Mark Levin: This is not America. This is not a constitutional republic.

Mark Levin came back early from vacation and was on fire tonight. In short, he argued that our politicians are completely out of control and that this country we live in is no longer America, it’s no longer a constitutional republic. The only thing that stands between us and tyranny, he points out, is our Constitution and the limits it puts on our elected officials, and for the most part it’s gone.

This is his first segment. Listen below:

As a bonus, here is the following segment where Levin turns it up even higher and says that Republicans shouldn’t participate as willing partners in our own demise, that they should offer Obama obstruction and political sabotage.


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  • Been waiting all week for this.

  • badbadlibs

    Of course he’s correct. How anyone can believe differently is either a brain dead liberal, (which all liberals are; brain dead) or they are hopelessly naïve.
    What a pity. For all those men and women who risked and/or gave all, my heart breaks and I offer my sincerest apologies we were not able to “keep the republic”.

    • Well we can take comfort in the fact however, that our constitution is the oldest surviving constitution in recorded history & also the shortest… So we (or rather those that came before us), must have done something right.
      Believe me I understand that guilt & grief…It’s overwhelming when it hits! Being one that came from a family of decorated & honored USAF brass going way back my heart just broke..Especially for those still alive to see this. For the first time in my life I was actually thankful I lost my Grandfather 15 years ago.
      But the fact is that most republics (especially ones that become empires), are usurped & fall before they ever reach 200. By 200 years it’s basically a sure thing. It was learning these things that finally helped me to let go of the guilt I was inflicting on myself.
      Of course history being as it is we’re repeating a cycle that’s as old as time with the slow-motion fall. Just like Rome where the population had to many bread & circuses to notice it was happening. Here they have Prime Time TV, PC’s, Video Games, etc. etc. It’s amazing any of us noticed it I guess..Seems many are being startled awake with the rate guns have been selling though.
      December set a new record for gun sales in the US. Obama = Best Firearm Salesman of the century!

      • badbadlibs

        I think we became too much like a democracy to have survived as long as a Constitutional Republic would have.
        The supreme court got in the way too many times, they should have never been elevated out of the basement.

        • capelady

          We destroyed the fragile balance of power between the federal branch and the states when we passed the 17th Amendment. That paved the way for our out-of-control federal government. And we have certainly upset the balance of power between the legislative-executive-legislative branches of government. Too many Americans were asleep at the wheel, trusting our Constitution to protect us, while the progressives gradually implemented each plank of the American communist manifesto. By the time Obama arrived and announced his fundamental transformation and put everything on hyper speed – it may be too late. I think Washington DC is too broken and it will be up to the states to reassert themselves, and they are doing it – refusing to create Obamacare exchanges, passing Voter ID and right to work laws, and examining the possibilities for nullification. Where there is life there is hope, but we have our work cut out for us and it may take a national crisis/catastrophy to even begin to undo the damage that has been done.

          • badbadlibs

            Truly, well put.

        • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

          Also would like to add The U.S. Congress has been willfully negligent for as many years as I can remember……

          • badbadlibs

            Correct. And the majority keep getting re-elected.

  • In addition to all of this horrific destruction to the Republic, Chris Christie takes a moment to sound “presidential” by excoriating Boenher for not having a vote IMMEDIATELY on Sandy relief. Two days later, the vote will happen, and the relief will happen at the same exact time it would have anyway.

    But Christie elevates his ‘Q’ factor with uninformed voters. Or so he thinks.

    What a poser. Just say no to a Christie campaign in 2016.

    • And say yes to West 2016!!

      • As Bill Clinton would say, “It’s the right thing to do!”

        • OY! ghaa… hah! cough! LOL K-Bob!! Alrighty then. I’m workin’ on it! West I mean… not slick. 😀

        • colliemum

          So that’s where Tony Blair stole that remark from: “it’s the right thing to do” – he threw that around like confetti, and I can still see his smirk …!

          • Hmmm. Both were Oxonians. I’ll bet some fusty lecturer there, or even the chancellor, used that phrase a lot.

    • PatrickHenrysBody

      NOOOOOOO…to Christie.

  • My sincere thanks Scoop I needed that

  • daddynoz

    Wow, Mark, at what point did you realize the republic stopped and the liberal democracy began?

