Mark Levin to conservatives: Stop falling for the left’s tactics, their philosophy is austerity, not ours!

Mark Levin started his show by pressing a point made to him by Fred Thompson the other day, that the conservative philosophy is one of growth, individual and private sector, not austerity. But for some reason conservatives on TV and so forth have allowed the Democrats to change the language into us being about austerity and they being about growth. But Levin points out that it is in large part the left’s big government that has led us to the brink of austerity and that conservatives shouldn’t allow the left to pin that on them.

Listen below:

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  • The right’s philosophy is cutting spending, not the left’s.

    • Buckethead Baptist

      No the Right cuts Government spending.

      The Left cuts Family spending.

      • “the Right cuts Government spending”

        When was that? I must have missed it…I saw Paul Ryan on Meet the Press Sunday, but he said The Republicans only wanted to “reduce the rate of increase in spending.”

        Cutting spending would be eliminating five federal bureaucracies and $1 trillion in one year, and balancing the budget after three. I don’t think Mitt Romney and the Ryan Republicans are proposing that, though…sad…

        • ApplePie101

          Even more sad is the fact that we would have to cut not 5 but 500 federal bureaucracies to even begin to reverse America’s economic nosedive.

        • Buckethead Baptist

          Sadly… I would have to say you are correct. Nothing ever seems to get cut… Except my paycheck.

    • CalCoolidge

      Not necessarily. The right is for cutting wasteful government spending, defecit spending, or cutting it from its current absurd level that have almost every household enduring some form of austerity..

  • Nukeman60

    The left’s New World Dictionary:

    growth = more spending
    revenue = more taxes
    fair share = gut them till it hurts
    illegal immigrant = undocumented worker
    middle class = new poverty level
    welfare state = safety net
    medicare/social security programs = Government ATMs
    equality = for me, not for thee
    Constitution = doodle paper

    • NYGino

      Nukeman, if I may:

      bipartisanship = our way or the highway
      education= propaganda
      free speech = our thoughts
      the law=if it’s convenient

      • Nukeman60

        You may, by all means 🙂

    • kong1967

      For Obama the Constitution is toilet paper.

    • agas84363

      it is a sad thing,that you are exactly right

  • StrangernFiction

    With a few exceptions, conservatism is represented on TV by the spineless, the clueless, and the statist.

  • You will never hear a politician Right or Left want these defunded because their friends and family are within the Federal Entitlement Programs listed here. The humor kicks in when you read the titles of some of them, enjoy.

    • NJK

      Oh, God. This is worse than I thought. And they say they can’t cut? Boy, do we need a George Washington, and fast. Mitt Romney is not the answer. He’s going to do nothing but manage the mess for the next four years, and then he’ll try to win again, or try to pave the way for another Rhino. We are in deep trouble with this government. It needs a bulldozer taken to it!

      • kong1967

        George Washington would pass out if he saw this list.

        • CalCoolidge

          George Washington would load his musket and lead another revolution if he saw what the town named for him has become.

          So, on all the lists of lberal Orewellian oxymorons, there is none bigger than “Washington” DC.

    • kong1967

      Holy crap! I’d need to take a vacation just to have time to read through the names of the departments. Yet, they can’t find anything to cut. This is absurd. Eliminate 3/4 of these agencies for starters.

  • NJK

    When Mark played that audio tonight of Boehner agreeing with Stephanopoulos about not letting people leave the country and renounce their citizenship to avoid paying taxes, I was floored. Boehner was put in his position by Tea Party Patriots, and this is how he behaves? He sounded like he was slurring his speech also, I don’t think Mark noticed that, but I did.

    Will Ohio ever vote this man out? He is such a problem. We’ll never fix what’s wrong in this country, if the Boehner keeps getting elected. If Republicans continue to hold the House and more Constitutionalists are voted in, they have got to remove Boehner. He should be in Ohio tending bar. I just can’t stand him. He’s always going on these commie Sunday shows. Is he a commie? I think he is.

  • styxman65


    • CalCoolidge

      Equal outcomes, after they take a cut off the top for golf, Hawaiin vacations, and community organizing fees.

  • kong1967

    Obama will never pull off the argument that his policies are that of “growth”. Anyone dumb enough to believe him will vote for him anyway.

    We do need growth, but I don’t see any way to grow our way out of this mess. We have to have austerity, too. We are just too deep in the crapper.

  • The loss of understanding what belongs under our republic and what belongs under our democratic process is what leads to this .. confusion.
    And it’s all thanks to our loss of public virtue, and the 17th Amendment mentality.

  • Sober_Thinking

    We are NOT Greece… yet. We can still put the breaks on and fix this thing.

    Austerity is for adolescent countries that refuse to grow up and can’t manage their money. They need austerity because they are immature and irresponsible. Save a place for France btw… they’re next on the list.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Forward this segment to John Boehner, Mitt Romney and your local congresswoman.

  • As long as you can maintain your independence, you will also maintain your ability to analize statements made that have no merit.

    Mark has found a way to accomplish that feat.

    Too many in the political arena have become enslaved to certain principles that have actually muted creative ideas.

  • NJK

    Doesn’t austerity mean frugal? I would think that would be something good, wouldn’t it? They are the party of theft and recklessness.