Mark Levin slams Romney for savaging Newt yet pulling back against Obama with Rev. Wright

Levin is livid over the fact that Romney repudiated anything to do with bringing up Rev. Wright in this campaign even though in the primaries he went full throttle against Newt Gingrich, even with false attack ads:

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  • Karl Rogue

    I can’t get angry about it. We all predicted this, months ago. Mitt is a RINO behaving lie a RINO.

    • sDee

      We did Karl. We did indeed.

      In Romney, Conservatives will find only false hope. We must turn to state and local elections. Ignore the Progressive Republicans and pour all we can in to TRUE Conservative and Tea Party candidates. They will work their way to DC.

      Time is short.

    • Spartan4Palin

      Something just occured to me, who intorduced O to this agent?

      And did O register on Harvard’s rolls as Kenyan?

    • Mike Lee

      As if being a Repu8blican is such a wonderful thing? Maybe that acronym should be changed to CINO? AT least that would matter. Do we really need more Republicans? No. We need more SMALL government conservatives. Romney isn’t that either. But he’s better than Obama. At least Romney is COMPETENT! That’s his biggest asset versus Obama. The current POTUS is woefully ineffective and inexperienced – and it shows. I sincerely believe that Romney will improve the economy if given the chance.

      • PFFV

        Romney better grow a pair and present this to the public or he will lose a lot of votes. As Mark pointed out so very well, Romney ran false smear ads against fellow Republican’s but won’t get down and dirty against Obama with the truth? The ‘Great One’ spells it out like no other and I love him for keeping us informed. Who else would? This nation is going to hell and the only people that truly want to solve the problems are True Conservatives / Tea Party Patriots, everyone else is just part of the problem, RomneyCare included. I will vote for him while holding my nose because he stinks like RINO excrement.

  • Mitt Romney is just trying to win the election so that he can stop Obama’s hateful, economic-destroying policies. The economy is the biggest issue, so he’s hitting Obama on the economy and jobs. Why bring Wright into this? Wright doesn’t have anything to do with the economy. Furthermore, Wright’s story is nothing new. It made news in 2008. Romney is going to destroy Obama in November with his constant message on jobs. We don’t need more shinny objects.

    • JRD1

      We don’t need McLame 2.0 and we won’t vote for someone who trashes conservatives.

      His record as governor proves how incompetent he is. His state was ranked 47 out of 50. Yeah, he will get everything going including Cap and Trade carbon trading.

      You vote for him. I’m done!

      • capelady

        Don’t vote for Romney… vote AGAINST Obama, because we are going to need every vote we can get to get that Marxist out of our White House and send his czars and destructive policies with him. If we can get a majority in the House and Senate, Romney will not be able to push leftist policies through. He will not circumvent Congress as Obama will, and those RINO’s in Congress want to be reelected – they have seen the influence of the TEA Party and if they legislate as liberals, they will be challenged in the next election. Ask Dick Lugar!

    • Sandra123456

      We want to make sure we annihilate the Dems in November. We are sick of Republicans playing nice and getting screwed.

    • The MSM ignored the Wright issue. Obama was never properly vetted.

    • cathmom

      Wrong. The Wright issue did NOT make news in 2008, that’s the problem. Too many things about Obama were hidden last election, that’s why they need to be brought out this time around.

    • StrangernFiction

      The economy is the biggest issue

      I disagree. The Constitution being shredded and our liberty being trampled is the biggest issue.

      • NoToTyrants


        The trampling of the Constitution is the reason we are in an economic depression.

        While economics are cyclical, government interference in the form of unconstitutional wealth redistribution only serves to escalate otherwise milder recessions into an economic crisis.

        FDR exacerbated and prolonged a bad recession into “The Great Depression” with his unconstitutional “New Deal” socialist wealth redistribution policies.

        History is now repeating itself with the “Obama Depression” brought on by a phony stimulus, socialized medicine, and an extremely hostile anti-wealth-creation regulatory environment. All of which are unconstitutional.

      • capelady

        People are most worried about the economy – but if we get the overall principles right and obey the Constitution, a strong economy will follow. All of this began when our political leaders began to defy the Constitutional principles this nation was founded on.

    • sDee

      Romney could decimate Obama and destroy all chances of his reelection with less than a dozen ads exposing his sordid past and unlawful unconstitutional actions. Instead it is all fluff with that insipid beached smile.

      He wil not go after the jugular because he is on the same side as Obama. Are you trying to convince yourself or us that this guy Romney is anything other than a corrupt lying big government Progressive?

      Conservatives lost the White House. Give it up.

      • NHConservative0221

        It’s frustrating that Mittens is a wimp and could lose b/c of it but we still need to support his sorry a$$.

        A RePUBICAN in the White House is still better than a Marxist thug.

      • Constance

        No, I will not give it up. Sorry, I don’t slink away with a whimper and give over my country to a bunch of dolts. Romney wasn’t my choice, but I’m stuck with him now. There is no question as to who I need to support this November. I also will not presume the conservatives have lost. That is ridiculous, and I’m not playing the game with you.

    • las1

      Bombs And Dollars…. that sums it up about right. Romney carpet “bombed” Newt, Santorum, and Giuliani in 2008… and it’s a good thing he had the “dollars” to do it. The money helped him make up for his lack of character and values with which to win fair and square.

      Come back when you read up on history… Oh, I’d say the last four years of history… the history of this execrable President and all the ” shinny objects” you don’t believe are so important.

      If you think the only bad thing about this President is his handling of the economy, then you’ll end up with a lot of bruises bumping into things after walking around in that fog of delusion.

    • sjmom

      We also don’t need Mitt Romney.

    • NHConservative0221

      You obviously didn’t listen to the clip.

      So it was ok for Mittens to personally approve an attack ad falsely attacking Newt of ethics charges but if anyone even thinks of mentioning Wright it has to be repudiated??

      Listen to the Great One you might learn something.

    • Mike Lee

      “Mitt Romney is just trying to win the election so that he can stop Obama’s hateful, economic-destroying policies. ”
      Bingo. Very sensible. Don’t bother trying to reason with some of the extremists here. They find fault no matter what. NOBODY is conservative enough or right-wing enough for them. They’d rather lose in November, and then gripe and whine about it for 4 more years. I wish there was someone better than Romney too. Even if Romney wins, we won’t see real change in many areas that I believe we need it. However, I think he would set America back on the right track. What would Obama do? Nothing positive. He’s impotent.

      • The last concern of Mittens is “stopping Obama’s hateful economic-destroying policies”. He is concerned with his own destiny of occupying the Oval Office. That he gets there is the issue, not how, nor what occurs afterward. Yet in using the milquetoast McLame etiquette he will fail even goal number one. That etiquette will validate that he will show no mojo as a leader. We do not want the enemy Axelfraud appeased anymore than the enemy Almadinhishead and wanna see some raw spunk instead of that cloying brahmin gentility.

