men the highest unemployment rate in the USA.

    • white531

      Like I said, most of them never left the plantation. A hundred years from now, we’ll be living in colonies on Mars and they’ll still be complaining.

  • WordsFailMe

    Stump stupid- She should have handled these issues in the 12th grade

    • kong1967

      Did she make it that far?

      • WordsFailMe

        It didn’t sound like it. But who knows what kind of hate and distrust was hammered into that head from her birth? Who knows what kind of racist teachers she had in college who found in her a weakness they could exploit for their own purposes?

        I don’t let her off the hook, don’t get me wrong, she is making her cake and now she can eat it. There is nothing you and I can do or say to change her or even make peace with her.
        She will undergo a lot more beatings from people not nearly as smart and as compassionate and patient as Mark Levin before she discovers that she is just another human who has wasted a lifetime.

        • kong1967

          Agreed. The Democrat party and liberals are responsible for perpetuating the victim mentality for control and votes.

      • 12grace


  • onetwopunch

    A moderator here at right scoop, K-Bob, has equated Mark Levin’s appeal to what we are doing to our country and leaving to our children and grandchildren, the same tactics, as what Virginia landowners did to block slavery reforms. (“But our land will be worthless without slaves, think of our children!”) K-Bob compares that to Mark’s appeal to people to consider what we are leaving our children and grandchildren. K-Bob should should bring this to Mark Levin’s attention so Mark can correct himself. I’m sure he would see the err and correct himself.

    • You know how you, among other people, were able to find out what I wrote? Because I wrote it here, for people to read. Clearly you somehow fail to grasp that obvious fact, feeling some need to tell others what you think I wrote. It’s also odd you think I should find some way to “tell Mark Levin” something, but aren’t capable of responding to my comment directly.

      As to Levin, I’ve been writing that the ABO concept was a terrible tactic, here and elsewhere for quite some time. It’s demonstrably bad: Do you go into negotiations and tell the person you are negotiating against that you will eventually give them everything they want, right up front? No, you wouldn’t, unless you have no negotiation skill at all. Or some desire to be submissive.

      Are you submissive?

      Do you insist on paying full price when everyone else is paying at a discount? Take the first job offer, regardless of pay (trick question: the first job offer is a “help wanted” sign. Nobody takes those jobs if they can get unemployment instead).

      Do you let the other guy look in your wallet and watch you sweat? Romney got a full look in the ABO wallet, and made conservatives sweat, because Levin (and many others, it wasn’t just Mark Levin doing this) told everyone he would vote for the nominee regardless of any qualifying aspect whatsoever.

      Look, Levin is a beacon of Liberty and I respect him very much, but he is wrong about this tactic. In a year when all other talk radio hosts were unfocused, unclear, and inconsistent, Levin was solid as a rock. But this was one of the few things he got wrong this year, and it was a mistake that was costly.

      The correct way to execute the Levin Orange Juice Can Principle is to make the candidates work for your vote, all the way to the convention. You never make it known you will vote for any of them, regardless of whether they earned your vote. Otherwise the “machine” candidates will defeat you EVERY TIME. It’s a sucker move, the kind con men are always waiting to jump on. And Romney played conservatives like saps because of it.

      Once Levin prematurely declared his Orange Juice Can Principle, and people echoed it, declaring “Anyone But Obama!” Romney knew he had conservatives over a barrel. “Anyone But Obama” leads to people caving on principle and failing to stand behind decent conservatives, because of fear; plain and simple fear. The White Knight Syndrome is alive and well in the Republican party, and it caused us to miss out on the greatest chance we’ve had in ten generations to restore the Constitution as the law of the land.

      Instead we have a man who has shown no desire to return to Constitutional principles, offering instead a selection of cherry-picked policies and plans that are based on “problem solving.” Well any President has to be able to do that. It’s one of the basic qualifiers for the job. We need someone with a grasp of the one key thing that made America great, and “how to bring back jobs” wasn’t it.

      Bill Clinton was great on jobs. How did that work out?

      Our children and our grandchildren deserve a generation of adults living now, who have the backbone to stand up to the progressives and Rockerfeller Republicans. That’s what the grandchildren deserve; not some stand in, cardboard cutout that represents nothing more than rejection of the opposition. That’s not taking a risk. That’s not how you win the kind of political war we face.

      It’s a holding action at best, and it was not the right thing to do to our children—squandering the best opportunity in living memory to restore their Liberty. Instead, we will be stuck with the long, slow slog to try and get a conservative majority that can hold for decades, which of course really leaves the job up to the kids. Again.

