Mark Levin slams Boehner saying he’s a lightweight intellectually, constantly outmaneuvered by Obama

Mark Levin says that there are no constitutionalists in the places of power in the Republican Party, that we are governed by statists (Democrats) and neo-statists (Republicans) and many in Congress think it’s their job to get in line with the Speaker instead of getting in line with the constitution and their constituents. Levin refers to a New York Times article yesterday where Boehner told the Republican House to fall in line via a conference call so that they could avoid “nasty showdowns that marked the last two years”. According to the article many of the GOP on the call “took their dose” of the bitter medicine instead of revolting like they had in the last 2 years.

Levin believes that Boehner and his leadership team are a huge problem in the House, calling Boehner an intellectual lightweight who is constantly outmaneuvered by Obama and the left. He says that Boehner is constantly drawing lines in the sand only to go out and take a swim in the ocean.

Levin says a lot more and you can listen below:

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  • FreeManWalking

    I totally agree, BawnYer is a LOOSER, and a willingly weak looser at that.

  • Jim Botts

    John Boehner is going to flush all of our congressional gains from 2010 down the toilet. You watch!

    If you are a freshman congressman from the class of 2010, make your decision. Boehner or us. We intend to vote accordingly in 2014.

  • nibblesyble

    Levin on fire!

  • Jim Botts

    Everyone should be contacting their congressional offices and warning them they will be thrown out of office by the same people that elected them in 2010.

    If Boehner wants to run left, let him do so with democrat votes.

  • Don

    Boehner is a weakling when it comes to leadership. He is Obama’s bobble-head doll who will be a rubber stamp for the progressives if not replaced. When there is no difference between the republicans and the progressives, the republicans will cease to exist. Romney losing just reinforced they are now the third party. There is no excuse for Americans to not come forward now.

  • madhattertc

    I can’t wait to watch Boehner bend like Gumby on the fiscal cliff issue when he gives Obama what he wants.

    • KenInMontana

      Begone troll.

    • Rshill7

      I read your ignorant profile and offer this:

      ‘Tis better to be a Tea Bagger than Tea Bagged. You prefer the latter, no?

      Do you have a corn muffin I can have 158% of? If not perhaps you can explain how counties and states can have more total votes cast than there are voters in the state. If you can, I’ll give you 141% of my cookie.

    • Rshill7

      Answer my question. And use spell check. You don’t look banned to me.

      • KenInMontana

        Oh it’s banned alright, and I have the troll guts on my hammer to prove it. 🙂

        • lol. I think we gave him a two fer.

          • tvlgds

            He musta said a whole lot more than what’s showing now!

            • It was rude and gross, and completely lacking in intelligence. I edited, Ken kicked his butt to the curb.

              • Oh my a one-two punch from the mods. Not a good day for that poster…Then again, it may have been fun to tag team like that.

            • It was really bad, even I flagged it. Something I try not to do unless it’s really over the top.

              • tvlgds

                Same here. I don’t think I’ve flagged more than a handful of times since I’ve been here and it was for personal attacks.

        • Orangeone

          Woo hoo my Montana hero! I heard MT joined the states petitioning to secede! Please post some great conservative businesses we can support in your great state 🙂

          • KenInMontana

            There has been a “secessionist” movement in the Northwest for quite some time (at least 35-40 years) now. We half jokingly refer to the area (Idaho, Montana and Wyoming) as the “Fly-Over Republic”. 🙂

            Addendum: Conservative Businesses, the one the jumps to the forefront is BVAC

    • Pathetic troll… Go back to your village, it’s missing it’s idiot to bring it’s collective IQ up to 2!

      • Orangeone

        I luv you Wolfie!

    • Rshill7

      Deleted, due to a fatal dose of slug-be-gone.

    • toongoon

      “Hi TEABAGGERS. Breaking up the love fest at foxland is one of my favorite pastimes. I would find it rather boring to be on a forum where everybody agreed with me. So I come here to foxland and share my thoughts with you instead. I hope one day you teabaggers can move out of your trailer homes…..My first account was hacked and deleted……Seems like you Teabaggers just don’t want me around here. HAHAHA” – madhattertc

      This is the cranial energy of the typical Obama flunkie. Let this be a lesson to you. Remember what happens to your brain on drugs? It’s like an egg being dropped in an overheated frying pan. Your brain on Obama is like a frog in a microwave (don’t try it at home).

      Sorry I missed your comment before it was cleaned up….no, not really, I’m sure there was nothing to miss.

