Mark Levin’s EPIC apology to the troops for the “jerk who’s the Commander-in-Chief”

Levin is livid over the way things are being handled in Afghanistan and has had enough. He says that we should carpet-bomb the hell out of the Taliban and that we should have never apologized in the first place for burning Korans that had already been destroyed by the enemy.

But the epic part of this clip comes when Levin apologizes to the men and women serving in the military, and their families, for “this jerk who’s the Commander-in-Chief, for this jerk who’s the Secretary of State, for this Jerk who’s the Secretary of Defense, for the whole damn bunch of them!”

Below is the full audio:

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  • Sober_Thinking

    What more can you say… I agree with him 100%.

    No more pussy-footing around.

    May God bless our military and their families.

    • Rightstuff1

      Mark Levin speaks for me !!!

      • aZjimbo

        Count me in also. I love this man.

  • Sober_Thinking

    And he couldn’t have described those in this administration any better (on public radio). The sickness, arrogance, and incompetence of these boobs is staggering.

    I pray God is merciful and kicks these pious posers out of office in November.

    • Is_Sense_Common

      I could think of some different names other than “jerks” but I’m pretty sure I’d get banned from TRS. Out of respect for him & the fine commentors here, I’ll leave it to your imagination.

      • StrangernFiction

        I’m sure they’d let you say commie. 😉

        • Is_Sense_Common

          I’m sure I probably have. 😉

        • RogueRabbit

          Yeah Commie is permissible and accurate!!!

      • Sober_Thinking

        Agreed. Now I have to wash my mind out with soap… 😉

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sorry to be a post-hog… This is one of Levin’s best rants yet…

    Spot on Great One!

    • nibblesyble

      post hog all you want…you are 100% right!

    • PVG

      Levin IS a NATIONAL TREASURE! God bless our troops……bring them home ASAP!!

      • Is_Sense_Common

        Can you even imagine where we would be without his voice, as well as that of Rush?!? I truly cannot imagine that we would stand for another day, let alone another election.

      • aZjimbo

        National Treasure is a fantastic way to put it. Nobody says the things and the way Mark does.

    • timeout31

      How can you be a post hog? You have important stuff to post. Thank you for your posts.

      • Sober_Thinking


  • we have an appeaser, an apologist, a loser for president, – Mark Levin

  • StrangernFiction


  • nibblesyble

    Newt just blasted this whole thing out of the water, saying let them live their miserable lives..we’re outta here!

    • sandynsavannah

      Where did you see it nibblesyble?

  • CowBell_Fever

    I was applauding in the car when I heard this earlier. Thanks, RS.

  • It’s like Mark is taking my thoughts, my feellings & putting them to words…Thank You So Much!!

  • Levin as usual has been fabulous tonight. I ditto what I said on Rush’s rant earlier. Also enjoying Mark’s rant now on the so called separation of church and state. Excellent oh great one!

  • PFFV

    The Great One sums it all up perfectly here. God Bless Mark Levin and all that he does to spread the truth that our Government, Hollywood, and the corrupt, complicit national media tries to hide from us.

  • I hope the troops can hear Mark Levine,they will know we care for them

    • marketcomp

      Mark as a way of getting to the heart of the matter that’s why we love him!

      • aZjimbo

        Because no one has the passion of the Great One. Hannity is becoming a wuss and rush will never say the things Levin does.

    • Unfortunately, the ones that are deployed most likely can’t. I know I never could. The only thing they know is that they are on their own…they DON’T know about the people that are fighting FOR THEM over here, and that makes me sad.

      • capelady

        Then it is up to the families when they email or skype to let our soldiers know what is going on here and that most Americans are appalled at this administration and support them wholeheartedly and pray for them always!

        • Yep. I sure hope that’s going on now, because it wasn’t when I was deployed (although I never deployed under Obama…thank God).

          • capelady

            Well, I am of the Vietnam generation and I remember how tough it was with everyone depending on the mail going back and forth… it is such a blessing for military families today to be able to see each other and speak to each other. My nephew was a Navy pilot and flew F18’s off the USS Roosevelt in Iraq, and it was great that he could keep in touch with his wife and young children that way.

