Mark Levin’s EPIC rant: The system is broken, IT’S BROKEN!

This is epic. A frustrated Mark Levin isn’t just hammering Obama and his useless Democrat Party and their Utopian ideas of fairness, he’s also hitting a ‘barely useful’ Republican Party, including Republicans like Speaker Boehner who for some reason thinks we need to crack down on people like Eduardo Saverin who are leaving the country and taking their wealth and tax liability with them.

Levin says the system is broken:

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  • Nukeman60

    Ha, I haven’t heard the Peter Principle for some time now. Obama proved his Peter Principle the day he declared it was above his pay grade when talking about abortion. Obama had reached his level of incompetence back when he was a minor community organizer. Now he’s a major community organizer and still doesn’t have a clue.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Well Mr. Levin, you certainly are not alone. So much sacrifice has been bestowed on this country by so many good people it is down right despicable to be so impotent in the face of such an overwhelming encumbrance.

    • steprock

      Obama is arguably one of the most anti-Capitalist, most unproductive, unsuccessful Presidents in recent memory. And yet, the leftist media and Dems cover for him.

      Mitt ought to be a shoo-in. Levin’s proverbial orange juice can ought to be a shoo-in. But here we are, locked neck in neck in a battle. Why is that?

      • 4Hoppes2

        Even Mitt coming up as our nominee is an example of how low our standards have become. We had some darn good candidates running but we just could not overcome the preference for mediocrity.

        • thats the spirit … now that is the sort of insight is going to go along way towards beating Obama … so for you and Levin perfection is the enemy of good …

      • maybe, because we haven’t voted yet ? RR, Levins hero was down more than 10 points at this point against Carter …

      • librtifirst

        The battle is neck in neck, because that is how the fraud is designed to portray it. Mittbama will be the republican nominee because the republican faction of our ruling class oligarchs used fraud in the primary process to make him the nominee. The democrats do the same, and in the end, we get the same result out of either party. Who’s face would you rather look at, and who’s voice would you rather hear for the next four years? These are the only differences between the two.

      • aZjimbo


  • Amy

    I like Mark. I really like his sarcasm regarding ‘the architect’ in this segment. It’s refreshing…

    • Nukeman60

      Ahh, the architect – otherwise known (as described by Sarah Palin) as Mr. Snuffleupagus.

  • Barry Goldwater

    Mark Levin is on target here with one of his best rants. The “system is broken” means to me the political system of the Red Team/Blue Team = Same Team is broken. It is time for the duoply to be broken up with a third party of Constitutional conservatives. The framework is in place, the Libertarian & Tea Parties; the solution is to out the temporary politicians in the duoply forever.

    “Is this the best we can do?” Of course not. An avowed Marxist Socialist vs a Progressive RINO repubukcan. Think outside the box of the duoply folks. Gary Johnson offers a choice between both these defective Presidential candidates. If Mark Levin or you are dissatisfied, you have options to break up the duoply & stop the enabling of the destruction of the United States. This is your chance to stand up & fight. Please take it before it’s too late.

    • Karl Rogue
  • Oh I so love this man. I could find a lot of little truth and common sense nuggets in this. The whining by both sides about a guy whose moving from the US to avoid the ridiculous taxes, who can blame the guy? Would this not be a sign to the morons on the right that this is a perfect example of what is wrong with exhorbitant taxing the one segment of society who creates ideas and businesses, there by providing employment? They could have used this for a good purpose. Nah. All they, like the tax and spend progressives, see is a couple of billions that got away.

    • librtifirst

      I don’t believe that the federal government has a constitutional right to tax individual income, but if they did, it would have to be based on equal justice for all. Meaning that everyone paid the same percentage, or amount. Our whole system is corrupt and illegal. It is natural for criminals to chase down those who try to escape their criminality.

      • You know I agree there librti.

        “For example. If the system be established on basis of Income, and his just proportion on that scale has been already drawn from every one, to step into the field of Consumption, and tax special articles in that, as broadcloth or homespun, wine or whiskey, a coach or a wagon, is doubly taxing the same article. For that portion of Income with which these articles are purchased, having already paid its tax as Income, to pay another tax on the thing it purchased, is paying twice for the same thing; it is a grievance on the citizens who use these articles in exoneration of those who do not, contrary to the most sacred of the duties of a government, to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens. ”

        Thomas Jefferson, letter to Joseph Milligan, April 6, 1816

        Oh gee, here’s a novel idea:

        “But with respect to future debt; would it not be wise and just for that nation to declare in the constitution they are forming that neither the legislature, nor the nation itself can validly contract more debt, than they may pay within their own age, or within the term of 19 years”.

        Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

        “The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for
        unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys. ”

        Thomas Jefferson, letter to Shelton Gilliam, June 19, 1808

        Only common sense.

        • librtifirst

          Quite right. I have also read where TJ stated that he believed in all federal taxation powers being granted for the purpose of war, and therefor did not seek to limit federal power of taxation for this purpose in the new constitution. He might run into a philosophical argument with someone like Benjamin Franklin who stated that those who would give up their liberties for safety deserve neither.

          TJ was apparently more of a Statist concerning this issue. The constitution was framed around the concept of local militias protecting the people, and regulated within the states. In a time of war, those resources could be brought together to fight a foreign threat on US soil.

          TJ was, at least, generally apposed to foreign intervention, and entangling alliances, but advocated the confiscation of private wealth by the State for national security. This is the danger that we face head on today. Governments have learned that causing people to fear others will allow them to strip them of their wealth and liberties in the name of security, and the US is no exception. Germany accepted this philosophy, and then went head first into a totalitarian state, and seemingly endless war.

          If the State protects our liberties, and prosecutes tyranny, then the people will defend it in a national emergency. It should always be out of free will that the people act against another nation or peoples. I, for one, do not approve of most of what government does, and have no free will regarding my support of it. Force is used to extract all that the State requires to do whatever it desires, whether it be for good or for evil. If the State can do these things for evil, then the people have no more defense against it, as the State now has all of the resources, and evil rulers.

          With the Fed Res, the State doesn’t even have to go to the people.

          Its nice to debate and philosophize while our country is being destroyed, isn’t it? 🙂

  • PVG

    AHH…music to my ears! Rant on Great One, rant on!

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Poor Mark. He’s gonna have a coronary over this election.

    • don’t kid yourself, he loves being able to bash Obama and Romney in alternate segments … his “anger” has dulled his obviously brilliant legal mind … he has stopped trying to educate or convince and now just rants and berates …

      • StrangernFiction



      • Paul Anuszkiewicz

        Mark Levin is obviously frustrated about how this election’s news cycles are too often simply diversions away from what the main issue at hand is, which is the Obama administration’s failing record and destructive policies. This is by design from the complicit media and not only is Mark able to see it for what it is, but he is also able to express his disappointment in fellow conservative talk radio hosts and the republican leaders that fall into the trap of talking about these diversions on their programs or in their news releases, no doubt just according to the Obama-supporting media’s plan. Mark’s ranting is a much needed release, but to dismiss him because of it proves that you haven’t been listening to him very much.

  • isn’t say Levin is frustrated kind of redundant ? I listen to him most nights and from what I can hear he is perpetually frustrated … he is constantly saying things like “Its easy, just say x, y or z …” as if the GOP has control over the MSM and their message won’t get spinned or distorted …

    I guess being of the radio every night has distorted his ability to understand that not everyone has a radio program that allows them an unfiltered megaphone as he has …

    Romney must work with the world he is confronted with not the idealized world that Levin imagines …

    He has spent the last 2 days going on and on about what the GOP should do and has completely ignored the HHS Mandate lawsuits (which would be his normal wheelhouse) … its becoming clear why he can’t move off the 6-9 pm slot and compete with the likes of Rush, Hannity or even Dennis Miller … he has a great message but refuses to find a way to adjust his delivery to educate … instead he prefers to simply berate … sad really …

    • c4pfan

      Excuse me? It’s the GOP saying the same crap every year and doing nothing.

      There’s NO reason for the leadership to be acting like a Rat!

    • StrangernFiction

      Yeah, Mark Levin is no Sean Hannity.

      • aZjimbo

        Thank God.

    • Karl Rogue
    • Constance

      Really? I see Levin completely differently. I have learned so much from Levin about the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, our country’s history, Marxism, Communism, and every other “ism”. My level of understanding regarding what the limits of government are supposed to be has skyrocketed after listening to Levin for a few years now. I can’t think of a person who has provided me with a greater understanding of my country’s history and laws than Levin. I love Rush, Hannity and Beck also – each has their own strengths and their own way of delivering information. You and I hear the same person, yet I could not disagree with your impression of Levin more.

  • He makes a good point about “fairness.” Why is it fair for anybody over making over, say, $100,000 a year to have 50% of all of their income taken away from them. Once you deduct all the Federal, State, City, town real-estate, and sales taxes from these people, it adds up to around 50%. So how much more money do we want to take away from them in the name of “fairness?” What number do the Democrats want to put on it? Do they want 70%, 80%, 90%? Just remember, if you take all incentive away from people to make money, then you will be left with the typical socialist states that are in Europe, which has been stuck with huge taxes, high unemployment, low productivity, massive debts, massive deficits, and tiny armed forces for generations. All in the name of “fairness.” Is this our future? Is Greece what we have to look forward to? Give it one or two more years of this and it really will be. That’s not the America I grew up with and it’s certainly not the one I want for my kids.

