Mark Levin weighs in on the final debate

Short, sweet, and I couldn’t agree with him more.

Obama was pretty nasty and condescending. He also spun like hell. Romney was cautious and factual. Obama’s hope to paint him as trigger happy failed. I don’t think this debate changes anything. Incidentally, Bob Schieffer did an excellent job.

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  • marketcomp

    Spot on!

  • info Mullaney

    I think Bob Schieffer went to school on Candy & Jim and knew this would be his last kick at the can. Better go out on a high note. Even he knows Barry is going down and he didn’t want to go down with the ship.

  • PVG

    The Great One speaks! Agreed!

  • ConnieConservative

    Agree with Levin.
    Also, I thought Pres. Obama looked peeved and unhappy.
    Romney looked cool, calm, and very Presidential.
    I could sleep well at night with Pres. Romney in charge.

    • BHliberty

      I haven’t slept well since BO was inaugurated! But I agree, Romney will bring me some inner peace! Finally! Now I pray he will win!

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Amen to that!

      • Chillycat2

        I know exactly of what you speak…. Don’t think our country or me can take four more years!

      • abc

        obama was elected … yadda … yadda … yadda, I’m tired this morning.
        Sounds like a Seinfeld episode to me.
        Sarcasm off.
        Me too!!!

        • BHliberty

          After BO was elected, I got sick to my stomach. Once that wore off, I haven’t slept well since. Is that better?

  • I think in the books of history, “Mr. President, the US does not dictate to other countries, the United States frees other countries from dictators” – words to that effect – that was maybe the most devastating line to ever be issued in a presidential / vp debate – “Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy” ? Seriously! Romney took Obama to school. That line alone … priceless!

    • NHConservative0221

      That was great, but Romney couldn’t done so much more!

    • PVG

      Mitt hit the bullseye big time with that comment!

  • cheongyei

    Right on, Mark.

  • sfitzgerald22

    Did anyone think Obama was made to look larger when they went to the split screen?

    • Patriot077

      To me he just looked angrier up close.

    • Nukeman60

      That was just his ears. It’s an optical illusion – until the wind blows, that is.

      • Then, it is 3D TV.

      • 3seven77

        It’s funny you mention Obama’s ears. By the end of the debate Obama’s ears looked HUGE. I kept wondering if his ears grow bigger every time he lies.

        • Nukeman60

          Ha. That’s an interesting point – Pinocch-ear-o. 🙂

    • LibLoather

      It was that big bald ego of his!

  • CNN Insta Poll – Who attacked more? Obama 68%, Romney 21% ROFLMAO

  • Patriot077

    O/T but check out what a couple of Obama supporters did to a young man in Wisconsin when he caught them stealing his Romney sign. There is audio and a photo of him posted on the site.
    Read more:

    • I heard Mr Levin talking about this on his show last night.
      Didn’t go to the link, Mr Levin laid it out very clear. I hope the police catch those jerks. nothing like a s&w or a jim bowie at hand at all times.

      • Patriot077

        I always listen to Mark on the re-wind so didn’t realize he had broadcast this until later. I’m glad this story got his attention as it’s a sorry state of affairs when, in America, there are political thugs running loose harming people and property.

        This is what Obuma has wrought as prez.

        • Mark was very descriptive , and today i was visiting a website and the picture was on the front page, dang i’m still *issed. I go no where without some type of equalizer, I don’t demand respect but they’ll have to earn mine..period. I like Zimmermen.

          Back in 2008, I must have replaced 8 signs around different areas out towards our home. A few by I-77, a couple signs off Shop Rd, and a couple signs off Lower Richland Blvd. Seems everyday I had to stand them up or replace them. it was unreal. In fact the McCain HQ said they may have to start charging me for the signs, they never did though, or if they had it would have been OK, we still love Sarah, but it was unreal. So this tolerant bunch believes in equailty alright, that is as long as it’s only their tolerance policy.
          No problem we keep moving forward.
          Buy the way for anyone who doesn’t know. the obama campaign stole the word “forward” from the Tea Party Movement, that’s what we’ve said from day one, and we’re still on the move forward. Obama, Biden,and the czars will be a one termers.

          Tea Party Patriot, Columbia, S.C.

          • Patriot077

            Wow, you are tenacious!
            About the “Forward” slogan, it’s just as well the Tea Party doesn’t use it as I understand it actually has it’s roots in Marxism.

            • No, not tenacious, We in the American Tea Party Movemnet are Patriots, we enjoy moving forward, Americans have been beat down by obama, e.Holder and others in the obama regime, so regardless of their slanders we keep moving forward. Our mission is to unseat them all, democrats, Obama, and RINOs. We’ve moved forward since 2009 with our march to Washington DC, 2010 election we moved forward, and we’ve been moving forward ever since, now it’s the 2012 November election, we will still continue unseating democrats & RINOs, while voting in place patriot’s who will uphold their oath of office and defend freedom and liberty.