      Hast la vista baby.

      • tvlgds

        Ah thx. Now I see what I missed. What a maroon!!! (intentional misuse of word!)

  • CPAguy

    Tell us what is on your mind, Levin. LOL…

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Not because he is stupid but because he is a member of the permanent political class and wants the Tea Party dead! The truth lives in Wasila Alaska.

  • Boehner is such a lightweight that…

    If he let go of his paperweight, he’d blow away.
    He once stood in front of a fan and was found blown 145 feet away!
    He can walk on bubblewrap and nobody would ever hear!
    If he holds a helium filled balloon he’d rise up and never be seen again!
    During a windy day, he grabs children’s hands.. To keep himself safe!

    That’s all I can think of for now! 🙂

    • Orangeone

      My friend, you are on a roll here and on Twitter tonight!

      • My “followers” on Twitter went up from 6 to 14 last night! 🙂 Poor fools… If they only knew what they’d signed up for! 🙂

        You’ve been on fire yourself Orangeone! Here and on twitter too! I read those tweets! 🙂

        • Orangeone

          You’ll gain more. I’m up to 54 and they are darn solid constitutionalists.  Keep tweeting and retweeting, that’s what I do.  I reply selectively to tweets that have been retweeted, especially in the conversation thread.
          I read your tweets too and learn more each time.  Thanks for sharing your intellect with the world!

          • Everyone knows I keep my intellect tied up in the basement! I only shared a few pics and now you tell me the whole world knows about it??? Twitter! What have I done?!??! 🙂

            • Orangeone

              Sharing the new intellect based on current events, the rest is still secure in the basement 🙂

              • (Phew!) That’s a relief! 🙂

  • detectivedick

    Force the tan man to change to the Progressive Democrat party. Then elect Ryan as Speaker. I don’t want a line in the sand , I want a wall of steel!

    • StrangernFiction

      I’d prefer someone like Jim Jordan, but I’ll take Ryan. What we’ll get, if any change is made, is more of the same (ie Cantor).

    • WinMissouri

      I was thinking if we could get Ryan into the Speaker position and then pray and work to get Obama to resign, Biden to resign (run them out of office for all the crimes against the Constitution), Ryan becomes President.

      Some wishful thinking of a way out of the Nov 6 theft.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    mark is right….. i have wanted boehner out as speaker, sick of his pandering to barry.
    we have better people to be speaker.

  • It was a great rant! I don’t know how we’d get inspired without Mark Levin!! Thanks Scoop!

    Right now he’s doing his tribute to our Armed Forces. I love it when he does this!!

  • If they’re golfing together that’s a problem for me. Boehner and Obama smiling, sharing thoughts, drinks? How serious can their differences be?

    • las1

      Dumb ol’ dumb dumb Boehner.

      Mr. John (Milquetoast) Boehner… clueless that OZero is NOT patting him on the back in a friendly round of golf.. It’s a knife you BIG DUMMY.

    • Orangeone

      And don’t forget the smokes, you know the ones that cause cancer that the death panel will vote to end treatment for regular folks but not the congressional ones.

  • poljunkie

    ….And this is why we all love Mark Levin!

    • PVG

      You better believe it!


    …it looks like the only way AMERICA is going to WAKE UP is like an alcoholic waking up in his own VOMIT IN THE CURB on a roadside outside of his watering hole .As AMERICA will have to find it self to SAVE ITSELF from the Mao Obama MARXIST STATIST REGIME . That is right AMERICA will have to hit SKID ROW to REVIVE ITSELF from the ASH HEAP created by Mao Obama and his minions.”

  • StrangernFiction

    At a spring 2009 fundraising dinner, Sessions strode to the microphone and told listeners that his singular goal was to “retire Nancy Pelosi” as speaker.

    “Boehner was sitting there as the minority leader,” Sessions recalled to POLITICO. “He said, ‘Don’t say that shit.’”

    • PhillyCon

      What a loser.

    • p m

      Which is why Sessions will be re-elected in 2014 and, please TEA Party – Boehner won’t.

  • I’m going to have to listen to this guy from now on…

    • Orangeone

      OmGosh, have you not listened to Mark Levin? He is the most brilliant, conservative, constitution-loving man I’ve ever heard.

      • NHConservative0221

        Best host on the radio hands down.

        • Orangeone

          We are blessed to have Scoop post him for us!

        • kittb

          I agree. There are some very good hosts on the radio, but Levin is tops.


    …countdown: 1529 days remaining in the Presidency Barack HUSSEIN Obama .”

