Mark Levin: Why is Bill O’Reilly so scared of me?

Levin wonders why Bill O’Reilly is so afraid to mention his name. After all, he was the first to really expose Gloria Allred as a complete fraud, and yet as Bill O’Reilly began his show last night talking about this story, he apparently failed to give any credit to Levin or his viral interview. Instead, he had Greta come on the show to talk about her epic take down of Allred.

To be fair, I don’t think Levin was suggesting he wanted to go on the show, but that O’Reilly would respect him enough to give credit where it is due. And I can understand Levin’s frustration on this. If you’ve ever been responsible for breaking a story, it’s nice to be given credit, especially after your interview went viral.

For the record, Levin always works hard to give credit to the clips and stories he uses on his show, which is more than I can say for most.

But of course, in Levin style, he goes on to call O’Reilly a fraud and challenges him to come on his radio show to debate anything, really. HA! I know I’d love to hear that, but it will never happen because O’Reilly can’t go toe to toe with Levin. Simple as that.

Here’s the clip for your enjoyment!

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  • No one can go toe to toe with Mark.

    • Tyler

      There probably are some people, but you would never know because he’ll interrupt anyone who does start to actually make a good point against him.

      If he wasn’t such an interruptwhore, I would actually respect Levin more.

  • oh the 8pm’er, what an effing joke this guy is… such a blow-hard jerk… he’s just a “populist boob” anyways, pay no mind mr. levin, he’s probably just mad at you because you won’t mention him by name, what a little baby. we know full well who/what he is and expect nothing more of him as he is incapable of being anything more than what he already is…

  • Owenay

    Isn’t it ironic that Mark went down this road while he himself seems ‘afraid’ to mention ‘Mr. 5 o’clock’ or give him any credit whatsoever?

    • When has he ever used a story that Beck has broken and didn’t give him credit?

      • Anonymous

        Has he ever even mentioned Beck in any kind of approving manner? He loathes the man, for whatever reason. First he’d have had to actually mention a story Beck has broken, or even a viewpoint he’s put forth, in order to “give him credit”.

        I like em both. But I feel like a parent who just wishes their kids would stop fighting and being jealous of one-another and appreciate their respective strengths and forgive their respective weaknesses. And when criticism is needed, to do so in a respectful, kind manner. Because we’re all basically in the same family.

        • Extremely Right

          None of these guys have any humility. Textbook definition of narcissism.

  • Anonymous

    Levin is the man

  • This is an easy one. I’m a huge fan of Mark Levin, but he has a habit of attacking other conservative pundits. He routinely criticizes O’Reilly and Beck — especially Beck. I’m sure Beck would’ve had him on to talk about Liberty and Tyranny if Mark wasn’t constantly criticizing him. The same goes for O’Reilly. At the end of the day Mark should remember that we’re all on the same team.

    • D00mie

      Why shouldn’t he challenge other conservatives? We need to watch one another’s backsides and the best way to do that is to challenge each other. It keeps everyone honest. Why shouldn’t we call each other out? We can agree to disagree, and we need to know where we disagree with one another. For instance, I’m not an anarchists. I think agencies, such as the FDA for example, are needed. If anything to insure I’m not buying snake oil thinking it’s pepto. Some agencies need to abolished outright, some need to be downsized, some just need better oversight. But we need to challenge each other, especially now, so that the best ideas are enacted, not just some commentator’s pet theories.

      • Tyler

        Stossel actually had a pretty good solution to the FDA monopoly problem and yes, the FDA monopoly definitely is a problem which I would love to see dealt with being one of the main reasons why healthcare and drugs cost so much in the first place.

        Why not allow the FDA to be kind of like the Better Business Bureau and have it to where if a company wants to be endorsed by them, then let them spend the money to test and charge more while emerging companies can just put a disclaimer on their deals and let consumers make their own informed decisions on the drugs they take?

        • D00mie

          The big problem with FDA is that it’s not doing its job, dangerous drugs are still coming onto the market. That was it’s mandate, along with keeping the food supply sanitary. But now it’s using it’s regulatory powers to control the market, and we as consumers are getting screwed. A BBB wouldn’t stop that, and consumers still wouldn’t be able to trust the safety of their medication. The answer is going to be much more complicated, but I believe there is one that will lower costs and guarantee safety.

          • Anonymous

            A government entity not doing it’s job? Who woulda thunk!?

          • Anonymous

            A government entity not doing it’s job? Who woulda thunk!?

