Mark Levin’s epic monologue: Why we need a conservative in the White House

Mark Levin lays out what we know about Obama and what’s at stake if we don’t get a conservative in the White House. And it’s epic:

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  • Steven

    Don’t go wobbly conservatives! Are we going to let the Chicago Thugs choose our nominee? Cain is able, Cain 2012!

    • Anonymous

      Cain is still my guy. Until I see actual proof that he has lied, which I doubt I will ever see, he is my guy. I know I’m not alone.

      • Anonymous

        You are NOT alone, AZBrownEyes!

      • Me too! I don’t believe any of it!

    • Santorum is abler. I’m just sayin’…


  • Anonymous

    NOOOOOOOO ROMNEY in 2012!!!!

    He will be the destruction of the GOP and an absolute DISASTER as President along with the other two dummies: Boehner and McConnell.

    He is the weakest candidate.

  • Excellent—-

    Listened to it twice, and will listen again when his show airs here.

  • Anonymous

    How did this America hating thug get in the WH? I just cry thinking of all the men and women who actually gave their very lives to establish and keep America, for it only being turned over to a group of people who despise everything America is/was/can be again…if God should have mercy on us anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Did I write in invisable type? Because I can’t see any of the posts even though it says 4 comments.

  • I am done!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    Levin speaks truth to dunderheads.

    It really is this serious. You can smell it! You can taste it! You can smell the fetid befouled stench of the coming leviathan, digesting souls with its lies and grinding life under it’s wheels, leaving death in its wake. That’s the future.

    And America’s besotted and foul media play tiddlywinks, while a once and proud liner of a nation slowly sinks under the waves.

    It makes Levin sick… and it makes me sick as well.

    Will dunderheads rule, or will proud Americans rule? Americans must stand and it must be now… or we are all sunk.

  • Anonymous

    Pray that the man above can will this country back. If not then the rapture will be here quick.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, we need a conservative in the White House. However, I don’t believe that is what we are going to get. Not only the left, but many in the GOP, are working right now to take out Herman Cain. They will then move on to anybody else running for president who is anywhere right of Mitt Romney, who is dead center. He ain’t no conservative, folks.

  • TT

    God hear our prayer and save this nation! Raise up God-fearing leaders to govern and lead according to the principles layed out in your Word which are depicted in the Constitution and DofI. Raise up intelligent eloquent speakers to speak the truth and argue the truth. Protect our constitutional lawyers and judges. Preserve our freedom to speak the truth and live the truth. In the name of Jesus. Amen

    • Amen. I’ve been praying the same.

      • Anonymous

        Same here.

    • “… argue the truth” – one at a time – …

      What is that old, old saying about money and… bovine excrement?

      What America needs is an entrepreneur who knows how to develop a billion dollar PAC to counter BHObama’s alleged billion dollar fundraising drive to pull the wool over his voting block.

      I propose as a website name to inspire right thinking Americans to fund a counter-revolution to the marxist machine that is fomenting revolution to promote the BHObama regime.

      George Soros and his neo-marxist ilk do NOT control the money of the world.

      -1,000 people donating $1,000,000 (1 million dollars) = $1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) to defeat the BHObama regime machine.

      How many millionaires are in USA who want to stay free?

      -1,000,000 (1 million) people donating $1,000 each = $1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars) to defeat the BHObama regime machine.

      How many thousandaires are in USA who want to stay free?

      -10 local people donating $100 each = $1,000 (thousand dollars).

      How many hundredaires are in USA who want to stay free?

      -1,000 local groups of 10 people donating $1,000 = $1,000,000 (1 million dollars).

      -1,000 state groups of 1,000 local groups of 10 people donating $1,000 = $1,000,000,000 (1 billion dollars).

      Is that doable,or what?

      So, pass the idea on, and God Bless America… again… please… $100 dollars at a time.


  • Anonymous

    Mark hit it all on the head! Bottum line is no more obama! No more RINOS like boner. No more commies like durbin,reid,pelosi,schumer,grahm,etc. Ridding this country of this filth will be a big step towards limited government.

    • Anonymous

      Can I get an AMEN in the house!!!!

    • Guest

      Can I get an AMEN in the house!!!!

