Mark Levin to begin regular appearances on Hannity going forward

Mark Levin said tonight that Hannity has finally beaten him down and he’ll begin appearing on Hannity once or twice a month going forward:

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  • cheongyei

    Good news. Any time given to Levin is less air time for the likes of Juan Williams or Alan Colmes.

    • clockwindingdown

      Or Rove, that piece of…

      • Conservative_Hippie

        …crap! LOL!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Lol… spot on!

      • EchoMike

        Levin vs Rove. Now there’s a debate I’d like to see!

        • Conservative_Hippie

          That would be sweet!

        • Sober_Thinking


          Wow… the Thrilla in Manilla all over again. Godzilla vs. Mothra!

          • You give Rove too much credit seeing him as either Godzilla or Mothra.

            • Sober_Thinking

              Maybe “baby Godzilla”?


    • TruLevinian

      Speaking of Alan Colmes, have you seen his face lately? Not to be rude, but something is really wrong there.

      • cheongyei

        He looks like more of a lesbian than Tammy Bruce. More than Bruce Jenner.

        • mike3e4r7

          Bruce Jenner?

          • las1

            Just do a google image search. I’d do it for you, but I’ve just had my breakfast and would like to keep it down.

      • clockwindingdown

        Mask is coming off again?

        • las1

          LOL… I’m still snickering. That’s a great one!

          • clockwindingdown

            Yeah, it’s a common problem with puppets!

            One tries glue, safety pins, staples, even nails, quite frankly we are running out of ideas on what to do! Unless some brains magically appear to fill the void between the ears the mask will come off completely… What to do, what to do…

      • PatrickHenrysBody


    • PatrickHenrysBody

      I don’t watch the FNC, so it won’t matter to me, unfortunately.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Me neither I will catch his segments here on TRS.

    • Conservative_Utopia

      Plus, if Levin gets to do some detailed analysis instead of just chirping on a panel, we would have some valuable, long lasting video clips for the “undoctrination” of our youts.

      • Yes, and Levin will greatly offset the “fluff” that Hannity puts out. Sean’s a good guy but doesn’t hit things as hard as Levin. The only fear we should have is that everyone who becomes a regular Fox News contributor has their hands tied by their contract with Fox and ends up watering down their message. I’m stunned that Levin would actually sign on given his nature to be outspoken. My guess is that either he will not last too long because he’ll be in violation of their requirements and they’ll get rid of him (or just not use him much) or he’ll walk out on the contract. It’s hard to think he’d compromise like all the others have (including Hannity himself).

    • BarbaCat

      I’m so sick of seeing Juan show up everywhere on FOX!

      At least they’ve gacked Combs back so you can put up with him, but Juan gets plugged in for every panel, and I can hardly stand him anymore. I know, it’s part of the “fair & balanced” thing, but he has become so obviously obtuse in his political views, I just want to skip the entire discussion when I see he’s on.

      • Colmes’ contract is probably much smaller than Juan’s. But they gave Juan a $2 million contract when he lost his job at PBS and they probably want to get their money out of it. Prior to that the word was that they only paid him $600,000. If that’s accurate, Colmes is probably paid like Juan used to be.

    • Less time for Sean to repeated ad nauseum, “…dirty air and dirty water…Republicans want kids with autism and Down Syndrome…”

    • how about Dennis Kussinich?? Or Susan Estridge?? Or Hurrendous Revolver?? The list is endless anymore on Fox News, what the heck happened??

      • They moved to the left and it started a couple years ago about the time the Saudi Prince became part owner. They are not a conservative news network. In fact, a UCLA study in 2011 showed they were the farthest right but still they were overall just left of center. They are the best of what’s available in broadcast/cable news but they are far from a true conservative network.

        • Interesting on the UCLA study and didn’t know about the Saudi connection… making sense with that info.

  • Sober_Thinking

    This is fantastic news!

    Thank you Sean for getting someone on your show who is a consistent and intelligent conservative… bring in Sarah and folks like Ted Cruz, Allen West, and other superstars and you’ll have the best show on T.V.

