Mark Levin to Romney: Take your damn boxing gloves off, put your brass knuckles on and FIGHT LIKE HELL!

Mark Levin offered up some constructive criticism for Mitt Romney tonight, saying that his ads aren’t hard hitting enough. He cites a few examples that Romney should use, one being that gas prices are 2 dollars/gallon higher than when Obama became president which really amounts to a tax hike. He also says that he should hammer home that unemployment is really closer to 20% and not just in a speech here or there, but in hard hitting ads. And there’s more.

Levin says that we deserve a candidate who will fight like hell to win and tells Romney to take off the boxing gloves and put on his brass knuckles, because that’s what Obama is using on him.

Listen below:

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  • I heard this excellent rant, and agree completely. It’d be about danged time! Enough of this “dear leader’s a nice guy” crap. Mittens didn’t treat his fellow republican primary candidates with kid gloves, and he’s got to stop doing it with dear leader. Show some stones for once and convince us that you have them.

    • stevenbiot

      I’m just waiting for Mitt to pull a McCain, and put out an ad congratulating Obama for being the first African American president. If he even remotely goes that route, I’m gonna have to replace some sheet rock in my man cave.

      • I’d lol, but I think I’d have to replace some in my queen castle. Dang.

        • smmy33

          They should do a ad , with Obama doing his little spell on you didn’t build that.. What’s worse then that line was when he goes off “you think you’re so smart, their…” with that sarcastic , black preacher nasty voice he uses when he thinks he’s being tough…

          Come’on now that should turn off some of these stupid soccer moms that think Obama so nice, so let’s give him another 4 years crap all over America.

      • Sober_Thinking

        You’re not alone. We’re way too close for Mr. Rogers to keep playing nice…

    • Sober_Thinking

      He may have to ask Ann to take them out of her purse first…

      You are spot on… like usual.

      • kamiller42

        Ann Romney or Ann Coulter’s purse?

        • Sober_Thinking


    • smmy33

      God, what is it with the weak ads, they have so much material, Obama own words, the statics , like gas prices, unemployment, America falling for 3 straight year in the Internationale competitiveness , the debt, our trillion annual deficits, his bowing tour, promising to meet with all these dictators , how did that work out…

      You could do a whole set of ads just on the facts about Obamancare….. Why are Romney ads so weak, those ads wouldn’t convince, he needs powerful ads because the media doesn’t report negative crap about Obama.

      I’m really getting the feeling Romney’s operatives don’t get it , the campaign is so weak against Obama.

      Like on Meet the Press:
      way to nice to Bill Clinton, here Clinton started the “expla’m stuff” tour, first place today, Miami. where are the republicans tying to cut Clinton at the knees, no where.

      Called the jobs report .. disappointing, instead going on a 19 minute barrage against Obama about those weak jobs numbers, that are getting worse 3 years into a so called recovery instead of better, telling America what the real unempyment rate would be if the same number of people were in the work force in 2009 as in 2012 and how so many Americans are left with no options in the Obama econmy but to get on SS disability, on food stamps and welfare… Is that what Obama promised, a dependent society , one that gives it’s people no opportunities.

      And he going into these interviews with on defense, because the media are Obama’s lap dogs they press Ronmey on everything, but he should go on offense, bring it back always to Obama and his record.

      Is media condioning by why a republicans so lame .. Even the Super PAC ads aren’t powerful.

      • I’ve seen a few good ads, but they’re from other groups- not the RNC.
        Yes, there is SO much material to choose from, good grief, they’ve got a gold mine if they really cared.
        Not just all the economic stuff, but also foreign matters- dear leader bowing to others, dear leader inviting muslim brotherhood into the White House, dear leader going on letterman again instead of meeting with Prime Minister Netenyahu, Dear leader telling Canada to shove it with their Keystone pipeline.
        Then there’s the part about dear leader saying that energy prices will necessarily have to skyrocket, while showing the price of gas since he’s taken over.
        Social issues- dear leader voting present or voting against the national born alive act and saying he wouldn’t want his daughter to be “punished” with a baby.
        We could go on and on, but it does no use if the GOP pick doesn’t use any.

