Mark Levin: We’re gonna have to work really really hard to drag Romney to the right

Mark Levin is now insisting that Romney reveal his plans on how he wants to replace Obamacare and fix the other entitlement programs like Social Security, Medicare, etc. He understand that there may be strategic reasons for keeping it quiet, but considering the fact that Romney is making some very liberal appointments to his team including his transition team appointment Mike Leavitt, a guy who has been pushing for health care exchanges in the states, Levin feels its high time for Romney to explain to the American people what we should expect from a Romney presidency in terms of repealing/replacing Obamacare and reforming these other entitlement programs.

Levin adds that we’re going to have to work really hard to get Romney elected, and given the decisions he’s making now it looks like once he’s elected we’re going to have to “work really, really hard to drag his ass to the right”:

If you want to know more about Mike Leavitt, Romney’s transition team appointment, and why this is concerning to Levin, below is his first segment from his show tonight where he covers it in detail:

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  • M_J_S

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    If Romney can’t even articulate Conservative (even though he IS NOT a Conservative) we are going to lose this election no matter how bad it gets. Sorry, that’s the flat facts.

  • I think what Romney does as president has a lot to do with what happens to Congress. If the Republicans can take both the House and the Senate and fill them with conservative Tea Party members, then the reforms will start in Congress and not with Romney. Paul Ryan will head up the budget process and the House conservatives will make sure that conservative bills are handed over to the Senate. If the Republicans can then take over the Senate, Romney will have a hard time going against the wishes of a united Republican Congress. It may just work. If it works, Romney gets the glory. If it fails, Romney can blame Congress. So there isn’t much of a down side for Romney to go agree with the conservatives in Congress if they win big in November.

    • ApplePie101


    • M_J_S

      Right, like that ever works

      • hrh40


        It worked so well with Bush.

        You know.

        When the Republicans controlled DC from 2000 to 2006.

        And Santorum “took one for the team.”

        As did waaaaaayyyyyy too many other Republicans.

        Romney is not going to lead a conservative revolution.

        Neither is Paul Ryan.

        They are Republicans.

        Not conservatives.

        • librtifirst

          I like your contrast between “republicans” and “conservatives”. I just call them establishment. There are a couple of conservatives in the party, but the party may as well just be a wing of the democratic party.

          • sDee

            The establishment and media wants us to keep taking sides – elephants vs donkeys. Like Smackdown Wrestling. They know they are all on one team – Central Government.

            We, the people, need to start thinking like them: Liberty and limited government .vs. tyranny and central government. Otherwise they always win.

            Just a matter of perspective – and time is quite short.

            • librtifirst

              I’m with you there. We need to start viewing this as a war. The people didn’t start it nor have they voted for it. It’s a fraud on the American people, and an attack on our liberties. This corporate dictatorship needs to end. Now. How much more proof do we need than to just look at the sponsors of these guys?

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      That’s what it’s all about: represent the people. It will take a lot of time and continued diligence on everyone’s part to spread the truth and feed more good people into Congress with every election.

      It’s going to take a lot of sustained pressure to back the takers down and push them out.

      Like the toughest sporting contest, there will be gains and losses; but we must never cease the pressure and forward motion.

  • Nukeman60

    I would certainly like to see Romney tout something in the way of conservatism. However, the way Obama and company are going, we should be able to push a dead horse, carrying an orange juice can, over the finish line ahead of the bumbler.

    It would be nice to see a landslide, though.

    • stage9

      And I think Obamney fits that description well.

    • Linky1

      Never mind touting something, I would like Romney to actually stand for something conservative. From what I see of him, he says all the right things, but whether he actually believes them is a whole other kettle of fish.

      If he gets elected, that’s only step one. Step two will be the people holding his feet to the fire, holding him accountable and pressuring him to legislate accordingly.

      • stage9

        He’s “conservative” about Conservatism.