    The truth WILL get out there…

  • If conservatism gets out of this mess alive, there is no better friend than Mark Levin we have to thank for its survival. God Bless this man.

  • Ray

    This is surprising after the spanking Levin gave Hannity last night.

    • notsofastthere

      That spanking knocked some sense into Hannitys’ head. Lavin is an inspiration and look forward to seeing him on TV

    • mike3e4r7

      I missed that. Did Mark say something on his own show or on Hannity’s show?

  • Anti_Ameritopian

    LOVE Levin! Might have just found my reason to DVR Hannity. Though Mark absolutely hates wearing makeup.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Like a true conservative.

    • azgirl

      Levin will probably compromise and wear that silly-looking FOX makeup if he can wear his baseball cap and bomber jacket.

  • Mark Smith

    Sorry, I say again he’s just preaching to the choir like on his radio show. I want Mark Levin across the table every Sunday from George Stephy. I want him on the round table panel on “Meet the Depressed” on Sundays.

    • Ray

      They wont invite him, they are afraid of him, it is funny how they make a middle of the roader like George Will look conservative.

    • Anti_Ameritopian

      The thing it’s the left isn’t interested in a fair debate. See musket Morgan tried to do to Ben Shapiro after he got beat down.

    • MissMyGuy

      I agree, but Mark’s heart needs to stay healthy. The Sunday shows might kill him.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Lmao, you have made me laugh thanks.

    • las1

      Mark… of course you already know that the Democrat Party Media Complex DON’T DO “conservative smart”. That’s why it looks like we preach to the choir.

      Having “conservative smart” destroys them every time. They can’t handle it. That’s why they have Morning Shmo, George Will, Bill Kristol. I hesitate to say CK, because CK’s no squish, just stuck in a rut sometimes…. but you get my point.

      A Mark Levin would blow them out of the water because Levin can think on his feet, and that scares the hell out of them.

      But my advice to Mark… keep yourself healthy… we need you. Don’t pull an Andrew Breitbart on us… whatever you do.

      • Conservative_Utopia

        You mean drop dead from a heart ailment or get assassinated the day before releasing info damaging to the admin?

        • las1

          Excellent question. But at this point… worried about the former.

  • My son is 25 years old,and one of the only times I and he together (as he happened by) got to see Mr. Levin on television, my son actually stopped and watched him speak. I keep telling my sister, brother, husband, and friends about Mark, but he’s not as available as I would like him to be. Thank God he will be on Fox, or ANY channel.

    • palintologist

      Levin doesn’t air on my local talk station, but I stream him every night. You can listen to replays in the morning sans commercials and get through it in 1 hr. 12 min.

  • Ray

    Mark, I know you read this, I DARE YOU TO DARE HANNITY to have you on when Rove is on. I only say this cause I really love Fireworks, I can hear the oooo’s and awww’s already, make me all tingly inside.

    • marketcomp

      Owww! I don’t think that would be fair to Rove! I mean Mark would disintegrate him, every time. An astute and knowledgeable Constitutional Lawyer v. well, what is Karl Rove?! The establishment! Yea, that’s right the GOPe! No debate there because the GOPe has no value or principles other than whatever the democrat party’s value are and we know that because Karl Rove is all about triangulation.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        The thought of Mark Vs Rove just makes my heart pump faster just thinking about it.

    • 57thunderbird

      Now that is a meeting I would love to see.Mark would leave Karl squirming in his seat.

      • palintologist

        “The Architect” wouldn’t show up.

    • notsofastthere

      I think the Left would pick up on those Fireworks and try to show the dissention in the Repub party. That would be free advertising and people might tune into see Lavin, who may change a few minds of mush.

  • marketcomp

    Oh yea, oh yea. This is fantastic news! Finally, some sanity and reason to Sean and the RINOs, in particular Karl Rove at FOX!

  • Orangeone

    OT but who wants to cheer for Ted Cruz again tonight? Proud to cosponsor (with Toomey) Constitutional amendment limiting members of Congress to 3 terms in House & 2 terms in Senate:,255070?category_id=135&town_id=7&sub_type=stories

    • HarrietHT2

      The three terms in House seems a bit brief, only six years. How about four terms? Gives the good ones time to build a solid record to run for those higher-turnaround senate seats?

