Mark Levin talks to Megyn Kelly about Roberts’ decision

Mark Levin went on with Megyn Kelly today to discuss the Roberts’ decision and how detrimental it was to our Constitution:

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  • Captain_Maynard

    Mark is right to call out the Pollyanna potheads who refuse to admit this Obamacare decision is a complete disaster. These people are the reason we are in the position we are today. They wont bring themselves to the true realization of what has happened in America over the years, that we are becoming (some say ‘have become’) Europe! And those we hold as our public officials and leaders have led the transformation. Damn it all!

    • Sinsonta

      The only way Congress will act if We The People MASSIVELY march to Washington!

      • 12grace

        A massive people march might be their attention.

        But, it seems to me that Washington only cares about our vote and money….both of which the politicians have pretty much stolen.

        • warpmine

          Problem is, we march then go home like good little boys and girls. If you want to get their attention we need to stay there for weeks on end, disrupt their little harmony they all have been accustomed to. Look how long it took for Egypt’s Mubaruk to relent.

          The left has their play OWS and WE the silent majority MUST not be complacent, WE must march for days on out protesting this crap sandwich else we lose our country.

          Remember, one day means nothing to these elitists but a month will scare the shyt out of them. Until they think their little club is in danger than they’ll do nothing about it. Force the issue.

          • 12grace

            Great Point, W.

          • ChgoCubs

            We wish we could march for days and disrupt their secluded schedules, but unlike OWS, most of us work or have families and have a life. OWS doesn’t. But if we could, we should form OWH (occupy WH) & march on & on.

            • warpmine

              Of course I know that but we must figure out the way to make it work. I propose doing it in a tag teamed type relay set up where we can keep pressure. Our side need only to to be there one day and have another be there the next and so forth that way we can be there in force at the same time being with our families and able to be at work to bring home the bacon.. OWS couldn’t do that because 1. they had to be everywhere at the same time and 2. they had to stay where they were. We on the other hand only desire to put the pressure on Washington’s law makers/chain forgers which makes it much easier to divide up our precious resource, time, amongst ourselves but only at one location. We only need to pledge and take the responsibility to show up when it’s out turn.

              • ChgoCubs

                You sound like a great organizer, but it’s hard to get in sync. Even with 4 people let alone hundreds. But you never know, the Tea Party is organized with such protests and hope they’ll be coming out and often.

                • warpmine

                  Unfortunately, I’m not but I do have some ideas that would help us grab the steering gear of the country if we really are sincere about regaining Liberty. The idea of rotation is sound but we need to implement it with passion or we shall never have the Liberty again. Our Founding Fathers pledged their sacred honor(foreign word today)towards one another. Are we so shallow that we cannot?

                • ChgoCubs

                  We are happy you say Founding Fathers. So many have changed & say Founders. We feel men are being rubbed out of our culture with an eraser. Men are being referred to in generic terms (them, those, firefighters (not firemen), victims, miners, etc.)

                  However, we wish you luck if you continue up this path to DC. We need more people like you. You will be in our prayers.

                • ChgoCubs

                  Also, God Bless America. We will get out of this,
                  it’ll be hard work, but well worth it.

      • PFFV

        I fear it will take a revolution and it may be ugly. That is why we need to talk to everyone around us and discuss the truth and the facts to win in November. Conservatism is the only solution. Romney has issues too but he is a thousand percent better than Obama. If Obama is re-elected there will be a revolution. Be prepared my friends and God Bless you and yours.

        • Sinsonta

          The problem is that we should not wait until a revolution hits us. If for any evil reason Obama is re-elected, I’m afraid there will be NO revolution. The people will be so depress that may accept the ugly & dire fact!

      • Beckslee

        I understand your feeling, but…. I would be careful about doing anything like that now. DHS has ruled that almost any kind of protesters are terrorists. The Secret(ive) Service is now allowed to arrest/detain/harass anyone that protests where they are guarding the ‘president’ or whoever he says should have SS protection. Hmmmm…. “SS” may be more appropriate than I had thought.