    • What is wrong with the Wright policy (of holding up the image and message of what we bought into the first time)? Can’t we message both about the parlous economy of a marxist AND the reverse bigotry of a Social (IN)Justice rabble-rouser that are embodied in equal measure in our Manchurian in Chief? Or was that our Kenyan in Chief? One can never know, absent the transparency that we have been denied.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I’m sorry you don’t believe that a man’s character, which Obama’s long-time association with ‘Reverend’ Wright points out starkly, is as bigger than and has nothing to do with the economy, for out of Obama’s character flows economy destroying policies. The association was not widely aired in the main stream to my knowledge, with Hannity and not a whole lot of others out there bringing it out. McCain evidently shied away from it. How did that work out for him?

  • Cindy09

    I cannot understand why Romney thinks that Conservatives (more or less) like Santorum and Gingrich are fair game for him to trash and to vilify but that a Liberal opponent such a O’s deserves his respect. This is a bad signal that Romney is oozing out, it tells me that he thinks that O’s is more powerful than him, he is going to go the McCain way. Who knows? He might lavish O with praises in the process!

    Romney is cowardly dodging out on a fair competition. Hey Mittens, what are you hiding?

    • Don’t forget Cindy, according to mittens, dear leader is a nice guy.

      • Cindy09

        I am sure Romney believes that, so did McCain and America paid the price.

        I didn’t mean to say that Mittens had anything to hide but his statement is akin to a knee-jerking reaction and is quite dubious. He did not take the time to even ponder how he could use the information or throw it back as a challenge to the media. Obviously the news burned his hands and he’s afraid to go there.

      • las1

        … a nice guy who’s “just in a little over his head.” Yeah… that’s right… I heard ol’ Mittens say that too.

        Man… this is just going to be so frustrating seeing good Conservatives picking up poop behind this dumb elephant of a man… second guessing his every statement… quarter backing his every failed and missed opportunity to go after Obama.

        If Obama’s defeated, it won’t be because of any strategy on Romney’s part… it’ll be because Obama just pissed off too many people that even Democrats didn’t vote for him. Romney will have won by default… and it will be as Newt said… he’ll just manage the decline from there.

        • sandynsavannah

          I wish, in this case there was a wholeheartedly agree button… I can’t push like because the idea of Romney as my president “managing the decline” makes me sick but you are very right in what you say

    • StrangernFiction

      Don’t overthink this. Romney favors statists over conservatives, because he’s a statist.

      • NoToTyrants


      • sDee

        dead on center Stranger

      • sjmom

        So true.

      • That’s right. Conservatives need to get rid of the statist RINOS.

    • 3seven77

      My take on this for what it’s worth:

      Romney wants to stay away from Rev. Wright, not because it’s “racist”, but because he thinks that if he “plays nice” about Obama’s “faith” Obama will “play nice” with Mitt’s. He’s staying away from Rev. Wright in the hope that Obama and the Dems will stay away from Mormonism. Ain’t gonna happen. The dems will not hesitate to bring up the polygamy, racism, sexism and any other “questionable” aspect in the history of Mormonism. This will be ugly.

    • sjmom

      Romney is not afraid of Obama, he agrees with Obama.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      I heard on Fox News that Romney is lavishing praise on Bill Clinton, evidently in an attempt to reach out to ‘Clinton democrats’.

  • Mittens went full throttle against Newt yeah, but also Santorum, and I still suspect he had a hand in the things against Cain and Perry as well. But the establishment has spoken.

    • Cindy09

      I thought about how this too.

      Looking back, I can now assume that maybe, just maybe all these women coming from the woodwork were finely orchestrated by team Romney! And poor Cain was pointing to Rick Perry! After Mittens’ attack on the Santorum and Cain, we can now tell that he knows how to direct his attack dogs! It’s my PAC, it’s not me!

      • poljunkie

        …and by the same token, the infamous rock….was probably manipulated in the same manner. (pitting Perry against Cain, all the while being masterly controlled by a third party)

        • Cindy09

          Exactly!! And now he is jumping in front of a PAC to repudiate them while earlier on he chose to decline that he had any power on his own PAC. Which is it?

          • NoToTyrants

            I didn’t hear any repudiating from Romney when a Romney friendly PAC was running ads full of lies and distortions against Newt or Santorum.

            What should matter is the stuff about Reverend Wright is TRUE, while the ads slandering Gingrich and Santorum were either false, lies, or hyperbole.

            So, Romney repudiates the truth about an America Hating Marxist Faux-Christian Minister. Yet apparently, by not repudiating them, he condones lies and distortions put out by surrogates about his conservative opponents.

  • Spartan4Palin

    Again,,,,,why Sarah Palin argued for a full and lengthy competition!!!

  • And this is why the election will be much closer than it ever should be…..Mitt only loves to attack conservatives….still don’t get why anybody voted for this man…except maybe there are less conservatives out there than we might think.

    • drphibes

      Yes, just like McCain, his predilection is for bloodying the noses of conservatives, powdering the rumps of his moderate and liberal friends.

      I don’t actually plan to snipe at Mitt throughout this cycle, but it must be noted (and perhaps the elites are monitoring the sentiments of us plebes) that it is legitimate to question a man’s long-standing associations. I suppose Mitt is happy to bend over for every Bain association, dog story, accusation of cowardice (he wouldn’t have killed Osama), and bullying tale.

    • WE need to put to bed the idea that conservatives are smart and think for themselves. Conservatives get manipulated by the media just as much as liberals. They believed the lies about Newt from Beck and Drudge and the lie that Willard had the best chance to win. If Willard does manage to win, this will be the biggest wasted opportunity conservatives ever flushed down the toilet.

      • StandingGround


        And a couple of those manipulated Conservatives were my friends and family. I tried to tell them. I’ve never been so frustrated trying to get them to at least check things out for themselves. Nope, didn’t happen.

    • There were not a whole bunch who EVER voted FOR Romney. He was always faced off against too many betters, and splitting his opposition three or more ways was the means of a default “victory.”

  • principledpilgrim


  • drphibes

    Kid gloves for Obama. Brass Knuckles and Broken Bottles for fighting INSIDE the camp. That’s our boy.

  • YAY! Scoop you got another hat tip from Levin on the Sanders story! 😀

  • Thank you Scoop for putting this up. I was so glad to hear Levin saying this.

    Of course, it was no surprise to me that Romney takes this stance. He folds like a cheap suit.

  • drphibes

    Our joy will be complete if Mitt would adopt McCain’s “My friendzzsshh…” before every statement. Oh, yeah, and bring on a boring moderate Veep, like the McCain consultant re-tread in his campaign is advising. 2008 was a great cycle – let’s relive it to the hilt.

  • bigsun24

    huckabee, juliante, santorum, gingrich ALL hate romney for his lies and trashing of them in his attempt to get a nomination. Romney is a scumbag for doing it and now he wants to be mr. nice guy by “repudiating” obama trashing with rev wright. How fluking pathetic.

  • jedijones77

    “Newt Gingrich did more for the conservative movement than Romney ever did.” -Mark Levin, 5/17/2012

    And don’t you RINO lovers ever forget it!