      • Nukeman60

        If he gets elected, that’s only step one.‘ – linky

        I agree. Getting the House and Senate under control this year will go a long way to keeping Romney in check. I think Romney would go along with any Congress, whether it’s Republican or Democrat. Let’s make sure it’s Republican, sans RINO.

        • How?

          We will not get 60 Senators and 59 is no better than 51.

          But Romney could do it the Democratic way like he did in Mass and get enough RINOS to vote for his agenda. Only possible way to get 60 votes.

          • Nukeman60

            I’m not saying he needs a filibuster-proof, veto-proof Congress. What I’m saying is Romney goes along with the majority of his Congress to get along. If we have a simple majority in the House and Senate, it will sway his opinion, count on it.

      • librtifirst

        I think that his evening acting lessons are paying off. Either that, or he got new writers. If he had a good director, he could learn to do better with the body language. I think that he should remove that stick up his butt, or smoke a little weed before a public appearance. It might help him relax a little bit. The moderates would respond better to that.

    • M_J_S

      There will be no landslide, it will be a squeaker either way, look at the electoral map.

      • Nukeman60

        Yeah, I know. What I was saying was, with all that Obama has done, it should have been a no-brainer landslide. That’s what I would have liked to see.

      • librtifirst

        The voting and counting machines always make it a squeaker. It isn’t a coincidence that it happens every time. If they allowed the votes to be counted fairly every time, we would end up with real change in the dictator spot. We might even end up with a liberty minded free market guy who rips on both parties in the house and senate. They have to make it look close to increase the suspense of the show.

        Have you noticed that every president is all but hated before he leaves office? Then they change him out for the other side so that one side of the political spectrum never gets mad enough to force a good candidate.

        There is a science to it. Literally.

    • librtifirst

      A landslide for Romney would just be a “tyranny light” landslide. With Obama, we would just be buried a little faster.

    • Idahoser

      it would have been if any conservatives had been interested in running. Time is not running short, time ran out already. We’re waiting for the sudden stop at the bottom now, the cliff edge is in the rear view.

  • There’s gonna be some things we won’t like about Romney being president, but damn, there’s gonna be nothing we will like with another 4 years of Obama. Levin is right we would have to stay active and work really hard to keep Romney accountable if he wants to be a successful president.

    • hrh40


      There’s gonna be nothing I’ll like with 4 years of Romney.

      Guess you don’t know nuthin’ ’bout Romney.

      I don’t want the U.S. to be anything like Massachusetts.

      • So you rather have the Chicago Jesus Barack Obama dictating the political climate another 4 years..

      • tjomac

        Agreed, 100%! People are overlooking too much in the interest of being “united”.

    • FutureOnePercent

      There’s really only one decision each conservative has to make.

      Do you honestly believe that Romney will do what it takes to turn this country around?

      Because there are only two things that can happen if Romney is elected.

      He can drastically change the course of this country by driving us towards limited government and personal responsibility and help to save this nation.


      He will try to “fix” this country with his own brand of Big Government Republicanism and be left holding the bag when this all comes crashing down. And it won’t just be him who is blamed, it will be all Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party folks, etc…

      If the latter is what happens, I don’t expect to see another Republican majority in either house or winning the Presidency for another 16+ years…

      Is Romney worth that gamble? If Romney fails, is 4 years of Obama worse than 16 years of a Democratic trifecta of power?

      We’re heading towards a cliff, and who do you want in the driver’s seat when we go over?

  • Journeymen

    The only problem with the concept of a Republican Congress supposedly holding Romney’s feet to the fire from going center-left as President is the Republican leadership in D.C.— McConnell and Boehner are effeminate, gutless and weak in their positions….they are for protecting the party first and isn’t going to rattle the cages if confronted with the Romney Adminstration…..meaning that they arent going to challenge anything and will try to tamper conservative members who stand up to mitt

    • You better take a long look at Congress and look at the staff each one of them have that does the thinking that they take credit for and read this before you answer.