        • Sinsonta

          In 2009 close to 2 millions of American Patriots went to Washington. I’m talking about that kind of protest. This time, I’m sure more Patriots will join our March for Freedom. I appreciate very much your concern which is more than justified, considering that we are surrounded by enemies of Freedom!

    • 12grace

      Levin is great, as usual.

      The States and freedom loving Americans must not comply with obama’s “deathcare”. mandate

    • Levin is all wrong on the Supreme court ruling . Levin great argument is the same as Obama’s…..something can act like a tax and have the effect of a tax but not be a tax.
      It’s nuts.

      Levin, as it relates to how we look at taxes, is the problem.

      The ruling was 100 percent conservative and conservatives supporting are not pointing to the Commerce Clause ruling , as Kelly claimed , as some “master plan”
      Sure that was good, but its not the master plan. Making all things that act like taxes be looked upon as they really are…..taxes , is the best thing Roberts could have done for conservatism. Now all things that are taxes can not be just called something else and passed easily by congress.
      Allowig taxes to be called something else is what Levin would like. This would not stop taxes because any stupid rationale for imposing a “fee” or ‘constribution” can be made for anything.
      Now Obamacare is Obamataxmare
      Furthermore, Roberts ruling protects states from Obamacare by ruling they can be denied funding they already get.. This put the brakes on a large part of Obamacare
      Now that Obamacare is Obamataxmare, repeal becomes easier.
      Unlike before , it only takes a simpe magority to overcome a Reid Senate filabuster, …thats 51 instead of 60.
      Then only 51 is needed to repeal. The House will vote on Repeal later this month then send it to the Senate, where the fight toovercome a filabuster will be. If that is successful , then we just need a simple magority to pass the repeal
      Obama can veto, but then its back to the House to attempt to overcome the veto with a supermagority.

      If that doesnt work.Obamacare could be invalidated
      The fact that Obamacares mandate is actually a tax , not some other kind of penalty , means ,it could not be started in the Senate, it should have started in the House
      We could sue to stop Obamacare on this grounds, the Surprems can not rule anyway but invalidation…..they just ruled Obamacare is a tax.

      • joel Fiser

        You’re one of the few voices of wisdom I’ve seen on the Conservative blogs since the verdict. I’ve been trying to argue those points the last 4 days on this blog, Ace of Spades, Weasel Zippers, etc – but everyone just wants to scream “traitor!”

        Actually, I’ve come to realize it’s probably ok that everybody is so pissed off. It produces loads of energy and motivation to elect our guy come November. Best we just sit back in our knowledge and let the anger flow.

        • warpmine

          Both of you are missing the point. The ruling was outrageous in terms of allowing the government new taxing powers above and beyond the constitution. The SCOTUS is responsible for the erosion of Liberty in this country and they must be stopped.

          Congress has the power to do this if we stand strong, protest and yell like banshee, they don’t want the alternative which is rioting or worse civil war. They’ll do it if we demand it.

      • Cham4Cons

        Levin is saying that ObamaScare was passed though dubious (reconciliation and never had majority public support) was legislated as a mandate based on the commerce clause. 5 justices voted that the mandate was unconstitutional. The bill is/was unconstitutional and Roberts legislated from the bench to call it a “tax” which is beside the main point even if it is true. Again, the main essense of the bill as it was legislated in Congress revolved around the mandate through the commerce clause which was found unconstitutional.

        Roberts is not a legislator. No need for him to legislate from the bench. Thats what happened in the 70’s.

      • badbadlibs

        So istead of striking this monstrosity of a mistake, Roberts played some kind of legal/constituional chess game to help conservatives in the long and short run. Hogwash.
        It’s not just the left that can be duped, apparently. The four justices that decented must be all wrong too, no doubt. And did you read Ginsburg’s decent of the Robert’s reasoning? It’s a court in confusion, thanks to the chief justice and we all we pay for……..yep, that long.

    • laura blanch

      he is a republican he is not for the Obama decision trust me,,,

  • BSScoop

    “There is no silver lining.”