      (Understand folks: this comment is addressing the ABO concept AS a concept, not Romney’s candidacy as it stands now, nor whether anyone should vote for him. Those are separate topics entirely, and I am not one of those angry ranters who keep declaring Romney unfit for office. I’ve written a lot about this elsewhere in these threads.)

      • white531

        How well you write, K-Bob. I don’t know how anyone could misunderstand anything you say. Good to have you as a Moderator.

        • Hey, thanks!

        • onetwopunch

          Go read the post. You agree it’s Levins fault we got Romney? How well Levin articulates his points of view, I don’t know how anyone could misunderstand anything he says.

          • white531

            I’ve read the post, onetwopunch. I didn’t get the message you got from it. Perhaps you could take a few more words and explain. This is a civil site. We try not to eat our own, like some sites. Explain yourself a little more and I will try to follow.

      • onetwopunch

        1. Had to go to work, in a rush, not enough time to flesh out a response.
        2.The thread is still up, if your response has not been deleted, people can read it themselves and your analogy. Comparing Levin talking about preserving our country and society for the future of our children by voting out Obama, to Virginians preserving the institution of slavery to preserve their way of life for their children. I despise the left for their, “Do it for the children!” tact, but Levin does not use it the same way.
        3.Levins tactic? Did he run one of the repub candidates campaign? It’s his fault Romney is getting the nomination? You do not listen to his show. Most of the time when he used the orange juice can thing it was in response to callers throwing hissy fits that he needed to support this one or that one, or this guys not conservative or that guys a RINO, etc. The guy is a radio talk show host, he did not pick the candidates who ran in the primary. He said who he supported. Your blaming of Levin for who got the nomination and who people voted for in the primary is insane or arrogant, or both.
        4. Reading comprehension is obviously not your best suit, so let me type it out for you again. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT MITTENS GETTING THE NOMINATION. HE WAS NOT MY FIRST OR SECOND OR THIRD OR FOURTH POSSIBLE PICK IN THE PRIMARIES. (I can’t keep typing like this) West did not run. Demint did not run. Palin did not run. I guess Levin did not tell them to run or just has not thrown us Levin listeners enough info about them. Again I think Romney sucks. I will vote for him against Obama.
        5.I knock on doors, man phone banks, attend Amador and Marin county tea party meetings, still. I’ve marched in veterans parades in support of our troops in Berkeley and SF with Code Pink screaming in my face calling me a murderer, warmonger. “Political war we face.” Uh, ok.
        6. My family campaigned heavily for Senator Paul Laxalt to be Reagans VP choice. I remember how pissed my father was that Bush got the nod. I was 11 years old then. I remember having a bunch of Goldwater for President buttons stuck into my headboard when I was younger. Spare me, I know what a conservative is.
        7.Levins ABO concept is Marks fault we got Romney. Levin must have helped Reagan sell crack to 14 year olds too, when he worked in his administration.
        8. Your post mentioning kids and the slavery thing was a swipe at me because I mentioned my children and intended to bait me in your butt kissing session with 1776pcrp whoever he was. Rather than just calling me stupid up front, in a reply to one of my posts, you take a swipe saying “no wonder repubs are the party of stupid.” Then act all indignant elsewhere about personal attacks. Clicking my profile and only seeing x amount of replies does not mean I am new to debate rooms or debating in comment sections. I know the tactics and see right through comments like yours.
        9.There is no need for me to point out how wrong you are in your slavery comparison to Levin. If people wish to see and decide what context you claim you did not use, they can go look for themselves and form their own opinion.
        10.I know you have the task of moderating here, please try to ignore my posts and do not comment on them. It will save both of us wasting our time.

        • white531

          Why the anger, onetwo? Disagreement over a post, I can understand. But anger at this level? You’re scaring me a little here. We can discuss this, if you like, but I find it a little overwhelming to respond to a 10 point presentation. I don’t think any of us here, including K-Bob did anything to merit this response.

        • white531

          “Levin must have helped Reagan sell crack to 14 year olds too, when he worked in his administration.”

          Did you really meant that?

        • Nice. I didn’t compare “slavery” to “Levin.” Invidious Comparison arguments like that are so far from the point as to be worthless.

          It’s about tactics. Period. Slavery was held on to in the colonies because the economy of the South was fully invested in it. If the slaves went away, the land values dropped. That was typical of the reasons the Virginians put forward as they made deals to keep slavery alive, despite it’s obvious incompatibility with the unalienable rights detailed in the Declaration that they voted on.

          They wanted to preserve the land values for their children. Never mind the terrible, immense cost to their great-grandchildren in the long run.

          The ABO tactic is similar because it is a position held in fear. Fear of losing. The Republic wouldn’t exist if the founders took that attitude. That’s why this is a VERY appropriate comparison.

