Mark Levin: Stop trashing Sarah Palin, she’s the reason many voted for McCain

As we’re in VP season, Mark Levin says some establishment types are trying to rewrite history to suggest that Sarah Palin was the problem in 2008 and that we shouldn’t go down that road again. But Levin defends Palin saying that she’s the reason that many voted for McCain, that the energy in his campaign came from Sarah Palin and that these establishment types should stop trashing Sarah Palin:

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  • 911Infidel

    She’s the only reason that I voted for McLame. He’s right.

    • williamm

      I didn’t vote for McLame because of Sarah Palin, but because of Obama, just as I’ll vote for Romney for the same reason. I left the Republican party because of the good old boys. We need to get them out of the party and get people like Sarah Palin and Allen West in control. Voting Obama out is only part of the job.

      • 911Infidel

        Losing the Establishment types like Buchanon, Krautheimer, Kristol, Rove, Coulter and the rest, would be big improvement. But I doubt that it will happen any time soon. So until the Repubiks change their party platform like my old party did around the time of Jimmy Carter’s election, I’m staying. And as I’ve said before, I’d vote for a rusty tuna can over that fraud Obama any day.

        • blueniner

          Rove and Coulter are pathetic, they really hurt the cause. Coulter has become totally irrelevant.

          • 911Infidel

            Amen to that.

    • nibblesyble

      er-about that steak and German beer(I know you are being a gentleman in not reminding me) when can you hop a plane and head for Canada? If not, I will grill one for ya…and eat it thinking of you..minus the beer of course..hmmm Merlot~!

      • 911Infidel

        We are allies. And thanks. Enjoy.

        • nibblesyble


    • Even Governor Sarah Palin could not save Mccain who was a straight shooter with some problems. Romney makes Mccain look like a radical conservative . Not even a conservative VP bone thrown at us could save the GOP and our country this time, since they have shoved down our throats a guy so far left, he is left of Ted Kennedy but now with an R next to his name! If the only choice we get is obama or obamney, socialists obamneycare supporters wins and the country suffers more job killing policies like the one rmoney put MA through while he was their Governor!

      • 911Infidel

        Funny thing about McCain, I actually worked with guys who served on the same ships as McCain served on. To a man the crews and officers hated the guy. In their opinion he was a lose cannon on deck. That’s my opinion as well of McCain. I lost respect for him after he dissed the wife that worked tirelessly with the other wives of POW’s to gain his release and better treatment from Hanoi. He divorced his loyal wife for a chick who was rich, whose daddy was influential, just to get into the Senate. McCain is no staright shooter. McCain always has been and always will be all about McCain.

        I saw the Romney show when he was running against Markey for the governership of MA, while on business for my company. I got the impression that the only difference between the two candidates was the R or D next to their names.

        The only thing that would save Romney is if he got a VP that could help him, like Bush got with Cheney. Until then, I’m unsold on Mittens. However, just like I did with McLame, I’ll vote for an rusty tuna can over Obama any day.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting this.

  • CJ

    It seems like FoxNews has been doing a lot of cheap shots on Sarah, just like they did to Newt. Maybe they’re trying to rid themselves of her too. FNC may be turning into Faux News, after all.

    • Karl Rogue

      They’ve been Faux News since they joined in the smear on Palin after the Tucson shootings in early 2011.

  • njpat33

    I’m another one.

  • I damned sure didn’t vote for the worthless, leftist, Navy puke RINO. I voted for Palin.

  • nkthgreek

    My avatar is my comment.

  • daisy_mae

    I read about this comment by Mark a few minutes ago on C4P and hoped you’d post it here. You did and it was FAST!!! Thank you (((RS)))

  • n4cerinc

    Tell them, Mark. She was the one who gave McLame’s campaign life. And after Obama neutered the GOP in 08, none of the party leaders knew what to do. But Sarah Palin and the Tea Party rose up and did more for the Republican party that these sorry excuses for cowards could have ever conceived. There were talks of conservatism being dead in the era of Obama. And what is the payback? Sit down and shut up and fall in line and vote for the Next-in-Line entitled nominee.