    Bingo. Any Supreme Court justice who tries to thread the needle in some clever-by-half, politically motivated, left handed election gift is a traitor to his oath. Obamacare is an Obomination and Roberts’ decision was cowardly and in no way possible, a gift.

    Repeal is a pipe dream. We can be mad all we want but an entitlement has NEVER been repealed. How many Tea Party republicans caved on the debt ceiling vote? All but 22 if I remember correctly. Erick Erickson explains…

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • no entitlement has, but there is a precedent for repeal. Are you forgetting the 18th Amendment? If enough people elect the “right” people, then it can be done!

      • BSScoop

        I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and for those who’ve read my posts, don’t confuse my naked perception of truth as negativity. On the contrary, I am at least as excited for our future it’s just that I don’t see the same path to peace and prosperity as others. A new paradigm shift is upon us, the old system is broken and dying. I refuse to attempt to repair our great civilization with duct tape and an Allen wrench. I’m interested in a fresh start and I see no future worth visualizing until the old one is buried.

        Sorry, Mr. Franklin. We voted ourselves money over the last century and we lost the republic.

        It’s time to make a new one. Wake me up when the revolution starts.


      • BSScoop

        The “right people” Eugene are you and I. We’ve got to stop looking to politicians to save us. There are no “right people” but “We The People!”


    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      On your first paragraph: Double Bingo.

      On the second, I think today’s communication is exponentially greater than when other entitlements and significant SC rulings took place. Rush’s audience burgeoned after Fluke’s self-demeaning endorsement of free contraception before Congress [funny, I had to search for her name]. Mark Levin is finally getting well-deserved recognition of his scholarly narrative on all things government. Liberals are converting, one by one, via reality [ref Breitbart, and Eric Allen Bell, TRS today].

      We are learning the hard lesson with a clarity and perspective not present in the Reagan era, and our perception is keener than ever. We’re recognizing that the left is ‘playing the long game, and we must take effective action to engage them on a long term basis.

      The American Tea Party is no longer an anomaly but is a growing force that will become more effective as the conservative masses actively participate.

      We can begin by reminding our children and other family members about the true history of Independence Day.

  • mike3e4r7

    Yes, we need to show Robert’s that his attempt at establishing a great
    and historic legacy for himself have utterly backfired. Justice Roberts,
    put your mind at ease. You need not concern yourself with your legacy
    anymore. It has been written and can be summed up with one word – “disgrace”

    • M_J_S

      Roberts should resign if he had any self-respect.

      • Captain_Maynard

        Dude, the shill informs me you are now a Romney man and that you said so last week. True? Not looking for a name-calling session like he so often enjoys. Just wanted to know.

        • M_J_S

          I am, after this SCOUS’s ruling. I anticipated a 5-4 striking down the whole damn thing. You can gloat if you wish.

          Now there is no choice and I think it will rally straggling or non-committal Conservatives out there.

          I still despise Romney, but after this, OBAMA MUST GO!

          • NHConservative0221

            Good to see you came to your senses.

            • M_J_S

              I have no choice after the ruling, and it puts Romney in the spot (as opposed to before) where if he cares about his legacy, he will have to push repeal.

              Secondly, Romney wouldn’t have won before this ruling.

              As you can tell, I’m not happy about supporting Romney, but I will.

              • NHConservative0221

                I disagree about Romney being able to win if Scotus had done the right thing. I think almost anyone could beat Maobama. ROmney had done a decent job of taking it to Maobama (look at the Solyndra thing which was very well done).

                I do agree that ROmney will have to repeal this, which means we need to take the Senate too.

                THe last thing I wanted was Romney to get the nomination, but even he is a million times better than Maobama!

                • M_J_S

                  We’ll agree to disagree, but we’re now on the same page.

                  ROMNEY 2012!

                • i can’t go to the polls with the enthusiasm you have. It’s not “Romney 2012!” for me but it’s at least Romney the ABO candidate. I swore after the last election i would never plug nose again and here we are having to do it again bc not enough ppl would plug their nose the last time.And some ppl thought voting Obama would be historic. It was historic all right.

