Mark Levin very disappointed in Netanyahu, also worried about world war breaking out in Middle East

While he hates to admit it publicly, Mark Levin says he’s disappointed in Netanyahu despite the pressure he received to accept the cease-fire. He says Netanyahu needs to realize that Obama is not his friend and that he hates Israel.

Levin also believes Israel is in a more dangerous position now and says he’s nervous about a world war breaking out there at some point in the future. He says it due to how we are hollowing out our military and weakening our influence in the world along with Iran becoming more aggressive in its attacks against Israel.


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  • Nukeman60

    We are hollowing out our own military and Obama dislikes Israel (that much is obvious). Iran is heading for the bomb (and won’t be stopped), as well as arming all the nations around Israel (which is presently happening). North Korea re-initiated long-range missile tests today (take note of that, Obama). It all fits together for upcoming war in the world.

    We would have been the nation to stop it, but it was not to be. I think Netanyahu knows this and will tighten down the defenses for what he realizes is a future reality that can’t be prevented. It is in God’s hands and we, as individuals, must strive to be on the right side when it does happen.

  • colliemum

    Agreeing with nearly all the points the Great One makes in this statement – except one.
    I can totally understand that he is disappointed with Netanyahu, many people were.

    However, Bibi knows full well that Obama does not love Israel, he’s known this from the start.
    Bibi had to be extremely careful not to lose the little bit of support he had garnered from Obama and the rest of the Western politicians – and he needed desperately the breathing space this ceasefire is giving him.
    Bib knows full well that Hamas is re-arming – but Israel is working full out to improve their defensive capabilities. The installation of the ‘Sling of David’ shows that he is not leaning back, breathing a sigh of relief. He will be using the kudos he’s won to the fullest extent possible.

    If there is one politician in the whole world who is more wily and more clued-up about what is possible in the ME, and who knows more about safeguarding Israel, then I’d like to hear his or her name!

    I think the Great One’s disappointment with Romney’s loss, especially in view of Romney’s foreign policies, may have coloured his view of Netanyahu a bit.

    • CO2isGood

      I agree, Netanyahu knows he must tread very carefully and choose his time wisely. Unfortunately, he was just as surprised as we were that Romney did not get in, and consequently has been forced to plan X.

      The scary part is that the further from plan A, Israel gets the more dangerous the situation becomes for the world. This administration is foolishly underplaying the reality that Israel is the only true buffer for our interests/assets in the ME.

    • cabensg

      Ya! The great one thought his book and daily radio show would win the election. Although needed they mainly speak to the choir. We needed a candidate that spoke to the whole nation. Another opportunity missed and now Levin and the other talking heads are lamenting the fact we didn’t have an out spoken truth to power candidate. Of course we did have that candidate but he was to outspoken and truthful for their tastes until now.

      • mike3e4r7

        Are you refering to Gingrich?

  • Rshill7

    Crash our credit rating.
    Bury us in unsustainable debt.
    Gut our military financially to weaken it severely.
    Usher in a world war.

    That’s some sort of recipe there. An inedible one. A choking maneuver Henry Heimlich can’t touch.

    • I would add:

      Destroy US sovereignty.

      But the point is well taken.

    • sjmom

      You must have seen the movie 2016. Until we the people wake up and stand up Obama will continue in his evil ways and the GOP will continue to grovel.

      • cabensg

        They grovel because they have no ideological underpinning to sustain them during tough times. If you have no core beliefs you just go with the flow just like to many voters do.

        • sjmom


    • Well, OK, just as long as we get our free stuff.

  • Sober_Thinking

    All the pieces continue to move into place.

    My Pastor recently said, “There is nothing left that needs to happen in order for the Lord Jesus to return”… and I think that’s a fair statement.

    We must prepare our hearts and be right with the Lord anyway… but it looks like especially now more than ever before.

    • pilgrimhere

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      • Sober_Thinking

        Woof! What a great amount of information! Thank you. 🙂

    • It is a biblical statement, not just fair. The bible does not contradict itself.

      • Sober_Thinking


      • pilgrimhere

        That depends on what you refer to as the bible.