      Go get ’em, Cruz.

    • c4pfan

      That guy is doing it right! Pay attentin Rubio!

  • froggy19510

    Hanity just needs someone to make him look like a conservative.

    • waytngtym

      maybe so he can become more of one again–return to roots. would like to see more of that there.

      • las1

        Good point…
        “Bad company corrupts good character.”
        I Cor 15:33

        Maybe this is Sean’s chance to reinvigorate his conservatism after being surrounded by so much FOX squish.

  • c4pfan

    Poor Mark! LOL Well, once a month is ok. I think more than that is a mistake.

    • poljunkie

      Oh c4pFan, Im pretty sure Mr Mark Levin, Knows exactly what he is doing!!!!

      Edit to add: kind of like muscial chairs: Palin to the right one, and out, move over…Mark’s turn.


  • Joe

    Sean is NO match for Levin


    Maybe between them they can start a rebellion!

  • I will watch it here so I can speed through the 9hr questions.

  • never been the biggest fan of hannity overall but this is good news; levin should be seen and heard by as many as possible.

  • ALl that is fine, Mark, but I am really disappointed in the latest Amnesty talking points from Rubio.

    I don’t fault you, Mark. Sean I have more of a problem with because he is too friendly with everyone (ROve, Morris, Coulter, etc.) just so he could be the guy who always has all the guests on his show.

    Mark is as loyal and good natured as they come, but he is projecting that to others like Rubio who he expects to live up to his promise. Unfortunately, voter betrayal is something each person to deal with on their own time. And each person has to get to a point where they are ready to realize what is going on.

    Im so over Rubio! This latest move by the GOP establishment is a wreck for the party.

    So disheartening that our brightest commentators are being bamboozled by Rubio being “articulate”. Big WhooP! That’s what was said about Obama. Im Hispanic AND articulate. I dont go around fooling people into thinking Immigration Reform is not Amnesty.

    • white531

      Isabel Matos. I like that name. I like even better, the comments that Isabel Matos makes.

      Don’t be a stranger here. This site was made for people like you.

    • mike3e4r7

      Good points. I imagine ‘articulate’ was a word that was being used a few years back to describe Colin Powell when he was still fooling alot of people.

  • Landscaper

    Too bad it’s with motor mouth Hannity. Maybe Mark can set some ground rules so he actually gets to speak to the audience and not over Sean.
    Poor guy just can’t shut up and I want to shove his football in his mouth.

  • las1

    Y E S ! !

  • poljunkie

    A reason to turn on FOX “once or twice a month going forward.”

    What’s sad is I can remember when FOX was my go to channel.

    Now I’ve got nothing television related. THANK GOODNESS for the internet, and specifically places like TheRightScoop.

  • white531

    I don’t like it for a minute. Mark Levin is a person who never compromises his beliefs. Hannity compromises his beliefs almost everyday.

    Explain to me how that is going to work.

    • poljunkie

      The same as Michelle Malkin.

      • white531

        I’m getting old, poljunkie. Sometimes I miss things. Please explain.

        • poljunkie

          Oh, I just mean that Michelle Malkin appears on Hannity regularly- and speaks about what she wants- and continues to do what she wants in her day to day life .

          She has never compromised her beliefs, principles or convictions.
          I don’t think I’ve ever seen her concede on anything, even when I felt she ought to consider doing so…even a little bit.

          Her philosophy, as far as I can tell is as Conservative as ever.

          White531, you’re in AZ, right? Have you guys been freezing these past 3 weeks? We;ve lived here since the 90’s and this is the longest stretch of cold ever. This week has warmed up but wow—we’ve been chilly!

          • white531

            Even though I’m not at the computer much anymore, I always try to answer those who answer me. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I love Michelle Malkin. She’s a tiger, just like my wife. They are both Asian.

            Regarding the weather, yes, we’ve been freezing here in Tucson. I’m sure it is the result of global warming. 🙂 Al Gore has it exactly right.

