Mark Levin to Bill O’Reilly: “You’re not standing up for the little people, you’re screwing the little people!”

This is a great rant, and its about way more than just Bill O’Reilly, although it does start out that way. His frustration is with not only O’Reilly but other conservatives who congratulate Obama on getting $20 billion from BP. Levin says that its too much unchecked power for our president to have and is fed up with all the pandering. He also sticks up for Joe Barton again in this clip even better than he did last night.

I’m making this embeddable because it needs to get circulated. Post it everywhere.

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  • Barton yes… Boehner no…
    Barton stay… Boehner go…

    It was definitely nice to hear the words of legal tactician Mark Levin defending Barton in a way that confirms, in a general sense, my posted sentiments yesterday… great minds think alike… or something like that.


  • I'm not really a Mark Levin fan, but he is absolutely right in pretty much everything he said in that clip.

    The problem is that government is taking and using power it should not have. Just because we are emotionally charged (key part of leftist statists) and they are using it for something we feel is justified does not mean that power can not be used against us.

  • lilium479

    why doesn't Bill have Mark on the show, because it would be a slaughter.

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  • TerryinGeorgia

    The real message that Obama fails to grasp is that he is not in Chicago anymore. Obama was looking for an opportunity to indicate to Americans that he is the mob-man-in-charge of the disaster fix, but only proved himself a thug.

    BP is to blame for the explosion of the rig and all the losses related thereto. OBAMA is responsible for the layoffs caused by the moratorium on drilling (even his seven experts advised against the shutdowns) and it is absolutely wrong for Obama to try and misappropriate funds designed for this rig disaster to try and minimize his skyrocketing unemployment rates and economic collapse.

    BP has repeatedly and unequivocally admitted blame and promised to pay all legitimate claims resulting from the disaster. They did not agree to pay “up to $75 million” as required by law — or even up to $20 billion that Obama extorted — but all legitimate claims! They have claimed responsibility and promised to pay the consequences. Damn, shut the heck up and let them work to repair the mess.

    Obama and his bullies should be hard at work removing all the red tape and obstacles slowing the process (and start with the Jones Act so all the allies whose help you refused can assist). Get the boons from the warehouse in Maine, let the crews drag, suck, burn or whatever to move toward the goal. Let the berms be built. Delegate authority to those on the ground (Bobby Jindal and the others who are giving their all to turn around the situation. All the Washington games are getting a bit old.

    Oh, and one more thing, there is not much you can do to control what the CEO of BP does when he takes time off, especially with your own track record of golfing through terrorist attacks. Investigate whatever you want to investigate AFTER this disaster is resolved.

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  • joy202

    Obviously Bill O'Rielly doesn”t understand the Constitution of the United States.