Mark Levin: The national white liberal media outlets are racist

Mark Levin started his show by asking if the national media in this country is racist. After all, it took the Spanish-speaking network Univision to actually do real journalism and uncover the gory details of what actually happened as a result from this administration letting guns walk into Mexico. Levin says he doesn’t like to play the race card, but he’s making a point that these network hosts are white liberals who refuse to do their jobs and report the truth about the scandals around this administration. He wants to know when the media is going to hold this president accountable. But given their preferential treatment of Obama surrounding what stories they choose to ignore vs the ones they cover, Levin concludes they are racist.

Listen below:

Note: After 4:30 he starts to go over the details of Fast and Furious.

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  • They are racist and criminal. Like Pat Caddell said the MSM has become the enemy of the American People….in bed with an avid Marxist blantantly denying covering a horribly corrupt and totally narcissitic President. How any of these so called Journalists have an ounce of dignity in their failure to do their jobs for the American People is appauling. They are the modern day PRAVDA in every sense of the word. Not one is worth the bottom of the shoes each one of us wear.

    • kidblast0_1

      Modern day PRAVDA sums it up very nicely.

    • marketcomp

      Well said Micheal! The media is hyping up this debate and I don’t give a crap what they say. I have told myself that I don’t care if they find that Romney has 100 wives and 200 girlfriends I will still vote for him and the debates want mean one dam thing to me. I am so sick and tired of this President. I cannot stand to hear his voice, or look at his face. I am so ready for early voting and Nov. 6 ,2012! I mean I cannot even stand to listen to a parady of him anymore because nothing he’s done comes close to being funny. Our soilders are being killed, the Middle East is burning because of his failed policy, Obamacare and death panels are looming, and terrible economic conditions with no positive sign on the rise if Obama remains in office just to name a few. I will not be watching the debates because they are irrelvalant to me. If people don’t know by now where each candidate stand on the important issues then my advice to them is simple, don’t vote. Obama is a liar and he will lie in those debates and I don’t think that anyone will contest that fact. Obama is a demagage and will do everything he can to manipulate the moderators because they are the MSM compliant in his deception. He will ride out the clock giving Romney no chance to refute or defend his positions and I refuse to be a part of that demonstration of Obama’s dictator posture.

    • BikerHoop

      Very well said, Michael. The prosecution rests.

  • Seems to me that the Democrats in Congress don’t care if a program started by Obama and Holder ended up killing 200 or so Mexicans. They obviously don’t want to pursue it, so they obviously don’t care. And the Democrats expect to get the hispanic vote in November? Romney should just point this fact out during the debates. Obama wants hispanic votes, but he really doesn’t care about dead hispanics. Wow.

    • Orangeone

      Romney needs to get this video and have it shown at every high school and college with hispanic students. He has the power and he has the money to sponsor it. They deserve to know the truth!

      And we the people need to encourage one of our great financial institutions to establish a benefit fund for the Mexican families that lost loved ones because of F&F. We are a generous people and will help these families given the chance.

  • marketcomp

    I completely agree with Mark! Moreover, I contend that it was the liberal white media who was responsible for the election of Barack Obama and now they are going to be responsible for the defeat of America because of the re-election of Obama. Chris Mathews is the epitome of white liberal guilt and RINOs like John McCain and David Brooks who ushered in this dictator without even considering the anti-American ideology of Barack Obama.

    • PVG

      Exactly! The media are complicit with BO in the demise of this country.

    • Orangeone

      I agree! And the MSM also have blood on their hands because of it, not only F&F but also the embassy murders.

    • funkybarfly

      This is not peculiar to the United States.The white-guilt drones control mainstream media the Western world over – it is an international plot of epic proportions.

  • JeffWRidge

    I was thinking the same thing about Univision. I would definitely like to watch that channel. Whoever owns the channel should see about offering it in English. Shoot, I’d settle for them offering subtitles, as long as it applied to their news reports.

  • CancrineNoggin

    hey are racist and criminal. Like Pat Caddell said the MSM has become the enemy of the American People….in bed with an avid Marxist blantantly denying covering a horribly corrupt and totally narcissitic President.

  • CancrineNoggin

    They are racist and criminal. Like Pat Caddell said the MSM has become the enemy of the American People….in bed with an avid Marxist blantantly denying covering a horribly corrupt and totally narcissitic President. How any of these so called Journalists have an ounce of dignity in their failure to do their jobs for the American People is appauling. They are the modern day PRAVDA in every sense of the word. Not one is worth the bottom of the shoes each one of us wear.

  • cheezwhizz

    Univision would NOT have done this ” documentary” if Oboomboom had signed amnesty for illegals. He is bribing them with food stamps, welfare, freebies galore but that pesky amnesty keeps bothering the latinos/hispanis/chicanos/illegals/laraza.
    What I’d be looking for will be what Univision uses this documentary for ?
    This is no effort to inform , it is a blackmail.
    And the black male will cave.

    • 12grace

      I don’t know why they want Amnesty. Now they get free health care, housing, welfare, education and an assortment of goodies and they get to work under the table. They pay no taxes and they get social security. If they become citizens they will have to pay taxes and will get treated like citizens …aka they will be treated like dirt.

  • Orangeone

    I wish Levin would have mentioned our ICE Agent Jamie Zapata (Hispanic). He was also murdered with F&F weapons.

    To Mark Levin, could you please do a show on the role the media played with Hitler coming to power and while in power. I think there will be stark similarities.

    • 12grace

      great idea.

  • freenca

    Of the Univision report, what caught my ear was that they correctly stated that F&F began AFTER BO took office and not before. A FACT that all in his Admin. have denied. The ones in the casting of this false dragnet, including those in the white house that are responsible for all of the deaths that occured as a result should be in Leavenworth!!