    • or ever will do

    • MaxineCA

      I hope everyone in states that have not yet had their primaries vote for Newt (or Rick). Maybe, just maybe it will effect the delegate count and send a message to Mittens. Ours is in June 5th, and I still plan to vote for Newt.

      In the meantime, maybe we all should go to Mitten’s website and speak our minds.

      • 3seven77

        “…I still plan to vote for Newt.”

        I love you Maxine.

      • sjmom

        If someone else is on the NJ ballot I will vote for them. If it’s only Romney I won’t vote.

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Voters still sending a message to Mitt Romney as they vote for Rick Santorum had Santorum coming in second in a couple of states this month:
        West Virgina, May 8, well after he dropped out- Rick came in second with 12 percent of the vote.
        Nebraska, May 15, 98 percent reporting, Rick was coming in second with 14 percent of the vote.

  • welltempered2

    I get nauseaous when I hear Romney say Obama is a nice guy. But he’s not talking to people on this board. He’s talking to the modertes/independents/confused who voted for him last time but are unhappy with the result. So Romney is saying to them “I understand why you voted for him, but thogh he might be a nice guy he’s a failure at being president.”

    • sjmom

      Do you really believe what you wrote???????????????????

    • If we needed to catch Romney in a lie, how about him describing Obama as “a nice guy?” When was that ever true? Not the nice part, nor even the guy part, FWIH.

  • Minnesota_Maven

    They seem to be cut from the same cloth, sorry to say.

  • MaxineCA

    Here’s a question for you guys which has me a bit confused. If the ad was being prepared by a PAC, how was this story leaked?

    If Romney & his campaign are supposed to be at arms length, why is he even commenting?

    The NEW media are handing him red meat on a silver platter to use against Obama and he acts like a kitten instead of coming out like a lion!

    I don’t get this whole thing.

    • c4pfan

      Me either. Why didn’t Mitt say that he didn’t get why this question was coming up? Why are the press obsessed with what a PAC was thinking about doing?

  • Susanna958

    John McCain part two.

  • the left and right bases love negative ads, independents hate them … how hard is that to understand ? Romney can go negative on the Obama record without scaring off independents … if he goes negative on Obama personally he scares them off …

    every talk radio host and O’Reily and Hannity on tv can hammer the Wright issue for the next 3 months so its not like it won’t be discussed … I’m sure Rush can make a few comments that will get plenty of play on the MSm, the story will get plenty of coverage …

    • sjmom

      McCain catered to the Independents too……..and lost. Same old, same result.

    • The difference between Hannity exposing the Rev. Parasite connection and any PAC ad is the audience has to already be watching Fox to encounter the Hannity one, and therefore only half the electorate will have their noses rubbed in the Obamanation. So Mittens is burying the skeletons for his adversary by complying with Axelfraud’s arrogant presumptuous “demand”. Will someone please whack that Chi-town prick?

  • Romney’s Mormonism will be used against him in this campaign by MSNBC and other extreme liberal organizations. If Romney were to go on the religious attack against Rev. Wright then it just opens himself up to those attacks from the Obama Campaign, There is a lot of misnomers and false information out there about the Mormon Church. MSNBC, especially Larry O’Donnell has said some incendiary remarks about the Mormon Church in their attacks on Romney. The general Population is leery of Mitt Romney’s Religion. This is one area where the Romney campaign has to be careful;
    Romney doesn’t want this to get about religion. He wants to keep this about Jobs and the Economy. That is Romney winning ticket, not attacking religion. Romney is going full throttle against Obama where it matters most, the economy. Have you not seen his latest adds? I think they are quite good. If he stays focused on that, Then I think he wins!!!

    • The thing is, when and if Romney gets the nomination, the Obama campaign will let loose on Mitt. Everything will be on the table and Mitt may as well get ready for it.

      As for the Mormon religion, people are going to have to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Research would be a good idea.

      • “when and if Romney gets the nomination”

        Just to let you know, Romney Has the republican Nomination all locked up.

        If the Obama Camping wants to use religion to attack Romney then I will have a different opinion on this. If they attack Romney’s Religion then I say GAME ON, but I don’t think you’re going to see that from the Obama campaign. That will come from his friends in the Liberal media. There is enough out there to attack Obama with, and Romney is using that. There is no need for Romney to go after Rev. Wright.

        As for the Mormon Religion, Regardless of what you think of them from a theological view. They do a lot of good with their service and donations to the poor and needy. This election is not about electing a pastor in chief this is about electing the Commander and chief

        • “Just to let you know, Romney Has the republican Nomination all locked up.”

          CORRECTION: You mean, Romney bought the election. Nothing is “etched” in stone. Tampa has yet to happen. Delegates may not be bound and people change their mind.

    • marketcomp

      Excuse me, do you really believe that the liberal media coordinating with the Obama Administration will not continue the false information campaign against Mormons? Where have you and the Romney campaign been. Obama has falsified where he was born and the even the birth certificate, the administration and the media have falsified film and stories in the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, and most recently lied about Romney’s part in the closing of a steel company. Now do you think they want perpetuate lies about Mormons. You are living in a fantasy world and you really don’t understand your competition. Romney just needs to keep his mouth closed considering the lies he told about Newt and Santorum. Politics is a contact sport so Romney needs to man-up.

      • Did you not read my post? I said that the liberal media will attack Romney’s Religion. I also believe that Obama might be pushing the religious attacks through the Media. But I don’t believe that Obama’s campaign will be using that attack from there adds. If they do, then GAME ON.

        If Romney were to use Rev. Wright in his attack adds then he has no defense against the Liberal attacks on his religion, By attacking Rev. Wright he turns Religion into a topic for this election. Religion then will be fair game to attack. Which is wrong and would be a huge mistake by Romney.

        One question I have for you. Where have you been the last there and half years? Obama now has a record to use against him. There is so much information to attack Obama with that there is no need to turn this into a religious attack.

        • marketcomp

          I agree, Obama does have a record. But, what you fail to see is that Rev. Wright is apart of this President and his thingking. Moreover, this is the vetting that was never done in the 2008 election. What is wrong with that? In fact, Romney does not even need to be linked to the campaign against Rev. Wright. Afterall, thats how the Obama administration gets out dirty information that they want to publish. It doesn’t matter what the Romney campaign thinks the story is going to be told and people like you will be thankful that it was done when Romney is successful.

          • You’re mistaking what I said as not wanting this story to be told. I do see Rev. Wright as a part of Obama. I want the Rev Wright story to be told. It needs to be told. But it can’t come from the Romney campaign. That is a topic that Romney needs to stay away from.

            • marketcomp

              And I think that possible. Romney needs back off!

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              Supposedly, Super Pacs are not supposed to be the Romney campaign, yet a Superpac that floated the idea of airing the Wright/Obama long time association has Romney repudiating the idea. Mike Gallagher believes a pac WILL cover the issue based on contacts he has and the America hating rhetoric coming from a pastor that Obama sat under for years is fair game. Character matters.

  • Islam_Sucks

    This was known. This was predictable.