              • i would vote a cockroach over Obama(still support Herman Cain but you know the GOP let him get shoved out).So i will vote Romney and not just because of Obamacare but bc of Obama PERIOD. Obamacare just made it more urgent.I will always wish i could vote my first choice-Herman Cain-but i’ll be darned if we let Obama totally destroy the republic(warts and all). We have to vote in huge no this time. We cannot afford to stay home this time. Plug nose if necessary. The stench from Obama is lethal.

        • Rshill7

          Booyah! Don’t ever question my truthfulness again.

      • PapaLouie

        No, Roberts should be impeached for violating his oath to uphold the Constitution. Congress didn’t make Obamacare a tax, Roberts did. Nowhere in the bill does it refer to the mandate as a tax, only as a penalty. Roberts rewrote the bill from the bench to make it a tax. By doing so he violated the Constitution which says that all taxes must originate in the House. The Supreme Court cannot impose a tax. Therefore Roberts, and those who joined him in his opinion, should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

        • M_J_S

          I agree with you, I said if he had any self-respect. If he proves he doesn’t, we should go your route.

        • 12grace

          Yes, Roberts was writing legislation from the bench.

    • T4Ut

      “Justice Roberts, put your mind at ease. You need not concern yourself with your legacy anymore. It has been written and can be summed up with one word – “disgrace””

      Justice Roberts is the Benedict Arnold of our generation!

  • NJK

    I agree with Mark, why should we refer to the court doing this. It isn’t fair, to blame, Scalia, Alito, Thomas, or Kennedy. They did the right thing. The others, we know are going to do what is political for them. We already know they’re corrupt. We never thought, Roberts would go after the people.

    I hope he becomes a pariah. I’m not comparing him to OJ Simpson, although, OJ thought he won, too. He became a pariah. In the end, he admitted to the murders anyway. It only took about 16 years for him to do it.

    • Personally, I still don’t understand how the newbie didn’t recuse herself considering the known fact that she was working FOR it during her stint working directly for the Obamanation. … and if she didn’t voluntarily, why did the others not pressure her. Oh well, I guess it’s cuz she has no experience in the “actual” judiciary functions and rules, only theroetical from teaching.

  • I didn’t think it possible to be this disgusted.

  • NHConservative0221

    Fred Thompson filling in for Hannity talking about how he helped get Roberts through the Senate confirmation process when Bush asked him to.

    You’re making me sick here Fred!!

    Fred then went on to say what a disappointing decision it was… you think??

    • marketcomp

      The problem is that Roberts characterized himself as a Constitutional Conservative and then completely did an about face with pressure from the media and Obama’s threats. This is ridiculous and perhaps many of the Senators wont say it now Robert’s really needs to be called out on this because he is toying with the future of the country and 301+million Americans. I am so proud that Mark is fighting for the Constitution because without him, Rush, Sean and a few others we would already be a socialist.

      I think the Senators should drag Justice Robert’s ass back from that little Island where he is said to be vacationing and ridicule him in the public square and then force him to resign. This is outrageous!

      • keyesforpres

        We don’t want him to resign while Obambam is still squatting in the WH.

        • marketcomp

          Yes, you are right about that. Robert’s probably won’t return until the next session of Supreme Court and the election will be decided by then.

          • 12grace

            Yea, Roberts is in Malta right now.

        • NHConservative0221

          What’s the difference?

          He already ruled like a filthy lib on one of the biggest issues in history!

          Roberts should be the most hated pos in this country!!

          • marketcomp

            I hear ya, NH! But, I just hate sitting back and having the feeling of doing nothing.

  • Sinsonta

    Indeed, what Chief Justice Robert did is a total fraud. Shameful & total disgrace!!


    • kamiller42

      I would never support any compromise of the integrity of the Constitution for political convenience, perceived or otherwise.

    • patriot59201

      So now we’re supposed to think this was a good decision by the Supreme court? To take my freedoms, my privacy, my Constitution? There is NO silver lining here!!! I have never been so angry and afraid for my country. God help us. What we now have is government growing at breakneck speed and nothing to stop it

    • 12grace

      Roberts would have made a bigger statement by voting with the others that wanted to throw out the entire piece of trash unhealthcare mandate.