  • drphibes

    Romney is fighting hard! He is talking about repealing “parts” of Obamacare! He is one bad a$$ mofo. He says, “He’s a nice guy, BUT.” The “but” is devastating for my money. I don’t know what Levin is talking about.

    • stevenbiot

      Haha. Sarcasm?

  • odin147

    I made this point earlier, Romney has got to tell the truth, he needs to talk about obamacare and the history of price controls, about dodd frank and how too big to fail is still the norm. About unemployment he needs to go in more detail, about house foreclosure rate. I saw gbtv where beck laid out how bad the situation really is. About education inflation, about debt and how retirement, soc. security, medicare etc. are going to pressure the economy. This is grave stuff and Romney cannot rely on boiler plate talking points. He needs to lay out the problems and how he is going to solve them asap, there is no time left.

    • StrangernFiction

      On July 7-8, Rasmussen’s polling showed that independents supported the repeal of Obamacare by a margin of 19 percentage points (56 to 37 percent). By a 27-point margin (56 to 29 percent), they thought Obamacare was bad, rather than good, for the country. Exactly two months later, on September 7-8, after a Republican convention in which Obamacare was relegated to an afterthought in prime time (except by Paul Ryan), and a Democratic convention in which Obama was praised as caring and courageous for ignoring the clear wishes of the American people and spearheading Obamacare’s passage, independents now oppose repeal by a margin of 9 percentage points (52 to 43 percent).

      It looks like the don’t drive the independents away strategy is driving the independents away. Who’d a thunk it.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Is McCain helping Romney again? Dang…

  • drphibes

    Romney is releasing the hardest-hitting rhetoric since McCain said, in the summer of 08, “My Friendzzhhh, you don’t have to be afraid of an Obama Administration.”

    Romney may win in spite of his genteel approach. However, I’d prefer the rhetorical equivalent of broken bottles, brass knuckles, tire irons and chains. We’re dealing with political thugs and goons. Real scum. The sooner he figures it out, the better. I know he’s capable of doing rhetorical violence to others – why, he did it to his GOP brethren, gladly, without hesitation.

    Or else he might end up like this…

    • Sober_Thinking

      Spot on.

    • crosshr

      hope his staff hear you out dr. well put !

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Ah. I see you chose the Hezbollah spelling of “Friendzzhhh.” That’s appropriate for Sentator McSwitch.

  • stevenbiot

    This “high road” republican crap is really pissing alot of voters off. Give it to democrats; they know how to scrap. But, we are the classy crew. Screw that!! Let’s throw em!

    • drphibes

      No argument here.

  • drphibes

    Rush pointed out last week that Reagan referred to “Mr. Carter”. He didn’t say President. And he pointed out failure after failure after failure. Mitt is doing this, too, but in a much more polite and cautious way. Screw that. It’s time to get tough. Again, I’ve see Mitt bloody his friends without hesitation. He’s got a Darwinistic killer instinct when it comes to fending off competitors. But now that he’s on the national stage he’s turned into Mr. Limpet.

    • stevenbiot

      Yeah, Mitt bloodied Reagan back in the day to. This guy is either the best strategist, or a deer in the headlights. I want to see ads showing Obama chumming up to Arab dictators; Obama smoking weed; Obama shaking Jeremiah Wrights racist hands; anything to throw him under the bus. We should get National Enquirer on this Marxist!

    • Sober_Thinking

      Excellent reference! 🙂

  • PVG

    General Romney, your troops are here, LET’S ROLL!!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Take off the Mittens, Romney…

  • WhiteGuy2

    Ive said this many times during the primaries that Romney is too timid and reluctant to criticize a black guy because he is afraid of the backlash of race cards flying in from the Liberal media. This is the reason McCain lost to Obama in 08, he wasn’t willing to play hardball.

  • hbnolikeee

    You have to be much better than your opponent to fight honorably while they do not.
    I believe that you cannot be so successful in business and be a dolt. So Mitt sees and hears what is going on and part of me just wants to say we’ll just wait and watch. Then there is the impatient watching the calendar part of me that wants to see the attack.

  • deTocqueville1

    Gotta love Levin. He is spot on and has been hammering this the last several programs. I wish he could get out there with Palin and kick some a##!