        • I am not one of those Christians who hasn’t studied his bible. I have spent a fair amount of time in the Greek and Hebrew concordance verifying definitions and context.

          There are many people who cannot grasp the spiritual aspects of what Paul taught. Many are just comfortable staying under bondage of the law, and cannot comprehend spriritual liberty.

          The scriptures are constantly under attack, and many false prophets are in the world today. So many people have denied God’s Word, or have cherry picked what they like and don’t like.

          I am aware of the history of the bible, how it was transcribed through the centuries, and how it has been translated. I have found the King James version to be the best study version, and many versions have perverted the original text.

          I don’t condemn others for their beliefs. Everybody has to determine for themselves what to believe, but the bible does warn of false prophets, and false doctrines, so watch out. It is important to know why you believe.

          • pilgrimhere

            I mean you no disrespect whatsoever. Also, I have read very little of the QP (above) content because after contemplating my own questions, I didn’t need to. And I’ve discovered that right answers are entirely irrelevant until you begin to ask the right questions. Please attempt to identify and break free of any religious paradigm so that you can honestly answer these:

            Who testified to Paul’s conversion experience other than himself?
            Why are his own testimonies inconsistent with each other?
            Why does the voice he heard borrow a line from Dionysus (just after escaping from prison chains by means of an earthquake) in the pagan play, The Bacchae by Euripides-line 970?
            How is it that Paul claims to have seen the Son in the wilderness after a stern warning had been given not to believe anyone reporting such a sighting?
            Why is that experience inconsistent with any approach God has made to any man, but eerily similar to Constantine’s vision? (C’ blended Mithraism with Christianity)
            Which Greek manuscripts escaped the filter of C’ and company?
            Why would God’s son choose 12 ordinary men to change the world only to change his mind afterward and dramatically recruit one from the “offspring of vipers” to take up the task?
            Why does nearly every reference to/quote from the scriptures by Paul obscure the original context?
            Why is Paul willing to lie in order to be persuasive?
            Why does Paul have disdain for God’s law (towrah – instructions, directions) in direct contradiction to what God, every prophet and the Son have said?
            Did God redeem Israel from 300 years of Egyptian slavery only to inflict them with his own “slavery” and appoint a “taskmaster” over them forever?
            Why did the Son point people to the “commandments”/Towrah throughout his ministry and declare unequivocally that the Towrah will not be diminished as long as the earth and sky remain?

            I have listed (for myself) dozens more questions beyond Paul’s issues as well. Honest answers reveal that a grand deception has occurred. The most pertinent question I had to answer is why I chose to believe Paul instead of the Son for decades. I have experience seminary and acted as pastor all the while wondering when I would begin to know God instead of just believe in Him. The most important questions are: What does God love/hate/highly esteem? I want to reflect the same. I don’t mind telling you that today, I hate Paul passionately. But I have come to know God by name … the one most every bible omits around 7000 times for no other reason than revenue.

            I wish you well, and encourage you to question more.

  • Sheya

    I respectfully disagree with Mark on this one. He’s being short sighted here. Natanyahu is in a re-election campaign had he gone into Gaza now it would have cost him the election, the left would have taken over and there is no saying where it would have gone from there.

    To understand this you need to understand the Israeli mentality. While they like the war they hate the aftermath. During crises the population supports and even demand full scale action but once the mission is completed and the punditry and analysis begin they are quick to question whether the entire mission was necessary or worth it. The finger pointing begins and before you know it the leaders numbers tank.

    Had Natanyahu gone in to Gaza his approval would have shot through the roof for exactly 5 days (if he’s lucky) by the time it ended and things calmed down he would have lost the aromaticity support the opposition would have jumped on him and taken the election.

    Natanyahu took the long term approach, weaken Hamas now, cease fire and yes let them regroup, it won’t take long after the election for Hamas to begin round 10,59,600 or so once he is re-elected he’ll do what he has to do.

    Short term solutions may work as short term feel good moments but it takes away from the general objective, which is to finish them off once and for all and with a lefty government that would never happen.