    • librtifirst

      It seems, at times, as though Boehner takes orders from Obama. He certainly doesn’t use offensive tactics.

  • TJinNJ

    No way a Romney Administration does anything but spend and enrich his cronys based on the advisers and possible appointments (Veep – Rob Portman)…Next Stop Reset.

  • stage9

    If I have to DRAG someone to the right then they’re not the right candidate for the job.

    • Karl Rogue

      what he said

    • Exactly and thank you for saying that.

    • FutureOnePercent


  • I refuse to accept that Romney will be elected. Mark Levin is dead on right, but sorry, I won’t be working to drag his ass across the finish line.

    This will be a floor fight at the convention in Tampa.​story/18650665/​reality-check-republican-pa​rty-winning-the-battle-but​-losing-the-war

    • a floor fight, Ron Paul vs Mitt Romney?

      • Could happen. Romney only has 755 delegates as of right now…

      • M_Minnesota

        Gov. Palin First or Second Round of Voting

        Palin/West 2012!!!!

      • Delegates aren’t bound. If after the first vote that Romney doesn’t get the needed count, then it’s anybody.

        Newt still has delegates although a small number, but people could rally behind him. OR it could be Sarah Palin.

    • hehehe silly rabbit, trix are for kids.

      • hrh40

        Oh yeah, that’s the way to win people over to Romney.

        Keep it up.

        Great strategy.

        Mocking will get you yet another comparison to Obama and the Left.

        And that’s Romney and his followers all over.

    • Josh

      I doubt it. He will probably pull in all 172 from California. Libs tend to win that state.

  • Karl Rogue

    Lets see…

    So to keep Obama in check in a second term, I have to be sure to elect conservatives to Congress.

    And to keep Oromney in check in his hypothetical first term, I have to work hard to elect cons to Congress.

    Ross Perot, pick up the white courtesy phone, Ross Perot….

  • ApplePie101

    We need to ask ourselves why we are nominating and electing candidates who are so left-leaning that we have to drag them to the right. If the republican pool is so liberal now that this is the best we can do, we should be getting our representatives from a different pool.

    • FutureOnePercent

      Tea Party 2016

  • Terrenceor

    Everyone remembers calling and emailing Republicans during Bush’s 2nd term to stop the spending, the immigration reform and many other proposals and quite frankly it was exhausting and frustrating. If a Romney administration devolves into this, the GOP is done.

    • Karl Rogue

      You remember it as I do. The bad ol’ days. I want no part of it.

    • hrh40

      It won’t devolve into it.

      It’ll start right there.

  • Heard this segment live. I think Mark, and Rush earlier in the day, are right to raise this as a potential red flag, and I am glad they are doing it. But first thing is first. Get Obama out of office. Second, hold Romney accountable for his policies and appointments, or he gets shown the door in 2016, it is as simple as that.

    Now, I have a slightly different (more optimistic) take on this Leavitt so-called appointment (Romney hasn’t even won the election yet). The narrative du jour for Team Axelrod, er, I mean Obama, is painting Romney as some “right wing” ideologue. We all know that could not be further from the truth based on Romney’s record. That said, even diehard self-identified conservatives have to concede that Romney’s campaign strategy in recent weeks has been nothing short of spectacular. Rush conceded as much today. Now, here’s my theory, as cockeyed optimistic it may seem. PERHAPS the Romney campaign identifying Leavitt as the chief of his transition team is another deft campaign response to Axelrod’s latest strategy to paint Romney as some staunch hardcore conservative, which he isn’t. Romney can throw Leavitt a bone for his loyalty, and at the same time, in light of Leavitt’s RINO history, stave off criticism/fear about him catering simply to far right elements of the Republican party. You guys know I love Mark, but I think Rush brought up a good point that heading up a transition team does not necessarily mean this guy is going to be the WH Chief of Staff or even maintain a Cabinet-level position. Is it something to watch play out? Absolutely. A cause for concern? Perhaps. But MAYBE, just maybe, the Romney campaign is smarter than all of us for now. 😉

    • ApplePie101

      Romney is afraid of being criticized for catering to the right?