    • Orangeone

      This is the son of an elected official

      • Patriot077

        Yes, I think a state Senator. Do you think there is any connection? I kinda thought it was random opportunistic thuggery.

        • Orangeone

          In Wisconsin, I think more likely union-coordinated thuggery.  His dad supported Scott Walker.

          • Patriot077

            I hope the perps are caught so this connection can be investigated.

            • Orangeone

              Remember, law enforcement in WI allowed the union protesters to violate state law, damage state property and never held them accountable.  Said to say, I think this case will go into the cold case files.

              • Patriot077

                You are probably right – with any luck, the cops in Watertown aren’t as flagrantly biased as those in Madison.

  • NHConservative0221

    This makes me feel better that the Great One is positive after debate.

    I still have a feeling on many lost opportunities though on Libya and Netanyahu to name a few.

    It’s like Romney was playing prevent defense instead of going for the knockout punch.

    I don’t want this to be a nailbiter right up to the last minute, it should be a Romney landslide!

    • Wisewoman2

      I agree. I just wanted Romney to say something to the effect that the Libyan situation is tragedy with the loss of 4 lives. When I am president I will level with the American people and will refrain from putting the strong women in my administration out front to take the brunt of criticism on this type of issue and instead I will be upfront with the American people. Then he could have pivoted to his same comments.

      • Yvette47

        I think in his closing statement he said something like “I will be honest with you”.

  • Nukeman60

    If it had been me debating Obama, there are a half dozen points I would have been slamming him on. Then, of course, I would have woken up tomorrow to see that I totally lost the debate. Good thing it was Romney instead of me.

    Romney played his gameplan, looked very Presidential, and was not combative at all with Obama, much to Barry’s dismay. He won on truthfulness and demeanor, while Barry lost on petulant and petty.

    We move on – 14 days and counting – Woohoo.

    • FreeManWalking

      Me toooo Nukeman,

      It was like fingernails on a chalkboard when Romney said I agree with the president.

      I wanted to hear Romney say something like, “Mr President, either your failed foreign policy plan or the execution of it is the reason there is more unrest in the middle east, and the first time we have lost an ambassador on American soil in 30 years.

      But I have to give him kudos for bringing up the off mic “tell poot’n more leeway” after the election.

    • Yvette47

      Yep – didn’t take the bait – smart!

  • sjmom

    Another great analysis by the Great One.


    …Romney WINS the debates Romney WINS the White House on November 6 th 2012 .”(period)

    • meyou

      No ifs, ands, or buts about it (as my mom used to say).

  • Obama, as well as Biden, are both very unlikable, small, petty and nasty. Not to mention chronically mendacious!

  • stage9

    You know, I forgot, Obama was a lawyer wasn’t he? Trying to break a witness is characteristic of lawyering. Perhaps that was Obama’s strategy, to coerce hostility, and Romney didn’t bite.

    • Jazzee

      yep he was a ‘lawyer’ but I think all he did was teach a few classes in college
      not much of a lawyer but then he isn’t much of anything incompetent jerk he is

      • wodiej

        actually he and michelle were attorney’s and I heard both had their license revoked. The reason is buried w the rest of obama’s past.

      • Yvette47

        Mostly he was a community organizer – great b’round for the POTUS, huh?

  • It did seem that Romney took his time initially and seem to walk around the Libya issue than hit it dead on.

    However, his composure remained steady and as someone stated, in foreign policy one key is the ability to keep your cool under fire. Romney did do that. It is sad that many saw this as a toss up at best and that those “insta-polls” showed the O as the winner. Then again, it will amount to close to nothing for this debate was not a game-changer.

    Love the Navy answer: Need 313 ships, have only 285 Obama: I know better as to what they need….

    It reminded me of Clinton’s first time on board a Navy vessel stating he was surprised at how close people’s quarters were and that was an Aircraft Carrier. He should have tried a fast attack and hot rack for a bit….

  • colliemum

    Aww, I feel really good now, seeing that Mark Levin agrees with my impression of that last debate!

    How can people still vote for Bathhouse Barry, who has been lying during the whole debate, who has been petulant and snarky, and who has been regurgitating empty phrases which are contradicted by his record of the last four years.

    • Yvette47

      Well, the liberals & liberal MSM think O. walks on water. Disgusting!

  • iHeartLife

    I didn’t watch the whole debate but I thought the moderator was even in how he dealt with Zero and President Romney in what I did watch. Pleasantly surprised he asked for Romney’s response to zero’s answers…

  • I think it does change things, Romney clearly gave plans that undeciders were waiting on. Stop Obamacare, cut bad programs, strength leadership and military, build american economy, not dine with doctors, have better school with teacher unions not being the top issue but parents and teachers working together. Support Israel, not tolerate any crap from Iraq. Obama just fumbled around and Americans are smart enough to know he is a failure and just can be on the defensive.

  • poljunkie

    I admit- I value what Mark Levin has to say, and combine his opinion with what we have already heard tonight really gives me hope about the outcome after this debate.