    I’m a “fringe birther” who wondered 5 years ago as to when the national discussion would ever happen on Art II eligibility. I never said I was right, just expected a modicum of wonder from those that espoused their conviction in our constitutional republic.

    Never happened.

    Now that you, Mark Levin, care in the premise and fundamentals of the Constitution…well, in the words of our Speaker of the House, “Go f&%k yourself”.

    Levin is a hypocrite in the depth and scope of Obama and his legion. I cannot think of a deeper scathing comment than that…

    • Nukeman60

      The discussions have been going on almost daily here about Obama’s ineligibility, the takeover of our government, the destruction of our Constitution and the downfall of our country. Along with those discussions came many threads about Levin’s comments and point of view.

      Just taking the time out of your busy schedule to post once or twice in six to eight months doesn’t really seem to justify your comments about Levin. If you would read the threads more often here, you might get a better insight into what he thinks and what we think about how this country has been falling from the Constitutional Republic that it was ever since the progressives have been pushing their agenda.

      It’s interesting (and apropos) that you would pick Boehner as your spokesperson. It fits for you to be aligned with the likes of him.

      • PVG

        Well stated!

      • capelady

        All he has to do is follow the trail of Mark Levin’s books to see how his thinking has developed over the years. Men in Black first because of his education in law… Liberty and Tyanny… and now Ameritopia. Each book the result of massive amounts of research and an attempt to inform and enlighten an often ignorant populace.

        Mark Levin is doing his part and I would venture to say he has done more for the cause of conservatism than most of the Republican Party in Congress!

        • Nukeman60

          I agree completely. One only has to listen to know. Interesting how that works. I wonder if liberals can learn that technique??? – Nah.

    • Brilliant daddynoz. o’reily, hannitty, coulter, levin – all cowards

      • capelady

        I agree that O’Reilly and Ann Coulter are very self-serving and anxious to hawk their books. I don’t think either of them is a true conservative. I do not agree when it comes to Hannity or Levin – but let’s face it, everybody has to make a living. The bottom line is whether you agree with their positions, and whether they are reaching people with the right message.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      I have “prt sc”ed this page on my computer for the sake of saving your comment for as long as possible. It is possibly the best I have ever read on any blog/online thread. Thank you for going against the grain daddynoz.

      I only disagree with one aspect of your post. We, conservative constitutionalists, need no ‘spokesperson’ or ‘spokesman’. That is part of what has always made our movement great. We can disagree with each other, call each other out even and still maintain our core of unity. The founding fathers disagreed on many areas but always recognized when they saw or heard someone who was truly on their side. They didn’t need a ‘spokesperson’ to tell them which competing views within our movement should prevail. ‘Spokesmen’ can easily become worshiped and then co-opted or softened/blunted and then where does that leave us, the supposed followers of this spokesperson? It would leave us afraid to speak against him/her who has come to be seen as our ‘Moses’. (See the RUSH LIMBAUGH; Mark Levin bandwagon today.)

      Again, thanks for sharing your thoughts, especially knowing it probably wouldn’t be smiled upon by the majority.

      • capelady

        I don’t always agree with Levin or Limbaugh – but I don’t denigrate them. They are very effective at what they do and we need voices that will reach people for conservatism and our Constitution and educate them, and they are both very effective at that.

        I don’t always agree with anybody… I think that is healthy. You can respect somebody’s opinion without them being a “Moses” and I think Levin and Limbaugh would each be the first to refute that theory, though they are not ashamed of the size of their audiences, and since the mainstream media has a much larger reach, we should be glad of that!

        • 401_Unauthorised

          A firm rebuke is not ‘denigrating’. To those who don’t like their talking head gods critiqued, maybe it is. But not to the objective.

          And about respecting somebody’s opinion, come on! I think its a lot more than that. Try ‘idolize’ in place of ‘respect’. Look lady, whatever. Do what you want.

    • I don’t know who you mean by “our” in that last sentence, but it doesn’t include most of us. Are you sure you didn’t wander into the wrong website?

    • capelady

      I am curious to know who you support?

    • Harry Jamerson

      WTF! You need to go post on huffpo, MSNBC or Daily KOS.

  • Goldni007

    I love that little Jew!