      • Not saying he is AFRAID of being criticized for catering to the right. I am saying that Axelrod is painting him as such, and this could have been a possible response to that criticism. When I heard Rush and Mark talk about this today, I feared it would bring the “brokered convention” folks out of the woodwork. I don’t have a crystal ball, and cannot predict the future, but I am 99.9% sure Romney will be the nominee. You guys can cling on to the .1% chance of a Palin/West ticket for 2012, but I have moved on. I think you need to set your sights on 2016. But like I said before, IF Romney turns the economy through substantive fiscally conservative policies (big IF, I know), even 2016 is a long shot for challengers. I can’t see anyone challenging a sitting president if his rhetoric translates into tangible results, unlike the failure in the White House right now.

        • ApplePie101

          Being criticized is one of the risks of adhering to principles. It should concern people that Romney is so worried about what liberals say. I’m turning my attention to senate and congressional races, and will be devoting my energy and funds to ending as many Lib and Rino careers as possible.

          • “Being criticized is one of the risks of adhering to principles.” EXACTLY! Well said ApplePie!

          • sDee

            I am with you. Conservatives have lost the White House no matter the outcome. We need to fight battles we’ve a shot to affect.

    • hrh40


      Romney is not brilliant.

      I’ve about stopped listening to Rush.

      Rush is a Republican lobbyist.

      Not a conservative.

      And to call it a red flag, and say that the only problem with Romney’s appointments is that the Dems will bring it up, is exactly the angle that the media uses when they never criticize the Dems but just point out that the GOP will bring it up.

      Sad to see people lose their integrity trying to defend Romney.

      Rush has spent hours and hours defending Bain Capital and mentioned only maybe once that Bain has invested in Clear Channel, which is Rush’s radio network.

      And Rush doesn’t seem to have a problem with crony capitalism to begin with.


      • I’m just about to quit Rush myself. Three hours of Romney radio is more than I can take. Hannity is just about as bad.

        I think we conservatives need to gang up on them.

      • Rush is a warrior for the conservative cause…he was 20 years ago when I started listening to him, and he is today, regardless of what Palin worshipers think of him. Rush was preaching conservativism while Palin was competing in beauty contests. You know, I mentioned this in one of my previous posts, and I’ll mention it again here. Why are you Palin guys so intolerant of opinions of other conservatives? Sometimes you guys come off like you are the only conservatives out there who deserve to have a voice. Yes, hard for some of you to believe, but I am conservative. I graduated from the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative studies LONG before Sarah Palin, I can tell you that. Romney’s the guy, like it or not. And Obama MUST be defeated. To accuse me or others of “losing our integrity” because we desperately want to defeat this man and save the country is akin to the kind of attacks I hear from the left. THAT is “sad.” It seems I cannot have a rational discussion with any of you guys who are so blinded by your hate of Romney that you refuse to deal with the evil that it IS, and instead lament about the evil that MIGHT BE.

        • Karl Rogue

          Limbaugh Institute? I would have guessed the O’Reilley School of Bloviation.

          • Nice try, but wrong again. Another snarky one liner (sorry, two) that the left is famous for. I’m done with attacks, guys. But I have no tolerance for bullies, and that is what I see constantly on this and other sites from the Palin folks.

            • Karl Rogue

              drop the phony indignation and lecturing. You’re here to sell Romney, and you don’t have a Clue how to sell anything.

              • And what exactly are you selling Karl? At least I am trying to support my INDEPENDENT thought instead of mindless, unrealistic Palin 2012 pleas. And if you think I here to sell Romney, if it means beating BHO in November, GUILTY as charged. I would have done it for Santorum, Newt, and even your fearless leader if it meant Nobama.