    • Guest1776rcp

      And when you vote ABO for Romeny and if Romney wins then conservatism is officially dead and the GOPe will say we told you it takes a moderate.

  • Mark Levin is the strongest one sticking up for Sarah Palin on the air waves, no one else comes close, and this is very disappointing. I’m sick of the cheap shots from the GOPE on Sarah Palin.. McCain was, is, and always will be hot garbage. It’s McCain’s fault, it’s the republicans fault, and yes it is Bush’s fault.

    • kim

      Hear! Hear!

      If she hadn’t been on the ticket, McLame would have been steamrolled.

      If they don’t put someone of her calibur on the ticket this time, it won’t go well.

  • Karl Rogue

    He’s dead right about the Bushies coming out of the woodwork now. Its as if the All Clear has sounded in their bunker, where they’ve been hiding since 2008. And Now they are back for the Restoration. Barf! *Almost* makes me feel sorry for Romney. As the public sees more and more of the Bushies, they will flee.

    • GraceKnows

      I haven’t heard anything from GW concerning Romney yet. I know George H.W. is an old elitist. Do you know, has George W. said anything?

      • Karl Rogue

        W? Don’t think so and would be surprised if he did. GHWB, Bar and Jeb of course all have chimed in.
        By Bushies I was referring not so much to the family as to the folks W employed, many of whom I do not miss at all. Ed Gillespie for example. Tokyo Rove. Dowd. Matalin. The Cheneys (I like the old man, just don’t need any more advice from him).

    • 3seven77

      Yep. While I agree with Levin that GW Bush is a very decent and nice guy, the rest of the “family” leaves me cold – particulary Barbara Bush. I never did like her.

      The hangers-on, like Karl Rove, are dangerous and will kill Romney’s chances with a lot of the undecideds. Romney needs to stay as far away from them as he can. There is still a lot of Bush Derangement Syndrome out there and if Romney associates with Rove, et. al. it will raise its ugly head.

      The Bushies and “their crew” need to head for the bushes… and stay there.

  • Alborn

    I will never vote for another Bush. George H W Bush signed Agenda 21. The Bushes do not believe in the USA that I do. They are elitest from the old controlling money who wanted to shape America to their liking. George H W Bush also bashed Ronald Reagan behind his back. NO MORE BUSHES! This is not a dynasty country.

    • That’s silly to discriminate against someone, just because of their family. That kind of thinking is what comes from backwater countries that host dynasties. If a Bush family member comes along with good ideas, seems at least as honest as the Georges, and is Conservative, I’m voting for that person against a democrat.

      • poljunkie

        VX, You usually make perfect sense in your posts.

      • Alborn

        Each to his own. If more people had taken a good look at Obama’s family before voting for him maybe we would not have been in the shape that we are in now. There will not be drastic differences in any Bush’s politics they are a close family. They are big government Rs. I am a limited government constitutionalist. I am an Independent and I hope that we will move to open elections and not a two party system like our founders wanted. I can hope. Each to his own. I do not think George HW could be called honest. You need to read up on his tenure.

        • Again, your argument is groundless. You don’t know who will come through their family, and then you insult the family. What kind of sensible position is that? So because a family is close, no one of any good can come out of it? My family is close, and heavily liberal. So, going by your ‘logic’, you wouldn’t vote for me, because my family is close-knit and heavily liberal, in spite of the fact that I was, am, and will probably always remain, a Reaganite. Wow.

          • Alborn

            There is a difference in being liberal and being communist. At least it use to be. The Bushes have a history now. I voted for both Bushes. HW promised not to raise taxes and raised taxes after promising not to. And signing the Agenda 21 is unforgiveable to me. I overlooked HW things that I did not like and voted for W twice because I did not like the D running against him and what did he do. He got us into two wars that I disagreed with and he gave us medicare part D another hugh government program, TARP and he started the bailout of GM. I would not rule out someone who had a “liberal” family and they have a history of conservative ideas and behavior. The Bushes have a history that I can see that they believe in a big government. But if your family had been in the communist party and you had no record to show you thought and acted differently I would not vote for you. I liked Reagan but he did not reduce the size of government and he did not get rid of the Dept of Education like he promised to do. I do not think Jeb Bush would be much different from the previous Bushes.

