Mark Levin: We are more vulnerable today to a terrorist attack under Obama than anytime in recent past

Mark Levin started his show out with a story about how we are closing at least 9 border patrol stations in border states, most of them in Texas, which will hinder our ability to stop people once they get into this country. He goes on to say that the policies of this president are leaving us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack than we’ve been anytime in recent past.

Listen below:

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  • He’s completely right on this. It’s treasonous to think that it is the federal government’s main purpose to protect the citizens of this country and dear leader’s administration, and most leftists are doing everything they can to do the exact opposite, and worse, they are punishing those states who are trying to keep their citizens safe. Evil.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    Yet we hear no outrage from either side,. where are our congressmen/women ? Has mitt issued a comment on this yet? This admin gets away with anything , completely lawless. The msm media does not care nor reports it.

    • bob60506

      Actually, it was reported by CNN today. As it was reported, we are supposedly closing some offices away from the borders (Canada & Mexico) for the purpose of moving agents closer to the borders. I have NOT verified the veracity of that report. I know that CNN tends to color their reporting, but the facts were a bit more specific than they usually provide when spinning stories.

      Fulll disclosure: I am NOT an Obama supporter. I consider myself even more conservative than Levin. That said, I also look for truth wherever it may be; I don’t just take the word of a like-minded person. Truth be told, while Levin’s a fairly intelligent man, he does have a tendency to get impetuous and even occasionally rash. I listened to him daily for a long time, but only occasionally, any more.

      Obama has done some things that are so beyond the pale of responsible governing that I often feel I’m in a waking nightmare. Still, if something sounds outrageous, no matter the source, you might consider verifying for accuracy.

  • Joe

    Can Levin be Vice President ?

    I really can’t take much more of this – That’s why I joke a lot

    I wish the election were next week – Not today

    I need more time to get ready.

  • Nukeman60

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama was hoping for an attack on our soil in order for him to declare Marshall Law and look like the big man taking control. A dastardly thought, I know, but nothing is beyond this guy and the more desperate he gets as we approach the elections and his poll ratings are dipping further and further into reality, the more possible this scenario becomes.

    Why else allow for fluid borders? He’s not that naive to think only good Democrat loving voters are streaming over the fences.

  • drphibes

    Okay, off topic question: Why is DRUDGE in black and white now?

    Is this permanent? Temporary? Is there a meaning beside style?

    Is Drudge conveying that he is the newspaper of our time? The REAL “newspaper of record”? (that’s my guess at what kind of a statement he is making).

    Ideas, anyone?

    • Nukeman60

      I don’t go to Drudge anymore ever since the primaries showed him to be quite biased in his reporting, but my guess would be he’s ‘fading to black’ and will soon be gone.

  • Patriot077

    There has been evidence for years of invaders across the southern border who were classified “OTM” = other than mexican. And within that classification, it was broken down into those from countries with known terrorism risks. Even that knowledge has not caused our Congress to act.

    This is an article from last month and the numbers in previous years were far greater. There may be reports from DHS but I didn’t spend much time searching.

    Levin is right. We are probably less safe now than we were before 9/11. Secure the dang border. One of the primary obligations of our government and they are treating it so cavalierly that I just can’t stand it. We, the People, the ones who pay their keep (and the illegal aliens’ cost to society) don’t count for peanuts.

  • dennisl59

    Recall that El Presidente’ told Woodward that America could absorb another Islamofascist Terrorist Attack.

  • sjmom

    There’s not much more to say than Obama and his crew want to destroy our nation.

  • On first glance, it actually looks as though Obama’s actions are literally calculated for the weakening of America, and the endangering of over 300M lives. In fact, its more difficult to believe they weren’t, than they were. If he’s so interested in cutting costs, then when he shuts down these border stations, he should allow the Minute Men occupy them, complete with the authority to perform citizens arrests (like Mexicans can, of anyone in their country, illegally) on crossing aliens, as well as give them the authority to use deadly force against any, and all, that do not comply with arrest orders, or attempt to escape detention.

    Let us also not forget this report from World Net Daily:

    If there’s any truth to that, we’ll need the Minute Men, more than ever. Hell, I’d be willing to fly down there for the weekend. Its been a while since I’ve been able to sight down on somebody with an assault rifle at 300 meters and score a head shot.

  • texasgirl46

    Texas won’t put up with this crap, they’ll take matters into their own hands and it won’t be pretty….

  • keninil

    All the extra guards are being transferred to Obama’s SS detachment. Instead of 35 cars when he travels, there will now be 60. We would want one of the free roaming militias or gangs attacking him at a campaign stop!

  • The problem with decisions made like this is those in Washington never actually are held accountable for their actions. We glorify every one of these idiots.

  • semihardrock

    Will come right before 2012 election cycle….as scheduled….

  • ryanomaniac

    I have to be honest. Im a little scared for my wife. She works at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas here and there has been a huge influx of Muslims very near that area. Who the hell knows with these people, they could very well bomb a stinking hospital. I’ve been worried lately.

  • Pyrran

    It’s all part of the plan to destabilize the country. I live in Texas and I think that, despite the cost to my state, we’re going to have to put our National Guard in greater force than it is now on the border. We’re going to have to fight Obama tooth and claw from now until the election to keep him and his communists from causing too much damage until they are ousted.