  • BHliberty

    Now this is what the politicians, who were elected by the people to represent them, should be talking about! They should stand tall on the floor, at the podium, and shout to the top of their lungs that they will not pander to a party that has nothing but contempt for them (as Mr.Levin commonly touts!)!

  • It’s time to stop this and start focusing all of our outrage on the Republican Party. We won’t beat the libs until we have a party to beat them with and this one just won’t do it. We have three years to give America an alternative. Time to get to work.

    • Orangeone

      We have 1 year to beat them. We need to take a stronghold in the 2014 elections and claim the Senate.

      • ApplePie101

        Waiting from election to election is a losing strategy, especially as the process will become increasingly corrupted. We have to start identifying ways we can shake things up in everyday life. Starve the beast, go Galt, be Breitbart. Dictatorships can only thrive on a population of compliant, predictable citizens.

        • capelady

          Our elections will mean nothing if we do not address the massive fraud, which nobody is doing in a significant way, and pass Voter ID laws in every state. I think November showed us that!

          The states must assert themselves against Obama’s agenda. We can kill Obamacare by a thousand cuts and refusing to create exchanges and law suits based on religious freedom are a beginning! We must pass right to work laws to help the private sector and look at nullification to fight Obama’s executive orders and EPA regulations, etc.

          The House just overturned Obama’s most recent EO for Congressional pay raises… WHY can’t they do that with his other executive orders? Why don’t they refuse to fund Obamacare? Why don’t they refuse to fund the executive branch until Obama displays the proper level of respect for our Constitution? They are not using the tools that they have with their majority!!!

          We need strong conservative leaders in positions of authority – that is the only thing that will save our republic.

          • ApplePie101

            I suspect that the whole pay raise thing was a distraction, meant to throw us a bone and make it look like they were defending us from additional taxes.

            • capelady

              Perhaps.. but my point was, if the House has the authority to vote to overturn an Executive Order – then WHY have they let Obama get away with all of the illegal EO’s he has issued?

              • ApplePie101

                I think we both know the answer to that: because it’s what they wanted, too.

    • capelady

      The reason we could not oust Boehner was not that we didn’t have support for the idea – we didn’t have a strong conservative leader to consolidate behind, and if the vote split the party too much, Nancy Pelosi might have been elected, so the Republicans who might have voted to replace him played it safe.

      We need strong, charismatic, conservative leadership in the House!!!

  • ApplePie101

    Much as I respect Mark Levin, this is old stuff. It’s no longer just us against Obama, republicans against democrats. He still can’t accept the notion that the GOP have been Obama’s accomplices.

    • Orangeone

      Remember that Levin gets new audience members all the time and there are newbies to Scoop too. Levin’s energy, if nothing else, is contagious.

      • ApplePie101

        OK, you have a point there. I’m just eager to move on to Step #2 of Throw the Bums Out!

        • Orangeone

          I’m with you 100% but I was a Scoop newbie in 2012 and remember the first time I saw a Levin video, had never heard of him previously.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      That’s part of my beef with him too!

  • deeme

    How is it you are the only one pointing this out…how???? Thank you..the middle class would have to be blind to believe he’s looking out for them..Projected debt…that’s racist don’t you know…

    • Orangeone

      The “middle class” ie people who work, will find out how much he sold them down the river with their next payday. And I can’t wait to hear them squeal like little pigs in a mud bath.

      • deeme

        But when you get your information from Entertainment Tonight , I assume they will somehow blame this on some rich guy..or anyone but their leader..

        • BikerHoop

          They’ll blame it on “Republican obstructionism”. That seems to be the catch-all for pretty much anything that happens that they don’t like.

          • deeme

            That and global warming…aka the democrat’s slush fund..

            • BikerHoop

              Ha!… correct.

      • ApplePie101

        I like that you put ‘middle class’ in quotes. America should be a classless society.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Did he give Paul Ryan a pass like he normally does?

    • Orangeone

      Topic was on Sandy bill not the fiscal cliff vote.

    • 401_Unauthorised

      He called out Paul Ryan later on but it wasn’t much of a call out so much as a ‘Young man, I’m somewhat disappointed in you’ tap on the hand.

      He’s one of the best ranters on our side when he gets going but he too is part of the problem I feel. Actually no. Scratch that. The blind worshipers who refuse to criticize him at all are part of the problem. Funny thing is, they are also part of the solution.