    • OY!

      • Rshill7

        Excuse me Ma’am. Could you let that koookie boookie above back in so I can play with him? I realize it would be a “battle of wits with an unarmed man” but, dat don’t mean it would’t be fun. Whaddaya say?

        • KenInMontana

          Sorry R, we have a strict “No Deposit, No Return” policy on trollish types. 😉

        • Normally mybear, I would have left him for you guys to play with, but Ken’s right. No returns. Maybe we’ll let the next one stay for a little while. You guys would have them curled up in the fetal position in no time anyway 😉

    • Eph18

      …and thanks to the GOP’s “big tent” policy, welcome President Biden.

      No need to countdown when the expectation of winning is gone

    • roberted

      And then what? By that time the takers will outnumber the producers by at least 2 to 1 and they won’t even need the usual massive fraud to get another Marxist/Communist elected.

  • Orangeone

    This man needs to be our next Speaker of the House!

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Unfortunately, Mark, Sean, and Rush have to take matters into their own hands. They should all three lead a full-throttle effort to replace Boehner with Paul Ryan.

    • 3seven77

      Hannity has Turdblossom Karl Rove on his radio show tonight. So I turned it off. And I will keep shutting it off every time Rove is on. Rove is as big a loser as Boehner.

    • cabensg

      You mean like they went full throttle against a Romney nomination as our candidate.

      They think sitting in their ivory towers speaking to the choir and writing books is all that’s needed to save America when what we need are real patriots.The kind who are willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor.

      If they truly believed that our country would never recover from another four years of Obama and would change forever, there efforts in their positions were, to be kind, self-serving.

    • Guest1776rcp

      Paul Ryan? Seriously? Have you ever looked at his voting record when it really matters. Sure he is good with gimics like the Ryan budget plan but the GOP knew it would never get to the Presidents desk. Examine Ryan’s record when the vote actually matters and more often than not Paul Ryan is an establishment yes man big spender. My goodness WTFU and DO NOT allow the MSM, Dems and RINOs convince you Paul Ryan is a TPer. He is not TP and is establishment Yes man.

  • Terrenceor

    The Bush wing of the Republican party is in control and have been since 1998 when they forced Gingrich out. The legal graft by Congress really hit its stride then. Denny Hastert the Illinois Pol as Speaker.

  • Wigglesworth111

    Obama and Reid are always one step ahead of Boehner.

  • Calling him boner is too nice. It’s more like Speaker Flacid. Just as useless, too.

  • Landscaper

    I get in late, eat late and miss out on a war…..

    • PVG

      I feel your pain…..from the left coast.

  • NHConservative0221

    How do we ever get boner replaced as speaker??

    Primary him in OH??

    • NJK

      Hope he dies. He smokes, we can always hope. I was hoping when Reid was in his car accident a couple of weeks ago, he was gone. Well he’s old, so I don’t think we’ll have to deal with him too much longer. He’s already lost his mind.

  • PhillyCon

    I’m so glad Levin lists the many, many capitulations starting with that awful, CR.

    The fact that Obama got away with saying that Boehner blocked him from fixing the economy … is pathetic.

  • tvlgds

    Boner has the spine of an amoeba. He needs to go bye bye

  • 401_Unauthorised

    I came across the following comment on an article on WND by a Mr ‘Vox Day’, “”, much of whose content I agree with. In the context of Levin’s statement here, I think its relevant. Wonder what anyone elese thinks.

    The comment was as follows (I’ve edited it somewhat):

    “My last post via disqus before the sham elections of 2012
    was on an opinion piece by Mr Vox Day. It seems only suitable that my first
    post after the selfsame sham elections should be on an opinion piece by Mr Day.

    What was my post to weeks ago?

    “Thanks for sticking to your guns till the very end

    For those partaking in the fraud of 2012, enjoy:

    I would like now not only to thank Mr Day for sticking to his guns, but also
    the three million ‘Republicans’ who did the same, failed to blink and dared the
    sham that is the modern day Republican party to do its scummy worst.

    Because of them and the many others, who realised the sham a lot earlier (say, for example, those that didn’t turn out for McCain or Bush), while many are saying the
    conservative movement in America is dead because Obama ‘won’ the elections, I
    say conservatism is very much alive. Why do I say this? PPrecisely because of this:

    These prospective voters who sat out the elections clearly show that more people than first thought have caught on to the lie they are being fed, from the likes of Rush
    Liimbaugh and Glenn Beck (who do nothing save for being purely posers, mercilessly co-opting and profiteering the conservative cause) to the Karl Roves (the less said of him by me, the better for Mr moderator) of this world.
    What is the crux of that lie? It is that we are not strong enough or have a winning
    majority to resist the socialist/Marxist agenda being pushed on us by both
    heads of the sham party system: Democrats and Republicans.