                Here is an interesting thread that I thought was appropriate for this pissing contest, and it speaks EXACTLY to why I have been turned off to Sarah Palin. It is not due to Palin. It is due to her supporters and their swarm of attacks on ANYONE who dares to disagree with her or anyone who worships her like she is the “political” Messiah. She is the conservative Obama in many ways. Polarizing, to say the least, with supporters you can have no rational discussion with. No matter how hard you try, you cannot have a legitimate debate and are immediately castigated for supporting someone other than their infallible leader. Maybe I should change my name to Damn Dirty Rino. And before the accusations come, I did NOT write this, nor did I post any of the comments to this thread.


                • Karl Rogue

                  Yeah, you’re an Independent thinker alright.

                • K-Bob

                  Sure. Blame it on her supporters. Lamest argument in politics, right after accusing people of questioning one’s patriotism.

                  You accuse people of “swarming” after you make an antagonistic, hyperbolic assertion that is guaranteed to make people angry. Classic troll move.

                  Note: we keep trolls on a very short leash here. Stop with the antagonism and stick to rational discourse if you want to stick around.

        • sDee

          Most here see Romney for what he is based on his record….a big government progressive to the left of Clinton and Carter.

          Some can ignore that. You cannot change it.

        • K-Bob

          Yes, Rush is a conservative, but I’m beyond tired of this stupid, “Palin worshiper” garbage. Nobody “worships” Sarah Palin. Get over it.

    • Karl Rogue

      I stopped reading at
      “even diehard self-identified conservatives have to concede’

      Did I miss anything?

      • Has it or has it not been a sharp campaign?

      • Linky1

        Diehard self-identified conservatives have conceded way too much to tolerate Romney as a candidate.

  • M_Minnesota

    O Bamacare ORommeycare

    Slot Machine Socialized Medicine. Care for the Wait? Canadians are coming here cause they cannot stand the wait. (Life/Death) When we are socialized Medicine Game Over.

    Palin/West 2012 The only choice!!!

  • Islam_Sucks

    Mitt Romney is EXACTLY why conservatives must officially incorporate the TEA party as a political organization. It is because conservatives were split for too long among candidates that Romney was able to outlast them. And the 20 plus bucks he paid per primary vote helped as well.

    Got news for Levin he probably already knows. If he wins, Romney will forget he ever heard the word Tea and run as fast as he can to the left! That is where the power is.

  • GretaN

    Mr. “My Way or the Highway”??? GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

  • Sober_Thinking

    As I said, I’ll vote for the non-Obama candidate… but Romney doesn’t get an ounce of support from me.

    He is oily, moderate, and too tight-lipped (just like Obama was) about what he’s going to do if elected.

    What a twit. Mitt, you killed off your more than worthy competition with Democratic attack techniques… now you’re in the catbird seat. Make us believe you’ll be better for the country than Obama… not just a slight improvement over the former monster-and-chief.

  • nibblesyble

    Over at Ace, there is a post regarding Romney hiring a man that favors Obamacare…He will do very little to fix the problem, if not add to it. UGH!

    • Linky1

      Romney/Obamacare is going to be Willard’s albatross. Let’s see (if he gets elected) where he will go when it comes to repealing/revamping/reworking it.

      • librtifirst

        As long as the voting machines keep the country evenly split, there will always be a political reason for not being able to repeal anything. Funny how that seems to work out.

    • sDee

      It is no coincidence that HusseinCare was modeled after RomneyCare. No coincidence that Romeny has the same disdain for our Constitutional rights. No coincidence the Father of HusseinCare was chosen to succeed in the decent of Hussein.

      Government healthcare is the point of no return for socialism. They will not reverse it unless we remove them.

  • People wanted anybody or anything other than dear leader…. just so happens the one that got picked is the one most like dear leader. We can only get used to this.