          • StNikao

            Wrong – it’s not groundless. Not at all. That is only your opinion.

      • Guest1776rcp

        George W. Bush signed unConstitutional campaign finance reform, W signed light-bulb bans, more power to UN in education, W signed TARP etc.,,, In fact W tarnished the GOP brand so badly Republicans were unelectable in 06 and 08 and we can thank Rove, Bush and the GOPe for that. You expect it to be different this time? Seems to me the elites are playing good cop/bad cop with us and nothing changes. Not even when the GOPe has both houses under a Republican POTUS the deficit grew, the size and scope of government grew etc….

    • blueniner

      The Bushes bashed Reagan, they now bash Palin. They can send that old bluehair bleublood Barbara Bush back to Kennebunkport Maine!

  • PVG

    This was brilliant….and funny! Hey, way to go Scoop, “hat tip” from the Great One today!

  • Nettey

    Here, here.

  • Nettey

    She would have been a great VP

    • mainelysteve

      She would be a great P

      • Nettey

        Yes, she will be a grat VP.


  • Nettey

    Here, here.

  • Nettey

    here here.

  • Alan Fuhrman

    Palin was the only reason I voted for McCain. But now to still be trashing this woman is just pathetic.

    Too bad Levin didn’t stick by Newt though. He seems very selective in the people he stands up for. I had my eyes opened really wide this election season to a lot of people who claim to be conservative, but really aren’t.

    • GraceKnows

      I think Levin is conservative. I was baffled, too, that he didn’t go for Newt. However, he has stood up for him in the past.

      I hope this is a mistake, Newt suspending his campaign! He was the perfect one.

  • Of course, Levin won’t say who the writer is because he’s a gentleman but we all know Robert Costa of National Review is a disgrace. Fact of the matter is, Sarah Palin did more in 18 months of governing in AK than most governors do in their 2 terms. She certainly accomplished more in that short time than hacks Jr. Senator from Crook County, now occupying the White House Obama, Biden put together. Bi partisan energy legislation, tax reform, budget cutting in a surplus, the courage to drop the dime on corrupt assholes in her state GOP. And apparently, she was supposed to stay in Alaska and get Alinksy-d for another 2 years & bankruptcy to please morons like Costa and establishment hacks like the rest of the oafish GOP who threw her under the bus after she saved that incapable John McCain and the fools running that campaign from loosing worse than he did. Oh yeah and serving those 1st and 2nd and 3rd terms like Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry really made a difference in their electability. Yeah, those cats really went far with that “non Quitter” mentality, it really worked for them. Costas credibility gone out the window with his article. She’s not a candidate, and this dig at her is uncalled for. You’d expect it from the liberal media but from people who are on our side? (supposedly) Costa had Stephen Bannon there in your article and you didn’t even mention that he made a 2hr doc about HER GOVERNING as an executive whether it was Gov, Mayor, Commissioner of Oil and Gas. I’d have more respect for this so called journalist if he would had two or three paragraphs outlining just how inexperienced he thought she is–you know, make the case. They can’t. They’re becoming worse than the liberal media. Disgraceful. -Mr.L

    • capelady

      I can’t even read the National Review anymore. It’s a shame… one more in the RINO tank. They are not true conservatives any longer.

      • blueniner

        Buckley must be rolling in his grave, what that birdcage mag has become. A group of faux Conservatives, that are really GOP establishment RINO pawns and Bushie leftovers, Beltway bunk.

        • capelady

          I know Brent Bozell is disgusted on his uncle’s behalf.

  • Barack Obama the common man. He is just like you.