    With all the bullying; fear-mongering; badgering of conservatives who refused
    to fall for the lie that to vote Romney was the best option at hand for
    standing up against Obama, these 3 million and more Americans refused to give
    up on the truth. They would not buy the lie that Romney was the best their side
    could offer America at this crucial hour. They (I imagine) were preparing, if
    need be, for a time when they would have to seriously consider and rediscover
    the real meaning of the statement:
    in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve
    the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among
    the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Law of
    Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of
    mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the

    They, I imagine, understood that an election against a usurper and a subversive (Ba**ck Hussein O**ma) not only validates the usurper’s perfidious claims to de jure authority in the past, but that, even if such an election did not do so, the man/woman to represent them against the alleged usurper could not be a person who for all intensive purposes had empowered, enabled and catalysed the atmosphere that saw the rise of such a usurper(ie Mitt Romney (and friends)).

    And yet, instead of seeing this truth, all the post mortems of this fraud election just gone by fail to properly hone in on this point. The point? To wit, not only do we, God-fearing Americans have a winning majority in this nation but that majority can no longer, WILL no longer, be manipulated and coerced by those ostensibly on their side into rubber stamping a fatal course for the nation and her posterity.

    Much has being made of voter fraud (as if the elitist in the Republican party do not dabble in it themselves or at least turn a blind eye to it when it happens to their favour); the ‘changing demographics’; the ‘youth vote’. Every phony post-mortem talking point has been hammered to death by these Mark Levin and Michael Savage types (who are at best glorified cowards not prepared to take the enough-is-enough
    stand needed, and at worst, faux conservatives shrewdly monopolising the conservative entertainment market), everything but the fact that conservative Americans are finally saying no and jumping off the R ship, roaming about, waiting for the next best ship (ie a truly conservative party) to dock so they can jump aboard. I suppose it is because their conscience (these ‘conservative’ pundits and columnists) pains them too much for them to probe this area to deeply. With just half of that three million who stayed at home, it must pain them to know that their beloved Romney would have beaten Ob*ma. They feel like a Henry V who musters all his oratorical energy to rally the troops only to find that the emptiness of their oration is revealed by the five men out of the tens of thousands that respond. And so they pretend not to see the thousands that deserted them.

    Mr Day, I hear you concerning the matter of the flooding in of these dissolute immigrants. But that is nothing compared to the real lesson of these elections: the fact that constitutionalists are now more comfortable with voting
    at their local gun stores
    rather than at the ballot box, stuffed, metaphorically, with serpents and poisonous arachnids, preparing themselves for a day they hope never comes but would rather it come than that they be slaves once again to despots.

    It now remains for those that did go to the ballot boxes on November 6 (to no avail) to rubber stamp the Republican head of the sham to learn this lesson also; stop backing lies and wake up!

    If not… “In the blue corner is Hillary Rodham Clinton, and in the red corner is Jeb Bush; Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, its 2016; lets get ready to CRRRRUMBLEEEEEE!!!” “

    • NJK

      I agree with you, that Jeb Bush will be their next man. I just have to draw the line with him. I won’t vote if he’s up there.

    • Good post,
      Except – I believe those 5 mln conservatives did NOT “stay home”; their ballots were discarded

  • Folks here have said all that and much more for two years.
    This guy is awful. And 100% Republican.

  • repubboy

    Mark is correct.. Mr. speaker.. Please grow a set.. !

  • puma_for_life

    You know, the Repub party may not be winning the presidency at the moment, but at the state and local level they are doing just fine. Don’t they control at least 32 of the governorships? They just got another one here in NC. They also control the House of Rep by a good sized majority. They didn’t gain control of the senate this time, but they aren’t that overwhelmed there either. At the local level, at least in NC, they have control of the state legislature starting in 2010 and gained a few more seats this time (first GOP control in 100 years) and we gained at least one congressman. So, why the big hoopla? The problems are arising when you get to Senate and Potus because urban dwellers and students vote DEM and they have been showing up and voting so able to out vote rural, but that could change. I don’t think things are as bad as being portrayed.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Boehner is indeed useless.