    I lived in Israel for nearly 6 years, I have large family and friends in Israel who I speak to on a daily basis, I have family who had to run out of town to avoid the rockets last week. What I’m saying is first hand information not something I concluded after reading and watching the news and blogs. it’s the Israeli mindset.

    • CO2isGood

      Interesting. From your post it seems you are saying that this is just more of the same. Do not the Israelis feel more pressure knowing that it is only a matter of time before Iran becomes nuclear?

      I can understand the political ramifications that must be running through Netanyahu’s mind, and his motivations for aquiescing, but surely the people must realize that today it is conventional rockets from Gaza, but next year it could be nuclear-tipped missles from Iran.

      • Sheya

        They do but as fa as the average Israeli is concerned it’s two issues. While they know Ian is behind Hamas they still consider the fight against Hamas to be independent from the war with Iran.

        The typical Israeli is in a consent fight with their inner feelings, it goes from being sick and tired, to fear, to wanting revenge, to fear again. That’s their daily struggle.

        On the one hand they want the Government to finish the job once and for all but on the other hand they fear the repercussions. They want to destroy Hamas but at the same time they want to live in peace. They don’t wont to have to run out of town every couple of years, they don’t want to run into bunkers.

        So, when the war goes on, their defensive instincts emerge and they are all for it they support the Government and even want more. As the war goes on the fear kicks in and they begin worrying about the next attack, the next bus blowing up or the next pizza shop to blow up, they just want it to stop. So they suddenly are not sure whether they want the war to go on.

        Ask an Israeli whether Israeli should attack Iran, they’ll tell you on the one hand WE MUST yet on the other hand they fear Iran’s retaliation. If Israel goes into Iran support for it will be very high at first but as soon as the emotions kick in it will quickly plummet.

        it’s basically a struggle between logic and fear. When they think logicically they support the war and with it the government but when the fear overpowers their emotions government support fades. That is one of the reasons the majority of Governments collapse and never make it through a complete term.

        The right run on logic and the left run on fear and whichever mood the people are in at the given time that’s the party that wins.

        Besides fighting a war with Iran, Hamas, Hizbalah and everyone else, Natanyahu has to tread a fine line, it’s a line between defending your peoples lives and balancing your people’s emotions.

        It’s a tough life over there.

        • colliemum

          Your observations are very interesting indeed, thank you!

          Would you say that Netayahu is the one politician able to thread that fine line between defending Israel and balancing the emotions of the people?

          • Sheya

            Honestly I don’t think any human being can balance that line. Politicians are after all just that “politicians” and no matter how great a leader one is, bottom line politicians base their decisions on how it will effect them politically. This is not a dig at Natanyahu or any other politician. Some really care about their people but politics has a way of getting in the way, it’s just natural.

            So as much as I support Natanyahu, it is hard for me to say that he can really find a balanced approach, as a human being or a politician and he is both.

        • CO2isGood

          It must be very difficult living like that. We here in America sitting in our safe comfortable homes have a tendency to not factor-in the emotional suffering and anxiety that Israelis must feel on a daily basis.

          • Sheya

            THAT is true! and the media seem to be doing a great job covering that up.

        • jrt1031

          its the same now in the US. The left run on fear and the right run on logic. Obama has brougth that to our front doors here as well. If the left could just learn to be logical and live independently we would all have peace. I think it comes down to misery loved company. Why cant the miserable just learn to leave others out of their inner battles they fight with themselves.

    • Leaders who go to war tend to get re-elected. If Bibi did in Gaza what we did in Iraq, then he would have a long running campaign, and the missiles would stop. Gaza, unlike Iraq, is not a sovereign country and lies within the borders of Israel. They should be treating Gaza as we would an insurection in any of our cities. Evacuate the civilians and restore order.

      • Sheya

        “Leaders who go to war tend to get re-elected”

        That would be the conventional wisdom, but this rule has an exception and the exception is Israel. Bea in mind that Israel has been in constant war eve since it’s existence. So for an Israeli PM to go to war doesn’t make him/her a “wartime PM” because they all are. Israelis measure wars very different than we do. We measure it by whether we won or lost, Israelis measure it by how long have we had a calm period.