    Did you buy your home with the help of a “political fixer” convicted felon? Barack Did
    Did you go to Pakistan for spring break? Barack Did (sounds fun barry – you rock)
    Did you hang out with the Marxists, punk rock radicals and political activists in college? Barack did
    Did you wife make $365K a year only to never refill the position when she left? Barack’s wife did
    Did your wife ever call America, “A downright mean country”? Barack’s did
    Did you ever say I’ve been to 57 states? Barack did
    Did you ever bowl a 12? Barack did
    Did your pastor every say “God Damn America, its in the bible”? Barack’s did
    Did you ever call your grandma a typical white person? Barack did
    Did you ever eat dog? Of course you didn’t you’re not a heartless Marxist radical.

    Shih Tzu – The dogs Marxists prefer most – Obama 2012

  • When McCain picked Palin, I gave the campaign a donation. Coincidence? I do not think so!

    • Right_Wingnut

      Me too.

  • poljunkie

    Gov Palin single handedly dragged John Mc Cain almost over the finish line.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is really quite simple. Romney, select Allen West as your VP and you’ll have a chance at winning this thing. Pick anyone else and you’re done before you even begin.

    • Higgsparticle

      there is nothing West could bring to the table that will ensure a GOP victory

      • PVG

        Nothing but integrity, Constitutional conservative principles, wisdom, inspiration, and, oh, yeah…….THE TEA PARTY PATRIOTS!
        Are you trying to be contrary or are you really that uninformed? Do you get news papers in SC?

      • Sober_Thinking

        I didn’t say “ensure”.

        But Allen West would appeal to the Tea Party – a huge constituency that Romney will never reach otherwise. Allen West would help to lock up Florida. Allen West would pull away a decent percentage of black voters, in the way that Herman Cain would have.

        Allen West is not a silver bullet. But with Romney being the establishment choice and Allen West being the Tea Party choice, this would help compliment Romney’s MANY weaknesses. Allen West would bring some excitement to the GOP in the same way that Palin did in 2008. I hope he gets his shot at the VP position… and then marches on to be the GOP nominee in 2016.

      • Karl Rogue

        I actually half agree with the ‘bot, here. There is nothing any VP can bring to the table to get Willard over the hump.

  • Right_Wingnut

    Even Romney’s top surrogates are piling on.

    “Enough With The False Narrative About Palin’s Vetting”

    • Karl Rogue

      To take the party base back from Palin. They know they are hated by the folks they think are rightfully “theirs.”

  • Mark Levin….saying what I’m thinking every time I listen to him…he’s simply AMAZING!

  • Right_Wingnut

    Scoop, Thanks for for helping to shed light on these frauds.

  • Jude O’Connor

    Mark Levin is correct about my vote in 2008 and I sent a substantial check to their fund and I’m sorry I did after McCain did the reversal that he did. This summer will be a blood bath by the left with no holds barred. They are going down and they know it and the death scream will be worth it.

  • AndreaB

    My parents, husband, brother, sister in law and I had no reason to vote until Sarah came along. She fired all of us up and got us involved in the whole political process. It burns me up that the Republican establishment is still hitting her even after she decided not to run. My father 65 yrs old is begging for a third party to come along because the Republican party is dead. I’m finding it hard to find a reason to reward the liberal Republican establishment with a vote in November. My dislike for them is as much as it is for Obama….wish we had another choice.

  • Higgsparticle

    Sarah Palin cost the GOP a victory with her ignorance four years ago and nothing has changed today….she is still ignorant and petty. I am glad Katie exposed her

    • blueniner

      You are a liar, and a loon, the only thing that is exposed is your idiocy.

      • PVG

        Idiocy and IGNORANCE! Be gone drone.

    • While I prefer not to stoop to personal name calling like some others here, I have to say that Higgsparticle’s comment about Sarah Palin may very well be the single most asinine comment I’ve read in quite a while. Katie didn’t expose Sarah, she only confirmed what most people already suspected. Namely that she’s a partisan political propagandist more than a news reporter.