  • Sentinel34

    When you take the fight to Obama then you are labeled as being “too polarizing” or “racist” by the liberal media or are labeled as knuckle-draggers or Hobbits by the GOPe. This is the conundrum that Mitt and his handlers find themselves in. Do they repeat the “nice guy” strategy to pick off a few fence sitters here and there, which seems to be a losing proposition to me, or do they suck it up and take the fight to Obama. After all, Reagan didn’t hold back against Carter. I mean it’s not like you have to go back 30 years to find empirical evidence that suggests taking the fight to your opponent wins. They should’ve bottled up the energy of the Tea Party tidal wave that hit in 2010, but instead, they seem to deny its existence. The most effective conservative voices have been relegated to bench warmers.

  • When Obama claims to be a conservative, we will see a real tough campaign out of Mitt Romney. When Obama claims the Right, the RNC will then pour all their resources into the mix and take the brass knuckles with them into the proverbial ring. Since this is not going to happen, what else would any person really expect out of Romney or the RNC?

    Romney told us plainly during the primaries that he thought Obama was a nice guy, a guy who made mistakes and some wooful errors but overall a nice guy. There were many here and at other sites claiming Romney will be McCain part deux. It is still earlier, but he better start moving in the Right direction or he will lose badly.


    Pretty frustrating when Levin and Palin literally have to tell Mitt what to do and say. It’s even more frustrating that Mitt ain’t even listening. *sigh*

  • kamiller42

    The price of gas is a good target. How will Obama blame gas prices on Bush? I better there are plenty more metrics out there Romney can use against Obama that Obama can’t pin on Bush.

  • Susanna958

    Romney will just be Obama lite. He will slow the destruction of the country, but he wont stop it. But he is a nice guy, so there is that.

    • crosshr

      Susanna958, you must have read my mind ! I will fight this front today against the radical left and Obama, and will keep the Obama lite in check for the next front. Is not life is fun. We fight for everything we need. I take that challenge, still alive !
      Ephesians 5:16 Redeem the times because the days are evil ,

    • E. Lee Zimmerman

      Precisely. That’s why I may end up voting for Mitt, but I won’t like it at all. His record is as Progressive as Showbama’s. I see no evidence to support his “save the Planet” rhetoric in the slightest.

    • PhillyCon

      He will not be like Obama if we give him a Republican Senate. This is what people like Palin are talking about. He can’t use the excuse, “oh, I have a Dem Senate and House” like he did in MA.

  • Mark Smith

    The best Romney commercial was a segment I saw from a Chris Matthews show. Wonder if Tingles will release the footage to the Romney campaign.

    Matthews: “Not all businesses are hurting. Some big businesses have record profits, but they aren’t hiring! They won’t hire! Why not? Do they think Obama is a socialist?!”

    Jim Cramer: “Yes.”

    Matthews: (sigh) “Wow.”

  • crosshr

    Should someone carry a picture of Newt and Santorum in front of Mitt all the time, pretend this is Obama picture whom you Mitt run against in the campaign. That may motivate Mitt to carpet pomp Obama as he did Newt and the Ricks in the primary.

    It’s not just Levin or Palin or Beck among many that call out Mitt to bare knuckle Obama. Millions that will vote to get Obama out of office all send out same voicing their concern.

    For those that want Mitt to be Mitt, excuse me, in the middle of war, you decide to be a Lover boy ! Go home find a corner in your house and pray ask for forgiveness for being sloppy in a do or die moment. Remind us, that we are here for R/R. Period.

    While Obama and the left go in their usual accusation mode( as the devil do always, accusing the brothers) Romney & Paul has to dial up few notches their mission of REVELATION of the very FACTS about ALL THINGS MADE OBAMA

    And I motion, if we’ll lose this election, there should never be another Republican party.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    Why doesn’t Mark start a Levin Surge on Romney’s campaign website and Romney’s social sites to demand he fight harder?

    RightScoop, get in touch with Mark, and help us out here!

    Even just 25,000 emails in one day would shock the hell out of Boston, who has become just as arrogant as the Obama campaign. I remember hearing sometime back that Romney planned to run this cycle and model his campaign after Obama’s. Seems to be the case. They will not take outside constructive criticism.