    • MissMyGuy

      Palin never compromised her beliefs on Hannity. She didnt get to talk much, but maybe Mark will better control Hannity’s redundant mouth. Malkin doesnt compromise her beliefs either.

      Maybe getting out of his bunker is part of Marks “plan” in the works. Of course they can just bring the camera crew to the bunker.

  • mixed feeling on this one. I like that he takes someone else’s time slot hoping that it is Ann Coulter’s but feel bad he has to get out of the bunker and spend time on Fox News that am unable and really have no desire to watch. Sigh!!!!

  • THANK YOU SEAN Hannity, Mark Levin is a great voice of reason and passion for the well being of our country! I stopped watching Fox News after the election and this just might have me tuning in again. We need more patriots like Mark Levin and we know who the real patriots are now Mr. Paul Ryan (WI).

  • once or twice a month is the only time i’ll probably watch Hannity, and it won’t be on TV, it will probably be on here.

  • Linky1

    Good to see FOX is getting back to its conservative roots. Maybe their bad ratings will be a wakeup call to dump all of the libtards hired to appease Goerge Soros.

    • TMZ2

      Fox News is still first in cable news, but since the republican convention the ratings have fallen in primetime.

      • Linky1

        I’ve watched FOX News for 10+ years and while it still may be “first”, its lead has slipped dramatically.

        I got so fed up and disgusted at their 2012 election coverage-stopped watching FOX permanently after the election and frankly, have not missed it.

        Living in Canada, I have an option-SUN news, an upstart station that has far superior coverage of not only Canadian news, but US as well. They use hosts from Breitbart and the Blaze for commentary-it’s amazing that I can see commentary like that, while FOX still relies on the likes of Karl Rove, Juan Williams and that useful idiot, Tamara Holder. No wonder their ratings are tanking with has-beens like these. I’ll stick to listening to Levin’s radio show, as the FOX formula will allow him only a very few minutes, not enough time to say anything meaningful.

  • Excellent.

  • It’s about time.. Mark Levin needs to be more visible to the American viewership, not just on talk radio. This will give him a broader ranged audience for which he needs to be seen by, so he can articulate the issues to the American public, thus the viewers can see and hear him, giving him the public exposure that he needs in sending out his message of truth.
    In return, getting much more support from a larger segment of the population.

  • Rocco11

    Hannity loves to give equal time to wide eyed Leftist lunatics (but I repeat myself), he’ll probably have the Great One appear opposite Alan Grayson…

    • JRD1

      I hope he appears opposite Tokyo Rove and Sununu. I’m fed up with the Bush Crime machine. Beat them back and beating the other side of the aisle is a slam dunk.

    • Betsey_Ross

      I hope he doesn’t appear with anybody. Leftist lunatics cannot shut up when they are getting trounced(or anytime for that matter). I just want to hear pure, unadulterated Levin for a while. I probably will not watch any Fox unless it is TRS. Levin does need more exposure. We are going down the tubes and someone needs to be screaming to the high heavens about that.

  • waytngtym

    Hope Levin goes on at least twice a month, no time to waste here, but also refuses to go on unless ground rules are enforced by the moderator, so there’s an end to talking over each other–a waste of time.

  • Why is conservative talk radio disappearing in North Carolina?

    • TMZ2

      Wouldn’t know about North Carolina, but there are twice as many conservative talk shows now than 5 to 10 years ago. You should have something on the radio and if not, find it online. There is a streaming radio guide website or a talk stream live site that have invaluable resources. Not big on the tunein site, formerly radiotime, since it changed the layout, but that is another resource to find shows. I was able to use the resources to hear shows not in my area. An example has been finding Rusty Humphries, Dana Loesch and Michael Hart among other shows.

    • tshtsh

      I read an article at American Thinker by D. Jonescu regarding Guy Green’s Speakeasy radio show. His radio station was purchase with the deliberate purpose of getting rid of conservative talk by changing the format.

  • celestiallady

    Great news – looking forward to seeing him.

  • las1

    Mark is one who absolutely jumps all over “stupid”: stupid people, stupid ideas, stupid Dems… so he’ll have to channel his inner peace hippy and stay bolted in his seat on Sean’s show.