  • AgentRose

    Roberts, Romney, Bolshevism and Socialism
    The Roberts’ decision has already gone down in history as one of the worst decisions by the Supreme Court in U.S. history. It has shredded the Constitution a little more, if that’s possible and Roberts has been unfaithful to his oath to uphold the Constitution. We live in a time when very few Americans know anything about the Constitution and what it stands for which is spelled out in very clear language—“plain English” as they say. If you defend it as originally written you will be tarred and feathered by the left’s demonization, personal vilification, and mockery as the three lions of the court: Scalia, Alito and Thomas have experienced. Cave-in to this kind of pressure from the media (and Senator Leahy) has been alluded to in comments trying to explain Roberts’ illogical decision. Maybe when Roberts, Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer were swearing to it—they substituted “living” as in “living constitution” at regular intervals in their minds or had their fingers crossed.
    But the bottom line is that the law must be repealed—in its entirety. The choice in November has Obamatax on the ballot—yes. But the underlying choice is between the Bolshevism of the radical left or the soft socialism of the Republicans—until we can take the Republican establishment over.


    • scrubjay

      Roberts is a steamer who legitimized taxing inactivity. Do as we say or you pay. He could have voted with the 4 who wanted to rule that Obamacare was unconstitutional and buried it. Instead Congress can now add to the list of inactions that will ultimately lead to a total loss of liberty.

    • badbadlibs

      Roberts is playing a chess game with the entire American population if we are to believe you and others who support Robert’s decision.
      How dare he take the chance that the right people will be voted in office and repeal this law?
      He has put the court in chaos as well as the entire American political system and if we return to a republic all hinges on enough people voting for the right candidates. If that’s the case, if you are correct then Roberts is a bigger traitor then I ever dreamed.

  • Roberts broke his oath of office, He subverted the US Constitution. That’s the point.
    Now others throughout the country, because of the Roberts ruling, will began to exercise this new privilege.

    tea party patriot

  • The logic used by the founders for lifetime appointments for Judges and Justices made sense, but 220 years of practice has shown us that the corruptible will find a way to abuse the system.

    In this case it didn’t take them long, but I grow tired of the argument that either putting term limits on these appointments, or removing activist judges will never happen. That is only true when you convince yourself it is impossible before you even try.

    If you want judges to do their jobs in defending the Constitution, threaten them with the disgrace of impeachment. Then follow through with that threat if they do not get the message.

    For now, Congress needs to begin impeachments. Start with The Supreme Court and then remove all of the 9th circuit.

    • WordsFailMe

      I don’t think that even those wise people who designed this nation could ever conceive that such foul, drugged up slime like Obama could ever be elected even in the blackest sewer of Chicago.

      People like Obama, Holder Michelle are beneath contempt.

  • BEA

    YES!!! I agree with Mark Levin stating that this ruling is (massive) COERCION. I’m not a lawyer, but I think logically… I’m really concerned about what Roberts did to the constitution. Roberts decision certainly sets a precedent for future activist judges further from conservative persuasion to use power against the people. This is a shoe-in for leftist squeaky wheel activists AND JUDGES based on the (not so) subtleties of Sotomayer, Kagan, and Ginsberg. Here WE are arguing that the constitution is to be interpreted without changing its clear meaning. Then we get Roberts throwing his organic salt into the pot and opening a Pandora’s box to dismantle its integrity. How do we back peddle from this action? It’s done. Even if Romney wins and repeals, don’t we still retain the history of this ruling whereby future activists can cite the Roberts Rule and screw future generations with a loosening interpretation of the law? I don’t have confidence that future generations will suddenly gain more virtue, integrity, and prudence, nor become more honest or use good principles of logic. It has clearly continued to deteriorate. Look at all the denials from the left trying to spin what is suppose to be the final word from the Supreme Court. “This is not a tax…” Are these guys lame or sincere? Neither. In-your-face Deceit has become a norm in public life. And it started at the TOP with Clinton’s cigar breaks. There was no shame, nor remorse decoded by the public. By continued repetition of poor conduct by our leaders, our public has had a brain wash to lower moral standards~ including the future leaders of our country. See you all in heaven…

  • PVG

    I agree with Mark about term limits. Today on his show he advocated for congress to have 12 years max, both houses. Repeal the 17th amendment to return power to the states and supremes have ONE 15 year term. Can you imagine 40 more years of Kagen and the wise latina??? ME EITHER!