  • dave kenny

    We will lose the country because Mitt and friends cannot call a spade a spade
    He lied to his wife in saying he could save America
    He did’nt really mean it because if he did he would be gagging on the reality of Obama and his campaign
    Romney has never led anything
    Only Managed people like himself
    Unless he shapes up this week it is looking mighty bleak
    To think Obama could get reelected after all he done and who he is
    That would be America committing suicide

  • Good luck with that. Romney is so disappointing.

    • PhillyCon

      Most of us saw this coming from a mile away. However, a good chunk of conservatives “bought into” the “electable nonsense.” And, here we are.

  • Sentinel34

    Now is not the time for the weak and timid. They can learn a little lesson from the greatest generation. Grandmas and Grandpas were out there in lawn chairs during Tea Party events (at the risk of being called racists) forgoing personal family activities in order to send a clear message to the current socialist occupying the white house. This gentlemen country club strategy doesn’t fit the time and is not going to get it done.

  • mark1955

    MITTEN’S can’t fight back even if he would like to. The Bushies are running his campign totally. They stole the nomination for MITTEN’S,knowing he was the weakest candidate against Obama. That was deliberate on their part. They don’t want MITTEN’S to win and get in the way of Jebbie in 2016.

    The Bushies stole the nomination for MITTEN’S with actions like: Moving up the Primary dates so Sarah Palin wouldn’t have enough time to organize. Changing the signature standards in Virginia so Newt couldn’t enter and pick-up a sure win. Rigging the Florida Primary outright so Newt couldn’t win that either. Changing Proportional voting standards in each state,based on how it would best benefit MITTEN’S. Voting irregularities in places like, Maine,Nevada,louisiana and Karl Rove pulling votes out of his Butt,live on FNC for MITTEN’S,the night of the Iowa caucus giving MITTEN’S the win by three votes. Later to be overturned and given to Santorum. All this done with MITTEN’S approval,because even he knows there is no way in Heck,that he would have lasted beyond South Carolina,without the machination’s of the Bush crime family. The price for all of this. MITTEN’S had to agree to give TOTAL control to Bushbot’s: Matt Rhoades,Sununu,Ginsberg and Dan Senor of MITTEN’S campaign. Who do you think was making the Dictatorial rule change grab during the repub Convention…The Bushies. That was all about making sure they could change rules on the fly in 2016,so they could defeat Sarah Palin,so Jeb could win in 2016.

    Anytime MITTEN’S speaks up at meeting about going after Obama, Sununu and company,quickly remind MITTEN’S that they stole the nomination for him and can just as easily give Florida and Virginia to Obama among other States,if he get’s out of line. So MITTEN’S made his deal with the devil and has to just sit there and take the crumbs the Bushies give him and like it. Otherwise,the Bushies will destroy his campign,which they are doing anyway’s on purpose!

  • chatterbox365

    Amen Mark, but the RINOs are running this campaign and they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag. More the reason we must focus on the House and Senate.

  • Guest1776rcp

    Perhaps Romney is saving the good stuff for the debates?

    IS there any doubt in anyone’s mind that those will be the most watched debates in the history of televised Presidential debates?

  • Rocco11

    Frank Luntz, and Mike Murphy are killing us.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Agreed. Romney’s a bit of a p#ssy when it comes to attacking Progressives like himself, though. Always has been. Always will be.

  • PhillyCon

    Ugh. This is always the problem with moderates and the “get a long” types … they have absolutely no qualms about trashing their own i.e hobbits — Santorum and Newt; but when it comes to liberals, its always “they are nice” “they have good intentions” “they love their country” “they are a nice family” “they are misguided” “we can work with them.” All the while, our side gets trashed as sexists, racists, xenephobes, and people who want dirty air and water.

    This has gotten so old … going back to GH Bush and Dole. The genesis of the “electable,” moderate, and “compassionate” Republican. Its the same old, same nonsense every election cycle. Has anyone not noticed this? It’s the Republican version of groundhog day.

  • right on the mark Mark.

  • ThomNJ


  • DebbyX

    I always wonder if Romney’s people listen to Levin. He’s given them some great advice and this is not the first time.

    Romney needs to bring out the big guns! (figuratively speaking, of course)