            • tvlgds

              Me too! My dad was in Vietnam in 66, mom was home with 4 little girls under 12, and it was hell waiting for snail mail. There were no cell phones, no internet, and we got our news from Walter Crankcase, who helped us LOSE that war when we were so close to winning. He’s the one who reported all the anti war crap. LBJ said “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost America.”

              • capelady

                I hope your dad came home safely. Stew volunteered and served three tours hanging out of the back of a Huey helicopter with a machine gun… I didn’t know him then, we met late in life. He has nine sisters and jokes that it was easier to stay in Nam than fight for the bathroom! That was the first war that was fought on television, which is why there were so many protests at home. The way our vets were treated was inexcusable, and I am glad we have at least learned that lesson, though it is abundantly clear that this president does not support our troops and is a disgrace as a Commander in Chief – they deserve so much more! Blessings!

                • tvlgds

                  He did, thank you. Stayed in for 20, taught AFJROTC for 25 more, and he’s still kicking. One of his brothers was Army and he was over there 3 times, including while my dad was there. 3 tours, 3 purple hearts. They tried to send him a 4th time and he walked away from 16 yrs. Just couldn’t go back.

                  Yes, it was the first war fought on television, but there were pretty much 3 channels of tv that went off the air around midnight and most of what we saw was recorded and edited, not at all like the live, in your face coverage now. We didn’t have the 24/7 cable news like we did for Desert Storm and beyond. I’ll never forget Arthur Kent aka “The Scud Stud” dodging SCUDS on live tv!

  • gringa61

    This afternoon posted Allen West’s presidential sounding response to the same. GO WEST!!!!

    Here is the text:

    I want to extend my sincere condolences to the families of the Army Colonel and Major who were killed by Afghanistan security forces over this “burning Koran” episode.

    If we had resolute leadership in the White House, we would have explained that these Islamic terrorist enemy combatants detained at the Parwan facility used the Koran to write jihadist messages to pass to others.

    In doing so, they violated their own cultural practice and defiled the Koran and turned the Koran into contraband.

    The Islamic cultural practice and Parwan detention facility procedures support burning the “contraband.”

    Instead here we go again, offering apology after apology and promising to “hold those responsible accountable.” Responsible for what?

    When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.

    This time it immediately led to the deaths of two American Warriors.

    America is awaiting the apology from President Hamid Karzai.

    • PFFV

      Excellent! Allen West is a true Hero and Patriot! He is held in the highest regard in my mind, God bless this great man and future President. Mr. Allen West I and many millions in your ranks salute you sir.

  • Bravo!!!

  • Maxsteele

    Yes Levin, you put into words exactly the rage I was feeling since the outset of this issue. The military personell over there have been handcuffed by this presidents rules of engagement. Time to take the handcuffs off the troops and carpet bomb the crap out of them and when they are done, get out. No rebuilding roads and trying to make them love us. Give them aid if they tow the line but if not cut them loose and if they try any crap again then bomb them again until they learn to behave themselves.
    Yet, first its time to get rid of Obama the wet noodle and please do not replace him with the wet noodle republican Romney.

    • I prefer the term “limp-noodle” for that traitor-in-chief.

      …Oh, by the way…TRAITOR (United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381): “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or ADHERES TO THEIR ENEMIES, giving them aid and COMFORT within the United States or ELSEWHERE, is GUILTY OF TREASON AND SHALL SUFFER DEATH, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and SHALL BE INCAPABLE OF HOLDING ANY OFFICE UNDER THE UNITED STATES”…


    Mark Levin….one of my most favorite people in the whole world. ♥

    Just getting back my two sons from deployment, Mark you’re making me blubber.

    • Congrats!!! Thank your boys for me please!

      • sandynsavannah


        And thank God

    • Thank you and your sons from me and my family too! So glad for you all!!

    • stevenbiot

      Your sons are hero’s. Thank you for raising a pair of soldiers.

