Mark Levin slams Roberts: If he wants to be political he should have term limits

Mark Levin was on with Neil Cavuto earlier today talking about the decision from Chief Justice John Roberts last week and Levin’s point toward the end was the idea that Supreme Court Justices need term limits, especially if they are going to act political like Roberts did last week. Clearly Roberts caved to pressure of the leftist media and academic types and chose to rule in a political way instead of on behalf of the constitution and the country.

Levin also said that we should forget about the mandate being a tax and go after Obamacare on the substance of what it really is.

Watch below:

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  • c4pfan

    Interesting. Thanks for posting!

  • Wish Mark Levin was on the SC. Smart Man

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      But he is on the radio every weekday; you can download his program [for free] after 10:pm eastern time and listen to it the next day (1-1/2 hours without commercials).

      He’s dedicating his life to the enlightenment of hundreds of thousands of Americans – a huge service to our country.

  • Constitutionally, Congress has the power to levy a tax, duty, impost or excise. Obamacare imposes something that is not fall under the category of tax, duty, impost or excise. This means Roberts made up this ability to tax people, based on behavior. He should not be asked to resign; he should be impeached for violating the Constitutional Rights of every American citizen.

    • PVG

      EXACTLY!! This isnt’ rocket science……Roberts’ job is not writing or rewriting legislation. His job is to protect and UPHOLD the Constitution. PERIOD!

      • physicsnut

        Didn’t he take an oath ? If he violates the oath, is that sufficient justification for REMOVAL ?

    • marketcomp

      Hey, where do we start the petition to put pressure Senators for impeachment hearing? Then we can start the process of term-limits for justices. Mark is right, why is it that the liberal justices always tow the line and its only conservative justices that switch their constructionist views when they are appointed. This decision is an outrage and I am still on fire about this incoherent opinion from Justice Roberts that just turn our Constitution on it head!

    • warpmine

      Exactly! Roberts made this mandate into a direct tax which is unconstitutional. There’s simply no way that anyone can call this an income tax as someone that is wealthy and healthy may choose that insurance isn’t his cup of tea but yet is compelled to buy it or pay the government a fine for not engaging commerce. If there was any doubt about his lack of intelligence , he just cemented.

    • KarlRogue

      You got it… he made it up, just like Harry Blackmun did in Roe 40 years ago.


    What a smart, smart man….I’m so very glad he’s on our side.

    • c4pfan

      Me too. Because, I sure as heck don’t think George Will or Michael Medved helps our side!

    • aZjimbo

      He’s not called “the great one” for no reason at all.


    …is it time for the PITCH FORKS & TORCHES YET ?


    • warpmine

      Cannon and ball.

  • M_J_S

    Mark Levin for Chief Justice!

    • PVG

      You betcha!

  • marketcomp

    Mark is the best!

  • NJK

    I’ll never look at Roberts the same again. He really looks like such a small man now. He’ll understand what he did in November when Obama is thrown out in a landside, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. If we could throw Roberts out with him, we would.

    He’ll never be able to be trusted again.

    • KarlRogue

      Will he ever understand? I’m not sure. Judges live in bubbles, more impenetrable than those inhabited by academics. My guess is, he views, and his supporters are telling him, that he was heroic, and that we are just too dense to appreciate his brilliance.

  • brendawatkins

    I’m so glad the weekend is over and I can listen to Mark Levin again!

  • Patriot077

    Cleaning up the SC is just one of the housekeeping tasks We The People must set our sights on. I think Mark’s take on it is perfectly just: if the justices want to be political they need term limits.

    And the justices who maintained the courage of their convictions deserve our thanks. I don’t know how to contact them, but I intend to look into it and let them know.

  • KarlRogue

    People have to get serious about term limits for the Court. YOu are looking at 30 years of torture with John Roberts.

    The “fiction” that the Court is non-political and above it all is now just a stinking rotting lie. The lib appointees vote lib without fail. The RINO appointees act like RINOs without fail, and the Cons (all 3 of them) , well, they vote like Cons too.

    The Court should should be held to the letter of the US Constitution–by express Amendment. But even if we had that, they would cheat. That’s where the term limits come in.

    • Sandra123456

      Yes. People have to get serious about term limits for the Court and for every elected office from dog catcher to Senator.

      Get people in and out of office before they lose touch with reality and fall in love with power.

  • WordsFailMe

    Impeach the CJ of the SCOTUS-another first for the last year of the Mayan calendar!

  • PVG

    Cavuto REALLY admires Mark! Smart guy.

  • aZjimbo

    Every politician, judge, or whatever should have a 2 term limit and then go out and earn a real living. And all the benefits end also.

  • Charm4sure

    Clarity from Levin is always a treat in the wasteland of political mumbo jumbo. He makes a great case for term limits and as I recall Roberts said he favored them when he was being considered for the court. Levin’s point about the justices appointed by the left never veering right after they get in and the appointees that do veer are Republican and they turn left. Interesting and discouraging.

  • physicsnut

    If he wants to be like Duncan Lee and Alger Hiss, I suggest a more robust remedy than Term Limits.

  • kamiller42

    Is Mark Levin going to admit his culpability in endorsing Roberts’ nomination?
    “In the short period he has been on the court, John Roberts has shown he does not bring a personal agenda to his work. He follows the Constitution, and he is excellent.”

    Not saying Harriet Miers would have been better, but after the AZ and Obamacare decisions, I’d be willing to roll the dice. I have 0.001% faith in John Roberts at this time.

  • JacksonPearson

    I never did believe in judges getting lifetime appointments, especially at the appellate and supreme court level. IMO, every four years, three should leave, and three new appointments should occur right after a four year presidential election.

  • We always look to the judges that were appointed by GOP presidents as being the firewall against the loony left decisions and laws made by the liberals and when they fail to do this as in the case of Roberts we realize there is no firewall. And that is why this country is in the shape that it is today.

  • Mark Levin is brilliant.

  • Never occurs to any of you that Levin is a bag of sh!t and Roberts is right? Hilarious.