    But his smarts are desperately needed on the TV media. America needs to have a stern grandfather laying down the law. The good Lord knows it’s time for Mark to enter the Prime Time arena.

    • aposematic

      Agree! Listening to Levin interview Rubio on the Immigration issue I could feel Levin doing his best to not explode on Rubio’s twisted rhetorical sweet nothings.

  • Good for Mark! He is one of the few people who can take the battle to the liberals and make them choke on their own words. He’s always fun to watch, I just wish we had more people like him taking the war to places like CNN and MSNBC. It’s always better making liberals look foolish on their own home turf, like that fellow from Breitbart did to Morgan on CNN. Wish we could see a lot more of that.

  • Biggbear52

    Mr. Levin here is a good man, good patriot and is a God fearing person who has no interest but to help his fellow American’s

  • ryanomaniac

    What we need is Mark debating against the other side. Fox always has a liberal guest and a conservative guest going toe to toe. Mark would make minced meat of these liberals. I would love to see him against Juan Williams or Bob Heckler. He would trash them.

    He says Hannity has finally beat him down? He has beat me down too. He’s hard to watch anymore.

  • ryanomaniac

    I wonder if he’ll be able to speak? I mean Hannity has those three minute questions and all.

    • las1

      Doesn’t that just drive ya crazy? Someone else here called them “nine hour questions”.

      What you guys need in the US is an American version of Canada’s Ezra Levant. He’s like penetrating oil and seeps into every false assumption and lie which motivates the left. And he does it in a humorous and clear thinking way.

      Not that it will interest Americans much, but here’s an example:
      Here Levant is exposing Canada’s own Dr. Suzuki. Suzuki is Canada’s version of Al Gore. So if you watch this ten minute clip, think Gore… but more importantly watch how Levant communicates. He’s a master… and America needs a Levant desperately.

      Here’s Levant on Canada’s Al Gore:

      • Landscaper

        Good stuff.

      • Linky1

        las1-SUN News hosts such as Ezra Levant, Brian Lilley, Charles Adler and Michael Coren are so far ahead of FOX hosts, not just for their coverage and insight on Canadian politics, but US politics as well. FOX could learn many lessons from its upstart Canadian cousin, the first being getting back to their conservative roots. No wonder FOX is losing viewers, as they drift very far to the left.

        • las1

          So true there Linky1 so true. I hope you have signed up for

          • Linky1

            Of course!

            • las1

              I just spoke today with one of the guys on SUN News… he goes to my church. The deadline is Feb 20th and the hearing is in April. I asked if the petition would accept names from the US. Unfortunately it’s a Canadian only petition so Scoopers won’t be able to participate unless they are from within Canada.

              How ironic… George Soros foreign money and the far left US/Canadian surrogate money goes into trying to shut SUN down by influencing the hearings at the CRTC, but conservative Americans are not allowed to support SUN. Would “they” have it any other way?

              Here’s an example of the haters’ obsession with SUN News… this guy, little leftie David Climenhaga of Alberta Diary,who was taken to the wood shed a few months ago by Ezra, still hasn’t gotten over it I guess. After swimming through this bilge you quickly notice how it’s NOT about freedom of speech, but about how they can shut down their critics. The best part is the commenters… a real sophisticated lot to be sure.

              Take a dive in, and if you don’t resurface in a couple of hours, I’ll send a rescue party.

  • Sandra123456

    That’s nice that Levin will be preaching to the choir, but he really needs to be on somewhere where lo info types get their news, ABCNBCCBS. Maybe he would wake up a few of them.

  • This is a big plus for Mr Hannity and FOX News, especially with Fox News losing Americas great Tea Party Warrior Mr Sarah Palin. My one concern is Mr Hannity tends to interrupt and ramble a bit so if Mr Hannity will listen long enough, Mr Levin, who is another firm, solid, and couragous Tea Party Warrior, will do a great job educating everyone about the issues and what we must do as Americans to stop and defeat our common enemies.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Fox News needs to get the message that not only are they a threat to the liberal establishment but to this administration, as well.
    ‘Hannity and Levin’ would be a heck of a show. 🙂

  • This is great news. We need to teach constitutional principles to the folks that require spoon feeding. That’s just the way it is. TV can certainly help.