      How does anyone who purports to understand the English language arrive at an opinion of Sarah Palin that she is ignorant and petty? Are you not paying attention? Are you making a judgement because she speaks differently than you? Perhaps you assume that since she is from Alaska and not some northeastern state she can’t possibly know what she’s talking about. The truth is, the statement above is a perfect example of the lefts pension for projection. In fact, it is ironically so. The statement, in and of itself, is, in fact, ignorant and petty.

      • Higgsparticle

        i have been paying attention to Sarah for the last four years and my opinion is as factual as the sun rising in the east. I find it quite funny that people will continue to support an obvious under-achiever. Sarah has proven on many occasions to be just a celebrity, nothing more. The assumption of being on the left is a grasp. I am a conservative. I am aware of the right wanting to make it a left-right thing, but check your calendar..Palin’s time as a media hog is up. Romney doesn’t need her.

        • Karl Rogue

          and, the nitwit outs him-her-itself as a Rombot. Jeez, who’d have guessed it.

          • Higgsparticle

            Romney over Palin any day ..not even close sir!

            • During the fiscal years for which Sarah Palin exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Alaska (FY08 through FY10)

              • Debt outstanding increased 12.7%, or 4.2% per year
              • Per capita debt outstanding increased 7.4%, or 2.5% per year
              • Total liabilities DECREASED 34.6%, or 11.5% per year
              • Total liabilities per capita decreased 37.7%, or 12.6% per year

              During the fiscal years for which Mitt Romney exercised budgetary authority as Governor of Massachusetts (FY04 through FY07)

              • Debt outstanding increased 44.3%, or 11.1% per year
              • Per capita debt outstanding increased 43.3%, or 10.8% per year
              • Total liabilities INCREASED 19.5%, or 4.9% per year
              • Total liabilities per capita increased 18.7%, or 4.7% per year


              For my money, Palin over Romney any day. It’s not even close. The facts bare that out.

        • An “under-achiever” that had no political pedigree or vast personal wealth that just somehow happened to defeat a very powerful incumbent Republican governor in a primary and then went on to defeat a former two-term Democrat governor in the general election.

          And once elected as Governor, she somehow happened to get production going at Point Thomson after nearly 30 years of producers failing to keep their commitments:

          She spearheaded the largest private sector infrastructure project in North American history with AGIA.

          She replaced the Murkowski PPT oil tax scheme with the transparent ACES that improved incentives for new energy production and ensuring that Alaskans would receive a “clear and equitable” share of oil profits:

          Also as Governor, Palin reduced earmark requests for Alaska by 80%, established Alaska’s Petroleum Integrity Office to oversee safe energy development, placed the state checkbook online, and reduced spending for Fiscal Year 2010 by over one billion dollars from Governor Murkowski’s Fiscal Year 2007 budget. Total reduction in spending between 2007 and 2010: a whopping 9.5%:

          She cut costs by selling a private jet purchased by the previous governor and saying “no thank you” to the Executive Mansion’s personal chef. She has served as Chairperson of the AK Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and Vice Chair of the National Governors Association Natural Resource Committee. Prior to her time as Governor, Palin served as Mayor of Wasilla, AK, and city council member in Wasilla.

          But other than that, I guess there’s a lot of “under-achieving” going on there. But you on the other hand, are an idiot.

          • Higgsparticle

            with all those “accomplishments” she could not muster enough achiever skills to complete her term as Governor and run for the office of relegated to barking from the sidelines without any “skin” in the game..there’s your under-achiever

            • She couldn’t complete her term as governor because she was being Alinskied into personal bankruptcy thru frivolous ethics complaints. Unlike Romney, she didn’t have a vast personal wealth to pay the ever-growing legal debt. As governor she had already accomplished everything she promised in her inaugural address. So why stay in a job that is causing her to go bankrupt. Would you stay in such a job?

              If you’re a Romney fan, you need to stop it. You’re not helping your guy.

              • Higgsparticle

                further evidence Palin does not have a clue? Her latest Facebook rant about the Labor Department’s proposed child labor laws on farms to limit certain types of agricultural work. A cornerstone of the opposition argument is Palin’s notion that the laws would disrupt a rural way of life by preventing kids from helping out with family farm work. The laws would only protect children from types of labor deemed too dangerous and would not apply to children working on family farms.

