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Levin wonders why Bill O’Reilly is so afraid to mention his name. After all, he was the first to really expose Gloria Allred as a complete fraud, and yet as Bill O’Reilly began his show last night talking about this story, he apparently failed to give any credit to Levin or his viral interview. Instead, he had Greta come on the show to talk about her epic take down of Allred.

To be fair, I don’t think Levin was suggesting he wanted to go on the show, but that O’Reilly would respect him enough to give credit where it is due. And I can understand Levin’s frustration on this. If you’ve ever been responsible for breaking a story, it’s nice to be given credit, especially after your interview went viral.

For the record, Levin always works hard to give credit to the clips and stories he uses on his show, which is more than I can say for most.

But of course, in Levin style, he goes on to call O’Reilly a fraud and challenges him to come on his radio show to debate anything, really. HA! I know I’d love to hear that, but it will never happen because O’Reilly can’t go toe to toe with Levin. Simple as that.

Here’s the clip for your enjoyment!


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