    • Amy

      Hug ’em tight TENCOLE ~ And tell them thank you.


  • sybilll

    I get Mark on tape delay 1 hour late, and I just got to hear this live. Epic indeed.

  • cuchieddie

    I’ll take it a step further than the Great One. I sincerely apologize to America for the damage the 1/2 breed, muslim appeasing, homosexual, caucasian hating, bottom feeding, yellow bellied sap sucking America hating douchbag who is squatting @ our house @ 1600 and destroying our country on a daily basis. As a combat veteran who fought for this country, I am sorry. I am sorry for every man and woman who is now serving in a military which sends them to fight and die without the will to win. I am sorry America. I would also like to volunteer my services as a guillotine technician when justice is finally served.

    • We’re gonna have to thumbwrestle for that position buddy!!! I wanna be the guillotine technician!!!

    • StrangernFiction

      Amen! Obama is pure evil IMHO.

  • sandynsavannah

    I teetotally….AGREE!
    And with EXACTLY that tone of voice.

    Lord God, let that go straight from his lips to obowmao-babba’s ears.

  • Sparky5253

    Newt was ALL over this story right from the start. He was the first to publicly take Karzai to task. Newt definitely will cover the troops against the Muslim scum.

    Meanwhile, Santorum and Romney continue to remain silent. BOTH unfit to be Commander in Chief!

    • FreeManWalking

      Newt has been calling them like he sees them since 0b0 got in office and started all of this (Islamaphobia correct BS) cover up for the terrorist like the Underwear Islamist, and especially on the Fort Hood Islamapsyco.

      You can see the disdain in his expressions and hear it in his sarcasm talking about how this administration and especially Holder has handled the terrorist arrested in this country, and calls for someone to introduce a resolution of impeachment.

      This starts at the 1:28 mark of part V in the link to a speech he gave in 2009.

  • cuchieddie

    I’ll take it one step, further than the great on. I want to apologize to America for letting a muslim appeasing, racist, homosexual bottom feeder stay in office and squat at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for as long as she has. Emphasis is on “she.”

  • Only a no-count, weak-kneed, spineless, pandering, namby-pamby, gutless, invertebrate, thornless, wishy-washy, cowardly, feeble, timorous, faint-hearted, chicken, yellow, craven, pusillanimous, characterless, effete, frail, limp-wristed, milk-and-water, nerveless, soft, weakened, weakling, wimpy, wishy-washy, lily-livered, feeble, irresolute, weak-willed, ineffectual, ineffective, waste-of-skin-and-bone nitwit would allow NATO to prefer these charges. And I should still believe he’s not muslim because??

    Ya know, Rush and Gingrich are both right. It’s time to pack up our stuff, walk out the back door and wish Karzai the best of luck.

  • Awesome and true! Get em Mark!

  • denbren52

    The Great One has spoken and he is correct!

  • anneinarkansas

    Livid is the word for all of us.
    Please, God, help America.
    Save us from this tyrant.

    • gringa61


    • sandynsavannah

      double liked
      and AMEN!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    Wow. Preach it Mark. This entire situation is so completely unbelievable to me… It’s truly unimaginable. I guess this is what we get when there’s an entire generation/administration raised to not have any comprehension of American exceptionalism. They think that all cultures are equal and as just as the USA. It’s sickening. What makes me even madder is that this is not headlined on every media outlet known in America and beyond. It’s NOWHERE except here at Scoop & maybe a couple of blog sites. He77 yes we should be out protesting this administration but if 99% of the people don’t even know it’s going on, then it’s hard to be outraged. Makes me wanna scream.

  • stevenbiot

    What a gaggle of jerk-offs. Mark is the man of talk radio. When he goes, I don’t know who the hell I’m going to listen to.

  • M_J_S

    Obama is a disgrace, but I’m still not voting for Romney if he’s the nominee

    • cabensg

      Aw come on!! You know when you see that smug, arrogant, stumbling, mumbling, piece of excrement come on TV and say he needs four more years You’ll be just like the rest of us running not walking to the nearest voting booth to kick his ass back to Kenya. The satisfaction will just be to much to resist.