    What else is known is that if Romney wins:

    He’ll immediately begin ‘working with democrats’ to introduce a host of social programs.
    He’ll re-introduce Obamacare under a different name
    He will reduce spending by 500 billion later to be revised to 0 actual cuts.
    He’ll begin an Obama-style campaign against all conservative congressmen & senators
    He’ll continue the introduction of Sharia to America because Islam is such a peaceful religion
    He’ll keep taxes at their current levels claiming they can’t be cut
    He’ll eliminate 0 Federal Agencies or programs
    He’ll increase the debt limit to 25 trillion

    He might even share a doob w/ Obama on his way out the door…..

    but nothing Nothing NOTHING will change

  • GoldenEagles

    Everyone needs to stop using the name Mitt in relationship to Romney.

    His name is Willard M. Romney, and there is horror show associated with that first name, it is called “Willard” and it about a person who unleashes an army of rats on his enemies, but of course, calls them back when it comes to his friends.


    Willad M. Romney – The Rat and Horror Connection

    • Excellent! Thanks for the link.

    • Linky1

      When I first heard that his first name was Willard, the movie Willard came to my mind. The movie is very appropriate where unleashing rats on your enemies is concerned. In todays political parlance, the rats are the SuperPACS.

    • mmoore229

      I think that is just about the dumbest analogy I have ever seen.

  • M_J_S

    I don’t know how many more times I have to say this: Romney WILL LOSE because of many reasons, but this is a big one.

  • c4pfan

    The point is that Mitt Romney has no problem with attack ads on Republicans, but when it comes to Obama, hands off! Who cares if Obama and his administration have been nothing but one of the most vindictive, mean, liars around!

    • Just because he doesn’t attack Obama about his Religious past does not mean he is going easy on him, take a look. Here are just a few of them….

      • It’s not just a “religious” past with Wright. Sure Wright was his “pastor” for 20 years, but it goes deeper than that. The fact that dear leader threw his own pastor under the bus because of sermons in the church that dear leader had no problem with… UNTIL he was running for president. Add that to ties with Louis Farakhan and the nation of islam, dear leader marching with and hanging out with someone Wright had speak at the church. The antiSemitic crap and race baiting. So much comes out of this stuff with Wright- all of this and more, but mittens won’t touch it- yet he didn’t have any problem touching Newt, Santorum and the others in his same party.

        • He won’t touch it because it could back fire on him. I agree with you that Rev Wright is an extreme radical. But Trust me on this; Romney does not need this election to become about Religion and religious leaders. If Romney were a Baptist or some other excepted religion then it might not be a problem for him to go after Rev Wright. Romney does not need the distraction of this election moving into the religious arena.

          Also do you really think that he needs to use Rev. Wright to attack Obama, There are so many other things to use against Obama, Things that matter more than Rev. Wright.

          Tell me what matters more to you. That Obama is bankrupting this country or that he went to Rev. Wrights Radical Church.

          • Linky1

            Please don’t turn this into a dialogue on religion – it’s about truth, about being truthful, about integrity, principles, all of that kind of stuff that Obama lacks. While i VEHEMENTLY dislike Rev. Wright, he is more believable in what he says about Obama than Obama.

            Romney (if he chose to) could attack Obama on this front on so many issues, but like all good RINOS, does not have enough backbone to do this.

            • This is a dialogue on religion at the very core, are you kidding me. Rev. Wright was his Pastor, A radical, left wing, America Hating Pastor. He preached his socialistic American hatred from the pulpit. Now this is not my view of what religious sermons should be about. But still he was Obama’s Pastor, and attacking his pastor makes this about Religion.

              • Linky1

                Black Liberation Theology is not a religion, therefore, I won’t call it as such; it is an ideology of hatred.

                What this is goes beyond this ideology; it is Obama throwing a mentor (Wright) and family friend of 20 years under the bus because of this ideology to which they both subscribe to by telling him to stop preaching, to make himself scarce, with the allegations that $150,000 was offered to do so.

                It’s about the chameleon that Obama is, it is now about the mask coming off, revealed by one of his own (another Socialist) to show the complete lack of morals, scruples, principles and ethics as portrayed by someone who was in Obama’s inner circle.

          • Amy

            Why does it have to be one or the other? The radicals Obama chooses to surround himself with has a direct effect on his decision making ability and consequently his actions (show me your friends, I’ll show you your character…). His Keynesian economics are tied closely to the socialist (or Marxist if you prefer) idealoges he has been schooled under. You can’t really separate the two. I know some would like to, but one is the consequence of the other…

          • Personally, I think it all goes hand in hand. While I don’t agree with Mormonism, I don’t want to see him picked apart over it- but the fact is, Wright’s church is another spoke of the same wheel, the same marxist, spread the wealth while pitting class and race against each other. From someone whose husband was out of work for the first 3 years of dear leader’s administration (and yes, it was scary sometimes) I look at things a lot deeper than the economy, because the economy is a biproduct of things a lot bigger. And I believe both parties are responsible. Honestly, I don’t think Mitt will change things much if he does win- and it will be against some incredible odds if he does win.

          • Probably true that there is no part of LDS “religion” that is not mildly embarrassing to see enter the discussion. Why so many are seduced by it is only somewhat less puzzling than that other clearly opportunist construct called Izlamidizm that Obama asslifts to. Well, maybe the economic self reliance of the LDSsers is praiseworthy.

      • c4pfan

        Please, don’t be daft. Can we please get real? Mitt Romney went ranting off on something that didn’t even happen! Why not say that he doesn’t have any control over what a Super PAC does or plans to do and bring it to those ads you posted.

        No, what he does is make that SuperPAC out to be racist. Because, they are going after the Rev Wright.

      • Linky1

        Ads are nice, they say nice things. But, that’s all they are, are ads.

        No concrete solutions to the economy, no foreign policy statements, nothing on the European crisis, Romney is as much a sham as Obama is – the only thing he is good at is slamming the opponents who dared to challenge him for the Republican nomination.

        So, the Republican establishment gets their way, a bland candidate with no concrete solutions, no positions, no backbone. Same song as ’08, different singer.

        • c4pfan

          Thank you!

          • Linky1

            Anytime, my friend!

        • This was in replay to c4pfan about not attacking Obama.

          As far as your quote about Romney having no plan on the economy or foreign policy, Well if you have never looked or read his plans then I guess you could be in denial about him not having any. But my take of you, is that you have already reached your decision about Romney without doing any real research. So I won’t try to debate you any longer.

          • Linky1

            Show me the plan. I’m waiting, we are all waiting.

            • Here you go, it has really hard to find.


              • Linky1

                Nice website, nice words, but again, Romney is a RINO, he is the John McCain of 2012.