  • wolfveryne

    Mark Levin ,, can you possible believe after reviewing the history of the Republican Party’s actions and backings ,, to the Ronald Reagan conservative Views ,, that they will never “CHANGE” ,, can not change ,, Mark ,time to “LEAD” .

  • NJK

    Boehner’s just a stupid little man, who feels like a somebody, as Speaker. He should be tending bar somewhere.

    • he likes to brag: “well, I played golf with the prezzy. You know, we talked”…
      Total idiocy, mister Boehner!!!

    • DebbyX

      Perfect job for him. He can cry in his beer all day long!

  • Indiana

    I think Speaker Boehner has the leverage. I think the House GOP needs to put together a bill of everything they want and wait to until the last minute so the Democrats would have to pass it and Obama sign it without reading it. Inside the bill averting the fiscal cliff is the repeal of Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. Once Obama signed it I would say, “congratulations on repealing your own health care law and Dodd-Frank”. Boehner and the House establishment don’t have the stones to pull that off.

  • Diogenes_wy

    Maybe Boehner is smarter than everyone thinks. Consider the following:

    1)The economy is like a runaway train: It is going to crash and nobody can or could stop it. Not even Mitt. The Leftist/Liberal/Progressives, starting with Teddy Roosevelt, have set it on this course and by all that is Holy, they should be the ones at the throttle when it hits the cliff. Who better to take the blame?
    2) Margret Thatcher: “Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money”. Tax the rich is preposterous. They just pick up their marbles and find a more equitable game. If the top 5% of earners (who pay over 60% of taxes) decide to close up shop and live off their off shore accounts in a country that is cheaper than the US for the next four years where will the money come from to support the government give-away programs? Remember, it’s an INCOME tax. No income. No tax.
    3) The top three government expenditures are social welfare programs, the military and government salaries. Cut any of these and you will be voted out of office. Also, without the government give-aways, the 47% will do what the Greeks are doing: rioting. Which means this government will be fighting in the streets against those who elected them.

    By voicing a bi-partisan effort, the Republicans cannot be blamed for obstructionism by the administration (as they did for the last four years) when their Marxist/Socialist policies fail. In other words, the fault for failure will fall entirely on Obama and the Democrats (where it belongs).

    As conservatives, we understand the principle of ‘building our house on the rock and not the shifting sands’. So we will hunker down in our communities and work to elect good conservatives to local offices, support our churches and educate our children. And when the storm has passed we will be there to pick up the pieces and rebuild and get the train back on the right track.

  • colliemum

    There’s nobody like the Great One to say it as it is.

    I think anybody who is trying to compromise, even on websites, by exculpating the GOPe and RNC, should be forced to listen to the Great One at least three times a day!

  • imsteph

    boner is a spray tan in a suit.
    obama is a meat puppet in a suit with soros’ hand up his…..oh MY!
    or is that valerie jarrett’s?

  • Exactly right Mark Levin! Boehner has been a huge disappointment as Speaker of the House. Wish / Hope that Michele Bachmann gets selected or Allen West for the Speaker position. They need to roadblock everything that comes from the Senate, and the White House, and they really need to expose the B.H.O. / Benghazi, Libya debacle.

  • SKL53

    BOEHNER is a BONEHEAD OBAMA LACKY!!! He always has been! How often did he cave and raise the debt ceiling? He did nothing to help DEFUND OBAMACARE! He just keeps kissing O’s royal A$%!!! He is pathetic! He shouldn’t be speaker, he should be water-boy!!!

  • sherlockzz

    We need a wartime consigliere.

  • JacksonPearson

    Boehner talks, but actually he’s a ball-less wimp that will cave in to the administration.

  • aposematic

    Levin nailed it!

  • I still remember the Boehner–Biden fist bump as Barack was giving a speech a couple of years ago,after he was named speaker.That was all I needed to see from this so called Republican.

  • 1Emmit

    Rotten to the core. And so is his crew of minions- in- training, republicans in name only Mr. Boehner speaks in gibberish and garbled gibberish at that. What does he say? Who knows? Does Obama have “something” on Boehner? Is that why Boehner is so intimidated?

  • Philo Beddoe

    I’m sorry to say Almighty Mr Levin, great protector of freedom and the Constitution, the republicRATS have been working hand and hand with the demunists for years and you discover this now?

    They are all working off the same playbook. One is allowed to be more extreme than the other. Both have the same goals.


    We actually had a Conservative Senator from Illinois before obama. When he was going to run for reelection, he was told by republicRAT leadership that he was to conservative, and he was on his own financially. He lost.