      • M_J_S

        Sorry my friend. I stand on principals.

        I will never vote for another RINO again. Conservative or bust.

        • korn8131

          Right on my friend, stick to your principals. To hell with social progressives and the weak knee RINO’s!!!!!!!!!!

        • OLLPOH

          so you’ll see to it that Obama could win. there is NO ONE PERFECT running in the GOP. God isn’t only the ballot! We need ALL to save America! Please reconsider! No one will beat you up about it!

          • M_J_S

            I said, ANYONE BUT ROMNEY (RuPaul LaRouche is a freak, not a candidate).

    • So if you don’t vote for Romney then you’re voting for the biggest embarrassment for a President this country has ever seen.four more years of this moron and there will be no country left to lead.if Obama doesn’t allow the muslims to destroy the country,the illegals will.

      • M_J_S

        AGAIN, for the ONE MILLIONTH TIME, Romney will not defeat Obama. You can suck your thumb and think otherwise, but it’s not happening.

        Secondly, if the GOP wants to become the HMS Titanic, I’ll glad you give you my ticket. I will no longer go along with idiotic plans and schemes of this failed party.

  • Mensaman62

    Listening to this now for the second time. One of the best from the Great One!

  • Constance

    The term Jerks just about sums it up.

  • lobotrojan

    Excellent, Mr. Levin. You have spoken the truth. God have mercy on the United States’ troops. The generals should be more willing to sacrifice their all important careers and be loyal to our men and women in uniform and speak out…

  • Gloria

    Thank you Mark Levin.

    • korn8131

      Mark is a true patriot and may God bless him.

  • Guest

    Well said Mark, well said….My sentaments exactly…Word for word.

  • Guest

    Thanks Mark…my sentaments exactly


    • tvlgds

      To park the camels!! 😀

      • RonaldusMagnus

        Imaginary camels, yala, yala! OK US, November is it for us. Local, state, fed, all TEA PARTY Candidates. Join up, rise up, kick ass. Send Gov Walker $10, 15 or 20 for recall bogus election. We win, unions dead for a long time. Get’er done. Oust the commies, rosenberg them! Just a swingin’!!

  • Jiminmontana

    And that’s why Mark is called the greatone

  • Thank you Mark Levin. On behalf of my two military sons and my entire family, we accept your apology and will do everything we can to help you and our fellow Americans elect a President who will never again apologize for this great nation or the men and women in uniform who do the impossible on our behalf.

  • 3seven77

    GO MARK!!!

  • uksofie

    amen! I am a Mum of two soldiers ..3 tours between them. I am so pissed off at this administration ..Gawd son’s are home now ..but I pray and cry for the soldiers who are still in Afghanistan. No announcement ..send in drones and special teams to eradicate all soldiers..and denounce the rules of engagement obama has instilled! Shoot our enemy ! Let these soldiers defend themselves for God’s sake!

  • Afghaneyes

    I am contracting in Afghanistan right now and I have seen first hand some of the most ridiculous things going on over there. The corruption is rampant from the highest levels of government, Karzai included, to the little guy on the street. Everyone, but especially those working in government positions, constantly hit you up for more and more money to help “ease” visa processing, tax payments, electric hookups, etc, etc, etc. Did one project were we installed 22 pieces of equipment, and the district governor demanded $2200 because we did the project in his district. Naturally, told him to go F__k himself! We need to get the hell out of there and not spend another dime in the country. It will do no good at all, and will eventually end up in some minister’s pocket anyway. Get the hell out now.

    • Trust1TG

      GET OUT – take our troops AND equipment too. Don’t leave them any up-to-date technology to use against us or their own people.

      I feel sorry for them, being under Islam which is a work of satan.

  • TeaBags4Everyone

    Levins an idiot
    Get A Brain!

    • 1lucy1

      You must be an Obozo supporter and therfore an idiot yourself.