                • Like I said before, You have already reached your decision about Romney without doing any real research. If you did you might just learn something

                • Trust me, and I’m not trying to pick a fight, but many of us have done much research, and that’s where our problem lies. We’ve done the research and it proves that the establishment has made it’s pick for the voters, and that they don’t care one way or another that this is the most important time in this nation’s recent history. We are on a dangerous precipice- with a socialist/marxist/muslim sympathizer who has started his transformation of America on one side. On the other, we have a guy who feels entitled, that it’s his turn and by golly, he’s going to get it this time. A guy who used chicago type tactics to smear those in the Republican race but says dear leader is a nice guy. A guy who is a progressive, who paved the way for government control over health care, a guy who flip flops depending on which way the wind blows. A guy whose father was an Alinkyite. And a guy who appointed more liberal judges to his state’s bench than any conservatives- who will not change anything of the status quo in Washington. Sure, he might be a great businessman, and maybe will get the economy growing some, but he won’t change the power of big government elites who are continually erroding the Constitutional freedoms of the people.
                  This is where we are. Religion or not, this is where we are, and if he truly cared about America the way he claims, he’d bow out of the race, and let the people decide who we want as our next candidate.

                • Linky1

                  Research? You can’t begin to fathom the information I have waded through, the links I have bookmarked and what I have or have not read. Believ em, it is way more than the candidate’s websites that I use to support my position.

                  What I see here with Willard Romney is a RINO version of Obama in 2008, someone who says lots of nice things, who placates the ppublic, who, for all intents and purposes, is playing on the fears of Americans who do not want another Obama.

                  We, the people are vetting Romney and in doing so, the bloom came off the rose; the majority of comments are that people do not want to vote for Romney, they are doing it only to get rid of Obama, and even that is not guaranteed.

                  I look art Romney’s liberal record as Governor of Massachusetts, his flip flops on gay marriage, abortion and the biggest albatross-RomneyCare, which Obamacare was modelled on. When questioned on these things by other opponents for the Republican nomination, what does Romney do? He carpet bombs them with negative ads and lies.

                  He uses SuperPACS to do this and now, has the temerity to say this today. “It’s interesting that we’re talking about some Republican PAC that wants to go after the president [on Wright]; I hope people also are looking at what he’s doing, and saying ‘why is he running an attack campaign? Why isn’t he talking about his record?”

                  So, yes, I have done my research. It is ongoing and inclusive. It does not matter anyway what my decision is-I can’t vote. Just consider me a very interested bystander in close enough proximity to be affected by whomever becomes President because when push comes to shove, the Socialists and Marxists and RINOS are going to push us over the cliff financially and morally.

  • sDee

    Both teams are on the same side of DC political class – statism. They just wear different uniforms.

    The threat Democrats fear is not Repbublicans. Nor do the Republicans truly fear Democrats. What they all fear, mortally, are Conservatives, the Constitution and, We the People.

    Romney eliminated the threats, so all sleep well now inside the Beltway and Manhatten. No matter who wins, their Central Power over us is secure and will strengthen.

    • sjmom

      Totally agree.

  • PapaLouie

    When Romney’s Super PAC went negative, Levin was irate and asked Romney to stop the negative ads. Now Romney wants to stop the negative ads, Levin is irate. Mark promised to support the eventual GOP winner. Criticizing everything he does is not supporting him. He is making himself into a liar. With friend like Mark, who needs enemies?

    • I have lost all respect for Levin; He supported Romney in 2008 and crucified him this election. Romney’s positions in 2012 were the same as they were is 2008.

      As far as Romney not going Negative on Obama. I don’t know why the majority of the people on here think that he is taking it easy on him. Just because he doesn’t want to bring religion in to the debate does not mean he is going easy on him. He is going negative and He is hitting him hard where it matters most, The Economy.

    • c4pfan

      Why would you support someone that would have no problem going about a fellow Republican, but takes the time and energy to go off on a THOUGHT that didn’t even happen?

      I cannot stand Newt and it had everything to do with what his actions were during the 2010 elections and working with nuts like Al Sharpton.

      • sandynsavannah

        He was working on school choice! charter schools…. something I for one wholeheartedly AGREE WITH

        I have three daughters and I can tell you that you are acting according to a middle school mean girl rule

        No being friends with anyone I don’t like

        Its dumb

    • sjmom

      Mark was not a Romney supporter. Remember, the not Romneys are not supporters they are stuck with Mitt.

    • Levin is angry at mitten’s hypocrisy. Who can blame him?

  • c4pfan

    I’m not even saying that Mitt needed to do anything with Rev Wright. Just stop with the stupid reaction of throwing that SuperPAC under the bus! Obama is a nice guy, but yet he had no problem using millions and I do mean millions on negative ads on Republicans?

    He didn’t have to react at all to that stupid question in the first place. It’s the usual RINO answer of making the person even questioning Obama out to be a racist.

  • tshtsh

    Willard “Mittens” Romney has even more in common with B.O. “Dreams of my Father–Mitten’s father wanted to be President of the greatest nation in the world too. Just think if it had not been for Obama there is no way on earth Mitten’s would have gotten this far.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    As I said (and many of us have before), Romney acts the part of a pansy when it comes to defending America. Always has. Always will. This is why those of us who were against his candidacy remain pretty steadfast against his candidacy. As a few of us remarked earlier today, only Romney is going to put himself in last place in this election, and, with today’s announcement, he’s off to a running start.

    There’s absolutely nothing untoward about Mitt saying something like, “I choose to focus on jobs, the Constitution, and the economy. I understand that there are people who want to take issue with Showbama’s record, and I’ll leave that to them. For me, I’m taking questions on jobs, the Constitution, and the economy. Who’s next?”

  • ApplePie101

    Romney doesn’t want to upset his base, namely the might-vote-for-me liberals.

    • sjmom

      Who won’t vote for him anyway.

  • c4pfan

    Mitt Romney hasn’t stated on thing he would cut. Why? He’s too afraid to. Why? Why be afraid to tell people the truth about what you would cut?

    Every person running says that they will cut ‘red tape’ and ‘waste’. So what? Obama said that too! Doesn’t mean crap.

  • c4pfan

    Mitt Romney doesn’t say anything until whatever foriegn policy matter happens after the fact.

  • jorous

    Well folks, we still have a chance to NOT end up with Mitt like we did with McCain.
    The GOP convention can still turn it around…..let’s dream a little….
    Gingrich and Santorum. It can still happen.

    • sjmom

      Me……….I’m still praying.

      • jorous

        why am i getting this? what is disqus? is this some kind of spam?

        • Disqus runs the commenting format, the e mail is to show you have a reply to the comment you made.

          • jorous

            i did not make any comment. you have the wrong email. you are not serving whoever made the comment of has joined your group. stop sending it.

    • mmoore229

      How could you remotely even think that the phoney Santorum would still have a chance. And who wants him? He is the biggest fake that was in the race. I am thankful that he is out and doesn’t have a shot in hell at being the nominee.

  • c4pfan

    Do Mitt supporters mention that Mitt Romney thinks that we have to ‘pay for tax cuts’ by getting rid of ‘rich people’ getting deductions? In other words, raise taxes on rich people, but just call it something else to that he can give the money to the poor ‘middle class’ that needs that money more, because Mitt needs some votes.

    • ApplePie101

      When you draw lines between the dots, the picture looks mighty like a liberal.


    This is great. Levin now on board with the democratic mind set. Let’s attack our candidate and do the dirty work the administration wants done. I understand the appetite for blood, but sometimes you just have to go with what you got.