    • 2yves

      You are a hopeless fool. You swallowed up whatever Obama wanted you to think. Have another drink.

  • carmtom13

    Thanks Mark for calling them all out about Governor Palin. I wish some of the other conservative talk show host would do the same. This is what I think why they have been joining the left on spreading this BS about Governor Palin: first it is because they know she is a constitutional conservative, second they are all part of the elite GOP establishment and she is her own person and is not 4 sale, third they view her as their biggest threat to their chosen candidate and finally she speaks for we the people and she has millions of supporters. I think this is the gop establishments way of getting back to her for going against the GOP in Alaska. All these DC so called conservatives got their talking points from the GOP elite establishment; if you notice they all repeat the same thing like robots. They are so dumb!!
    Governor Palin is one of the most political savvy people to come along in many years and she was the biggest threat to BHO, she was the only one calling him out since 2008 and has been living rent free in BHO and the libs head since than. The GOP is making a big mistake by what they are doing. All who have been spewing this BS should Google A B Culvahouse Palin to inform themselves. Rove made a comment about vetting, Rove they have done everything to Governor Palin except a colonoscopy. There is no other politician that has been vetted like Governor palin. By the way I never herd any of the GOP stand up for her when all the BS was being put out about her, but than again you Rove and the elite GOP establishment along with their chosen candidate joined right in. There are many conservatives who are not going to vote for your chosen candidate and as much as I hate saying this your chosen candidate may lose!!!

  • Just as CNNs Don Lemon takes her critique of Obama seriously…

    Obsequious weasels have more integrity.

  • Gov. Sarah Palin won in 2008 John McCain was the one that lost. I voted for Gov. Palin and i would vote for her right today. She is the real American out there today:-)

    • 2yves

      She also won in 2010.

  • sjmom

    I said in 2008 I didn’t vote for John McCain, I voted for Sarah Palin.

    Where are good conservatives to go? The Dems are far, far away from what we believe and the GOP doesn’t want us. I’m still thinking a third party and for 2012 a miracle with a not Romney nomination because I am not one who gives up easily.

  • leaky_sink

    I listen to his show everyday downloaded on my iPod. I love him.
    He does get cranky sometimes but who woudln’t, seeing what’s happening and when you understand its dire situation as well as he does? I’m grateful he’s not throwing hi mic and calling it quit. I sincerely wish for his good health, no joke, we’ve already lost our great fighter, Andrew Breitbart.

  • wodiej

    Well I know I personally voted for the ticket because of Gov. Sarah Palin. What a powerhouse. I’ve never liked the Bush family. I’ve never seen people given so much credit for doing so much damage to the country besides Obama.

    Stupid people talk about other people, average people talk about things, smart people talk about ideas. What does Gov. Palin always talk about? Ideas. What does Gingrich always talk about? Ideas. Their detractors don’t talk about ideas-they just trash their opposition. Why? Because they aren’t for sale.

    • RUexperienced

      Yes, Newt talks about ideas. He is probably the smartest and most inspirational candidate since Reagan himself.

      The other person you mentioned simply spouts conservative cliches and radio talk show hyperbole.

  • wodiej

    Well I know I personally voted for the ticket because of Gov. Sarah Palin. What a powerhouse. I’ve never liked the Bush family. I’ve never seen people given so much credit for doing so much damage to the country besides Obama.

    Stupid people talk about other people, average people talk about things, smart people talk about ideas. What does Gov. Palin always talk about? Ideas. What does Gingrich always talk about? Ideas. Their detractors don’t talk about ideas-they just trash their opposition. Why? Because they aren’t for sale.

  • Trust1TG

    I have come to distrust Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh after they attacked those (Newt and others) who questioned Romney’s brand of profiteering, parasite, vulture corporate raiding, and using the taxpayer’s money to foot the bill for his deals.

    How Romney operated and achieved his wealth at taxpayer expense:

    Levin and Limbaugh were dead wrong to defend Romney.