        • It is a different situation, to be sure. I wonder what percentage of Israelis would support a cleaning out of Gaza with ground troops.

    • classof47

      As a European and American diplomat, I can only second the insightful comments by Sheya. The over-energized but under-informed are calling for suicidal actions to be visited to others. Unfortunately, suicide is is multi-national in this world (as it has been in the past 600 years or so).

    • I don’t think that’s so much an “Israeli” mindset so much as it’s the way politics works, in general. The out-of-power parties cannot afford to let the head of state look like a winner. So after the standard, brief show of national solidarity (and for they cynics, it is ever only a show, even in times of great peril), then the long knives come out.

      For the left, they come out quickly, with calumnies and loud protestation. (See Kennedy, Theodore, and his infamous “lie after lie after lie” rant.)

      • Sheya

        Pretty much and that is why Bibi had to step back. he can’t afford to let the left win. Rather stay put get yourself re-elected and once you’re safely back in charge do your thing

  • Rocco11

    It’s the Obama Caliphate, he’s the hidden Imam…

    • sjmom

      Wait til the “real” Caliphate wants his head on a platter. Even Chicago won’t be able to save him.

    • His head is hidden, at least. I’m not sure that’s the well the Shiites talk about, though.

  • CO2isGood


  • Conniption Fitz

    Sometime within the next month, the self-sworn enemies of Israel (and all other religions and nations) will achieve their 20 thousandth (documented in the mainstream news) terrorist attack since 9/11/01.

    During this time, the religion of war, hate, murder, slavery, rape and pedophilia has targeted every religion and tribe and tongue on the earth, even their own, even members of their own families.

    • And of course, more Muslims are killed by other Muslims during Ramadan than in any other time in the year.

      • Killing just gets good to them.

  • Israel and Iran know that these next 4 years present the most opportune time in world history for Islamists to eradicate Israel and the Jewish people once and for all.

    Israel, take back the West Bank while you can.

    • Israel could not be eradicated, even if the US wanted it.

  • I think Bibi still has to play kiss-butt with Obama, despite everything Mr. Levin says, because he (Bibi) does not want to be completely hung out to dry.

  • Watchman74

    I have a feeling next year the gloves will come off.

  • sjmom

    Unlike Obama I think Bibi knows what he is doing and I don’t think he is stupid enough to play his hand.

  • cabensg

    I’m not really criticizing Levin after all he makes his living being an armchair quarterback. However when it comes down to being in on all the information and doing what’s best for Israel short term and long term I’d go with Bibi’s decisions. The truce between Bibi and Obama is a surface headline one but it still helps Bibi to make it appear Israel is co-operating especially after achieving one of their main goals. With the condemnation of the world on his shoulders he needs to let Obama’s disapproval rest for awhile.

  • I think he needs to keep his powder dry.

  • mike3e4r7

    I’m a big fan of Mark, but I agree with most of the other comments posted here. Netanyahu is dealing with strategic issues and military/political intelligence that Mark is not privy to. Clearly Netanyahu understands that he needs to husband what little co-operation and goodwill he can muster from Obama and use it wisely for he knows it is a very finite quantity. If there eventually is going to be a public break between Obama and Israel, it’s in Israel’s interests to have that occur after Iran has been dealt with.

  • A World War WILL break out as soon as Iran gets its nuclear bomb. Obama will either be forced to do something, or he will do nothing, in which case Iran will be free to attack Israel with nuclear weapons. Then you will have Hezbollah attacking Israel with rockets from southern Lebanon and terrorists firing rockets at Israel from Gaza. Who knows, by that time the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt may also want to get into the act and attack Israel. Either way, rough times are ahead for the Israelis. I wish them good luck. With Obama in the White House, they’re going to need it.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Nobody can trust Obama. Bibi knows this.

  • aZjimbo

    I totally agree with Mark on this. BiBi has turned wimp. Better wake up before it’s too late.

  • rich wojcik

    thanks, Mark