      • Anonymous

        I agree, but it’s how you do it. Mark refers to Beck as a clown, thereby dismissing anything and everything Beck’s ever said, clown being one of his kinder references. How about something like: “I liked a lot of what Glenn said at CPAC, but I think it needs to be pointed out where Republicans have largely held the line on resisting Obama’s initiatives.” But no, he calls him a clown, and then has the audacity to accuse HIM of being divisive.

    • Anonymous

      Bill O’Reilly is not a conservative.

      I don’t listen to Mark every day but whenever I’ve heard him criticize Beck it’s over Beck’s phoniness and Beck’s insistence that both parties are equally bad.

      Beck’s phoniness comes from a meeting Levin was at personally with President Bush and a group of conservatives at which Beck was present. I’ve heard Mark mention it a couple of times, and Glenn Beck does not come off well. Glenn is fond of telling people that he was very critical of George W. Bush, but during this meeting Glenn did everything but lick his shoes. I’ve never heard Mark go into any detail about what Glenn said or did at this meeting, but he definately sees Glenn Beck as an Eddie Haskel because of the way he sucked up to George W. Bush.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think Glenn would dispute that he was smitten with Bush back then. I remember him saying on the radio: “gotta tell ya, I love him (Bush) like a brother”. But we were ALL obsessed with the terror threat and the Iraq war back then, and had a certain set of blinders on. However, like many others, Glenn’s gone through a certain transformation in recognizing the partially progressive nature of even GW Bush. He’s been upfront about that and explained it. I don’t see anything phony or Eddie Haskelish about that. On the country, it’s quite refreshing, honest and necessary.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve seen video of Glenn Beck going after George W. Bush from years ago. Which is fine.

          One of the many reasons I’m no longer a brainless liberal is because when I finally started reading what conservatives say I was impressed with the fact that many conservatives did not support George W. Bush. From George Will to Ann Coulter, George W. Bush did not have a lot of support beyond respect for the office and his handling of 9/11 and the war on terror. I didn’t listen to Mark Levin back then, but I think I can safely say that he didn’t support him either.

          But the impression I get from what Mark has said about it, Beck acted like a fawning fool. Which isn’t hard to imagine considering how he acts when he goes on O’Reilly’s show. Calling him a clown is actually a compliment. Beck acts like a fool on O’Reilly’s show.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, a former liberal that now likes and defends Mark Levin. There is hope.

            Although I’m still unclear exactly the reason(s) for your conversion.

            The relationship between talkers and pundits on the right with GW Bush is instructive on the subject of Levin vs Beck. Most all were generally supportive of/affectionate toward Bush while at the same time respectfully disagreeing with him on issues like Harriet Meyers, immigration, prescription drugs and way too much of that “new tone”.

            This is all I would ask of Levin. Disagree at will, but do so in the spirit of us all being in the same generally right-leaning family. It’ just the “right” way to behave.

            • Anonymous

              Even though I didn’t listen to him back then I have no doubt that Mark Levin was respectful of George W. Bush when he criticized him. If he did. I really don’t know, but after reading Liberty and Tyranny I find it hard to believe he supported Bush beyond being respectful of him.

              The contrast between the hateful, spiteful, mean crap liberals would say about Bush, versus the criticism from the Right over Bush’s policies was part of what started my transformation from a liberal to at least having working brain cells. I tried for a long time to reason with liberals over Bush. But when Spot died and I saw these people I thought were normal react with such venom… that was the beginning of the end for me as far as giving liberals the benefit of any doubt.

              Beslan was the final nail in the coffin as far as I was concerned. Liberals don’t deserve respect. No matter how much they tell themselves they’re caring and compassionate they are the most hateful, ignorant, horrible people on the planet. That’s why I like Mark Levin, Rush, Ann Coulter, Breitbart. They know exactly what what the score is when it comes to liberals.

  • Anonymous

    I admire Levin’s knowledge reservoir, but I don’t admire the way he attacks other conservative hosts like he’s in junior high, not to mention the way he treats callers who dissent. It’s entertaining for us, sure, but it’s also a total turn-off to more independent swing voters.

    He also neglects to mention other hosts’ contributions, unless it’s in some cryptic, acidic critical manner. He seems loath to even mutter Glenn’s name, much less give him credit for anything.

    Luckily, he’s not that high-profile. If he were, and acted like he does, he’d be doing great damage to the conservative effort, vastly outweighing the good he does when he calmly presents a common sense constitutionally based conservative viewpoint.

    • B-Funk


    • Tyler

      I would like to second that.