    Romney’s business tactics and history are what is wrong with our economic system. Romney’s liberalism, lies, cronyism, etc. are what is wrong with the political system.

    We need accountability and regulations to guard against Romney’s kind of business people.
    We need reform in DC to guard against politicians like Romney.

    We do not need every conservative and hopeful reformer caving to this crook and the sick business and political systems that he represents.

    I will not respect Palin and Newt if they actually endorse him.

    Perry has just lost his creds by doing so.

    • RUexperienced

      I lost respect for Levin for the fact that he endorsed Romney in 2008, then trashed him THIS year.

      And the Sarah Palin thing….. Levin sees an audience for his books and radio in fervent band of Sarah Palin supporters. So he panders to them.

      By the way, Palin has already said that she could support Romney. (August of last year in Iowa). And last month she said that she would enthusiastically support the Republican nominee. You can be assured that she will only get a speaking slot at convention IF she endorses Romney.

      • Karl Rogue

        That’s funny, I haven’t seen an endorsement of Romney or enthusiastic support for him by Palin. Last time I saw her interviewed, when Romney was mentioned, she grimaced, like she had bad gas.

        • RUexperienced

          Palin August 2011 at Iowa Fair: “Could I support someone like Romney? Sure!” Last month she said that all conservatives “need to get behind the eventual nominee.”

          But you are correct Palin has not “shown enthusiastic support” for Romney. (Of course neither has she shown enthusiastic support for ANY of the conservatives running against Romney.)

          • 2yves

            Her face lit up a few times whenever talking about some of Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Newt Gingrich’s ideas. I think she can see herself working with those three, of course she would have to have the top spot.
            I think she is leaving the door open so that she can enthusiastically support herself. We will see what happens.
            If Palin was the nominee, would you get behind her? It is ABO right?

            • RUexperienced

              If Palin has enough guts to actually RUN for president, then I may answer your question.

              Until then, she is simply another talking head who occasionally gives her opinion.

      • hrh40

        Don’t bother with URExperiencedinNothingButBashingPalin. He’s here shilling for Romney now because his man, Perry, just endorsed him.

        I could never convince him that trashing Palin wasn’t helping his man, Perry, but he never figured it out.

        So now he’s doing the same thing in an attempt to help his new man, Romney.

        And that strategy is going to work just as well.

        SarahPAC’s rented space up the street from the RNC convention. Let’s see the RNC refuse her a speaking spot. I anticipate they will. They’re just that stupid.

        • RUexperienced

          My man Rick Perry has enough guts to try. Your ‘man’ didn’t have enough guts to even enter the race.

          My man Rick Perry has the integrity to finish his elected terms as governor and the determination to keep that job for 12 years. Yours quit half way through her first term.

          I realize that the C4P people will never vote for anybody but her. Half of you still think she is going to run for president, believing that she is “playing three dimensional chess while everybody else is playing checkers.”

          Regarding Romney, I will hold my nose and vote for him, just like Sarah Palin will do.

  • velcom

    I do not know what scared Sarah Palin. Her experience with the secret service was not comforting. Mitt is now shaking the etch-a-sketch, leaving us to shake in our shoes. I do not know how, but Sarah needs to run NOW. The tea-party has been silenced by washington insiders. I believe it can be energized and Sarah will be protected by all of us.

  • agas84363

    right again Mark!!!

  • tinker_thinker

    Yes, she is one of two reasons I voted for McCain, the other was obama.

  • She’s the reason I did not vote for president. I felt that as McCains first decision as a potential president, he totally BLEW IT. he had so many to choose from.

    When he pegged palin, I turned to my sister and said ‘he just lost’. I could not vote for that ticket. And will never cast a vote for Palin. Ever.

    • Karl Rogue

      I know what you mean. I’m exactly the same way about Willard Romneycare.

    • hrh40

      Then you know nothing about Palin. Nothing about the exit polls. Nothing about the actual history of the 2008 election = Fundraising. Polls. Attendance. Enthusiasm.

      And you are part of the problem. But that’s still you’re right while we still have a free country.