    • Linky1

      “Mark Levin: We’re gonna have to work really really hard to drag Romney to the right…”

      Why “drag” someone where they don’t want to go?

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States,: Mittwitt Romney-Obama.

      • Yep. Obamney Rombama

      • librtifirst

        If we’re going to drag him to the right, we’re going to have to put the pressure on the big banks, the Fed, and the corporations who drive policy.

        • Romney is Wall Street, so how is that going to work out?

          • librtifirst

            I just figured that if we are going to have any effect on how he governs, then we better put the pressure on the ones he will take orders from. Not that it would do any good. They are just about to finish us off economically, so its a bit late in the game.

      • That’s why this has to go to Tampa. Newt said it and he knew it would happen.

        But people refused to get behind the smartest man out there who had the plan for America that was great.

  • NJK

    The Socialist Mask of Marxism
    June 4, 2012 – 12:00 am – by Ion Mihai Pacepa

    I still can’t understand why anyone would have voted for a liberal from MA, who implemented socialized medicine, gave cars to welfare recipients, and worked with John Holdren. Now this? I’m starting to think they’re all trying to achieve the same goal, Obama the impostor from Kenya, as an in your face Marxist, and the establishment GOP, stealthily. I don’t trust Romney.

    • Bingo NJK- “starting to think they’re all trying to achieve the same goal..” Same goal, just different game of getting us there.

    • sDee

      What you are starting to think, is my foundational belief about our government.

    • George Romney was a Marxist even best friends of Saul Alinsky with Mitt Romney his spokesman. George loved North Vietnam the greatest third world country on earth.

      Mitt is every bit the Marxist Obama is after all Progressive is code for Communist. Just ask Alan West. The Progressive Caucus.

      • I tried to tell people this but they didn’t want to see it.

    • People weren’t paying attention, but we can reverse this.

    • librtifirst

      The nature of government is to grow and become tyrannical. Man has a corrupt nature, and when given power over others, he usually abuses that power. The suffering of many millions of people throughout history under such governments is proof enough. A study of the progression of our culture and government is proof positive that we have taken the same path as all other failed states. The many do not do their due diligence in keeping the few in check, and are therefor overrun by the tyranny of the few. America is a failed experiment in liberty. It is almost over with.

  • nibblesyble

    ….I miss NEWT!!

    • Nukeman60

      A single, lonely tear runs down Nuke’s face. 🙁

      • nibblesyble

        We may have lost Newton Leroy Gingrich but you are right Nuke, if Walker wins on Tues…all is not lost, the tide will have started to change. That is all we have now, because Romney will never be what we need him to be.

        • Nukeman60

          Roll up your sleeves. We’ve got work to do. 🙂

      • K-Bob

        You can get a job playing that Indian chief who is looking at a place where Democrats had a rally the day before.

        I think that was the commercial.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, I remember that commercial. I wouldn’t be able to pick up the plastic bottles, though, since they banned plastic bags. 🙁

    • Nibble…we can still have Newt at the convention. Spread the word.

      • nibblesyble

        I love your faith Alan!!

  • Trust1TG
    • nibblesyble

      Yikes…look at the pure glee on his mug! Yuck!

    • sDee

      Indeed! Sick bastards. All of them.

      They know that government healthcare seals our fate to dependency on Central government.

      Why is it, we cannot?

    • sDee

      Indeed! Sick bastards. All of them.

      They know that government healthcare seals our fate to dependency on Central government.

      Why is it, we cannot?

    • StrangernFiction

      That picture says it all.

      Heads the statists win, tails we lose.

  • PVG

    Holy cow! What is he thinking?

  • Trust1TG

    I’m gonna write in Newt and Palin for VP

  • Romney wants to level the playing field. This is Obama like language and that means the Federal Government will tell each State what to do. SCTOUS will strike Obama Care so Romney will give the States money in exchange for implementing Romney Care in each State or something very similar.