    If it were me, I would have gone out there and been aggressive and probably turned off all the undecided voters. Thankfully, I wasn’t advising the Gov.

    I wanted to see fireworks, because when it comes to Obama I am a petty little person.

    • I think Romney knows he’s leading or in the lead. Also seems like he remembers the last election where the one who was more calm and confident looked more presidential to undecided.

      • Yvette47

        I had to wonder if he watched some old Reagan debate tapes as part of his prep – for all the debates! Classy gentlemen – both Romney & Reagan. O. was simply outmatched (just like he’s over-jobbed).

  • HowLowCanTheyGo

    I agree with Mark’s comments. Mitt was factually correct and Presidential. When Obama said that he “had Israel’s back” Mitt should have commented that statements like that coming from Obama are meaningless because they can mean anything. For example that could mean that after Iran destroys Israel, Obama will let the survivors immigrate to the US!!!

    • colliemum

      Romney gave one answer in regard to Israel which has stuck in my mind, even though it seems to have fallen by the wayside.
      When the moderator asked him what he’d do if Israel called to tell him their bombers were on the way (to Iran), Romney coolly said that this was unlikely to happen because he and the Israeli leaders would have been in talks long before the bombers took to the air.

      That, to me, clearly showed that it is in fact he, Mitt Romney, who has Israel’s back, with no need to make a song and dance about it.

      • Susitna

        Questions like that one are placed and have been placed many times during Presidential debates. But you are right, no one has ever given such a brilliant answer like Mr. Romney. Romney is planning to be a real Commander in Chief who is well informed all the time and closely following particularly dangerous situations. I think that this was an answer that should be highlighted by Fox News. He will be well ahead of the game and for sure not wait for the 3 a.m. call…….when it is too late.

      • Yvette47

        Yes, I caught that too & it was excellent!

  • spin43

    Don’t forget the voting fraud in the cities, which are mostly controlled by the Socialist Party. Even foreign students will be voting illegally. Sorry folks, but I have Obama by 5 points. Our brave military could’t stop the enemy within. I want to apologize for my once great nation.

    • Yvette47

      Oh please, no – you’re making me more anxious. Did you hear, in N. Carolina, over 2600 people age 110 & over have already voted early?

  • Rocco11

    Obama is a punk, I’m sick of him. Get out…

  • I also think that in showing that he could hold his own in foreign policy and that he knew what he was talking about, Romney won. I think this was a big night for Romney because he proved to the American people that he could handle the job of being president. And once the American people feel comfortable seeing you as president, they will vote for you to be president. I think that’s what happened tonight. Americans now feel comfortable voting for Romney and that’s why he’ll win.

    • Yvette47

      Romney looked & acted Presidential. As as one Fox commentator observed (don’t remember which one), O. looked and acted like he was running for City Council.

  • maynardb50

    “condescending” per Mark Levin. We call that being a smart-ass where I come from.

  • Suzyqpie

    Pres 0bama reminds me of my washing machine. It spins and makes a bunch of noise, but it does a lousy job at what it’s supposed to do.

    • colliemum

      Get another washing machine President!


  • StephanoCopulos and the rest of the monkeys on liberal circus on Chnl 7 were so happy after the debate!!!
    Semantics, imbeciles, semantics……per your false, socialistic opinions FuBar Ack won 2 debates. Give him all three! – he may stuck those “wins” deeply up his…….oh, sorry, he can’t – that place is full of MSM urinalists and naive cretins like you….
    Hello, President Romney.
    Eat your heats out, lefties……………I know, you did it long time ago, thus the emptiness down there, like up there….Castro, Chavez, Putin are proud of you! They even endorsed your god, FuBar Ack…..and you are happy, you thoughtless, brainless oafs.

    • RosiesSeeingRed

      Well, if they consider it a win for Obama when the polls significantly favor ROMNEY in the days afterwards, then by all means, let them call this a win! 😉

  • practigal

    I’m no psychiatrist, but I think Obama’s posturing – both physical and verbal – were very telling. As the incumbent, you’d think he’d behave as someone who wants to earn peoples’ votes again. He put so much energy into attacking Romney, who’s obviously never been in the position to act on international matters. The glare he threw at Romney through the entire debate reminded me of a pitbull. Is that what undecideds want for a president?

  • drphibes

    O’s condescending mockings backfire – he sounds like a surly, sarcastic teenager. Everything but the eye-rolls.

  • Obama did nothing to change the momentum of Romney. Back to Chicago, Obama, and take all your pals with you. The grand Obama experiment was a failure.

  • Yvette47

    I was pleasantly surprised at Bob Schieffer – I fully expected him to shill for Rosemary’s Baby.

  • SKL53

    Obama can’t stand on his record because there is none!!! America let’s send this turd back to the Chicago lying thugs where he belongs! Unfortunately, he is SCARED to go back to Rohm’s violent Chicago! The Obamas have purchased a fortress in Hawaii…they are getting ready to run!!!!!!!!!!!!!