Mark Levin to Chris Christie: You’re dead wrong. Get serious and take a position!

Levin slams Chris Christie for his recent statement on the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. Christie proclaims that the issue shouldn’t be used as a political football, as he says both parties are currently doing. But Levin counters that Christie is dismissing the substantive arguments by characterizing it this way. He says that this is not a football game; that it’s about right and wrong. And he tells the governor to get serious and take a position:

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  • Sonnygirard

    A Christie stumble. Hope it’s not another Scott Brown.

  • It’s ridiculous to call Christie out on this- Seriously! Who does it affect if he gives an opinion, one way or another, about his position if he can do nothing for or against it?

    I’ve noticed Christie has always dodged questions, rightfully so, about matters that do not involve his current job or New Jersey. What is the big deal about trying to get an answer- screw off about trying to get a sound byte and let me do my job.

    And- really, who would question or even suggest that he might be another Scott Brown- What a joke! This guy is leading by example with more balls than the entire GOP- Republitards should bow to this guy and to try to talk him down because he is not commenting on what is irrelevant to his job is insane considering what leadership he is showing in the places where he can positively affect his constituents.

  • Laura in Texas

    I agree with Mark. I am a big fan of Chris Christie but I have to admit that I was disappointed that he couldn’t give a definitive answer. New Jersey had too many people who died that day for him not to have an opinion, IMO

  • Anonymous

    Christie said he wanted to be a good one term Governor. Then call Bloomberg a jackass and take a position, maybe you like the idea OR are you afraid of hurting someones FEELINGS ! In these times men have to be men and stand up. You are either for the mosque or against it at this location.
    I see Christie is using the word “GAME” well to all of our political leaders the “GAME” is over. All of the Progressives such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Bloomberg have thrown out the rule book and are still playing the game. I pray we will make it to November.
    See you all on 8/28

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  • Anonymous

    I’m with Chris Christie on this one. Levin is a bomb thrower and has to be controversial. Christie needs to govern, not get in the middle of political pissing games. No one could accuse Christie of not speaking out for what’s right, he’s pretty notorious for that. To claim he isn’t serious is BS on Levin’s part.

  • idiots4obama

    lol what a fatassssssss….and he is a moderate. he sure isn’t going after the non-producers in NJ, that’s for sure. When you call his office, they put you through to liberals. I couldn’t believe one woman told me it was just fine if people drink, gamble, smoke and have car payments while they’re on welfare and then told me ‘we’re not in communist Russia!’ Well if it’s OUR money paying them to smoke, gamble (lottery) have more kids, smoke etc…then we DO have a right to tell them how to spend it. It’s OUR $$, there’s a difference!

  • Elhaym

    Christie is absolutely right. Check out this GOP ad:

    “On September 11th, they declared war against us, and to celebrate that murder of 3000 Americans, they want to build a monstrous 13 story mosque…”

    Bigoted assholes much? The mosque is “monstrous”, oh, and “they” attacked us and “they” are the ones building it are they? Does “they” stand for anyone who’s a Muslim?

    Christie is right dead on.

  • Cpedersen6666

    Mark Levin is right on the money, no if’s and’s or but’s about it. I support Christe all the way, but he must take a difinitive stance. Period!

  • Anonymous

    Mark is right, and he is dead on in his description of what Christie was doing. By claiming that both sides were guilty of playing games, he did what many conservatives do whenever there is a controversial issue. Equate both arguments as being equal and decry the “tactics” of both sides. Conservatives do this kind of thing because they are so easily embarrassed by other conservatives, and care far too much what liberals think.

    It is a simple question of right and wrong. To side with the wrong side means you’re wrong. To not take sides does not elevate you above the fray, it’s a character flaw.

  • Anonymous

    Mark Levin is a brilliant Constitutional expert who does not suffer fools gladly.

    Christie did not speak out for what’s right. He took a political position that was the safest one he could take. That makes him a coward. It’s especially egregious that he would not stand up for what is right in this case because he has said time and time again that he doesn’t care about being re-elected. That tells me that he decided to do exaclty what Mark said he did: he took the stand that would make him appear to be above the fray. That didn’t take balls.

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  • KeninMontana

    The majority of what I’m reading here appears to castigating Gov.Christie, because he didn’t express an opinion. I find these attacks on Christie over this gutless to be frank,just how many of the other 49 sitting Governors have come out an expressed an opinion one way or the other? Patterson tried the “olive branch” of offering state land in exchange but the Iman and his supporters refused,but so far that’s the only thing I’ve heard from any sitting Governor. Gov.Christie has a state to run, a state that has some pretty grim economic issues that he is focused on and here you people are ready to do The “Obamaesque” thing of throwing him under the bus, because he did not have an off the cuff condemnation of the mosque ready. I oppose the location of THIS mosque and have expressed that repeatedly.That said I still support Gov.Christie and the fine job he has done and continues to do for the State he was elected to preside over. Talk about “Sunshine Patriots”.

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