    Romney is a genius in leadership he knows the only way to get 60 votes is to get all the Democrats and a few RINOS. There is no way to get Democrats as all the Blue Dogs are gone. Thus this is the only route to get anything done. Thus Romney will push the same agenda as Obama but with much better results.

    Mitt = Obama Supercharged.

    • Nukeman60

      Thus Romney will push the same agenda as Obama but with much better results.‘ – sa

      I don’t buy the storyline. Sorry.

  • shield1

    Obama is a known loser for this country. I am convinced he is seriously putting forth effort to bring America down… he’s an ego maniac with tunnel vision pointing to Karl Marx. Romney will be an improvement. He’s not my first pick either but these are the cards we’ve been dealt and we have to play them. Romney may well not bring us back. He, after all, is a capitalist at heart whether his policies in Mass. were left leaning or not. He’ll have to realize he’s will need the conservatives to be reelected so….


  • carmtom13

    This is the reason we need a constitutional conservative like Governor Sarah Palin, we know where she stands on policy, what needs to done to turn this country around and does not sell us any BS. This is one of the reasons the DC GOP elite establishment do not want her, she is not 4 sale and is beholding to no one and will not go along to get along. She will do what is right for the country.

  • Romney is waiting until Obamacare is declared unconstitutional and then he will announce his plans. Since he attends church with and is freinds with Clayton Christensen I would expect him to use some of the ideas in this book.

  • bobemakk

    Although Romney is a moderate, better him than Obama any day.

  • pmb88

    I would be more worried if this person is going to be on staff at the white house than being on the transitional team. This is going to be Romney. There will be times where he will be great and there will be times where it gets you thinking, what in the hell is he doing.

  • Mark, I really hope the SCOTUS does its job and puts this Administration under a microscope and does it all in the name of the law of the Constitution. If they do not all is lost because the Court will be filled with liberals that rubber stamp the White House.

  • BostonBruin

    Romney has already alienated a good percentage of the conservative base of the party and this appointment will only erode his support even more. And don’t give me the lesser of two evils argument. I’m beginning to think he really wants to lose.

  • The national GOP has left me. They have become a liberal statist party on the national level. If the GOP voters want a liberal statist, then it is obvious that I am no longer welcome in the party, and therefore will not be participating.

  • Josh

    After reading through the entire thread, I think only one person really has it correct here. If Obama is re-elected (and the country survives) we can possibly elect a Conservative in 2016. However, as noted by FutureOnePercent, a Romney win could doom us for much longer. If Romney does not repeal Obamacare, restructure entitlements, fix the energy and financial crises, and downsize government, the Tea Party, Conservatives, and Republicans will be blamed.

    It would not surprise me one bit if this led to a 2016 run by a Communist candidate running on the Communist platform. The GOP really screwed up on this one.

    • It’s hard for me to believe that you are actually hoping that Obama will win. Do you realize how much damage Obama could do to our country, our standing in the world, and our way of life with another four years, and the “flexibility” he mentioned when he thought no one could hear him? Do you really want to live in a socialist country? With four more years Obama might be able to do things that might be unfixable, by ANYONE who might run four years from now!

      • Josh

        Yes, unfortunately I do understand the gravity of the situation. I do NOT think that the GOP does, though. They did not elect someone who could beat Obama on issues. They possibly elected someone who could beat Obama in cash.

        If Romney is not “pulled to the right”, then the country will go up in flames in 2-3 years anyway. I do not like him and I do not trust him. This is a man who wiped out every conservative candidate with NO PLATFORM. Who else did this? Obama. The voters did not pick Romney. He bought the election somehow and now we have loser 1 and loser 2 to pick from. Anybody but Obama, but don’t get all giddy thinking it will be “better”…

  • mic

    Think people!
    This is why we have to turn out in mass in November and not just defeat Obama, but win control of the House and Senate, and replace the GOP old guard as well! Only with ALL of us breathing down his neck will Romney be forced to do OUR bidding!