  • gothicreader

    This is what Newt wanted – term limits for Judges. I remember Meghan Kelly arguing with Newt about this – she was against this.

  • Judefour

    Congressman Paul is a glaring example of the ‘virtue’, ‘prudence’, ‘integrity’ and so on, that Mr Levin complains about, but Mr Levin marginalized Mr Paul, and mischaracterized his positions as a matter of regular procedure. Mr Levin seems to reject anyone that doesn’t appeal to his subjective preference, even when they seem to be exactly what he claims is needed in civil government.

    • WordsFailMe


  • laura blanch

    People need to stop thimkimg of Rep and dem this country is in trouble,, and if you love it,, join a group….

  • aZjimbo

    Mark is spot on as usual.

  • The states need to pull power back from the Federal government and tell them to pound sand and get the hell out of our lives.

  • 12grace

    13 Ways Obamacare Will Ruin Your Life

    Copy, paste and distribute to everyone possible. We must educate the public about this unconstitutional mandate. “We the people” must stop this mandate if the congress doesn’t throw it out.

  • jondos

    NULLIFY Robertscare!

  • It is time for common sense people that have a love for this country and respect for the great work and documents presented to us by our founding fathers to do something to pull this country back from the liberal hell-hole that is is slipping into. It has been proven that our current government from one branch to the other is too corrupt, too hungry for power, too willing to feed of each other’s willingness to screw the American people to do anything about it.

  • With Robert’s ruling now the American citizen can be taxed on what they buy and now what they don’t buy. So the federal government can dictate and direct the actions of it’s citizens simply by a tax levy. I suspect I will be taxed for not buying one of Obama’s dumb electric cars. It’s conceivable that I could be taxed for not buying one of Obama’s General Motors vehicles. John Roberts blew a hole in the constitution about the size of Texas, and it was done apparently so he would be better liked by the liberals.

  • Beckslee

    My gut feeling is the CJ Roberts was influenced/threatened by the Obonzo ‘administration’ to change his vote. If that happened it is a near disaster. I believe Obonzo, the Traitor/
    Poser/Liar/Socialist-9in-Chief will stop at nothing to insure his reelection. I hope, and I emphasize hope, that CJ Roberts knew what he was doing, and that he did it to leave an option for Obonzocare to be eliminated.

  • The big lurch we all felt with Chief Justice Roberts giving the Leftists control of our medical industry was not a rogue wave, it was a fatal hit on a reef. And our freedoms were cut at least in half. Freedoms we can probably not recover, because Obama just made 30 million mostly Mexican citizens, citizens of the greatest nation in world history, America. By also giving them free medical care.
    You are an American citizen, and you also get free medical care.
    Where is our Republican no-brain trust?

    No-guts Republicans and no morals Republicans, sat by when a 1000 page law was rammed through. Why did the Republicans not rise up and walk out protesting this robbery.
    Why did Anthony Eden cut a deal with Hitler?
    The man was a stupid coward, and it has happened here. The man sold us and his wonderful country out. Who cares what for?

    All the wonderful men and women who built this most amazing democratic civilization defeated by some totalitarian thugs and a warped media.

  • steve1947

    Everyone’s missing that which I find most logical…..let’s say that you live in say, a “closet”… have that kind of secret…..and you happen to be a Supreme Court Justice……somone peeks into said closet from let’s say, Chicago and they give you a phone call, offering to “share” your secret……might you then feel compelled to vote contrary to your principals?
    Just a theory.

  • bobemakk

    The US has been in trouble since Obama’s inauguration and our troubles get deeper and deeper every day he is in office. Mark Levin is always right.