    I personally think he handled it correctly. Stamp and cry dirty pool for those nasty super pacs that want to discount Obama. You nasty super pacs. (wink wink). It is hard to pin this on me, says Romney, because you heard what I said. However, I do want to get back on point about the mess Obama has put this country.

    By the way, being a Newt full fledged supporter, I never really ever heard Romney personally attack Newt. I know they cried foul because of the Super pacs who were tearing a new a hole in Newt & Santorum, but he played it just right.

    It did work. Please do not be sheep and follow the strange voices out there calling for blood. You will get plenty of blood, but the secret for Romney, keep the blood off his hands.

    • c4pfan

      Wink, wink? No. More like anytime there’s an ad attacking Obama the press doesn’t like it and then the person associated with that SuperPac will have their names released and life a living hell? No thanks.

  • c4pfan

    As for the negative ads worked for Mitt bull? No, it was the split votes that did it.

  • sjmom

    This was predictable and I, for one, did predict Romney’s behavior a while ago. I’m not surprised at any of this, nor am I pleased with the GOP for shoving Mitt down our throats. So now we’re stuck unless God in Heaven performs a work of mercy and finds a way to get us another nominee. I continue to pray and I still believe in miracles.

    • sandynsavannah

      I got a call from the *blankety blanks* just the other day and I hung up on them…AFTER I told them they would be LUCKY if I vote for mitt…I don’t think I have EVER voted for anyone I hate SO MUCH!

  • lambfound

    Romney had to take this approach, because when Obama comes down hard on Mormonism, which he will, Romney can take the high road and say that one’s religious background should be off the table for attack. They were baiting Romney, and he didn’t bite. He knows there will be plenty of people getting the word out about Rev. Wright – he did the right thing standing back on this issue.

    • MaxineCA

      I think that is an interesting take on this. That being said, the criticism isn’t over the religion of Rev. Wright, it is about the hate he’s expressed for the US. Who could sit in a church for 20 years and listen to that garbage for 20 years? I would have walked out the first time I heard one his hateful sermons. But then again, I think Obama believed every word. Think about everything we know about his family and the CRT (Critical Race Theory) that he bought into while in college, and look at who he has put into our justice dept. and all of the actions he has taken.

      It fits a pattern that needs to be exposed and connected to what he has done since he’s been in office. Rev. Wright is just one piece of the BIG picture. Maybe Romney is laying low for now and waiting for the general election. At some point he’d better start appearing to be a strong leader and not rolling over for the Chicago political machine or he will be branded as “weak”.

      I don’t understand Mitten’s strategy but politics is a dirty, nasty business and he’d better be able to fight back. He won’t win playing Mr. Nice Guy.

    • Gee, I’m sure it will be so very comforting that Mitt can take the high road when they attack his Mormonism as we all know they will. Silly me. I’d actually like to WIN so I was foolishly hoping Mitt would try to fight Obama on every front.

    • ApplePie101

      That’s not the Chicago way. Nor is the Wright issue a religious issue. He’s a political bomb thrower and militant racist, and Romney is predictably letting him use the guise of religion as a shield to attack us. And stop calling him ‘reverend’, unless you genuinely revere someone like that.

  • Mike Lee

    Sheesh. Romney is correct. It’s a loser. Let it go. Doesn’t matter. Most people simply don’t care about Wright. It won’t help the GOP, and it makes them look nasty and petty. Stop. Anyone who cares about this issue already knows about it and likely didn’t vote for Obama in 2008 and won’t vote for him in November.

    Romney is a moderate. He has a chance of winning in November – but not if he moves to the right. He has to appear as the centrist to Obama’s leftist agenda. Stick with the economy. Jobs. The debt. The deficit. The price of oil and gas. That’s the clear winner. Forget the personal stuff.

    • NHConservative0221

      Forget the personal stuff, just like he did with Newt and Santorum right?

    • K-Bob

      Reverend Wright isn’t “personal stuff,” anymore than someone having associated with an Exalted Cyclops in the Ku Klux Klan would be considered “personal.”

      Of course, Obama did both.

  • Come on, guys! There is so much to attack him on, like his record. Romney is likely publicly repudiating it to “look good.” Does anyone really think he would care if some super PAC started running ads re: Wright? I think Romney would love it.

  • Here comes the resurrection of the john McCain campaign strategy. And the results will be the same !

  • aZjimbo

    I am getting more and more sick to my stomach. Mitt is a gutless wuss.

  • Check Out the Internet. The Story of the Radical Rev. Wright is on FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC. The Goal was to get the story out there. Romney accomplished that in essence by rejecting the Super PAC from running that adds. Romney had to distance himself from this though, He does not need to be seen as attacking Obama’s Pastor and there for his Religious past.

    • One more thing, The Story is now out there and the Super PAC didn’t have to spend one dime to do it. They still have that money to attack Obama with. This got a lot more coverage from the media then a $10 million add buy would get.

      So to Mark Levin the so called “Great One” You can Shove it!!! Go climb back in your bunker

      • if you read the story in the NYT, the leaked document made it clear that Romney had no ties to their plans and even discussed that one of the obstacles of the Republican party was to find a way to expose Obama and have their candidate stay unharmed from that plan….Romney was more critical of a super PAC that he had no ties to than he was when responding to false attacks by his own super PAC…..why not respond the same way he did to the attack ads his super PAC ran against Newt and simply say that he had no ties to what their plans were and mention how his own donors who are private citizens were being attacked by Obama’s election team

      • Romney’s gutless capitulation played right into Axelrod’s hands by making sure all talk of Rev. Wright is verboten as if it’s somehow awful and racist to even mention Wright’s name. All Romney did was tank the story and kowtow to Obama like the spineless pansy that he is. You all better get used to the idea of four more years of Barry in the White House because Willard is already bending over. Time to focus on getting conservatives elected to the Senate and leaving Willard to lose “beautifully” just like McCain.

    • ApplePie101

      Already Obama has got Romney on the defensive. He’s going be contorting himself in knots now, trying to prove he isn’t a racist. /facepalm/

  • The GOP establishment are insane. McCain wouldn’t go after Obama on anything and he lost. Looking weak. And he and was weak. The definition of insane, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! Wake the hell up Romney!

    • physicsnut

      actually McCain looked pretty bad with that TARP fiasco.

  • I saw the article about the plan to do what McCain wouldn’t do and fully vet Obama this morning. Having just come across the trailer for the movie 2016, I was more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. I thought to myself how perfect this was because none of it was tied to Romney so they couldn’t go after him for it. As a Newt supporter who has been trying to warm up to Romney, he just did what I most feared he would. He tore Newt to shreds and blatantly lied about him (even saying Newt was in favor of things he wasn’t but that Mitt was!!) and now I just want Romney to give up. Let someone who wants to save our country have the job. It is too important of an election for our candidate to fear Obama because that fear will lose in the end. Any respect I had gained for Romney is gone and I have only become more convinced that Newt is the only one who understands what is at stake and is willing to fight with everything he has to save us from Obama. Romney just proved what I’ve known all along, that he is in this race for himself and not because he loves this country. Mitt Romney doesn’t have what it takes to lead us and he doesn’t deserve the nomination.