      But I see you’re aligning yourself with the Ruling Class so you’ll be on the correct side when we cease to be a free country.

    • cudaforever

      Reading your comments I see that you are a Romney sycophant. Because of people like you I will NEVER cast a vote for MitWIT Romneycare.

    • Right_Wingnut

      Liar, you voted for Obama.

      Note to readers: this individual is a Romney supporter from Utah who comments as “Ellie” on another site. She has admitted to voting for Obama on several occasions. Her favorite website is Malia Littman’s blog. I won’t link that trash here, but if you want to see who you’re dealing with, google it. Ellie once commented that she hoped Todd Palin would die in the Iron Dog and is an admitted Trig truther. That hateful conduct probably doesn’t square with her Mormon church.

  • narciso
  • MiketheMarine

    Right again, Mark. The problem in 2008 is the same problem in 2012. The stupid GOP / RNC insists is nominating freaking liberals instead of conservatives.

    To put a point on it, The problem with the RNC is the RNC. Not the TEA Party or stubborn voters but the tone deaf leadership of a soon to be extinct political party.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Fact is: Palin put McCain in the lead. People tend to forget McCain was leading in polls up until the point McCain ran back to DC to pass TARP. He’d have been president if he went back to DC to oppose TARP.

  • narciso

    They could have had the unstinting charisma of TPaw, who kept saying he would say ‘death panels’ for the IPAB, and ‘blood libel’ for what happened at Tucson, but never said
    what words would be appropriate.

  • narciso

    They could have had the unstinting charisma of TPaw, who kept saying he would say ‘death panels’ for the IPAB, and ‘blood libel’ for what happened at Tucson, but never said
    what words would be appropriate.

  • anneinarkansas

    As usual, Mark is correct…Sarah helped McCain…she just was not enough…he was a wimp.

  • Higgsparticle

    further evidence Palin does not have a clue? Her latest Facebook rant about the Labor Department’s proposed child labor laws on farms to limit certain types of agricultural work. Palin’s notion is that the laws would disrupt a rural way of life by preventing kids from helping out with family farm work. The laws would only protect children from types of labor deemed too dangerous and would not apply to children working on family farms.

    • hrh40

      Not so.

      This bill is the equivalent of Obamacare; you have to pass it to see what’s in it.

      Obama’s history is to discourage the work ethic across the board.

      Obama’s goal is to get everyone on the government dole.

      Once again, Palin is right and her critics are wrong.

      But that’s becoming such a broken record.

      Here’s yet another example:

    • kong1967

      Wrong. They are looking into going deeper and going after children on family farms.

      I suppose you think Palin is clueless about the death panels in Obamacare, also?

  • kong1967

    I noticed this the other day. Palin was the only reason McCain got any support.

    I’m getting sick of this BS. Republicans are electing the RINO’s to be President and we are having to try to save the election by looking for an actual conservative to fill the VP slot to energize the base. What is up with that? Why do Republican voters want wishy washy conservatives like McCain and Romney to be the President? Is it about strategy being more important than conservatism? The Independents don’t stop the Democrats from electing the most liberal candidates possible, so why do we believe we cannot get in a real conservative? It’s mind bogglling and I’m angered at Republican voters in general. Wake up and vote for a real conservative.

  • cudaforever

    I got involved in Politics for the first time in my life because of Sarah Palin.

  • Ice_Man56

    I attended a couple of McCain events ,and let me tell you,there was plenty of empty seats.
    I also attended 2 with Govenor Palin and the crowd was around 10,000 both times.
    I also voted for McCain just because Govenor Palin was selected as his VP.
    If people would just seriously look at McCain’s resume and Barrack Obama’s.
    They would see that govenor Palin had the best resume of all of them..Just the facts.

  • Stupid people think McCain got all those votes on his own. Why do you think the dirt bag, cover-up, corrupt media savaged Palin. Helloooooo. Palin has a set, and doesn’t even own a pair, can’t say that about most Republican men, sadly.

  • I might have voted for McCain, but Palin was the reason I was excited about doing it