  • Don

    Clint Eastwood said,”Obama is the biggest hoax ever pulled on the Anerican people”. Pat Cadell calls the mainstream media “the enemy of the American people” for being directly responsible for perpetrating that hoax. Americans are waking up at last to the coruption, lies and deceptions used in this treasonous attack from within against our nation. Ariel Durant said,”A great civilization cannot be conquered from without until it destroys itself from within.” We are watching Obama, with the criminal complicity of the mainstram media, try to destroy our country from within by exploting the ignorance of the leftwing liberal lemmings.

  • 12grace

    Yes, White, Black, Asian and Latino media personalities are ALL racist for not reporting the truth about “Fast and Furious”. Smile. Love Levin!

  • sDee

    America’s socialists marxists and islamists would be relegated to the scrap heap of humanity if not for the media. It is pure propaganda – calling it bias is naive.

    No matter how well Romney does no matter how strong his performance or how important his proposals it will always have to pass through the filter of a unified well coordinated far left propaganda machine.

    The Real Enemy/b>

  • SKL53

    We were not a racist nation since the 60’s, but now this media makes everything about racism even movies! Too bad we can’t have elections to dump the MS media! Oh what a beautiful thought! Now perhaps we can understand the need for the McCarthy era!

    • sDee

      We were not n racist nation in the 60’s either. There were indeed problems. The media had an even tighter grip then. The democrats created a crisis, the media scripted and dramatized it, the American people swallowed a heaping plate full of white guilt hook line and sinker.

      We lost John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King. We got LBJ and the Great Society.

  • Stop filtering the news!!! MSM journalists had become URINALISTS!!!!
    Welcome to red Russia and Cuba……

  • Style Delights

    96%blacks supporting Obama are not racist? Yet a white guy/gal voting for Romney is a racist! Imagine if Whites have their ‘National chambers of commerce for White businesses”? Media outlets are a joke and political hacks disguised as journalists! You go Mark!

    • BikerHoop

      You ought to know by now that only whites can be racist.

    • Mostly not racist. What makes it not racist is that blacks historically vote Democrat; no Democrat candidate has gotten less than 83 percent of the black vote since LBJ. As for why blacks don’t vote Republican—they’re rarely offered Republican candidates at the local level.

  • loriannringold

    Mark Levin is the shizzzzzzzzznit. He is dead right about this. The media care not about everyday America, they care about the Liberal Rich cats who flex their muscle and tell them what to report and how to report it. Of course, real Americans live in the real world and we know what is going on and when we watch the news we are saying WTF? Why are they reporting that crap when they should reporting the real news. Believe me when I say, and the media better get real, because we are not going to take it and we are going to rebel. Come on 8 percent of Americans today trust the media. That is all we need to know. Trust no one but listen to everything.
    Lori Ann Ringold

  • WI4Walker

    Saw a clip on Amber Lyons, a former CNN journalist today. Head to youtube and search for it. It was on infowars with Alex Jones, who I am leery of, but this story is quite amazing. It’s rather long and if you don’t have time for the whole thing, she talks about Obama and the press starting at the 21:00 mark.

    • loriannringold

      Hi wi4walker
      I went to youtube and watched the report. Amber Lyon you are not a presstitute. LOL. That is a great line and thank you for leading me to that info. CNN is corrupt along with all the news media including Fox. I use to respect Fox so much but not anymore. They have disappointed me greatly. I am thankful for people like Amber Lyons who has the guts to speak out.
      Lori Ann Ringold

  • kong1967

    Yes, they are racist. Let’s not kid ourselves, they have always carried the water for Democrats but never to this level. They spent two weeks on Romney’s 47% remark and ignored Obama taking off to a fund raiser right after an ambassador was killed. They’ve ignored the fact that Obama is lying his a$$ off about the attacks, except for an occasional mention of it. We have to ask ourselves why they go to this extent for Obama and act like he is a god. I firmly believe it’s because he is black. After all, they call anyone that disagrees with him a racist, so evidently they kiss his a$$ so they can prove they aren’t racist and look like they attack him because of his race. Preferential treatment because of race is still racism.

  • barrypopik
  • ryanomaniac

    They are absolutely racist. Calling someone a racist when they’re not is racism. I just started reading Ann Coulters new book Mugged. The whole book is on this subject and once again Coulter does fantastic research. Any black person that read this book should have an immediate change of heart. Some don’t like Ann but I tell you the book is awesome. White liberals are racist through and through.

  • learning from infamous red Russia KGB tactics, our MSM journalists had become urinalists – blindly following the orders of the Big Kahuna – in his, and their, sick mind only.
    iilii <—- this is my middle finger salute to them.

  • Sober_Thinking

    There’s nothing I can add that I haven’t already whined about.

    The LSM is too dangerous to America to exist.

    Obama, Holder, Napolitano… the list goes on… all have blood on their hands and should be in jail.

    Lord help those families who have lost loved ones because of this regime’s corruption and incompetence. Maybe this regime should be MORE worried about enraging our southern neighbors instead of the Muslims…

  • MiketheMarine

    Way to go, Scoop. You, We, got a shout out from News Busters. They linked to this video and gave you the credit.

  • “Tis quite obvious to anyone who really pays attention. I doubt the MSM will ever catch on to the example of Univision. They are too wrapped in promoting their “god” for re-election rather than being available for accurate reporting.

  • Now we know why their was executive privilege to cover-up a bigger cover-up

  • Mr Levin is so right on, but even worse than that they are anti American

    tea party patriot
    lest we forget