  • Romney’s favorability rating was in the tank following his carpet bombing of Gingrich. The problem with attack ads is people also associate them with the candidate and well as the target. I think it was a good idea to separate himself from this idea – his currently favorability rating is +50% … no reason to ruin it. I hear people saying they think Obama is a nice guy – but don’t like his policies and won’t vote for him. If Romney starts slamming he will lose those. Personal attacks would be political suicide – not attacking on that level is a show of strength. Why risk it just to take potshots at something the public wasn’t interested in 4 yrs ago and isn’t interested in now. Let the media vet the Prez … they’re off to a good start finally.

    • publius1969

      ads telling the truth and vetting obama are not attack ads. levin is right. did you forget how romney treated his opponents? this latest romney move is one of the reasons why many conservatives worried about him as the nominee. with so much at stake, why pull back on obama?! does anyone think obama and his scum are going to reciprocate?

    • Karl Rogue

      Same thing was said/typed in 2008–its how we got here.

    • physicsnut

      Romney wasnt the only one blasting Newt – unfortunately a lot of conservative women don’t like him either. That he actually got things done did not seem to matter. As to wailing about an ad – who cares, as long as the message gets out by other means. Besides, there are a hundred other issues.

  • Boxofteabags

    This race to the Presidency isn’t Romney’s to win,it’s Obama’s to lose, Romney will have to fight with every dirty or clean trick in the book to knock down the left, just getting enough votes from republicans will be hard,but getting the left to not vote for Obama will be the trick,Bullwinkles magic hat would help, but Romney better have something up his sleeve.

  • Joengima

    This is why I feel Conservatives need to wise up.
    The SuperPAC was only planning to do a story about Rev. White. New York Times did a story about it, and you already have the DNC blasting Romney saying “They’ll do anything to smear Obama.”

    From a Liberal perspective, this was meant for only 2 reasons.

    1) To try to set the stage that the only reason this Campaign went nasty was because of Mitt Romney.

    2) Strengthen the rift between Romney and the Conservative Base of the GOP.

    The Democrats has a two-fold strategy. Paint Obama as “The Nice Guy” and demoralize conservatives. They already are seeing they can’t mobilize their base.

    See if one is smart. Romney publicly denouncing the use of Rev. Wright, would be a good thing. If Romney is putting out only Postive, Pro-growth, America can be Great again ads while Obama is smearing Romney for being rich, who’s “The Nice Guy?” Not Obama.

    As some already mentioned, if the DNC would launch an ad attacking Romney for being Mormon, then you can put Obama on the spot. “Mr. President, Romney denounced a potential attack ad featuring Rev. Wright, are you willing to denounce this ad from the Democrats attacking Romney on his faith?” Basically force Obama to admit if it’s ok or not to use Wright. If he defends the ad against Romney, then guess what, the SuperPACs can then start using Rev. Wright ads.

    But here’s the thing. They want you guys to be upset. They want US to think “Here we go again, McCain 2.0” and begin planning our exit strategy. Hell some are still crying for a third party.

    I was for Newt Gingrich. I am appalled at what was done to him by Romney (and to be honest, by Malkin, Limbaugh, Beck, and Fox News)

    But Romney is our only chance to defeat Obama. We cannot let this chance go.

    We can always Primary against Romney in 2016, no problem, but Obama must be defeated if we are going to make it to then.

    You’re seeing it right here. Levin is upset now with Romney. It’s not like an ad was made and airing in states, and Romney pulled it down. No it was used to get us all wild up against Romney, and prevent us from rallying around him.

    All I’m asking, before we get upset, before we start feeling depressed, wait and see.

    If Obama attacks Romney’s Mormonism but Romney or his PAC’S doesn’t respond with Wright, then we can complain.

    But for right now, for this moment, as Sean Hannity always says:

    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.

    • physicsnut

      who says Romney has to run with the Wright issue – we have the whole internet and talk radio to get this message out about Wright – and Hannity was playing it.

  • We do not like or expect much from Mitt. But we did expect he could win this essential election against the dark side. What now if Mittens keeps his hands clean, acting like an above the fray incumbent, and then loses to Axelfraud’s thuggish juggernaut of lying. Why follow McCain’s wussified rules of etiquette when they guarantee a loss? Why is not the face and message of Rev. Parasite not aired as clear validation of what was wrong with Obama from the get-go?

  • sandynsavannah

    I am here to post a sincere apology for a comment I made in here yesterday.
    I said that if I vote for Mitt Romney it would be the first time I vote for someone I “hate”.

    Well the Lord commands that I love others and as a Christian I cannot “hate” people. I am very frustrated that the RNC has forced a presidential candidate such as Romney on us (conservatives).
    However, I hope and pray that Obama is defeated and if I must vote for Romney to see that happen, then so be it.

  • hongryhawg

    Now it becomes more evident as to why the Republican establishment is behind Romney. They know he’ll play ball their way. More status quo. We’re getting nowhere.

  • Constance

    I have just perused the posts on this thread, and I must say I am very annoyed, people. We all know what Romney is, and we all knew what he was throughout the primary season. None of this should be a shocker, and I’m sure there will be plenty more of this to come. However, all these posts about not voting, writing in candidates, voting for people who have dropped out… what the hell, people? To what end is this behavior going to help our country? Are you going to stand on some silly moral pedestals and proudly proclaim you refused to vote for Romney, therefore you are a “true” conservative? Rubbish. Crapola. This country has about one more flush left before it truly disappears. Obama CAN’T be reelected, I don’t care who the GOP candidate is. We have to pull the rug out from under Obama, even with a weak GOP RINO. Get the conservatives into the House and Senate. Get anybody else into the White House. Begin the process of reversal, don’t give our country the big shove over the cliff. Knock it off. Grow up. I love you all, but grow up.

    • hrh40

      It doesn’t matter?

      You mean like 2000 to 2006 when weak GOP RINOs controlled the House and Senate – and were afraid to go against the weak GOP president, and so we got:

      No Child Left Behind
      Dept of Homeland Security
      Medicare Part D
      very nearly amnesty for illegals, which was only barely stopped by the first muscle of the latent tea party movement

      You mean like that?

      I’d say it matters.

      It matters a WHOLE lot.

      Sure, we need to get Obama out. But Mitt Romney does not have to be our nominee.

      We the people are the Sovereigns in this country. Not the GOP or Dem Establishments.

      There are a few states left to vote. And then there’s the convention.

      Mitt Romney is not yet the nominee. Nor does he have to be.

      Or else we’ll get the GOP of 2000 to 2006, which brought the landslide Dem victories of 2006 and 2008.

      Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the last decade in this new one.

      Or else we will go the way of Greece by 2020, the end of the second decade of the 21st century.

      • physicsnut

        you had your chance during the primary season. Otherwise I agree. The only deal now is that after the rino is elected, we make it very clear that the unconstitutional garbage has to stop. He is not the only one on the ballot.