    • No. I meant to grab that audio and forgot. Hang tight and I’ll post it.

      • LiveFreeOrDie2012

        Thanks for posting that!

  • aposematic

    Although everything Levin says is true, heck most Conservative sites I visit have been saying it since before 2008, longer really. The comments here and others say it. My question now is: Do the people even care America is no longer a Constitutional Republic. The reality is I hate my answer to that question. Clearly some do as this site and others confirm. But apparently we are a minority in education, in the Media, in the Press, in business, in Organized Religious Denominations, in our Military Leadership, and in National Politics as the Politicians, both D and R, along with the D fawning Media/Press rant that message down our throats each and every day.

    Levin did say what needs to be done by the R’s; obstruction instead of going along for the ride. We the people must also be obstructionists. It is our right and specifically stated in the Constitution our Leaders now ignore. I read somewhere today, maybe here, a lady say she would pay no more taxes until this Government got back to obeying the Constitution. Others say stop buying anything you absolutely don’t have to for your survival needs. Reality, this Government just got reelected for four more years. The way the Government has and is ruling, what choice do we have but obstruct or accept.

    • badbadlibs

      You asked if the people even care that we’re no longer a Constitutional Republic. Judging from everything seen and heard, I’d say most people never knew we were a constitutional republic in the first place.
      Most people, it seems don’t know the difference between a democracy and a republic. Questions concerning the difference use to be on civic tests. I highly doubt they are anymore.

      • BikerHoop

        You won’t find public education delving that deeply into civics anymore. My kids told me that throughout high school they had only about two days a year that focused on U.S. history/civics. I’ve taken it upon myself to teach them what they need to know at home – reading and discussing the Constitution and Bill of Rights, discussing the different branches of government, etc. If we don’t teach them at home the liberal indoctrination camps will make sure they don’t know it.

        • badbadlibs

          Good for you for teaching your children. I tried to do the same and continue with my grandkids. U.S. History was my favorite subject. It was there my love for this country took place, wish I could remember the name of my teacher, he deserves a lot of credit for teaching many students the real history of this country.
          I remember having to memorize the preamble and know the Bill of Rights backward. and forward.
          My son told me all he learned in US History was how bad we treated the African American population.

          • BikerHoop

            Years ago I started a sort of family tradition of reading and discussing the Constitution or Bill of Rights every July 4th. I wanted my kids to understand what this country was about and know their rights. I remember my teacher… 7th grade… Mr. Patrito… not the best teacher I ever had, but definitely made an impression on me in this area. In my tiny town he taught all 7th graders and all subjects, but he KNEW his history.

  • Orangeone

    Have to admit this just crossed my mind. The problem with this Republic is that We The People have no ability to hold those that fail to uphold the Constitution accountable. And I don’t just mean the politicians, I include the idiot and uninformed voters.

    • poljunkie

      …Wish we could vote them off the island.

    • TexasBanker

      Our elections are an embarrassment to liberty.

      • 401_Unauthorised

        and also an embarrassment to our mighty forefathers also.

  • poljunkie

    Mark Levin rocks!

    He is simply the best.

  • 401_Unauthorised

    (disqus error)

  • sjmom

    Mark was outstanding tonight in ripping the pols who deserve to be run out of DC.

  • Sober_Thinking

    What else can you possibly say after this commentary? Mark remains right.

    When will we break out the pitchforks and torches? When is enough enough? Are we seriously going to wait until it’s too late before we act? When we start seeing anarchy and masses of people roaming the streets, stealing, fighting, burning… (think L.A.) – THEN we’ll get busy? They want to take our guns away by the end of this month for crying out loud. Will that be the breaking point?

    I’m sick of words. I want action. For now, I’ll pray and prepare. I’ll do my small part where and when I can… but if Americans as a nation don’t stand up soon… we’ll be North Korea after this dictator dog Obama is done with us.

  • honestynow

    Thank you, Mark. Time our side became the “squeaky wheel”.

  • aZjimbo

    This could easily be the best of ‘the great ones” monologues. I totally agree with everything he has said.

  • tullmargaret

    that is the problem ewe are not kisssing obams asss

  • tullmargaret

    t is abput keepmg us poor amd sand stupid in in need ofsone body wit the know how to averthrow the senate

  • Many years ago, I knew some hard core leftist who objected to Reagan’s policy in Central America. They formed something called Pledge of Resistance. In that Pledge, they pledged to do nothing that was taxable so that no money could go to the government for the military. I did not agree with them, but I learned a lot from watching them.