          We had a genuine chance to restore liberty because no sitting President in modern history has caused so much damage to the nation. He was weak all year, and could be beaten by any of the candidates who ran in the primary, even Ron Paul. We didn’t need to select the “safe” choice. That didn’t do anything to protect “the children.” Instead, it foisted the entire job on *their* backs because we refused to support the kind of candidate that would restore the original intent of the Constitution.

          And this isn’t about you, no matter how much personal crap you have brought into the discussion. I’ve written about this several times, and your interjecting yourself into it as somehow being part of the argument is totally uninteresting to me, and worthless in the discussion of this issue.

          (As to “people can go an look for themselves” what exactly do you think they are doing when they are reading this?)

          (Again, folks, this isn’t about what happens AFTER the convention. This is about how to deal with the primary process. A lot of conservatives have had enough of voting for the least Reagan-like Republican. If we restore the intent of the primary, and let it do its job by making the candidates earn your vote all the way to the convention, then we won’t have so many people dropping out early. We need to have more than one contender going into the convention so that we have a way to negotiate among the various factions in the party.)

          (For the history nit pickers, clearly I’m focusing on one aspect of a very broad issue when pointing out how dire the consequences are of failing to think about the long term. On the one hand, slavery endured far beyond the Founding, and exacted a terrible toll. On the other hand, at least the Southerners made a bargain to support the Unalienable Rights clause in the Declaration, and the founders did agree to risk all in war with Britain. I’m not ignoring the latter action in making my point. What I’m doing is reminding folks that failure to take a risk on a conservative now has made Restoration a very unlikely thing, and that it is a serious as those great issues from the days of the Founding.)

          • white531

            Beautiful explanation, K-Bob. I couldn’t agree more. I am one of the guilty ones, in that I am in the camp of, “This is what we wound up with and now we have to support them,” but the ABO thing goes deeper than that. The convention itself, is like a boxing match that has been rigged, but everyone is pretending they don’t know, until it is announced.

            “Anyone But Obama” leads to people caving on principle and failing to stand behind decent conservatives, because of fear; plain and simple fear.” (from your previous comment)

            There is one other thing I don’t like about the structure of the Primary process and that is the television debates that are orchestrated and controlled by the Left. Give me another example in History, where one of two opposing factions allows the other to set up and run a debate between them, including who the interrogators get to be and what questions are asked? I can’t think of one.

            • You’re right. That has always puzzled a lot of us.

              We have to start ignoring the Democrat/Media Complex as a news channel. Stacy McCain has started the ball rolling there. He only links to the NYT or LAT when absolutely necessary, and warns folks that the link is to a “disreputable source.”

              …just like you would do when linking to Stormfront or Workers World.

              We should only allow news agencies that have integrity to be involved in the debates.

        • 12grace

          A Call To Arms For White People Of Truth

          White People Lost Their Constitutional Right


  • Please do yourself a favor and pull the plug on cable TV. SAVE MONEY!

  • it wasn’t meant for women or non whites, only enlightened people looked at the words for there most holy meaning.

    • Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean everyone else has to play dumb.

      The Declaration of Independence was the greatest concept in human rights ever created by man. It was the direct reason why France, England, and the US outlawed slavery and gave non-whites the vote. The best place in the world for a non-white (which is a statist concept—probably why leftists love race so much) to live is in the USA. That’s why they come here.

      They come for the Liberty. They stay for the prosperity.

    • Watchman74

      Take a look at history, slavery was rampant, women were considered property. This was universally accepted in every society. It took a few generations but America broke that mold and it was possible because of the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Harris is the outcome of revisionist’s taking over the educational system and brainwashing children.

  • stevenbiot

    Is the wealthy white man phrase still being used by people who know nothing of being slaves and their race baiting sycophants? If you live in America today, you haven’t the faintest idea about the toils of slavery.

    • white531


  • 12grace

    Love Levin.

    Harris is yet another “victim” of someone else’s experience in past history. Harris and others that feel themselves to be “victims” will always be “victims” no matter how many more opportunities and hand-out’s they get due to their minority status.

    • white531

      “Victims,” in many other countries around the globe, actually have a reason to feel victimized. Victims here in America, like Harris, live a pretty comfortable life, in spite of being, “victims.” Hard for me to feel sorry for them.

  • anneinarkansas

    Melissa showed her racism!

  • MiketheMarine

    Blacks do not want a level playing field and a chance. They want a free ride. The funny thing is MOST blacks in the country have not ONE single relative who was a slave, ever.

  • libertyandtyranny

    One of the best defenses of liberty against tyranny I have ever heard.

  • That’s why he is the “great one.”