  • mmoore229

    Don’t you think that the more the focus is on this type of crap, it allows Obama to bypass his dismal failures on other matters. Obama actually wants this type of thing to go on and then there is lost opportunity to expose more of his ineptitude. I actually think it was the right thing to do to attempt to shut it down early.

  • brendawatkins

    Romney makes it REAL HARD for some of us to WANT to vote for him!

    • Boon Companion

      He is certainly methodical.

  • Mark has conceded and accepted that Romney is our nominee, and we both WILL vote for him in November. He has stated as much repeatedly on his show, and I have on this blog. That said, he is 100% correct on this one. Sooner or later, the Romney campaign needs to come to grips with the fact that his opponent has taken NOTHING off the table, and he has a corrupt media in the tank for him to exploit this very thing. We are the racists. We are the bigots. We are the ones who don’t care about the poor and the elderly. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. People have had it with this false narrative. If the Washington Post is going to go back close to 50 years to construct a hit piece on you for alleged high school bullying, can you imagine what’s coming down the pike as we get closer to the election? Look at the ferociousness of the MSM in the Jeremiah Wright NON-ad campaign just in the last 24 hours! Sure, taking the high road may be a noble thing to do, and of course, we as Republicans are always held to a higher standard. But when are you going to realize that, if not for double standards, Liberals would not have any standards at all (one of Chris Plante’s favorite lines). The Romney campaign needs to be hammered from now, through the debate process, and up until we win back the White House (and we WILL win), that we are indeed mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. He cannot be afraid of talking about Obama’s questionable associations in the past and present, the fact that he admitted to using drugs in his own book, AND revered a speech by Jeremiah White in which he spewed “White folks greed runs a world in need.” Rush so eloquently set this forth today, but his blood pressure sounded like it was 120 over 80 while Mark’s sounded like it was 140 over 110. Speaking of which, Mark, my prayers are with you on your procedure today. Get well. We’ll miss you tonight. Less than 6 months left of the Obama colonoscopy, thank God!!!!

  • kssturgis62

    I will Not VOTE For Romney – Well people say the following to me: Karen You must want Obama to win then, your voting for Obama !! I say NO I AM NOT VOTING FOR OBAMA, I CAN NOT STAND LIBERALS, that is WHY I AM NOT VOTING FOR ROMNEY.

    you see I don’t accept this. This MAN IS OBAMA. He did everything Obama did when he ran for the SENATE in Illinois. Obama dug into people’s past and brought out dirt that didn’t matter, to where they dropped out. ROMNEY used SAUL ALINSKY tactics on each and EVERY nominee, and HE LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH – HE STILL LIES through his TEETH, to this day.

    YOUR ETCH A SKETCH NOMINEE Has done the FOLLOWING in the last 2 DAYS !!

    Gays can’t get married but they CAN ADOPT Children !!


    BOEHNER and the HOUSE REPUBLICANS are working on SECRET BILLS IN CONGRESS TO KEEP THE GOOD PARTS OF OBAMA CARE, so they don’t take backlash from the liberals. ROMNEY HAS STATED OVER AND OVER IN HIS OWN WORDS< and through that of his ADVISERS – One of them Being Norm Coleman !! and said I am not getting rid of all of OBAMA CARE< we are going to keep the GOOD PARTS !! WHAT GOOD PARTS.

    ROMNEYS hands are all over this !!




    Sorry for the caps, But I am angry, and I am awake, I just wish many more were awake, and not so willing to have our country destroyed at a slow pace, or a fast pace. With all Republicans being ELECTED Many are going to fall ASLEEP AGAIN and go on with their lives and think it is okay. I WILL BE SCREAMING I TOLD YOU SO !! then WHO is going to kick ROMNEY out in 4 years, IF he is deemed to be doing a "GOOD JOB".

    • Obama’s brother? Are you talking about the one Rush mentioned today that lives in a hut in Kenya? Karen, no one is telling you how to vote. But I’m curious, is there ANYONE out there who you consider the perfect candidate who represents 100%, or at least the overwhelming majority of your convictions? Is there ANYONE close? Allen West? You won’t get an argument from me. I love the guy, but he’s not running. Just a thought, but perhaps you should consider running yourself. That’s probably the only surefire way to get satisfaction given the current political climate in this country of “You scratch my back, I scratch yours.” If you win, then you introduce legislation that mirrors your convictions and belief system, and those of the folks who put you in office. You get to go toe to toe with the clowns you feel have failed us as a nation. If you articulate your positions well, they represent the majority of your constituents, and your colleagues shoot it down, then you have done all you can do. If you lose, then at least you tried your best to give citizens a lawmaker who is true to her beliefs and those of her constituents, not to special interests.

      • kssturgis62

        This has nothing to do with Perfection and basically I am tired of people bringing up two things to me all the time.

        Who do you think is Perfect and so you want Obama. First off they say that cause they have nothing else to combat it with. 2nd off they say that, because they know Romney is severely flawed and instead of standing up for their country and what I have been fighting for over 30 years, they will walk into the voting booth blindly and vote for the EVIL before them.

        Yes and another favorite Run Myself, not one person would vote for a stay at home mom who never aborted her children, went to church every Sunday, and doesn’t speak Politically Correct, and would basically tell people to wake up and see what is front of their faces.

        you see I have the right to yell and scream what I will and won’t do, because for one I have freedom of speech, two I am frustrated as all get go, and 3 God gave me a voice.

        You see My Candidates chose not to run. Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, and JC Watts. Those were my picks. They said No. So I was left to choose between a group of people, that decided to step up to the plate. One by One they left, Because of Romney’s Saul alinsky Tactics.

        Let me ask you a Question, because people are not paying attention, If Ron Paul becomes the Nominee, the way everyone is telling me to vote for romney, I hope all of you are ready to vote for Ron Paul. Because at that convention in August it looks like his base, really is excited and what they have done at state conventions across this land is pretty amazing.

        But people can have romney, I will be writing in, most Likely Sarah and Newt, or Sarah and Allen West. Then if romney wins, I will be watching while others are asleep and think the world is okay, because Republicans got elected and I will be screaming I told you so.

        • I will not vote for Ron Paul for the same reason Levin won’t vote for him. His isolationist foreign policies are as unrealistic as they are dangerous in this day and age. Sure, we have plenty of problems at home. But to say Iran is not a threat to us or our allies is as unacceptable to me as Romney’s social policy record is to you.

          Personally I am still holding out hope Ryan is on the ticket. He is sharp, articulate, and actually has a solid plan to get this nation out of a hole. President Ryan in 8 years sounds wonderful to me.

          As for a stay-at-home Mom with solid Christians values, why not? I think it would be a great story, and I suspect there are plenty of like-minded Moms and Dads out there who would agree. That is true representative government. Remember, not only do we have freedom of speech. But we also have the freedom to run for public office. It is time to return the government to the people like it was intended, hard-working Americans who only want what is best for their family and get government out of their lives.

  • As much as I think the RNC should have picked someone else to be the nominee. Everyone needs to hold their nose and vote for Romney the R.I.N.O. because if Obummer get elected again then as he has told Russia I’ll have more freedom to do what I want (I’m paraphrasing here).