    Maybe it is time for Conservatives to consider something along those lines

  • PatrickHenrysBody

    Zero’s plan is to eliminate the middle income earners. He never ever intended to protect the middle income earners. He all but said what he was going to do years ago, before he became President. He wants the very poor on one side and the very rich elite on the other. Hmmm. That’s not socialist. That’s downright communist. But hey, according to the mind-numbed masses who follow Zero, communism isn’t all that bad.

    • BikerHoop

      Actually, I don’t think his masses understand the difference. After all, they don’t know which state they’re supposed to vote in, that they’re only supposed to vote once, that it’s not okay to show someone else how to mark their ballot… the list goes on.

      • PatrickHenrysBody

        LOL! Right on! You can add dead people and cartoon characters to the list of Dem “voters”. Though I think cartoon characters and dead people know more about how things operate than any of Zero’s voting base.

  • Malkiel_kol_hakavod_la_el

    Goes with out putting a single letter on this space ” TOTALLY CORRECT ”

  • Levin is SO right. Not only do liberals feel that they have the right to always tell us what to do about everything, but they also feel they have the right to just disregard the Constitution. We are heading for a huge confrontation with these people and it could certainly come with a massive gun control bill. If Congress is foolish enough to try this, they are going to have a huge fight on their hands. This is what people have been fearing for years now. So how do you think the American public will react if Congress decides to make these fears come true? It will not end well.

  • colliemum

    Defiance and obstruction – the Great one is right: that’s the only answer, and while defiance goes to the personal, obstruction is what the GOP Congress critters must do. Call them out, frighten them, and support those who showed they had a spine yesterday, like Louie Gohmert.

    Btw – economics: a down-rating means higher interest rates will be demanded for the new loans Obama has to take up. That means repayment will become more expensive – and thus the deficit will grow, so guess what: higher taxes. Oh, a country can survive with sky-high taxation, like the UK did in the 1970s, where top earners were taxed at 90% when they earned above a set sum. But surviving like that means the economy tanks, and the next step is a loan from the IMF.

  • jerryhulick

    I totally agree the Repubs. need to come out from under the table stand on their hind feet talk like they know what talking about. Like being attacked by a rabid pit bull . when the bamster bits bit back harder. He made the rules, if they bring a knife you bring a gun. do I have to say anymore

  • farrightextreme

    The man is almost always right on.

  • Another great rant by Levin. It’s shocking how brazen this administration is with it’s blatant disregard for fiscal sanity and each and every day I’m more and more convinced that the phony-Liberals want this country to fail. We have got to get some people with fiscal sanity or things aren’t going to end well.

  • pslinger

    There’s nothing wrong with being defiant and “obstructionist” when what you’re obstructing and defying is evil. The only Republicans who understand that are the Tea Party reps.

  • The notion that the Fed Govt is to be limited (restricted) by the USCon; died when the SCOTUS re-interpretted the Commerce Clause. Remember Pelosi couldn’t even conceive of the notion that there was things Congress couldn’t do. USA is doomed, we’re too far gone. The libs will be pleased.

  • We lost this country when the SCOTUS re-interpretted the Commerce Clause to include anything and everything. The USCON was designed to limit government, the libs have infiltrated and over-ridden the balance of powers. Pelosi, with her eyes popping, couldn’t even conceive of the notion that healthcare reform is not in the perview of Congress; it is supposed to be a free market endeavor.

  • GEDouglas

    He is right, as usual.

  • SKL53

    America is unrecognizable today because we have a president who has made it so and Congress has enabled him! The immigrants that came to this country from the 30s through the 60s kissed the ground they walked on, grateful to be FREE, never asking for any handouts! Today we are a nation full of TAKERS…everything is Give Me! Success is punished, but who is paying for all these hand-outs…us poor working shnooks (the redistribution of wealthers)! What will happen when the working class has had enough of paying the taxes so that this president can take seven million dollar vacations on us or find that ten people in front of us on the grocery line are paying with food stamps??? What then? Perhaps Depardieu, the actor from France has got the right idea! Let’s take our money OUT of this country!