  • Anonymous

    So Levin …. who’s our TRUE Conservative ? Romney ? Perry ? Gingrich ? Cain ? Paul ? …. let’s see …. Romney is NOT (Romneycare) a Conservative . Perry comes from a family of Liberals , and is favorable towards illegal immigrants , and True Conservatives are True Conservatives from cradle to grave . Gingrich is a slick talking DC elitist who likes to cozy up to Liberals , like Pelosi . Cain is another obama , this time on the Republican side of the spectrum . He says all the right things , but , he’s a Left wing , think tank creation (plant) who’s main purpose is to keep most white Americans (especially males) home on election day and to come off as a “uncle Tom ” to the blacks – which the Liberal media has been doing _ *wink *wink …. also which 99 % of blacks vote on their own race anyhow (see 2008 election results per black votes ) and VOILA ! obama wins . Last we have kooky Paul …. he’s the only True Conservative in many ways out of the bunch . The MSM is petrified of Paul , because Paul’s message resonates with Conservatives , Independents and fence sitting Democrats . That’s why the MSM gives Paul hardly any TV coverage and looks like a lonely & thin ceiling pillar in the debates .

    • Anonymous

      Cradle to grave?

      Never reach a majority that way.

    • Anonymous

      BJ Surfer,
      You are just another Paul-Bot…..go smoke your weed and keep dreaming. No way, NO how your kook of a candidate is going to make it past 12% in the primary elections. Best bet, try to get your idols son to run. At least he is somewhat normal!

    • Anonymous

      you are just another Paul-Bot who has been smoking the ganj too much! Ain’t NO Way or No How your boy RP is going to get ANY where in the primaries. Max 12%, MAX! He is a kook, any sane individual can see he’s got NO CHANCE. Thats why its drones like you that go for this nut case. Go take a few more bong hits man and it will all be ok! The process will work itself out n all will be fine. You should start talking to your ganja buddies and start having some drum circles and chanting for your boy RP’s son Rand, at least he is a normal human being that people would take serious……but no, sorry man, you for sure ain’t got a grip on reality if you think your kook of a candidate is going to go any where!

  • blackbird

    There is one I know that has that servant’s heart Mark and who has stood up and fought the one thing above all else that is pulling down America… Corruption at its highest levels, and fought the entrenched interest in her own party none the less, a true leader for our time.

  • Anonymous

    Cain 2012!

  • What America needs…

    America needs an entrepreneur who knows how to set up a billion dollar PAC to counter BHObama’s billion dollar goal to fund his effort to pull the “hope and change” wool over the eyes of America again.

    And here is the proposed name for a billion dollar PAC.

    1,000 millionaires donating $1,000 = $1,000,000,000
    How many millionaires want to stay free?

    1,000,000 thousandaires donating $1,000 = $1,000,000,000
    How many thousandaires want to stay free?

    Or, consider this.

    1 person = $100
    How many hundredaires want to stay free?

    10 people in a local area = $1,000
    10 people in 1,000 local areas = $1,000,000
    10 people in 1,000 local areas in 1,000 state areas = $1,000,000,000

    Is that doable America?

    God bless America… again… $100 at a time.


  • Anonymous

    Can I get an AMEN in the house!!!!

  • 100% agreed.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Mark. Thanks for laying out!

  • Anonymous

    Boy, do I agree with Mark….

  • I wish this would be heard by everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Levin has been on-point with this concept for many long months, now.

    Importantly, he isn’t focusing on just one Conservative: he keeps telling folks that all of them that are serious (Cain, Perry*, Bachmann, Santorum, Gingrich*) need to be in this race, and that they all need to be considered as worthy enough to beat the more statist candidates.

    *Slightly less conservative, but still far more conservative than Romney or Huntsman.

    The subtext Levin has been careful to discuss frequently is that actual Conservatives should honor the reasoning behind Reagan’s “11th commandment” (The 11th) and stop this ridiculous baiting over who’s “serious” (all of them) and who’s “electable” (they’re all electable, dammit!), and who’s “dumb” (none of them). I’ll be so bold as to suggest you can spot a fake Conservative by their employment of these derogatory claims. (And remember, I’m not a Conservative. But unlike the fakes, I’ll admit it.)

    These sorts of idiotic claims are exactly the ones that should never see print, nor broadcast, because of The 11th. Thoughtful Conservatives and Independents already understand the important epistemological foundations behind The 11th, and don’t need to be told how much it helps the left and damages the right.

    This election is unlike all but the very first, in that failing to nominate a true believer in the founder’s principles will guarantee an end to the entire enterprise, forever++.

    After 2012, there will be no coming back from Obamacare. If it stays in any way, shape, or form (and that includes foolish calls to “replace it), then the American Moment is over.

    (++ let’s not quibble, you know what I mean by forever.)

  • Steven Schneider

    Newt Gingrich is the only GOP candidate that can debate against NO-bama and win. Get a grip on reality; Cain might be a “nice” guy, but his 9-9-9 will never fly, he doesn’t know anything about politics, and he will lose against our present dictator-in-chief. Romney isn’t a conservative at all. VOTE NEWT!