    • Anonymous

      I disagree that Mark treats callers who dissent differently than callers who agree with him. Mark Levin treats all the callers pretty much the same. He has no patience with any of them. I think he actually does better with callers who dissent because he at least tries to get them to explain themselves so he can tell them how wrong they are. Which he does expertly.

      Mark routinely cuts off callers who praise him. He also needs a better call screener because many of the calls that make it to the air are from people who are painfully inarticulate. Mark really doesn’t care what these people are saying, he has no patience with them.

      I LOVE Mark Levin and I would never even CONSIDER calling the show.

      • Anonymous

        I love Mark too, (most of the time) but no, he doesn’t treat all callers “the same”. He’s infinitely more patient, respectful and forgiving of those who are fans and are on his side of things. Nothing wrong with this; mosts hosts are like that.

        It’s his show, he is what he is, but looking at it purely from an electoral partisan perspective, I’m afraid he turns off far more swingers than he converts. Shame is that he wouldn’t have to really change that much; just address those who disagree with less vitriol and hostility and more calm reason, regardless of how crappy they treat him. This might be less entertaining and red meatish for his true fans, but it would be far more transformative and attractive for independents, and ultimately far more productive in advancing the conservative cause and our electoral chances, IMHO.

        But … that’s not necessarily his job, or obligation. It’s just my personal wish for him and hopefully constructive criticism of him.

        • Anonymous

          Everything is relative, but I cringe at how he talks to some of his most supportive callers because it’s a lot tougher to be brushed off by someone you really admire than it is to have someone you loath yell at you.

          Besides I think, if anything, he’s not hard enough on the stupid liberals who call in. Man, people are stupid and he talks to them exactly how they deserve to be talked to.

          The worst thing I can say about Mark Levin is that he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Good for him.

      • Extremely Right

        Listen to Michael Savage and see how hostel he is to his callers. He’s the champ.

  • I swear Levin is what Savage is now, just a little younger. As for BOR and ML- I could care less if they both fought to the death. Levin is a crybaby from what I’ve seen and he is starved for attention. Almost every post I see of this guy it’s him attacking and complaining, followed up by some talking about how great he is. At least that’s the impression this guy has given me in almost every instance I’ve heard him.

  • Julia

    They’re all insanely jealous each other–all of them except Beck who will give credit where credit is due.

  • MestizoMav

    Mentioning Mark’s name would hurt his fragile ego…

  • CN

    So why is Levin so desperate for O’Reilly’s affirmation? He says he doesn’t care if he gives him credit or not, but in the same breath is pissed off that he didn’t.

    He put Van Sustren on because she’s part of the network, it’s what they do; it’s a professional courtesy. Levin and Greta both hard interviews and covered most of the same points. To quote O’Reilly “Any fair minded person…” could see this whole thing stinks.

    I respect Levin but this segment just makes him sound petty.

  • Rich

    Levin is brilliant, but his attitude and the way he presents himself is almost identical to Ed Shultz. Half of his time is spent attacking and the other half is spent whining. Like others have said, I’m glad he doesn’t have his own television show because he absolutely would be damaging the conservative movement as a whole. He has a very obvious elitist streak running right through him. A lot of us do, but some of us are better at hiding it.

  • Levin also whined about how awful and cowardly Glenn Beck was for plugging “Liberal Fascism” and “The Forgotten Man” and similar books instead of his [Levin’s] book. And this was after his book outsold all of the non-fiction books that Glenn was reading and pushing on his show. He claimed that Glenn was afraid of the competition and that was why he wouldn’t mention Levin’s book.

    This is just more of the same. Fox host plugs Fox host. It’s business not a conspiracy. Mark’s good on a lot of issues, but his rabid insecurities about his rankings as a conservative talk show host circles get annoying. I can listen to highlights from his show, but 3 hours? Can’t do it. Alex Jones takes himself less seriously than Levin.

  • MikeBri527

    Just for the record, let me say that I watch Beck alot here on rightscoop,com, I listen to Levin on my way home from work, and I watch O’Reilly at home. I like all three of them for different reasons. However, I too agree with some of the posts here in that “commentators” like Beck, O’Reilly, Levin, Hannity, Rush, etc. should ALL STOP bashing the other guy. I would even go so far as to say leave people like Olbermann, Matthews, Maddow, and all the others alone too. Just tell me what you need to tell me and ignore ALL the others. I for one don’t care what any of them say about any of the others. I wish they wouldn’t either.

  • Kes343

    Levin’s a crackpot.