    • K-Bob

      Ordinarily I’d just delete the above drive-by comment, but in this case it’s so self-beclowning that I thought I’d leave it here for entertainment.

    • stevenbiot

      Morons are way worse than morans.

    • Bulldognumba10

      It’s morons you idiot. If you want to see what they look like-find a mirror!!

    • K-Bob

      I forgot to put this up, too. Our drive-by, booger flinger is actually making fun of this picture we’ve seen around the web for a while, now.

      Look familiar? (scroll to the top to see it)

      Even so, it’s a fine example of “comment fail.”

    • The only idiot I see is the one that wrote your comment.

    • woodsman1st

      Please tell us all what a “Morans” is. You truly make “morons” look extremely intelligent.

    • OLLPOH

      do you realize your ignorance is showing?

    • Flagged for infantile comment and homophobic avatar name.
      Why do leftists hate gay people?

  • Very simply, I agree totally.

  • 1lucy1

    At last someone who tells it as it is. Wow!

  • Levin is the man. He really is the Great One.

  • I say we all get together and have a MAJOR Qu’ran bon fire and roast a ton of marshmallows. I’m so sick of the HNIC bowing down and licking the boots of these TERRORISTS who hate out guts. Bring all of our soldiers home, cut off ALL AID and let those dunecoons eat their freaking oil. I totally agree with Levin. I also would like to apologize to our service men and women, fighting for OUR freedoms, not Obamas and the other idiots on the left.

  • Author, talk show host, conservative, godsend.

    I heart Mark Levin.

    • OLLPOH

      God + God First!

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Touche’ & A Hoo Rah

  • JoeMontana16

    Obama is a joke. Check that, he sells out our troops and is a disgrace. He wishes to take away military men and women’s benefits but not the civilian unions. How disgraceful. That’s why we need Newt not Santorum.

  • The United States would be a more secure place with a man who feels so passionate for our country as does Mark Levin.

    I wish the candidates had his patriotic fire!!

  • he is the best…His books rock and this radio speech is perfect… the president is wrong and judge black was a bigot, and now the leftist racists are using the arguements Black fathered against us…and they label us racist… we must overcome.

  • As the wife of a Retired Marine and the Mom to 2 Marines, I couldn’t agree with you more Mark! Thank you! Semper Fi – something this Administration will NEVER understand!!!!

    • woodsman1st

      Valerie, please give my thanks to your husband and two sons? who have and are serving our country. My thanks to you as well; it cannot have been easy for you worrying about your loved ones in Harms Way.

      It is families such as yours that make me so proud to be an American.

  • Trust1TG
  • Mark Levin for AG!!!!!

    • OLLPOH

      President or Attorney General!

      • As AG he can begin the prosecution of the criminals in our government.

  • Get off my Constitution you big DOPE!!!!

    • woodsman1st

      “DOPE”??? That’s the only word you could come up with; “dope”. Dave my friend, your vocabulary is sadly lacking. I could call him names that would get me banned for life at Fox News, and everyone of them seem inadequate to me.
      Then you call him “DOPE”.
      I just might cry now.

      • It was a modification of Levin’s sarcastic way of telling Libtard’s to get off his phone line, FYI.


    Finally somebody has the “balls” to speak the truth and to say what MOST AMERICANS think about this current administration of jerks and losers. Let the Taliban apologize for the attacks on the Towers and the Pentagon and to the families that lost their loved ones in Pennsylvania, New York and Washington DC on 9/11/2001. I’ve heard all I want to hear about Islam and political correctness and turning the other cheek. The cheek I’m willing to turn isn’t on my face but in the area of where I sit.

    If the Muslims in America don’t like our laws, let them go back to their beloved homelands and live under their Sharia Law. Please, take Obama and family with you. I’m sure Michelle and the two daughetrs would love it there. After all, it would be a peaceful and loving atmosphere and one in which they could freely express their politicl views without fear of reprisal. At least that’s what the Obamas would like for us to believe. Africa would be another option for the Obamas since they have little or no regard for the caucasian race.