  • ApplePie101

    This will be an interesting match. Will Fox turn Mark Levin into a pro-establishment talking head, or will Mark Levin shatter the rino serenity of Fox Network? I’d like to see him on Stossel’s show, at least.

  • colliemum

    Nice – but don’t forget, Mark Levin: even good men and good buddies need to be slapped down when they go wrong.

  • martha chandler

    I’m glad to hear he’ll be making appearances on Hannity. I listen to him every night, but I don’t watch FNC anymore because Juan Williams got on my nerves. Actually, I stopped watching TV after the elections. Just couldn’t stomach all the bad news, all the time.

  • you-know-who kicked out Michael Savage from Chgo
    (you can listen to him here:,
    so Mr. Levin will be warmly welcomed here on 890AM!

  • Orangeone

    O/T Brother of large donar to Bob the “sexual scandals” Menendez pleads guilty to making illegal donations to Menendez’s campaign. Fantastic restitution!

    • tinlizzieowner

      What? A Democratic scandal? I’m shocked!
      😉 😉

      • Orangeone

        This is the illegal alien sexturn let’s hide it until after Barky’s re-election Demorat! And it keeps getting deeper and deeper

  • So happy he is coming out of the bunker!! Yay!

  • gothicreader

    Hannity? I would prefer watching him on Special Report or Greta. I don’t watch Hannity and I don’t care too. He such a fake, in my opinion.

  • bjohnson55

    Good, conservatives have to combine forces and quite frankly Hannity has a tendency to go light on the Karl Rove GOP establishment types. Mark Levin drills them and highlights Conservatism the way it needs to be highlighted.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    This is good news indeed!

  • Hannity is on the sh!t list until he gets down on his knees and begs forgiveness for ever supporting mega amnesty for lawbreaking job-stealing illegal aliens.

  • Constance

    I will look forward to this. I am kind of shocked that Fox News would allow him on Hannity’s show for more than once or twice, at most. I’ve noticed a move to the left on Fox in recent years with all the Fair and Balanced crapola. Fair and Balanced would actually be Fox News 100% conservative all of the time. That would be a start at balancing out the rest of the media. I’d love to see O’Reilly knocked off his #1 pedestal. Greta’s show isn’t too bad, really. She has evolved in the past year – I think her eyes have been opened. I like Judge Jeannine. I like The Five. Really love Red Eye and it goes without saying that I’m a fan of Neil Cavuto. I don’t catch these shows that often, but when I do, I like them.

  • DebbyX

    GREAT!! It’s about time. Some of “the others”, will get to listen his brilliance.

  • kssturgis62

    That is Great – with Mark Levin there, maybe he will Get Hannity’s head back on Straight.

  • sjk62406

    Mark Levin, my hero! Finally a True conservative, FOX will allow, as they let Sarah Palin and Dick Morris go. Makes me wonder. Is FOX afraid of True Conservatives? Thank GOD for Mark Levin, were you here the Truth!

  • sjk62406

    Thank you Sean Hannity, for working on our “Leader Mark Levin” to appear on your show! We need more true conservatives like Mark Levin, where you hear the Truth on his radio show. When I first listened to Mark’s show on talk radio, I was driving home from my daughter’s house. I was astonished that someone told the truth about Obama and his Czars, and did not mince words. I was so excited that when I got home I told my husband “You have to hear Mark Levin!” He tells the Truth!!!!! Thank you Mark! My husband and I have been listeners every weekday night to here Mark Levin’s show ever since. Mark you, are my and my husband’s Hero!

  • outofsteam

    I don’t normally watch Hannity or listen to him on the radio but anytime I know in advance Mark will be on, I make it a point to watch the show. If Hannity teases too much about when he’s going to be on, I’ll tape it just to watch Levin. My problem is Levin says he’s going to be on the show as he’s doing his radio show but the times don’t agree.