    • librtifirst

      My kids are adults now, but they are facing the same fate as the rest of us. When our currency collapses in value, and is no longer the world reserve, we will learn about poverty very suddenly.

  • Levin is right. More than half of the Republican party needs to be ousted simply because they’ve forgotten they were sent there to do the people’s business, not their own.


    … a CLASSIC RANT by the GREAT ONE the one and only GREAT ONE, MARK LEVIN !”(period)

    P.S. RS keep this one on file and play at least once every week before November 6th ,2012 .”

  • c4pfan

    Thank you Mark Levin! You are one of the few that don’t kiss the GOP’s butt.

  • c4pfan

    So, you Mitt supporters are saying that we can’t say what John Boehner is doing is wrong? Whatever.

  • jaclfc

    I’m with you Mark….All the way.

  • librtifirst

    Oh, come now, Levin. You take it right to the edge, but tomorrow will be back in the middle of the isle again. Either the two parties are both corrupt, or they are not. Either the republicans will save us, or they will not. If not, then quit backing the establishment, and go libertarian, or constitution party. Do you think that you will be protected under a UN run US, or in a martial law clampdown on the American people? Wake up man. Wake up.

  • StrangernFiction

    We have crossed the rubicon and elections will not give us back our liberty. There are simply too many Marxists, moochers, and milquetoast Repubicans for us to all live free under the same tent.

  • Constance

    Boehner is a putz who has given us nothing but further headaches. Rove (the architect) is also a putz who I never liked. I agree with Levin. The GOP is barely useful and needs a swift kick in the nether region from a conservative majority. GRRRRRRRR

  • aZjimbo

    Nobody puts it in perspective like “the great one”.

  • We all know Mark is right, but perhaps it is too late. Once we allowed clowns to represent us like Al Franken, what can we expect. We could make a list of them still bugging us. The news media glorifies these buffoons who a Mark explains never amounted to anything in their lives.

  • Thanks so much for posting, Scoop. As I posted last night on another thread, this was one of THE BEST Mark Levin radio rants ever. In fact, it was one of his best segments ever. The entire 15 minutes was some of the best listening for anyone who has been a Mark Levin fan for years or may be new to his show. It is truly demonstrative of who Mark is as a human being…his passion, his intelligence, and his wry sense of humor (towards the end of the overall segment—the knocks on the door by government regulators had me in stitches). Don’t confuse anger with passion. I do not believe Mark does this solely for ratings…he does it because he truly cares about what is happening to this country. And he’s right. We are slaves to two party rule, and mush-mouth guys like Boehner ARE part of the problem. We have to take back the Republican Party, and it has to be done from the bottom up.

    I seriously doubt Mark in any way views Rush as a competitor. I am sure he considers him a fellow battlefield General and friend for the conservative cause. While I regret to say I did watch MSNBC a long time ago (90s) when I could actually stomach their programming if only to see how the other side was thinking/plotting, I have to thank them for introducing me to Mark Levin. To see him calmly and methodically gut the lib guests with a smirk on his face was a thing of beauty. I remember laughing then, and I laugh now. Mark’s television persona was and is far different from his radio persona, but no less passionate. He just REALLY lets go on radio, and I love it!!

  • I’m ready for a 3rd party. Here all the parties are communist – so, not one of those 3rd parties.

  • physicsnut

    Talbott has a list of 47 things that are broken in the Dodd-Frank monstrosity, covering a wide range of items where Democrats and Republicans are responsible, and which look like the heart of the economic problems – securitization, Fannie, managing risk, the fed, and so forth. And as far as I can tell, Talbott is a democrat, complaining about a democrat monstrosity ! Anyway, the list is on johnrtalbott dot wordpress dot com. At least he is more specific than “the system”. Unlike Krugman he says the stimulus did nothing except reward a few constituencies. Unlike many others he does point to massive criminality.

  • Idahoser

    Rush and Levin are interesting to listen to, but I can’t stand Hannity and I’ve outgrown Beck.

  • DebbyX

    Sniveling Boehner makes me sick. He needs to grow a set.

  • For the second time in my life as a grown man, I wept over what Mark is saying. This is important people. Mark is so right and explains it with such passion that we all need to take heed and listen. This is not tv politics anymore, this is real life.