    • JOY444

      I agree with 90% of your post, however we need another Eisenhower uprising. When he was in Office he loaded illegals and shipped them to their home Country. We have been taken over by Foreigners and we no longer enjoy the feedoms that America was formed on. Daily the Musliums are given more freedoms to practice what they did in their foreign Country. Enough is enough, if you migrate to the US, then our laws should prevail and theirs be left behind. If we don’t stand up stateside, soon we will no longer be America the FREE.
      The Congress and The Senate should be commanded by the Americain Public to follow our Constitution or be arrested for TREASON>

      • OLLPOH

        i screamed treason, and impeachment at our congressman’s staff 2-3 times a week, and they keep saying that they are waiting on November…
        however, they don’t like it when i mention what happens ifffffffffff Obama is re-elected in November, then what cha gonna do?

        We need Levin in the Whitehouse!

  • RogueRabbit

    This man is a TRUE Patriot!!! I am so sick of Obama’s lies and fake smiles and phony “sincere” speeches. Obama is nothing but an actor who practices his lies better than other politicians. Ever notice his fake dramatic pauses in his speeches? I am so sick over the fact that so many people “sheeple” are so easily fooled by this idiot!!! God Bless America!! Vote that Commie out of office!!!!

  • gfsomsel

    Levin’s the man ! I find it hard to miss him any day. As usual, he’s spot on.

  • rama34


    • JOY444

      No they will not impeach him. They vie for our votes and when they are elected, on the surface they speak well to those of us that voted, however they continue to Damage Every Freedom we have in the back rooms with Obama and his minnions. We need to Clean out every Politican in Washington DC and start over.

      • OLLPOH

        we have to press for term limits..!!!!!

  • It’s about time one politician had enough balls to say enough is enough.our so called Commander in Chief continues to be an embarrassment to this country.It seems our enemies can do what they wish but when they become offended he offers an apology.We had 4 soldiers murdered over the burning but did we get an apology,hell no.How do you think that makes these brave soldiers’ families feel listening to our”Community Organizer’s” apology to the same people that took their lives.

    • JOY444

      Wayne he is merely a Commander in Chief in name only. He is merely the head Jihadst against the United States, flanked by the Useless anti American House of Representives and the US Senate led by the Communist Idiot Harry Reid. America needs to pull every US Troop stationed over seas and fire up the Missles and direct them toward any Country involved in trying to destroy America and Supply Iseral with the weapons to help anilate all anti Americans in their reach.

  • joyfulgiver


  • You are the man!!!!!!!

  • TPDanbo

    Amen,Mr Levin carpet bomb the HELL OUT OF THEM! Just before that I would start dropping burned Korans on them weekly! It was a fool’s errand to even try to drag them into the 20th century!

  • cospgsmark

    Mark Levin is a true American Patriot. Anybody that doesn’t like him is just a big dope.

  • 2shinyshoes

    Hope jake carney was listening and passed it on. Another chicago clone…..when the big “O” comes on the news, I turn it off. I can’t stand to hear his voice. Mark is a hero, one of few to say what needs to be said. With this guy in the oval office, we look like a pathetic nation, the sooner he’s gone the better. I can visualize michelle’s face when they are escorted out of the WH for the last time….so “offended”. A couple of losers.

  • As a mom of two military sons, I applaud and concur with Mr. Levin’s outrage.

  • bcrowl123

    As a former Marine and father of one former Marine and one who just re-enlisted, this guy is an embarrassment to this county. He admits he is a Muslim, he admits his Muslim roots. He is not an American deep in his heart. He bows to dictators, apeases the radical Islamists, and has nothing but contempt for our Military. It’s unions over individuals, it’s radical regimes over our Military and it’s way too much government over free enterprise.
    He is a disgrace as the leader of this country and is a buffoon in the eyes of the Military.

    • K-Bob

      Alright! Thank you and your sons for your service!

      Of course, if we get enough of you guys hanging out here, I may have to get a haircut.

      • MyronJPoltroonian

        To quote William Moses “Billy” Roberts (with whom I used to play guitar in San Francisco – he wrote Jimi Hendrix’ greatest hit, “Hey Joe”), “I wear my hair long, to cover up my Red Neck”. (He was/is from Greenville, South Carolina. “Thirteen? I likes ‘Older Women’ “.)

        • K-Bob

          That’s the thing. There’s a whole lot of us long-haired rednecks.

  • he is right again.

  • Jack Watson

    Mark, the most excellent rant I’ve heard against the muslim president bin Ubama since he took office. Anyone that has the cajones to stand up to Ubama is traveling in harms way at all times. May God watch over you in the days to come.

  • jackwatson

    Mark, the most excellent rant I’ve heard against the muslim president Obama since he took office. Anyone that has the cajones to stand up to Obama is traveling in harms way at all times. May God watch over you in the days to come.

  • This is what we get when we have a Marxist, %#%$#^ *&$#%# _)((&(^^&%$% in the white house.

  • We should have turned the whole place into a glass factory from day one.

  • There are no worthy candidates. Perhaps Santorum a “least of the evils.” But having Obama again is the worst case scenario, followed by Romney.


    Levin for President 2012! We can keep Sarah, Santorum, Newt, Mitt in his Justice Department, and the rest of his cabinet and Administration!


  • W.

    Here is one of the best Newt speeches ever – one that covers the Obama apology – among other things:

  • BRAVO! You bring a tear to my eye Levin…..You are the man

  • Damn right!

  • Mark is a true Patriot who understands the Devil concealed in the cloak of Communism, Progressivism and Leftist Idiocy. May God continue to Bless America and the Free World with such clear thinkers and patriots of action. May God keep him safe as he helps to keep America safe.

  • Thank You Mark

    • MyronJPoltroonian

      Ah, yes. “Once a ‘Jar[hole]’, Always a ‘Jar[hole]”. (A little “Inter-service rivalry” there.) From an ex-GI whose sworn oath (as is yours), “To preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic” has not expired. (Nor, will it ever.)

  • Hey Mark, “Who killed Bin Laden?”
    Take a deep breath and think, you’ll get it!
    It was President Obama! Now shut-up!

  • All I can say, is,”At last”. Now, if we can just get everyone, to join us.

  • To hell with impeaching his jerk ass…I like charging him with treason instead…hmmmm…what’s the penalty for that again?

  • Snowazalea

    I wouldn’t apologize for them, Mark. They don’t deserve it. Let them reap what they sow, and let their open hatred and their mocking the military, haunt them for years to come.

    As for our troops…the American people are with them 100%. God bless them & their families!

  • My son is navy corpsman over there. Idlike to buy Mr. Levin a drink and hug him for his words!!

  • MyronJPoltroonian

    Mark Levin, [Chief?] Justice of the SCOTUS – Period! “Men in Black” indeed.

  • Bobgood1

    I think he is absolutely correct. i am embarrassed myself, because of this Pres. on many fronts. i can’t believe he is destroying or liberties one by one. Ever so slowly so most people won’t notice. All of this PC is going to get us killed.

  • stanleyfoster

    The Jerk is a Muslim. What else do you need to know?
    He walks like a Muslim, he talks like a Muslim, he acts like a Muslim, and he smells like a Muslim. That makes him a Muslim. He’s a sleeper. Officially according to Muslim theology since he father was a Muslim he IS a Muslim. To prove that he attended a Madrass for several years. He’s doing exactly what any good Muslim the president of the United States would do! Jerk is way to mild of a title for him. And his wife is ugly too!

  • dsinva

    1, Bring home our troops
    2. Use start at one side and bomb from the the east to the west stopping when you get throiugh Iran,
    3. Then apologize for not doing this sooner,
    4, Quite losing our brave military saving thier poppy fields

  • Give the duly elected president a chance. He’s done a lot of good. His approval rating has never got below 39% and as high as 67%, so he must be doing something right. Though listening to Mr. Levin, i can guarantee you’ll never hear about it.